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afternoon; unsettled and cooler tonight;
Saturday, fair jand cooler.
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Published Dally Kxcent Sunday. Hulcrlrtlon rrlce: Jfl a Tear by Mall.
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Copyright, llil".
the Public Ledger Company.
Knlered aa Second-class Matter at the roeloftlre at Philadelphia.
Under the Art of March 3, 187U.
BSSS'I bent's proclamation
Wrt ,- . . . . ' . ,
'. 'a-kA TS I A I M..r4 14 inHc
ur. jraui a. ijcwi? mmo
N-ur Malarlv Is "La
,. ,.,v ., ,
W Grippe" Renamed
- i .
&, -.Municipal Health Officii!.! lo
. T T . a , AT T
wv ' Consider MaKinc uisease
Reportable ,
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& '
Sanies; tt 12 'iUtiertp Bap'
livery day the great principles cry of our country in order to stlmu.
for which we are fighting take fresh Jate a generoUB response to the
hold upon our thought and purpose fourth Liberty Loan
and make It clearer what the end Commemorative address', page
must be and.' what we must do to ants, harvest home festivals or
achlcVe It, We now .know more cer- other demonstrations' should be
talnly than we ever knew before arranged for In every neighborhood
why free men brought the" great under the general direction of the
nation and CSovornment we love Into Secretary of the Treasury and the
existence, because It grows clearer Immediate direction of the Liberty
and clearer what supreme service Ioan committee ' In co-operation
It, Is to be America's privilege to rcn- with the United States Bureau of
der to the world. The anniversary Education .and" ,the public school
of the discovery of America must authorities. Let the people's re-
therefore have or us In this fateful sponse to ,the fourth Liberty Loan
year a peculiar and thrilling slgnifl- express the measure of their devo-
cance. AVe should make It a day of tion to the Ideals which have guided
ardent rededlc.atlon to the ideals upon theountry from Its discovery until
which our Government Is foundod, nowTand of their determined pur
and by 'which our present heroic pose to defend them and guarantee
tasks are Inspired. - their triumph.
Now, therefore, I, Woodrow AV11- t Vov the purpose of participating
son, President of the United States In Liberty Day celebrations, all em-
of America, do appoint Saturday, the ployes of the .Federal Government
12th day of October, 1918, as Lib- throughout the-cotintry whose' serv-
erty Day. On that day I request Ices can be spared may be excuse.l
the citizens of every community of on Saturday, the 12th day vof October,
the United States, city, town and for the entire day.
countryside, to 'celebrate "the rilscov- WOODROW WILSON.
Emergency Fleet Official
Tells Senate Contmittec
of Plan
Men Who Loafed on Job Dis
missed All Must Work
or Fight
Mor.c Than 8000 Prisoners
Captured in Desperate St. i -
V V ,K' 3
t" $ , VJ
i z&R
Qe,,n !.,,. VIENNA'S "PEACE" ' U.S. GUNS POURING Allies Press Closetf
Forty Batteries. Brought Up -
After Counril of Despair, .Official Statement, How- Bombardment of City Con-
to Cambrai and
St. Quentin
The germ of Spanlph Influenza Jias
fcecn Isolated and Identified as the Pfelf
fer1 bacillus, the cause of the old form
of grip, thus giving the medical pro-
fesslon absolute knowledge for'lts fight J
against' the disease,, which Is assuming
aspects' of 'an epidemic in this city.
. Proof" of the germ's Identity was
established by Pf. Paul A. Lewis, di
rector of the laboratories at Phipps In
stltute. '; Seventh and lximbard streets.
Jt Is believed to 'be the first successful
dentlflcatlon of the bacillus In the
tlnited States, i 'sl - .
Doctor Lewis' Identification of the
'Spanish 'Infiuehra germ was the result
pf '. laborious tests made- from a number
jot cultures. The Pfelffer germ was
named after nlchard Pfelffer, ft former
German army surgeon, who, in 1892, j
'dlsc'overed the germ of Influensa.
. w The Isolation of the Influenza germ
was, the. outstanding feature In the
Spanish grip situation here today.
. Other features of the situation are:
Local health officials have caffed a
conference tomorrow- to consider making i "" "
ihe dttease reportable. . (THREE OTHERS ", KILLED PARTY
Twb hundred and fifty sailors are bo- 1 V
ing transferred In small groups today
Philadelphia Family Loses Note Asking Contribution
Boys Within Three ' for Electioh Fight Goes
' " Days Into Waste Basket .
from the naval hospital to the Munlcl-
pal Hospital to make room for the In- ,
fiuenza cases at the former Institution. '
Most of the sailors being transferred
are affected with measles and other i
slight ailments. I
Ten new cases among enlisted mien
at the Philadelphia navy yardjwerc re
ported today.-
Up. to this morning, ten deaths have
occurred among enlisted men at the!
navy yard and the WlssShlckon Bar
Mcks at Cape May. Five deaths re
sulted ,-from the complications of pneu
monia. , l0U.Ce Among Sailor
tCavy officials place, Uie total of cases
thus' far among sailors at 057.
The conference of health odl)alR to be J
new tomorrow was caueo oy ur. a. j. ,
'"Calrns'of.- th' Bureau of Health. Dr.
FranJ(U,C:-ilnrniond and Dr. James M. I
Andenr-'wlll' be'among the conferees.
If was" learned todav that a surceon '
Mjjie hospital In the navy yard has
tecomelnffcted with the disease. Navy
offlclals refuse to reveal his pame, be
nivlnjfi' Klk" family 'will be unduly
The task of combating the disease
among service men In the fourth naval
district Is being directed by Senior Sur
Ceon. Fairfax Irwin, who was loaned by
tlie Public Health Service to the Navy
Department to act aB sanitation officer
In this district.
