Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, November 10, 1922, Night Extra, Image 3

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Seekt te Serve Summons
Application for Divorce
Filed by Wife
tm, II rechln, Sheriff of Chester
J hna e Munitien, insnetl by
County. n" a . , i. ,, i, trying te
JJW.Jin;n Cn ntnln H-rbcrt .Tnr-
W"". tlie Mini of n
WJW?.' llvnrre by hh 1
"rwnin Urowne 'etim net un i -M
his !''". nn.l frlcn.lH nny be
VJ en n lecture tour, tulklng en
5:. Urowne etil . net be lp
MFMln'S of the application of Mr.
.11. fhreueh bcr counsel, District
91? Z- WiX. of Chester County,
SXrnXai Ti.cs.1ny ;h n Demo Deme
f ..VraiHlWnte for the Legislature.
fc ' W 'ftth the en-
K Weir Chester, but spent most
5 their time en Mr.-. Ilmwne'H jx
. uS fur i nenr Hcenne town. Mrs.
ftSfte'' ""rt "niHbaii.1. Oiwre It.
?X of Kn-t llrndfaril. wn? nccl
lA l.et nml WH1 en a huiitliw
rintevcml yenm npejiy IiN son. She
J. ister of Dr. llnynr.1 Ktine. for-.
5Sr rhSlrmnn of the Chester County
Ecraucrntic Committee.
There 1 much speculation nmetiB the
friend nnd imiiiniiitiinre of Mrs.
Brenc as te the reasons for her sudden
notion npaln-tt lu-r htisbitml. who is sev
venrs her junior. District Atter
Z ft. "llutler Windle. Mrs. UnvneV
Jnnnsel. refused te dlscu-s tlie reti-ens
S none was filed with the application.
During the campaign. In which Mrs.
Brenne made n hard lis it and kiivp her
eniieiieiits much worry, her husband for
i time ferved ns her riitiimilgn mating?!
ttiH mad- manv peeehes.
It is hinted that an episode which
had weight tewnrd the divorce iipplieu iipplieu
Hen occurred in the Inst dnys of the
fanipalRii. Mrs. Urowne bad been us
lured of the support of n liirRO number
f Republican voters, but it In wild she
let iimnv of these thteuuli it hpiwh by
Ui lmsliand at a mcctiiiR in llouuy lleuuy llouuy
breok. In that s-piwli Mr. Urowne
nttncLed the war record of Captain
Wiltaker. Tlmt lest Mrs. Urowne
huadreils of votes, especlnlly in the
northern precincts, where they were
niet needed by her. A fiinilly cliihli
is said te have resulted.
Monday Morning Program Will
Have Special Features
The Matinee Musicnl Club will give
its first rcgulnr conceit of tit- sohseii
In the ballroom of the P.ellcvue-Strnt-fenl
Tuesday afternoon. A i-peciiil pro pre
grain has been nrrmiKed In honor of the
Tiitiii! Heard of Dlrc-ters of the Na
tional Federation of Music Clubs.
The pregram:
I'herui Ivvltli linrp nisemlil., jin.l plntiel
() SrrrnuUK .Mnzknw!(l
JblThe Sn.in Jliit-Si,:;
(il I'ml-r llie Slam.... Ml. II II. A. IVarh
(U Wlilmunc Sihuin.iim-I.lHt
Akthm (,'lunt- UUllllllll.
f'eniniltn - r
(I) A M"merv . taurine Thrums
(b) Hltuurnf.li I'li'tmltmile
1t.p I.inniil K lintniil.
