Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, November 08, 1922, Night Extra, Image 1

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Solid Republican, Delegation; l
Sent te Washington. -Vare
Wins Twice
Only 30,191 Out of 200,000
Vete Against Amendment
' te Constitution.
Lack of Lecal Contests Kssps
Interest Down Through
out the Wards
. Gifferd Pinchot, Governer-elect of
Pnnsylvania, led Ws-ticket in this
dty yesterday, the Republicans car-
rying all but ene of the forty-eight
. wards. The Sixth Ward returned te
the Democratic column.
Mr. Pinchot received 245,547 votes
in Philadelphia and Jehn A. Mc
'flparran, Democratic nominee, polled
66,179. a majority for the Ferester
of 180.368. .
BIrs. Llllllh Martin Wilsen, the only
woman candidate for Governer, polled
W33 votes en the Socialist ticket In
Umi cltv. cemnletclr outdistancing the
DnhlblMen. industrially and single Ux
United States Senators Pepper and
Reed rolled un big majorities here and
the eeren congressional districts were
kept safely In the Republican column
with fat ilurnlltles.
. Congressman Vare was "elected te
succeed (lilmseU in the "First Congres
sional District, snowing under Stephen
i Flanagan, bis Democratic opponent.
Twe Elections for Vare
Vare also made an unusual record
by his election n State Senater from
the First District te serve the 'unex
pired term of htu brother, the late
Edwin II. Vare.
It is probable that Congressman Vare
will take part in the special Hesslen
of Congress te be called seen by Presi
dent Harding. The State Legislature
tsstmbUs early in January.
Philadelphia voters gave emphatic
approval te the "borne rule" amend
ment te tbe State Constitution, u change
that will enable cities te fit their local
Governments te their peculiar needs
without running hat in band te the
Heme Rule Approved
The vote here en tbe amendment was :
Yes, 100,088; no, 80.101; the totals
showing that many voters negectcd te
express their will en tbe amendment.
Three women were elected te the
Legislature from this city. Mrs. Martha
Spelter, wife of Assistant District
Attorney Kpelier; Mm. Resa S. De
letmg nnd Mrs. LUlie M. Pitts.
The npathy shown In registration
was net entirely dissipated by the elec
tion. Of 375,000 men and women quail
fled te vote, 00,015 failed te go te the
polls. Murky weather might have
canned some of the defections. Fer all
wndldates for Governer h total of
.J?'e8.5 Tte were cast, compared with
841,841 In the primaries,
Review of Ward Vete
The trend of the election, ward by
ward, follews:
FieSn " ' s'Micnpi was given n
KM0 majority here although. Council
man Pemmcr, Vare lender, contributed
mere yetcs te Congressman Vare te
succeed himself in the national Heuse
and te succeed his brother, the Inte Kd
win II. We, In tbe State Semite.
Second Ward Congressman ltansley,
leader of the ward, polled 40SJI votes
fimBS,0fJn h't bailiwick. Pinchot
fiuv?,' . 4054' &tv,BT,n1 Woodward
slightly mere. The Democratic candi
ilates bad their names en the ballet, and
that was about all.
Third Ward Under the leadership
Continue en Pice Twe, Column Om
Elections Shew. Gain
in "Wet" Sentiment
i A'wln awny from prohibition
indicated In returns from yester
day's elections.
ew .f'rsey elected Edwards tef
senate en wet-dry Isaue'.
California prohibition enforce enferce
mn measure henten 2 te 1.
Illinois fuvered beer and light
i!S? by I,mJfiy e -I te J.
Wisconsin new lina il.nn M...,.ll
vnni feu' "drv" Congressmen,
new ierk Democrats iwcni R.
with wlne-beeftfdckct.
However, liia m.i. ... j .
favoring wine and beer is running
apparently beaten for
fe'n, Minnesota, but by .
"-'! Una- "ii-jh" Inat !..
even in congressional con-
1 0. P. SWEEPS
1 : .
