Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, November 09, 1922, Night Extra, Page 2, Image 2

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Wfiinu iMiiiprn ec
iaj?riii. '
miMivavt i ruuvy vrasn nuiw
Lll.. I Ami UaMUala
(;, w .ww nuifjiian
IE np tup vip.timq nyiNft
, ?" nd trolley company official
HV,, today Investigating the eauce of
crash of two trolley cars nt Rich-
,' 4' and Mndlxen atreet during the
ftwfc hour Inst nlsht, when mere thnn n
Mert of passenger were injured, three
I Beth cars, en tin newly Instituted
ichniend treet extension of the I.
. T.,. were heavily leaded with home
1? workmen. A northbound ear en
Reute 73 ran through nn open switch
Jit Madisen street and crashed into a
MMhoeund car en the Fame division.
The southbound car was turned ever
its Mtie and the trucks continued en
down Richmond street for a dlstunce of
lfhty feet.
The 120 passengers were tumbled in
piles in the two cnr. A men and
women, cut and bleeding from shat
tered glass and timbers, were removed
fMm tit .aAAt. it i. i ..
4. "." ".! i m.' were rusneu te me
Northeastern. Frunkfnrd and Kpl-
cvpai iiespnai.s in ambulances, police
Ptrels nnd private cars called Inte
List of Injured
Twenty-six person" were treated at
the hospitals. The injured are:
Frank Dunleary, 211M Newkirk
Street, possible fracture of the skull
and internal injuries; unconscious and
may die.
Jehn Cell, 1002 Diamond street,
fractured left shoulder and lacerations ;
condition critical.
Jehn tiutkanewski, 2S10 Ilridse
Jtreet, unconscious, fractured skull and
token nose; condition critical.
' At Northeastern Hospital
These treated at the Northeastern
Heapltnl for lacerations and contusions
and dl-elmriH'd im'lude:
Edgar Weeds, 5320 I.nnsdewne ave
mue. Jehn Ferry, 234 North Sixteenth
B A .. tnnr m t .
J.v ""'"' w" wenmena street,
a W llliam l'cndclten, 313 West Oxford
a l! i, , n--, .,
Andrew rendiak. .,00 Mercer street.
Henry Heim. 1.13. IMImer street.
Julius Maler, 4e"t0 Salmen street.
Mrs. Mane Cox, M3S Rlchmenfl
Siiiu . . ...
William Twanstall. 203e West Tur-
Street. I
Albert Schell, 1330 Palmer street.
At Episcopal Hospital
Jehn Laczkewskl. 4422 Edgemont
ri?t' , ,, ,,. .
Irancis McCreanor, 230 1 Christinn
"?'' TT-m. 4 , ..- .
Mrs. William Aslme. 4437 nii.li.
Hum eirrvi.
j . - - ' -..
gl . fall
Snl'L"" As1!mn''' ,lllK'tee!1 yers old,
ei nii-iuuimi ""cct.
Thompson street.
...wn, W(U 1-U5S
Charles W iliis, 2231 North Mele
atrect. i
8imen Weltz. 517 Spruce street.
Jehn Brand. 4470 Richmond street. I
Mrs. Mary Brand, 4170 Richmond
street. I
Frankfort Hospital
Frank Ferrv. thlrtr.sm-en -..., i.i
"wahearrwwaslrket- 'f-,, ... ' '
rPLT- ,, ', '
Tllteii street.
MThi?.i2rCTIMf"'', rtytbrea years
Id. 422S Richmond street.
The crash con 1,1 be heaid for mere
tnan n block and volunteer re'euers
from the sidewalks, nearby heues and
tee Allegheny avenue car barns, the
tarminus of the line, rushed te the aid
vel uiu tniinin; pnssengers.
Calls were sent.te all h,nti..T. i- ....
nerineast sictien, and physlcinns nnd
..I - .1... " -.,...., in nir
nursrn nrre seen en tiie scene. Police
ami trelleymen wer-j forced te chop'
enenlncs In the ears, u-lilft. ,,.-,. ...' . i...
ene-mnn tvpe. te free the pa-scn-
seriously injured were, taken 'quickly te
VT . " i"vi iTiiwieu out. the mere
--31 ' "", I"'" WJt 8"ht hurts
and suffering from shock were treated
by nearby physicians and cared for in
tae homes along Richmond stret.
rltten Plans Prevision te Super
sede Velstead Definition
Chicago. Nev. P. (By A. P. i The
eldiers' bonus bill with an additional
prevision te paj the bonus by n tax en
light wines and beer will be reintro
duced in Congress by Congressman Fred
'A. Britten, of Illinois, he announced
sere today. He declared that the addi
tion would be drafted se as te make
It supersede the definition of Intoxicat
ing liquor carried in the Velstead en
forcement net.
"My addition te the bonus bill will
provide n tax of $10 a burrel en be-r;
gallon en Imported still wines and .S ,
gallon en Imported chuiiipagnes," he !
VTllll beer se l.rnv fle.l will , 11m. I
a Kiiuun en oeiacstiu wines : $4 a
fted te an alcoholic content of 4 per
Renresentatlve Britten t.iid hlu bill
1 cent, unu wines te i per cent, oetn Uy , corresponding secretary of the Beard nf Uie Hawaiian islands, sought ey the ' """""") ieiiuwhib me i iin.urun
te.,' , IMucatien of the MethedUt Episcopal territorial cevcrnmeiit, will be under- w'jr7 y ,s'"t t)U,t.,t0 ,,'n.,'st.,,h"
''This tax. I am certn n. will uav ' I'hureii ileelnrnl tuduv ' , ,,V v . , i support of giuduates of the institution,
the bonus and all expense" incident te L ThVe wh ! In college who ought ' t,llten '"J'""1 nte!' , b; wmnilsslen j Alumni from New Jersey. Chester.
its payment. Ann, in the course nf a nnt t0 be are these who lack nns- seri- m"ue "p ,are,y ,u '"" rs UI ",uer or-1 .uimigemerj. jeiuwaie una hucks
I' ftW wyenrH' if'V-nf!41 .can " l?rc(i nb euk objective and nre there In n per- Ionization, working under auspices of J,"""11., ",,,M"h1ln ,! ''? 'wm'll0" l?."
lI the bonus liability Is reduced." , ..... ..n... i.u n ,. .'u ti.e in,m dnnnrtincnt of the Fedem day. Bear Admiral llliam C
would be introduced nt the Kpccinl ses ses
ien of Cengrers If President llardiiig
-issues a call for one.
