Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, January 03, 1917, Night Extra, Page 5, Image 5

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"WPF""1 HW"i.v3rW"w jitw - 'WHUyW'lk m-nfrr " '"'"lyft.yi--
ssTAStamD lair
&VUS IJXut&taMr
zjl H
Pearls rang
ing from sixty
grains to more
than two liun
tlred grains
C artier
712 Fifth Avenue
.New York
Recalled Men Busy Breaking
Camp Bringing Their
Mascots Along
n. TASO. Tex. .Inn 3 KxeitlnR prep
arations for tlio homeward movement of re
called Pr-nnsjlvntiln troops, which tusliii
today, nnil resumption nT tnonolonoim
routlno by thoso to icmnlii hnve Ktltred tlio
camp Into new activity. Mno days of
liollday, which bewail tlio .Sunday before
Christmas, enmc to an end with tlio Intglo
blasts nt sutirlso eitoril.iy
Down In tlio rank f fie Sixteenth In.
fantry. tlio thousand men of the leRiniont
arc ROltlnK ready to (titinln The Six
teenth lcaei toda in thiee sections
the first of which will nlo cany General
A J Logan and Second DrlR.ulu licwlqtinr
tcri as well ni Colonel Itlckardt nnil th
reelmental utaff. Tliey b by ivuy of S.m
Antonio and St. Louis. J:cr thing Is In
readiness for the order to entiuln save
Tents wero dinpped nnil paclieil or
shipment homo with the troops early this
morning and If the tho railroads h.ive the
rollliip fctoclc on hand In time the lliat sec
tion should Icavp here before night.
Mascots of cciy lietcrlptlon, from tho
ne liable burro to mountnln hawks, which
the men nro pleased to bcllove to bo eagles,
lmv been assembled and crated
Tho fcplrlt of tho troops mounts as tho
hourH of tho start homo fly by and tho "Wo
Want to Uo Home" chant of a foitnlght
ago has given way to popular tongs and
cheers for evcijbcdy from Clement to
Tho Sixteenth, Fourth and Fifth C.ivnlty.
signal coips Meld hospital and Held am
bulance aro Included In tho ricall older
Tlio Fourth leaves net.
John P. Murphy and Mrs. Murphy Laid
at Rest at Double Funeral
Former emplmes. friends and business
nuii'.nhtniiLi'H attended the fuiu'iiil of .lohu
V Minpliy. a rttlicd in Inter, who for many
jp.irs minim ml .in establishment on Fifth
direct south of Walnut. At tho name limo
final tribute u.is nulil to Mis Miiipby. wife
of the cteran pi Inter, whoso body, with
that of hei husband. nits lound by
neghbois In their home, i!.'. Winona uvo
nup Germ ttitovvn. on lr il.ty.
S ilemn requiem mass was relebtated In
&i Patrick's I'huich, Twentieth and Locust
s'reeis this nioriiliiEf, tho rauUetn lepnsInK
nr.ir each othui in tho main aisle. Fol
luvung the sei Mi'e the double Interment
was made in Old I'.ilhiMlial Ctmetery.
l'l.ui to tho ceieinunle.1 nt the church
the icl.itives ard filnul'j of Mr. and Mrs
llurphy vlpi.nl the limb's nt tiio OllVLr II
Itair liuilding. ISL'O i hc-anut uticct.
Willinm J. and John Joseph Sweeney
Die Few Hours Apart
dliiini J Fvveoncy, it member of tho
rinladelpbl.i Kind. ICxuhange. nud Ills
Joungcr biotlier. John .loseph Sweeney,
widelv knoun in llnanelnl elides, died of
pneumonia ivlthtn .1 fen Iioiils of each other.
It is hu.i'ved tho death of the elder
tirnthr-i as the consequenco of n lh t paid
to the joiing-i one lis bo lav 111 nt St
Joseph .s Hospital l'pet b the oirciini
rtaiito of his nunger brnther'H illness, bo
rtiiirnt.il to his home, 1313 N,orth Fifteenth
btiecf and never left It sillc.
ruimr.il services Mill bo held lit tho icsl
denee Triday morning nt tl o'clock, fol
lowed by solemn ren.ii cm high mass at 10
o'clock at St Mal.iehy'a Chinch, Klovcuth
and Master streets Interment will bo In
the Old Cathedral Cemetery.
