Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, November 09, 1922, Night Extra, Page 16, Image 16

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iMrr:, . . . , -, t , t y
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fl -P""""
Sten Opssi A, M. te Bi90 P.M.
Gimbel Brethers
" IJM' I
'J' ),CJ iOV!V.,JAW--i
7JWWWi4K4P (' 'c
Pittsburgh plays Penn Saturday at 2 P. M. Reserved
seats at Gimbels, $1.50 and $2.
, That simplifies the question of arly kChrlstaii
shopping. r
. w T I AVI
II w ' . s T f mm
Dell Babies!
Thousands for Santa Claus say "Mamma
Like Babies Walk Like Babies
Loek Like Babies
Wonderfully Lew
Greatest Variety, Best Quality, Most Lovable
Dellies and Lewest Prices Since 1914
Blue - eyed,
rosy darlings,
big as baby
herself! (25
Talk, walk,
Bleep. Gown Gewn
;d in organdy
and lace.
Sweet, ap
pealing faces.
The One
Ready for
the winter
sports in
can. sweater
and pique skirt, she's, the prettiest lady of them all.
Babies' $3.50
Lead them by the hand
they'll toddle along and
ery "mamma" hen they
fall ever, tired.
Wear little bloomer
dresses, bonnets, socks
and slippers. Streng com
position head and arms,
soft, "cudd'.e-y" bodies. 20
inches high. $3.50
"Mamma" Dells,
$5.98 $6.50
Big sleeping eyes. Blende
or brunette curly wigs.
Seft bodies, composition
arms and legs. Daintily
dressed. 20 inches high.
They'll walk along, tee.
The Lace-Points
Touch the Ground!
wPj w yjy jei
4SWm!3 ' LikN
O'i. v
Dells, 12 Inches, at $1.75
Up te 34 Inches at $17.50
Other Imported Jointed Dells, Undressed
18 Inches, $1.95 24 Inches, $2.95
16 Inches, $1.45
Black lace with just enough black
Georgette te emphasize the beauty of the
lace design. Lace sleeves cut 'way in.
Lace-points that make the popular "un
even hem-line," and touch the very
ground like make-believe trains.
The new long-line gowns of the new "Tiger
Lily Lace"
Chlffen-velvets the entire bodice Bilk
embroidered and nail-headed
and Chiffen Dinner Gerans
In the three-tone effects a layer of rust-color
ever a layer of brilliant erange ever a layer
of soft said. Or three tones of orchid. Each
with a huge rose of metal with a "heart of
Qimbeb, Balms ef Onu, TMr flee.
The Very Traveling
n for His
JDcig Christmas
And at $14.95
Instead of $25 !
Leather - lined; hand - sewn
frame and edges. Deuble inside,
pockets. Fine quality real black
walrus rich and wears forever.
GUnbelj, leather Stere, Firit fleer.
s$e Women's Gleve-Silk
Vests, Bleemers,.
Variously $2.65 te $3.95
Values Frem $3 te $8S0
Sample garments of "Kayser" and ether
geed makes.
$3 te $4.95 Vests, at $2.65
$3 te $5.25 Bleemers and
Step-ins, at $3.65
$5 te $8.50 Chemises, at $3.95
Tailored ones, two-tone ones, elaborately or
simply lace-trimmed ones. Mostly white and
flesh tints.
All heavy, close gleve silk.
Ne seconds!
$1.95 Gleve-Silk Vests at $1.55
Perfect garments from our regular stock.
Oimbeli, Tint flew.
Olmbli, Ter,, "Tep e' the World,"
Teur-h fleer, Ate AUle, Tint fleer.
Newest Persian and Chinese Designs Are Cleverly
Reproduced in These
Fine Rugs Frem American Mills
Makers of countrywide reputation for excellence of quality and appear
9 x 12 ft. Fine Worsted Wilten Rugs, at $94.50
9x12 ft. Heavy Royal Wilten Rugs, at $76.50
9 x 12 ft. Heavy Seamless Velvet Rugs, at $48.50
A 7 - for $78.50 and $91 Heavy Royal Wilten Rugs, sizes 8 f t 3 x
pUl )U 10 ft. 6 and 9 x 10 ft. 6. Exceptional values in effective
Persian designs. Many are wonted-face rugs.
a!mtli, Fifth fleer.
Marvella and
at $12 a Yard
They're scarce and much in
demand, but we have a wonder
ful assortment of this rich,
deep-piled fabric, in shades of
navy, brown and Sorrento blue.
54 inches wide, sponged and
Belivia at $6 a Yard
Seft, high-pile in n a v y,
brown, reindeer and cement
gray. 66 inches.
Camel's-Hair Cleth,
$7 and $8.50
Natural color and eerp!alls.
Seft, furry, light but exceedingly
a.rm Just lflce the camel's back.
Gtmbeli, Seoend fleer.
IBr odd
A Wonderful Greup of
Women's Beets
Sizes and Narrow Widths Frem Our Own Stocks
Re-Priced $3
165 Pairs were $7.00
232 Pairs were $8.00
197 Pairs were $9.50
164 Pairs were $10.00
Cuban and military heels. Turn and welt celes
Street and "hiking" shoes.
An'1 eNery woman needs a pair of high
shoes for stormy days I
Net all sizes, but most women can be fitted from this group.
f 7
i ,0
' II
1I& I
Qlmlelf, V7ema's She ftoetifts 0eml flew,
Women's $3 Gloves at $2.25
Strap-wrist suede gloves; brown, tan and
beaver. $2.23, value S3.
