Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, November 10, 1922, Night Extra, Image 1

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V6D.IX.-N0. 50
.. B M -l finnA
drl Hired ax r. .... ..
by 10 With Fortune
In Jewels
geclaty Weman's Heuse' at 21
, Seuth Twenty-first Street Is
Looted in Recerd Time
Jewelry Stelen Frem
Society Weman's Heme
Fire ts of diamond m'
Six diamond bnr pin".
Five diamond pendants.
'One geld watch.
Ten unset MipplurP".
K rings set will, diamonds,
MHPhlm nml oil""- radens stones.
l!p strings of pearls.
. .Mmnn. who nosed ns nn
pericncrd domestic ! heiiim of eclil
fcolire believe the 'WMlc."
- ml I flie whh Mary -?.
wealthy Main '" tnmr as "
Jw is a number of :i clique of
pre wen
!KL ih.wnb vhe toelt the name and (lie
nftmen of n .'expectable young
m"n who rmllv Iin; we.kcl for well
tae"n Philadelphia families, and He
STSlnS le tfn" the reaLMnry Me-
0V te learn If ref.Tfi.ccs given her
... Y,.,nT emnletcrs lind been stolen
fwun lint
fwtm llDt
siven by the
"malil" was tin- family et Merris 1..
Ctether. In llrjii Mnwr. A member
of Mr. Cletliler'.s lioueelioltl said today
SituMarv Met'nbc bad been cmplojeil
One et uic rBri-in--j
there for five ,ruw prccemnB iw.
The yeuiiB weiiiiiu "i "
knew te the Clothiers, however, was nn
rfjclent and honest hcrvniit. and it m
her refeience, the police believe, the
Th lebbeiy of the Manic home was
. iccempliliel in spied fnsbien. 1 lie
ww wnant told se plausible n story
fld made e guul nn appearance that
Ur new employer wns willin;: te leave
'the house in ln'r ch.irge u few hours
after hirins her. 15y 10 e oled; fclm
lilt) cleaned the place out.
V ' Failed te Find Meney
valheuib "Mary, McjOiue" M ;
H' ViM . A Ik Imvnlrv. J1K. MlHIIO
Id te lay. she overlooked a large nuim
of money in n bureau drawer. Meet
of tbe jewelry, consisting of diamond
itedi and bar pins, diamond pendants
and rings, a geld wntcli and a number
if unset gems belonged te Miss Mar
Itret 0. Maulc, Mrs. Mimic's daugh
ter. "The young woman had sicli excel
lent references that we never thought
,nf suspecting her." Mis Maule bald.
"She had relcreiin's J rum several
prominent families, and her appearance
was attractive and her manner engag
ing. "When hhe arrived I took her evci
the house and told her what the was
erpeeted of her. We went out for the
ewniug n little later."
Twe ether servants were, in the
heuMwlien Mrs. Maule nml her daugh
ter went out. They departed later,
leaving the new inn id nlenc.
Apparently she ind arranged for nn
jecempllee in wait around (he corner
for her. Police questioned the neigh
bors and lltte Itchier, n cunfeeMenrr
'at .10 Seul b Twciii.-lirl stnet, leld
i Milan car in inui v,.,.n unit out et
Ranstead stieet containing two per
sons and go south en Tweuty-lir-t.
Made Kscape in Audi
The police believe the servant was In
the ear with her accomplice. Melief
that hevcrnl puitcsiuiiial crlniiiials leek
part In the mlihery iccciveil support
from the nddliieual fact that n taxicab
hid becu iMikeil in fient of (he lieuse
annus part of the evening. In the
tnxlcab. tin. jMiliie think, were the
lookouts" uf the llilevet.
Retiirnln.. tiKi.n, IiV ....i....i. ru..
Waule mikI her daughter I'eiuid their
lO.llc InMjed. After eirn unsuccess
ful attempt-, i.. ,.( -, uhpeiiM' fieiu
tip ilia Id who viis mi,ie-i-( In I),. In.
iue, Mrs, Manic- nnn i,, ,. ,,,..,ru .
tt'M estate ilciili-i- nml iiliifitim.i n',,4
Jf rgency key .
mete was ii ti.iif ;.. 1 1... i..f......
Ionian's room. The women went in the
Su? 1!"' ."'"1 " 'aiif in-Led and all et I
i "" ' HI 1
jeiengitij. te Mrs. .Maule was ale lnUeii
ein niietlirr leiun. '
..Detectives (irltlith and PaulLne.-. !
nml raulkucr
i.ln, .1... V - "' '"vestiBiiic. in- ;
i"i were .im.I'ih.,1 ,.. i... ... .!..... ... " '
i.. ... ii . . i
Mr',,1,' i- .... ","'!" l4,!"W1' ns ''
i", w !V!"'V'',':":, .".. eniicy
i,, ,.' . "'"i lllllll It's II till i-pii.
IE1 r'vf "'.'" Ti... dcte'Xs
.. mi 1 in wimmii ( 1... 1
M " I"M1IUB,
inim ihn m 1
. dark suir:"10 """'P
nr 1111 ..... - I
Ran. , in..- .
"-.MH L.n A9. t . .
