Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, October 26, 1916, Night Extra, Page 7, Image 7

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Calls for Additional Margins
and Stop-Loss urdcrs Arc
Damaging Influences t
rff tORK, Orl. 79. The fellawlng
tprralcrrn nrt recorded In the ration
'RL.fc,nir.dVrt Smllh. Ml .MIn.
.jiol ahama. 40 r.ltll Raek. teka
tlfr end hnatYllle, 41 Khrprt. Mem.
S3? nirmlniham and I itattanooaa. 4I
Cr HI. Merldlne. ""' and Atlanta,
H, Pin AMonle. 41 Maren and Mnnj
ifi.rr. il Mobile. Ml. Sew Orleaja. lal
KKSf Corona, t'hrl.ll. ln.arol nnd
jSrfiaStllli. an fcllmUlon. Charlfa.
m and Sarennah. fl Tampa. 10,
"riVfT waa .01 Inrh of. rrerlpltatleii at
n..H? tn l .On Inth at JarkyanTllle, and
.M lath at Tampat
NEW YOniC Oct. 26. Further declines
tri made on the Cotton Kxchange at the
onenlnic this morning;. Tho tone was easy,
with some excitable trading In December,
which started on the call at 18.90 sold
eff to IS'8 ni tncn ro ,0 18-80 a "e'
decline of IJ point. Other aotlve options
were fcut to 10 points lower.
Calls for additional margin over nlcht
caused the selling out of some accounts
and stop-loss orders also were encountered.
TCe principal selling;, however, came from
v one of the largest room operators, wno
told all the months and orTerea 10,000
baits of March nt 19.1R.
r.Wfrttool also supplied January and July
' and tommlfslon houses were sellers. There
was proflMaklnR by shorts.
The buying nt best appeared scattered.
ene Important room trader taking some cot
ton, but apparently stopped buying when
the supply Increased. Southern commission
. .. ..iiMil.qiAr1 tnnitrntMv.
it IKU..C3 V ..,-. raf.U,l' lli Tnarti
Tne ruriy y..,.. ,......- ..... - -
about 19 to 12 points lower, but was checked
considerably nt,0vo tho low levels reached
on the break of yesterday afternoon.
March contracts, for Instance, sold oft
to lS.OSc, compared with 18.80c yesterday's
lornt. and while there was a good deal of
bearish talk around the ring, offerings were
wtll enough taken to causa rallies of about
JO points toward the middlo of the morning.
Wire houses and commission houses were
buyers by balance, while trade Interests
were credited with selling January, nnd
there was considerable pressure from local
Sentiment was still nervous and unsettled
after 11 o'clock, nnd trading was active,
but the Intense excitement created by yes
terday's sudden collapse appeared to be
The market was very nervous nnd un
settled during the middle of the day. The
decline was not as sensational as the big
break of yesterday, but liquidation wai
orient and general, and before It subsided,
January had sold off to 18.78c, or moro than
it points under last night's closing figures
anil ahnut 3S nolnts from th htfrh lnvl
V of the morning.
B." V.a. !,. n , m n
-.. .,,,-. v.111 I. (I. Ill, J4 HI. m p.m.
pMtmber ....10.07 18.80 1H.04 11). 00 IK. no
January 10.13 1B.U2 18.08 10.O.1 is 82
March 10.32 111. -JO 10.12 II'. 17 Itt.UO
Ear 10.31) 19. SO 10.23 111.29 10.11
Jalr 10.B0 18.34
.Spot 10.10 '
Liverpool Cotton
LIVERPOOL. Oct. 2G. Spot cotton to-
Ei' aay wim in kvuu ucinunu m iv points lower
y i. h- i.i. . . m ... 4 j
tiling. The sales nggregatcd 10,000 bales.
Including 6000 bales American. Imports
vera 16,000 bales, Including 9000 bales
American. The market for futures In
cluded 9000 bales American. The market
foi futures closed Irregular at a net de
cline of 13015 points.
NEW YORK, Oct. 26. The market for
coffee futures opened easier, unchanged to
a decline of 9 points. Trading on the call
was active, sales amounting to 13,500 bags.
