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,Why the Rule Forbidding: Anything Really Use
ful to Be Received by the Well-Bred Girl?
She Who Laughs and She Who Smiles
WHEN1 Owen Johnson wroto "Tlio
Salamnndcr" several years ngo ho
told of tho means used by a certain class
of girls to exist more than that, to live
on virtually nothing a year. How
when theso girls received lutgo boxes ot
orchids, they made an arrangement with
tho florist whereby they woro permitted
to return tho Ilowors to him, receiving
for thorn a small sum to bo used In pay
ing tho long-ovcrduo rent. When boxes
of costly sweets arrived from n Fifth live
nuo establishment tho card was removed
and tho boxes exchanged for tho actual
necessities of life.
This Is all very well for that typo of
girl. Perhaps alio can do It without
singeing her wings although personally
I doubt it.
But I have often wondered nt tho per
versity of tho domands made by conven
tion In tho caso of tho young girl who,
although of good birth and position and
possessed of many acquaintances, is sadly
lacking In this world's goods. 1 havo In
mind ono girl who Is having a struggle
to make ends meet. Sho recolved no less
than twenty pounds ot expenslvo choco
lates in no less expenslvo boxes and bas
kets on Christmas. Altogether the sum
represented must havo been considerable,
yet this girl Is actually in need of clothes.
But, unlike tho little salamander, she
can only pretend to bo delighted over
each and every box.
TTAVE you over stopped to think of the
difference in emotion expressed by
tho laugh nnd tho smile? Some one said
the other day in speaking ot ft woman
alio knew, "Sho never laughs." True, but
sho does smile.
Letters and question submitted to this department must be written on ono side of
the paper and signed with the name of tho writer. Special queries like those given
lelow arc fnt'ltcd. It Is understood that the editor docs not necessarily indorse tho
itntimcnts expressed. All communications for this department should bo addressed
at follows: Tin: WOMAN'S KXCHAXUK, Uvcnlna hctlger, Mitluttolphla, fa.
The ttlnner nf IiiiIuj'h prli- It .Mis Mnrcnrrt A. frank, of Oil) Writ Srdnulrfc Klrrrt. (Icriirintmvii,
nhuMt letter nppt-arril In estrril.i'.i imuit.
1. Wliat In blruV nt puililliiR?
t. How cnti Itnry knlTe liunill" be whitened?
8. Vow enn broken rlilnit be mended without
tho aid of a patent Khie?
1. rinclnr n pun of cold water In an oien
wilt cool It tery Kradunllr without iluniter of
spoiling the food which U belnis cooked by too
sudden coollni:.
2. A new clothes line kIiouM bo boiled for it
short time to prcient Its tansllnc and to make
-ICWeur lonter.
i,' ""
S. Uurnlne nplece of dried crane, rind or
pole nkln on the Move will eliminate dlnatree
atrie odors from tho Kitchen.
Ham Baked Deliriously
To the Editor of the Woman's rage:
Dear Madam Ono hears tho merits of this
ham or that ham compared. 1 havo ulwitys
said that RtmuKt every liain could no ilell
clous It balled properly. 1 lGy what la culled
n. small picnic li.im; then, uftor thoroughly
seruhblns It with a little brush kept for tho
purpose. I ple,co it In a bolli,- unit cover with
cold water, trton lot It KruiAinlly come to a
boll and continue bolllnn for throe or four
hours. This can bo don-j ths day before tho
ham Is to bo eaten. Then, before putting It In
to bake. I strip otf tho outer tough yellow fat.
liberally stlclt In cloves, odd mace and allspice,
about u cup of Wonesterahlro sauce, a pound
of brown uugar. a. llttlo water, and balto for
two hours In u moderate Pycn.
The sauce imparls a ucncaio iiamr uie ,
ar takea that raw. salty tusto away.
av, saiiy iusiu uu. ii
ed In this ay Is tit for u klni
r fnr il itlnir.
Fruit Suet Pudding
To tht Editor of the lllmian" Taoe:
Dear Madam Will you please publish a recipe
for fruit suet pudding! , , ., M. M. A.
This is ono way ot making the pudding:
One halt cup finely chopped beef suet,
1-3 cup melted Imtter, I cup molasses. 1
cup sour milk. H4 teaspootifuls soda. 2Vi
cups (lour. 1 tcaspuonftil cinnamon, i-j tcu
apoontul cloves, i teaspoontul salt, cup
currants, I cup seeded raisins and i cup
citron cut Into thin ttrlps and tloured. Mix
the ingredients well, turn Into a buttered
mold, cover and steam four hours. Servo
with hard buuec.
