Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, June 17, 1919, Night Extra Financial, Page 15, Image 15

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;Vft Wi?(,i'M' "l. 'ratfvifl ledgijr-Philadelphia; tuesd ax juke 17, 1010
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i4ncf So Tiei Were Married
Copyrlsht, 1010. by Tubllo Ledger Co
(tytTVLh, ivhat do you make of It?"
" asked Alice.
Ruth Rhook her head.
"What are you rohjk to do?"
"Wo'lt wait till Scott comes home."
Scott had never been welcomed so
oclferously In his life as ho was by
the two girls when he finally did arrive
'Never had he seen Ruth nnd Alice so
(entirely one. In thought cither. They
Jis-Js vcre both actuated by the one purpoae
nnd the quarrel of the day had been
IMO" , ti .
?c4i' l ' u'",":u
"Did you eee any one in the hall?"
Ji.ei asked Ruth.
7 if to nA man lth 0 checked suit?" from
if ) Alice.
.jsaoi tiwhat is all this? Has anything
1Z 'happened?" asked Scott.
)'' n,t, l.1. Snl.1 tli. .)nr
L,) "Von know Scott I told tou how
3JTL amf.il I. tkn !.. Vntnltn f.n.1 T
-.i'"khad Rita out to lunch nnd he came over
II.it . to our table. Rita uoesn t want to
wf a etK ii tut tur euine reuouu.
7'" o ,,- , i .. .... . .
-xuu re prouuuiy ihukihk lot oi
fuss nhmir. nntriincr.M xvntt HpntrVq nn
i ..7. r . '
li&ev 8a"8",'"y reply
u, out am you sec mmr
i A "I certnlnly did not. There's no one
m oui mere now. lie may simply be some
y ne Rita wants to avoid." '
t!iA les, we deduced that much our-
lW ji "elves," remarked Alice dryly, with a
iook at jiutn. jkum warmed under it.
This was Alice under different condl-
annas l7Ii a -n AlmAii 1 tf-K tt
if,-'-1 tiuuo. "uj cue to uuiiuiii. imuujc.
IfiHV p, "Rltfl's vnlr nniindrwl nn Rlrnntrt'
iiuin lnicrposcu. i am ccriain it was
I 4r BomtnlB out ot the ordinary that made
ner cait up tnai, way. ana way suouia
this man be so determined?"
"You haven't been hero all through
It," from Alice. "If you had you
wouldn't take It so coolly."
"Well, I'll go over and see If Rita is
all right." And Scott strode over to
the door ot the apartment.
wait, wait." implored uuth. "see
if he's out there first, he may have
1 . come back."
' Scott opcried the dopr and stepped
;. out to the landing.
' "No one here," he announced, step-
- .- ping to the stairs and peering down
into the semi-gloom. ,
T1im 1.A vnnr. tliA liUl nt tUa nat-
VfV'ment opposite. The weird ringing could
V$KCJ6 heard plainly inside but there was
?l3Zno other sound.
"jjt. Ruth looked at Alice. "That's
T" funny," she whispered.
J "Not funny at all," Scott said In a
K5 matter ofifnet tone. "Rita has prob
'ify ably gone opt."
!JS. "She coujdn't have; there hasn't been
time. I m sure she s not out, Ruth
Insisted. "Ring again, Scott."
Scott rang again and they all
waited, but no one opened the door.
"Perhaps she's afraid to come out,
suggested Ruth. "She may think he's
till out here," said Alice.
"Of course," assented Ruth approv
ingly, "how stupid not to think of
that, we'll call her up."
Rut central after a long time reported
no answer.
Scott did not seem at all worked up
about the matter, and repaired to the
nvmgrroom vwitn nis "paper. Alice
followed Ruth out to the kitchen. When
Ruth began to take things out of the ice
box, she said, "Now what can I do to
help Ruth," and Ruth who at first was
about to say "Not a thing," changed
her mind, and put Alice to work. It
was all very different from the morning.
Alice seemed so changed.
"I cau't imagine, but I do believe
that something is wrong." And then on
'the impulse of the moment, she said
warily, "I met Dan this morning, and
he acted awfully funny."