; U,.ln nr-.-P.A..
Hinua rtllllUN
' run put, ur niunis
'Ask New Yerk Court te Approve
New Magna cnarta
Naw Yerk, Nev. 0. A declaration
I masculine rights was tiled in Su-
Seme Court yesterday, with a petition
at it be approved as the Magna Char
'ta for the "Association of Brethers
) .Under the Hkln."
77 .Tilt proposed incorporators were three
I, lt-r Yerk men. who gnv an untnn'n
T"4dress as headquarters of the assecin-
- "jfwa. naseii en uie propeKitiou tbnt
, Mall men nrc entitled te wear the treiis-
'.. tn 4liAfM nu-tl lli.HUAlml.l. ' fti I. Ill
lttelttdsd the following "rights" :
bM'rXQ protect me nusnnnu from the
Mtrmance of any and all household
'MSB,, anu assure mm uome-ceoiced
VmmumMm. 'npennreil bv the wife.
lTl'iWte prevent visits from methcrs-ln-
ft egcepi en vruieu permits signed
jaJkers of the association, said per-
net te ue iiisueu en euuuays or
I preveni reierenee ey tne wile te
or dencieuces of the husband,
i devclen cave-man methods for
. . .....
i- JIaIii1Iiia nf irnlnim. untrvlntr up
UW--I-- . - .- w-
astabllsh the husband's risht te
i!tae .length of his wife's hair
Eloping Scheel Girl
-'.; '-:?.. W - ;'Klllvi
'- h$B3k JaLBHaLBiJ
reurteen years old, of 140 James
town street, Mnnayunk. whose
intended marrlaKe te Hosse Dctalle,
thirty, was frustrated at Elliteti.
-. .., . .
ManayUflK Scheel Girl of Four-
teen and Fermer Bearder
Meet Elkton Obstacle
When feii'teen-year-nld Catherine
Rosanna, M(5 Jamestown street. Mann
yunls, and Rose IVtnlle, thirty years
old, of Camden, applied te the marriage
license clerk in Elkton, Md for a II
cense, they were refused because of the
bride's age.
The girl, n pupil in the fourth grade
nt Shurs Lane Public Scheel, ill-appeared
yesterday morning after leaving
home te go te sehoel. She borrowed a
coat from a school mate and took n
trolley car headed toward thi enter
of the city
Mr. and
f-a Tntnnu 1? n.... . .... V
'. . . """""", "IT
rnrenis. reported me girl iiil.isiiiif this
morning at the Mnnnwiuk station and
ns!!a ,t!lP '",lll'c t0 '"''l' ""d her. They
Haiti they feared slie had eloped with
Uetaile, who was a former boarder in
their home and had been paying at-
tcntlen te the girl.
"l don't knew what te de." Mrs.
Hesinna said tndnv as he si,.,i j
the ilnnr nf linr Iwihia nhrl ,.., I..,-
linnd. "My husband is in a nige. and
i iear m- win nttaeK ifctiille f lm
1 finrm'i hei1f tn 1lil1...1.il..l.l IT.. 1....1
no right te take our little "girl away.
She Is tee jeiing te be married. 11 is
almost old enough te be her father. 1
am certainly glad they couldn't get n
nnnin hm,. ... t-'i.
...... t ..n. itvini IU AM'Ui
lTil,k Tti.v twin. !.! t l.l ..,. - ..i.i
4 tM.iui inn ( utii ivi'il I lit " wMli
has been mis-ing from her home. 2023
,.irh rre t. since sehnel time ictcrdin I
liiiTiiuiK. iter meiuer. .irs. r.iuma Her-1
render, sent her te school at the usual
time and waited for her until !i o'clock
lust night, when she notified the police.
The girl is five feet eight inches tall'
and when she left home were a tnn
Mitt and dark hat. She is wed de- ,
veiepeu ter iht age. mh came from
J.ewes. Del., about sis months age with
her mother.
Berlin rjlsrnnntc Riimapi a n
,. - .
virinuup sin
bunion, aev. '.'. lae Am-terd, , m I
cene-pendent of the Exchange 'iele-
hlf.Fi' .n.,!!lm?JVH,,i'l,u!'.m,ni: '"'""'
being received from Berlin concerning .
the rnnld growth of Fuscl.ti action.!.-
Zr, : who 3 . 'i . .IL:,' ''.
At Munich, the report said,
'. ." "-. I'" " .-.,. iiv .
iveen 'in
the Se'
IV-cistl and Socialists, and
ciallsts get the worst of it.
Seven companies of well-armed Fas-
:,..: .,.-:,. .,.,...1 i,. .!..,. .,... .u
ing te music from f.fteen bands, have'ANATOLE FRANCE SALUTES
U"parteil ter 'lirel
Berlin. Xec. !. (Bi A. IM
Alarming rumors from Buvarln of
an Impending coup d'etat are being
tt rated with skepticism in tlm capital.
The Munich correspondent of the
Zweelf-I'hr Blatt says the National
Socialists are beginning te den uni -
forms cnnsUtlng of a tnui e'sh.ititer
gray blutiHij nnd black, white and red
arm band bearing an anti-Semitic
Munich, Havarla, Nev. !). - iBy
A. P. i Dr. Engen van Knllllmr
of the (ierman People's Party, has been
elected Premier of Bavaria by the Diet.
Count Huge ITOhenfeld. the Bnvn
rinn Prime Minister, tendered hN resls resls
nutien te the l'resident of the Diet en
November 4.