See Danger In Overcrowding
Medical and housing authorities this
afternoon pointed out the posslbili'y of
Spanish Influenza btcomlng epidemic in
Philadelphia because of the serious over
crowding whic exists
They say, however, there is. no present
cause for alarm, despUe the .thousand
cases among men In the navy now In
this city and the many cases reported
lri "the civilian population, ordinary
precaution will prevent an epidemic. It is
But tens .of thousands of war Work
err added " tn, city'" normal popu
lation' have placed houses at a premium,
and hftve packed , dwellings with ship
and '-munition .workers. Overcrowded
street .ears, physicians' point out, are
also "seed beds" for the "flu."
, 'Several, wards at the Municipal Hos
pital for "Contagious Diseases, Second
and 'Luzerne Streets, have been turned
vr . to the naval authorities to help
4 pj-event. a spread of Influenza among
A. sailors .ana murines w m ....--.,... ...
i'HNavy Yard.
!. T TTortram Mitchell' of Wayne, n
jS'promlnent business man of this city, and
three sailors nae unm iic .o..
cf Influenza. ,
'Another Philadelphlan. Lieutenant
Albert Charles noberts. u. s. N.,'or 2411
North Fifty-sixth street, Wynnefleld, is
i . Head ttt an Atlantic port, OI innueiiia.
rt.i u.-i.T .Harriann. flrst-class fireman.
Il2?i . -. --- "- , .. a . -
11m .. wKT state street. Ban irancisco, oieo iu
I'jjW; ... ii, viOni TlnsnltHl from nneu
l;jf. monia. following an attack of influenza
I Roll of Honor of City
and Vicinity for Today
Sttsn Indiana avenue. '
I'ltlVATF. Ar.K.XANDKR VOIJ'K. 1.121
MrlCean Mreet.
Frankford avenueT" (Jtarlne
.North Flftv-alxth ttet.
Sixty-second street.
rniiroRAi, Aiivsirs noun, sum
Prandvwlne street.
Iltnl.KR JOSKPII (. OKYKR, 3300
Amber street,
l'RIVATK Wtl.I.lAJt A, Mrqi'AID. 3 ISO
Oaul street. M
rniVATK 40SF.ni MiaSM, assn Kait
Tomnson street.
van atreet. (Canadian armi'il
, .North Thlrty-flfth street.
I'ltlVATF. J.V.MKtl J. IIIMKK. JU4 .North
Thlrty-sevenlh street.-'
l'RIVATK J. C, Slet'lellaii. (Canadian
X flAS8F.lt
f'ARTIIV, 6 Knuth Thirty-eighth street
con i(i it a i. ihuvAbII i BBvsm"n".
I33n Deter street, Jlanayunk.
,,,,.YAT.E WILLIAM CiANTTK (eolorcd),
1130 Lombard atreet.
.147 North HUly.flfth street.
West Albanua street.
of (leoriretown. Del., died of wounds
In German prison camp.
berth. Pa., killed ,ln action.
l'RIVATK IV. P. LYALL. of Darby;
wounded. (Canadian army.)
September SO, 1918
The forepolnu list to compiled
from the official casualty records
and from unofficial reports re.
celrdbv relatives and friends of
Features Developed Today
in Hogtisland Inquiry
Howard Coonley, vice president
of Emeijency Fleet Corporation,
juld American international Ship
building Corporation will lose its
contract for building ships at-Hog
Island If Senate Investigation shows
It has riot fulfilled agreetnent.
Charles Plez, general manager,
,uld Hog Island will not complete
more (linn 'twenty ships this year
Instead of fifty ships promised by
the Amej-lcan International Ship
building Corporation. "
Shipyard workers who absent
themselves from their Jobs more
than three days In n month with
out cause will be Immediately In
ducted Into the military service, by
order of Provost Marshal General
Two thousand riveters, reamers
and (rlggers employed at Cramp's
shipyard went on strike as a pro
test ngalriHt employment of base
ball players at high wages.
Fail to Bnal Britons
Special Cable to .'tetii'ng Public Leiifcr
Cnpvrfnll'. ("(. 1,7 .Vi h- Vmk rimci Co.
- Willi the Hrltish Armies. Sept. 2n.
Wednesday was one of Prltaln's
Trent days of battle, far more Im
portant and successful, ns the results
were known In the evening, than I
had guessed when I went anions the
(Australians earlier in the day. and
ever. Recognizes Ap
parent Rejection
tinues as Allied Planes
Damage Defenses
1 ,, r.Jt.riL
AtnMerilnni, Sept. 21
Notuithstandlng the apparent tejec-
I tlon of llie Austrn-Hungarlan proposal
. for a oonf relics of the belligerents to
Australian Troons
Deeper Into Hindenhurg
Defense Line
Daflh . ?i
ttn".'irnMiiiTit"u tff&v lu utlll
rtovptnnlnrr Intn n Viff vldtm-v hi! nlnnt '
4. .. . , ,..... n oH.c'nl Platonu-nt receUed from V eiv
the line before nt&rhtfnll. after many , . , ,. . A
. . . , , , ., . na today. The statement reads:
the prisoners rxceeded S000. " ' "KrPm """,( 'delved from abroad bombrdlng .Metz with a long-range gun.