Philadelphia Quakers to Assist
in Distribution of $50,000
5 .Relief Fund
Hjjfi?. Plans are being made by the Amer-
C-lcan jrnenps' service committee, ot Phil
adelphia to send a small group of relief
workers into Germany as soon as peace
is settled, to distribute a $50,000 relief
Arrangements have been made for a
campaign to raise the money, but actual
0AltftMttA ...ill .... L.-t- ..-.it rti..-i.
l':7('solicitation will not begin until Charles
""''J- Rhoads, formerly preside:
nt of the
Federal Reserve Rank in Philadelphia,
(and now bead of the Friends' relief
work overseas, sends word that pass
ports have been obtained.
Lucy Riddle Lewis, ot Lansdowne,
Pa, ; Caroleua Wood, of Mount Kisco,
X. Y. ; Jane Addams and her asso
ciate, Doctor Hamilton, of Chicago, will
head the relief group which will be in
creased by members from the Quaker
i diet workers already in France.
, Several weeks ago Chief Rhoads cabled
thnt passports had been promised by
Herbert Hoqyer, but news Jins just come
that the relief expedition will not be
permitted to go into Germany until
J JTrWPeace has been signed,
5?. There areonly 125,000 Quakers in
vts-i-cthe United States, according to statis
;?fe3.vtlcs'given out by the service committee,
. hut thev have already civen more than
$1,200,000 for relief work overseas.
nlh Hfs
flPfwmDsnv!t ivcnv
Shorthand and Trpcmritlns or
BookkpSS Taujht la About
30 Dy ! Stud.
Send for catalogue
wor rduti a In eonitant demand tat
ovd payinc pultlont. Urecir tjborthind.
lb . nxtdr system. Complete, biulneta
tua McretarlJt! courses. Hs.lt rates summer
montbs intensivs Crslnlnr Enroll
ny time. Call or writ (or tali
Pirtlealsrs and ratalosu.
sao Csllrao of Comraereo
1011 Cnostnot 8t.. 1-alUdilirhIa
Th. Bsst Iluslnssa DolM4
Taylor School
QusUly" Secretarial
Ceurss. 100? Mirk. t St.
Yswng Men and Hots
('Camp totaMDr&ErS?lSk
, ' -i i .s Hryjc
"You did?" Allro nniurcl In thn net
of hulfiug n berry to look up at Ruth.
"Well, I'll tell you what I think.
I didn't like thh girl when I met her,
but I'm sorry for her. Somehow I
can't help It."
"You would like 'her If you knew
her, said Ruth Impulsively. "Oh, I
know that there aro lots of things about
her that I don't approve of, but Scott
and I are both fond of them. We've
seen a lot of them since they've moved
"I didn't like the silly way she acted
with Scott thnt night she was in here."
Here uni something that Ruth could
thoroughly agree with.
"I know what you mean, she has that
way with men."
There was a silence between them as
Ruth swung open the oven door to ex
amine tho roast. Then as Ruth
straightened up her face flushed from
the heat of the oven, Alice burst out
"I hate all women who act that way,
with men I mean. There's a woman who
does it with Bert, that's why I came
nway to New York. I couldn't bear
it. I can't bear to see any one else
happy when I'm so miserable, but I
guess I deserve It."
Ruth wiis nt Alice's side in a min
ute. "Oh, Alice, I didn't know. Tleasc
don't feel that way. Ben doesn't care
for her, I'm sure of that."
"But he docs," Alice burst out,
"nnd I've been so horrid to him. I've
always been jealous of him all my life
when I hndn't anything to be Jealous
about. I'vo always accused him ot
things, and now I just don't know what
to do." She was cring now.
Gone was all of Ruth's dislike of
Alice. Her pride down, she was just
an unhappy woman, a woman Ruth
could be sorry for. No wonder Alice
had been disagreeable since she had ar
rived in tHe city with such a secret
hidden away in,h?r heart. Ruth re
membered suddenly that this was the
first mention Alice had made" ot Bert
since her arrival in New York.
The Question Corner
' Today's Inquiries
1. What is the most fnshionable way
to wear the hat thii year?
2. How can .holes made in wood
work by mice be stopped up so
thnt they will not show?
3. Describe a new and very unusual
silver ten ball.
4. What mntcrinl is being used for
summer negligees?
C. When dampness cnuscs a stain
on magohanv furniture, what is
the best polish to use?
0. What dainty style of collar Is very
. popular for summer dresses?
Yesterday's Answers
1. The habit of going without n hat
to places of amusement, indoors
nnd out, is" being tnken'up by the
women of England.