AlIT AC nni I CPC OTIinrilTP
Manv Ther Who Ounht Nnt n B. I
Says Methodist Clergyman
New Verlt, Nev. l -l By A. P
While there are net tee many persons i
In ceIIcbh today, there are many rtu-
drnts there who ought net te be, nnd i
n,n. ,.,l-..r net In cnller-n tlmf ,,.!,- I
te he the Rev. Dr. Abram W. Harris. '
fnncfnrv nnd neL'llcent unlrit. he irnlH
nut mere are many mm young poe-
I 1I1I1CLUI IJ HI VKllkVil, K U.tli lit; sum. - ..- -- -- ....... ..... ., ..,.... e !. ...,t
:... . . ... .. .1.- ..".'. . . ri,.A.minf : iiraiiii'ii, iireniui'iii ei me cuiickv.
til., who would nrellt enormenslv bv n ' Ine lnemuers ei uie commission, , "","""' ",r ."'"" " ,-,v -J-"! "'?".' ""
I elea ed catien who are no Settlmt It "neU with President Harding's a,,- M-drcw en .the prospects of ti.e Instltu
"I "fnVer nns l nlng out nreeess i preval, are Jehn Denlln. head of the Jten for the second century of its ex
..,.. i "'"'" mn J receKa liiiiMinB trndes epartment of the Amer- istence. Other speakers todey were
which is entirely just, but none has yet ' " ".fieVatlen of Taber ; Fred K.lgh - , ITef. Charles H. I,u Wall, dean of
been proved te be se. Actual trie l,c"n.1J.'e,rV of the Amilgnmate.l A,, pharmacy; Prof. J. W. Stunner, dean
,een proven i " ; "iai j,T"BeCretary of the Amiilgamated As
Z X, tl jTn,. ' ioclatjen of Iren, Steel an3 Tin Werk-
the senior cIiibs is seldom as high ns
iiO per cent et its proportions upon en
tering four yenru before. This sorting
out is one of the really great functions
of education."
Foreign Companies Move te Hasten
8uprcme Court Decision
Washington. Nev. H. (By A. P.)
A feruinl motion te advance the nppenl
(if the foreign steaim-hlp (empnnles from
the decision of Federal Judge Hand in
New Yerk, sustaining the prohibition
ruling of Attorney Ocnrrnl Dougherty,
was tiled In the Supreme Court today
by former Attorney Oncrnl (ieerge W.
Wlckersham. The motion n6"trted that
the Rnughcrtr opinion U "contrary te
the upinien of n previous Attorney Gen
eral nnd tn existing regulations of the
Secretary of the Treasury."
The motion will b presented In open
court by Mr. Wlckersham en Mnn
day next, when he will ask the Court
te set the case for hearing en Novem
ber 20.
nlftnty of thftm udverilHtiit In h irii
WsattA elusaaa tedty en van 2t,JUv,
Fermer Empleye of Murdered
Circus Owner te Testify
Against Wife
An Important witness In the Hruneii
murder cas0 hns been found In the
Montgomery County prison at Norrls Nerrls Norrls
tewn, n,!.fr .' ,'nv,','1(''' T- e.vle. n former
empleye of "Honest Jehn" Kronen's
circus, who hns been confined for nine
months for passing worthier rheeks.
menms ler passing worthier c
At the request of Assistant
Attorney Hendricks, of fen
leunty, !Xvle wn pnrelcd bv t
ant District
flfirnlnrl Km !. V...
,i.m.. t..:.-. .:,:: "." i"r "-
..,.,.,, vuiu-i loony en tlint lie Minv
testify in the trial at Mt. Helly Nj'.
Ilnrllngten, N ,T found the new wit
ness. It xyns I'nrker who developed the
case which led te the confession of
( hnrles Powell, n former emplevc of
lillcntliin of Kronen's wife, Mrs. Deiis
Mel nretner, Harry C.
...Vn.rl:.cr y(,,,t,t" N'orrlstewn Tuesday
mil Interviewed Dey!,. ),, PPu. Al
though lie would net reveal the nature
of the testimony I)0yP WM KlVt.. he
nid the prisoner is nn Important wit
ness His sentence was te expire De
cember fi.
The murder trial will net begin until
December, but It was deemed important
y Parker that Deyle be taken te Mt.
"S,u," h0 ,-'nn be (-
Pontiff Gives 800,000 Lira for Near
East Relief Werk
Chicago, Nev. 0. (By A. P.) Hew
a royal Frlnce who called en Pepe
Plus XI was kept waiting outside for
half an hour while the pontiff visited
with nn American is told In n letter
received today from (torden L. Harry,
Lurepean representative of the Near
Kast Relief.
The letter was written te F. ,T.
Michel, executive secretary of the Illi
nois Near Last Cemmltt. Tim irin,.e
! Saxenla humbly waited in nn mite-
room while th? Pope talked with Mr.
Parry nnd then donated a half million
lira for Smyrna relief, the letter t.,1,1
The pontiff iHUcd the following mes
"age of thanks te America :
"It is with truest sincerity and with
heartict gratitude that His Heliiiew.
bhcs the work nf Near East Relief
In the confidence that with their mate
rial feed the children will likewise be
given spiritual feed for hearts and
campaign Expenses Are Filed by
Candidate In Indiana I
WMhliuten. Nev. 0 in, a l' i
-tminc nmtinicn expenditure state
ments revived today by the Hecretnry
of the Senate was that of Albert .1.
Ueveridge, defeated Republican candi
date for Senater in Indiana, who re
ported that in the general elections lie
i received no centrlbuti
ll..nriir i,invien,i rU,Hn, ..' 1. 1., I
IwetPhsfiil cnmi..ilBn a-' Farmer: ri l, r .
candidate for the Senate In Minnesota. '
saI,i , l:l(1 recdved outributlen ,.i
S1217.S7. nil In small amounts, the'
lX(.st beimr S2IKI then bv Mrs liar-I
" . 'urr e Hem' lie V, ' if, J
efeudltures. were given ns S1201.P... i
' - ".
