Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, November 30, 1916, Night Extra, Page 6, Image 6

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crnue jr. kv cinvris, pmioct
Crte jr. tArdlnttetu.Vlea. rresldenti John
C. MarVp. BeeTttarrana' Treasurers Philip B.
lfin,Jen ft William. Director.
Citui n. K. Cttne, Chairman,
. Jf. WHALBT...W. ., .,... . . . Editor
KOTIK C jLtAJlTOT.. .0nrI Business Manater
tset.ffah.xf Aa.1 t PnALtn T.rrxirti
' lHAMstlnAM Aniiim. Phllftd1nh
Jbavar cwtnt-. Broad and Chestnut swl;
Nw Tox...,...,..,.ioO MMrofollutn Tower
DcnoiT .. ,.828 Ford Bulldlnc
err. Uci,, ...... 409 aieUt-Demoerat Bulldlnc
CBICiM....... . .... 1202 Tribune Building
winirro! nemo i. Rlres Bulldlnc
MTf ToK nc0 , The jrhtiea llulldln
bull Hrt) -..... O0 Frledrlehatraeiw
Lotnox tlritwo Marcdnt House, Htraml
Fills BCuo .. ..S3 Ru Louli le Urand
subscription terms
W carrier, six cent Mr,ftk Br mail,
twttpald outside of Philadelphia. eept nhro
(ersum poslair la rrn,ulred, one month, twenty
Itvaents: on year, three dollars. All mall
SUhacrlptlons payabla In advance.
Nonce Subscriber wishing- nd Ires chanted
tautt lire old at well an new addree.
EX AtUrrtt otJ rommimti((o)i fo fftrnl0
Ttdgtr, fndependeaoe Bquart,, Philadelphia.
xwrraro at tna rnaiDrxrnu roT0ritc s
sxcoximiliss uiti, uirrn.
ron October was ita.107
FMIsdtlpliU, Thnitdsr, Nerrmtxr 10, 1916.
Some ha meat and canna eat,
And lonte would eat that want it;
But we ha mtat and we can eat,
Sa let th Lord be thanhit.
It Is ft great Thanksgiving for Bob
The Old Guard novor surrenders;
but sometimes It Is licked. '
Thero Is a Rrowlng belief that Ford
methods aro needed In tho barnyard.
Qcorgo Harvoy says tho country
In not patriotic. It appears to bo lacking,
too, In prophets.
No, Cordolla, tho name of Tarnow
kl, tho new Austrian Ambassador, la not
pronounced Tarnation. ,
Tho Mayor Is going to clean up
that vice situation "In a day or two" If
It takes tho next thrco years to do it.
Mr. Hughes was a student at both
Institutions; It will bo determined today
whothor ho Is a Colgate or a Brown man.
Why should tho Bala-Cynwyd pco
pie complain? If tlioy do not want to ubo
tho trains thoy can take a sea voyago
on tho Fifty-second street ships.
Did It ever occur to you that tho
Tery poor fare hotter on Thanksgiving
Day than the .nverago worklngman
whose name is not on tho list of tho
Tho position of the Record seoms
to be that thero ought to bo no public
Improvements until a Democrat Is elected
Mayor. But what Improvement would
thero be In that?
' Ono of the things to bo thankful
for, presumably, Is that tho next Speaker
Will bo either a Vnro or Penrose man.
In time, perhaps, wo can be a little moro
thankful ovor tho prospect of having a
fcenclunan of neither.
Francis Shunk Brown has sent a
letter to every member of tho Genoral
Assembly offering his advice during tho
Jiession of the Legislature this winter.
Tho Attorney poneral Is an expert
adviser, but It Is dollars to postago stamps
that a lot of the legislators will get their
advice from other quarters.
The movement to make Lloyd
Georgo practically dictator of the British
Empire ljaa ample and good precedent
In Roman history. Ordinary methods of
government must bo abandoned in times
of sreat peril, and the "demagoguo" of
yesterday may be tho preserver of his
country tomorrow. If Lloyd George
takes Asquith's place, his power will bo
Virtually absolute.
Because of the lack of rain millions
of cyclops, dlaptoml, canthocampl,
yprlses. daphnlas and bosminias, besides
several other kinds of animals In the city
reservoirs, have died. It Is the presence
of their Inanimate bodies that has caused
the unpleasant odor In the drinking water
In recent weeks. It does not seem possl
bfe that the demise of microscopic
creatures could produce such disagree
able results, but thero are more wondeis
In the world than aro dreamed of by
tnoat ot us.
