Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, June 17, 1919, Night Extra Financial, Page 7, Image 7

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    jBjvftNttffr Public TDaERPHrijDELPHiA', ue&day, june '17, im.8
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4 ADrgan plays at 9r 11, 11:55 and
Store Opens at 9
Store Closes at 5
ife 4
C him en at Noon
Standing Firmly on the Platform the Store Was Built Upori
I ' 'r-Ji
- Lamartine in 1848 at Paris
in Introducing a Statesman
of recognized .integrity and trusted by the
people, to a riotous mob in the streets said:
"Listen, citizens. It is sixty years, as you know,
of a noble life that is about to address you."
The multitude calmed instantly when the
face of the friend that never misled them
They listened to his words of wisdom, and,
at his request, dispersed quietly that day when
the city was at the mercy of an inflamed
This great city of Philadelphia has more
than doubled in size and population .since the
first announcement of this business was made,
and the man, almost 90 years old, whose card
has just come in, appears piloted by his two
daughters, who introduce him.
Listen to what this aged and honored
Philadelphia! says, word for word, to the
"Do you remember me, sir? My store was
just opposite to yours in 1861, and I saw- you
taking down your shutters the first time.
"Everybody said you were foolish to start
at such a time, and prophesied your failure.
You handed your neighbors the first card you
printed,4 saying you would not sell clothes with
cotton in the cloth. One of us said to you, 'Do
you really mean that?' and your reply was,
'You may bet your life on it. We certainly do
mean that.' And you fought it out until the
people knew arid believed in you.
"Thenyou moved up to 13th Street, and we
were all watching you and doubting your
success when you began the New Kind of Store,
as you called it, which seemed so hazardous that
it puzzled everybody when you announced that,
your business would be strictly governed by
certain principles.
"And, by George! Here you are yet, still
keeping the faith of what you told us in 1861
and what you told your customers for almost
sixty years. What next?"
Why, just this, we shall keep straight on.
The "pendulum of the old clock will swing right
on through all weathers and all years, and we
shall make good every word we have spoken or
June 17, 1919.
Signed H MM
New Ecclesiastical
Laces for a Third
It i! some time since we had
such a Rood collection of these
laces, which are always in demand
for church vestments.
All are made on fine white net
and have ecclesiastical designs.
18-inch width, $1.50 a yard. 36
inch width, $3.25 a yard.
(Main Floor, Ontrnl)
Cassock Blouses of
Georgette prepe
Straight picturesque garments,
cut hip length and with a self
belt and having machine em
broidery in soft pastel shades
cream, rose and blue. The crepe
is flesh colored and the price $20.
Another new waist is of the
same material, with shallow neck
and no collar and heavy clusters
of bends outlining the neck. This
may be had in white with navy,
flesh with navy or navy with red
beads, $12.75.
(Third Floor, Central)
Women's Beige
Colored Buckskin
made with very light welted soles',
long vamps and Louis heels, price
Bronze buckles to go with them
are $4 to $32.
All in the Exclusive Little Boot
(First Floor, Market)
Handkerchiefs. .
$2 a Dozen .
Summer Specials
Good weight Irish linen, plain
hemstitched the useful kind.
And they are notably good for
$2 a dozen.
(West Aisle)
, New Frames to
Make Summer Bags
Frames of imitation shell, or
the pretty colored effects, $1.50,
$1.75 and up to $12.
New shell or colored frames
with ring handlos are $1. .
Silver-plated frames in new de
signs are $2.50 to $4.50; gold
plated frames, $6.50 to $7.50.
(Jewelry Store, Chestnut and 13tli)
A Steady Stream of Cool New
Summer Frocks for Young Women
It's such a comfort to come in, select the new Summer frocks and know exactly how
they are going to look and save all the bother of dressmaking and tiresome fittings. And
bo often it is less expensive, too ! I
, New dresses' in girlish, pretty styles and made of gingham, flowered voile, tissue
ginghams and novelty cottons are in. charming colors.' Sometimes they are embroidered,
sometimes lace trimmed, and sometimes tucked and hemstitched. "
Frocks for all Summer occasions are here in 14 to 20 year sizes, and at $10 to $25
there are literally hundreds of styles.
, (Second Floor, Chestnut)
Hundreds and Hundreds of Crisp
Summer Dresses for Women
$7.75 to $42.50
Voiles colored and
figured and plain and
all-white; ginghams in
strong dark colors, as
well as the lighter, dain
tier ones usually asso
ciated with ginghams;
handkerchief linens and
heavier linens; nets
with self -frills; batistes
with net sashes and
ruffles; all-white and
colored gowns of lin
gerie materials, such as
and embroider-
the variety of
is very great;
reds, rose and
pink shades, many
blues, both .dark and
light, peach color in a
w o r d, everything is
"$7.75 buys a checked
gingham and $42.50 a
voile with quite exquis--.
ite embroidery.