Immediately after the call a leading op
erator bid up the March option to 8.75,
or one point abovo the closo of yester
day. Today's Yesterday's
ouenlnff. rlnai.
to October 8.02UNA3
ptcemtwr S.02 8.(Wfin.3
January 8.33O8.B0 H.linJ(l.7H
February 8.noQ8.70
March 8.0308.00 8.74WH.7B
. APrll K.7MO8.S0
y , 8.7308.80 H.H208.M
miSS ..iX... 5 TH.HO
uu ..., ... o.uuva.vi .'. WH.Hil
Auguat 8.98.0H
tcplembrr 8.00 00,01 0.O0OV.02
, nid. Aakfd
Jim Butler' OS .ns
Mir.Vamara 10 .12
Midway 23 .25
Mlpah Extenalon 10 , . 17
Monlana , yi y
North Star 18 'is
Toropah Xrlmont 4S 4W
r TODODah Kllnlntf .... . n .il-
Peicu) Eulalla '. '"', .21 "27
et End ...............l.U I?3
Atlanta in 11
W.V lu .is
VN I, .,,,,,.,,,,.,, 0 0-4
Comb Krac 'nS 'nu
i. ptmt ii. h..;; s -
oSSn'B ?fnlldaud J ... I . ... .M Irs
OoWllcId Jttraer 07 ok
Jumbo Kitcn.lon ...'....""'" 'i,. 'Ss
m ti:" .::::::: 42 :?s
5f Ken-:::.. ::::: -kj -xj
it """ "" ;i .a
Nevada Hill . ,!,
Nevada Wonder 2'-'7 "?
Ttcopa Minims .....'...'.'.'.y.".''..- -fg
K vnnv.imv pvnintnu
NEVV YOniC, Oct. 26. As compared with
a previous new low record of 11.95 for
V'""a cables, that class of exchange and
ciitcks fell to new lows at the opening of
business today. Kroner cables declined to
L;,AandLchecks to 11-92' Th' Is a dis
count Of about 4S nr rnt fpnm t.. nn.n.l
F . llelchsmarks also were a shade easier In
B (One, alihoush at pIoha tn ti. '(.. i..
E, record. Cables were quoted at 10 H and
I 'c't t 70 1-16. Italian exchange and
....ucro wero aiso a shade lower, Business
was very moderate.
Quotations were: Demand sterling,
4.H H-16; checks. 4.76 7-16; 60-day bills,
,J7lH04,71i; 90-day bills, 4.69U04.69H;
wane cables 5.8SH. checks 5.84K; Ilre.ca
Wea 6.65, checks 6.65 a; Swiss cAbles 8.26,
X"' 1-!8Hi Scandinavian kroner cables
0O. chaplra fliKi n.,.1.. .nll.. n fllfl
hecks 20.25; guilder cables 41 Vi, plus 1-S2 ;
'Wjtcks 41. plus 1-1.6; ruble cables 31.15,
wcuva ii us.
The markat rnntlnnvi1 nut In mtA-
afternoon without changes In rates. Vienna
;"" were quiet at 11.94 for cables and
11.92 for checks, although It Is generally
Predated that business In these checks Is
impracticable In the present naval war
situation. Ilelchsmarks stood at the low
Wres reported at the opening. 70 U for
Mblcsj and 70 M6 for checks, Sterling was
,aay t 4,75 11-16 for demand and
!'! , ' 'or cables. French cables are
, JH and checks 5.84U, Italian exchange
JUled heavy at 6.55 U for cables and 6.66 Vi
' W checks. a
fWlV. .:....::;: if 3iH Sgj".
CS. B.
i avkgsa',- j,ftpeftri'St.to " """"'" I'"'u"
m claarlnsa today compared with corre-
' ajr iaai iwo yearai
mm f iots. tali.
"-'I ..!.2I0,820 20.V4U,S2(l IS0.U1U.0S4
f York.. 7lj,mi,540 4M7.lsn.n7a sso.AuH.Ahl
W(" . . , si'.'M).2a 31,218,838 0.231,003
0 ., 18.e&,&l A6.S74.b3 41.J3J.04V
'mSF YORK. Oct. I BUTTEH Itecelpta.
tC.ik': market nrm.r. Trad, allahtly
'.MfearL1-. 9;amrr. SOWSOKo Btata dairy.