A list of "creations" worn by men
j Kl Hie Opera ShOWS how manv vnrlntlnna
j.j . pan bo played on tho themo of black and
rTOlte. They ought to try colors, as of
Jrore. Men ar the ornamental sex, as
Witness beards and mustaches. But they
placarded these as well as colors. Why?
A clever woman has said that the modern
rnament of a man is a bankroll, and
that tho only way he can advertise the
act that he has It Is to wear a drab
luslnessllke suit. Women select plain
ooklng men for husbands because gaudy
lomeos are apt to have undecorated
Reports from Washington that
Mla Katharine Brltton Is to bo married
lo Prince Alfred zu, Hohenlohe Schllllng
Jurst, of tho Austrian Embassy, must bo
JaJjep with many grains of salt, The case
fesemblea that of Miss Katharine Elklna
tod the Duke of the AbruzzI, with the
Ufference that Prince Alfred la a medl.
Jtled prince, while the duke is a member
HT the Italian royal family. But so far as
European social customs are concerned,
pl$ difference is slight. Tho medlatUed
B are recognized "as the equals by
ot the members of the reigning
ea. Tho murdered heir to the Aus
in throne married a countess, but her
aJc was m far below his that the duko
4 to Birrca before tho marriage to
HiTndsr tha right of his. children to
iiherit the throne. Other Austrian grand
pSim have married women who wero not
If b!a birth, but have had to give up
J4r rank to do it. Such a marriage is
Hit rMOfqisad in the l&ws of th reign
b jfcjuUiet it MU Klklfts A4 marjitd
fi JQMh. of the Abnusi sh would have
been a morKtumUe wife, who could h&ve
been disowned It for dynaetle Masons Jt
had become necessary fof tho duko to
marry a woman of; royat birth. The
probability thai any hlffh spirited Ameri
can ftlfl "will contract ft marriage with
a prince which will hot be recoftnlzod by
the awn of her husband's country as
binding on hint Is so remote that this
latest International romance In likely to
find no consummation outside ot the
fTUlE man who Isn't glnd ho'fl nllvo and
who never celebrates his birthday in
always being shot nt by iho hero In Mr.
Chesterton's boisterous novels Just to
chjtstqn his Indifference. Wo aro In
pretty much that chastened frnmo ot
mind. America has been shot at nml tho
bullet barely missed, tho mark. Most of
us aro rather thankful.
To bo really humble Irf to bo something
of a poet, or at least a pretty big man.
Wo havo been welcomed by pioclamatlon
to n fenst of humility. Turkey Is far
from depressing nnd mlnco plo In not
humbla pie. But It Is not for the avorngo
mortal to lecturo tho average mortnl
nbotit prayer nnd fasting. "Tho people"
havo boon urged to think over their
cranberries of others' sufferings; but
most persons are not so proud on to think
of thcmselvci as "tho people," but aro
content to rcmnln plain folks.
Thanksgiving Is nobody's business,
generally speaking. It Is each Individ
ual's affair. Each ono suffers for hln own
thanklcssness and puntshet himself
Indirectly for his own shortcomings. As
for alms for tho needy, "Lot your light
so Bhlno" is spoken to tho congregation
as a mass; but "Lot not thy left hand
know what thy rlsht hand dooth" Is
spoken to tho Individual giver. Tho
tragedy of alms is that tho poor givo most
of them though nobody tells them to.
Tho poor aro too busy Just now feeding
themselves and each other and working
overtlmo at r;ood wages to think about
Belgium, Poland, Armenia and Serbia.
Tlmt Is tho privilege of tho rich.