Affnc t'luti" Qulnl.iii hi Ihn uluni
Auuit.- Aim. Jehn l l.un,
Orchei.1 1 n
illAllit-'i', frmn "SMimliany Ne H". . Il.iv.ln
biAndintp ('tnlalull, Tm liaison hltv
c) In Uf .'iumi ill I Ui
Ilarn i:nimWe
tllCll.ltIS IP I'tllllHtlMU N,itC!(,
(b)Au lleul il- lluii'.iil Itviile
(cIVhI M rn.ieMt ..A . . . Z.il'OI
Puriitut .leh eenti" !.i-oei . i:iiilcth
Ca-hniiiii. Alie Hainiem. Illiuirhe llulliapl,
Mr?. Jein .lewc, ,h., rieiiMKit l,Mjierlltv,
Jfin Vrnliuini." I.Htlc tuti. Heiutht reni'i,
lr. Kiriin Huns. Knl u t Hi l.rl.h Snrlii'ii'r.
lIerrm. Ad"..' Wuiiliriin.
i IturiM dltli luitii iIimmmIiIp atul piiini,'
() Ajiius I if I Ill.t
filenblluiii Inn.- Ilulil.niil
(b)aln Trlst" Mill, bus
tuDrHiiii Sili . u, e iiniuii
Ji") ri.i- Imwii of I.UM' 1'ilinl
Mirnnu si it . .i;th.-l Motli.im.mi Metli.im.mi
(il)Arla ft em ".Si-rti IIuiiiIlI
Reported Missing
rcter Smith, thirty-four Jcnrs old.
, , "I. ""''""'I elect. Ihe feet tc-i
lnt-ltet.. II., pounds, brown c.u-.-, light i
niopiei it. anil f-e.ti tii'Mii.i. it.
hi un;e miii, iiiu-i, lip,,. (HiTTOiit, soft
lirewii Itiit. binds s,e(-.s.-
Kalle Itesana. twclu- jemw old 1(itj
JincMenn Micet, live feel, ).-, puiiiK.
ytrk cii.nple.eii, halt- anil eves, wear
ing blue -l;ht. blew u mm tiler, while
Hioe ninl .ieeKiii(s, red hat.
fremc iiiiiit-i, mm, .two eitrs, "III.", transients. -un-niiuie
avenue, live leei m-mmi Inches, The pnniesed campaign will be con-
itfl puiilids, dark coilllileviei.-. iin-illiiin ' ducted liv n ceininlltee nf lntnien
blue slid, tfi-nv i.nt't ii.it Li... i
and ftuUilngf. ' ' r
out i .-ii,-
JF A T'JOUhAMJ l-Ttlll'imi.3
'Ub lire a Inv tnutilins whn. nn
nun I i,i
?h i''. " r-i'l. -iiiilientlc or a ilri
22'.?a remwj tm.re tlmn n thiuund -Al
sriteiu In ii fi"'"1 ,"'" ."""' ,u .i3 Villi
OyTci in "i",J'aA"ln.V..s,!rtl'3, t the Bun
fir. l.i-iH.Bu. "Mak. It a Hnblt.'Cf
g LDfriendsarcmere (5
g precious than riches. jj
P Don't miss a single fe
h one from your list this b?
g year. Cheese the right g
M cartfe'indplcmyefthem
M te carry warmth from $
H ywr heart te friends S
& ofe!d. "3
Let them knew at
Str fine, elation today
; -f. m
etttle that you arc &
g stllthcirfriend,theugh
g ..v. ,,- uivicc.
i - i-'niMii;nioeflV
' ' svj
oil - -MIM 4, ''
.wwwiraviii rj3 rWittfy:?rrWMrimn
Monument Will Ireetcd te Man
Killed In World War
We tnfltatia nt1 At--.l..-. 9
pests will participate tomorrow after
neon at z e cieck in tnc unveiling In
I Cobbs Creek Park, at Pifty-nlnth
! Btrcct nnd willows avenue, of a statue
In memory et jesepn a. .Murphy, Park
guard, who died in France. The
ceremony will be ene of the features
of Armistice Day In this city nnd overv
Tark gunrd who can be relieved will
be detailed under Captain Hayes II,
Duncitn for duty nt the unveiling.
E. T. Stetcsbury. of the lnrk Cem
mission, will preside nnd the ether
Commlbsleners will be nrescnt. Jehn
V, Patterson will make the presentation
speech nfter opening prayer by the
Itev. Jeseph Wolfe, who was chaplain
nf the 10'Jth Infantry, tu which Mr.
Murphy was a private.
Tlie Btntue win no unveiled by Miss
Hetty Triilllnger as the Firemen's Hand
plays the national anthem, Mr.