Jar?''C. Other fiuoljLltnna eunrlianueil.
Jt Rtcalpta. ftfM cralta. to fancy
u.j -"Vi .-vit. i'iiMrarua guifi, u.r.nw
ady. VUtraa. WaalMiol tra Hrata. S103oi
!?" 3.-e vrfalta w, Mafeici other sradta
In T Jt . ..i . .
wj '""ii iwr silver ww dMotaa w
LS" ciuy- unohAnawal, CMWMrtvl taar
quuunf tm NtM ym 4 lllU
"-' ?&&
..t?,. t aat i;
ii rJIL.Wj
wa'?'fl.:,ATta,n'S!.,E,! ,009. bu.h. remand
Ss &S3 S.rn.-.vc.r' .5"s.
II S18I :! iZill1r,tci'i A-
Sana Wr i,!..,mr'".'. n,r4 ""a' with d.
a a to i5i.iiiuo.l,0.",! l !.r le 'or loral tradf.
its Ic,.,Bw",!m No 3 riiow. 11 mo
3 .ellaw ll'noTf; &,2W' J1 WOl.Uj d" N.
1 tf ' ,,08,10. do, No. 4 j.llow, 11,00V
w.AJto52lfl."-. "f.L s-'Ji-ja t
OT88c. tamnta oala, ftitfBsc
mmvrmta demand, funta-
annara wnita.
C No. 4 White,
. ' " n nclrta. 401 kmi .a i it it..
irmtt.i. T5:?..w". Jlttle tradliia- but .mtli
tr IDA jivi iJ ,,"" jr." vuoinirrn
nrr roiinn Mckl. ISS0US.8II do.
11 follow.
KanaaaV Vl.'..'""".."' .'' " ",
atralaht, cotton aacka.
18 no
au, do, do. talnt lir.nmin
H.i'TF. KwUri ruld Orm under small aupntleaj
per not., aa to quality.
m.XIj"1?.'1!."1 .n,1"l """ with a fair lohhlna
demand. Following ar tn quotatlona: City bf.
In a, smnkel and alr-drlcl. 3Bi wratrrn but,
L-..;!;'l ". SSci city and wratarn bf,
Jnucklea and tendera amokU and alr-drld.
Si'pin1?' nm' .20; poak. family. I2
:wlS2L.hm " .V'."HI- Ioow..lVi4Ue. do,
Vf.1."."!' l'",,tlC:!l'c1 do, do. amoked. ai
i.f;?0, ?lnr hama, amoVrd, city cured, aa to
brand and atrace. SOkic. hama. atnokrd. wat.
rn inirrd. su4e, do. bolld. bonelrae. Slci oo-
!?' ," tjll'". In Plckla. accordlna to
iJilV' Jeeaa, 174c, brcaktaat bacon, aa to
K an' vraa. city curd. S34c; hrrakfait
.".."""'".jur.!. 524c. lard, wratcrn r
5. . l,nf- .1Tc, do, do. do, tub. 17oi lard.
I.Y.V c!.,) .k',l) rndrd, In tterc 17ci ard.
pura city, kettls rendered. In tuba. 17c.
Tha market waa quiet, but ruld wry firm,
i.llir.. "' Prtca. Katra 0no sranulated.
T.BpWi.noci fowdrd. 7 S0OT.70C! confection
ra' A, 7.40OT.60c. aott aradea. 0.7307.43c.
, nUTTr.n There waa a fair demand for de.
fjrablo atock and valuea were. Hrmly maintained.
tot owing- are tha quotatlona. Western aolld-
Sacke.1 creamery, fancy apcctala. SHci eitra.