Gain in Natien; Carry
City Election Reiulti
Here for Quick Reading
This U the Complete City Vete
Gifferd PlBchet, Rep...... S4S647
Jehn ' A. McSparran. De .. B17
Plnchet's majority i 1S08W
(Fer old Penrose seat)
Geerge Wharten Pepper, Rep JM1S4S
Fred B. Kerr, Dem 57634
-Pepper's majority 18440
(Fer old Knox-Crew seat)
David A. Reed, Rep S400M
Samuel E. Shull, Dem 59800
William J. Burke, Preg 18018
Reed's plurality 171488
David J. Davis, Rep 943004
Rebert .E. Pattlsen, Jr., Dem. ,89880
Davis' majority 180194
James F. Woodward, Rep. . . 249599
A. Marshall Thompson, Dem. 85848
Woodward's -ajerlty .... 188078
Rebert 8. Gawthrop, Rep.'. . 94981S
Henry C. NUes, Dem 68907-
fB sssbmsss t
Gawthrop's majority 184408
First District
William S. Vare, Rep 48094
Stephen Flanagan, Dem.... 8147
Vare's majority .28777
Second District
Gee. S. Graham, Rep. -Preg. 31141
Ellen Duane Davis, Dem... 4728
Graham's majority 24418
Third District
Harry C. Ransley. Rep 32004
Edward P. Carrell, Dem... 5307
Ransley's majority 27507
Fourth District
Gee. W. Edmonds, Rep., Preg. 28388
Jeseph K. Willing, Dem... 8035
Edmonds' majority 10031
Fifth District
James J. Connelly, Rep 20058
James J. Sweeney. Dem.... 0010
Connelly's majority 20037
Sixth District
Geerge A.' Welsh.' Rep 43708
Rebert J. Sterrett, Dem. . . . 13014
, Welsh's majority 28878
Seventh District
Geerge P. Darrow, Rep 31909
Jehn W. Graham, Jr., Dem. 0570
narrow's majority 21830
First District
William 8. Vare, Hep 32882
William L. Rooney, Dem... 7330
majority 25559
Second District
Samuel W. Salus; Rep 25577
Edward P. Balier, Dem.
Salus' majority
Fourth District
Edward W. Patten, Kep. . . .
James S, McKeen. Dem,...
Pntten's majority
Sixth District
Gee. Woodward, Rep., Pre..
Henry V. Kline, Dem., V. L.
Woodward's majority . ....
Eighth District
Thaddeus S. Krause, Rep..
William Naylei, Dem
s Krause's majority 24418
hepubllcans Make Attack en Wel
lington Military Barracks
Dublin, Nev. 8. (Dy A. P.) An
attack with machine guns and rifles
from nearby housetops was made by
I. Ipli Hennlillrim forces lie re against the
Wellington Military Barracks tbla
forcneou, , ...
Three national army seldlern were
killed nnd twenty ethers wounded In
l lie Hshtlng, which lusted two hours.
The casuultlcs suffered by the Ho He
publicum were net learned.
-411a yn.mm"tw7t A XL " ."w"v,,
UMIO icaiivr ii.t fu!i"' VK . w.i poreiiini
licr list ome or im dmi esraslna
te W leunu in vu wi ym at,
BJ&&sv .J 9t i fe3nlfSflBMBMBMBMBMSj
xr -v? tJHbbbbb Mf'i
ft !diLBBBBBBwK "
a&KlBMBASflBaauf S&bmI
Alse Sen J 15 te State Heuse
and Senatejn Listless
McSparran Carried Pike Coun
ty, Heme of O. O. P. Leader.
Baker Lest Dauphin
Pinchot Is Eager
"te Make GoedT
When the election of Gifferd
Pinchot was announced the Gov-'
erner-elect issued this statement :
"I am profoundly gratified by
the results of the election. '
"The next thing is te make geed
as Governer of all the people of
Pennsylvania, Republicans and
Democrats alike.
"I regard mv election as the op
pertunity te pet virtnin things dens
for the State, and I ask the co
operation of every Pennsylvanlan te
that end."
Gilferd Pinchot, Republican, was
elected Governer of Pennsylvania
yesterday ever Jehn A. McSparran,
Democrat, Philadelphia and Alle
gheny Counties giving the Ferester
a wide margin ever the Granger.
Returns from-5897 of the 8021
lectien districts in -the State gave
Pinchot 639,067 and McSparran 898,
089, a majority for the Governor Governer
elect of 240,978.
