Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, November 11, 1922, Night Extra, Page 3, Image 3

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Y..4. i
ir '.:.'. . . ' ." eMW BLib, LBEHILADKLPHIA. SATURDAY,, NOVEMBER 11, jg22
LfdwInH., 2d, as State Senater
te Fellow Uncle uoerge ana
, Father, Is Plan
ORGANIZATION'S si i u i iuw
Itcic of Personality by Cen-
gretsman Removes mm
t Frem Leadership
..' interested In Philadelphia
politics Imagined that the result of
! Tuesday election wem" """ .
urdlate change in me .-i -
orianltatlen, or lis various illniieH ami
(omblnitlens, no hub "
for bis pains. , ,
The freanlsntlen. all things constd censtd
tni, Knve te the world nn admirable
exhibition et tcatnweiK in u nuiiii
the ticket Tuesday. And It labored .te
tome purpose.
Tet there was no master hand at the
helm. Congressman-Senater Willlnm
8 Vare's influence or direction, In the
..'i.-itv.ll.. leadership, was nil.
There Is no reason te change the view
fieressed nftcr the death of Ldwln II.
Vtre that Congressman are Is net at
eDtble, nml will net be acceptable, te
tlie city ergiiniwifimi "".j"' "":"'
titular or active, te succeed his brother.
ff ttlaa Pstrannitlf
ertted by the ether ward leaders ami ,if n blecki )t.mislng daiuage estimi
clficials. onlvte nn extent propeitionei i t bctu,cen sl-0 ene ..... ,nnft nnn
te his llbemlity extuesed In terms of i , "" , "'."' and .f-(HMHii),
An Interesting suicngm en arc s i in tnc town.
rnuiual action in running for State
Senater nnd Cengresinan at the miiii'j
time, nnd en tne same tieKcr, na neen
Aali.l hv nnn ttt flu host lllfnrinnfl
I,-politicians in Philnilclnhla.
B It Is n view that U selvrlv enter
tained, I am assured, by several wel wel
Inferracd nnlitielans, nltlieujh it lins
set been diseiishcd publidy.
It has been talked about in Seuth
Philadelphia freely.
Senater Vare was the active head and
forefront of the Vare contracting firm
'until his death.
H frequently maintained, possibly
forpeliticrl reasons thnt his municipal
work as, after nil, the Miint'ct part
Of tne arm h contracting busiue.-s
work for outside corporation'., the Be!!
Teleprene Company in particular, net
only In Pennsylvania, but ever the
The death of Senater Vare, head of
thl concern, leaes ns his succcsore
only his eldest ten or his brother, Con Cen
irittian Vare.
Edwin II, Vare, Jr., was graduated
lut year from the University of Penn
cylrinln. He made n record net nntv
Mt m a itudent, but as a young man who
tow niia in inc aiicctiens of the stu
dent body.
He has, however, yet te undergo a
training te fit him for the responsible
duty as head of the firm.
Guards Finn's Interests
Congressman Vnrc, therefore, accord
ing te this information, is dcii-eiis of
long te Hnrrisburg te leek after the.
Political interests thnt nre, as is Bcn
wajly known, involved with his linn's
dullness affairs.
-. Hence his lli te succeed his brother
in the Senate.
While he can remain a member of the
Denote for nnlv n limit.,.! ,1 it i...
Klbcs te continue at Washington he
'lltl ttnoaiitlinl.e.. 1 - m a..
t7,.l v: .r V ' . '" i""H 'i' tne iii
ttire, both business mid political.
.,HC i0.1'??, f,,nnM "fcerding te the
uF' si,hat K,'",n " "" Jr- "''all
ultimately kiicceed te the Suite semi semi
terahip held by his father, ami new by
..-Unc,ei J? ,h.ut tne established in-
mi "i !'e fn,i.'" " Philadelphia,
politics ehnll net disappear.
Comnletien nf ..,.i. .... .. t
;Jj!imily.8 ''cfcll'nry claim te a sen
atorial seat j first Geerge A. Vare. mic
l,Kb?. ''? ."wther, Edwin H. Vnrc;
new the third brother. William S. Vare.
5' .us 1lll,s1 successor, Edwin II. the
"", uuiiier ei tim title
I This arrangement of succession te tlm ,,,t'1'; ,r- Jl.vi'r nnd
Bwatc from the First I I Pll 1 " 1P stp,,t ul'"'' "
Mpbla is net a fantastic idea their 'Mewings from th
Was Senater's Ambition
I ntll tell! flint n, nt U. ........ i. ..
afnhl!l ""- ' nriiilllir Ull" s
attieitlnns n. ,,. i..... i.t..
laJMii . IIH.U 111 Nlll SI1C-
tm2hIv !' ,ie1Ht'"f'i tr lie was de de
retedly attached te his children.
utl. K!8t0rI,ft,L rfMtieti ami pes-lblv
'' be qualified by age te assume the
Mnhatiell,!,',,il,01''. M10. Kp'riubllcmx or er
"tthii. " l l,Hl'lphla still gees
eihi'r.'"-''. ml no
aVrtd -fni. ii . ;eveiy cons -r.Jrri.f.r
l.'ie deubtfu mull i..n ,,
fiw.-' te the party.