-vaucr aam te
it v . E8.eaPd Capture
"'l. .Ml. Ill
'It.v A.
"Publlean me!" k. J"' '
nn n,, .:. .- "'"i" in uic
, .
Free 8tai VnJTI"' ?5?..,,,.'l,"'rl hy '
e,lnv"u P VZ. W" t Wleklew Vir
A brotliep r "v"" ""
. W I T II .!' II II ...... . . ---. .
Prominent Tliinprnrv iV,,K ,,Ueb,M".
url lnTwide r"C,Th,l,'U,: wn
wrc tnkeu te til v. , 7,lu nr sejieri,
In Dublin "" I,,rl,,l'Hle Uarracl.s
it is
Iffr1 i
; .. asi III I II
'It'll M MAIII
" I mi imui ii
" II. Ilia III!
1. .
"vrcie'lri !i:r..M,l,"',p '"l'""rles Is ' have perished in a flie en the river beat
u lit 11 kiu ,iic... ." i urn 'LKitnmimc inn"it
si(eiijji'iiriii -" 1
'".the ! V.fc 0 , Pnrtc-Vhe vessel far as
'"eited. Inn .,,"'" "'Pinres were Minvwi, miu n iuh". - nei naviiig 111s rcRisirainui i-nru or 1 r v
The Iin, tn ..r1"1".' nm,f- 1 lerials In her cargo. t,p. ik.,.,IK,. rK xwls driving n new
wn "w 1.1, 'iP VMl'" '""1 Hidilii. The N"h. lielenKcd e t he fiul Nan. ,,m10 whi,, ceniHined ten pasteboard
Hfbert lb', " ",'.I,N ""' resiiei,-,.'r gallon Ciimpany. M iih MlltHimiollrePi
Kartei, , i .','". ,!l,,diileiiBh i,sn l.uiden. HIO feel long and meter driven. Asked what business he was In, jfcl-
,rl Inriri'V''' A'lKh ' rish 'VliV number In the crew wm. or gln replied: "lry weds nnd neil,,?..-.
Valara. J,ll",'', f"r,eN with it, learned. Trooper Marshall took a imlieii (
1 Investigate and found each of tin. i.n
Enter as iKend-ciMi MatUr at Mis Postefflw atniladalpMe,
UMtr th Act et March 8. lfs
Lumber-Pile Operation
Fails te Save Injured Bey
Norristown Physicians Improvise Table and
Werk Over Lad Who Crashed Inte Their Car,
but He Dies in Hospital Frem Sheck m
Twe physicians, whose nutomebllo'fdeath certificate Riving tlie cause of
......I mm a MuiiiiLji.iu uiiii injiire.i
tin rider near Notrlstewn vcstcnlnv.
treated the Injured lad while waiting
for nn ambulance, using n lumber pll
along the roadside for. n table.
Vincent Hnlnch, nineteen yearn old,
of Pert Kennedy, the victim of the
accident, died early today, however, in
the Montgomery Hospital, Norrlstewn,
from shock.
The physicians who performed the
operation nre Dr. Jehn C. Simpsen nnd
Dr. Jehn T. MacDennld, both of Nor Ner Nor
rlstewn. They were returning from
Wilmington. Del., in Dr. Hlmpuen's
ear when the accident occurred nt ,"i
o'clock at (Julph and State reads.
Italneli, en iiis motorcycle, was com
ing down ii hill en (tiilpli read at high
speed and hi machine struck the front,
bumper of, the automobile, lie was
thrown ngainst the lumber pile with
terrific force.
Opcrute en Lumber Pile
After telephoning the hospital at
errist6vvn, lour miles away, the phy
sinns held n hasty conference nml de
cided te perform nn operation Imme
diately. Plndng their patient en the lumber
pile Dr. Simpsen administered a hypo
dermic te (ndeii the pain, and, with
Dr. MacDennld, hegnn the Werk of
stepping the less of bleed nnd rediicinc
n lompeund fracture of the leg Itainch
had received. The pnticnt, conscious,
asked for a cigarette, and puffed nvvny
i. n it while the physlcinns worked.
When the ambulance reached the scene
the work lind been completed and the
leg bound with improvised splints.
Made I'adc Patient Comfortable
Dr. Simpsen, who drove the nutomo nutemo nutome
bile,wiis exonerated from responsibil
ity tnis morning after an investigation
had been conducted by Heglstrnr Charles
White. .He ruled that the necident was
paused by Hnlnch. who was driving his
motorcycle nt high speed, and issued a
Nick Shuler, Regular Pilet, Left
in Hospital Suffering Frem
Pittsburgh is here.
The Panthers nrrived early this
morning and breakfasted nt the Xor Xer
iiiandli', where they will be quartered
while in this city. They battle Penn
sylvania en Franklin Field tomorrow
and they will take their final workout j
at the Red and lilac stadium early this
Captain Hellernn vvns chirpy and
spirited nnd enthusiastic this morning,
and tills una in spite of sud newi. had
le Pittsburgh men. for the Panther
leader carried the message that Nick i
Shuler, the clever quarterback, was left
behind in Smoke Town, suffering from
"The less of Shuler will hurt us
Fcmuwhat," said the captain, "but we
will be in there lighting nevertheless.