Geerge Wharten Pepper, of this city,
and David A. Reed, of Pittsburgh, were
elected United States Senators ever
Colonel Fred B. Kerr, Clearfield, and
Judge Samuel E. Shull, Menree.
David J. Davis, of Scranton, was
elected Lieutenant Governer ever Rob Reb
ert E. Pattlsen, Jr., Democrat, son of
former Governer Rebert E. Pattlsen.
James F. Woodward t Secretary of In
ternal Affairs, was re-elected ever A.
Marshall Thompson, Democrat. Judgn
Rebert 8. Gawthrop, appointed te the
State Superior Court by Governer
Sproul, was elected te a ten-year-term
ever Henry C. Nilcs, Democrat.
1 DemecraNGaln In Assembly
Stiff battling by the Democrats
apparently has given them eight of tbe
thirty-six congressional seats from
Pennsylvania, an Increase of seven,
while they wen thirteen seats in the
State Heuse of Representatives and two
In the State Senate.
The proposed amendment te the State
Constitution giving cities the right te
frame their own charters without re
source te tbe Legislature has been rati
fied by a large majority, uccerding te
late returns.
W. Harry Baker, Republican State
chairman, conceded that McSparrnn
carried twenty counties. Austin E.
McColleugh, Democratic State chair
man, had predicted that bis party would
carry fifty-seven of tbe sixty-seven
One of tbe miner surprises of tbe
day was McSpnrran's victory in Pike,
the home county of Mr. Pinchot. The
Democrat in the latest returns hud 1403
votes te 1240 for Mr. Pinchot.
Baker Falls Down
Dauphin County, the home of State
Chairman Baker and Lieutenant Gov Gov
ereor Ueldlcman, tell down lamentably
en its vote for the head of the ticket.
In the primary Attorney Genet ul Alter
had a euuu majority ever I'luciiet und
Baker predicted the eame majority
would be given the Ferester yesterday.
Incomplete returns showed that only
200 mere Republicans voted for Pin
chot In Dauphin ever the number who
had supported him for the nomination
ugalnxt Alter, the Combine candidate.
The Pinchot majority in that county
yesterday was 1200.
The Democratic surge outslde Penn
sylvania hnd its rctlex in legislative
districts In this State. The minority
Continued en Pe Twrntr. Column Flve
woman wins in ill
' --
Heuse of Representatives Will Have
Ona of Fair 8ex
New Yerk, Nev. 8. Tlie Heuse of
Representatives, despite the defeat of
Miss Alice Robertsen, of Oklahoma,
still will have a woman member.
She Is Mrs. Winifred M. Huck, a
Republican, daughter of thelate Wil
liam B, Masen, who served hi both
Senate nnd Heuse from Illinois,
St. Leiils, Nev. 8, (lly A. P.)
Mrs. St. Cinlr Moses, Democratic can
dldate for Congress from the Eighth
District, has a two te one lead ever her
Republican opponent, S. C, Reach, ac
cording te returns from seventeen of
the 222 precincts In tbe district.
Oklahoma City, Nev. 8. (By A.
P.) Miss Alice Robertsen, Republi
can, the only woman In Congress, wus
running badlv behind In the early re
turns from the Second District. With
forty-seven precincts out of 200 heaid
from, W. w. Hastings, Democrat,
whom Miss Robertsen defeated in 1020,
bad 5188' votes. Miss Robertsen's to
tal was only 2)03,
JV, Y.MtidN. J.; Heuse in Doubt;
Features of Election
Throughout Natien
Congress Senate Republican by 10
majority; tieusc in uouer.
Pennsylvania Republican ticket car
ries State. Pinchot elected Governer
by 801,000.
New Yerk Democrats carry . State.
'Smith elected Governer Jy ie,uw.
Copeland wins senatershlp ever
Calder. . i
New Jersey State gees Democratic.
Edwards, wet Democrat, elected
Senater by 00,000 ever Frellnghny
sen, dry Republican. Sllser chosen
Missouri Reed, Democrat, re-elected
-by comfortable plurality.