Jeserii )l M.....11... i.. ..,., ...
Ivrinlt Mm .a ; "' . "'"'"i win net
Blnfted? W,,cr ,,,cJist' cw '",
Grundy Is Out of ace
iib.j':v v . ."
il"7P" " Orun.lv has been .,,. rn
,.....i.,"?0l,t. than any ether imiivi,i,,i
mu nnnnr tii.... ..-. ..i . .v "wv
."""" .UIIIV-
lit. liriln.l.. T 1
I nut of ii.A -" m,y 'mn mice, s
Jii".."10 "ice n th.it n.eipnt ' ii,.
StWlllnni'.ti r,'l",s "."'. "? Ih-lt
"rriab re ,..,. ,'." i ,'. '" !,,fnlls nt
te luMnw. '"''""rP settles
ttrT for Vim ni- i '. ,,my l)" "'C0R
Mveilcnt an.?1?; "l",,1',,,, ,n Imvp a
toot e"i"ni1 'lbc"' lliiRiirie, is n
ni' . """
ft! er,,',,rri,vt; ?'"' """- Oe..r;
EM." Ih" :r .ur
S.m Mlinerlliir.ii.
Itiahnve Vi.i" ,M lm 1'i'ire than te eu,. I waist, black stockings and shoes.
iKVAn I t. . '"'
.A treat ."'j' AMIIIBIW'
JamTni.. .V"""
VVUPifi dltnrrr. ...i.k .
aVia. th &-u.1 an. e Si
WWi V7i.l',SrhSf eiS
ti . . . .. l " - " I I ' " ' - " I . - a
li.t - ' . 1
i ! - :
Crack Shet Injured
Crar( shot and during horsewoman,
who trnflcd with HufTnle Hill's
Wild West Shew. She was badly
Injured yesterday In Flerida when
her auto upset
Twelve Companies Summoned
te Check Blaze Which Men
aced Business Section
Fire which .threatened the entire
..v. . '-. . ' i PPtltrnl linvlnnuu t(n.. f..brtl
Thi!fi!'8c?:?!ch:""!enrlv hi. .n n. rh "" VZ
vaniacss i",r V iT. I . , ' "
men. Fer that reason he will be tel- stores, a garage and n stable occupying i
teTliTs Ibemllty expiesed in terms of i , ";'1"' "'"' "" nMnni. nnu
kli check book. . destroying one of the largest buildings
The fire stnrted nt 1 M o'clock and
fire companies from eight surrounding
towns responded te the seven alarms
which were sounded. The flames were
net under control until I o'clock.
Bcides the stores nnd garnte, which
occupied the first fleer of the three-
story brlcl; P. S. Cressman Itulhling.
tin.' paraphernalln of n dozen fraternal ;
organizations, wiie useil the third fleer
as a meeting place and thnt of a car
nival being stntfed by the Harmonic
Band of Perkasie en ,the second fleer,
were destroyed.
One man wa.s hurt In ficlitlne thn
h1n?n. Frank TTnrlnt tliirf, vm..e nl.l
That Vare Brethers linil done nnd ' a member of the PerkaMe 'fire depnrt-
tr delnt million t ilellais' we th of I ment. He wns struck In the face when
tne. nezzie ,ei i iii'tn pressure hose
Mliilneil. He wns treated hv n npnrliv
physician. This was the second large
lire in Perkasie within n week. Last
week the Crescent Ice Cream plant was
The fire, which was of undetermined
origin, is believed te have started in
the furniture store of II. K. Mussel -limn
nnd II. F. Metgar at Seventh
and Arch streets. Members of the Per
kasie fire cempnny located across the
s.reet, responded at once.
The flames kprend te the hardware
Mere of William It. Built-, adjoining
the furniture store en Seventh htreet,
and then te the garage and stable of
Alvin Reth and Lawn nee Geerge. Seten
horses and ten meter cars were saved
from the garage and stable.
Realizing they were unable te cheek
the advance of the tinmen, nlaruis were
sent by telephone te nearby towns.
Companies responded from Quakei
town, I.nnsdnle, Dublin, Blooming
(ilen, Sellersvllle. Seuth Perkasie,
Sllverdalc and Telferd.
The neighboring firemen made record
runs in getting te the fire, the l.uns
dale lempauy, twelve miles nway,
making the run in eighteen minutes.
The firemen kept twenty-five streams
en, the blaze and devoted part of their
efforts te cheik the spread of nearby
buildings, Had there been any wind,
firemen said, the whole central busi
ness section would have been wiped nut.
There wns no gnsellnn in the ga
rage, but the flames were fed by a large
quantity of hay stored above the stable,
while mattresses and furniture In one
of the stores were rapldlv consumed.
The home of II, I. Mever, u two twe two
sterv frame building, whtfli is next te
the imilding en Areli street, wns threat-
his lamiiy ncu
remen removed
ic house.
Thousands of .persons, residents of
Perkasie and ninny surrounding towns
crowded tlie streets nbeut the hurnim:
building. The light of the blaze could
be seen for miles.
Only ene wall of the building re
mains stiunllim, and leans in at u d.in d.in
gereus angle, se that police will allow'
no ene te go near the ruins.