I :". ".,'', :,u:"M', 5'lV" ,'" ..V1 l.er ,n,n.
v.' 11
nmeiu'iuu" 10 ire useu nv mm m nisi
Exhorts Rest of Europe te Pay Re-
. . .
spects te Russia
Pnrls, Nev. 0. Anatole Fran""' again
'has shown his unshakable fiittb in the
i Soviet regime by the proclamation
which he hns penned in celebration of
the fifth anniversary of the present
'Moscow Government. The seventj
jeli;lit - yenr - old jeli;lit - yenr - eld writer who Is described
In Humanite as the
'protector of the
faith, says
"Five years nce the Renublic of the
'Soviets was born peer but invincible.
It has brought out a new spirit menac
ing all the Governments of onpirnien
and injustice which divide up the world.
I "if there nre still in Europe these
who love justice, let them salute with
I respect the fifth anniversary of this
revolution which, nfter se many eon-
nine!,, enr.gs te ine universe wie nrst
trial of a. power which governs for the
people by the people."
Sugar Planters' Rec-uest for Inves-
tlgatlen Granted by President
Wn.liinirfnn Vnv It tllv I i
USlllllgtOn, -0. V. (J$ A. li
An Investigation of labor conditions in
," - ;.' w" . . .,.. . ...
ers". U. I-, niieppnru, iireHinent. ei tne
Order of Railway Conductors; Otte
It. Ilnrwlt. president of the Oregon
State Federation of Laber, and Hywell
Dnvls, Commissioner of Conciliation,
representing the labor department.
The Hawnllan sugnr planters hnve
nl.-fl Federal legislation te nermlt in.
creased immigration te the liJnnd of!
Chinese nnu emer urinntni inoerers,
claiming that the laboring population of
the Island, new predominantly Japa
nese, is insufficient.
New Yerk, Nev. 0. Charging con
spiracy te violate the Sherman Anti
Trust Lnw, the Government yesterday
instituted notion In Federal Court seek
ing dissolution of the Fur Dressers und
Dyers' Association, Inc. The suit name
as defendants twenty individuals nnd
twenty-seven corporations in New New
Yerk, New Jersey, Pennsylvania,
Deluware and Connecticut,
Aged Weman Heart Disease Victim
Mrs. Margaret Jehnsen, seventy
years old, was found dead in bed nt her
home at 82J2 Ashburner street, Holmes Helmes
burg, this morning. Members of V'r
fninlly. failing te reuse her, called fir.
William Ii. Morrison. He gave huart
disease as cause et ueaie.
tlTW. Milt fc twin? 1
M107.!K. all given te the Indiana Re- -T..u.,7,V 'riTV , hm''
publican State Committee except ,. vlM"f lu'i d lighted while
S1!i7..!.". which he rinid for hotel. traJ. it.11 il.1. b-''1 M'1 ?re te the inntrcss.
!i., r.n. ,u.. ...,. . " vtnen nrcmen urr vci the h 7 limi
Victim of Fire
iaBaaPaaK', aaaH
bP-.'bbW? ";-''' '".' aaBBaV
Mg -;M;A . ,r . , ?H
HNaaaaaaaaa v'MaaaaaaaB
aaaaaaaaaaaT BBBaaw & -i
aaaaaaaaaaam " Baaaa& "&
aaaaaaaaaaaa "- - 'JaaaaaBt.")
aaaaaaaaaaaaa 'V a ''''iaaaaaaaaLxi
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal aLaaB "'laaaaaaaaaaaaaaamBaai
World War veteran believed te
liae tripped ever rug while carry
lug oil lump in his room at 842
Montrese street
Ciuseppe Fabri Believed te Have
Tripped Over Rug While
Carrying Lighted Lamp
Oulseppe Fnbri. a World War vet
eran, was burned te death in his lodg
ings at S42 Montrese street early this
morning, in a lire which wns started by
the explosion of an oil lamp.
There was a crash In the third-fleer
room occupied by Fnbri and u few mo
ments later Paseunle Filenl. nronrieter
of the house, snw smoke pouring down
me stairway. neni groped ills way te
the third lloer, but was twice drivun
back by ilnmcs.
Wit much difficulty Fileni finnlly
reached the upper fleer and found Fnbri
resting asnlnst the bed, ns though
kneeling in prayer.
Fnbn's clothe were partly aflame
and he was unconscious. Although the
rveni wns in names client tfirew a
' blanket ever the form
of Fabri and
I ""'""Bed te carry him te the second
,'"or Meanwhile an ninrm had been
turned In by neighbors.
Firemen arrived while Fileni was
trying te carry Fnbri from the beuse
and assisted in the rescue.
Patrolman Slrtillt, of the Seventh
and Carpenter streets station, saved
several members of Filcnl's family
while Filenl wns engaged in rescuing
Fabri. Parts of a broken lump were
found en the thlid Heur when the smoke
cleured. It is believed Fnbri tripped
eicr a rug and dropped the lamp. The
oil saturated the lied and Hemes were
, spread quickly te Fuliri's clothing.
While firemen were lighting tbn lilnm
nt the Filenl home, lire was discovered
at the apartment house owned by A.
L-.l!,'a,l"u: j:,-r Su,ltl Bread street.
L. .'V -"cn urn veil tuey feum a
thlrd-tloer front room In flames. They
extliiguishvd the blaze by running nn
extension ladder up the front of tRe
dwelling. The damage is estimated at
A few minutes later firemen re
spended te a call from the home of
sprcinl te the woodwork nnd was fust
Bftinln !''i'J-i Reyle said his less
"""'M ' !"
-.. ,... nui. un e
Councilman Declares Park Cemmls-
I sien nas auu,uue Fund Available
Council cannot be blamed for im.v
delay in the construction ()f the Art
Museum fnuncllrnnii tf.ill nitcncf...! t..
day. He said the Fall-mount Park
l'..miiil.itr.ii ci.ll I...-. O.i.i no, .1. .
, v 'Jiiim"iun imiii nn c-'iiUO-t XOl' iie:
museum which i.i net under contract.
At n meeting of the Kairmeunt Pnrk
Commission yesterday it was Intimated
that a shortage of funds and the slew
delivery of structural steel ure delnjing
the work. Majer Moere wanted te
knew what wus holding up construe
i lien.