President's Pudding '
To Ins Editor of Ihe Woman' rauc:
Dear Madam Two tablerpooni butter and one
cup of suxar creamed toeetherj bre.ili Into It the
1'olka of four rrs. all of tho crumbs of half a
oaf of bread, tho Juico and rind of one larRe
mon and one teaspoon of vanilla, jilt. Put
talf of this mixture In pudding: dish, then nut
on it a thin layer of presepes and .the rest
of ttw mtsture on top. Make a merlnk'tie uf
the stiffly beaten whites of the eggs and sugar,
spread on top and balto a delicate brnvtn.
Bsrve cold. It Is eicellent. A. U.
Thanks and Another Recipe
To tht Editor of the Woman's I'agt:
Dear Madam I want to thank you and .the
Evemxi LsKitu for the prlte. i was certainly
delighted to see I was the lucky ono. i-or tho
lady ho would like a good pie crust this recipe
never falls: Three cups pastry flour, ono cup
best lard, one saltspouu salt and ennimh cold
mUk to bold together. (Mrs.) 1', U. ti.
Cleaning Large Grater
To the Editor ot Woman' Puae:
Dear Madam I havo a four-sided grater,
whtctt comprises large and small perforation.
Until lately I have used the common method
ot cleaning It with soap and hot water. In a
desres. I found this way both slow und always
unsatisfactory, unit! I thought of a. newer and
mora expedient plan. Here It Is simple, satis
factory, successful: When the tlner perforations
ofyour grater become clogged with dried fruit,
lemon or orange peel, or. In fact, any other
residue of former operations, take a crust of
hard bread or cake and rub It gently up and
down the perforations. In less than five min
ute the grater will bo cleaned.
l Mrs. I ( A e
Recipe for Baked Hominy
To tht Editor ot Woa' ras:
Dear Madam Baked hominy is dellolou. It
cart be made as foUows: Two oups canned hom
iny, one cup sweet milk, two eggs, one-half tea
soon paprika, two tablespoons melted butter,
salt to season. I'ut the hominy In a stralnar
aod Ut drain for twenty or thirty minutes:
ESt tha eggs until light, add the milk. salt,
nacrika. then hominy and butter, four Into
akto dish. srlnk Ughtly with cracker
Lnmha and bake until set and brown on top.
t&rM TtmSllUtely, CMrs.l WILLIAM U.
Delicious Apple Recipes
fa tht Editor of Woman' east:
Tmt Madam- -I am sending- you two ways of
nreiariss appU for dessert. Both are good:
Ayple Rofypoly -Make cream tartar biscuit
cmt and spread with butter, roll out narrow'
and tooiT and about one-third of an inch thicks
JSuMl wtttt apple iuce and roll up and pot
iBdaind sfcj.s as tightly as possible to tew
Sum Uom cumins out and water front soak
!S!ein. fiasr up in a. cloth and boll two hours.
9 Appl Crsain Boll st. or seyeo apples with
. ifiiE tmusoioo to a voip. with sutnelettt
near to aweeteu hm the ouantity or sugar
joust pa resuiatea oj m
w&en wmi su
rh.n wii add lu iMto tna sja-mai",
Tr T. . . -rrr.--
mt . - B it all iugur woju w
u! fro neo .'- ' .
-. " i. ... . I ij n
e ft rti ot
. Sufficient
ukXCK a.
I.,, USMJi S"-
himmm i i-.J "
-lllljl iii.iii . , tmiiiiVi
mwiwiMiiiiMww i.iiIIIiiiii mm
I love to sit .nd
About tKe. Foolish
thinos I've. done,.
Im $ls.d thfct I'm
not .sensible.
Or I'd iY&ve missed &.
it- .-.? tr. c
rtrvcflMr:' Ms
You havo known people who didn't be
lieve they woro enjoying themselves un
less they roared with laughter. They nro
tho ones who hawhnw ill your ear at tho
theatres and who are always in evidence
no matter whero they g". Their tastes
Invariably run to slapstick comedyto
With ft laughing audlenco Charlie
Chaplin is generally In high fuvoi', while
Sidney Drew is popular with those who
A smllo expresses happiness mid ap
preciation moro real than a laugh, and
tho girl who smiles usually is possessed
of n keen sense of humor.
In other words, "laugh and tho world
Inughs with you," but smile and you
smile with the discriminating few.