The third fleer contained nrenertv
A-imrnllnl nn, tu u. t e. . ... ' n"d valuable record! of the hatern
IW WUnm T Mv.ntiif 8tBte Se"-tar Ledge, the f)dd Fellows. Knights
"HW wi fithA thn V,.,1,U"", w,r," lef I'.vH'las. Knights of M.ilte. Order
I'.McXIchel t i,..i" ,".t" hvnatev ' f Vnlted American Men. Knights f
and valuable record! of the Katern
tin, linlilnn Tfifrli, nml vn...liu ntlini
fraternal organizations.
Tlie. Harmonic Bum!, which had
leased the second fleer for a week for
Its dnnual carnival, estimated its less
at SSOO.
Tlie furniture store of Mitsselinnii .
Mctzgnr had just received a large ship
ment of Christinas goods Ne'hjug wnfc
saved from either of. the stores.
Cyclist Killed by Truck
Phllllpsburg, N. .1.. Kiiv. II. Jehn
Rinak, aged twenty-one. emnleved en
1 the night shift of the Wallace Silk Mill,
was riding a hic.wlc te his home this
morning, when he was struck by a large
tiuck owned by Kerp & Keip, lenil
lontiacters, ami wa alme.-t instantl.
killed, Rinak was tlie'eiilj support of
his aged mother.
Reported Missing
Mnrlnue .Income, fifty-five years old.
mill Seuth Delhlde .-tnet, five feet the
lliehes tall, 1,ii peumN, daik ees ami
! complexion, mixed gra hair, stout
build, wrailna a blink !i'iwl. blnnl.-
s-'-iiie onceever." " Mlrhitel de Ktnffiuin, twehe years'
llxtaen a ' " ". ''"" .'ncks"r. stieet, four feet (our .
wen Persons Taken In Raid lphcs tell, medium build, dark coin-
j'i msi nig it bv a iu.li,.. . i ucmeii anil nan, wcaruiv a cei'i urev wim muer i iiiiureu, even ineugii iney
ISVCnntnln Jehn t-ni ..',"". L .V'"'1'1! suit, light can and russet shoes. ' i ure In geed health." I
Jiionweod streets sta ei est"r,1!1 1 Rny Hwl'. twentvtw.. ciir.s ,i.
tf.ai,'Ce";3 !h!depe PEDDLr rearrested
!cC,,r,,51'!!r,!.1W "J.' In Vi! ' V.;.j;'V.V.t-.V",.Vr:;:::. .ViVrlV.f ". V1" I Continued Nefarious Werk Whll,!
ftSth and Pa U bin' .VV!"" ."'.. l'.yU, s " UnH.e Henrt Aw,lln- S,r,tnCa
Wntetbe?in,U IWIIWH wee httn,,,.' ., ' V",Uf ' ! , ,wc,,".v'hree
tetaatinr, 'Meral" Court and held for ' jenrs e h . .'11 III t e umbla avenue, live
i21. f't eight inches tall. 1.1 1 pounds, ,
ejes, brew'ii hair, light comitU'Nleii,
wearing u In own suit and overcoat.
Liilliiliine KiirrsKy, ei'ititeeii ears
old, 021 North Aincrleim. street, five
feet three inches lull, 120 pounds, hlm
eyas, brown hair, light complexion,
si'HV". build, green mat, white waist.
Diaea eat aaaMaca sneea, -
Victories of Farm-Laber Alli
ance Chang Tactic
of 0. 0. P.
KnhT CerrrsiMindent Evening Pnhtle LeaVier
CopvrteM, 1911, bu Public Lctlecr Cempanji
Washington. NV T1 . 'tir.Hr nt
the Harding Administration for the
next two years will be te break the
political alliance of the farmer with
labor which produced the surprising
overturn in Minnesota nnd was the
source of strength of the progressive
candidates in Iowa, Nebraska, Wis
consin nnd elsewhere.
The President's political advisers re-
Jard the labor vote as gene from the
tepubllcnn Party. But they think the
fnrmer vote can ensily be retained, and
that the rural elements must be kept
satisfied in order te mnlntuin the party
strength in 11124.
One plan being discussed Is the filling
of the llrst vacancy thnt may occur
In the Cabinet with some member of
the farm bloc. Thn President mnv
i have te repeat. In the case of Senater
! rll,l,nM lit.. .A... In., .l.l.li .... .A.1
vyni.i t, inn mrucs .11111:11 rviliuyi-u
I Hennter Kenyen from the list of pos
sible opponents in 11)21. Senater Cep
per is new lender of the farm ulec and
it is said by his friends te think se
well nf his own prospects in 11)24 thnt
he will refuse even nil offer of n place
in the Cabinet should one be mnde.
If any doubt existed ns te the gov
ernorship of the Federal Reserve Beard
Italian been removed bv the election.
W. P. O. Harding, who is opposed
for reappointment by the farmers en
account nf the credit dellatlen. will net
succeed himielf. Seme one acceptable
te the farmers will receive the place.
..M'icm li eiii the White house en
" ',',n "I0''
'i ll'n hlnn ivl'l finnun 'Tim lfnul.
1t 1.n. brnn In the habit of referring
""' division or the electorate into
groups nml classes us dangerous and
un-American. The bloc is new
powerful te be ciitlcized.