Stetcsbury' will ncccpt the memorial
en behalf of the city. Majer Themas
B. Murtln, secretary of the Park Com
mission, will be muster of ceremonies.
P. IT.
Track Extensions in North for
New "Feeders" of Frankford
"L" te Cost $1,000,000
Twe mere important additions will
be made te the city's transit facilities
te fellow closely upon the placing into
operation of the Frankford elevated.
The Philadelphia. Rapid Trunslf
Cempniy Is rapidly making nrrnngo nrrnnge
ments for the extension of Its tracks
in the upper section of the city as
"feeders" of the Frankford "L."
Council also yesterday adopted a res
olution lnekln? toward the establishing
of motorbus lines en streets where it
it Impractlciible te eperntc street cars.
Mayer Moere, Hlchnrd Wcgleln,
president of City Ceuncil: Director
Ctiven, of Public Works, nnd Assistant
Director Atkinson, of City Transit, to
gether with Themas K. Mitten, presi
dent of the p. II. T., Inspected the
streets through which the extensions
in the north will be made. Mr. Mitten
explained that the extensions would
Involve tin outlay of about $1,000,000.
The plan te extend the Frankford
"I," te Hbawn istrcct, Ileliuesburg,
however, will nrehuhlv be abandoned
for the present. An ordinance was In-
treducetl In City Council yesterday by
Councilman Hern providing for repeal
of leglbliitleu calling for this exten
sion. In the Council resolution regarding
uioterbiises it wns suggested that the
buses could be npcinted tu ntlviilltiue
en Koescvclt lieuleviil-il, in Jlrentl
street, in Itoxheioiigh, In Pusyuiik
nveliiie mid tu Third street, miuIIi et
Sujdcr avenue.
Feature of Epworth League Party,
but Firemen Did Net Knew That
Seme ene mir-toek n bonfire which
was part of the iiiniiiul "tiiiest Party."
conducted by the Senior Kpvnrh
League of St. Stepheu'ii Methodist
episcepal Church, (icrni.intewu avenue
below lii-liighiii-st street, last iilttht. and
turned in un alarm. Twe lire com
panies mid an liit-iu-uncc patrol re-.-ipi.-ndcil.
As a feature of the party, in the
course of which the members appear
In ghostly white, dance around the fire
1111(1 tell ghost Merlf;.. (he Imiillre Wits
Murtcil iii an old cemetery lit the rear
of i he chuicli. The blaze alarmed
The Itev. Francis M. (iray. pastor
nf the elitneli, explained matters sat
isfactorily te the tircmeii.
Monaghan Heads Campaign
of Catholic Society
Plans are belli" feriiiiilated for n
cniiipaign wiiicii will result ill the erer
tlen of a Ciillietic civic center ill this
city. The preje -t wiin lanncheil nt n
meeting held reeenll.v at 1." North Flf
teentli street, formerly (lie Kenedict
Service Club.
At the meeting Cardinal Dougherty
lulil of ihe need of a large building lit
the center of the city where Catholics
mi:ht gather and which would have
the tirmier hostelry aecoiiiineilatlniis for
.litiliff. Mfiiiiinluin ,-ri in., n f.hiiii.i'uiti
: '-
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ing will simplify your
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The Helmes PnEss, Trintm
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Rogers Pcet Clethes Exclusively
Chestnut St. at Juniper
..,,. . - , "'f.t 'ytii
Mrs. James M. Baker, Missionary, Says You'll Have te Ge
12,000 Miles te India for Them, However
nfpH. .Tfimaa r TlntAM Ima AwA
servants In her bungalow. Their wages
lumped together come te $22 n month.
But Mrs. Iiaker smilingly opines that
most women In Philadelphia would
probably net trade kitchens with her
even with her freedom from the servant
iimeirm inrewn in.
f(-ll 11.iUam' 1.Ii1.m I. ,A AAA MI1U
from llrentl. street. It is In Ongele,
Jiitun, te he exact, and it's se het In
there that it's the last place in the
Heuse the mistress of the house wanes
te go, however demcslc she mar be In
her Inclinations.