1. When ut a dinner one does not rare to pur
take ot one of the enum't what hhiinlil be done?
'J. What lire tho ilutle.t of it Ite-t ninn ut it
3. Wlmt eun bo ilono for 'n
kin that I tint
1. A sllco of rold row potato rubbed on the
IinmW lll remote tlio odor of onions.
3. Whrii n child pinches his llncrr In u door,
hold the hiind univurd nnd rub tlcorou-dy liurlc
tonnrd tho elbow to l.cei the blood from be
comlns toneestcd In tho Injured tinner. Cim
tlnuo rubblue for at leat ten minutes, Tho'
siiBwstloii Is nudo by .llrs. .1. J. OT.
3. It Is riiKlomary for the nearest inalo rela
tle to "sire tho lirldc nnitjr" ut it wrddlus.
Ho iicioiiipanles her mi the uWc nnd rriiiiilns
with her until after tho minister lus usUcd
"Who eltctli this woman" when l.e retires.
Ask Some One Else
To the Editor of Woman's aoe.-
Deur MaiSirn I mot a ouns man last win
ter und saw him at s-srul parties. H,i wos
very lollto to m. but though I naked Mm to
cull he nover came. 1 havo not sen him for a
couplu of months, but I haw been asked tu a
party next weidt nnd would Ill.e to writ and
ask him to talte mo. Would this be proper or
should I nek nnothor ma,i? I'ArtOLt-NK.
I would not seek tho yotinr; man It ho
hao never called upon you. On the other
hand, I would not Invito every youne man
I met to call. Perhaps he simply wanted
to he polite wlwn ho met you at parties,
but did not i-are to carry the friendship
further. t would certainly not ask him
to talto you to tho danco In question. Ask
Home ono with whom you are better uo
ipjalMcd. Should She Offer Her Seat?
To the Editor of Woman's J'uflr?
Rear Madam With nil this talk of showing
courtesy to one's elders I want tu Ml ou of
tho following liuldent. Ono morning while riding
downtown In u stjeet car I was occupying ono
"'. .'Jl" ,la8 tB at tho front A wuman uf
mlddlii ago got in. ilfty years or so she may
hoto been. Now 1 am twenty und have always
been nccustnmed to give my seut up to any
ono much older than myself. Hut this woman
wao deeply oilrnded. You can Imuglmi my em
barrassment, not only bernus" I felt foolish,
but becauso I was grleted owr offending the
woman by giving ivi the linuressluu that I
thought her old. ( shouhl llko to hear tho
opinion of somo of your readers on this sub
ject. Slnco thut day I havo boen very careful
to keep my seat unless u very old lady or n
feeblo old gentleman la standing. Yt snnetlmes
I feel very rude when a woman with gruy
hair Is standing In front uf mi. What would
uu do? BUZAHUTIl T.
I can understand your hesitancy in giv
ing up your neat after one or two experi
ences llko this. If a woman is fifty years
younif It Homettmes cornea an a shqck to
Jilt to realize that to others alio may ap
pear to hu uKlne, although It seems fool
ish for any one to talte offense when an
act of kindness Is Intended. Perhaps my
readers will express their opinions.
Under the Mistletoe
To the Editor of Woman's fuse:
Pear Muilatn Why does mistletoe Invite kiss
ing? If ft girl stands under It has a fellow
uuy right to kiss her? m. O. M.
.Since time Immemorial it has been con
sidered a man's privilege to kiss a girl
when she stood under tho mistletoe, and
tho girl could hardly take offense at this
action, if It is done in a spirit of fun,
although there are kisses and kisses.
Thankful for Her Large Family
To tht Editor of Woman's I'aac;
Dear Madam .lust what Is every one's opinion
of a large family? Of which do you approve
moro. the girl who marrlss and has six children,
or the one who marries and has nuns? Wo hate
been married nine years und havo six children
and wo are not by any means well off finan
cially. But we always manage somehow and
cially, uut we always manage somehow and
are very happy, which, after all. Is the tiul
Now I hate several friends who have been
married iust as long as 1 have been, with
one or two exceptions, and havo no children.
Their homa ure modern and all that could
be desired, but what have they? Nothing.
I am sure you agree with me that no matter
bow much two people think ot each other there
tre tlmea when even love becomes monotonous.
suppose I must be wry old fashioned to ap
rrove of so many babies, for ut present the
universal cry seems to be "birth control." i
do not understand the woman who does not
want a dear little pink and white parcel of
humanity to lots and cuddle, with the knowledge
tnat It is all her ou.