2. A popular dress that originated
in France nnd is being worn here
is made in such a way that it re
quires one hook and the tying of
the sash to fasten it.
3. Voile waists are often trimmed
with a design in drawn work, with
hemstitching on collar and cuffs.
4. The inside em elope of a wedding
invitation rIiouUI be addressed to
"Mr. nnd Mrs. Jones," when the
outside one is addressed to "Mr.
and Mrs. John Jones."
5. An unuMial addition to o ten set
which is being used now is a
pair of candlesticks fn the same
china as the rest of the set.
0. A prc(ty summer hat that is
easily made Is a mushroom shape
covered with checked gingham
and trimmed with n band und
tiny bow of narrow ribbon to
Vacancies Filled by Board Glrard
College's Good Report
At a monthly meeting of the board
of directors of City Trusts yesterday
ex-Governor Edwin S. Stuart, the
chairman, appointed Dr. T. B. Hollo
way to fill the vacancy created by the
resnatlon of Dr. J. K. Sweet as at
tending surgeon at the Wills Eye Hos
pital. Dr. Orla J. Park was appointed
resident surgeon at the same institu
tion. A certificate of service was
granted Dr. R. S. Pendcxtcr, of that
hospital, In recognition of his faithful
service as resident surgeon.
The Girard College appointments were
Edward C. Kcan, as teaching house
master, and Miss Anna C. Roth, as
A financial report of the Glrard Trust
within the city showed that the net re
ceipts for 1010 to May ill were $404,
029, an increase of $15,105. The hold
ings outside the city for the same pe
riod netted $714,347, a gain of
o'clock A. M.'on the 25th day of June,
For further information concerning said Nickel or the terms
and conditions of sale, apply to the Merchandise Department,
Bureau of Sales, Room 518, 110 "West 42d Street, New York City.
Director, Bureau of Sales,
J i
II1 On Lahe'Champlain, N. Y. M
On LakeChamplain, N. Y.
Thfe Camp Where You Can Fly
In Purtlti nlinei. HzMrt Curtlti
Machtna controlled only by txportence4
YU.Bulxaai ntkaa awtll ! 1 tMrllataT..
Little singer nnd dancer who will
appear at the Chaplains' Recreation
at the Philadelphia Navy Yard to
day. Her homo Is 3021 Cambridge
The Woman's
' Adventures Won't 8top
To the Editor of th Woman's Paoe:
Denr Madam You have helped me
wonderfully in finding some veritable
bargains, that's why I nm calling upon
you again. This time 1 want to know
whero I may purchase secral things,
the names of which I hac mentioned
Lat the end of the letter. Thank you
very much for your help in the past.
You certainly are doing a service for
the many readers of tho EVEifiNO PCb
wo Ledcier, and I believe you excel
the average expert shopper in finding
genuinely splendid and useful things of
moderate prices. Some of the figures
you quote really amaze me they are
almost too good to be true. Again, I
say,' don't stop your good work. Hut,
my, don't jou tire in your efforts to
help folks save money?
M. S. B.
Thank you very muth for your ap
preciation, M. S. R. It's a pleasure to
get letters of this kind nnd know that
this section of the paper is really help
ing others. The names of the shops
where jou can buy the articles you
asked about have been sent by mail.
Wants to Sell Stories
lo the Editor of the iroman'a Page:
Dear Mndam I have been reading
in the Evening Ledger for a number
of scare, und I think it is the best
newspaper Jn Philadelphia. You have
neipeu " jnniiy iiuuimu viin jour au
vice that I thought I would come to
jou for nxlvice.
"Will ypu" pleas? tell .me where I could
sell some sliort nlorics which I wrote,
and how much they pny the author of
them? . AUTHOR.
You inn hend-your stories to U mag
azine, or' to a sjndicatc. In sending
them to n magazine, look through sev
eral magazines nnd choose the one
which has stories like the one that you
arc seodiug-rthat is, if it seems to
specialize on adventure stories, and
jours is a love storj,,do not send It to
that magazine. Look around until you
find the right one. The syndicates, of
course, do this choosing foryou, if you
send your manuscript' to them, selling
.the story to the magazine or paper that
uses that particular kind, it you will
send me a stamped, self-addressed en
velope I will send you a liBt of some
syndicates' to which you can forward
your stories.
Use of Cocoa Butter
To the Editor of the Woman's Page
Dear Madam Will-you kindly ad
vise me what to use to develop the bust?