Nick was taken sick a few days age
and WedncMlay night had te go te the
hospital. Yeu kuevv, he succeeded me
at qiiaiterback when I broke my arm
mi! Iik'h lieen nhnillL' a baiiix-up Kiimc.
Pep is going .te start Wintcrlniin nt8ees 8eme Progress Toward World
quarterback." .Revolution
Wiiitcruum te Stait M?r?w'.' Nev- -' A. P.)-
WliitA-biii-n is reallr the thiul-stung
Panther quarterback. The jnx seems le
he i-ii the Pittsburgh pilots. Hellernn
briikn Ids left arm in the I.afajotte
(jiiuie early in the season and new
Shuler is out with pleurNy.
"Seme one stepped en the arm, baiu
Hellernn, an'il he laughed. lie's u game
liev, this llelleran chap, for this Is his
bit: year and he is utiablc te participate
"That Mep broke mine than my
iinn." llelleran cenliiiued. "It lulled
mc all up. but I'm rooting for the bejs
te i nine through for me."
I'!.,. Pmiiiinr i-aiitaln was asked new
I. fu nui.ut the Penn game,
ii.,., i.nu ii Pi-eat team, lie re-
tilled, "nnd we knew it. They always
light their hardest ngaiii't us and we
. .u.j W.,r Shanaha
K,ver Bea c"",,""i" ' . "
After Beina Burned
hlinnchai. Nev. H. H'.y A. IM-
Tun In. mil. il n.-l Mills nt" repencu te
pen, near Shanghai.
01 ui Nnia Reoerted te Be
SteamshlD Nela
fllD. I .1 H , . .-
Burning In Gulf of Mexico
v ii.iP.tus. Nev. 10. tHy A. P.)
n'i. fi-i-luht steamer Nela, which piles
1 !..-. ..t. New Orleans uni lloiibteir,
'.--- j .1 ! 11I nn I a at ci Ii la
rrv was icneririi . i. c .....
iniir ln te be iiurptug n the Uulf of
V ""." "" i n.Vr firty miles from the
morning t
,111'AII.U - . .-
'r.Wr ... Vi. Misslsslnnl River
1 iter reports said the i-hlp was do de do
tdreved and the crew- in lifeboats was
iiii-iji-il nn bv 11 French stenmer.
1 The 1 incssiigcs te.it by Cnptu n -l.nr-
raurl of the MP ""I "1 ""'" '"MV I'"'
r,l ".. ,.rtp.l. Tlie vessel as. far as
1-uv I'llAMlKKHl HAllT.
reikt beet li"l or . ield. l-'or
ihelcmt fruit aa wr
Brand. lilv.
ucatn as accidental.
'What we did nt the scene of ihe ne
cident wan really net an operation,"
Dr. MacDonald, who la n surgeon at
Montgomery Hospital, said this morn
ing. "We merely rendered first old
treatment. The leg was broken in sev
eral places. AV cttepped the bleed flew
and bound it in splints before the am
bulance arrived.
"I really don't knew hew lengi.lt
was until the ambulance reached the
ecene. We were naturally exercised
ever Rnineh's condition, and paid no
attention te time. However, we lind
him as comfortable nn lie would have
been In trie hospital when It arrived.
"We did net tall: te tiie pntient be
cause of the severe shock of the ncci
.dent te him. One of the Important fea
tures of treatment in such cases is te
keep the patient perfectly quiet.
"Whnc he reached the hospital, cart
ment against the shock was continued.
We called ether physicians in consulta
tion and did everything possible te save
him. The treatment apparently was
cgective for Ilnlnscli rallied late in the
evening nnd we were very hopeful, but
a relapse came nnd he died nt 1 -A"
o'clock this morning.
"We believe there must have been
some internal injuries, but even if there
were none It is easy te understand hew
the shock from thu compound fracture
could cause denth. His leg was broken
lu several places,
"Itainch came down the hill at
terrific speed and tin: necident resulted
from his tr.vlng te get In front of our
machine. We turned nnd tried te let
him by, but unfortunately he turned
In the same direction and struck our
front bumper eti the left side.
"His motorcycle continued for fully
fifteen yards nnd he tried hard te re
gain Ills balance, but could net, nnd.
was thrown against the lumber pile."
We found him with his leg crumpled up
beneath his body."
Husband of Modiste Gets News
When Ship Decks at
New Yerk
Mis, Mnrgnrcttn May. proprietor of
a women's clothing establishment ul
KiOO Chestnut stieet, died nt sen yes
terday en the steamship President
Roosevelt. Her husband. Albert May,
unaware of his wife's death, went te
New Yerk lntc last night and mnde
arrangements te beard the beat, which
decked this niernlng. Officers of the
fhip broke the news te him and for a
time the shock brought him te the verge
of lellnpsc.
Mrs Jiny died while the ship was
"'' iminreu nines irem pert. She
medical attention expired in a few
...... ni.u.i.M.. riiu-mwi in nun i csiute
Mrs. May was widely known in bus-
circles ncre. m n0 i..ft i,.n. tnr.
Kurepc Aueust 12 nml viii,i ti. , i
eus fashion marls in Paris nnd Lon Len Lon
eon and ether cities.