II of lrJ"""M "i i"1 .uii'-iiiiiiKiii uiii Huch nnniDaraniem oas peeii always
,opi-nineni s siiggesiinn iniu a preum- p(,sslble tnrniigliout tile ar anil long
By the Associated I'rei
Anivterilnm, Kept. 20.
Metz Is under Are of American can
non Aninciai coniniunicHiion reiauve j ,a
. . .. , t.n.t..... 1 i.ii.u 1 1.. u npifi A it erti7T?c ir-cTnTmr i ijfl
in HIP uuiiiu.ti ninriii m I'uui eiitu in nit- ' t.. rtll .ir.l.t. r... 1 1 r ' !
open, saH nespapers of that city, according to a
Berlin dispatch. It follows:
"The enemy for several days lias been
inary dlFeu.ssinn nf the peace question be iieen expected. Modern guns have
Mayor Smith will nnl pay any political 1
I anil a half In three days per month with
; port of the cause werjt Into the waste
basket. It Is said.
Members nf the city rninmll
dally the leaders who crack
I are puzzled by the Mayor's attitude.
in comparison with the shak.whm n in the shipyards. Charles-A. Ptez. gen
oDiainea rrom other officeholders, it was , cral manager of the Kmergency Fleet
Nearly every wheie on the
attack the Tlrltlsh had gained their
objective and overlooked verv rlnselv
! tho nomv'M mnln ,wn.., f .1,0 I entered Into cm hardl be longer doubt- longer ratiKe than, for example, from
I .' ' . ..A I
, HIndtnburg line north of St. Quentin
to south of Vlllei-s-r.iilsl.nii '
'. td-.. nr. i... ....! I Burlan's note lias not yi t Ixen received Is In no wise connected with the fact
vi ,nji.r tuiiiiit-i -iiiutLKN were
' launched bv the enemv against Oauche "n,J "-"'f"'- '"" r'"-""- '"l'' that th- enemy, after our evacuation of
,wood. near Vlllers-r.ulslan. not once l'"n'l'ted the attitude of the Oovern- St. Mlh'el salient, drew nearer to the
onlv. but manv times n,l tl,es .,.! ments of the Entente cannot be dls- town. It Is only a concomitant phenorn-
, crushed bv the Seventeenth Division- ' ussed at present. Only from Secretary enon of the present battles west and
I Lancashire.' Yorkshire and other
northern troops- with a superb merits show how correctly liaron Bur-1
1 polirairp 'wliloh nvm-lnrl 11 iliimA...!!. Inn's nronosnl lnriirpil Ihp sitlliitlnn and
' -' ' --... .. v.....kiuuo. . .-, - - -- . . ., , . .,
... ... ..... . .1 .. ..... . i.r.ni inc. ir nr.uu ..in.. rnnrTiiri. ir. iin.
j mat omy tne anopiion 01 uaroa nunuiis - " - - -- - -- ""-
line or thinking ciuld master tne con- altered.
fusion nf nilnrls nrealllnir plprvwliere
by I It is remembered or known that this - until today. Bv the United Trej
The peace iiues-tlon as discusHed by .,, , Amrrlrnn Army n Mr.
Secretary H.ilfour--ar.d the same applies Knin 2n. Aside from artillery
to the debates In the tench and Amerl- ,im) nvIntlon Bctlvty te Metz front
can Serates-umlor the pressure of big ,.,,,, COIparaUveIv quiet. The
bnciies attempted a raid near St. Die,
jiunoiitio nuiiLi ULunc ?!
-.I 1 i-v m as
jiiemin-ues-uaiii(s in- &
n. . tti
tons Repulsed on Vcsle
New Advance
Balfour Is an ixhaustlip discussion of southwert of Metz and will cease win
our suggestion available. Ills aru- 1 .,.. i,...!.. ........ tn ,. s,,,niiaiin P.ecii.
lations. regarding entry and departure
situation In critical hours, an achieve
ment deserving of special honor when
New regulations lielnir drawn
atiM-esmems. A notice from the Renub-1 . ..... .. . , : .Hellion ht. k.n hi, ti i .,..
, lean 1 central campaign committee asking ' vl,p that an excmptei, shlpyard worker ! "Inc August 8. when they waded
'H0i- to rally tn the financial sup-. ,. ,, 9Wni. himself f,- more thm, two , across the Ancre with the Welsh bat.
.1 1 .... " -.. .... ...... I'll 11 .IPrillt'M U KM' lilf I I'MUM' yri 'ih .1
tnltniw nttnnlrofl tha liDlr,U iK.Rn .i .i i ...i.. .-.e, .-,!.. toniniHH
,....w... , ......u..i.. nsv. inihuiii tit Liniiti rHlCllWOrUH Jill" inviiiiii'iciuifi ni?.ii""
lout a good excuse shall be Immediately ''Ul and ThlepVal beyond, and fought ' can natmally make no faxorablc prog- f.mh;r soutl)i .fBlcr,lav. following an
tec. enie- inducted Into the military service on. day by day and week after, weeit. rcRR' 1,'!,Sc'",11i; "".ff "'! mBJ 1 ',' .1 '- , , h""1"" bombardment, but were repulsed
the whip.! This Is one of the methods that Is to i with a battle every day. until they 1 ??n ? "., ! ,!, ' c ', 1 ! inclusions before they reached our lines
hie nrovlded for deallnir with sJackerlsm ', have again reached the very line from concerning the attitude of the Central ,''"'.p",?I?.Kr.V' .'-. ,'..,; .."
figured the Mayor should have paid
about (300. ,
Mayor Smith last drew bis salary
September 15, but up to this time no
check bearing his name has reached the
(bjsk of Magistrate Thomas F. Watson,
treasurer of the campaign committee.