I hae been told to uso cocoa butter
If this will seivc the purpose, please
let me know how it Is sold and how
to use it? F. M. M
Cocoa butter lias been foiinu very
satisfactory for fattening any pnrt of
the body. It usually comes in a cake
like soap, or in a roll, and is rubbed
on the skin and the skin thcii massaged
until it Is thoroughly absorbed. Exer
cise and deep breathing will also develop
the bust. Use the arm movements that
you would use in swimirlrg, pitting
Notice is heieby given that the under
signed, Francis P. Garvan, Alien Property
Custodian, will offer for sale at public
sale, to the highest bidder, at Store 16,
American Dock Store, Tompkinsville,
Islnnrf. New Ynrif. nt pie von
1919, 4 lots of Nickel.
Alien Property Cu$todian
Aerial observation. flrmmA Mt...
ah suaiauca. Motor Htohania,
famous nth Drtl.lon, will conduct lbs cams
as a dtnwnstraUen. f tba Swiss Systran of
Training, amphaslilnr (aperrltad utalotlc.
Elch wnkl com:
cataloa aaerrss
Hrwt. Has Toi
A. ..stlTK. i, ita
'FJnnt di J v
Mrs. W. C. Spronl Says Ncio Position Hasn't Changed Hus
band Loves Chester Place Best, She Declares
Telegrams and long distance telephone
chats with the Governor rather than
across-thc-brcakfast-table conversa
tion with her husband; managing two
homes instead of one, with all the mul
tiplication of attending problems; fly
ing trips from one home to the other;
getting ready for a dinner party nt
Harrisburg nnd finding the gown she
wanted to wear had been left In Ches
ter these nrc somf of'the difficulties
in being the wife ot Governor William
C. Sproul.
"So many ask me how it feels to be
the Goicrnor's wife." There Was a
merry twinkle in Mrs. Sprout's blue
eycs.as shs spoke. "Really, you know,
being niado Governor hasn't changed
Mr. Sproul a bit. He has been my hus
band for nenrfy twenty-fivo yenrs and
I tlon t feel n bit differently than be
fore he wns made Governor. Of course,
it has chnnged our manner of living,
for now we have two homes to take care
of. and thln?l vntl wnnt linvo n nnppr
tendency to be in the wrong place."
in a cool looking georgette gown Mrs.
Sproul sat on the lernmln of Lnpiden
Manor and looked down over the little
city of Chester.
Loves tho Old Place
Little wonder, she snid, the old place
hnd never seemed so benutiful to her.
The winding cimler driveway, bordered
with rhododendrons, whose wnxy green
leaves glltcned in tho sunshine, the
deep green velct of the sloping lawn
over which wonderful old trees scattered
their shade; the air fragrant with
honeysuckle and rambler roses ; the
brightness of tho flower garden, and
the rambling old manor itself, seemed
like some enchanted place.
Somehow the questions of charter re
vision; eight-hour days; of suffrage or
laws pertaining to food and coal didn't
filter thrpugh the serene calm of Ln
pldea Manor. Perhaps that is why
Mrs. Sproul prefers to Rpcnd most of
her time there rather than In the for
mal mansion at Hnrrisburg. Rut,
whether in tho great old houso on the
hillside, which is so filled with inti
mate memories of her own children nnd
special emphasis on the backward move
ment, or the end of tho stroke. Swim
ming would also help you, if you can
get n chnucc to go in for it.
Eleventh Street Will Open Mart
From Balnbrldge Street South
No interference from city nuthorities
is expected by the South Eleventh Street
Rusiness Men's Association, which will
inaugurate an open-nir wholesale market
for farmers tomorrow morning on Elev
enth street, extending several squares
south from Ralnbrldge. The object of
the new market Is to relievo congestion
on South street, a busy and crowded
The double row of farmers' wagons
which lined South street not only
proved an obstacle to fire engines, ac
cording to George II. Dickson, of the
business men's association, but also
prevented the proper cleaning up of ac
cumulated filth. Eleventh street, it is
pointed out, is wide enough to afford
ample room for traffic even with a
double row of wagons lining the curb.
"We will comply with the law in
every respect and therefore expect no
interference," said Mr. Dickson. "The
market will be 'opened because of sug
gestions made by city officials and about
100 farmers. Hucksters, storekeepers
and large buyers will find it to their
advantage to patronize this market. It
will be kept in a sanltaiy condition nnd
will rid South street of noise nnd filth."