While deprecntlng Its existence In
the oust, the Administration hns vielded
te it. The President'. task lias nil
nleng been te held bis party together
by satisfying as best lie could the con cen
servallie Kast and the agricultural
West. Compromises have been effected
bv which the bloc has uenernllv rerpivpil
I what legislation it wanted. In the fu
ture the lilec will obtain what it asks
for mere easily.
New, there is nothing radical in what
is i-ought by Senater Capper and the
mere moderate msijerltv of the farm
bloc, and their managers the leaders of
the Conservative Farm Iturcau Federa
tion. By making a few concessions the
Administration can drive a wedge be
tween these men nnd the mere radical
members of the bloc like Senators Ln
Fidlette, Broekbart. Fruzler, Xerris,
Shi pat cad and perhaps Hewell audi
Would Isolate the Extremists
The extremists, if the Harding policy
works and the farmers nre satisfied, will
be Isolated and their capacity for dam
age in 1024 will lie lessened. It re
mains, of course, te be seen whether
it will work, whether the farmer will
net, like Oliver Twist, keep iisklng for
Frem nn Administration source it Is
lenrncd thnt the farm bloc program
which will have White Heuse approval
Is ns follews:
1 Legislation Improving credit fa
cilities for farmers. Much fiirni ber
rowing runs for tee long u time te
be geed liquid assets for the banks
In the Federal Reserve System. It
is proposed te. establish rural credit
banks similar te f.ie farm lean banks
which will lean te farmers en papers
with u duration of six mouths te two
2 The amount of money that may
be leaned en fnrm mortgages will be
increased te $25,01)0.
li The smaller rural banks will
be admitted te the Federal Reserve
4 It Is proposed te limit the
amount banks may charge for money
ever nnd nbeve the rate fixed by the
Federal Reserve banks, Seme ques
tion eVcists nf the Administration ap
proval of this f a nn bloc plan.
Would Pass Pure Fnbrles Hill
5 The Pure Fabrics Bill demanded
by the wool growers will be made a
tl The Ksch-Cummlns lnw will be
amended mi as te permit of the re
duction of rnilrend rates en fnim
1 The disposal the Muscle Sheals
te some private Interest, probably
Henry Ferd, for the establishment of
n fertilizer plant.
If" W'lll he nllLfat1'JIl t1in linnn svf llfWlt
. inn w uuxiiuil Mllll IIUIIC III HI"1' III 111 It i V
farm bloc proposals nre radical and hlch could he used for ull street jobs
that the censervntive Kast Is net likely , icqu ring water, except lire emer emer
te quarrel with nny of them, except ' gencies. They would net be expensive
favoring the farmer in railroad rates. ;"d would lie a great sawng te the city.
The railroad executives refused te make ' ll,y would be locked and only these
such an arrangement voluntarily lust i.l'!vi,,R authority would hue the keys,
before the recent campaign began and ;''., '"',ve ,"lkl'd of this Mnee about
the Interstate Commerce Commission l'1', I. hut have net been able. te de
decided it could net make it undir the anything,
existing law. , Pressure Getting Stronger .
riMmn thn i,l...l..14.ilA - .... 4. I - . , ..
take ever, recognize and reguhirliie the
farm bloc us It Is represented by it.s
conservative leaders in Congress.
Anne mu iiiui inuiiiiuii pnipeM's in
unere will remnln te he reekeued with
ine rniiiei i biec nreuuniy leuiiy. senator private water renteis, tee. All lines
t.n, toilette nnd prebablv holding the except the main lines are kept lu re
balance of rower in both pailies, and pair by the owners of the property en
the labor, which. In tills election, was which they nre located
effectively organized. Their eapadty te "Tnke 'llie question, of tenant and
make trouble will deiunil umm tee owner. A ..li... i. , - n,
economic condition en the farms in the
lll-At till, Jl'lliC
1112 New Cases Reported Here.
Parents' Ce-operation Asked
Tlie deaths of thlrteenchlldrcn from
measles and 1112 new cases weie te
ported te the Department of Health in
the Inst week, aceeiding te a repot t
Issued today. I.i.st week tl.e.e mis the
same number of deaths and Mill new
tn5vf" ,.....,.., , .... ..
,..;,. 4"1u",, "'' k
I; , , , ., .
s net serious or alarming, lm that
parents should co-epenlte with the
.v ..,.....,.-.,. ,,,,, , i.a-i ,
tti'iiiiu ifi'iiiiriiiirui ill enei Mm; uie ui
ease, which affects children mostly uu
dcr fifteen years old
" run control this disease le-
.,.,.. L..I.I., .....II . .1.1. tl ......,t i. ..,-.( I
,,, ni,,.. ,-, ..uu , , ,,-,.-. . , ,,.
parents," said Dr. Furbiisli. "Children .
who me slightly ill should he kept
away from school, 'ihej should net be
where they will come into dose lentnct
I Jeseph Geld, 211 North Trill li street.
who was .euvlcted In IVdeuil Cnuit
nVe mlw m, ,.mrB,. f selling
nanette drugs and Is new under Ivrnd
uwnitlng sentence, was held in S-IODO
bail by Magistrate t'eward lu iity Hall
this uieririiiB, en a similar charge.