But this Is not alms. Fancy any ono
daring to think of a gift to Franco as
aimsi These little- nations whom wo havo
helped, but not enough, aro worthy to
bo tanked with Franco. Of course tho
bcit thing wo, could glvo them would bo
pcaco; but wo havo found to our humilia
tion thnt to keep muttering ponce, pcaco,
when thoro Is no peace, Is futile. If tho
alternnttvo Is to conquer Europe with
kindness, wo havo pot been very Impres
sive. But tlint again is up to the Indi
vidual Imagination. Wo havo given some
few thousand young lives. Volunteers,
soldiers of fortune, havo henid tho call
and died in tho trenches or fallen flaming
from foreign skies for nn idea. It may
make, somo women thankful to think
thnt their sons did not get Into tho world's
quarrel. It may make somo men
IT WAS a happy chanco for Penn'nnd
Cornell nnd for football at Inrge that
brdught thoso two colleges together to
an annual holiday rivalry. For many
years the Big Four--Yale, Harvard,
Princeton nnd Ponhsylvnnla wero hurl
ing cries of rufllanlsm and professional
ism nt each other. It was significant
that these cries began to dlo down about
iho tlmo that there was no longer a Big
Tour loft they'd all been trounced by
smaller colleges.
But over all theso years thero was
never moro than a trace of anything
but gentlemanly mutual esteem betweon
our owri Thanksgiving Day combatnnto.
This game has beon plnycd as If It wero
betweon teams of two different chapters
of tho same fraternity. It makes It all
the better pow that Cornell has as much
chance to win as Ponn. It speaks welt
for both that tho long unbroken string
of defeats Cornell suffered hore never
left any soreness on the ono sldo or
gloating on tho other.
Tho roar of welcome that comes from
the Pennsylvania stands ns Cornell runs
on tho Held Is a heartfelt greeting to as
good sportsmen as thero aro In tho col
lego world.
ART Is ft mummy when It Is made for
the museum called an art gallery. Its
primary destination should be tho hands
of the people, and It is only the acci
dents of time and use that send It else
where. The chief crlmo of our ago has
been to hand over "tho arts" to tho
painters and musicians. Tho result was
that we got some flna pictures and
symphonies with some mighty ugly
crockery, iron railings, metal mugs and
coins. An art that is not In dally use
Tho recovery of our corns Is a notable
advance toward a democratic art. Peo
ple are still talking about the new dimes.
The new half dollars, soon to be out, are
beautiful, if they realize their description.
Liberty represented "In ft full-length fe
male figure, enveloped In tho folds of
the Stars and Stripes, progressing In full
stride toward the dawn of a now day,"
should be much better than the largo
characterless head now filling up
obverse of our half dollars.
The artist chose bis model with a view
to poise nnd carriage, as well as perfec
tion of profile. This Is breaking away
from the old rut of thinking first of a,
pretty face. Whistler once drew a por
trait of a. girl and sent it to an exhibi
tion with the face scratched out, because
he knew too many persons would only
Jopk at his work to sea if the girl were
pretty or not. It was tardily learned
that the flowinr folds of garments, the
gesture and spirit, of the pose gave work
more meaning than the representation of
mere fleah. and feature. It ht not de
tracting from the honor that is Mrs
Stevens's in having been chosen for tho
model to say that nowadays It is the
artist ratnw Own the modal, y,-ip uwkw j
tb tety e the cola. . J
Tom Daly's Column
Of lad and tas$c gov bctHoht,
And crhp and clear ring out ttle tonpt
And brafclv ttavc the banners brtpht.
The pamo 1 oti, rtntt while thcU floht
For tchoolboV pride and matcrv;
Onlshlc a Icggar chanli his rile,
"for what thou plvcst, thanks to thect"
And ladles fair and ladle rare,
With' Jewels like the Stars of night
Set gleaming In their luslroui hair,
Jleforc the plaghouic now alight,
Where muslo iiocIU and songs Invito
And drown the curhstdnc beggar's plea,
"Have pit) on me In iny plight
tor whafthou gliest, thanks to theel"
The mailer sits before his boara
And views the napcry, spotless, white;
lte fanclci lie's a nroncr lord
Of such a scene of gag delight
And, self content, slngt praises trite
About hit decdn; nor can ho tee
A legpar crying, out of sight,
'Tor what thou glvcst, thanks to theer
Qrcat Qnd, when crowds forget thy might
And, pleasure-hungry, from thee flee;
Look down and hear thine anchorite:
"Vor what thou ptycit, thanks to thccV
The Wild Golfers
An Sandy Mcls'lbllck has selected the
best ten golfers In Philadelphia, you ought
to select tho ton wildest. Thoreforo we
nomlnnto for No. 1:
Mr. W. K. Torrow, who drovo out of
bounds across tho fourth fairway while
playing tho soventh holo on tho cast
cnurso nt Merlon.