2-Claip Imported $2.50 Glace Gloves at $1.68
Pique-sewn; self- and contrasting-stitching;
tan, brown, gray, beaver, black and white. $1.68,
value $2.50.
1 -Clasp Mecha Gloves at $3
"Arabian black head" mocha, in eray and
I beaver; pique-sewn. $3. eimt.u, rint fleer.
mm.- ,r TIT
1113 J Iff,
mW.."jiM J 1 mJ.
BBBBH. SUiJ, i m m.
ssBsiBIMisW ....teiSffi. ,...,, . LiiMkj -.,,,v,L,n!.w, ,. . 'w.wslsssm,a. . i ...a... m .- g
24-Inch Pearl
Bead Necklaces
Guaranteed net te peel. Will
withitand the "boiling" ttt
BeauUfully graduated.
Qlaibelj, Tint tact.
Children's Play
Aprons z2 25c
Half Price
Black sateen with cute Mether Geese
figures. French-knot and patch-work
designs. Patches included.
OtmfctU, Art Needlework, Third Seer,
200 Soft-Coler Velour
Window Curtains $071?
Special at eD
Favorite Dutch style with the valanea
that adds se much effectiveness. Rese, blue,
mulberry, green or geld.
1000 Pairs Very Fine Scrim
Curtains, Special at $2.75 a Pair
With effective lace edging and Inser
tion. 500 Imported Window Panels
at $5.75 te $12.50 Each
Lacet Arabian very ornate, very beau
tiful. Gimbels, Fifth fleer.
&& Sanitary Cleth
Window Ventilators
Admit fresh air without draughts.
These ventilators are niade of fine mesh buff-color cloth, protect
your room irem uust, ratn and snow; weatherproof, also.
Ne. 153. 15 inches high, 23
inches wide, te 37 (IKg
inches adjustment, at OOv
Ne. 154, 1G inches high, 2d
inches wide te 49 Jtyf
inchps adiustment. at W
uevernment folding Tables at 79c
Utility tables, extra strongly made, can be used as typewriter
tables, or for playing cards, also as plant stands and portable 7Q-,
sewing machines, purchased from the Government, each at 57C
OlmbeU, Fourth fleer,
Ne. 93, 9 inches hifjh. 23
Inches wide, te 37 ROe
inches adjustment, at OvC
Ne. 94, 9 inches high, 29
inches wide te 49 n,
inches adjustment, at. .
$39.75 te $79.50 COATS
te Be Sold in Subway Stere
at $26
Ail With Huge Fur Cellars Seme With Fur Cuffs,
Toe Seme With Panel Borders or Borders Clear
Round the Garment of Fur
mmWmmmSSB. VWmrJmfcfimWi W&B&kmmlmmSfe KJbHHbMj9 ' W IrV l)l
M mtlWmWmmLm
fK i vrnKsBsBBBBBBBBBsHml I &M4 Mi luU I ftyj msmS2k. v ytn iPS
mllf&n KcfisBBBflHkMBBBBBfjlaTMf s i I awaal ifl3 l OTfl Imsasme YjrJTi
nil IWlKwTrTTt Tii UfM liwnUa
IV llBBBwim' llr-Pr M JlX KsBBBISBBBn
I IIbIIbsW iHw-.ri-i: I kbhbbVIIHM
ii Mill neLPifi
eWBJbbbbbPI ft--, A f SSSSL. IM
r m JP Q bWI J r .1
Plash With Belivia Belivia
Caracal Cleth, With Wolf, With Wolf,
$26 $26 $26
With Caracal
Cleth, $26
And you can thank the long-continued
warm weather that one of three big makers
had "surplus stocks' that they were glad te
turn into quick cash, even at a less.
There are coat-styles and wrap-styles
and cape-styles. There are Belivias of really
luxurious grades. There are new Belivias
almost like plush yet Belivias! There are
seal-plushes thick-pile, soft as furl There
are some veleurs some suedines some
Astrakhan-cloths. But the big, beautiful
majority are of the varied weaves of Belivia.
Cellar and Cuffs,
Furs play a most important trimming
part Borders of fur. Rows of fur. Big
shawl cellars of fur. Wide or deep cuffs
of fur.
Peuch-back coats; embroidered-sleeve
cdats; corded-girdle coats; coats with three
cornered sleeves that have tassels; draped
coats and wraps; straight-line coats and
-" Silk-lined throughout and all sizes
misses for ages 1 4 te 18; women's 36 te 52.
Hmbeb), Bntwey Btere,
Subway Sale Girls' $8 te $14
"Sample Coats" at
Four hundred coats In the let about a hundred have big fur cellars.
But there are yoke styles and sports styles and raglans and pleated
coats, and styles actually trimmed by great, big pockets with flaps or
buttons or some new novelty touch.
Pelalres, meltens, herringbones, tweeds and ether heavy winter
Browns, navy, Copenhagen, blue, tans and the new grays.
C te 14 year sizes.
$8 te $12 "Sample Dresses"
at $5
Black, brown or nary.
Velveteens-embreidered, or with cute applique flowers that stand
out. Scarlet wool-Jerseys with gray astrakhan-cloth pockets and trim
mlngs. Serges embroidered in silk; serges embroidered in wool.
Sizes e te 14,
And about a hundred Serge Dresses for "Junier tiirlh" lu te
year sizes.
BjSbw fnLerJl L
ajf' 5r Sn
r i-v3W-k It
rit ' t Cli ' ' I I
BwTvJn IT a
e-s fit s U-J 1 ,
I f li1 W ''J I I I ' U I
I'ifi 7 'i
OlmleU, Subway blent.