Polltloal leaders. It Is said, fear the
Mayor's Indifference to the financial' call
for help will prove disastrous There
is a possibility, they say. such a de
Corporation, told the Senate Commerce
Committee this afternoon, when It .re
sumed, at Washington, its inquiry Into
Hog Island conditions.
Plez Intimated that tills new regula
tion would apply not only to the ship
yards, but to other essential war In
dustries as well.
in taking this step Provost Miiuhal
flcneral Crowder will put into effcl the
plorable practice may become conta-I, lrnMic policy of the Tliomas omen bnent
e o ' . ,, , , . ,0 'be mafc power bill, a modification
Several politicians said the Mayor's r .(r.h wno roiecir.,1 in .-nnfoienco
refusal to respond to the call for coin 1 when Oeneral Crowder as'erteil that he
men overseas.
would affect the morale of the Organ!
zatlon.. Fear was expressed other big
officeholders might follow suit.
Sheriff llansley, secretary of the cam
paign committee, who was at his cot-
tage In Chelsea this afternoon, declined
to comment on theMayor s action.
"The Mayor can make any declara
tion he sees fit," said Mr. llansley, curt
ly. "Why ask me about It?"
already had the power the amendment
proposed tn confer.
Plez lold the committee that In one
shipyard one thousand workers had
been dismissed In three weeks for Black
ing. Dei Questioned
Mr I'iez was on the stand when the
il'iulry was resumed. He was ques
tlcn"d 011 his recent statements that at.
the present two of progress only 30
to 55 per cent of the year's shipbuilding
prcgum couiu oe carrien out
ed south of I'ont-a-Mnusson to Metz
"The i-HU-'nl reply tn Koielgn Minister "The present bombardment, therefore, AIYOTHFR Ditl K" A IV nRTVP iiS
1 ..-......, .'..i.,. 1. . . -. ' i.v a-L tuikiii 1 "WJ SJ . ...t.
Endish aiifl Greeks Oi-rfiinv M3
Ferdinand's First Line.
Serbs Cross Cerna
London, Sept. 20. &$
me uriusn ana r rencn nave AVV
pressed closer to St. Quentin in con-.l
tinuing their Picardy drive and havt'l:
captured stronir enemv nnslHnno Fv'-fi
General Haig has retakenvMoeuvresi1 j
west of Cambrai, and pressed fflr- W-l
ward' a mile in the Epehy yregidnj V$
The French have entered Essicrnv.ini-. "iftisi
Grand. ml
The 'French have smashed fiv..j
POIlntRr-nttneL-e nbnt-o i,o a;.. -ll4,!
0 .v u,v nraic oiiu-I'.;.
which they fell back on March 21. Powers toward concrete peace questions
r.. i, i.i, e .i. ii . i I whlchhe would not have arrived at nacl
rather, outside Its
enemy made n formld
of Moeuvres and against
.... ...A..tn.... t..i . . I the nen
aikri- iitruiL-iiiiuuH udiuuarumeni in ., ' , , ... ,.,,,....,, ,.r i,i,l11,.,,iiv
i wnicn ir. in me iiihic " "".' '
Allied planes lias been ery effective.
Tilt- triangle between Montlgny and Sah-
forfe by the Sixth German Division, ;
l -. ., i..... .. .4 ...... !.... i II, a .ur "- " - .- '-- i i ,.... , . . - ..teln
ftbountlarv the ' . V. ., .......! Ion. .'.lit south or Metz. is an extremely i""""-" ""' v" '-'iimiiiJi-ues-uamBS.yj-vfr-'
.bte.SncI5:ofriru-i-,0S0si conditions Jr r ! The A,lies pt ioMl4i
Havrlncourt , free from the Influences of passion , can ; '-. ,., 1000 ,,.. Bulgarians in Macedonia. The. Uitgim
vi fincyiinn iuhkc umi iu'r-iw . . ... .. . ,. ; .-! :- ji i . .
ut.Ii f i.i'inc Hff.nt hlt inti n nh n c..l i i .-. '"!
nuitn "i mi"i' .. .... - - . iim erns n.ivn niiinrvon nffan
.... . . . i . i i - . .. . -SUSss.u t.v-nli
which advanced in depth with a deter- ' "' nT ' "" ,w" "", . .i"'..'""" ".h.. ,, ! seventeen miles on a twentv-nve.lfl
Mttndil ulilfU l...tit.ii. !,-, 1 i . I ini m .. i .... : iLCti'l
tiiiiiti. h""v, nti.iii ucni ururreii 10
brealc the British line by Its com-
Wil.on Will Vote Tue.day ,
maud, who jrcallce perfectly that they ,- mc .iwnrmico tcs,
,.u,,no. it .!......, ,i, tti.,l u.::M ' Wa-lilnglnn. S'Pt. CO. President W II-
son will vote at the primary election In
caunot sit down in the Hlndenburg
line and let disaster overtake them so
constantly without losing ull power
over their troops and suffering a worse
Counsels of Despair
This counter-attack was made after
fcounsels of despair, in order, If pos
sible to deal a heavy and demoralizing
blow, and the enemy brought up-some
forty batteries.
They Hung down n frightful" line of
fire and advanced under Its cover, out
'they were' against men. who were
resolved to bold their ground. The
Guards were there und the glorious
old Second Division, the heroes of the
are helng shelled as well ns bornbed, also front and seized eighty guns. Serb!St'l
lime been badly damaged. I ravnlrv has ernsi.H tbo r.o TH)
ReiftQb nnrl flmaVtt km.. em..L
""" "" ; oiiiaaur, :
"If Hog Island has become a refuge
for draft 'evaders and has sunnlied easv
jobs for ball players and otherB. ns has j defense of Arras in prll last, and
I been alleged by Jabor leaders, .we must of many battles, and they maintained
f Vlf
He' was" taken III Wednesday.