I IVnr that prolonged delay may cause
' the less of 1.01111! of the art treasures
! berpivail.ed te the city is one of the
i leasens why officials want the strue-
tuie completed as seen as possible. It
is being bui't en the bite of the old
Falrmeunt Park reservoir.
350 Alumni Meet and Discuss
$2,000,000 Campaign
A campaign te raise $2,000,000 for
the development of the Philadelphia
College of Phnnuacy nnd Science that
will make h the fonrmest institution of
its kind In tills country was Inaugu
rated today when H50 members of the
' r.iumni, who will conduct a ennvass
i In this city and the surrounding ter
ritery, met nt luncheon in the Belle-vue-Stratferd.
The entlre city nnd
suburbs have been divided Inte districts
i,ui e,. .i. ,. ,i,... !, in ,.;
of science; Samuel P. Wuthcrllj. Jr
representing the trustees, nnd Prof.
Frank X. Meerlc, director of technical
chemistry courses. Final Instructions
te the workers were given b.v Prof.
K. Fullerton Cook, who is in charge of
the campaign,
Mrs. May Connelly Toek Overdose
te Relieve Suffering
Mrs. May Connelly, llfty-flve years
old, 1501 Seuth Ringgold street, died in
the Philadelphia Hospital this morning
from drug poisoning,
The woman had been under treatment
nt the hospital for i-eme time, nnd is
thought te have formed the habit of
taking the drug te relieve her suffer
ing. She get un overdose.
Appointed Hospital Head
Miss Elsy Miller was appointed yes
terdav as superintendent of the Frank
ford Hospital In place of Miss Anns
Garrett. The officials of the hospital
gave Miss Garrett a big send-off last
night in the form of n party In con
junction with the reception of Miss
ha tlie Aery prmen you want Ih adver
tising umlr Situation en past 89. Adv.
Will Alse Attempt Similar Ac
tion Against Common Pleat
Courts' Requests
An effort will be made in Council
today net only te tnbl the extra jobs
request made by the Municipal, Court,
but a !() te slash the requests nf four
of the live Common Plena Courts here.
uoinmen 1'iens court Ne. !, under
President Judge Audenrlcd. nsks $32,
POO for personal services next year,
the lowest of the requests from the five
courts of that grade.
It wns .Ridge Audenrlcd and his as
sociates, Judges McCullen nnd Fin
letter, who recently refused sanction in
the $."5,000,000 "palace of Justice"
plans of the Municipal Court en the
ground it would be nn undue burden
en the taxpayers.
The estimate of Ne. 4 Court provides
for a crier, an assistant crier and seven
court officers nt WeOO each, two stenog
raphers at Jj-RHtO well nnd two Janitors
nt SI 200 each. The salaries of the
Judges arc net included In the court
Common Pleas Court Ne. 2', Presi
dent Judge Barrntt. wants $4(5,800 for
next year, the highest request. Its
estimate provides for ten court officers.
Court Ne. 1, President Judge Shoe
maker, has the next highest request,
$41. MM). It wants funds for two criers,
eight court officers, three btcnegrnphcrs
and four janitors,
Drvclln te Lead Attack
,.N'?- . :t. Cf"lrti. President Judge
McMlchacl, nnd Ne. e Court, Presi
dent Judge Mnrtitl, each nsks for
S-HUJOO. their salary roll including
eight court officers apiece.
Councilman Develln will lead the
attack en the larger estimates when
Council mcits as a committee of the
whole and takes up the budget of the
County Commissioners, who transmit
the estimates of the Courts of Com
mon Pleas.
The West Philadelphia Councilman
also will train his guns en Judge
Brown s request for nine statistical
clerks for the Municipal Court nt HUROO
eitch. lhat court has one statistical
clerk new.
Judge Brown made a similar request
I.i-; war, but it wns ripped out of his
estimates after n, night session which
Councilman Iievelin and Reper contin
ued until 1 o'clock in the morning.
Budget Totals $05,004,081
Council lenders plan te devote today
nnd tomorrow te the County Commis
sioners' estimate. They expect te stnrt
en the city department cstlmules next
The budget total as sent te Council by
Mayer .Moere totals SUe.OIM.IISl. At
least $,",000,000 must he cut from tlinf
aggregate te maintain the city tnx rate
nt $1.75. The members already have
cupped isi,tiu,uuu from the estimates.
Joins Foreigners In Supreme Court
Test of Hand Ruling
Washington. Nev. 0. Counsel for
one of the American steamship com
panies which recently opposed, in the
t'nlted States District Court nt New
Yerk, the rullnft of the Attorney Gen
eral concerning the transportation of
liquor upon ocean liners, guve notice
yesterday that his company will ask thf
Supreme Court next Monday te ad
vance the hearing of their anneal from
the decision of Judge Ilnnd.
It is net Known whether nil the
merlcun stenmshin companies will
join in asking that the Court hear them
when the terelgn steamship companies
argue their cases. Netice already has
been given by the foreign htcainshln
companies of the intention te nuk the
Court next Monday te advance their
cases for argument en November 20.
Allegad Bootleggers Arrested by
New Jersey State Troopers
tVtlantlc City. Nev. !. Jehn Castel-
lane and lames Mentelln. who gae
fictitious addresses in Philadelphia as
their homes, were arrested last night
en the White Ilorse pike by two .Statu
troopers ns tliey were lenvlug liammou liammeu liammou
ten. They were charged with having
possession of and transporting Loot Leot Loet
leg whisky.
Beth men were lucked up in the
Atlantic City jail nnd arrangements
were made by t'nitcd States Commis
siener Jehn It-znrd te hne a United
Slates llpputy Miirslml come here this
afternoon te make ferinul arrests. The
automobile wui impounded and may be.