Altnougn 1 nave an ago, i toys tne utile
one for
log sweeter than a dear little new baby. It
tneir v
,'erv helplessness. There Is noth
U not muommott to hear the prospective bride
.nnnimrH that she ia not aolo to have a fumlh
Why should auy one who thlnKs like this marr .'
Largest Theatre
To lf Editor at Woma' Foot:
Dear Madam Am I right in claiming that the
Hippodrome In New York Is the largest theatre
tn the world or. at least, the largest In the
United States? EsfllER N.
No, the largest theatre In the world is
the Empress Theatre. In London, the
AiedUoriuui, in Chicago. W second, while
tho llljipoAi'0JU4 i thiid It has scaling
cayacity lor (&ure tuan vv persoua.
Ati a f-JW
How Madge fried to lianish Katie's Strange Old-World
T h:
1 Ki
ftltl Hot know whether to be angry at
Cntto of sorry for Iter when sho told
tne that alio mttnt toave my service If Blrky's
mother came, bea'tisp site did not dure to
Bleep In tho houso with an old woman.
Katie evldenllv knew what sho was talk
ing almttt. hut t confessed lo myself that J
was thoroughly bewildered. I have hail
many curious experiences with the mental
twists of nllen Ktfla of Katie's class,
this was something new
"What do you mean, Kntlc?" 1 asked,
finally. "What harm can It possibly do you
to sleep m the house with an old woman?"
Kntle shuddered Visibly.
'Hi. Missis rlraham, don't yon know old
wtiitu-n dm turn Into witches, make charms
tuer you. nctt morning you nil dead? I
no sleep In house with my own inuddor
when nhe get real old."
"Katie, you am talking the mosf ridicu
lous nonsense." t Rnld shnrply, for 1 was
not only annoyed, hut nlnrmed at the gross
Ignorance and superstition the girl dis
played. A person holding such Idens as
hers was really undesirable In one's home.
"Von mi (Ink dot?" Kntlu queried anx
iously. "Of course not," t returned. "Neither
does nnjtiody eltw who has any rnmmoti
sense Wherever did you pick up stich fool
Ish Ideas?"
"Lots of girls nnd women In my town
say so." Katie answered sullenly.
I had a sudden Inspiration. "Listen to
me, Katie." I said firmly, trying to chooso
words which she would understand. "Who
were tho blggott men In your town, the
smartest, the ones tho rest of tho people
tried lo he hko?"
Katie looked at inn ns If sho thought t
hud suddenly guno Insnne.
"Why, tlio priest and the doctor nnd
the "
"You don't need lo tell me nny more," I
Interrupted her. "Did your priest or your
doctor ever tell you old women turned Into
"Xo-o." The admission camo from her
reluctantly. I knew tho power of these
old-world Btipcrstltlnnn and revived to say
no more about the matter for ti while.
"We will talk more about thin Inter,
Katie," I said calmly. 'Must now 1 want
to speak to you about getting thu npnrt
ment In perfect order so when Mrs. (Jrnh.'im
Comes she will think I have had it good
little housekeeper."
Katie smiled brightly. "I feex- so-o nice."
she said heaitlly "Vut you want wo to
clean first?"
"Let's lake all tho corners nnd closets
first." 1 suggested. I hnd all the horror of
the oterage young hourokeoprr for tho erlti
I'lsm of an older woman. "Take everything
off the pantry shelves" I Indicated the tiny
closot which was just big enough for our
small Icebox, with it set of shelves and
drawers opposite ,"nnd everything nut of
the drawers. Then wash and dry the shelves
and drawers thoroughly When you get
ready lo put tho things back call me. There
may be some things I will want to throw
away, or something I need to buy."
"All right. Missis flraliam. I feex."
The cheery, fninlllar phrnso followed me
Lack to the living room. I sank Into my
big armi'hulr troubled and bewildered
What I should do without Katie I did
not know. She had been with me only a
short time, but she was no elllulent, so
cheery, so willing, thut housekeeping had
been an easy lask with her. I dreaded
unutterably either trying tho housework
myself or breaking In a new maid under
the critical eyes of Dicky's mother.
I wondored what Dicky would say to
Katie's defection. I Jo had Insisted upon
my keeping her because sho was the model
he wished of a pieturo entitled "Poland"
which ho hud begun years before, when
Katie had dono the houemvork fur a bach
elor npaitment which Dicky shaied Willi
three other nitists t know thai Katlo
looked up to Dicky ns to some auperlor be
ing. Perhaps he would be ublo to reason
her out nf her superstition. If ho camo
home to lunch I resolved to tell him about
Katie's resolve.