For No 2: William L. Hirst, who drove
nil tho way from Princeton Into tho trap
In Lawroncevlllo (Seo pollco court records,
9 p. m. day of Ynlo-Prlncoton gnmo, 1916).
Ho dropped bnclt with sovoro ponalty, on
account of n. bad lie. ICUAB.
Dear Tom tf nd v,a known that you
wero going to run un "art" column last
Saturday, wo would ilave sent you this
nd, out of tho Saturday Evening Post:
Mona Lisa nnd
Chocolate. Dipped
What school would you cnll that after
Mon.1 had been treated and how would
Annctto look chocolate dlppod7
Alffne nnd Trotozoa Affect
i'utuble nut Not Drink
ing 'Qualities
Thus ran n mibhcnd In o. o. d. p. yester
day. Which reminds us to hopo that if
our turkey is not cdlblo It may at least
bo fit to cut.
YOtlNO man
for grocery buxlnees. It week.
W. Cor. Hocklaml
t nmi kja
Uve. contcrmp.
But then, If ho's un actlo young man,
ho may man.igo to sfcal his turKoy.
Kuto Kid Stuff
II. C. Worroll, of Rlvcrton, N. J was
showing some friends through tho Drcor
Nurscilcs at that placo recently when a
llttlo girl in tho party said:
"Mamma, Is this n nursery?"
Her mother said yes.
"Well, then," replied tho daughter,
"whero nro tho babies?" G. H. S.
"Hnrry," said inothor, "children should
bo socn and not heard. "I know, mother,"
said Harry, "but I'm not ono of tlioao
kind of children." J. M. C.
A 1'rayer
Though wo bo Blind, still may wo see
Thy Handiwork and know Its
Though wo bo Dumb, still may we Fpeak
Thy Word In Thought and Deed;
Though wo bo Deaf, still may we hear
Thy Voice and do Thy Bidding;
Though wo bo Halt, still may we walk
Thy Way nor go astray;
And though wo sea nnd hear nnd speak
and walk as men.
Still may wo know these things ns but
of earth; of only passing need;
And If these, sifts bo ours through Thee,
It needs must be thnt we can wrong no
Almighty Ood, grant this be our Thanks
Out of the mesa that covers me,
Tests and exams from end to end,
I snatch whntever time there be
To scribble verse, my friend.
In tho fell clutch ot grading times
I uha.ll not yell or shout aloud;
And gazing on my pupils' crimes,
My head Is dizzy, but unbow'd.
Beyond this place of flunks and bluff
Loonu but the monthly check I earn.
For which each month, however rough,
StUl finds me waiting In my turn.
It matters not it folks get sore.
If future voters lack a brain;
I've put across my stuff once morel
1'vo hit the column once agalnl
Docs any one In this city doubt that
women marry a great deal later In life
than they used toT It any such there be,
send him to me. I'll lead him to Monument
Cemetery at Broad and Berks and show him
where lies "Isabella, beloved wife of Chas.
Itoborts; porn June, 1851; died November,
1869." Not far from Isabella lies another
young wife, whose totono plainly states she
died noven years before she was born.
Hush-abye, baby, Daddy'a a cop,
When ho gets paid, a collector will stop.
Daddy shells out. for if he should Bquawt,
Down would come Daddy, his wages and
SllhmVAIST Iat Thompson's rtitaurant, 180
S. Broad, 2 a. m. today. Reward If rtturned
to, ate., etc. O, o. d, p.
Even in November one sometimes finds
it unseasonably warm in tho early morn
ing, doesn't ono?
Working- for tho Cjty Beautiful, Ho
Bites All Unlovely Thlnga
The thought of hiring out tho'Bunkhound
Indiscriminately to private parties doesn't
altogether appeal to us. Besides, perhaps,
the manager ot the theater should be
warned before wo accede to this requests
Philadelphia. Nov. 22. ISIS.