Her home vvns in Cynvvyd.
i,,p All,1i Internatienale was told last
niuht by Zlneviev, chairman of the
Executive Committee, that the way te
world revolution is through Germany.
lie was net very optimistic of Com
munist progress in ether parts of the
glebe, during the lust year, but lie said
tiie movement hnd made tremendous
strides In Germany and ptedlcted that
tlip next few months would luing "sur
prising happenings" in that country.
Regarding the United Slates, the
Soviet leader declared 4 hat some prog
ress had been made toward the world
revolution, despite persecutions a,i- the
very tuerny paths which Communist
leaders and their followers have had te
trnvel. lie admitted that the niewincnt
hnd lest ground in England, saving the
situation there was consider"il almost
It is upon Germany, however, that
the hopes of the revolutionists nre cen-
tereU. Klnev PV S
.. - - - ..
said events were sure
te happen there which would centralize
the eim of the imrt.v te brine nil
countries fnce le face with communism.
Andrews Appointed Commander of
Presidential Yacht
Washington, Nev. 10.- (Hy A. P.)
Commander Adelphus Andrews, for
mer assistant te the chief of staff of
the Atlantic Fleet, lias been presented
te President Harding by Secretary Den
by ns the iuvv commander of the presi
dential J adit Mn.vtlnwer.
Commander Andrews, who succee'ds
Captain Ralston S. Helmes, recently
assigned in the American natal nils' nils'
slen te Uriill, was graduated from the
Naval Academy In 11)01 nnd is a native
of Dallas, Texr.H.
Lack of Driving License Leada Egg
Harber Police te Probe
Statu Trooper William Marshall, at
i.gg iiarnnr, .. ,1., enrjy nmny arrested
lsudore Zelgin, fifd Locust street, for
cartons te contain live-gallon jnKH ,,(
moenshlnn uhlikv. Zchtlii was tur.,1
ever te the Federal autMritici,
Observers See Weglein and Hall
Trying te Center Power
in City Greup
Count en Pinchot's Ce-operation
Because He Favers Heme
Rule in Salary Fixing
Observers of City Council who have
been studying the effect of the denth
of Scnnter Vnre en the fortunes of the
local Republican organization, are be
ginning te see in the political activi
ties, deft moves and diplomatic speeches
of Richard Wcgleln, president, and
Councilman Chnrles R. Hall, majority
lender, the development of a movement
te make the city's legislative body the
real political power in Philadelphia.
These who discussed the situation to
day, as It was mere or less plainly
revealed at yesterday's meeting of
Council, argued that it wan clear an
effort was te be made te center con
trol of the organization in n group in
Council which would include Mr. Hall
and Mr. Weglein and their frlends'and
the friends of President Judge Brown,
of the Municipal Court.
Under the new city charter. Council
has already developed considerable pe
litical importance, despite the fact that
Mayer Moeie Is an aggressive and as
sertive individual. New that leaders in
Council have learned hew they can be
effective In departments under the
Mayer, they nre turning their attcn"
11011 10 getting iiirect control ever tne
county departments which, of course, in
Senater Vure's time, were the back
bone of the Vnre organization.
Expect Pinchot's Ce-operation
Strange te say. such leaders as Mr.
Hall are convinced they will have the
co-operation of Governer-elect Pinchot,
for the reason that the new Governer
apparently favors home rule in the
matter of fixing cnlarics. which must
Be nrevlued for bv Council. Ever uince
Mr. Pinchot's conference Just before
election with the "big chiefs" of the
Republican organization, it has been
known that he has expressed sympathy
with Mr. Hall's idea that salaries te be
paid by tlie city or County of Philadel
phia. should be fixed by the City Coun
ell and net by the State Legislature.
Apparently .vir. nan ueucves that Mr.
Pinchot would net sign a bill missed bv
the Legislature which would inci-Pd&e
salaries that bad te be met by the City
Treasury. ?
Only today was It fully realized by
politicians, who are aware that Mr.
Hall is net anxious te perpetuate one ene
mnn leadership of the organization, that
the ceuncilmnnic lender had consciously
or unconsciously put one ever en Con
gressman Vnre, who aspires' te tills
same one-man leadership.
Mr. Vnre was present when Mr. Hull
(neilu ills point about salaries in tlie
conference with Mr. Pinchot. It wan
pointed out today that all would net
have been as serene ns it vvns et thnt
conference if Mr. Vnre had appre
ciated the full effect of Mr. Hall's
move. The effect of Mr. Hall's pro
posal, carried te its logical conclusion,
would be te give Council full power in
the long ruu ever all salaries in county
offices. ,
Council Would Held Power
Power of salary fixing carries with
it power ever the jobs themselves, and
jobs nre the very life nnd breath of an
organization. This power, under the
Hall plan, would be vested in City
Council, where Mr. Hall may held his
seat with or without the indersement of
Congressman ai e. v
In n sense Mr. Hnll and Mr. Vare
arc working in harmony, nnd there is
no question thnt Organization lenders
generally were warmed toward the Con
gressman because of his display'ef "ai.