The other sailor victims were J. J.
Kcegan. storekeeper, first class, of 1714
Academy street, Scranton, Pa and P..
S. Singleton, tchlef boatswain's mate,
U. fc. Naval Ileservo Corps. 207 Broad
4 f street. Charleston, S. O. Both died at
1 r he..Naval Hospital.
it . .. ..l.i..ll ...ImaA .alh fmlrli
451 last nlghtls belleyed to have contracted
tK t.. .ai. .a. tn'noston. u-here it Is more
. prevalent than In any other place. He
t was on 'a business trip wnen no Decame
ixvL 111 and hastened home. Physicians In
itVi.i t,ndanc nronounced the Illness an at-
P.ltUv lack of 'influenza. ,
!.,'" " JJr. J. r. JJUHivvi, OMireiiiiicitustn ui
K-r'A th -Municipal Hospital, Bald crowded
r?',Me elevated trains and street cars-were fine
Iv iW "seed beds" for the dissemination of the
"'"W.N. "Flo" wot ueportapie
Vtfdb 'The fact that the diaease Is not re-
l'&. liArtab'e makes It difficult for Health
ffJ' officials to estimate exactly, the number
if'L- . .l.i. i... o ..
f' v of Cases in lino viy iiwj. . cuuio ay
i' 1, y aeyeral thousaw casea is a conservative
i1? .' flsfilre.
t'lVJ "There is b. Bijeni ikjooiuihij imnn
r"-- .nthnritles will aectare a quarantine
i$? against the disease.
v&? Naval authorities believe today they
ri?S lv t epidemic well In hand, .and
, '"lwllt..be,able( to stamp It out completely
." i Wltnin two wr-n.
. Friday is a xceepino m'ald:
Aprdl moods still rule her,
'f'Batprdav fy unafraid;
j"aJ,Aomdi inCs -fair' she's cooler.
IfiffTlraihf M ii,: -Lm
The rompletc-llst of easnalllea, report
ed by the War Department today Is
prnted on page 13.
Five more Philadelphlans arf re
ported to have lost their lives with the
American armymerseas. One of the
number Is the second member of one
family to- be reported within a week's
tlmeias killed, In France.
Nine other soldiers from this city are
listed today among tha wounded, and
reports Just received here tell of five
others being gassed.
Two from here are Ifsted as missing
In action In the official casualty lists of
A report that a lieutenant of George
town, Del., died aB a result of wounds
has been received through the Ited
Cross from a German prison camp. Two
of(hls brothers-are In France with the
American forces.
A total of 412 casualties are reported
today by the War Department Jn two
army and oQe marine lists. The official
list published In the morning newspapers
is made up of 1S6 names, anj the second
army list In the afternoon newspapers
Is made up of 198 names, the marine
Hat, published this afternoot contains
nineteen names. In all Uree lists,
fifty-one Pennsylvanlans ard reported
casualties. l
The official casualty lilts todiy contain
the names of three 'soldiers trom here
who have been reported unoffiially be
fore. One'of them died as tie result
of 'an accident, and the others ire miss.
Ing. I
Private Alexander Voloe wal killed
In action July 18, according toh tele
gram received from the War iepart-,
ment by Angelo -M. Volpe, a bother.
This Is the second death reportedm the
Volpe family within a week. Anther
brother Alfred, was listed In thi offl.
clal casualty list last Saturday. I '
- Soon after the entrance of the lAlted
States Into-the world war, Alexifader
gave up his position with the.Alan -Wood,
Iron and Steel Company; Conshohotien,
and enlisted. He was trained aUvarous
camps In thi country an-1 waamVia;
I find some way of aiding the Kinergency
fleet vorporauon in turning mese men
nut," said Chairman Fletcher, of the
Senate Commerce Committee. "Tbls
condition Is one hardly conducive to' ef
ficient work at Hog Island.
Protect Workers
"While we are driving out the slack-
shipyard today to protest against the . cri"," Fletcher continued, "we ought also
Several Thousand Demand Dis
charge of Ball Players and
Pugilists in Easy Jobs
Several thousand riveters, riggers and i
reamers went pn a strike at- the Cramp
employment of baseball players, pugi
lists and others they termed "slackers"
in easy Jobs at the plant, over the heads
of older, reliable workmen.
The strikers demand that these men
to provide some protection to the skillwl
Moiker In the shipyards who Is perform
ing a full day's work In good faith. My
Information is that great numbers of
tht'ie have been drafted while the others
vote most of their time to Baseball
I games and boxing.
I The major league" ball players have
gone to work at Cramps' In the last two
weeks. Five Athletics started a week
ago Monday. They are' Pitcher Wat
son, Bill McEvoy, catcher; Ituoe Oldring,
veteran outfielder; Jamleson, outfielder.
and "Mule." Watson, pitcher.
be discharged, declaring that many of , i....... v,fpn i-e. behind.'
them have sought and obtained employ- Senator Kanedell, who visited Hog Is
inent In the yards only as a means of ,nlid yesterday, praised the management,
escaping military service. bul fuld ne believed there was .room
The strike is, not confined to union j ,nr a gootl dcal of 8peeding up. The
men. many others not affiliated with la- lrlt of,the men. due perhaps to the
bor organlzatlbns Joining In the walk- , nlieged presence of draft evaders, given
out Jobs at the behest of politicians, he said,
The men say that many of the so- , ib not all It should be.
called slackers come to work in auto- There is no foundation for the reports
mobiles, wearing fine clothing, and de- that the Hog Island shipyard. has be
come a haven for draft slackers, Mr.