U. of P. Seniors Dine
Members of the senior class of thu
University of Pennsylvania, including
graduates of the Tovvnc Scientific School
of Finance, gave tncir larcwcii uanquci,
one of tho events of commencement
week, in the Adelnhin Hotel Inst night.
About 100 members of the graduating
class were present., xne principal ad
dress was made by Prbvost Smith.
More Than 100,000 Sold
The Nation' Foremost Book of Health
Bv Prof. Irvine Fisher and Dr. Eugene
Lyman Fiik in collaboration with the
Hygiene Reference Board of Life Ex
tension Institute composed ot many
such men aa Dr. W. J. Mayo, ex-Pres.
American Medical Association; Dr. J,
F. Anderson, Director U. o. uovern
ment Hvaienic Li'aorntory. etc. In
troduction by ex-Pres. Wm. H. Toft.
State Hoards of Health reeomm.nd and uss
this dook. inanesi meaicai autnonues en
dorso it. Full of vital Information on
Witt to Ett and How to Eat; How fo
Avoid Colds; Comlip ttion ; Blood
Prcuort; Hardening of the Arterici;
Dripepilai Grippe; Hesdichei; Liver
and Kidneys; Sex Hjfiene; Alcotol
and Tobacco; Nervoni Troubled In
somnia; Fat Deep Breatkinr, and Exer
cise ; etc., etc.
Profusely Illatlratti; 497 pof.es
ll.B" set: by mall. 11.62.
rtookstorea or Publishers
Funk & Wninnll. Co., S3t Fourth At . N.T. I
Makes a Rich Creamy
Fruity Flavored
Sold Everywherm
home life, or in the stately Governor's
mansion, Mrs. Sproul retains thnt same
sweetness nnd gentleness ot chnrncter
and "mothers" nil the young folk who
gather in the, generous circle.
Baby Jane Favorite
"I did spenl quite n long time in
Hnrrfcbtirg nftcr the innugurntion," ex
plained the first lndy of the state. "I
iotc the mansion with its windows look
ing across tho river. Wc nil heenme
fond of the place and the people. Rnby
Jane was n supreme fnvoritc with every
one nnd she loved the excitement. She
Is n wee bit autocratic and she found
folk there so eager to do her bidding.
There were not many social occasions
because of Mr. Sproul's illness. And,
of course, every ono has left Harrls
hurg now for tho season."
"Rnby" Jane Klner, granddaughter
of Governor ' nnd Mrs. Sproul nnd
ilaughtor of Mrs. Henry J. Klner, wns
plnjing just then under the trees ucnr
the house, iuost ot ner four years
lime been spent nt Lnpidca Mnuor, nnd
she eagerly gosslns with legislators nnd
other ) Harrisburg friends nbout her
Inmhs nnd chickens nnd puppies. Her
deep blue eyes, red gold hnlr, clear pink
checks nnd charming smile hnvo won
mnnv conquests.
"There is just so much to do here,"
continued Mrs. Sproul. "The house
and the flowers and the gnrden they
nil need attention nnd we loe it so.
Wc hnd expected to go to Hot Springs
for the summer, but wc find the cot
tages wo wnnted have been tnlten, so
we will stay here for a month or so,
then find a cool place to spend August.
It really la hard to suit nil the mem
bers of the family. Mr. Sproul wants
to rest nnd tho young folk wnnt some
place whero there Is at least n little
Like any other mother Mrs. Sproul's
chief Interest centers In her children.
She proudly talks of "Jack," the tall,
sunbrowned J'outh who has only re
cently discarded his olive drnb uniform,
nnd she helps plan gay llttlo dresses
for Rnby Jane and becoming frocks for
Mrs. Kiaer.
So long as they are all happy Mrs
Sproul is content.
Aged Mother of Naval Chief Quite
III In Camden
The illness of his mother broughtVice
Admirnl Wilson on n hurry visit to
his home iu Camden Friday. It is
feared that tho aged woman cannot
Kunive the Infirmities fiom which she
'is suffering. She is eight -seven jenrs
old nnd wns scarcely nble to recognize
her distinguished son when he cntcied
her room.
Mrs. Wilson has said thnt she wished
to live until she hnd seen two events
nn allied ietory nnd her son. Her son
visited her Inst April 17, and from her
home at 345 Mount Vernon street she
watched the splendid welcome which
Camden gave to the naval hero.