Daar Frtand Tom I want bernr our liunit.
hound. Ho and ma ar gonna bur eau at th
bawbay " I. want M
that ttutrA ara
tu aaata U-fl In tho nrat
it to Honxu-u tall tor
tea Kama of bwrbur VCood. atat am) than ai a
faiur belE2 aUo
I bavin to atsuid tut aa
i 3tasJtlBsU I
Ut ma leant' tfit. wta bt.oan attend i
Bine. thtt wf-ttjaUi Iald and Ood tUa eatrj
srowdl with tb Win pollol who iav alio
Uwabt orchaatru tickets And than whan tba
unlrormad attendant come round and innAitm..
n? (Utr ar
am. w v. ,
"3f.jwS! - -j-w
v "lifcj'v 1 -j" Ma a i w a '..I i ii " , " Tr " " j ' .'I kBiwii
MMHi'ii-4 iK 7'SWBftsir w'&i"-
'mWr.AtWL TwU haw
lt3:w',sSOTi3ff A
The Proclamation Was Issued by
While, It Was Sitting at York
From Unfitting Recreation
YORK, rich in Its historic nssoclatloni,
enjoji tho rare distinction, not gener
ally known, of having been the homo of tho
original of the first two national Thanks
ghlng proclamations. Tho first wns Issued
by Congress, In session hero, to com
memorate tho victory of Saratoga during
tho Revolution Tho other proclamation
was Issued by Abraham Lincoln, following
the declslvo battle at Gettysburg
Georgo R. TrowoII. curator and librarian
of tho York County Historical Society, whlio
making Investigations prevlous to tho pub
lication of his history of the Continental
Congress at York, Pa., found the original
proclamation sent ,out from York In the
archives of the Department of State at
When General Howe, In 1777, landed at
the head of Elk River, with nn army ot
18,000 men, he began a moement toward
Philadelphia. As the city was threatened
with an Invasion ot the British foe, Con
gress, then sitting In Independence Hall,
voted unanimously to adjourn to meet In
Lancaster, then the largest Inland town In
trjp United States. The thlrty-slx members
In Congress from tho original thirteen
States rode on horseback to Bethlehem, and
from there went to Lancaster. Only one
day's session was held In that borough, and
for better protection Congress resolved to
move to York, on Uie west side of the Sus
quehanna River.
Congress held Its first session In York on
September 30. 1777. At that time, In tho
lnneuaro of John Adams, a member of Con
gress from Massachusetts, all was dark nnd
gloomy. The news of the lctory of Gates
In capturing the entire army of 6000 men
under Burgoyne, marching from Canada to
ward New York, then In the hands of the
enemy, was first brought to Congress at
York by a nephew of Oeneral Israel Put
nam. The offlplal account of tho surrender
at Saratoga was brought to York by Colonel
Wilkinson, an aide on the staff of General
Gatea. Congress remained In session In
York nine months, or from September 80,
1777, to June 37, 177, wuue wasningwn
was at Valley Forge
On October 81 President Laurens ap
pointed nichard Henry Lee, of Virginia;
Samuel Adams, ot Massachusetts, and Gen
eral Roberdeau, of Pennsylvania, a com
mittee of Congress to draft a national proc
lamation of Thanksgiving, the first In the
history of the American Republic This hls
torlo document was written at York by that
eminent Virginian, Richard Henry Lee, who
lesss than two years before had moved in
Congress, at Philadelphia, that "these
United States are and of right ought to be
free and Independent States." and himself
became one of the signers of the Declara
tion pf Independence. On November 1, 1777,
the committee appointed to prepare a rec
ommendation to set apart a day of publlo
thanksgiving brought In U report, which
was agreed to unanimously. The proclama
tion Is remarkable in language and thought
Besides breathing forth a spirit of lofty
patriotism. It also contains a deep and
fervent reHllous sentiment. Following is
the proclamation In full;
Forasmuch as It is the indispensable
duty ot all men to adore the superin
tending providence of Almighty God, to
acknowledge with gratitude their ob
ligations for benefits received, and to
imploro such further blessings as they
stand n need of; and It having pleased
Him in HU abundant mercy, not only
to continue to us the Innumerable boun
ties cf His common providence, but also
to smile upon ua in the prosecution of
a, just and necessary war for the de
fenso and establishment of our inalien
able Tights and liberties, particularly
in that He bad been pleased in so great
measure to prosper the means used
for the support ot our troops and to
crown our arms with most signal suc
cess. It is, therefore, recommended to
tho Legi&UUurtt of executive powers of
tfctt United StotM to set apart Thurs
day, th Hth of JOtsABibw text. fe '
Thyaolf and thy belongings
Aro not thino own so proper as to waste
Thyself upon thy virtues, they on thee.