Plez told the committee. j,
' "There Is no jneed for an ipqulry by
this committee- or by Congress In con
nection with the reports of slacking
at the Hog Island yard," said Mr. 'Plez
In reply to a question by Senator Hans.
dell, as to whether the Emergency Fleet
Cnmnratinn needed the heln of Comrresii
umer major leaguers empioyeu ai uu ,n nandllng the Hog Island labor sltua
yard are Dornle Bush, shortstop for the on
Senator Ransdell, having visltedHog
Island yesterday, questioned Mr. Plez
closely at the hearing before the com
mittee today regarding the reports In
Philadelphia newspapers that thousands
of men of draft age had taken Jobs at
Hog Island to escape the draft and were
now "loafing" at thelr'work.
No Reason for Inquiry
"Do you know of any reason wny
tin re should be a congressional Inquiry
about this slacker situation?" b'enator
Ransdell asked Mr. Plez.
IVIlkes-ILrre. Pa., Sept. .20. The ''"""".'', 'i ,.",.,,, .
most mystifying double murder that i " """ "",'-"'V i,, nai in- it h .
has ever c-me to light In northeastern . tlon there and are handling It Ihor
Pennsylvanla was committed here today oughly. and there Is no need of an In
vt hen Mrs. James Amelia,- thirty-two, emlry by Congress. We know the men
unrl he mnlh., Mi-m Ferdinand .Tflpohs ' ...wn ..a .Inblnt. unrt nrp w-eedlnie them
w..,... w,..v,, ..-.. . -- ----,,: r- - I ity, c D,..fc....c .- --- c ........
out ana turning (hem over to tne draft
boards as quickly as they are found."
"I see that 'you aretquoted as saying
that" the Hog Island yard its but 50 per
cent efficient and Is turning out'hut half
of the work It Is capable of," suggested
Senator Ransdell. ,
That Is a mistake," replied Plez. "I
did not say that.' What I say is that
the progress there Is but 50 per cent
of what I expect It to be when the
yard becomes' fully efficient. At pres
ent there are thousands of men thee
Jus,t learning their business who can
not make the' speed possible when they
have .been thoroughly trained.'.' .
The labor situation at Hog Island Is
not different from the general, situation
"at other .shipyards, Mr. Plez slid, lit
Detroit Tigers, and Sherwood Mageet for
mer I'hllly star, later with the iiox
ton Braves, and now under contract with
the Cincinnati Reds.
No prominent boxers are employed at
the yard.
Mother and Daughter Victims of
Unknown Assassin
By the United Press
thejr positions by steady rifle and
machine-gun (lie, supported by Unt
ish field batteries, who found quick
targets among these masses of Ger
mans and slaughtered them.
The enemy was able to get into
some of the "British advanced posi
tions, but at n tragic cost of life and
blood, and was expelled from nearlv
all the ground gained toward the end
of the day, when his dead lay thick
This complete failured piled up the
losses wnicn tne enemy, surrered In all
parts of the field, and It was a black
day Indeed to German hopes and man
hood. There were many astounding epi
sodes of the fighting, and the enemv
defense revealed many varied states
of courage and fear, among his troops.
Their Alpine Corps, on each side of
Epehy. fought with most fervid valor
and did not yield anywhere until they
were utterly overcome.
In other parts of the field: groups
of machine gunners and Infantry hi Id
out In Isolated positions In small
woods, In bouses, In ruined villages
and earthworks, nnrt In old trench
lines where the British line of ad
vance passed right beyond them and
continued to fire and to fight, so that
other British troops, following the
first waves, had a great deaj of trouble
with tliem.
Made Forts of Old JatiUs
This happened among
Wv fie .IisociolcJ Press
' .' ... . .,..' ..t t! ! i.j-V
r....... V- T ,Av Tll.tri.l' I, 1,-la lllfll I lie imrT THII .till,.. Oil llir IMf. . r-.w... .. ...uv ,,. .,, ib,T. Ull,, ..
been the ' President's custom to. return ' rslne Front, Sept. 20. Clouds' from ; j.i the Lake D'oiran region. T j
to his home district to cast his ballot, . - i r
at all State and primary elections. ' Continued on 1'iiEo Sl, Ivliimii fine ., . . , ,
Ijimlnn Snl tn i
The town of Moeuvres. the lmpor$-?'S4
i.iui h-uuii. iii me v unui uu rtora, BIX,
miles west of cambrai. which was s.tJ
taken by the Germans In a local coun'Avfel
Lei-uuusi. recently, was recaptureo Dyi$a
ll,t ., man, r icu .iiiiisiiai xiuif n-1r3fVS
nounced, in his official statement toPJS,
3 -iTVtYil
Important gains were scored by theC$p
British In the Lempire-Epehy sector,- ,JiJ
northwest of St. Quentin, the troomfSigj
pushing In to a denth of more than a.. . M
,nllo 'Tl.A al.i.nn ..nl... .t rnl 1 2''
,.L. ....- nnuh 1Ulllt Ul i.lUlttBaiCP fT
farm, opposite I.o Catelet, was capi- 'fx
tuied. , iv,it
The British also eanturerf In thn -
sector near Mlasslse farm a number, '''wSl
of small woods, jiosts and defensive,', 'J3
ln,.olllAU ... ,. n , fii..i' u'.4 5t?l
iui.hiic.i, (mi l jl vjciiciai nuiK s uiu..'
defensive system. . i
Australian troopx today continuedj 'j
tlielr penetration of the HlndenburglVViatl
uvslem nnH nnie nru Om.lht.a .e '.!... A
-"""""" "?M1
mile from Bellinglise. four miles north.. '.Sh:
west of St. Quentin, a dispatch from, 'Mi
the front says.
