Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, November 17, 1916, Night Extra, Page 6, Image 6

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Damages of $420,000,000 for
'Pronfirtv Doatroved t6 Be
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LU Staff CarrtttxmAtnl
ftvASHlNaTON. Nov. 17. Uncle Ram Is
S'b9 timJe the collactlbn nijcnt for Kuropo
i nortu An (hn war III over. Clnlnm ngultlflt
Mialeo for mora than J42O.O00.00O worth
qf property destroyed In Mexico during the
. ".rooiuiionB incro Rrc 10 ue mcu tviui win
. ,' ".united States Government for collection, nc-
online to rellabla Information. It has
ftieftn reported that ueveral million dollars
- of damnRO claims were already on file In
,- : the Amerlcnn State ivpartmcnt, IiiuIiir
, been aent to Washington by Oreat Hrltnln,
yfance and Oertnany, but Secretary of Bin te
Jjinplnc raid today that ao far none of
, '" . ;' thee claim had been received,
H v'mr Oeeauee of the Interference of the United
- WJ States In Mexican affairs and the existence
''pSJfiot the Monroe Doctrine, which prevent the
', "V'aeiaure of Mexican territory as a llqttlria
.. ' :i'i tlon of claims, it Is generally believed this
' JL government will be expected to taho enrn
of the Eiiropean lonaea that have reaiiltcd
from the continuation of outlawry In Mexico
" ..(;for more than three years. Ilcprnsentatlve
' ,V. Simeon D. Kn, of Ohio, recoBnlJod as one
0 ', of the best authorities on International af-
fairs In tho House of Ttepreeentatlvcs, has
i made a formal declaration that thero In
", Rfeat daniter of tho United States and
' ( Groat Britain becomlnjt Involved In war
. ; becauso of the claims nt the latter nation
' c. cin Mexico for millions of property ilc-
, ' "That Or cut Hrltnln holds us responsible
' for conditions In Mexico, and looks to m
" ' to care for hor Interests, was Indicated
v'strbngly within the last two weelfs when
"f" aha made representations to ;arranza, not
, , direct but through the United States Oov
; " ernment, on the reported existence of a
" . Oerman submarine baso on the cost const
t- f . of Muxlco. We transmitted the rnpresenta
t ' t tlons made by Great Hrltnln to Mexico
' without comment, but tho.ucllon aroused tho
j, hostility of Mexico. Great Urltaln feared
0 .tho destruction of hor tankers which carry
?e 'oil from tho Tamplco districts to Kuropo.
'', Many close students of Inttrnattonal af
fairs believe as Iteprcscntatlve Fees docs,
that aa soon na the European nations net
' through with their present bloody conflict
,they will make domands on M.xlco for a
; settlement for nil property destroyed there
, ; rwhlch was owned by European citizens.
'-'!..'' "What will thero bo for us but war."
'w. aiked representative Fobs. "If Kncianil
,' Fernanda Immediate payment for destruction
t'of her oil and other valunblo 'properties In
s1 Mexico? Moxlco bus no money with which
, to pay. Is It not entirely probnble that
-, England may say, 'Very well then; wo will
- tnko a naval base or a coaltmr station In
settlcment'7 The Monroe Doctrine would
'', make It necessary for us to resist any surh
territorial acquisition. War would bo In-
v.. evltable."
,, ' Many officials In Europo feel that the
' losses to their governments would not ha!e
resulted :iad tho United States followed
. them In recognising Huerta ns the Presi
dent of Mexico. Tim refusal of President
, Wilson to do that, and his action In forc
ing Huerta to loavo tho country by aelz
.' - iner Vera Crux, are regarded ns placing tho
responsibility of Mexico on tho shoulders
:,(.,ot tho United States. Regardless of whether
;.; Huorta was an assassin, as contended by
; President Wilson, tho Kuropean nations
.taKO tne position that ho was the legal
tf rosiuem or aicxico. wnen ho was forced
to leave and no legal head of tho Govern
ment was left, thoy began looking to tho
United Htatcs for the protection of their
. ' $25,000 FIttE IN CAMDEN PLANT
i. - '
;,,y Curtain Rod Manufacturing Company's
. -' Works on Broadway Damaged by
"- , , Blazo of Unknown Origin
' A two-alarm fire that threatened an entire
block caused $Z5,000 damages to the Cur
tain Hod Manufacturing Company's plant,
J58 Broadway, Camden, early today and
watt 'extinguished after a hard light.
, , Absence of wind and the efforts of the
.'r firemen confined tho flames to the rear
, KiDt the four-story frame structure, where
,.tho blazo was discovered by J'ollcemun
Johnson. Tho origin of the fire Is unknown.
It was discovered among machinery and,
sifter consuming two carloads of lumber,
. crept to tho second floor.
, A year and a half ago the plant was
(truck by lightning, and tho fire that resulted
caueed 115,000 damage. ;
. Jersey Hughes Men Spent $2612.33
TRENTON, Nov, 17. The Hughes Al-
llanca of New Jersey spent 12811! 33, ac
cording to n statement filed with the Secre
tary of State today.