Professer Schwerln Arrives at
Shanghai te Start Construction
Shanghai, Nev. 0. Pre-ldent
Schwerln. of the Federal Winder
Company, arrived Tuesday. He plans
tn millet the largest wireless station in
the world hen', beginning the work
within thirty days. IIe cxwects te com
plete it in nineteen months. Prcidrctit
Schwerln Is unable te state the .news
service arrangements new, but believes
t hut news from and te the United States
will be curried at cheaper rntes than
The American Chamber of Commerce
recently passed resolutions favoring
camper news cebles. The British and
Japanese news agencies have preferen
tial rates, thus making their view
points mere ncccssible te the Chinese
1'ranU MIU!awl, 8028 K. Mrcr at,, and
. Hrth lUndilnlnk 8021 n. Mercer m
JiunM i r. HHarir. tm I (lull St., and Mary
. .1. Murphy. 721 a lieyer at. '
Uayld licrtinan. 1530 N. ldtli it., ana Hara
Takiinun, 420 H. 024 at.
Jainm J. O'Dgnehue. Terri'idaln. la.. and
Julia Dennn. 8ST .V. 2Tth at. ' u
Leen H. Uncla, famden. and aiadya
. llrstrein. nil K. Schiller at.
I-nivrmce V, Johnaen, 240 N, nsth at.,
i:dllh M. Fik I .".Mil Cnlmt a,
l'aul I, 'luttln. 0135 Wctiater nt.. nnd Irena
.xiKcklalr, nil Uurbv Ti'rrac. J'a. ""
Mivnrd W. Hchlochter. Allantewn, Pn,, nd
flnnni'" M Yeunif. Alluntewn. I'u.
J'hillii Ti'llin I'hpnipr, I'u.. and Fanr.l
Zellrliklt. t'il 1'erlir t,
Jumea Johnann, amir, Tnnten ave , nd
Surah llawKfll, 2178 K. D.ildlal" n.
C'enitantliiH I'hlnwrnkla, 127 S, niih ,
und .Mrtrla Kaiietunaki, 127 H. .'ilth si,
Henry I'lirce, 48d.'l Falrmeunt inc., un,j
Murth.i Iti-dtin. 4JI03 ralrmnunt ava,
Abruham N. Uren, 1102 I'eiilar et., und
UIiIh SeiiHl, 1710 N. 23d at.
Ham I.'ivU, In 1 ;). Hill at., and KJna Levitt
2111, Celiiinlilu nvv.
Wllllain .-rii iioel C at., and Emma
Jull .Mnita, vu in Columbia ave.. and Anna
l.vltt. 21U5 Columbia ar. n
J(hhiIi Helier, 2B2U B, Inillnna ae,. ftnd
Kiiiin iiuvhy, 10U4 N. Clarien t.
Uavld n. nrechen, 2-140 8. IVrcy at,, anrt
Finny Kuwwlman. J40 N, I'rimklln ft
IMwnrd I.. AndrnivB. 743 N. 2lh !,, and
SlarJnrl C Hepklna. hSI) N. 20tli ,
Jacob F Siiehn Newtown Squur, I'u,, nd
Klorenca M, Harriaen. 2642 Bepvlva t,
Jearph H, X.ui'cker, Claveland, and Sara n
1'oeimr, 4 INS ,riy avc.
Frank l.uwn. Cernln, N. T and Eva M.
Ilrewn, Oenilne. N. Y.
Thmnaa . Martin, 8820 Terrace at., and
lloae M McDfMtt. 121 Onborne at.
Ilcimmi'! C Hrewn. K8I0 I'lne at,, and Annla
Aull, mua urbrenl av.
JuM-ph A. Jlennln, 180 F'rnen at., and
Ami" K. Welhh, 21 K. Wliarten at.
I'rcd Enetlharilt, 3830 M., Orlanna at,, and
Hurbura Undarmani 48a Cumbrlda at,
C'New Episcopal Bishop
aaaUfcW U fsaaal
aH;;aV'aK ;;-
aaaaV JBav- SJiJPV - -' n Jsaal
LaHeliNafe ; V v'iaLi
aBaDEv V VvV-1 JtttttU
BBBBKsSaBBaBa'aurv's MsaaBaaV
ijiJiJiJiJfcaiJfJPR:j':i-'(v IJIJIJIJIJfJi
siHLsml v LLa
LBaLBiaM''1' '"' ' 'LbbbLB
HD " -V ., . Si's 'X-ji -HH
Ibbbbb. 's Vs !.. bTJJ:V?1bM
Rfcter of Trinity Church, Bosten,
who has been chosen te head the
illocese of PKtsbtirgli, succewllng
the late Bishop Cortlandt White
Pittsburgh, Nev. 0. Rev. Dr. Alex.
ender Mann, of Bosten, wns elected a
succeed the late Bishop Cortlandt
Whitehead, of Pittsburgh, en the six
teenth ballet of delegates te the
diocesan convention of the Protestant
Kplscep.il Church seen after midnight
Inst night.
Yeung Philadelphia 8oprane Makes
Premising Debut
Miss Sara Stein, a young Philadel
phlnn soprano of exceptional premise
nnd ii considerable measure of achieve
ment ns well, made u propitious debut
et Wlthcrspoen Hall last evening nnd
showed net only n geed voice, but,
what is much mere rare in a young
singer, a sense of nrthtlc values, both
ns te tone nnd emotional interpreta
tion. Miss Stein Is a soprano whose voice
is sweet rather than brilliant in quntlty,
and under excellent control, but net
excessive in range, although there is
sufficient tegister te nrgntiute the gen
eral run of soprano nrlas, outside of
the coloratura ones, for which she
hits apparently no ambition. Her
voice Is naturally lyric, but possesses
considerable dramatic possibilities n,s
well, and, ns u matter of fact, her
bet work of the evening wns done in a
dramatic number.
The program was long nnd difficult,
both from the vocal standpoint and
from .the variety of emotional effects
demanded in the several numbers. It
began with the Inevitable Hnndcl,
which, while line for vecul cultivation,
is net always seething te the hearer,
and this wns followed by nxiaa by
Scarlatti and Cntalani.