County Detective Hill lirrested Geld
Inst night at F.lghth nnd Vine streets,
Hvvlll he writ n further hearing next
,.l 11 !'.
Poison Plot Victim
Head of Scotland Yard, who is
critically HI in Londen nn the re
sult of eating poisoned randy sent
through the mall
Chief Davis Wants Hydrants
Kept for Exclusive Use
of Firemen .
"There Is a pressing need for nn
auxiliary system of wnter plugs, se the
tire liyrtrnnts mny tie used exclusively
for fire service." my Chief Davis.
He was questioned pnnccrnir"? the less
nf city witter through leaky hydrnnts.
Seven were found in one district which
observers say, have been running
full force for weeks
One plug nn the southeast corner of
Delaware avenue nnd Catharine street
hns been pouring water Inte a drain te.
four weeks. The ruihing is wearing
away under the pressure of the jynter.
Other leaking wnter plugs nre nt
Delnwnre avenue uml Kenllwertli street,
Delnwnre uveiiue nnd Pninbridge street.
Frent nnd Pemberton, Blghth nnd Fitz
wnter, Delaware avenue nnd fieen
street, and Swnnsen nnd Beck streets.
Faces Many Difficulties
Mr. Davis indicnted under what dif
ficulties the department worked.
"On the average of one fireplug n day
Is damaged beyond repair by automo
biles," he said. "Heavy trucks bncls
into them nnd we hnve te replace them.
We replace from ninety te a hundred
every month.
Our total of repaired plugs Inst ear
wns 012. Alse we have public senti
ment against us in the summer me
of plugs. Children in the congested
districts like te play under open hy
drants. It Is het ami people sympa
thize with tbein.
"If n policeman attempts te nri'est
e child for turning en a hvdrnnt he is
Inughed out nf court. Kvcry Tem, Dick
and Harry thinks that he has the right
te turn nn the fire plug. We' need u
system which will eliminate this.
"There are ether legitimate uses
for cltv water in the streets nside from
tire. There is the street-cleaning de
nnrtment. contract jobs, repnir work
and the watering places operated by
the Society for the l'rexentieu et
Cruelty te .tnlmals.
Want Plugs Protected
"We nre in perfect nceerd with nil
these ultilltles, but tlre-hydinnts were
made primarily for fire-lighting and frn
net fitted te de ether work. Seme
knowledge of the construction of n lire
hydrant is necessary te operate it
"Firemen nre instructed at the fire
school In use of the plugs. People use
all kinds of instruments te turn en
the wnter."
Chief Davis indicated heavy wrenches
and bars which have been taken frein
these caught tinning en fire plugs. Thesij
who tamper with these faucets often
tender them useless In time of fire.
"I would reiemmeiiil the installation
of what is known as wash paves," said
Chief Davis. "They are sinall auxiliary
lancets situated net Mr trem the plugs.
(juestiencl about the low water
iiressiire. Chief David said: "It is bad,
but getting better. We are striving te
Improve It nil the time. We are nn
against n- hard preposition with the
,1, ,.M,'t knew nnd the landlord doesn't
care. We have no way te make them
ux u nut te shut oil the wnter until
thej de se. Suppose there is sickness
In the family and there K no wnter.
Common humanity demands that we
keep the water running. This gees en
indefinitely and a let of water is
"The public Is inclined te blame us
U'lMwiiit 1 II i I .
f,,'r" H ' ,fl ' ' S dr," " 1, s
n the cltv. V chas, about friiiim.,.
t gh kee.,1, , Cu er.l r T 1,
.n.Ven at Delawa.e .m'nue nml
f'ntlinriiie street, te winch our atten-
uen lias been en ed. is net an iiiiumimI
nn uiiiununiireiy, .much et tutu tt
... ,,,,ivi , ..iiii'ii in huh iron-
ble will he elln United if we win get
these wash paves."
Fire Chief Itnss llnvis iniliirs.l Cl.lc
ll..l.,l ..!.... v" """
"Such a sstem would be a grea
heln te ns." In, ....t.i I'l.e .,-i.. !.'..
.'.II in ,li,
....... II. "' ." r,."l i-imiii
r.iiuiiiiiin is a pustiKc menace
tine that we de net often run
It s
ii-.. i.. .1 .:.. . ..mi H
in. ii.i.ii.iiii nun w-iii net werK, but the
pressure is net ulwnjs sullicleiit.
" C li 1 id only live m- kIv iuiiu.Iu .,
iressuie is u district seiuetimes. If veu
llle In Use fie or sl lilinrs von i..' k.
picssnre of rern. I never Clitle.u the
work of anethcL dep.iitment. We nil
have le 'live together' as it were, and
we ti v te weik in iM-i-eid. I presume
the Depiirtmeiit of Water In unrkiin:
under the same hamliiMii that we are
a hick of funds."
Bazaar te Aid Veterans
A bazaar le raise funds for disabled I
veterans In this locality wim served in
the HiltlKh Army during the World,
) ar Is being held today at Lu Li
i,-ni,i. , eciiuii ami is iriug liiirden
streets, by ItrUlsli societies in lMilln
delphln. The bnxnnr li ppen every dur
from 11 A. M. until mfdnljUt, "
Mystery Envelops Plot te Mur
der Detective Chief Sir'
William Herwood
Londen, Nev. 11. All night long
master detectives from Scotland Vnnl
searched Londen for the perpetrnters of
the outrage upon their chief, Sir Wil
liam Herwood, who wns crieusly 111
tedny from malicious administration of
poison. Se far no arrests have been
Sir Willlnm Is net yet out of danger,
bub hopes for Ills recovery are enter
tained because of Ids grent vitality.