Governor nnd Legislators At
tending Celebration Pledge
Adequate Appropriations
STATR COLLEGE, Pa., Nov. 17. Gov
ernor Martin O. Brumbaugh and scores of
legislators attending tho Htato College
celebration of Pennsylvania Day today
pledged themselves io support adequate
appropriations for the Institution nt tho
next session of the Legislature. They In
dorsed the work of the faculty and student
body, and said that tho Slate College was
entirely dependent upon the Commonwealth
for Its existence because no tuition fees
were paid by the students, ns Is tho case
with tho other colleges and universities of
the State.
'the gusts spent the morning Inspecting
the elaborate exhibits arranged by the till
dents In all departments. They were par
ticularly Impressed with the work done In
mining nnd highway engineering
Governor Hrumbaugh. In his address to
2000 persons In Schwab Auditorium, urged
the students to make the most of their lime
In college, to study diligently and to coino
Into a full appreciation of whnt the tux
payers of the State arc doing to glvo them
an education. '(
Itlchnrd J. ItalilU'lu, of Delaware County,
Indorsed a larger appropriation for tho
college, nnd urged tho students, graduates
and friends of the coltego to get nfter the
rcprrseutatUcs from their homo districts
with thnt end In view.
Congressman J. It. K. Scott, of Philadel
phia, told tho ii ml I en co that the college be
longed to tho pcnplo of tho Stale, that It
was not tho property of tho students nnd
their paronts. He snlri tho Institution must
havo tho support It deserves. Other speak
ers were: Hugh Dawson, of Sorantoti ;
Jerry Simpson, of Allegheny County;
Charley Snyder. Auditor Ucnernl-elecl. "f
Schuylkill County, and Colonel Henry W.
Shoemaker, a member of tho Governor's
Governor Hrumbaugh and Colonel Shoe
maker reviewed tho cadet rrglmcnt of H00
students thin afternoon.
Crucible Meeting I'cnccful
NBW YOtlK. Nov. 17. The annual
meeting of tho stockholders of tho Crucible
Steel Company of America, which wus
held In Jerhcy City this morning, was In
the naturo of a peace gathering. Expecta
tions were that thnro would lie n contest
of some kind nt the meeting duo to the
fact that late yesterday bids of 'j per
share, or $62.50 per 100 shares, had been
made for proxies. K. L. Kreneh, II. S. A.
Stewart, Gilbert M. nlack, George W.
Crawford, John C. Neff, whose terms of
directors expire, had no opposition.
PITTSIIUUOH, Nov. 17. Cruclblo Steel
directors declared the regular quarterly
dividend of lli per cent on the preferred
stock, and In addition 1 4 por cent on nc
count of deferred dividends, payable De
cember 21 to stock of record December 7,
Aulo Fractures Woman's Skull
Mrs. Anna Soldel. soventy-two years old.
of Atlantic City, is suffering from n fracturo
of tho skull In St. Joseph's Hospital, hav
ing been struck by an nutoniohllo after she
stepped from tho sidewalk at Uroad nnd
Stiles street last night. The automobile,
disappeared Immediately after tho arcldent,
hut tho police arrested Harry Parks, 1018
Columbia avenue, a fow hours later on sus
picion of having been the driver of the
car. Ho was arraigned In the night court
nnd held In $1000 ball (or a hearing next
Tnft to Speak Here Tonight
Ex-Presldcnt Taft will address tho local
members of tho Leaguo to Knforco Peace,
of which ho is now president, at a banquet
to be given tonight nt the Belloviic-Str.il-ford.
The subject of Mr, Taft'saddress will
be "International Organization nt tho Closo
of tho War." Other speakers will bo
Thnmnn llnrburn White, chairman of the
Pennsylvania State Committee; Ilabbl
Joseph Krnuskopf, Miss M. Carey Thomas,
president of Hryn Mawr College ; Stanley
It. Tarnell, Glfford Plnchot. former Judge
Dlmner Ileeber, It. Dato Ucnson, Kdwnrd
Dok and Gcorgo Horace Lorlmer.
Lancaster Teachers Favor Pensions
LANCASTER. Pa., Nov. 17 The sixty
fifth session of the Lancaster County
Teachers' Institute ended today, going on
record as favoring the teachers' pension
bill, now being framed for presentation
to the Legislature. The resolution says
the teachers would like something besides
tho moro necessaries of life.
ansGom s
Chocolates and Mixtures
at 28c and 38c
rank with any sold at
double the price
12S3 Market Bt. and Ilrauehes
The Newest in Footwear
For. The Little Folks
HILDREN'S FOOTWEAR has kept in step
with fashion by the delightful adaptations
of the smart shoes worn by mother. No
where else will you find these special designs in all
sizes and widths;
WMLiSk -ffitr WlWt
MR 39PfE9k..