The second group wns French, nnd
here Mis Stein achieved n triumph in
her rendition of Duparc's beautiful
"1 Invitation nu Voyage," Hisct's
little-known "Vielllc Chansen." n
lovely number, nnd equally effective
songs b Rhene-Bnten and Lain. Per
haps the most successful number was
the melancholy nrln. "Fleures!, pletlrez,
mes Yeuz." from "Le Cld," which wAs
sung with great purity et tone anu
much feeling. In the same atmospheric
strain, but with a different outward
setting, were the cxipiMte songs of
Rimsky. "Oxann's Seng" nnd the won
derful "Eastern Remance." both of
which wcie linely performed. The oilier
groups consisted of folk-songs of Bo
hemia. Russia and England, nnd the
closing selections were smigi b.v Henry
Hndley. Campbell-Tipton and Frank
Motorists Advised te Apply New
and Avoid the Rush
Have you applied for your meter
license plates for 11)2:'. V
A large number of next yeat's li
censes nlrendy have been issued and
plates furnished motorists, in spite
of the fnct that January 1 is still
mete thnn n month und n lulf away.
News that the licenses for next jenr
are being issued comes from the Slate
Highway Department. The plan of
getting out us many of the plntcs m m
pessible well In ndvaiice of the late
December rush hn,s been hit upon as
the best preventive of congestion and
Annually the period between Chrl.it
mas and January "i has been one of
mad rushing nbeut nnd general confu
sion in the Highway Department, be
cause every ene trieB te get his license
at tne Mime time, as many motorists
as possible are usked te take out their
liceWs new. Registration began Xe-
vpnilmr 1
Hammonton Telephone Operator
Wedded te Fermer Service Man
Mit.3 I.ylla h. Johnsten, telephone
girl, und ncrolne of the Winslow Junc
tion wreck, in new the bride of Aaren
R:tftett, of Ilammonteu, N. ,T. An An
neunecment of their marriage November
1 waN made today.
The former MIhh Johnsten was en
duty nt the Hammonton switchboard
when nn Atliuitlc City express plunifucj
ever uu I'lnbuukment litbt July. She
Mimmencd niedleiil aid mid nieuncd the
letintr'Mde for miles around.
On October 17, while serving as sub
Mtltute teleKriiph operator, she hailed a
train which wns bearing down nn n
Mulled motorcar containing several
women and men.
liasje'tt is nn cx-fervlee num. He la
ndjutttiit of Frederick A. Funsten Pest,
Ne. 180, Amerlcun I.eglen.
Deaths of a Day
Mlis Fannle Cramp Diei
Miss Fannie Cramp, who vnn widely
known in Melrose l'ark, died at the
home of her brother, Ur, Jeseph A,
Cramp, Shurpless uvenue, MclreBO
l'ark, en Wednesday. She wus seventy
live years old and was the daughter of
the late Peler nnd Eliza Camp. Fu
neral services will be held nt the home
Saturday afternoon at - o'clock. In
turinent will be private, v
Peter Cooper
Allintewn, Ta., Nev. i). (Uy A.
1M l'eter Cooper, younger miii (,f
lilgh.un H. Cooper und Junlur ini'inber
of T. 8. Cooper & Sens, the Jewey
cnttle breeders at Linden Crove Farm
Coopersburg, died of Rright'B dlNeiise
last night In the Allentown HuHpltnl
He wiih forty years old. He win n hunk
director, councilman und active in
Masonry. He leaves his widow.
Morgan Q, Bulkeley Burled
HaHferd, Conn,, Nev. 0. (iv
P.) The funeral of Morgan O. IliiUa-.'
v, luwnvr uuveriier anu rniieii States
Senater, was held today. IJutincis was
siiHpended for fifteen minutes in ninuv i
stores nnd miuiufiu'turim- pniH 1 u,u !
city, The Stute cnpltel wan cluwd.
Friend of Merchant Fill Syna
gogue at His Funeral'
Business nnd personal friends filled
the'Redeph Bhnlem Synagogue, Bread
nnd Mount Vernen streets, today at
tunerni services nt jncoe uimeei, wap
died at bis Atlantic City home Monday
, The eldest of the founders of Gimtitl
Brethers lay in n coffin blanketed with
roses, and surrounded with hundreds of
chrysanthemums, lilies and ether flow
ers. A quartet sang softly.
Eulogies were proneuneed'by the Rev.
Dr. Harry W. Ettelson and the Rev.
Dr. Jeseph Krauikepf, who praised the
merchant for his bigness of heart, his
wide ihtercsts and his solicitude for
"Ills business integrity, his inherent
honesty nnd the wnrmth of his heart
made him beloved by all his associates,"
said Dr. Ettelson.
"II had large business interests, but
he did net Interpret business merely as
business. He lnid dpwn the rule that
business councils should stnrt with
words from the Bible. He insisted en
the welfare of empleyes.
'"He well deserved the affection nnd
esteem In which he wns held by nil who
knew him. Jew or non-Jew. He wns
a merchant prince, n philanthropist, n
true cltlicnnt heart."
Dr. Krnuskepf offered the closing
prayer. He described Mr. Oimbel ns
"a brother tn nil, respected and admired
by Jews nnd non-Jews."
The services began nt 10:30 o'clock.
Burial was made in Mount Sinai Ceme
tery. The active pallbearers were members
of the cnblnet of the Philadelphia store,
as follews: A. A. Christian, R. H.
Prescten, C. C. Leidv, O. A. Leugh, O,
A. Pelffer, Jehn S. Duggan, New Yerk ;
J. Curmesin. S. W. Miller. Warren B.
Vnn Heek. Shelden R. Coens, New
Yerk j Percy Churchill. Chnrle H. Hal
snll. C. II. Riley and Frederick A.
The honorary pallbearers were:
Cru II. If. Curtla I.nulii 8. Levy. N, T.
KihviiM Stern Murray OucKenntim,
Jehn K. tiuciin. N. T. NeA' Yerk
rtenj. Pnnliiti, N. T. Jehn (Irayaen. Mavnr
Jeseph Karv. -""- or Vlncnnn. inu,
wnulcni. Ih.
Hampton I,. Canen
I.iiuli I?nlTilieri5r
Nedri(. N. J.
Janh M.'Call .
rinrfnre Taubel
Samul Sacln. ? T.
Dr. Jeni-tih 9lniehn
Julius Rescnwftld.
Chlrnce .. .
Samuel flnltenuura
I' W. rieurr-r
Stu'Mi-n R. Coen.