Scotland Ynrd officials announced
definitely this morning thnt the nttempt
te nssnsMnntc Herwood wus by means
of poisoned chocelntes sent through the
These officials said they believe this
had been only one step in n conspiracy
te kill many people of prominence.
Accordingly, the police have issued n
warning te nil persons of note net te
eat anything sent te them by pest.
Sir Willlnm had n fnirly geed night,
but it was officially stated that he still
Is seriously 111 and bis Scotland Ynrd
subordinates continue te mnlntnin the
greatest secrecy regarding the nffnib
Second Attempt en Life
An official is Quoted as saying it wns
the second attempt te poison the chief
by mnlled chocolates, the first box being
delivered nt Scotland Yard a fortnight
nge. It was addressed te Sir Willlnm
nnd opened bv nn nsxNtant cemmis
siener, who. suspicious because of the
packer's nnenymity nnd the stale np
Knn; of thVXcelaJes'u contain.'
nnnueii it ever in iiie detective ucpari-
ment te trace its origin. Inquiries np-
jinrriiii nrn1 ivillliliu result ami nn
William seemingly wns net informed. I
On Thursday, the Dnllv Mali nuetesi
the official ns saying, another aneny
meus box of chocolates arrived. The
cniet s secremry, .Miss irysdale. opened
It nnd lianded it te Sir William, who
took it te his room and ate one or two
of the chocolates while dressing for the
club luncheon. Miss Drysdnli had taken
one, but, disliking the tnste, threw It
One of tlie hospital physicinns said
thnt the nature of the poison had been
established, but refused te name it.
General Sir Wjiidham Cliilds,
director of (.rlmimil investigation.
stilted tl'.is morning he felt sure the
poison in the chocolates was Arsenic.
It wns recalled Minon;: these Inter
ested in the solution of the mystery
thnt Sir William was perhaps the man
most instrumental in bringing te tlie
gallows the assasuns of Field "Marshal
Sir Henry Hugl.es WlNen. nnd thut '
tris would naturally cause a feeling of I
bitterness toward him timeng tlie ussus
sins friends.
Other theories nre offered with re
gnrd te tlie poisoning. Seme officials be-
IS MinirfflrS iTis:
plej'e nursed a grievance against Ills.
cnjcf, h 1
Suggest Communist Plot
Anether suggestion is that Sir Wll-
llain was the victim of n Communist or
Belshevikl plot, or possibly a gailtr of
race track creeks against whom Scot-
land lard has been conducting a vig-
oreus campaign of late
Police authorities are mnlntaining
secrecy regarding the case ether than
saying they possess "delin te evidence ;
uml thnt "sensational developments will
Mai, M iMinnT.mtn. r-r
Commuters "Pooh-Pooh" Pennsy's
Reason for Lateneas of Trains
Swarthmore commuters liave u griev
ance. They sn.v their 7:20 and
have been from iwent te twenty-five
minutes late readilmr Bread Street
Station each morning this week. I
They say, furthermore, that one rea-1
son given them was the piesence of
leaves en the tracks, which nrfide the,
mils slippery. "Pooh-pooh for thnt,"
say the Swaitlimere commuters.
itaar.md'sars-"1,at the 1,ni,,',vanIn
It is that the commuters have uii-'
accountably le-t their pep : that they
tnke mere time getting nle.ird thei
trains than they used te. and that
sometimes a minute is lest at each step,
Then, tee, theie is the fog.
"PoeIi-imiIi for that," say the
Swnrthmere leuuiiuters.
That's all
Oust Legien Pest Frem Heme In
Political Reprisal, Is Charge
Members nf the Ainericun Legien
Pest, Ne. ll'll, liaie been ousted from
their meet In,; lilac in the rennis of the
Thlrty-sKtli Wind ltepublicaii Faccii-
tlve 'Committee because of alleged
speeches ng'iinst Vine candidates and
the rutting of senators Pepper und Heed
en elei tlen dm.
Chut ges are ilunu' back and forth by
Frank .1 l!an Vine leader of the
cmieV"''.; ';:::!,!' $sSr:
I'liii'.ul thai the l.eglell llieinlieiH Imvn
been using the i us te "further their Man Arrested for Stealing Ceat m
vigor l"dS" "'"' !"11""" "'""" with Chestnut Street Stere
The pest inn l.i-t night in a private1. Vft,1'1' n ehnse en Clietnut Mini i
home and is Innl.iiu for new iiunrters. V1" i. nls" '"'"r estenla. afteii.. ,n
-. ' Jee llerger, Ilreml stieet .Hid Vaiwi ., i '
t taken te City Hull, where a ehaii m
Camp Dlx Majer Dreve Car While stealing, nn overcoat was ledged again-r
Drunk, Police Charge ,llm Jf" was held m Soiie bul f.u
Majer Fred .1 Osterman. sened I TrT lm,n,,"B h MnKl ('
et Camp Dix nnd living at IHlltKe,,- TV salesman. H.i.rv pirth. Mud !