Belie" qualities around election time,
in thnt he loosened up the old purse
Hut little things seem te show the
way the wind is blowing. Fer Instance,
nt yesterday's meeting of Council there
was a brief period when it looked very
much as if Mr. Hnll and Geerge F.
Helmes, president of the Heard of
Vare. In fact, the Congressman Innka
upon Mr. Helmes as a liaison officer be
tvveen himself nnd the independents and
between himself and Mr. Pinchot, net
reckoning en the fact that Mr. Pinchot
may net knew anything about the views
of the Congressman along that line.
Hence it was illuminating te watch
Mr. Hall approach the verge of a light
willi Mr. Helmes.
Anether thing which did net escape
the attention of the surveyors of the
situntlen was the recognition which
Mr. Hall and Mr. Weglein accorded te
Continued en I'nsp Ttvnitr-ene, Column Hvn
Says She Refused $1,000,000
Manhattan Opera Heuaa
New Yerk, Nev. 10. Arthur Ham-
,. a Min of Oscnr HnmmerVtpin '
v deplored -the publlcltv ciVen
Irs of Mrs. Eum LZ
the nffairs of Mrs. Emniu Hammer-
sicitt, ins MCiiiiiiiuei ,
He said Unit .Mrs. llammersleln, who
wns said te be homeless and te n:"u !J
had received the entire estate nfT?: I
laiuer, vvnicu lueiuueu ine -Manhattan
Opera Heuse, aipl that he did net f.
obligated te support her. In 8tnt '
llicuv, ...r. ..iiiiiiih-iei-,ii nniii ;
"Before, the present Mrs. Ilamti... '
stein would consent te marry my fathpp
she caused him te transfer hs r,ltir
estnte te her. Therefore, at the dentl
of my father, although two sisters nn
myself Hiirvlved. (he only werl l
goods left In Ills will were perse, !.
effects, nnd they nlse vveut te m.'
Hammcrstein. ,s-
"Twe yearn age .Mrs. Hainnierstein
recplvPil nn efrcr of 1.000,INU ?$,
Manhattan Opera Heuse, envinv ...
equity of ever 5(l0.U0n. This off", !L
made bv Sel Bleem, of the Coram ere i,V.
Trust Building, New Yerk, and ii
refused by Mrs. UaeamuU!!?4 WflH
wuum, v,,.iiiiii.uiir., nnu KuinR te y,,w Yerk Slate, was breuicht here tii " w'"' '" ihrncr Count t'eurt
ge in a biter wrangle- ever the com- ke ,unr;;e of tl e PennsvlviiaMsir asking that the sC.hel etlielaN show
niissieners method of insuring prep- b" jjlpmr Spieiil wen ii" e" he ai-' "' H'"' t-hiMihl net be removed
erty. Sue h tin open light would surely "ume, office Cl " "" front office.
sgnlficancerVe te "speak!'' is That' Mr" , T,w '"li""l.,1,,"al s-,, ". hr State "frregularitles mid f.nhire te live up
ll?,ln. , L 'Z- nl . ,,.' nl... J.rl has greatly increased in efficiency since, te the t-choel cede" are th.. reasons
-T i . " J.I ... - I 11 lllll I 11-tKlKf -.! ill IJIII1 111 lllll ...------- .-.....-
..'... ... ,v... . .vui- fcv. V.....K irnnin i. ai w ... ... . ..... ... -
Faces Drug: Charge
'- '-d
One-lime celebrafM actress, who
was arralgiiMl in court for possess
ing narcotic drugs
Actreti Charged With Peiieiilny
Morphine and Atropine
Londen, Nev. 10. (Hy 'A. P.)
Cecilia ("Cissle") Ix)ftus, for mere
than twenty years a well-known actress
en the stages of both Great Hritain and
the United States, was arraigned today
in police court and charged with being
an unauthorized person in possession of
morphine and atropine. She appeared
te be ill. Through her counsel f-he
pleaded net guilty.
The magistrate admitted the actiess
te bail nnd adjourned the case for a
week. Her lawyer said she would, spend
the time In a nursing home.
Cecilia Leftus was born in England
and first came te stage prominence as
an imitator of elebrlties. Later,
however, she played in the legitimate
drama with grent success. She por
trayed leading women roles with E. II.
Sethcrn nnd made pronounced hits in
"If I Were King," nnd ob Ophelia in
In 1000 Miss I.eftus was divorced
from Justin lluntlv McVartby. author
of "If I Were King." She later
married Dr. II. A. S. Watterman, of
Chicago. They were divorced later.
HEIRESS TO $40,000,000
Miss Dellera Angell, Who Refuted
Titles, Will Marry Artist
Chicago, Nev. R10. fBy A. P.)
A simple wedding nnd n domestic lif
like ether "plain folk';" Is the plan of
Miss Dellera Angell. S40.000.000 heir
ess, who refused titled Europeans for
her childhood sweetheart, Lesfer Nor Ner
rls, twenty-one. nrtlst and son of Cal
Norris. the village undertaker, at St.
Charles, III.
Miss Angell who Is nineteen nnd
heiress te the estnte of her uncle, the
late Jehn W. Gates, announced her
engagement te young Norris lasUniuht.
Their romance began at a vlllage
school. I
"I always liked I.es. even when he'
beat me in a swimming contest," i,j1(.
said. "I don't want n fancy wedding.