Her Attorneys in Reno Get Demurrer
in Divorce Action
ni:o Nov, Jan 3. With Injunctions
to fight her husband's suit for illvmcu to
the last tlitt.li, Mary llovver Knox, wife of
riulander I'linso Knox, Jr , his cmplo.'d
local attorneys, who took their first legal
fcteps vestcrilay Tho default nieviously en
tered by Knox s attorney becauso of the
failure of Mrs Knox to nppear vwu stt
aside Her attorneys were granted per
mission to Hie n. demurrer to tho complaint,
and it has bten set for nrsument on Jan
uary 8
The attorneys for Mrs. Knox would not
lay on what grounds thu battle would b
fought Knox camo to rteno about a year
ago and filed lus suit last October.
Criminal Inmate Makes Cunning
Escape, After Evading
MnitmsToM'X. ,V J, Jan 3- With n
guard In the corridor, one outside in the
electrlc-rghtcil park nnd his room inspected
each hour during tho night nnd ilty, Wil
liam Fall h criminally Insane patient nt
the State Ilospitnl for tho Itisntip tit Morris
Plains, escaped nnd Is now nt large Tivn
cirs ngo tho man shot nnd seriously
nounded nn attendant In tin effott to
escape, nnd Medical tlirerttir Cvnn has
sent u vvarnlhg to the police throughout the
Stnto that Willi Is a desperate character
Twenty guards nnil attendants at the hopl
tnl Ime started on n innnhuni
'flic nun wns in n spccinllt cnnslructeil
room with steel guards In the window and
' I i ' liars i.utsile lie s uverripil in
some way In unlnchlliB the steel wfiidnw
K aid toM'iiiR tlio bats nnd then mulling n
i "lie of his blankets, nllil-tinwn fifteen feet
to the Mroutid In his nig it i Int'ies mid
t -capeil from the lighted psrk which was
p.itiolled hv night tvnti'hiin n Iioctor
llintis is intiklng a minute Imoi-t'.gitlMii
Wall Is tnent-nlre cais old nnd was
rent to the Institution fiom the llihwav
Iteforin.itor: on May S. 1IM.1 i(. hud bet n
a member nf the old "Itlicr Unng' of
l'alerson. and was sent to Ihp reformntury
from Pntei-Kon for looting bungalow t and
cnmmlttlni other depredallnns as a ' gang
ster '
on June IS. 1914. Wall got a revolver
smuggled Into him and after escaping from
his room, shot Altciidint I'ntili-'t J. Collins
through the chest, snatched his keys nnd
was oveicome after n struggle Collins,
nftor hovering on the verge of death, finally
I eeov ered
Since tint time Wall lias been spec'nlly
guai ded. and bis Isolated loom examined
every hour The room was cinsldered vir
tually esuipe pioof tveu t.ie locks tin the
door being masked so tli.it thev uuuld nut be
tuiiipued with fi tun tho inside
"Cemetery" for "Deceased" Ve
hicles Really "Live" Place for
Rej uvenating Carriages
A iilinliiRriipli Illustrating this nrtlrle np
pears tin (he plrtorbtl page.
A "cemeterv" for "deceased" vehicles
I mi' i:ievonth street and Alleglienv luenuo
has been added tt Philadelphia's list of
plat es of Intel est.
Although tho establishment lias not yet
rtliacted tit.v-wido attention the pl.uo has
become a neighborhood Institution, and resi
dents of North Philadelphia commonly re
fer to the snap heap as 'tho cemetery"
Disc inleil vihiclcs of all kinds and shapes
.lie tollected here by John Crossoii, who has
been In this business for ni.inv veals. After
piiiohaslng tho vehicles, bo lcpalrs many of
Ciein and describing them us "good as new"
Micct-eils In finding profitable customers for
Thn wood of soine of tho wagons Is often
of the finest oak anil lilcktuj. and soino
t lines thu lion Is highly valuable Jinny
old mid Interesting vehicles aio in the largo
toilet tlon In the "cemetery" One "cariy
all" Is said to bo more than I CO cars old.