Heavon doth with us as wo with torches do,
Not light them for themselves; for if our virtues
Did not go forth of us, 'twero all. aliko
As if wo had them not. Spirits nro not finely touch'd
But to fine issues, nor Nuturo never lends
Tho smallest scruple of her excellence
But, liko n thrifty goddess, sho determines
Herself tho glory of n, creditor,
Both thanks and use.
Measure for Measure Act 1, Scene 1.
Authority of Congress' in 1777
It Recommended Abstention
as Well as From Labor
sololnn Thanksgiving and praise; that
with ono heart and one voice, the poo
plo of this country may express the
, gratoful feelings of their hearts and
consecrate IhemieKoi to the service ot
their Dhlno Benefactor; and thnt to
gether with their sincere acknowledg
ments, they may Join In a penitent con
fession of their manifold sins", whereby
they hnd forfeited every favor nnd their
humble and earnest supplication may
be that It may plpaso God, through
tho merlin of Jesus Christ, mercifully to
forglvo nnd blot them out of remem
branco; that It may please Him gra
ciously to grant His blessings on the
Government of these States respectively
nnd prosper the publlo council of the
whole United ' States, to Inspire our
'commanders, both by land nnd sea, and
all under them, with that wisdom and
fortitude which may render them flt In
struments under the providence of Al
mighty God to securo for these United
States the greatest ot all blessings In
dependence and peace; that It may
pleaso Him to prosper the trade and
manufactures of the people and the la
bor of tho husbandman; that our land
mny yield Its Increase: to take the
schools and seminaries ot education, bo
necessary for cultivating the principles
of true liberty, virtue and piety, under
His nurturing hand and to prosper tho
means pf religion, for promotion and
enlargement of thnt Kingdom, which
consists of righteousness, peace and Joy
In the Holy Ghost. It Is, further rec
ommended that servile labor and such
recreation as at other times Innocent,
may be unbecoming the purpose of this
appointment on so- solemn occasion.
The movement against the use of eggs is
likely to spread until nobody but a British
censor would open it-Brooklyn Eagle.
I tost a man, ful)-slie, today, wall-kept aad
, elegant and straight,
Clean-cut, clear-eyed, stronr-llmbsd; abeot
him was the air
Of real gentility; in manner gracious; jronA,
yet not too proud ; B
Thoughtful ot others, still immovable, net
B,ut gently firm In his opinions ; powerful la
foroe, yet with the rare
Rsserve which means success in the lea
race of life he bowed , -
To no defeat. And cultured was he, too
familiar with the arts 4
And literature that mark the atudeat aai
the scholar ripe and fine,
Conversant easily with musla and with lo-
jtures; In his mine
Of choicest Information be roraaled the xaaa
of parts;
In love, of country he had mora than ono
proved patriot true
In times when War .called hlro to sendee e
th,e battlefield afar.
Then In the later trying tunes of peace net
so spectacular;
He stood with courage for the law, for order,
rend'rlng due '
His share to every -call; unto church, l
acred vow
He kept inviolate; and in but horaa'ho -was
the alMn-all
The husband, father should be. . , , Then
I wondered how
He had been trained for this nlgh-serfaet
earthly call
To service in a sphere peculiarly bl owaf
What college hall
Had jo equipped hlmt what the syetata
which, produced such men?
What church Inspired tC life lik thiaT I
traced his life and wben
I found the boms from which he came X
fcow that R&ugbt can give,
Sucl power espiu ejeoept , HOtSKf VW
ai&ituH Iwm to Livp.
jMrS. filokert, in 3bea KsUftmtk.
What Do You Know?
ho la rrrtdent. of China
Name teteral method
ot eombatlnc tha hlah
nr Mmbl
rout ot llvlnc that hae been adrocated
I in
the current dlariualons.
3. Tba Chief ot tha talcr Ilnreau will recom
mend a StOO.OOO nerntlnt system. for tbe
liter alatloui What Is that aratemT
i. A lint (olio Mhakeaurara la offered for
$35,000. Wlint U It? ...
S. Wbo vrna I.ttdr Hamilton, nhoae picture la
to 1)0 nern In almoat errrr art shop?
0. What l meant br "turnlns Mate's evl
tlanra"T 7, tlthlnc- la atlll the Dretallln method of
taxation In Mohammedan countries. Cx
actlr what la It?