It's going te be a quiet family affair I
early next May."
The young IHrcs-, said she wants no
retinue of servants in her home I
lit ., . .-. A ..I .. ... I
1 uuii 1 wain 11 cnauiK-ur, .viii
Angell said. "I want te drive my own
cur. I guess we'll linvp te have 11 man
for the yard and garden. I.es Isn't verv
handy nt the-c things. Re-Ides, lie w
be busy drawing pictures."
"I Am Net Considering Anether Po
sition," Says State Scheel Head
Dr. Themas E. Finegan, Slate Sit
perintrtulent of Public- Instruction, is
net going te resign as head efihe pub
lic school system of the Slate.
Dr. Fluegnn. cliscusslti!; a wild rumor
that he wi.uld resign, said in Ilavrisburg
this merning:
"I am entirely satisfied with the co
operation we arc receiving in nil parts
of the State and with the progress which
the education piecrum is muking. 1
am gratified with the results of the re
cent election and the bearing which it
mnv be interpreted te have tinen m
work of this department. I nm net 1
seeKiim ci 1-wiicuii.niiu uuuiucr posi
tion." I)r. Flueaii. who was fei-ninpl-
Dcputy romtiiNsieiier of Education of
Dr. Finesiin eume Inte office, and tlie
strict piiim cement 01 ninte educational
Invvs by the State Department tins ere
ntul opposition te Dr. Finegan in miiiic
of the inral fcheul districts where I
scuoei rjeanis iiesireii 10 De lefV alone
te close or open school ns they saw
tit without ligal or scientific regula
A.il.tiMt District Atterneu M .
Assistant District Attorney May Be
Judge Rogers successor i
, -
Governer Sitreul nt his country hem
tn Milfenl today said .lames Gnv r.n
den .Ir.. Assistant District At'ternev,
"appeals vert strongly te nu" ns n sut-
Ik .-.-,- .;- KBjBjBBBBBBBjP.t i
'lAuaHBBBBBB. --' "
HBk 'i
-vsSlA;JBBBtv U
. .- ,A 3Sjff','
' ,.'. ', . ' ., jT .' ' i
' t'3 ' I .v. ... A '
' ' s . . . . r .v f .rt
, I cesser le the late Judge Rogers of Com Cem
- Union Pleas Court Ne. 2.
Teri "I have net made up my mind vet,"
I the Governer adiied.
itt.i, I1....1111 hn nf liit nnllrntvA l.f -I...
tin. Cevermir adiTed
"J' ","1 Wnw 'rrnr.'1, V."ni! Mp- Ger-I
,len 'lealH very s rengly te mc. I ,
1 "'l". I"!.!'1. !"'!".''
'But hecnuMt "t jus courage. hs flbU
linVprner MUMIII CXIlPCta tn !...
Milfenl Sunda. lie said the Judicial
Ml'0 " ""' ,l "" .. "7. """"'nwd fiem
""""'"""' ""' "'"
Armistive Day Legal
Holiday in State
Tomorrow. Arniistlee Day, Is n
legal helldii.v In Pennsylvania.
Until., public institutions, rlty
government depaitmeuls, will be
elided all day
The Philadelphia Sterk Exennnge
will ebfcvvc the holiday, (heugh the
sleck exchange in New Yerk, where
Armistice Day is net a legal holi heli
dny, will be open.
Pabllthtd Dally Eseept Sunday.
feepyrltht, IM2, by
Allies Demand Repeal of All
Acts in Conflict With 1918
Kemalist Foreign Minister and
Party Start Off for Lau
sanne Conference
Rv Aiseclntrd Pret
Constantinople. Nev. 10. The al
lied High Commlssieneis this after
noon handed a note le the Angera
Government representative here de
manding the repeal of all measures re
lating te the customs, the public debt
and the sanitary nnd ether services
which conflict with die capitulations
and the stipulation-" of the Mudres
armistice agreement of 101 S.
Otherwise. si;js t he note, tlie Com
missioners will be compelled te refer te
their Governments for necessary action.
The allied generals nKe arranged a
meeting with il.iftt Pn-ha. the Nation
alist Governer heie. ti, whom thry will
submit minimum cleicrm's with a view
te insuring I he Mifcly of tlie ttinqis and
pfficienr c-ontiel of tiie pnlli-c and gen
da merle.
The Commlssleiieis nle will discuss
the situation at t'huiiak leiiscquent
Continued en I'ace Twenl.i-enp. Cglunm l'lte
A lunatic who escaped fiem the West Che-"!- Asylv.ut is
being bought by the r?lice as the murdeici of V. W. 53tiict..
of Deven, who died of eating' poisoned cake bent him through
the mails. It became known TiTiTs afternoon that this man had
worked with Mr. Sterrett eight yeais age, had been put in the
asylum ter poisoning animals nnd attempting te poison children
and had escaped just three days before the gift of poisoned cake
was received at the Sterrett home.
FIMLICO riiat Listen Dearie, $13 30 ?5.CP, $3.40, won wen
El Derade, $3.00, $2.00, second; Hemping- Heme. $2.00, thiul.'