Massachusetts Ledge returned te
Senate by 1045 majority ever Gas Gas
eon. Pelletler defeated for District
Attorney In Suffolk County, Mass..)
an emce from which court remeveu
ume mate inuerseu nnrains. j
Republican, apparently defeated
Pomerene for Senate. O. O. P. Heuse
delegation returned. State offices
split. Democrat eleeted Governer.
California Hiram Jehnsen re-elected te
Senate by substantial majority.
Indians Beveridge, Republican, de
feated by Ralston, Democrat, for
Nebraska Senater Hitchcock, Deme
crat, defeated for re-election by
Maryland Senater France. Republi
can, whole tendencies are radlcai,de
feated by Bruce, Democrat.
Iowa Brookhart, nominated by radical
wlng'ef Republican Party, wins Sen
ate seat.
Delaware Bayard, Dem., defeats du
Pent for .Senate.
Michigan Townsend, Rep., running
behind in Senate fight.
Minnesota. . Shlestead. Farm-Laber
candidate, leads Kellogg, Rep:, for
North Dakota O'Connor, Dem., leads
frazier, Hen-r. itep.
Texas May field, supported by Ku
juux man, elected te senate.
West Virginia Neely, Dem.; leads
Sutherland, Republican Incumbent,
for Senate.
Wisconsin La Follette returned ' te
fenate. Bcrger. 80c, re-elected te
louse from Fifth Wisconsin District.
Wyoming Mendell, Rep., and Ken
drick. Dem., in dps race for sen sen
aeorshlp. ,
Beer amendment beaten in Ohie. Illi
nois votes for modification of dry en
forcement las. "r '
Mrs. Wtnnifrcd Huck elected te Con
gress in Illinois. Miss Robertsen de
feated for-re-election In Oklahoma.
Believe Police-Are Handicapped
by Scarcity of Men
and Funds v
The Deven Citizens' Association is
net satisfied with the investigation of
the "poison enke mystery" which caused
the death of W. W. Sterrett and the
Illness of his wife.
J. Cliften Buck, chairman of the
Citizens' Association, stated today he
favors the theory that Mr. Sterrett, nn
expert accountant, discovered a short
age in some one's account, and that re
venge or fear prompted the mailing of
the cake.
Mr. Buck, who is associated with n
drug firm in this city, said Mr. Sterrett
had done auditing work for that con
cern. He believes Sterrett uncovered
defalcations clsewhere, and that seme
one, faced with exposure, decided te seal
bis lips.
"The Deven Citizens' Association is
net entirely satisfied with the investi
gation," said Mr. Buck. "Deven is a
quiet, 'mind-your-ewn-buslncss' town,
nnd in normal circumstances resents
delving into anybody's pnst. The mem
bers feel that nil members of the Ster
rett family are absolutely innocent of
the poisoning."
Mr. Buck said Police Chief Kelthley.
of Deven, is unnble te make a thorough
investigation because he must patrol the
community, and there arc p funds
available for engaging Invcatj. . , j.
Birmingham, Ala., Nev. 8. Senater
Underwood, of Alabama, formally
announced he would net be a candldate
for leadership- of the Democratic
minority in the Bonate ntter yestenle
"rTliA nnni1Ul..n nt Mv linnWIi ' ..'
the Senater, "makes it advisable both
a .. .. .', ...j ..v..i.i, nth
in justice te the party and te myself
met i siieuki net iik te de re-elected.
I de net want my friends te feel nny
utinecesaary alarm abort my health,
but It is net robust ciieukIi for me te
eontlnue after March the duties of
leadership, which require imch con
stant attendance,"
Daylight Saving Defeated
Reading, Pa., Nev. 8. (Hy A. P.)
Citizens of Rending and Berks Coun
ties were given nn opportunity at yes
terday's election te record Vhelr pref
erence for dnvUght t-nvlng. The propo prepo
sition wnn defeated by fully 7000. The
vote wns taken In order te fchew the
official public sentiment en the question.
uThe Heuse of
A striking novel of American
life exposing the fast-living
younger set, the money mad
and the social climbers
with a geed honest love
story thrown in,
Begins Today Page 29
Refuses te Accept Plea That
' Clients Have Been Given
Meney Back
Mendenhall Faees Court With
Fermer Partner en Swindle
Jurers Selected
for Chandler TrUd
Theodere Lecker, salesman, 2282 Park
avenue, foreman.