In the meantime there was much thut
How to Light Your
WK AHB all fairly agreed thut the pleas
nntest light Is not the direct glare or
gas. oil lamp or electric bulb over our eyes,
hut what Is called tho "indirect" or "seml
ludirect" forms or lighting.
The "Indirect lighting" Is tho system
whereby thu electric bulbs are kept In an
Inverted opaquo buwl, and as tho direct
raya of tho bulbs ore thus thrown upward
there is no glaro on thu eyea, but the light
is gently suffused ubout tho room from
Tlfe "semi-Indirect" system of lighting
U somewhat simllur, except that the in
verted bowl Is not so opaquo, but permits
somo light to be reflected downward.
The most common tjpes ot glnsa bowls
used for this purpose ure tho whlto composi
tion glaBs familiar to us all. nut there am
Borne novel Ideas In these bowls which aro
especially adapted to tho homo nnd which
may ilnd moro faor with tho liomemaker
than even some of the beautiful whlto ones,
because the latter are Identified In many
peoplo's minds with commercial lighting,
tit course, the commercial bowls aro stand
ardized in pattern, nnd those for home
uto ure usually more ornato and beautiful.
Xow, however, we seo that wo can use
many other styles of "bowls" In this way
Ono of tho prettiest effects seen in une
homo was simply a bruwn wicker basket
of the workbasket shape, lined with yellow
silk. This was suspended from tho celling
by thick cord stained brown to match the
brown wicker, und gave n gay. outdoor ulr
to the city living room. Theso brown
wicker baskets are not expensive, and one
clever housekeeper bought a basket of the
required size In natural color, und stained
and lined it herself. For the country cot
tage where J here is electricity this is mobt
appropriate and lovely.
Another unique effect was seen In a very
beautiful home whero Japanese furnishings
and coloring prevailed. Instead of the con
ventional chuva bowl fur tho electric bulbs,
u gay parasol with a long handle was used.
Tho narusol was suspended from the ceiling,
by what looked like a wide ribbon, and In"
Which the electric wiring was cunningly
concealed. Two or three tiny parasols wire-
placed horizontally near tho wall over the
wall bockets and the whole effect was ex
ceedlngly novel und pretty.
Very often somo unusually lovely Ideas
ore developed by getting away from tho
usual lamp and lamp shade Ideas and'
adapting something entirely different. Thus
In one home a very unique blue lamp was
made by the liomemaker herself.
This Inventive lady wanted a larivj china-
lamp of certain snapo ana couiu not una
n....,hintf iii.'a' U nnd the morn rilrflnultt
iijunti, ...- -.. .-
her search became the more determined
was she to obtain what she wanted. Final
ly however, she had to give up. Hut it
was only when a new idea occurred to her.
Hair Remover
Tba only treatment which
wilt remove permanently a'l
from tht
face, ntsrk. Arms or anv cart
of tha body, fcavlnff no mtrk
or MfmiAb on the most deli
cate eklQe No electric ntedl.
burn in cauatlo or powder
Orfztnatnp. Hola Owner and
Kf, u. &. r.i.u?- utea exciueifeir x
Dr, Margaret Euppert "ftffirftL "
Suite 10-rtrlJ. 1-st. .3 nt. i'buu Wit hint 1021
" yirUOS.
t must c.o to prepare for Ihe addition or
lUelty'n mother to our household. I waiKcn
Into my bedroom and surveyed It sadly.
Of courts, 1 had hot possessed It !""
enough to beronio much attached to It. mit
1 had enjoyed it pretty nppointmr-nta im-
ittmiBi, fttt.t i tfrin n innieuicouij' -"
, Rc0u9 ,,'f (10 fnct nmt i did not want to
RVe t lo my mothor-ln-law. However,
,u6r0 ...au imtiiina elso to bo done, bo, sil
ling down In Ihe low rneltor nowm iu.v
bed. I begun to plan the rearrangement of
my belongings.
KATIIl'S VKIIY noot) 8t:crRfiTtON
The bed. of course, would have to stay
where It was. Kortunately. 1 had a R"!
supply of bed linen and dresei- scarfs.
Ot course, 1 could talso nil the personal
belongings from my dressing table.