(Flrt Floor, Central)
L. R. Corset
Suggestions -
Cool Summer kinds such as
A topless model of pink mesh
with clastic round the top, $1.50.
A model of mesh for average
figures, low bust and long skirt,
82. .
Ariother topless of pink batiste
'"with elastic insert 'in the waist,
white or pink batiste, topless
rith olnstic band. $3.50.
ikt-i '
Wtr """- "u"'
res, broad elastic band ir. the
J" ir1 4
! '; une aesigneu jor tuu ukuics.
tlK'ie .of p'ink or white broche, is
Krt-enforced over the-abdomen andy
oosu .pv. , 'Ml
Inexpensive Large
Nainsooks with low necks
some square and some round. A
square style with blue feather
stitching is $1.85; a lacertrimmed
one ia $2.50 and embroidery-trimmed
are $2 "and $2.50. All of
which are small prices for such
generously cut garments.
(Third Floor, Central)
Japanese1 Dressing
Sacques at $1.85
The sort which we can never
get enough of made of heavy
Japanese crepe and hand em
broidered with flamingoes in
white, gray and black.
The sacques themselves are
blue, pink and lavender.
Price $1.85.
(Third Floor, Central)
1 Women's Cordovan Oxfords
Special at $9.50 '
About 200 pair of unusually'smart mah&gany-color Cordovan
oxfords made on English lasts.
They, have long wing tips; low, military heels and lots of
perforations nd saw-tooth punching for-ornamentatlon.
Very unusual shoes at this moderate price.
(Ffnt Floor, Market)
3 f.t L -. 4 '
V i Mv J A
Paris Brings Out
a New Collar
Imagine n very fine white
net, cut circular with long
ends to cioss in front? Silk
thread, lun back and forth by
hand, makes the shadow-like
design. The edge is wide, real
Valenciennes lace.
There are also in this new
importation exquisite hand
embroidered organdie and net
collars in vaiious new shapes
many have embroidered dots
and some hae beautiful eyelet
work. .
Truly, they would make
lovely any dress. Prices are
from $4 to $15.
(Main Floor, Ontrnl)
All-Black Parasols
You can get a good plain taf
feta for as little as $4; a gros
grain for $5, and another taffeta
silk with a slightly Japanese
effect due to its twelve ribbed
frame for $5. Most of these
kinds have cords and tassels.
Then there are finer ones Qf
tucked crepe de chine at $13.50;
of grenadine at $11; of a rough
ciepy silk at $18; and of the
heavy genuine mourning crepe at
$35. This last has a heavy
handle of jet beads.
(Main Floor, Market)
We Think Rather
Well of This Silk
It is a new style made of blue
or black moire silk of an excellent
The bag has an inner frame
and is trimmed with a little ruffle.
The price is $5.50.
(Main Floor, Chestnut)
Pretty New Cape
Coats Specials
at $18.75
And they are the same in all
respects as we have been selling
for much more than this before
the arrival of this new shipment.
They are full, moderately long
capes, with vests, belted across
the front and having pockets.
Rows of buttons trim the edges of
the cape. In tan, rose, hunter's
green or gray velour.
Or in navy blue, green or deer
i shade wool poplin with silk braid
(First Floor, Central)
Women's Cool
Breakfast Coats
. Airy garments convenient
slip into if the mSn of the family
must eat a commuter's breakfast
and there isn'.t time to get oneself
properly booted and spurred. One
style is of white dotted swiss,
with a belt, price $4.50; and
others are of cotton crepe pink,
lavender andi blue cut with full
skirts on straight bodices or else
rufHcd. These are $2.85.
(Third Floor, Central)
Girls Summer
Comfortable, light-weight
raincoats are these, made in
simple, practical styles and
waterproof, so that they'll
protect their wearers in bad
Coats for younger girls of
6 to 14 years are of rubberized
canton or checked "mohair in
tan or dark 'blue, $6.75 to
For older girls who wear 14
to 20 year sizes the coats are
of gabardine or canton cloth
in dark blue or tan, or checked
mohair in blue and green
effects. There are also some
satin-striped crepes. $8.50 to
(Second Floor, Chestnut)
Bordered Voiles
' 50c and 75c a Yard
One is a Copenhagen blue, tan
or pink voile with white pin
stripes arid a white tape-edge bor
der on either edge, 38-inches wide
and 50c a yard.
The other is a white voile with
a printed bo.rd.er In pastel colors
pink, blue, lavender, brown or
ros. 45 inches wide and 75c a
Men Know What Is Meant
by a Baggy Appearance
J They know that it is the price some men pay for
a feeling of coolness in their Summer clothes.