Richard Miller, colored, mechanic, 8860
North Sydenham street.
James McCrea. real estate, 123 Merge-
land avenue.
Rebert J. Fester, draughtsman, 6106
Baynton street.
William Murray, carpenter, 2825 East
Cambria street.
William M. Sapper, electrician, 6241
Walten avenue.
Jehn Gallagher, weaver, 2614 Orthodox
Washington Baker, colored, carpenter,
2110 St. Alban's place.
Herman White, deputy sheriff, 1121
North Twentieth street.
Merris Nelsen, dealer, 825 Maatea
Rebert Shaffer, contractor, 4100 North
Darien street.
Jeseph T. Rice, machinist; 5808 West
minster avenue.
Fred T. Chandler, Jr., and Earl
Mendenhall, members of the. bsnkrvpt
brokerage firm of Chandler Bres, k Ce.,
for several months before 'the im
failed knew that they were Insolvent,
yet sold depositors securities and con
verted the proceeds te tbelr own nst,
according te Assistant District Attor
ney Fex today.
This charge was made at the begin
ning of the trial of the two bankers
today before Judge Stern en indict
ments growing out of the failure.
Chandler and Mendenhall, youthful
nnd dapper, were compelled te listen
te a scathing denunciation by the
assistant district attorney of methods
which he said were irregular and
Made Ne Excuse, Says Fex
The Assistant District Attorney de
clared that the bankers had deliber
ately taken securities left with them
by customers, and bad sold tbcm with
out a vcstlue of an excuse.
Mr. Fex also made tbe point, in his
preliminary speech te tbe jury, that tre
Commonwealth was net concerned with
restitution, and that It was the duty
of the jurors te return a conviction even
though the bankers had made geed the
depleted accounts of their customers. '
At the trial today it was brought out
for the first time that young Chandler
owned 51 per cent of the stock of the
company, or a contreling Interest; that
Karl Mcmlcnhall owned lOMi per cent,
that E. H. Little owned 10 per cent,
and Leuis 1. Waring owned 10 per
Fe Outlines Case
AHRlstnnt District Attorney Fex, In
his opening address explained In detail
the ni'riiKitleiiH that the defendant bad
converted te their own use securities
pledge dfer mln by Lewis Beyer, of
Tyrene,. Pa. He nhked conviction for
embczzlemuit as banker, broker and
agent, and for fiaudulent conversion.
"The firm of Chandler Bres, it Ce.,
in which the defendants were partners,
hnd in their possession a great number
of stocks and IieihIh, carried as margin
fort heir cimtemcrs' accounts," he said.
"They hud In their efllcu a box in which
the Fecurities were carried, and at
the end of cadi day these members of
the firms hnd prepared for them a list
of what securities were in that box.
This applies particularly te Menden
hall. "They had what I would term a
safety box in which securities were
supposed te have been kept."
.Sir. Vex then picked up a small book.
"I hhew jeu this book, containing
Continued en I'nse Twenty. Column rear
Hew Women Made Out
in Battle for Heuse
(Elect Twe)
Themas F. MrGewan, Rep.. 16071
Martha G. Spelser, Rep imie
Leis C. Ilyrne, Dem 4054
Stephen Ianzltc, Dem 2138
(Elect Three)
Rexn S. de Yeung, Kep 20196
Benjamin II. Fields, Rep.... 8O6I1
Jauire J. HelTernan, Rep.,., aieoe
Theodere F. Ilorgersen, Dem. 8830
Jehn J. Hregan, Dem 7488
Jehn S. Dwyvr, Dem 5440
(Elect Twe)
Jacob Matliay, Rep 1X684
LUIle II. Pitts. Itep. ai08
Edward J. Davis, Dem...,., 0843
Ateaham E. Hurslunun, Dem.. 7080
with ieut beut Slvfi sest te tfi
Whale met. Ouy Katsser Craa
UrrlM.dv. ,
Landslide for
Vindicated Faith in People
Colonel McCain Analyzes Result of State
Fight Says Governer-Elect Has Great
- Future Ahead of Him
Gifferd Pinchot has been elected with
the entire Republican State ticket, as
was te be expected In a State that has
chosen a Democratic Governer only
three times in sixty years.