Dlcky'R mother would havo her own things,
I know,
t began to dismantle my dressing table
with a heavy heart. It wns foolish. 1 knew',
to start rearranging things so soon, but If
I had lo change things around I wanted
to have it over with.
Uut when I had laid my toilet articles
and tho other belongings of my dressing
lablo on tho bed nnd had put the Unci;
scarf Into tho hamper of soiled clothing, 1
had a sudden thought
Where wns I to put these things nnd tho
contents of mv chlffotinler drawers? I had
said grandly to Dlelty that I Would dress
In the bathroom, but there was no place
thoro to put my things. 1 had also said
that t would rent a room In the building
for myself, but In my henrt I knew that
t would nover do It.
When Dicky, only a few ovenlngs before,
had proposed to turn over his bank ac
count to mo, I to take charge of till our ex
penditures, I had determined lo ru.i things
ns economically us possible. Thu added
rental ot another room was not to bo
thought of. I felt, mo, Unit Ihe purchase
of n dressing tublo or chllYotinlor for my
self would be an expense I would not core
to Incur.
Hut, In tho meantime, whut wns I to tin
with my things? As If In answer to my
tltiestloii, Kiltie, npiioared In tho doorway.
"Wot you doing. Missus tlralium?" shu
usked In wide-eyed amazement.
"I mil trying lo decide whero to put my
things, Katie." I replied helplessly. "You
see, 1 am going to givo Mr, (.irnham's
mother this room."
"Whero you sleep?" Katie looked bel
ligerent. "I nm going to sleep on a couch bed hi
tho dining room," I returned. I felt llko n
child being catechized by Its teacher. "I
will dress In the bathroom, but I do not
know whero tu put my things. 1 tin not
want to buy a new thlffonnler. There is
no loom for anything but a t-lilffunlor in
tho bathroom, and it will look so out of
place In there."
Katie was silent for a minute, evidently
tinning over thu problem In her mind.
"I tell you vot," sho said excitedly nt
last. "You know dot second-hand store
right down tho street, around corner, two
"I know man In dere. 1 seo pretty old
ting dero cheap, because one drawer
broken. I tell you vot, I get dat. get while
enamel, you know, paint It right away
ipieeck. Den you gut pink stuff, blue stuff
vot you like make curtain around draw
ers, you havo nice white ting all cheap
go nlco with whlto bathroom."
"Katie, you aro a genius," I replied en
thusiastically. "I'll glvo you thu money
now. and you may go any time this morn
ing and buy the chest of drawers. I will
get tho stuff for tho curtains this after
noon." "All right." Katlo turned townrd the
kitchen, hesitated, turned back und bluitcd
"It tinno of my business, but I tlnk Mees
tor llrnbam ho ought to sleep In dining
room, dross hi bathroom. If his mudiler
come, not you. You too easy," and she
hurried toward tho kitchen.
House "DifTcrentlg"
Sho saw a largo vase with an eight-inch
opening that was tlio exact shape she
wanted. So sho promptly bought it, filled
It with plaster of parls, and had thu little
base tu contain tho lamp burners set In
this. Then sho found somo blue cretonne
to match her blue vaso, and inadti a lamp
shade herself to match It, and sho is ex
ceedingly proud of the "homo-made lamp,"
as she calls It.
Somo of thu smaller slender vases can
bo adapted for candlelight for the night
table or the guest room table. Very ulton
It Is easy to match thu pattern of the
Dresden or other china vases In cretonne
and to make u shade to match and your
result will be equal to many of the beit
stores' imported creations.
Soap Jelly for Washing
Flannels, Etc.
Shave thinly one-half pound of soap into
a saucepan and pour over It ono ipiait ot
boiling water. (Homo pure whlto soap Is
prefetable.) Hull until soup Is melted. mi
Into a bowl ; when cold It will bo found t. be
a stiff jelly, which will readily dissnhe m
aim water. It Is preferable tu urtlin.iiv
soap in wabhlng flannels and delicate fab
rics where you do nut wish to rub the soap
directly on the garment itself.
Deerfoot Farm
rbailSage have such a sa-
Spry, smack your lips flavor.
Farm at Southborough, Mass.
sitmmmBiKvrmmaBsssfnm mwmmmssmmmmmi
i . . -- .
Iff r u u ll u D u jo jo S?
Quality and Standard
yA i. . Announcing tne upening of a
Hew First Floor Waist Department
t. )Ye I?r. '" ,his N'ew Bepartmsnt Uood Style, Good Quality
.etching Waists that will make Dewees Waist values talkeirabotit!