..... .....
r.nemy rorces r.xnausieu
Steady thrusts made by the .flctC-i
rlous Critish divisions on the battle-'
front nm-thwent nf St. Ollentln envH.V1
Ihpm additional irronn Hurlno. Ihm
night. No heavy nttacks were made. JCv
lint V a nliaHtifi to 'lot-mtn manltlA4 ZtfA
uuniiftrR vlelded n number nf lirtsonera 1 ill
and the exhausted enemy forces shel-"C- fl&g
f rpr1 in f Vio MlnrleniTiirf main rfofen-ad . fc H
..,.,-,,., NT I T Il . 1 ' " ""- - .-"--.O .. ... V.M..-e ."
Gcrmantowiijiiiah school ruiiiis i-arpc .Miinuer oi rrojeeuies, were given no rest. VTto
(In 1 A HinV -. 1 n n nt r AF
Dropped in Deliberate Mid- the Anled almlea Kneiish and Scot.
nielli Attni'k ' tlsh trops completed the clearance of iwlji
1 Holnon village and the nest and re-, , 5
- t uuuuis aujuiiniiii, wnicn nau mvcii'cuii- . ,
... . ...j ., - -,..., .....L- l.tlltl. tli. An..l..n .... . ..n 11.. In.. " m Id tr;i hl, trollhle tn the French trans. fe-if
rlC CIllKireil rmillK on a :iiuiiuut. - - .-....- ..--.-... . ... ..-..-.. , - yjf ijj
llch School todav I ralne I'ront. Sept. 20. l "r """i i niii.i. -yv.
- i . TAr qt h i-niinnt' rrou nr mtienina iriino n.r ,jr
V'Aclxt Americans weru killed uhen a . f . ..mi .. . '.' ff "55
WASHINGTON, Sept. 0. Fuel AdrJnistvator .Oarfiel,;
this afternoon announced that automobiles may be used next
Sunday provided the occupants are engaged in business of pro
moting the Fourth Liberty Loan. There is no change, however,
in the ruling of "pleasure" motoring on Sunday for the conser
vation of gasoline.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 20. The State Department today ex
presbed the hope that the Government of the Netherlands would
follow tho uzamplc of other neutrals by lifting the embargo
upon her abipu.
sixty-five, were shot and 'killed by an
unknowji man.
Mrs. Amelia died Instantly and Mrs.
Jacobs ""succumbed shortly after being
admitted to Mercy Hospital,
Proposed' Revenue Bill Would
Take Big Sum, SayB Lederer-,
Approximately Jtl6,OOO.Oo6 will be
raised In the First Internal Revenue Dis
trict, Including Philadelphia and seven
nearby counties, if the new 13, 000,000,00
revenue bill Is paEfed by Congress.
This estimate was made today by
Ephralm Iederer. collector of the dis
trict. He said about 86 per cent of this
amount will be nald' by Philadelphlans
The total represents 5 2-10 per cejit ol
Injured as Skidding Car
Humps Motortruck
to the (iirmantown
were inlared when a touring car skidded R'" Americans uere killed hen a ,.rleor, a ..iii-m one mne east "of-
on tho wet paving at Greene street and clearing hospital was hit by a C.erniati I Kresnoy, which had been strongly de',' .
I iv.i.,,, i-.,,. ,,a ..rnuhe.i into tlin rear i s he Wednesday niglil. Tile entnu i'u. ") '' ul ",c i'""ii,i ..vai
mnm. nV.H . "n,liul .Mi... ,..m w. t .j lw,lul ,p.nnh(,a .a i U.M tltinMe.f
m.ees on the left of the attack, where of the heavier mach'ne. Twelxe enu- mre a mrBB numuer . ....-,...,, destructive fire during the night. 'T5
1 . ii rt..ii . A... I. . . . t .ti. mi . ... lAnillau lotii tliA ri nlmi s-tf I ha hiia. .
dren eie on tne huck ai me lime, i ne i i;ijt"" " -1
live who were Injured were thrown to i pltnl on two successive nights and finally
the street. I bit a large tent, xvhere gassed patients
The drivers of both of the machines , were lontlned.
the Sexenteenth Division xvas fighting
through Gauche Wood to Vlllers-Oulslan.
German machine gunners established
thcm?elxes in four derelict British tanks
and made forts of them. Here they
held oul for some hours, sweeping the
urea around them xvlth machine-gun
'bullets, and me British believed they
they were German ianKs. not realizing
tho meaning of those armored shelters.
Several times the Seventeenth Division
was forced back through Gauche Wood
by the German lire and German assaults,
but every time they thrust the enemy
out and at the end of the day were in
The Twenty-first Division, Including
Uncolns, I.elceBters and- Yorkshire
troops, advanced south of Vlllers-Guls-Ian
south of the rising ground known as
r-hanel Hill, and took Vaucellette. farm.
on a spur, from which they pulled out
xx-'ere arrested and Magistrate Pennock
held them in 300 bail each for a further
hearing October 2.
The injured are;
Margaret M. Smith, fourteen years
old. 36D Dawson Btreet. cuts and bruises
of the legs and possible fracture of the
ribs; Geimantown Hospital.