Well, it is far too high a price ; especially since a
man can have all the coolness he wants and all the
gracefulness of line along with that.
Q It lies with the man himself to make sure of both.
It depends upon where he chooses his Summer suit.
I There are plenty of Summer suits, both of the
regular worsted and serge kind and of the tropical
kind that will keep a man as cool as he wants to be
but only at the expense of his appearance.
($ There are plenty of Summer suits that will keep-
a man ascool as he wants to be without marring his
appearance but, if anything, enhancing it.
Regular Summer suits and tropical suits that will
keep a man cool and well dressed at the same time
are here in large variety. They have been cut on
the best lines and tailored to hold them.
I They are not of the kind that keep a man cool and
take it out of his looks.
I They are of the kind that tone up his appearance
and tone down his temperature.
I Regular suits of fine, cool worsteds and serges,
beautifully tailored and finished, $32 to $65.
I "Palm Beach," mohair and breeze-weave suits,
cut and tailored to hold their lines, $18 to $35.
I Flannel trousers, $9 to $12.50.
(Third rioor. Market)
Men's Cool, Light Caps of
Fine Pongee
We took several pieces of natural-color pongee of an excellent
quality and had it made up into two styles of caps for men.
One style, which has an eight-piece top is $2 and the other, which
is made in one piece, is $2.50.
(Main Floor, Market)
Have a Flag Ready for
Peace Day
Next Saturday is the day when peace is to be signed and even
if it is again postponed, it will not be for long.
The actual signing of the peace treaty will mean another
great celebration the country over and good patriotic citizens
will want to hang out American flags and they should be good
flags too, not torn and weather-beaten ones. '
All sizes' in wool, cotton and silk at prices ranging from 5c,
for a small cotton flag to $122.50, for a large silk flag.
Flags of the Allies, 75c to $8.
All these pi ices aie lower than they have been.
(Seventh Floor, Market) -
A white enameled wire soap
dish is a tidy thing to fasten on
the spigot of the kitchen sink. 75c.
Every well-equipped bathroom
has a pair of self-weighing scales,
small and compact, finished in
white enamel and weighing up to
,300 pounds. Size 12 inches wide
and 12 inches high. Price $17.50.
Shoe holder to fasten on the
wall and hold the shoe while it is
being polished, $1.25 and $2.
Wanamaker Special -game
tables, felt covered and with fold
ing legs, size 30x30 inches, price
Tabourets of weathered oak for
porches are only $1.25.
. Among the best of all carpet
sweepers is a ball-bearing,"easy
running sort, with an all-bristle
brush. Price $5.50.
A bath spray with red rubber
massage attachment is more a
necessity than a luxury, once the
hot weather really gets here.
Price $2.
White enamel bathtub seats,
adjustable, are $1.50.
Glass and tooth-brush holders
for the bathroom, nickel plated on
brass, are handy and cost $1.
Cherries are ripe and cherry
pie is much better when the stone3
aie removed from the fruit.
Stoners are $1.50.
Another more rapid1 stoner for
large quantities of fruit is $1.
White enameled clothes-trees,
A good preserving tfrne scale
and scoop tht -h no
weights to get lost is $3.
(Fourth Floor, Central and Market)
t,t.-s- M
New English Dinner Sets Have
Come to the China Sale
They make an already good collection still better.
The new arrivals are priced at $45, which means a distinct
saving. They are excellent examples of English dinner sets in
their charming border decorations. Each set comprises 107
The full selection of English sets ranges from $25 to $100,
but the choice at $32.50 to $45 is remarkably good.
Sets' of other nationalities are here in ample selection at
the lowest prices that are likely to be quoted on the same large
variety in a long time. This is especially true of French sets,
the present output of which from Limoges is not nearly equal to
the world-wide demand for these goods.
French china sets' in the collection are $32.50 to $175.
American semi-porcelain dinner sets bulk largely and at
tractively in the event at $10 to $40. '
Japanese china dinner sets are $35 to $75.
The showing of cut glass is the best we have had in years.
Prices $1 to $400 a piece. Savings are one-third to one-half.
(Fourth Floor, Chestnut)
The Materials
for Making
Lampshades, Pillow
Covers and Such
They will be found in the Up
holstery Department, and there is
a maivclous assortment of every
thing needed.
For example, here are the pret
tiest and oddest silks at $1.60, $2
and $2.50 a yard, exactly what one
wants for candle and lampshades,
Summer pillow covers, curtains,
table covers, bags and so one.
Here also, close at hand, are
fringes of chenille, silk, gilt or
cotton with which to trim them.