Smart Waists at Popular Prices
Opening Specials, S3.85
These Waists will delight the most fastidious. Values such as
you have never seen at this price. Georgette. Crepe de Chine
Chiffon, Plaid and Striped Silks. White, Black, Flesh and Suit
Shades. A variety of designs. Large selection.
B. F. Dewees,1122 Chestnut St.
finikvl ill
r 1
, 1 1 1
i f-w-
A smtirt tailored" suit for tlio matron.
TIJH middle-aged woman who is Inclined
to bo stout should always bo careful in
tho selection ot her tnllored suits. TIiIb suit
was built for a matronly ilgure. and is or
nnvv blue suede, trimmed with velvet. I lie
coat Is a becoming length. Just full enough
to bo smart. Tho skirt Is or medium width
und Is gored to do away with any unbecom
ing fullness.
(Coeyrlttht )
Some Don'ts for House
keepers iJon't put vinegar or sour adds In metal
Don't put Ico In your di Inking water.
Cool the water by putting It near the Ice.
Don't put butter In the refrigerator with
the it rapping on It.
Don't salt ment before tho Cooking. Add
salt after meat Is cooked or when nearly
Don't inaUe biead Into large loaves. Tho
center Is apt to be underdone.
Don't put damp towels or napkins In tlio
hamper. Dry them llrst or they will mil
dew. Don't usu steel knives for culling fish,
oysters, sweet b reads or brains. Tho steel
blackens and gives an unpleasant flavor to
Ihe food.
Don't wash glasses In clear water; uso
a little soap.
Don't spoil good, fresh fruit by making
It Into pies or puddings.
Don't scrub your refrigerators with warm
water. When necessary sponge it out quick
ly with two ounces of formaldehyde in two
quarts of cold water.
Don't crumple your dish cloths; hang
them up to dry.
Don't pour bulling water over china
packed hi a pun. it will crack by tho sud
den expansion.
' tVm't salt cucumbers or eggplant beforo
cooking ; it makes them Indigestible and uu
pahitablo. Don't use cracker crumbs If you can got
bteud crumbs.
Handy Clothespin Holder
A modified type of clothespin bog Is seen
In the house furnishings stores. It Is a well
made bag of crash, with a hook at tho top
which slides along thu clothesllno as tho
bag Is needed, so preventing constant stoop
ing to pick up pins. In addition, It has n
galvanized tray underneath, so that pins can
bo readily grabbed nnd used.
Right under our
eyes not here,
there and every
where is the
creamery where
we make
And because it ia made
in one creamery instead
of a dozen ; because it
is made under the most
careful supervision, in a
sanitary place, in n sani
tary way, from tho very
richest, purest milk that
healthy cows can pro
duce Meridale Butter
comes to you sweet,
pure and wholesome,
and it is nil alike, this
"uncommonly good
(Makers of .... , , , ,
Mcridnlel Philadelphia
Bell Phone. Market 3741
Keystone Phone, Main I7S3
Leak for the Mtrtfoll"
Hfaeptralr-tliht, dust' and
odgr-proof-at your groctri.
Famous Over Half Century
Prima Donn.t of tho Jletropollti'it "P-ni Company.
.. . . i .... it.A iitnet."
htjK whu uancea must io " .
XI is an n&as-olJ saym often fonrottcn
by tho beauty who Is Immersed In the mad
whirlpool ot social Rayctlrs. She Boe.t tho
exciting round of parties nnd dames with
never n thought of the
toll that late suppers
ntnl fallguo are Being
to collect. Hut whMi
It Is too late she will
realise thut she hni
lioen forced to "pav
the piper" with the
brilliant light of hrr
eyes, the plnlt-niid-whlto
coloring of her
complexion, tho beau
i of her hair ' sS
i urareftllly I
lines of her ( f
tiful sheen
nnil I ho
rounded ill
"7t "'is against the ' ' w"
laws of naturo and or beauty for nny per
son to stay up until the "wee sma houra
night after night and not mittcr any 111
cousfiiuenres. To brcnlt the eight-hour-sleep
law meant, that the bulldlng-up proc
ess of the system Is Interfered with. Tho
tissues under your skin tecnlvo less am
less nourishment, and soon their starved
condition will bo apparent In tho ilabby,
wrinkled llesh that covers your face. It
will talto many, many hours of pat lent
treatment to restore the skin to Its norma
condition, ami In many Instances It will
never regain Its origin"! beauty no matter
how persistent you may bo In massaging
and feeding tlio starved tissues.