After seeing his mother Admiral Wil
son went to Atlantic City to join his
family. At the present time he is in
command of the New Mexico, which
essel will probably be his flagship
when he assumes command of the At
lantic fleet.
Wednesday Eve.. June Uth. at 8 o'clock
Prof. S. S. Huebner (U. of P.)
"always fresh
Mayonnaise Dressing
and Appetizing
1 "oh.Yes-it'8 I ,;ij iijjj Ju ae 4!M liiiiilic "A
H!I Inexnenahw I i::( " j::::: fsssBSaai JLJW lUI r :::::: v
i to Oner-ate!" M i;j. -'-r-r-rfUT'::::::: j.i f i t:::::: vt
I n . .. alum !:i: '::;::::::::::::::: Trie cpion nai i -
l A discussion of the IB ';. ,:::::::::::::::::: w wwwiwm ruwir f::::::
HI LoveKin uas Water IB :::::::::::::::::::: - ta.. Um... -. l.:::::
.Heater usually I ,:::::::::::::::::::: 326, DUT liaVe 30 1!:!:;! i
brings forth the re- II :::::::::::::::::::: !:::::: ?
I mark, "Oh, yes! it's I ! J :: : : eyfi Ollf aiSO for t:::::: , 'i
If inexPCIsive to inn : :::::::::::::::::: : w" f :
I operatewE . IHI !!!i!iEEEiiii!E; the name p;;; j
I ASTOrUSIC OAS VOTZB H5Alxa ; ; ; WW KW M M. naP W t '.'' ''.' i
a It represents l III :ii: :::::::::::::::::: m m sF i ::::::
III the utcst in J I : : :::::::::::::::::: ,, . l:::: -
IdVvYopreSir 11 nar name is your pro- I:::::!
1 1 and its unusu- i J- lillil :::::::::::::::::::: fp.r.finn aefninct infafint :::::: i
1 1 ally small gas jiijfrr- :ii::::::::::::::::::: .--.... Muuwi nnwiiwi i
I IHIIA consumntion I JiTm H II !' - t s : . : . t... j.t J.'.'.'. '.'.'.
feally surpris: J I :x J ::::::::::::::::::: lllll.dllUlld, JUST SS WQ :::::: &
I b7thepup.rG:eid. IJJ I :ii:EEEE!EEEEEEEEEEEE , sealed package is Protec- ijjiijj - '
I 'wto i ! II iiiiiii-iii-EiiEEEEEE; ; tlon against impurity. siiliili' -I
ili LOVEKiN'Mf I :ii::;;ii!;!i!;ii;!!i; The Greatest Name f&W s
simiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiawniiiiuiiiimiiimmiuiuiiiiiii tw. - bva K.m mttVZZrtVJ!2 ':::::::: '
Contost in Oratory Features
Commencement Exercises
Hold at Broad St. Theatro
The fifty-second annual commence
meut of La Snlle Collecc wns held this
afternoon in the Broad Street Thentre
Monsignor Xein Fisher presided.
Die exercises opened with an
overture by the orchestrn, followed by a
contest In orations, entitled "Justice
for Ireland" were dollercd 1 Jnmes
V. Downej ; "Marshal Foch," b Jo
seph A McGarry; "Cardinal Mertier,"
by J. Russell Cullen.
Francis H. Shields, Philadelphia, de
livered tho address to the gruduutcs.
The nthletlc department will Miffer
through the grnduntion of many of the
star plnjers. The bnskctbnll tenms
will lie tho worst to suffer ns six
members nf the first nnd second tenms
will not return next jenr. They nre
Ronninell, Clifford. II. Dojle, Graham,
Hanev nnd McXichol. Eight members
of the bnsebnll sqund graduated. They
nrc- Buggy. Pnszkicwiiz. Schmidt.