It has olil-faalilniicil high wheels that were
once considered "fancy" It contains two
seats and the spiing.s aio heavj, but still
ittaln gieat Iteslhilltv
Coaches, baroutlies, band wagons, carts,
wheelbarrows, ninbulances, elc, uro now In
tho "ecmetei.v." Several "lloats" In tho
New Vcai's parado came from this Institu
tion "Ned" Ilnrrigan's celebrated "old leather
coach" may bo Inlened In this vehicular
Police Try to Learn Imlentity of Man
Who Shot Himself
The police in o Irving to learn tho Identity
todnv of .i man who committed sulcldo by
shooting last night nt I.eithgow and ("am.
bridge b. reels Hit took a rovnlver from his
pocket and while seveinl bystnntlerH looked
tin placed tho imiMlu to his head and fired
He died vvhllo being taken to the Itooscvclt
Culmination showed that tho man had
two artificial legs There was nothing III
lis clothing to n veal his identltv Tho man
is deMTlhtd as being about tliirtv-two jears
old. of medium Matuic and fall ciiupleIou.
Meet and Eat at the
Moderate Trite nnil Home Coultlne
ami, !( of nil.
Grand Banquet
corri;i:, s a vvv
l.lnrii iimiMii nrfil tn our ru
tntiirrM, nnil liiumltrftl In our own
j I iiimtry lo insuro ilemillneHtt ami
kunlt ir t iintllllutw.
i r:zi i uroiniii i,
s 7ji inrkci m
XZTQ Vi'ii MtrUrt M
Sa Oil M ! s
Cor. 1 3tlTand Sansom
An txt-vptii'iil upptiriunily to tio btyltjht
ilitHst-il ul .t IIk Having
til Sll urn! 4-iO.OO MHIM.S or COR
DKK(UTIMiM In tinier . . ""'-'
Sill till to a1 till bl ITI.M.S or Gffn
UVi:Ht IIVriM.S tci tinlir .
til till H I" I M! .Ill SI'lll.Mil ur Grtn
iivrufoTlMts tu tirdfr
wik nj ,
Heal your
sick skin
The Resinol treatment for
skin troubles is not an ex
periment. Doctors have pre.
scribed jt for over twenty
years, for eczema, ringworm,
and similar itching, burning,
unsignuy eruptions.
They rely on Resinol Ointment because it
usually atvps the itching at once giving the
patient much-neqded relief and rest and
usually removes all -trace of the distressing
eruption. Resinol Ointment may be used freely
on even the most sensitive, e .!'., iriitated sktn
Keiiccl Omtmeni t to nuily Kth
csltHcd thai It can be uicdou the Uc,
bccL. or !und without ituictinf uo
duueniloa. RwiuolSoipcooulM
tho Resinol mediMUoo, tnjlii! It
excellent lor tin complextoa t
bilr KuInotOmtmentaolReiUel
boa? i ot4 bf U druiftiU.
Laugh at Mishaps Occasioned by Inability to See Their
Way About Treacherous Bochc Receives Summary
Retribution How a "BlufP Captured 22 Germans
(I'rHtrit Pprrlolla tor the tivtntno .rrfffrf
t.O.VtlON. iVr. I(i
t'rnlt, hntietih inMI. and men when ev
Hlmll tifirr mnr look on the sdtMt
Men tinmhlnK ns they po. ,v?hn set
Jimokrt ihrlr ttrrntf rlgtrette
And nr, nn, innirrttt- imv.
n If w ir r,. n nnililiy
I tn ntiqtiunhlv gaj ' Yes. It's tine To
t'nv I I i "ted In .1 miiiiII party of blinded
soldleis nnil tiiev were nil bubbling over
with merrliviKnt
Such n Joke "'
sa nl onn of them
A regulai ehap
tei of nci'detits
tills morning ' We
were allowed mil
hv out selv . so
Just fot fun we
got Into n mot ir
bus lit ei v one
was must kind
and helped us to
our seats hut tin
in I here was ton
quirk a n tl snt
down plop on nil
old Lull's knee.