"r'ATCit ui" on sli:l:i'
The only sensible thing lo do when you
keep late hours Is to make up tho lost
sleep by going to bed early tho following
night. P'lrst cleanse your fnco thoroughly
by bathing It In warm water and it bland
tioap. then tunssago It with bkln fond, leav
ing a coating of the cream on the skin
during tho night. This will glvo tho tis
sues a chanco to absorb tho nourishing
If you wish to preserve tlio delicate
coloring and tho velvety texture or your
skin you must bo most careful what you
eat lato ut night. Welsh rabbits, broiled
lobster, deviled crabs and so on may be
pleasing to your palate, but they almost
Invariably play hnvoo with one's complex
ion and digestion when eaten so lato at
night. Mat lightly of vegetablo or fruit
halntls or sandwiches. Hefraln from drink
ing any beverages with the exception of
lemonade, table water and milk.
Ritlguo lobs tho eyes of their beauty
moro quickly than any other feature. To
prcservo the star-llko brilliancy of your
eyes you must batho them with a sooth
ing lotion every night beforo retiring If
you havo been out late. Thero Is nothing
heller than a saturated solution of boraclo
acid, t'so an ej-o cup when bathing tho
Another sign of physlcnl exhaustion Is
loss of flesh. Tho moment you notlco that
you mo losing weight tnko tho rest cure.
Ho lazy for two or three weeks. It Is
foolish for any woman to mnko her.'olf a
martyr even to retain her social p-.ilar-Ity.
Her health nnd good looks should bo
of far greater valuo than a tltlo of social
queen. Unless sho abandons this strenuous
x-x' "-
I ' ' I
15X3 Walmtt
Children7s Depto Now Open
Ilalrcuttlng, Shampooing and Manicuring
Mothers are assured that the high standard
for which this establishment is famed will be
strictly adhered to in the New Department.
Philadelphia v
and Vicinity k
Goes to Press on $
January Fifth
Any Change in Listing Should k
Be Communicated to the W
Business Office jf
at Once r
Call Jff
Filbert 2790 M
modo nf living for n tlmo nnd through te
arid wholesome, nourishing totnin rcmi.,
her lost Mesh Inw attractive figure win b,
como bony and angular.
Yotl will havo to depend largely UMl.
Iho displeasing rouge pot. the lip 8l.k
pmvder box nnd bottlo or lirilliantlnt h'r
t. iit- beauty unless you rest when you
ii,,llre Hint fnllgllo Is making Inroads Unn
pood looks. I-or sho who breaks lh.
nf iiiituto and beauty must "pay (J,.
"Efficiency" Hint on Bread
Making Holl one large potato until dono; mash
thoroughly and use rilono with the water ft
wns boiled 111 when making bread nnd It
will be the mentis of producing u lighter
finer bread, which remains moist Inngrr atiij
one loaf more lo each three quarts of flour
With tho prevailing high price of flour
this hint Is ot great value.
A Double Service Sweater
When the sweater sleeves bnenmo quite
thin at the elbow, cut them out nnd sew
the right sleevo into the left nrnilmle and
the left Into tho rlgtht. Sew In by band with
it backstitch and stitrh the seam rdges Hat
on the machine. ThH rhanuv Iiiiiibs tho
Worn spot on the front of the liwe nnil
the hw eater can In- worn as lung n it m.
ready has been and without mending elbows.
If allowed to be worn through nt clbowi
before making tin- change, It will hardly
pay lo change tliein.
For Infants
& Invalids
? Coit YOU
Same Price
A Nutritious Diet for All Ages.
Keep Horlick'3 Always on Hand
Quick Lunch: Home or Office.
Every Face
linn it power to repel or rittrtirt
It In human n.itnre the wurlil m.r In
Jllilne p ople hv their personul Mppe.tr-
enre. The 11.1)1 I) .Mlilllllll of flliirtl
tr titineiit la unsiirp.iHii u. th (lrniet
triiu.iis putuineu KittowMi.
wiiik Kufirnnt il.
Hi II. Spruce lf.lt.
-tia-107 riiiiuicr: niiic.
ism. Walnut nt 1.1th nt.. I'hll.i.
vmorp, r--TrT-gJJ$ffl
imu j.r-i.i i-i w 1 1 1 1 1 i wiw
ULi&ar l.."3im:swwiv,vj
lio rtfN r-ll ".rlrV
" ft I'tTC'S? ''"' -!"'" FT' IS -