TO ftlmnl IHMIIMl.ltf t r.. tf.lrAB
".wp'IBfd. "it" Isn't In tlie house at nil.
Its -00 feet nwny, just where It be-
lungB. me nnvenc even a stove jU3t
n makeshift sort of stone even."
Twenty -seven years of work as a
nilNslntinrv (h l,M-nf 1m.ii.. i.j i.h
Mrs. linker n nice sort of smile. She
went te Ongele as n brlde from
Syracuse. N. Y., when she was nine
teen. .She came te Philadelphia yes
terday te attend the missionary Held
I? ' Ul "'"cricun iiuptist uereign ana
Meme Mission Society nt the First
Baptist Church.
I wouldn't knew what In the world
Id de If I couldn't go buck," she ex
claimed. With her husbnnd Mrs. Baker holds
enough positions In 'Ongele nnd Its
environs te keep the average American
couple busy three lifetimes. Her con
tribution te the team work is running
two schools, helping te run n hospital,
delving into industrial conditions and
acting as general mother te n town
about the size of Centesvllle. She
helped te establish the hospital, the
famous Jehn Cleugh institution that
rose brick by brick In un arid doctor-
Will Dlscuit Plana Tonight for
Winter Werk of Organization
Philadelphia textile chemists nnd
colorists will meet at the Scheel of In
dustrial Arts tonight for the annual
election of officers of the Philadelphia
Section of the American Section of
Chemists and Colorists nnd te discuss
plnns far the winter's work of the
organization. The meeting will open
ut M:li" o'clock.
-Although only a year old, the Phila
delphia section of the organization al
ready lifts about fiOO members and H
rapidly becoming a powerful unit In.
this, the greatest textile center of the
IJnltPtl States. At least five years' ex
perience ns n textile chemist or colerlst
Is reeuired te become eligible for mem
Twe Epileptics Found Lifeless
Within Three Days ,
Newark, N.l Nev. 10. Deaths of
two patients nt the village for epilep
tics at Skillmnu may result In a State
investigation of the liistitutiun, it was
announced e.sterduy.
The family of Frank Oenevensky, nn
Inmate, was notified Sunday that Frank
had uccideutiily strangled himself
while asleep. Krneet CtiKtaniore, u city
empleye, after hearing of the (Jeneveii.
sky ease, reported te the authorities
that Ills brother, Lawrence, had died
nt the Institution last Friday, having
been found with his body bunging out
of bed.
Despondent Weman Ends Life
Despondency caused Mrs. Kiln Le Le
eoir, sixty-two cars old. ."tlKS Jane
street, te taltc her life late Thursday
night. The aged woman wa.s found by
her t-eu-in-law. l-iuiil Charziiuut. sit
ting in tlie kitchen with a gas lulu- con
nected e a stove iii her mouth. She
was taken te the tiermaiitewii Hospital,
win-re she was pronounced dead.
'Baby, Peggy" Montgomery III
Les Angeles. Nev. ill. (By A. P.)
Peggy Montgomery, llii-ee-,ear-eld
motion-picture tii-trcss, known as "Baby
Peg-ty." is ill with piieiinienht at her
patents' residence in nwcn-uimuth, near
smsmmrsB - a urn
-.5.- .. IB I --'-- '-,r -ftmsM ssiemiBsmmYtlsmsf N nvl WHL'"'
- T " L?&iPPsJPwSsm- UsJsjKaWsssslsssssssmssWKSs'.I--. ffiMi'
less waste where before It was cus
tomary te go seventy-four miles tu
summon any real medical assistance.
"The real danger for the woman
who gees te India," Mrs. Baker said,
"Is exposure te all forts of diseases.
But, of course, you get used even te
And then te show hew thoroughly
accustomed one woman at least had
become te this particular brand of
danger without a flicker of nn eyelid.
Mrs. Baker told hew she helped te
fight the bubonic plague In 1010.
"The dangerous rats," she added,
"were the ones that sprang In Unfair,
went Inte convulsions and died nnd
turned blue. We bad te warn the
people about these. I went from house
te house nnd helped with the Inoccu Ineccu Inoccu
lntlens." As is customary with these in the
missionary Held, Mrs. Baker returns
te her homeland every seven years.