Time, 1.07. Pay Dear, Oiau, Sy&qun, The Gaff, Sultnn an-l
Rhineseld also inn.
Removal of Twe Members of t Rumer He Will Net Ce Before
Tredyffrin Beard Sought Present Bedy With Hall
Through Petition Mills Murder Evidence
Extravagance is one of the charges
alleged against tu membeis of the
Tred.vffriu Scheel liuaul whom socially
prominent resident-, of that Chester
County township want ousted
Samuel W. Tmier. llerw.vn,
nd !
David Whltwnrtli, Paoli.
ire the school
lxmrd members nniiied
in a tietltlen
advanced for the proposed iiciinn. The
petition was spoiisetcil lit Charles M.
Lea, of Deven, u retired book pub
lisher, who was defeated twh-p b.v Tener
for election te' the beard
Mrs. Edward It. Cn-csntt. Hcrvvin.
In explaining the action of herself and
ether signers, said: "Ter sum,, time
we felt thnt tlie k lioel beard tt.i" net
functioning properly. There w.is en
tirely tee much extravagance and there
"Was dinsntisf.u tien ,n em rt hand.
'',u'te nien have been en the beard for
M,me tlme ul, ,1P1(1 W(8 ., WfM tn
remove them except by the t-ignlng e(
n petition."
ine pouiien was signeii ny ten 01
the wealthiest land owners and largest
taxpayers In the township. Tlie sign
ers nre Mr. Lea, Mrs. (Vibsctt, H W.
Riddle. Paoli; Mrs. Helen Dingee.
Pnel; T. Truxton Hare. Strafferd:
Stephen Heckcher. Strafferd: Rebert
'l'l'dle, Vnllej Fun
Strafford, and Edvv
n.f.... . ..
i.e neutllller. North a.vne; .1 It.
rge; Chnrles Halle.
aril Hrlnten
Refuse- te Divulge Charges
Signers of the netltien rnfiwn in c-i
definitely what the charges are ngalin.t 1
Mr. Tener and Mr. Whltwerth. Mr
I.ea stated that "the two members if
the beard under discussion noted out. 1
hide of t m r l,nU nA 1, t .. !.. 1
matter also." He referred uuestieners te !
Archibald Helding, attorney for the
tii-uuunrrn. air. ttetciing s comment
was: "I want you te understand 1
den t try my cases In the newspapers."
Mr. Tener, who is a railroad police
man, branded the charges as "foolish
and nsinlne." Beth he and Whltweith
have been members of the beard for
mere (nun ion years
.. , , . "'" "'"'"''I iiiat petition nciiictfi iuiih' "ii 1110 screen, has net), piesllgp would Iiiivp heeu ui H.litM,Vi
cvet iiifi ueci a sciinei beard meeting." . tleiieil the wuperier Court for the right that he might have forced threiah
he said, "and I doubt if any ,.f them ' m Iihiire her name from Jean Ack.r Ship Hiill!iy bill. Hut Ilardl,,. la
I'enllnuril en rag TtvenTy-ennru; a.1. i ,flt","r1 ,rl" -'f Valentine. weakened and the opponents of the fall
L-ir !"Mn'j ,eumn W She declares that she has bep known nri Htrengtheneil by tlm rpsulu. "'
lM,ft,,-J'T AJOHt TIIKRR AEk iu T01.1 Pe'ur', h! the latter nurne. A" '.he llepubllcB OenasB-m
" - wtttteean; toear eVVyl mtwii " U ler ProfeieoJ ' m tiian wahesrd States wfcK
Bubscrtstlen Price 16 Tar vw mma,
I'ublle tgcltr Company.
"The Man
Who Came Back9
United Stiites Senater from Wis
consin, who Is expected te dominate
the Sixty-eighth Session of Con
Rv a Staff C'TTfji.n ij t
Stw Hrtiiuwtth. N. .1.. Nev 10
4 . . .... . ....
. rcjirrt ierststeii nrrc today Miat iep -
uty Attorney General Mett wi.l demand
the callln? of a new Grand .I'tiy in
Somerset County before nUn;; for I11-
in the Hall-Mills murder
The present Grand .lurr. u is tc.
ported, will net reconvene In nm cir
cumstance until November I'd. ' when
iiiniii't- i.irher. et tie Mate tsunreine
Court is hchcduled te return from n
.iiisiice rarker. of t n Stnte S
Mr. Mett hurried te Trenten yes
terday nfter n conference with Prosec
utor Hcckm-wi. of Romere County,
nnd Alfred Gtbbs, ferrmnn of the Grand
Jury. It is understood Gibbs was net
Impressed by the evidence the Deputv
Atternpv Geneinl and bis aides have
Three weeks- nge Prosecutor Rpek
mnn. just before he, with Prosecutor
Strlckler, of Middlesex Ceun.tr-as
superseded in the Invest Igutietrifst' Mr.
Mett, discussed the bulk of the evi
dence nt that time with the grand
Heektnan ercn then hml th "nm.
witness" stntetnent of Mrs. Jane Uib-
son, who, says she saw the Rev. Edward
Wheeler Hall nnd Mrs. inn.tr 11
'iiii'iil iji .lira .iTiiid idin.