Then w hen we
got out 1 missed
the step nnd fell
l.l.l.UV .vnvlit fiat In the mud '
And another nf t hv Inns ran us Into n dm k
pond lint we nil manage to keep smiling' '
iniicli-wiitindeil and gnrruloir.i little
lilshmnn whom I have reccutl.v assisted in
t iirslng In a Itetl Cross hospital becomes
almost Incoherent when he lelales th tale
of his woiindn
" "Pwns nvengitig our olllcer we were. ' he
begins, "and as (lite n tnd ns ever ve savv
tn pantile! Know how to Inke enre of ills
pint ion. ton
"We were In the tlerinnn first line then,
dealing the trench We took it whole lot
"I lliein prNoners. nnil Mr. Laiidis, our of
ficii he'd nlvcr let .ve lav n linger on n
htiehe If tho fellow made n s'gn nf ptr
ling up his bands, although he'd seen
something of their trick '.No, by ( iod "
-or. he '.Vol III in platoon No )ou don't
'lis a point nf honor '
"Wi rtime to rt tluSiiif that hail lite
entrance In II nlr blown In. nnil I was nil
for bombltig ll flrst nnil onhlnrt rtnslloii!
after. 'No,' sea Mr i-nmllr, t gn in front,
untl you ntul Hip nthr bnvs twhlmt '
"With tltnt tip bemts ttnwn to the eitrnnee
nf the iltiRout nnil Btnfis nut, cheerful lllnv
Wo 1st tin? "T tlerman Hnrto, I tn tntd
'Then nnp.of tln snttsner-Mters rails
bncli ro meeU nnd penile. In UtiBllsli, 'Only
me. sir '
" 'Well point on out. nnd no on will
hurt e' savs l.andls
" 'Aeh. sir. I cannot move- rrv bait
wound, sir' ! cnlls tip the sausage-enter.
A TlllUCllUlincs tinciii:
" "Oon't ri down, Mr l.nndls, sir' ex t
knowing the nature of the creatures below
stairs Hliure Itt me go down and 'tis
lettllhB their nccount I'll be after'
"'Put Hint bomb bach In Jour pocket,
rntl stand Imrh'' snvs our officer "Tin ft
point of honor not in attack the wounded '
nd with that down he goes himself
nlotie '
'Next moment I henrtl liim give n groan.
'Thev ve stuck me.' came erv faint-like
"'lleie. bovs.' sea t to the section, 'tlio
In rlie have killed Mr taindls. and 'lis
avenging him we must be nfter'
' We mmlo one wild rush Into that dug.
nt Zip! went n Herman bavonet Into mv
thigh lie II do no more stlckln'. that chap!
I smashed his head III with me butt
nd I caught two others with me
bavonet The other rhaps ncciuntcd for
three more Tlio others I could hear scurry
iii' off tike rabbits through the passages
'Then I turned to Mr Nnntlis TIs nil
over with me. me hoy.' sea be. half smiling,
''tis n treacherous hole, and 'tis too trust
ful Hint I was '
lie dletl as soon us be hud spoken And
what with the sight of him so .voting nnd
hnndsnint! anil honorable, iljln" by treach
erv. ntul what with tb,' sting of that
bnche bavonet In ine sjde, I was seeln'
irettv reil
'So me anil another chap line along the
ilnrk passages after the ones that bad Med.
'Tvvas b sergeant ntul tlve men we found,
nnd thev squealed nil right when they saw
the point of mo bayonet It was glltterln'
In the sun Just at the mouth of the dug
rut where they was ralculatln' to get
' Thev turned on mo pnl nnd me. nnd wo
fought Hko rats in n hole 'Tvvfts it great
merlin' hut they won't meet any one clso
this side of hell'
"Just at the last my tut was killed As
vou see, I got chipped about a bit tnvfelf,
inn It wns worth it nil. for I wits that wild
nbout lue olllcer"
WtNTOtt IlOiMlonS OP WAtt
Mfn on tin? SnmniP In this terrible De
cember weather 19 n. tale nf wne And wlntt
the llrltlsh have lo suffer Is nothing tn Hie
tlirPomforls which lite Hermans ard under
The Herman front" line Is n hrnkrti slre'ch
of battered trenches nnd shell holes, without
ntiy deep dugouts, nnd onlv n few "funk
holes" hardly proof against shrapnel anil
nffordlng absotutelv no protettloti ngnlnst
artillery and mortar fire.