But every visit she brings a story' of
a very gradual manifestation of mod
ernism among the women of India.
"It Is n slew process," she said,
"because only one woman In every
hundred in India can cither read or
write. Three months age our presi
dency, that of Madras, guve women
suffrage. It was the second presi
dency te accord this right, but hew
nrc the women te take advantage of it
when they are kept in mental dark
ness? Our schools arc doing their best
te shed a light, and we hope the next
generation will bu blossoming out dif
ferently." Although Mrs. Baker has never been
molested by the natives, she carries
a gun going about en evangelical work.
But this Is because of military up
risings apt te be encountered.
Parade Tonight at Gloucester In
Hener of Mayer-Elect McNally
Democrats of (lleucester are prepar
ing for u big parade tonight in which
several thousand supporters of thut
party will participate.
The precession, which will be an old
fashioned torchlight tiilnir, with red tire
en the side, will be reviewed by Mayor Mayer
elect McNally. Of equal importance
with the parade plans was the an
nouncement by the Mayer-elect that Iip
would attend the dinner te be given by
prominent men of the community te
Andy (Jump. Congressman -elect, whose
i-iiinnnlcn attracted national attention.
Numerous politicians, regardless of
party nluUntinns, have also rcceiveu in
vitations te tlie (Sump dinner, the dutc
of which has net been set.
The Mayer-elect has announced that
hit cabinet would consist of Dr. C. B.
Kider and the Itev. W. L. Zimmerman,
pastor of the First Methodist Church.
Miss Stella C. Eckler Wins Phono
graph as Prize
Miss Stella C. F.ckler, S07 Poplar
street, was awarded first prize In the
Twenty-ninth Ward Business Men's
and Taxpayers' Association beauty
contest lust night in tlie Fnlriueuut
Thetttie, Twenty-sixth street nnd
(lirnrd avenue. Riclinrd WpbIeIii.
president of City Council, delivered un i
Tlie contest was one of the fentttres
of tlie business. with-pleasure carnival
conducted by the association for the last
seven weeks. Miss F.ckler was
awarded a ?1,"0 phonograph, with $100
worth of records.
Second prize, penrl necklace with
diamond clasp, was awarded te Miss
Mabel Miller. .s.VJ North Twenty-cixth
street. Miss Mussel K. Creuse. 1411
North Twenty-ninth street, and MNn
May Newalti.N. IK 111 North Hollywood
street, received bonenible mention.
Velstead Beaten by 12,500
St. Paul, Minn.. Nev. 10. (By A.
P.) Representative Velstead, author
of tlie prohibition etifercenient act, was
beaten by mere than 1U.."00 votes, vir-
Itunllv complete returns from Tuesday'
election showed.
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lth and Chestnut Sts.
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Factery: 50th and Parkside Avenue)
i '" '"- "-L-
Superintendent Broeme De
clares $36,000,000 Needed
te Replace Building
$60,000,000 PRESENT NEED
Replacement of ninety nntlquntcd
school buildings nt a cost of .10,000,
000 would be necessary te catch up te
present school needs In Philadelphia,
Superintendent of Schools Broeme es
timates. ..--...
HpenkltiK nt n mectlnR of the Chest
nut Hill Public Scheel Association last
nluht. Dr? Hrnetnc outlined the $10,
000,000 bulldlnB preBrum advocated by
the beard and the program wns heartily
approved by members of the associa
tion. He also outlined plans for a new
elementary school at Oermantewn nnd
Southampton avenues, Chestnut Hill,
which will replace the old J. O. Gil
bert Scheel, en Highland avenue west
of Gcrmnntewn avenue. Bids for this
nnd two ether echoels, he said, were
opened yesterday.
"If we could spend ?30,000,000 and
replace ninety of our antiquated build
ings overnight," said Dr. I.roeme, "we
would just catch un te present needs.
Insuring full time for every pupil and
classes of reasonably efficient -size.