And there are quantities of all
kinds of gimps, galoons and cords
to match. Many of the more
unusual ones we bought in Paris
re'eenfly "and imported them our
selves. (Fifth Floor, Market)
A Note
Some curiously pretty artificial
fruits for decorative purposes
' have just been received in the Art
Needlework Store. They are
really exquisite in color and
bloom, and prices run from 50c
for a plum to $2 for a bunch of
(Second Floor, Central)
Tub Suits and Othe'r Suits
for the Boys
For boys of three to fifteen years' wo have a good choice of just;
the suits they need for Summer weather.
Stocks of wash suits have been constantly replenished and the '
selection in 3 to 10 year sizes is very good in chambrays, linens; reps,
galatcas1, kindergarten cloths and fabrics of that class. We have these
suits in a large variety of colors and color combinations and in junior
Norfolk, "Oliver Twist," short Russian and Middy styles at $3.25" to'
For boys of 8 to 15 years' there are excellent washable suits in the
Norfolk style made of "Palm Beach" cloth and other fine tub. fabrics at
$10 and $12. ' T 7
Assortments of regular dress-up suits in cool woolens for boys' of,
8 years and upward are also ample and every suit is a fine example
of correct modeling and careful tailoring. All qf thes'e are mithe
Norfolk style and their prices range from $18 to $32. j
(Second Floor, Central)
Two Good Specials in Standard
Homekeepers, but especially those furnishing newly, "will
be glad to know of the special offerings now being made by our
Bedding Store.
Two grades of hair mattresses and two grades of felted cotton
mattresses are being offered at considerable reductions from our
regular prices.
We are making two grades of hair mattresses in our own
workrooms to sell at $24 and $30 respectively, in the double-bed
size, 54x76 inches, and at $15 and $18.75 in the single-bed size,
36x76 inches'.
These we are making in either one or two parts, as desired,
and covering with the customers' choice of the best cotton ticking.
We are offering felted cotton mattresses with roll-stitched
edges, 50 pounds, in double-bed size, 54x76 inches' at $15 and $18
respectively, and in the single-bed size at $12 and $15.
These are covered in a very fine grade of fancier ticking.
(SUtli Floor, Chestnut)
Moderately Priced Rugs for
Year Round Use
You may take our word for it that it is decidedly to your advantage
to buy these rugs at the prices they bear now.
9xl2-foot tapestry Brussels rugs, $32.50.
9xl2-foot Axminster rugs, $40 and $43.50.
9xl2-foot seamless velvet rugs, $40 and $60.
6.9xl2-foot seamless velvet rugs, $45.
9xl2-foot Wilton rugs, $62.50 and $76.
9x9-foot Wilton rugs, $82.50.
(Seventh Floor, Chestnut)
It's a Great Season
for Sashes
Especially Ribbon
And you may choose one in
color to match your frock, or a
color to contrast with it for both
ways are fashionable.
The sash ribbons are lovely-
soft, satiny ribbons which drape
and tio into bewitching bows.
The colors are exquisite, and
there's a fascinating variety. 6
inches wide, $1.35 a yard; 8 '
inches wide, $1.95 a yard.
Two-toned ribbons aro smart
and very effective they're .of
satin and usually two distinct
shades are combined. 24 inches
wide, $1.10 a yard; 3 inches wide,
$1.50 a yard,
"Happy Is the Bride'- Who Will Have
One of These Beautiful Dining-Room
Suits in Her Home
"Happy is the bride that the sun shines on," but all other things being equal,
the bride whose dining room is destined to be enriched by one of these ten-piece'
dining-room suits will be happy whether the sun shines or not. '
Choosing' a ten-piece dining-room suit calls for thought and judgment. A very"1
little thought will convince any one tha,t it is easier to form a satisfactory judgment;
in other words, it is easier to make a satisfactory selection where there is a variety, ofI
the best types to select from.
We don't think it can be denied that by far the greatest variety to be found any-
where will be found here. u!
This .is a summarised list of a few between $390 and $750. j ?'
Ten-Piece Dining-Room Suits ' f,
Mahogany suit, Sheraton style, $395.
A walnut Queen Anne suit, $435.
Figured walnut, Louis XIV suit, $500.
Inlaid walnut suit. Italian influence. $750.
Figured walnut William and Mary suit, $665,
8Uth Floor, Market)
Mahogany Queen Anne suit, $635.
rigurea mahogany yueen Anne suit, 8S7, ?'
Mahogany suit in Heppelwhlte style, 510v '
Mahogany William and Alary vutt, 58U. .(-:
Brown .mahogany, Georgian style, $475,
S. "-L f
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b.,mEnmESP.lyii? .
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rMMAJx&$Xm&k"jZ . n-
t V V
iy (Mal Floor,, Central)