Schnener, Toth, Morris, Reillv and
Tho forty-eight gradustes are
rr Medical Certiorates Alnhonsus r
.L"1rvCOJo,hh0cno'8fIrna5' "5"ecJn'
iSj.fSiiio.rch??e,ar,,!i."ra;r,.;sv8 ar,:"
Stephen nirrordf cnnrl-a Hob-m CS
hsrl a Vlnrent Iiav f, Illchnr.! HoiiVrt
poWo Franc!. Hall iV,- tr""!, nr.r
nMm John Jrlpph llinrj ll,n Joseph
Karlfvuild John Anthonv K'.lh jln Itaj
mom! Kelly Jnmes rsjrl.k MrM, hoi Jr
losrph nthon Paszklc Mr? Alexander
I-ranris Schmidt. William Alolus Schrelner
L.V AJ1,lJ.ony S'recker. Jr Alexander
Stephen Toth
Commercial Dotiloma Joseph Charles
Horner Hubert Aloyslu" rtolee c harles Jo
eph Iloyle, Joseph A Ilraun Jnhn 1 ranrls
toiiello. Jr.. Joseph Justin Dmtzer. Joseph
How I Economize
in Cooking
I've found that beginning n meal with
a tempting llttlo hors d'oouvre Isn't the
extravagance it seems, but Is really an
economy, because they're really so Inex
pensive, and If I flavor them with Jim's
favorite Al Sauce it puts him In n good
humor right at the start, and he doesn't
eat nearly po much meat, which Is bad
for him If he's had something elsa first
The other night w began the meal
with a delicious nppetlzer. consisting of
a piece of toast cut round with a slice
of tomato on It and a strip of herring
across tho top I served It on a lettuce
leaf nnd rprlnkled just a few drops of
Al Sauce oer It. It was simply deli
clous. The nett night I had celerv
stalks stuffed with cream cheese, into
which I had beaterf a teaspoonful of Al
That wonderful sauce ought to ho adver
tised on every food poster in the coun
try. There Is nothing like it for econ
omy Adv.
. ry-Mr-m:----ttiB&tmmmwm;::m ym t
s -i. :::::: : -m Jto: : : n :amj .uittttm HrfrTay v ;
n3C Flavor tiam ;;;:;:!,
mi Lasts 1 Kept Rtght f 1 1 i i i M
Aloyslus Drummond. Pebaatisn Anthony
Khmer. Christopher Gerard Kluehr. Jr ,
Ferdinand Joseph Ooett. Ionard r re4erlck
HolTmayer. Theodore Andrew Klaus. Francis
Joseph Illgley. Alfonso d Ulovannl, Frank
Joseph Knapplek Frank Xavler Kummer
John Ktlward McOoern, James Joseph Mc
Oulre, Joseph Anthony Miller, Kdward
Thomas Morris Thomas Joseph Keltly Kem
per Andrew Ryan Joseph llerliert Hehaiider,
I rank Alosslua Pndr. Albert Charles olk.
rtnjmond Alojstus Welsh
Ouke of Westminster Doesn't Con
test Charges of Desertion
Tendon, .lune 17. The Durhess of
Westminster wns grnnted n divorce to
dny from Hugh Richard Arthur Gros
venor, second Duke of Westminster, on
the grounds of desertion nnd miscon
Counsel for the duke snid n simple
clenlnl to the chnrges hnd been entered
orlginnllv, but that upon trlnl the ense
hnd not been contested
The Duchess of Westminster formerly
J i J
L -I l?7P
nl Y m
was Constance Edwins, rfaugfcUr.
Colonel William Cornw11l..Wa4.'. rUM
and her husband signed a separative'.
agreement in 1014. They were marrM
in 1001 nnd hnve two children. ' " 3$
The Duke of Westmluster, served jbth
ivgypi vii uuu nou mo u. q. j;, rwr
bravery. ' JT
sat.p. nv
Canned Ve2etabk3
C1aS KMa lit ill Via nnAnad O T UV-&:
June 30, 1919, on quantities located !
at various points. Particulars, spe,
ciai bid forms can oe oDtained ad ,v
Zone Supply Ofllces:
Hoston, New York. Philadelphia,
Baltimore, Newport News, Atlanta,
Chicago, St. Louis. New Orleans, Tt.
Sam Houston, El Paso, Omaha, San
Francisco. '
Pyrol Wool t suitable and
satisfactory for all vacation's
wear. It requires no pressing
and is not affected by damp
Ladies' and Misses'
Plain Tailored Suits
26.75 29.75 37.75
Also n
Top, Street and ,
Motor Coats
24.75 29.75 37.75
Girls' and Juniors' Suits
and Top Coats,
24.75 ?
Ladies1 Hats Repriced
v -12
-,. .vs - -i": j -41 -'-.:- Liisf -. s
cf.irv ,' !
l-Jma , , JnL"JiA:ii