B. Tlio afumlard of value U the arold dollar.
, I tow much cold does It contain? Are
Bar more coined?
0, now many pound ara reckoned as tha
standard welslit for n bale ot cotton In
this countrj?, ,
10, On of the mott famous apota In tha world
la tbe "1'octs' Corner." Where and what
U It?
Answers to Yesterday's Quiz
1. If the par Taloe ot a stock la 5100 n (hare
and lt.l lelllna. ar. nt 08, It. la below
par If It la iclllnr nt lot It la nhoie uor,
5. The Kntiltn accent tha lint, sjdbiblea of
"Jerome K. Jerome' na II nla nains were
sneUcd "Jerrum K. Jcrrum."
3. Cnnrlea M nehwau ta prealdent of tha
. llethlrliem ttteel Corporation.
4. The "ess kins" Is James .1:, Wets.
6. Cbmtmna treea coma chlcllr from Nevr
-rjiginna. tue itiaine ana Vermont wouaa
furnUhlna meat of the supnlr.
ft. The t'onitllatlou slrea Conorcia. the power
"to resulata comaierea with fareltn na
tlons. and amonr tha several titutea. and.
with the Indian tribes "
T, Unmarried ncmoni' Incomes of S30OO or
nndrr and married persons' Incomea of
Viooo or under are exempt from taxation.
8, Tha 1'harUeea nera. a Jewish relUlous parlr
whose distinguishing- trait was rigid nb
aervance of the letter of the law. The
Naddncees were tba partx of priestly
aristocracy. Tliev did not .believe In, tbe
resnrrectloni the rharlseea did.
0. A duenna Is an elderly woman acting aa
rovernesa or companion In charge of girls
n Bpunl.h .countries. , . .
10, A protocol la the original draft of a
dlvlomatls document, especially ot the
terms ot a trenty agreed ta In conference.
T, J. MAC L. The territory embracing
Holmesburg, which lay In several townships,
became a part of Philadelphia by the act
of consolidation of February 2, 1351,
Founding of Detroit
Mrs. W. R. C The site of Detroit, vis
ited by French traders as early aa 1848
and by La J&llo In 170, was first perma
nently settled In 1701, when Sleur de la
Mothe Cadlllao, tho French commander,
built Fort Pontchartraln there. A small
trading village grew up nnd the fort and
village had become important enough by
1780 to attract a British force, which
captured It. Three years later the Indian
chief Pontlao besieged It In vain. In 17?
the Americans took, possession. It was In
corporated aa a olty in 182i.
Emergency Currency
W. IC B. Emergency currency is a spe
cial form of paper money Issued to banks
by tho aovernmenf' In time of financial
stringency. The largest Issue of it was
made at, the outbreak of the European war,
but since then it has all been retired.
Japanese Actor
11 Mao I. A phonetio rendering of tho
name of Sessus Hayakawa. tbe Jananaaa
actor, is Sees-u-ya Heea-ka-wa, the "a'"
being broad, the "u" being pronounced like
mo rencn "u- ana me accents being on the
"u" and the "ka,"
Senators In War
ANXIOUS The following United fetntea
Senators In the Sixty-fourth Congress served
in the Civil War: United States army
Senators Works, of California; du Pont,
of Delaware; Nelson, of Minnesota; Goft,
of West Virginia, and Warren, of Wyoming
Confederate gUtta army Senators Bank
head, of Alabama Tillman, of South Caro
lina, and Martin, of Virginia.
Falling Body
A. o t would take a man less than
one and a half fcecend to fall thirty feet.
The formula governing falling bodies is:
"8 equals Hg tunes t squared" 3T being
tha distance (,0 feet) "g" the acceleration
(8S.J faet) and t' tbe tune, or unknown
wtautMy, Sol v Log thW )UAtfcu, wo gat
r mafet L3S seconds, or Itau tbaa 11
The Northeast Corner
Rubalyat of n CommnUr
We have a Dec who's suet. . i i
He thinks It's fiRtojd
Ho see, some Chicken. ta iW!