B 1
bbbT aW jbbWtPT
bbbt H.v.aBBnfilN
Var BITBF ' J" ' bbbbbbbbBi Wr
Mills shot te death en the old Phllllns1. '..... ?' ginning, te start tbatr
111 nil.
It vvns net until Mr. Jlett took ever
the case, hewever: that Mrs. Gibon's
Investignters have found wltuenses wlie
corroborate portions of Mrs. Gibsen's
siery epcnnip puDllc, Slnen then tint
sriisntinnnl tieceunt.
lurj- Foreman I'nlnipiesseil
It is rcgnrded as certain thnt the
Deputy Attorney General brought this
corroborative uvidemv forward vestet-
... 1-
Continues en Tarn Twnt.en. Column r.l.h.
... ....".- -."".... ;
Screen Acter'e Ex-Wife Would
Change Frem "Gugllelme"
1 v UW,,0""0
Iis Angeles, Nev. 10. (Hy A. P.)
Jean Acker, motion picture actress
l.'iw-iivii nn 1fniiklfi !ni)1lH . A.t . '
.wi.y... ..- ...,.,.,,,,, miiimmiimi IINI1J J)t
. ,'jir 1
Desires te Defer Facing of i
Difficulties Next Cen-,
gress Will Present n
Investigation of Daugherty In
War Fraud Cases Sure
te Be Urged
Blocs, Under Leadership of L
Follette, Will Dominate Sixty
eighth Congress
Less te G. O. P. Shown
by Cengrem Changes
Incoming Congress
Republicans 225
Democrats . . .- 207
Socialist 1
Independent 1
Farmer-Laber 1
Republican majority 15
Republicans 1 - Kg
Democrats 43
Farmer-Laber 1
Republican majority 10
Present Congress
Republicans . 302
Democrats 132
Socialist 1
Republican majority lfl
Republicans B
Democrats ' 34
Republican majority 24
If Heyanl. Dem., of Delaware,
has wen the short Senate term, the
Senate line-up nt fTie coming
special session will lie: Republic
ans, 50; Democrats, .'10; Itopublie Itepublie
an majority, 22. '. - " ' ,
laa CorrcMDeodrnt Kvenlac Public Ledsar
Cennuht. I9tt, bv Public ledger Cempm
Washington, Nev. 10. The real '
fight bctxv-een the Administration
forces and the radicals in the ceminar
meeting of Congress, beginning: witk 1,
I the special session which President
' Hun!ig has called for November 20,
(will be ever whether a special ses
sion will be forced after March 4
The President is above nil de
sirous net te have the newly elected
Congress in Washington before the
regular time for its assembling in
December, 192S.
The new Congress will present all
sorts of difficulties which he does net
wish te face any sooner than neces
sary. The Republican majority in
both houses w ill be narrow.
A radical bloc will held the bal
ance of power. Indeed, Senater La
Follette alone probably will have
enough followers in both houses te
dictate terms en organization of
' ...
c0mtccs and en legislation.
Moi-Pever. Mr. Hnrdinr is tlreil. M.
Hnrding is ill. And the desire te get
away from Washington for a vacation
is .strong.
Radicals Kukpt for Action
On the ether hand, the radicals pre-
win desire te n..0 u special scssIem.
,P, , , , . --...
ri,J lwu" 1,r''" ,,c,'t0,1 en Pedges te
bring aluiut changes in the Each -Cum
mins tailread law and in the taxation
system of the I'nlted Stetps. The voters
in their States nre restless uml disaf
fected. 'I'hey will desire te t-ee results.
They will wish te act quickly nnd OSB OSB
selidate their positions.
Th whole time of the nxt Cengreaa
will be tnkttit up with a light for con
trol of the Republican Party, and tBe
radical minority, occupying n strong
.strntegie position in both Heusts, prob
ably will wish te begin this light as
seen as possible. They will l.p unvffH-
.. ..
,R .wl"t,un,n u,"m5cr '"-'c w
I "": ,,ntl"nul campaign of 10.M is en tae
11 111 rnvpra.
Mr Harding's call for the N'nvemWr
'-'( session is general. Iin In..
iiHMuieii me nnip Miiislcly, which
.1... .!. .... .. . .. -.-'. W
(,ri'!l1I"'"J' 'n" c'FlI'f object ha had In
'"'"" '" cn'n "t'gress rally Frem
this it would appear that he 110 longer
has great hope of getting subsidy Mil
through, and In bringing feugrpxs back
llU cliiff object Is te cniii I Iin aa.l
avoid if possible the nerei'sity of In
vlting the newly elected nieiuberh bar
, after March 4. "
I ' nlL" ,-
S,,,P fJbsldy Kill UnpenuUr
! Th Kl,'P Hulwldy bill never bad ee4
jirosjiccie, iiupeHiiitJti te It was SO
trel,K '" 1"' ll"'l session thnt tea
Resident had te give ,,p pressi,lf Jt,
the roiigresslenal leaders tp lug bin
that It pnssagp would se the party
'"any scats In the West. Hnd there
.. ii.. . .... n .J . . '.
j ..,1 ..,..i,y j,i,j, ,1lr, iiantina'a
Ct TTi.T
I M.' Y
..A.. . J. - .
.J. .IV