"I believe It will cost mere nearly
S60.000.000 If we want Philadelphia te
be the best American city In which te
raise n family. And If only the public
can knew the needs nnd realize the
Kluln fucts, I am confident we will get
enrty support, the politicians notwith
standing. The money will nil be spent
for the best, from the standpoint of fu
ture generations."
Bids were opened yesterday by the
Beard of Education for the erection ei
three elementary school buildings.
Cramp & Ce. bid $444,107 for n school
nt Oermantewn nvenue nnd Southamp
ton street, Chestnut Hill. Next lowest
bidder was Ketclmm & McQuade with
Cramp & Ce.'s bid for the school at
Third street and Diincnnnen avenue was
$42S,e0'J, while Menaghnn & Lesse,
Inc. bid S4S7.41N.
The Tewest bidder for the school nt
Ninth street and Oregon avenue wns
McCleskey & Ce.. Inc.. with $400,0tJU.
The Werk Company wns second.
San Salvader Council Closes Silver
Jubilee Celebration
The silver jubilee of Sun Salvader I
Council Ne. IIXI, Knights of Columbus,
enme te a climax lust night at a mon
ster buiniuet held in Scottish Kite Hall, i
Mere than 1000 persons attended the I
festivities. j
Tlie list of speakers included Jnmes
Doulton Caulden Mintons Coalport
Copeland Wedcj weed Sevres Limoges
Crescent Royal We re ester Crown Staffordshire
nd complete lines of Len -ex American China
Luncheon Cups end PJates
Game and Fish Plates Lay Plates
Dinner, Entree, Dessert, Salad, Bread end Butter
Soup, Terrapin nd Oyster Plates
Tea Bouillon After Dinner Chocolate and
Pate Cups and Saucers
All Mkr. of
Mrhln, a
llfdurml I'rlrm.
Wm art the Only Piane Hfcnu-
facturers in Ptnna. Famous for
Selling from Factory te Heme
t 4
Mayer Moere, Hnlpb A. """.,',?",
Knignr ei nun duiieuw , ....... , ---
Rev. Charles Lee O'Brien, 8. J. ! I.
A. Kennedy, State deputy of Pennsyl
vania. K. of C; Charles II. Orake
16w, exalted ruler -of PhUn.Ielplila
Ledge of Kills; Judge William M.
Lewi, Jehn V. Loughney nnd M. J.
McEnery. P. II. Kelly was teastmns-
'silent tribute wns paid te Judge
Jeseph P. Itegcrs, who tiled last week.
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213-215 S. Breid St., Ptilt., P.
i"T -
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With seamless backs. v
Style, pep, quality, workmanship.
Heavy Blue Serges
of fine twill, herringbone
and self-stripe fabrics.
Evening Clethes
Precisely correct ; su
perbly tailored. Our
Super-Value Prices be
gin at $45 for Evening
Dress Ceat and Trousers.
Our courteous salesmen knew that every
article in this great store from a handsome
silk vest for evening dress at $8.25 up te
our luxurious full silk lined Crombie
Overcoats at $85 is priced en our Super
Value policy which saves you many dol
lars. Loek and compare!
16th & Chestnut
in Clethes for Men
MacDonald & Campbell
Winter Suits
$30 te $65
We have outdistanced even our own
achievements in this splendid assortment
et suits. The variety of models, color
ings and mixtures defies description.
Kxdusive imtUTiid that you lmv,. net smi, an.l
that ntners i-unnut bhew, await your he'uct.1,11.
MeileU that arc the very apex nf d...sitniini:
an.l tit for every figure of man. In fact. ,. very
l'PMUiremem of ic,.e, taste and appearance ran
-e peifcetly sa islte-l uth lhe.se handsome HuitH,
he.se every tin end and distinction chullenirua
the. meht expensive made-te-measure clothes.
Umurpaascd collection of Fine.t Winter Overce.U,
$30 te $93
1334-1336 Chestnut Street
A '
''irl ?yrw fpra
Tuxedo Coats
and Trousers
Think of a fine twill
Herringbone weave of
Thibet Cleth, faced with
luxurious eilk at our
Super-Value Price of
$38. Loek and compare
no mattej; where you
are accustomed te buy
mmfr"' m I