weed mad. U i.w.h.,1 . i. ( nj. am J... saw llerger walk out of the store ".,',.
scph P. l.M.iis. il.J .hestniit street. I rjlng a unit from which the p,,,.,. t!l
were nriested en Marke street l-ist , had net been leimned. Knewmg tl.it
night nfier th nijije r.'IryluR u tour- clothing K never permitted te K" ,
ing cat had hl-ked t.alhc at Thir- with the tags en. V,. inn after tlie man
teentli stre.t Merger seeing him. dudgeil belw , riu-
'l he innjei w ,s liLiued with diiving temnbUes nml indln en,-, nnd tibd
it motorcar when IiiIem.. ated ,,,,.1 with, te M. his imrs.ier lii tlie ,.,w,N. but
Interfei ng with tt.ilh" lmis was iu Filth was close upon him ami at 1 ieid
lested for inteileniu with the police, and Chestnut sheets h . , i ,1 I
What Are
Beauty Unimpressed
ggBk, 7T ' ajaggBv
k:: v ' ' ""'',aal
"'W ''''Jmmm 'V'''l
Acclaimed ".Miss Brewery town,"
pretty entrant mi.vh she Is opposed
te beauty contests, asserting Ihey
breed petty Jealousies
Mlas Eckler, Brcwerytewn Cham Cham
peon, 8ays The Breed Jealousies
"Miss Brewerytown." who before she
wen the beauty championship of her
section was Miss Stella Kckler, of 1N)7
Popler street, Is opposed te beauty con
tests because of the petty jealousies
they engender.
"Never- ngnln for beauty or popu
larity contests for mine. Ne mere no
toriety. It menus nothing but jenl
uuny nnd quarrels and III feeling. I
wuh se nervous before we went en the
stage for the contest that my knees
were trembling, ami J was surprised
when I worn It does net thrill me one
bit. nnd I go te work every day nnd
-""cr even think about it again."
,,,. -
Pent and Bayard Supporters
Beth Claim Lead in State
Wilmington, Del.. Nev, 11. (By A.
P.) Net until the completion of the
cnnvnss of the New Cntle County vote
will it be known positively whether
Themas F. Bnynid or T. Celeman du
Pent has been ele t d te the Scnnte
for the short term.
Seme friends of Si nater du Pent
contend he had a lead of 17 votes
today, while Bajard's supporters at
neon today, when the c-mvussing beard
took a reces, claimed he had a lend
of 10 votes.
At the time of adjournment the
canvassing beard hud neirly completed
the canvai.s of the r'( ilniiugten
districts Tlieie remain the thirty-
eight districts of tlie niral section of
the county. As there nre no lurther
cl.allengen of returns te be considered,
It Is believed the entire work will be
completed some time tonight.
., .. .. , . . , ,
10,000 Men March Threuflh District
While 100,000 Watch
Fullv 100.000 ptrsens lined the
streets of Frunkfeid las,t night, when
mnm tlmn 10.000 lneners nf fr.in.riml
.organizations paraded in celebration of
t opening ef'the new "L."
The parade included stores of ledge
delegations in uniform from many parts
0f the city and wns one of the imw
colorful of the "1." celebrations this
.. eel-
u... .. ... c.r ....,..,. ... ....
Stnrtini? 'it 8:1.1 o'clock nt Pnnl nn.1
Taceiiy stiects. the pa'-ado iiie;k1 ever
l'uul street te Franktetd avenue, neith
,, Frankford avenue te Bridge streit
and ceunterniarclied sentli en I rank
ford avenue te Kensington nvenue, te
Adiiuis nvenue. east en Adams avenue
te Frankford avenue an.l north te Paul
1 street.
A s)inmittei reviewed the precession
opposite Overlneten nenue.
the line was n nlutneu of nelire.
Jeseph P. Candy was grand marshal;'
Lawrence U. Dunn, chief of staff ; ,
Herry Grime, adjutant, and Themns
Simpsen, trumpeter, llurty bands w err ,
1" Hue '
Pulse of Empire Steps Beating for
Twe Minutes
Londen, Nu. 11. i Bv A. P.)
The pulse of the emplle shipped its
beat nt 11 e'cliicl, this iiiMiiung us a
tribute te the inemur. nt its tii'litcr-..
Fiem the corrcspemliug ii.Miueiit when
hostilities leiisid funr inn a.'", until l
two mliiutis h.id passrd eMuvhuu and'
every one in the nation w.is -.till.
There were no elabir.ite reuniuies
10 man; the gient stleiue. I.en at
u'1' cenotaph in Whitehall, the heart
of the empire, the prer '. dings were
" the inyst smipb. , hai.ictei The
king, representing the n:itli:i 1 ml a
wicntli en the ineninriiil et i ilent
wins of Ilrltain Thruulieiu the dn
thousands passed in a leust.mt tieem
yy the tomb of the unknown wiiuer
In Westminster Abbey.
Suspect caught m chase
They, Saying?