Tbe outcome was never In serious
doubt from the opening of the cam
paign and the first declaration of prin
ciples upon which Gilferd Pinchot made
bis appeal for support.
Early indications were that con
siderable apathy existed in the party
organization. This was dup largely te
tbe confusion and uncertainty that
arose as a result of Senater Penrose's
death, and the lack of individual and
distinctive leadership.
It was te be expected. Thr Republi
can Organisatien had never before
entered n campaign in sixty years that
It . did net recognize its "master's
First. Simen Cameren, then Den
Cameren, then Mnthew Stanley Ounv
and Boies Penrose.
In the fall election of 1022 it found
itself like a bark without a helmsman.
Hesitancy about accepting the Pin
chot platform was another contributing
Judge Stern today refnaed te .nelle pros the case against
Earl Kendenhnll and Tred T. Chandler, Jr., members of the firm
of Chandler-Bres, ft Ce., who are being tried for embezzlement
by broker and fraudulent conTeratem.
The unoccupied home of 7. 1. Wagner, at Blake avenue
above Huntingdon pike, was blown te bita by a gaa explosion at
10 o'clock thi3.mernlng. The residence of 7. C. Thompson, next
deer, was also damaged. Albert Wagner waa cut by flying glass.
Fire followed the explosion and firemen managed te save halt of
tbe double house.
CHARLESTON, W. VA Nev. 8. Returns from 1522 of
2095 State precincts for Senater give Neely, Democrat, 151,218;
Sutherland, Republican, 139,543.
Northeast H. Fresh. . 1
Backward Swing of Political
Pendulum Amazes Repub
licans and Democrats Alike
ataaT.Corrtepondent Eicnlng Pnbllr T.fdttr
CefuriaM, tilt, 01 Pulllc Ledger Company
Washington, Nev. b. Beth Demo
crats and Republicans here are dazed
by tbe election returns which arc com
ing In today. Indications of a suing
te -the Democratic Party developed in
the last few days of the campaign, but
no one foresaw the extent of the Dem
ocratic victories.
Ne one perceived that the Heuse was
in doubt, with the probability which
exists at this writing, that complete
figures will give it te the Itepubll
cans. New Yerk was conceded te Smith,
but no one guessed that he would carry
It by a majority similar te that by
which Harding swept it In 10UO, and
that he would carry through the Demo
cratic candidate for the Senate with
Ne one perceived that Senater Ledge
would escape defeat In Massachusetts
by the narrow margin of about 1500
votes. Ne ene saw the probable defeat
of Beveridge in Indiana nnd of Kel
logg In Minnesota.
Campuign "Shadow Dance"
The campaign itbclf was 1
shadow dance. The real Issu
operated te swing the politic.
Allium tlftflr ftvim n trntnAnrlmiu
lican victory of 1020 te a grent Demo - Deme -
cratlc victory In 1022 was neer bieught
te the surface.
Discounting the effect of all the local
tssues, all the personal Issues like that
presented in the amazing personality of
Governer Smith In New Ye.l. there
:,,, "i, . '
through such results as the amazingly
ttmAI, HAf. 9t Ua.n,nM T A.Tni. . I. l.n.l '
showing of Beveridge In Indiunn, Kel
logg in Minnesota, Townsend in Michi
gan, Sutherland in West Virginia,
Ileeckman in Rhede Island, and the
Republican candidates In the Presi
dent's own State of Ohie.
The Democrats have had their suc
cess without deserving it. Their party
showed no intelligence, developed no
Issue, entered the campaign in fear and
trembling, and never established such
contact with the voters' mind as te
Continues sa rate Twentvt. Celusaa rive
rC 8 .rVXn "i; E.V. ?rZk-m. Wile the cfl remove,. f.e, the He-
tlenal Administration's coiuddtrniien Camden was "aeen hv the VeVTCT. ,M Centinwi nn r" Tnty-enc. c,iran Twe
before the campaign of 1024 begius. ,.rner Kdwarda ca'rrled the ' nfv aZl oTftn7e"nDfto vtTrVaT n.