The (lertnntl communication lienehes
have been lunde Impassable hv mml ntul
shell fire, nnd all carrying nnd reliefs have
lo be done ncross tho open bv night, vvlih
cut ntiy kind of rover
The men suffer terribly from the c dil
slid wet While the llrltlsh are well
clothed, the Hermans Itnve had no allowance
of leather, fur or shpepskln coats
liven when thev get nvvay from tho mis
ery of tlio wet trendies and the horrors of
the shell fire there Is small comfort In
their les'.-blllets. where they nro crowded
(ngethpr In dnmp cellars
"It Is Impossible to describe how nwful
it Is here " w rites one man "I would not
wish my worst enemy in this hell.
Cvery second Is torture"
And thoso seconds lengthen nut even to
n period of forty-three days for one Her
man division was In tho tines for nil that
Vet the spirit of the Herman troops re
mains unbroken.
A wounded Uritlsh captain of mv nc
iiunliiliiuce bus had n curious escape
Aimed with an empty tevolver. lie tt
managed to cnplure n number of the cneni,
thtiiugh sheer ' bluff "
"I'd been pipped In the left nrm," he
told me. "just when wo it tnken n first
lino Herman trench. My men wero so en
tiled that thev dashed on to tho second
lino without orders' .M orderlv, who was
also wounded, was with me
"Just ns Til finishing bandaging his
hound and mv own. I heard a sciifillng
fiudergrnund, round tho other side nf the
traverse Looking out, I perceived a
hochp olllcei the llrst I'd seen at the
mouth of n dugout, feeling h s wnv out I
could ee tho spikes of lota of helmets be
hind him too Nasty situation considering
that mv orderlv bad Just lo' t hl.t rlllo and
that my ieolver was empty
"Well, f did the one and onlv thing
pointed my revolver nt the hoche olftcer
"To mv surprise he called out In llng
Ilsli, 'llnn'l shoot '
"I said I'd shoot tho whole crowd of them
If one moved 'Vou sit tloivn perfctlv
still, my friends I ndntntitshcd them, "nnd
III Inkp you nil to Kngland Hut If jou
move vou II get sit service bullets, and my
men wll route along and bury ou In your
little dugout '
"Thev all sat down like lambs I man
aged to whlsppr to my orderly to first find
me n bnvntipt or n Hlte, anything rather
than nn empty ieoHpr. And hurry back
with some men, for the loe of heaven, I
"then t was left nlonn with my hoche
partv Their otTleer was cuilouslv sulky
itnce he made n suddpn movement with his
i lite, but I was took quirk ntul got II from
lilm 'Ho psslly, mv friend.' I counseled
him. 'I tn a conscientious objector when
I m at home, and t hate killing Ilka tha
devil '
"t tried htm on half a dozen Interesting
topics of conversation, for he could talk
Kngllsh perfectly, but ho remained very
"Finally ho relented sufficiently lo led
mo that our artillery was ho good and lhat
obvlouslv we wero now near the end of out
"'I.lfe must be pretty beastly In England
since our Kepps hne command of the nlr,'
he added. 'I do not envy you English '
"I told him that I believed they'd man
aged to kill n few cats nnd dogs, and a
horse or two but that tho only worry our
folk had was that so few' had able lo see a
Zepp. nnd they were .nil Aery curious to
have n look nt one.
"After n while my orderly got back with
three men nnd a corporal, nnd I ordered
tho Hermans to march out without their
tv capitis There wero actually twenty-two
at litem
"I thought It was rather a good Joke to
have c.iptuied tho lot with only nn empty
revolver, so I told the Herman officer about
It Hut he said he savv no Joke nt nil, and
only growled and scowled, and became so
peovlsh that he wouldn't talk nt all."
Platinum La Failure
i .
An attractive setting contain
ing three large and two 1 p..
si iiui it; i uiiimuiius ut aiiji:iiui pAUi -v
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