Nv Yerlf.
William Oertlpy
Snmuel S. F'ln
Ju-lln P. AUiiitm
Arthur I.eeb
Maurlce n. Strarn
Jnenh H. HnRCdern
Milten Ilerel'l
Ur. fivru-, Adler
IrvtnK Kebn
Itenrv J.iitiK
Arthur nineh
.Tni-el, It. llrediiUy
A. M. Hard
Hnrrln J. I'eiin
ithur A'. Flclnhar
Tiula 0rtly
Hnrrv Fnckn
nrrnarO mlltf
J. Wilsen Rnynrd
Miyr flulibcrmr
Dr. JeicDh Kraui-
Ivl L. Rue
Daniel nuKrvnneim,
Nw Yerk
.Tut' Msftttinur.1
Nnthnn tlri'yfne
Clevelsnil. t'. H. :.'.
Admiral NntSnnlal
Vhr. Pottitewn.
.V. Y.
IrtUU Welt
Merris Dnnrnbaum
Jacob Ifllllkepf
Ix)Ul FlMhr
Isann Oerillrv
J Walt" Reenbr
Kly K. Bell
Merrill lnil
Hei lTachnrnrh
Hnry B. Klbr
:harl I.linchuU
IxiuU Wolf
Jacob P. Lit
Jreire II. I.euchelm
Mux Markewlta
Clinten O. Majer
t.HO H. HclnnTiHnKT Jnph N. Snrllanburn
Jecnh Hrhnrh Jiifa. Herace sti-rn
lax Herxbfnr Benjamin L. Wnmer-
Morten II Hlrfch man.
Albert M. (Irnenflelil KMnN Wetnmann
.tinrrin Hnir
T. Ilnmnten Meer David Max, Ht. Iula
IMwln S. Stuart
Tlie Oimbel store was closed today.
Patiengera en Cape May Flyer
Take Up Collection for Here
Grateful tiawnscrs en n twelve-eench
lYuutylranln Railroad train from Cape
May te Camden, which had been saved
from it wreck by a trackwalker yes
terday, "piicued the hat" and collected
SL'I.L!" for the wntehuian.
Hunting himself In the center of the
nadniiy, the trackwalker. Arthur
Merattl. of Richland, N. .!., tlnuued
the ll:."S A. M. train as It wun trnvelintr
nl frUty-five miles nu hour. He lind
dis-eevered a broken rail near the Rich
land Mntien.
RecnuKO of a heavy tog, Merattl
risked hist life te halt the speeding train.
As the train rushed toward him he hnd
te jump and the engineer, seeing the
trackwalker fall into a ditch, applied
the emergency brakes, thinking- a
l i'H I n had Htruck him. With the inin
crew the cucliiecr run back and found
.Mernui waiainv uewn me irucic, unin
jured. Dryer Firca Paper Plant Roem
An overheated dryer set fire te the
rirriiiff room of the Philadelphia Pnm.r
I Munufneturlnit Company, Xlxen btreet
frb"VL' , "V n "" '
ing. nre ciuiipu
,iml 1oxber(lKh
, iinnayuui;, tin morn mern
punles from Mannyunk
h answered the alarm.
hut before they arrived the llameH Inil
i been extlnRuibhcd by the company Are
j brigade. The less was Mnall.
77hs Magnificent
Jewelry Stere
J. EGaldwell & Ca
While clothes may net make the man,
it is, jieverfftcesfl a MiuHer vf in
creasing interest ta tie te knew that
our patronage is largely composed of
men who are well up front in the
eutuness precession.
Rebert Stewart
1501 Walstitaft S4.
Ntw Yerk Stere, IS Kant Wh Street
Everyone hat
a pet cheese
cheese; semepreferwhat
they call "fcippy" or
"snappy" cheese; ethers
like it mildt But every
body, somehow or ether,
likes the special cheese
which is blended se de
liriously with Heinz fa
mous Tomate Sauce in
Heinz Spaghetti Appe
tizing, satisfying. Ready
te heat and serve,
Ruidy cooked, rttdytenrv
Salem County Communities
Plan te Hener Sens Who
Fought In World War
"He fought for me! Armistice Day,
Woedetown. X. .T., 1022." Kvery stal
wart citizen of Salem County is wear ,
Ing a white button bearing Hint Inscrip
tion nnd every citizen la looking forward
te Saturday with interest and patriotic
A lake covering thirty ncres Is te be
dedicated te the men of Weeds town nnd
rilcsgreve who fought in the World
War. It will be known as Memerial
Lake. A week before the event the
town began te take en n festive appear
mice te prepare for the gala day. Wooilj Weoilj Woeilj
town Is about twcnt-llve miles from
Camden, nnd na one wnlkn down the
streets he .is reminded of the villages of
Which Roejth Tarklugten writes.
A Citizens' Committee hns been np
pointed te tnke rare of the entertain
inent for the dedication, They are: A.
D. Snelbnker, chairman ; Heward
Hitehner, Horten Jenes, 1 Le (Jrnnd
Wrigginn, Mayer D. O. Humphreys,
S. L. Shtinnmnn. Wallace 8. Roberts,
the Rev. J. L. Traverws nnd William
The Chamber of Commerce plans that
this bt day will be the beginning of
big times for the town. There is
tnlk of a new read, of giving the
American Legien a plot of land en
which te build their new home and
of making the Memerial Lake u place
of which all Jersey will be justly
Thieves Take $130 In Jewelry
Thieves forced the rear deer at the
home of Rcr.jnmln Ilndrew, 3S08 Wya
luslng nvenue last night during the ab
sence nf the family and took jewelry
valued at $130.
iliiOAD. 8l0t N. Very iiintu bun. "room,
1 ll't and twit. 4e. I'mi. iii.11.
I.KHK1II AVi:.. V.. 2717 Large front re
furnished: private family.
with its exacting stand
ards, is a logical result of
the insistence upon quality
and geed taste always
characteristic of Philadel-phians.
bTW hAuM
?.' ,
'"M'A w.,,'1 t.. V-!,uk,Mi
aAf-, ',.? t