There is semeth n which inns iv,.iinirinlr.n h ..,. .i ',',1! .;ul STOCKS DROP. THEN R RP
Fess Leading in Ohie
Mr. Pinchot I
factor te indecision and consequent In
action. . . ..
It proposed radical, but necessary.
reforms in the party's policy. It was,
in a sense, se revoluntienary that It
was regarded by many as Idealistic and
impractical. .
It was neither. It was, however,
new. -It proposed untried things, ine
reactionaries opposed it.
.When hmcwip. enuntv leaders dis
covered that Gifferd Pinchot was in
earnest, that he meant what be said and
guaranteed en his pledged word the en
forcement of his program, tbe tide
changed. , .
One by one the county leaders ac
cepted his conditions. Candidates for
the Heuse and Senate pledged support.
The word was passed around te get be
hind the man from Pike. , . ,
It cannot be denied that lndivianai
Interest moved n majority of the Re
publican politicians te this decision.
The issue was clear cut. There was
no middle ground, no room te side
It wns cither Gifferd Pinchot or Jehn
McSparran for the next four years.
Continued en Tax Twentr-ene, Column Six
W. P. H. Trcsh..
0 0
Victer King Has Commanding
Lead Over the Incumbent,
Frank Van Hart
Camden today Is rubbing Its eyes in
wonder after one of tbe greatest po
litical unheavals that has marked elec
tion day in recent years.
The Republican organization, rated
as of the strongest in the State, was
handed a terrific shock by the Dem
ocrats, who elected a Mayer, for the
first time in eighteen years, nnd wen
three seats in Cltv Council. In addi
tien the Democrats cut down the large,
majorities thnt had been predicted for
nil the G. O. P. candidates, both in
tbe city and cepnty.
Councilman Victer King, Democrat,
of the Twelfth Ward, was elected
Mayer ever Acting Mayer Frank 8.
Van Hart, Republican, after one of
the bitterest tights ever waged In
Camden. Republicans had predicted a
majority of nnoe and upward for Van
Ilnrt, but Klnj was victorious by about
700 votes. Twe weeks age, Van Hart
wns n 10-te-l shot, but sentiment
turned In favor of King within the
last week nnd the tide carried him ever.
Mayoralty Contest Clese
The vote in the mayoralty contest
ran clese throughout the night and it
was net until 3 o'clock this morning
thnt the result was known. King's
own wnrd. the Twelfth, nut liim nv,.
. by giving him n majority of 1000. The
1 Uevcntli, the Bister ward of the
J.W-PIK11, pave mm n majority of 400
1 1 Secretary ami a in "ier of the firm of
! !'' Fex-Kapplcr I-eundry Company,
Edwards Carries the City by moo
! United States Senntnr vJtiLJi.
,l,in. i ?i. ?.!. ?.c"r JreHnrhtiysen
.' 'i'" . i .'i"'"'.",rA '."crnur 11
"iu'ib, nut urn lirrtu
, Camden
IS One of tllR linn. .1.11 !
strongholds of the State and the (. e
P. has fought strenuously te pile un '.I
majority te off wit EdwSrA.. ..""P.."
in North Jersey. ..w
state acnuter itunyen ran ahead nf
Fielli.ghuysen in the city and secured
ii majority of about 000 ever Judae
BlUer, whose election has been co".
ceded along with that of Governer Ed
wards. y u
Congressman Patterson. Rep., was
ConlUuef rase Twttr. Colu ratio
iici'h n 1 Camden Vi Mayer-elect Im Knrvin- .iu
----, - . . r - ..- - . ' ,im no- m-i. nun ni-.iii'ji 111 me
e which "cenil term in City Council from Urn nnmnrrnt. wlm V,m
V '"TlnnH m.mw ini,h k . n nme acknowledge wet
nn.mh. active member I the bedv ti iu ..1 .-..., -.