Patent Colt with top of Whito
Calf, Dluo or Champagne Kid
skin, Alto Mahogany Calf
with Champagne top,
Siies.... 4 to 6, $2.50
BJ5 to , 3,00.
Patent Colt with top of
Whito Calf or of Grey Kid-
Size 8J4 to II, $3,25
lllo 2, 4.25
Patent Colt with top of black
Size,.., 7 to 6, $2.50
8J4 to II, 3,00
'4 to 2, 3.50
Our Children's Department Rcprescnta highest
"."""r T"; ZT (r efficiency in fitting
children a feet. Besides our large stock, we have expert
assistant and you are assured of correct footwear for
your child.
TU a Fat to Fit Fttt
Shoes and Hosiery
11204. mmm&rke St.
Market, 10th and 11th Streets
Charge Purchases
made during the balance of Novem
ber will appear on December Bill
Payable in January
Market, 10th and 11th Streeti
Men's Shaker Knit Sweaters m
Of Usual $5.00 and $C.OO Grades (ff "O C
Some in plain worsted wea-e. made with heavy X) , QO
shawl collar and pockets. Navy, gray or ma- W KJ wv
rooti. Sizes from 36 to 46.
Tomorrow, W
Sale of
Mm V A a 2
e Start a Most Important Pre" I hanksgivmg
and Young
Are Ready
In Their New and
Enlarged Sections
In tlic short period of the
Iiarlc Store wc have already
established a reputation for de
pendable furs.
Larger quarters were found nec
essary. These new sections are
ready today, and fittingly, too
with these specials:
Black Conoy Fur Sets, $6.50
Satin-lined scarf, barrel muff.
Black French Coney
Sets, 10.00
Hall mttffs, with tan velvet bed;
double fur scarf, black fox paws.
Japanese Cross Fox Sels,
Barrel muff, head and tail trim
med. Double animal scarf.
Genuine Cross Fox Sets,
Double scarf, barrel muff. Made
of fine Alaska skins.
Opossum Sets at $32.50
In sable, Isabella and stone mar
ten dyes, double scarfs, barrel
muff, satin bed.
Black Lynx Barrel Muffs,
Made of fine selected skins.
Main Floor.
if fjirx c?
and Wvnte
vercoats i
At Wonderful Savings, Ranging From
One-Third to One-Half. 4 Big Groups
What a variety I What savings 1
Wc planned this sale to come just before Thanks
givingand that it is most timely is well proven by the
cold weather that is now here and the weather man
promises that it is here to stay.
These garments come from our regular makers
not sale merchandise by any means but garments that
measure fully up to the standard of larlc Store regular
Chesterfield Dress Overcoats
Ulster Belted Overcoats
Single-Breasted Overcoats
Double-Breasted Pinch-Back Coats
Plain Back Coats
Swagger Loose Back Overcoats
Single-Breasted Belted Suits
Double-Breasted Suits
Four-Button Straight-Front Suits
Plain Back Suits
And every other new and most favored style for this
winter's wear.
All the most favored staple and novelty materials
in blues and black, browns, greens and grays Scotch
mixtures a-plenty.
Any and every garment you select from this sale is
a positive wonder value !
Also for Tomorrow, Parents Should Buy These
Boys Suits, Mackinaws
and Winter Overcoats
For they arc splendid values as well as being sturdy wearing clothes. Suits
in Norfolk pinch-back models, in gray, brown and fancy mixtures, corduroys and
ovcrplaids. With 2 pair trousers, full lined. Sizes 6 to 17 years. Overcoats and
mackinaws of good heavy materials in belted back models. Sizes up to 18 years.
r Suits J1L I
Group 1 XVU'&il 3
9-75 smM l
fi Group 2 PrLHwwPlfffk
ff 2 -4 -4 n p:MiMWMmm
I JL JL iPi fmrtn ' mFT
1 EglJVBHBiBm!nffMA?f SpGhF
Group 3 teifHnBi T
$1 A.75 jSM I
I llrffiiliB
f Group 4 iBaHraawHB
I $ 7. 50 mBm I
I IiWm i
) 01
zi.yD I mm I
m i
1 1
Tomorrow Another Astonishing EarSe Store Sale
Positive $25, $30
. and $35 Values
With Richest of
Fur Trimmings
y b joc
Positive $25, $30
and $35 Values
With Richest of
Fur Trimmings
Offering exactly 375 suits that came to us in a most fortunate purchase,
The garments illustrated were photographed from the actual garments represented in this sale and you can readily see
the different style touches that can only be found in ultra-smart suits selling at $25.00, $30,00 and $35.00.
In all fairness we must say that there are not many of any particular model but there are fully 75 distinctive styles for
your choice. - ' '
Developed of rich, lustrous broadcloths, wool Yelours, velveteens, poplins and smart gabardines. Some show collars gs ;
entirely of fur others have fur-tnmmed collars and cutts, and some even tur-tnmmed around tpttom ot coats,
AU sizes are represented 'for both women and misses. . Second Floor
i. 1
. M
-14 I