Phila. District Hopes te Swell
Membership Total by
Drive '
The sixth annual rnilcnll of the
Seuthens-'ern Penns.vlvnnln Clinpter et
tlie Red Cress opened today nnd volun
teer workers nre ennvnsslng every sec
tion of the "ity, nking citizens te
renew their membership.
The Southeastern Pennsvlvnnla Chnp
trr includes rill of Philadelphia nnd
Dehrvnre. Montgomery. Berks and
Chester Counties.
This j ear's campaign will last n
week nnd nn efTert will be mnde te
solicit tvery ndult in the district. Funds
collected from memberships will be used
in the peace-time program of tlie Red
Members of the Emergency Aid. the
R publican Women of Philadelphia.
Bey Scouts nnd ether organizations are
assisting In the campaign.
101 Prisoners Enrolled
Mrs. Henry Pepper Vnux went te
the KiirtrrYn Penitentiary this morning
rind enrolled 101. of the prisoners in the
drive. There wns much activity at the
hendqunrters of the drive, the home of
Mrs. Geerge W. Chllds Drexel.
Klghteenth nnd Locust streets. Mrs.
Dre.vel's work ns bend of the canteen
work during the war wen national
recognition. Among the women taking
an active pnrt nt hendqunrters worn
Mrs. William Hirsh. Mrs. F. (.
Flelsher nnd Mrs. Geerge B. Kvnns.
Mrs. Drexel nnd Mrs. Kvnns nre joint I
In urging n response te the roll- ,
call. Bishop Philip N. Rhinelnndcr said
today :
"Ne argument ether than the splen
did record of the Red Cress since Its i
beginning should be needed in the roll- '
call te enroll the citizens of Phila
delphia. Its great and useful work
among tlie lighting forces in the World
Wur carried all that Is necessary te
convince men nnd women te join, nnd
Its keynote Is one of the greatest princi
ples relief te human suffering.
"I have'" spoken my complete admira
tion nnd bellrf in the Red Cres many
times, nnd I nm glad te de se again in
tlie hope that I may enlist the co
operation of nil my people "
The care of 24, 0V) disabled service
men in Philadelphia will have first
mortgage en funds relleeted in the
drive, it -ns announced by .T. Arthur
.leffers, nssisfnnt manager of the Wash
ington Dis-trict of the Red Cress, at n
meeting of cninpnian weikers held
Thursday in the Bellevun-Strutferd.
Workers in the campaign took up
their duties this morning with a spirit
of optimism. It is expected thnt re
sults of the rellcnll tills year will lie
the best of nny jear since the Armi
stice. Last jear 4,500,000 persons
fh'qreiterbl remernbrance of all these who
jnadei pessibles the Jey that was in our
heart ,thi .day four year age..
spells V
Wjest EiND Trust
unhmshed w
splendid fabric c
II '-Universal" and
in Reed's Standard of Tailoring,
present the fullest value in Philadel
phia te be had this season.
1424-1426 Chestnut Street
hi it
J---J .j.tujj.jwjjiL'aa E5C3X
throughout the United States iufc fksj
hi tu. I IIia rnllnnll. a
The Rn'.lcnll Committee tnctwli! 5
Hornce A. Brnle. Jr.. Mrs. Willlnm m
Henrv Brooks. Mrs. Alexander Brown. Jn
Mrs. Henry Biinten t.'exe, .irs. .wim
Grundy, Samuel' D. Lit, Mr. 0eWi A5$l
W. Urquhnrt, .Tninea W. Wlllcex uml ' $$&
XV llknrv. iimirv .1. liiiicen. desriin II. ,,v
Alnn U. Wilsen.
Experienced In Ihe eonatraetlen
nprriitlnnii snil nmlnlenanee !
'adnstrlnl equipment, liulMtnsl
and wnrehnnae. bnlldlnaa mm
perntlrn ana rpir i.-" .v
Blanti nml newer ennlpment, opre i . , ,f-
for position.
A l8fl, f.edser OWee.
What's your life allot
ment in productive years?
In productive hour$ per
The Cellins System will
increase both maybe
double 'em.
Let us give you a demon
stration, free.
219-25 North Bread Street
Tim BUek Kert Tirm't Applis " the
(Incut ever sren rlpr SUymin Wlntupf,
Rema Beauties, Nere. 'Hip Swfrt t'lilrr 1
tnnrtp of tin-Hi. gnwl Applre. White 1'etfl.
twH tny t' cook and cut.
The Black Hen Tea Beem lias n fnmmn
Clilikpn Cmirnr Dinner, a In Cartp m-rtlei
nml light Imirh from nimn till 7 eiery
ilny tn the )i-nr.
On the Ilnltlmerr Pike l'A miles went
nf M'dla; ilrlte In the yard.
The Black Herse Farm
Pheni-: Media 103
WE SERVE two sorts e
Sunday dinners all
day that are unusual, net
only for their excellence,
but for their wide choice.
One dinner is $1.50, th
ether $1 the former mera
elaborate, of ceurae. Feed
i of L'Aiglen quality
which it medeatly saying
that it couldn't be better!
A la Carte, if you
Capital and Surplus
ersted Suits of
luality, made en our
"Stanerek" Medels
"'Itl A
1 WW
v -BP ' , ii&5 f;j
4 1 H 'i?l'i' C'Wv
.Jf?.ffiAStt.Ai . . - v'iJ.