'I'., nlfil. lir..l 1 1. - -. ..
n-ii iii:i ifirn i tr
.! - uj lill't IT I1IIIII IIHIII ttnw n. a m m m a v
G. 0. P. RETAINS r
Republican Party Leses Settj
In Beth Branches of
Harding's Vete, Piled Up Twf
Years Age, Knocked Right
and Left
Smith and Copeland Win Err
pire State Edwards j
Carries Jersey
Bu Atteetated Preat
New Yerk, Nev. 8. Swept before 4
rising tide of Democratic victories Id
many States, the tremendous Republi
can majorities piled up In the Harding
landslide of two years age were knocked
right and left in yesterday's elections.
The Republican majorities in the
United States Senate and in the Heuse
of Representatives were sharply
reduced, but Republican manager
declared they would net be wiped out.
When twenty-five States bad corn
pleted their congressional returns'
neither Republicans nor Democrats had
progressed far toward control of the
Heuse. The vote then steed : Republi
cans, 185; Democrats, 187; Socialist
1. Iowa was the only State which has
returned a solid Republican delegation
Tbe vote earlier had steed with both
parties tie at 178 in the race for the
necessary 218 majority. It become
plain that the deciding votes were yet '
te come from the West and Middle
Ledge Squeezes Through
8enater Henry Cabet Ledge, Re
publican Administration lender in the
Senate, squeezed through in Massachu
setts with n plurality of 1045 votes in
nearly a million votes cast, nnd friend
of Colonel William A. Gasten, hlj
Democratic opponent, were talking of
asking for n recount.
In Indiana. Maryland, New Jersey
New Yerk, aucnignn ana west vir
inln Democratic Senators rcplaclnj
Republicans hnd cither been concede
or were Indicated en the face of thai
returns. The Republicans hnd an as-
sured senatorial victory te their credits
however, in Nebraska, where R. B,
Hewell dlsplnced Senater Gilbert M
Hitchcock, a Democratic lender, and
prospects of another in Ohie, although
today's returns showed Senater Pom
erene, Democrat, cutting down the lead
of his Republican opponent, Repre
sentative Fcss.
Net n single Republican gain In thej
Heuse of Representatives hnd appeared
today te count ngnlnst the inroads tha
Democrats made ih every State. VarN
eus causes ranging from prohibition tel
tariff were being brought forward as
responsible for the results.
When the tabulation giving each
major party 178 seats in the IIeuss)
was made, only twenty-one States hssl
made complete returns.
Du Pent Leses Seat
The returns se far would reduce the
Republican majority in the Senate from
twenty-four te fourteen, with prospect
of a further reduction. The Intest
Democratic gain wns in Delaware,1
wiiuri' -LiiiiiuuN l-. Dii.ruru. jjemucriiw
defeated T. Celeman du Pent, present
Republican Senater, by mere than 1300
With the defeat of Governer Miller,
of New Yerk, by Alfred H. Smith, the
Republicans lest thirteen seats of the)
Enmirp State in the Heuse of Repre
Hentativcs, and n Senater, William M.
Calder, who was beaten lv Dr. Royal
S. Copeland, Democrat, Health Com
missioner of New Yeik City.
With Democratic victories in ether
Stntes some national figures clone te the
Republican Administration, am Presi
dent Harding, personally, went down te
defeat. Senater Ledge, of MiihmicIhi
Betts, ran far behind the ticket In his
F: clingliuysrn Ileatcn
Senater FrelIii?liuHen of New .7er
W, ene of the President's Intimiitni.
, who ran en n dry platform In Xc, Jcr-
I .. nc. l..ir..i 1... r. 1.1 1
"vrriiur i.uwarus,
en an Onenlr
platform. Judge SU SU SU
ioverner. Senater Jehneen, Republican, of
California, came back, as did Senater
McLean, of ConncetHit. one of thn
Administration' leaders In the tariff
In Indiana former Governer Tints
ten, Dem., defeated Senater Albert J,
Wall Street Gives Ne Indication af
Election Attitude
New Yerk, Nev. 8. (Ily A. P,)-
Early stock and bend market price
failed te give uny indication of Wall
street's attitude en the election results.
Opening pipes of standard issues
were generally lower, which ordinarily
might appear te construe the election
iih a "bear" argument, but the list
started moving upwurd later. It was
apparent that much of the early weak
ness was due te continuation of Men
day's profit-taking- sad short selling,
. K
' 5
'YJA, ,.?
. !lUBi.7A