Alexander Heuell. thirteen years old,
4240 Pechln street, cuts and bruises of
the right leg and shock ; Germantown
fleurge Sheets, sixteen years old, 43M
Pechln street, cuts and bruises of the
right side; Germantown HospitaJ.
i,. i. n'Velll. fifteen years old, 1654
North Allison street, cuts and bruises
in..a anri flftV mAn nnrl ..-..
tWO Ollll-e.o .,-...., ....r .. i.l . ,. h,,..
four machine BU" wnicn nau not fired, : " ' Ven.eht. fourteen years old,
surrounded them., Heref as In other
a U lln. nnil na 'nn .l.r .
parts oi " "- .."" '"" nu
trallan front further south, our troop:
S213 nidge avenue, cuts ana uruiucs or
the head and body. '
The accident occurred shortly before
" . ..j. ,..... e n a :. ,'.:i t.m nLelncK. Tne moiorirutn, uiimi
adx'ancea uii . -. "ran omoKe."--- ... c.... ir it Vnith
Screen, and the enemy was confused as1 by George W. ftu . Jr .. I .North
to the direction of the attack and the
whereabouts of the attackers.
On the left of the Llncolns at Vaucel-
Continued on rase Tout. Caluin To
When you. WgLSimrv"''
Vogdes atreet, had picked the children
up at tnetr requesi. me uui-n .ca..t..
Walnut lane and Greene street at f'.e
same time that James H. Leventhal,
txventy-elfht years old. 6J07 Chew stnet,
attempted to cross the Intersection in
.i . . . .. . . ,i i
;w:nM,Tria,MiuHi'jrjir inexaew war w ""' . 'i? i . ?"""", -t' Y wnrr"'TJ, -v -r- --" ,. i
... v - .ai. .. i-.s- j' t i ,-i ..; . -'.a ..., r-- ir. svxj.. Jc -.iirjw - rttr i' . 3. ' r . v ..r
mi&t&?4T-r k..f'AaJ.1,J;.;,. -M
iflSU-lttfaia r ..fcI, -USkII -UkijMSI 1 A . -If.., v 'J .Ii: ".Ill U- .H.aiL W V.aSita ' (lit -tT. ' V af! - Tl"- i . n" T.1 'r T.I!OBTJ'ir.V7 j i-r P T"i-T 31 Ji H ".AT. "! rV rT " 1 " r -. tmrntmrt- 11 e4T.. hi ks-4 i . I& ' . IV THjX.,iTjr , -aTiXK . JVi T - - -
mtauHEt-xicvsiBm &'- l , .: n- .'. .tinisiuiaJUaV. r .TremakmtK .pv..:!lHa4il?ATxvlilr -rr.. irMt'. .f:',fe.A.7tt"-j,' vynm&&,j - XwiSLsaSV! .'vrnns
niWWHw13181 --fra. .vafflgiiMHfg'..- iTW'lMnff'rr TflwrnwfTi i W I 4. iff 1 iff " -7 iiMnr' - ai1tiiW''Y Ir it
BaijKt.' mKKmBKKkiillllUkiwMm ' . , r TUBWlMtiin i" m T i iihimWbMHbIIiii I tial KMw ,'
A large red cross against a field of
white had been laid on the ground be
fore the hospital fo that It could be
observed by German aviators. Oltlcers
t.ay that the Germans xvere deliberately
flr'ng on the hospital, as there are no
woods near xvhere troops might be con
cealed. The majority of the Americans killed
In the hospital xvere privates xvho had
been gassed recently west of Vandleres.
Several members of the medical corps
were among the Injured.
The shell struck the hospital abouj.
midnight and there xvas great confusion
oxving to the(darkness. Other shells con
tinued to fall .In the near vicinity of thj
Officers speak In the highest terms
of the heroic efforts of the attendants
to relieve the suffering of the wounded.
Every member of the staff did all pos
sible notwithstanding danger from the
other shells. The nurses at the hospital
are men. aa wonien nurses are not per
mitted eo near the front.
:v . '
W&?J. , T ,
Explore Hlndenburg System,
The Australians lying noKh of Frsv.sJ.(re
noy continue their exploration of the-jjS'w
Hlndenburg outpost system wnicnSVfl
thev had stormed alonfr the front of "ftt5S
their First and Kouth divisions. V V'SSPl
The recanture of Moeuvres la8tViSS3
night completely restores the BrItlehjiKa
line In that section of the Canal I'duSwC
Nord. The Germans fought very hard "pjSSi
f...- tha itlllac.oa Xlnaiivr.a t a 'nlfjl l-5iMl
. .11 ..l...nva. ...w..v w , dw..--
mass of trenches and- dugouts covtWJ
ing a squat e mile of ground. It u.l
Junction of the main and supports
Hlndenburg line and Is the moBt dl
cult obstacle xviucn the lirltisn n
encountered anyxvliere In that def
slve system. The enemy regdrds-it
the key to the position nortn of H
rlncourt. ? i
Few prisoners were uiKen. in a
dltion to the guns already reporli
captured the British have taken ti
four-inch nowiziera utianaonea Dy i
nrm!in4 Thursdav.and two field a
.... I..UI.J ..satan., ne.artA..n " " -.
Battle on Twenty-MUo Kroair !
The British and Flench are-batb
the enemv on Ktront of more t
wenty railes.
The British have 'smashed .
attacks In some of the bloodiest j
Ing' in tie war. Aauitionai pr
'ST.A 5 CBWWWaJW W W99a 1Hm4 '
srr--e .-rtswf1:- - . -