And then romps gaily out and EaU then fjjj
Geheral William Churchill i "
Informntlnn ih.i .- ..." . "m .""THrfs n,
mond, Va.. guide bookTundVr tha,c
George Washington's iWaWi! Uu M
lllumlnatlnir BtAtemn, """"Warter, this l
Here In 1824 a reception was h-
to Oeneral Lafayett. and hia '
George W. Lnfayetta. ana hu oa
"Cow catchers,'
mv catchers," sara Knt ..j . -(Jw
tlves I
In Amnri .1 lL",nt lotemo-i
upon mo track they nre xaurhi ., "
sort ot shelf nnd so prevented from J"!?, fcH
under the wheels." One is ,ftituSI
thla nf h m..-. "? " "minded hva
KttA l .5r yjfti
irom gtttlntS
reminded by?
b lata rt,..t.L
i;v.; " "c; . u ' oiatii:
Mr- Conductor, he' K $ Ol
catcher oft the engine and m,? il!. &
MarIclf1nni. nt II.- - - .. un Ui nsj
danger of our catching up wlthlJ 3
what's to prevent one'fmnMngTn tS
back door and bltlna- tha no,.J21fJn tt 1
r- 'wwiifi
The prestige of the woman rota m. "
;a.iti Behind Mvrssa:
Star """"" antnem-Washlnttaa',
. Twicn nAn.T
OPERA HOUSE a-" lail
K-rs.. Thanlcaglrtng A Sat KaL. tSa U K
Tim nenmn DEAtrrirni wng
LYRIC Holiday Matinee Today
The Now Comedy-nlth-MusIa Hit
The Most Stupendous Entertainment &vr
Devised tor Man. by Man
ADELPHI Tonight at 8:15
8 Performances Today Dreakfaat MsUnca
10:30 A. M., Holiday MaU 3:30 P. U.
Tht itott Wonderful Floy In jtnurtoo.
CX)NTrNTJOUB 11116 A. M. to litis V, X,
PA T A "l-jri 1214 MARKET ST.
iULiiVji!j 10 A. M. to 11:15 P. U.
tT)1A TT A CnESTNUT Hlow lem
ilX.ViLlil Dallr, lBo; Erga, tS
E. H. SOTHERN ."" Bmnsx
Mr. Sothern'a Oreateat Stare Suoci
400 Voices 100
HENRI BCOTT Metropolitan Opera Company.
Large Orchestra from I'hlladtlphUv Orchestra.
Keats at Heppe'e. 1110 Chestnut Street.
S1.60..S1.23, 11.00. 76c.
GLOBE Theater J&85K M
in 1IL. n- ste.
11 A. M. to 11 P. U,
Cross Keys
trvmirunA t NnA S
MAniCET Above Wfl
0 A. M TO HU5 P. It,
In "Dlr Trsmsinsr- .
Added Attraction KEYSTONE COilEDT
"&K "PURITY" fiBASgg;aflATI0M
?aCuinMJdh.,i Audrey Munson
R. R Keith's Theater
8 Biff Holiday Shows-3
lsSOHAIlP. 4 (30 AND 8P.ll
Dpeciai ivcu .M-i"t w,,'" -...- -.
ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Monday Erf.. Deo. 4.
We. EMtj, 60a t 12. Now, ( ipp
, ,.rv.i-
. . .LI.... Ai.nkirvf il AT aflfl
AUAUiiMI Wuiu.ui. "nZJJZlV
prices: T6a. i?o! ii bo. laoo. M
Tickets at Heppe-s. 1118 Chsatnut . .
t ftwuiKMWir rriw nfir-icjL iiuuii ..
SSt'i. fioSr.rdt.;coi. fir7B0danjkr,
B.ats 1108 Chestnut St. AYalnut 44?lRacar:r
-- " ' ' . . ,- 1Vu4a
s sv
17th &De Incey
.i A SrllUUt
riayers ruiun.
rnona. ux.
Walnut Holiday Matinee Today
YYdlllUb EvM. sat. Mat.. J.BOo, IS
Nast Wete-"Tha Uttla Oirl Oodyortot
BRdAD Holiday Mat, Today
GARRICK-Holiday Mt Today
TTlfU 'U UT ' a I I a Mill iLLLLaJi
with FKEOWnLQ attd Entire W. TorK Ct -
FORREST Holiday Mat, Today
. rnitM cam"
Knickerbocker Players J?W
Mats. Tuesday. M 'OFFICER fi66
DumontVMinitrels mSA $
imrnnr innmw