0W37c; ettra nrata, 33C334c; Hrata. 344os
acconda, 31c: nearby rrlnta, fancy, St'e: aver
naa emrn. 373cc: rirata. Sec; aaconda. 840
Sjci ancclal fancy branda of prima Jobblna at
K(!QH ruled firm with demand absorblnc all
otrerliuia of dealrabla atock. Quotatlona: In fre
cnaea, nearby extra. SOo per dozent nearby
nrata. 110 NO per atandard cane! nearby current
receipts. 110.30 per caae: Weatern itra. 3e
r oozen: extra nrata, iio.bo tier caae; nrata
Export Business nnd Bull Sup
port Bring Rnlly After
Sharp Brcnk
rniCAOO. Oct. SO Th wather fore
raat.far thlrtr-alx hanra fallowat ..
llllmil rafr. rlalns tronraare.rrllar
l.conaln rl today. tllnf lempcra-
Ipr. rtrfPt atrm aatl rrldar, pamy
clondy. warmer eatl
. .Mlnneeta Kalr. rlalnt tmprator in-
dayi frldar, nrobablr unaettlrd, fooler In
north and weal. ... ..
Iowa fair today and probably niWi
rlalna- letnncrature today and at and
central lMay. . ,. .SJ
North llakata Partly eloudy, colder rl-
"Sooth Datota Fair and wanner todayi
rrldar, tartly elandr. colder wt
Hn.i-le. ..,m., IndaT. colder Wt
Friday aflemoon ar nltbr . . .
Indiana fair tadari Friday, fair and
Mlehtsan rartlr l"d'., JW
rrldar, dandy and warmer, probably r
In. north. .. .... ...,.k
Mlchtaan rartlr . clandr "n,h'j
dlmlnl.hln nnl wlndai t'rldar, cloudy aa
warmer, prooaoiy rain.
CttlCAOO. Oct. !6. Wheat ralllled In
the final denllpua today on covering: by
shorts, some etport business and support
from bull leaders, after It had broken
sharply on heavy selllnK of lonit sturr
brought about by reports of refershlnir
rains In parts of Arnentlnn.
December finished at l.0Ol-a0.
after having been ns high as $l.Jtt nnd as
low as Jl 71: May closed at H..0MUJ.SOU,
after having been up to ,1.83 and down to
1,77;: July cloned at $1.46 to tt.45,.
after having touched J1.47 and sold ns low
The course of prises waa decidedly erratic,
nnd nt one time the market showed a Rood
deal of strength on buying by somo Of
yesterday's sellers. A feeling of nervous
ness waa In evidence throughout the session.
Outsiders were less Inclined to tako on
fresh commitments of excessive calls for
margins. . , a
Sales abroad were placed at about &00.000
bushels. A dispatch from "WtnnlpeR said
that the British Government had completed
arrangements for buying wheat there.
folkma: . . .
lea nay a
i-r, iiuzcii, riiiH iiini,, ,iu.ou iwr laaoj iithik.
Slo.30 per caao; refrlarrator egaa. extra. IV. 73
caae: nrata. it
it. .wiio.o, lr frn
43u43 per doaen,
ler caae! flrala. 10.30UU no nar caae: aeconda.
ISS3TS.3 per caaa; candled ei Jobblna at
ClIKRSU-The market ruled ateady undWr
Itprht oRcrlnga and a fair demand. Kollowtna- ara
the) nuntatlona; Now York full cream, fancy,
J 14 021c; do. do. fair to rood. SOUUSlc; do,
art aklma, HtPlDc.
I.1VE5 Th market waa dull nnd weak under
fairly Itberalrferlnta. Quotation-.: Fowl, aa
to quality, 10018c; rooatera, HUlr.c: arrlng
chlckena. accordlnc to quality, lOtMHc: AVhlto
Lechorna. accordlnt to duality. 13vl7c; ducka.
na to aize and quality, lo&lhc; turkeya, SStS4c;
irccao. 10O17ci plaeon. old. par pair. 23tf2bc;
do. young, per pair. ISOSSc.
DHKSSKn Itecelpta of dcalrabl atock were
only moderate and tha market ruled atcAdy
with trad fair. Quotatlona: Krcah.kllled, dry
packed fowl. 12 to box, dry.plckcd. fancy
eeiecieu. ..a'.ac; oo. wcianinr liva iba,
apteco. Z4c: uo. weiamnff 4 ita. apiece,
do. wetahlnc 34 Iba. apiece. SS4c
wtlxhlnc 3 Iba. nplece, 2W22c; fowla, in
bbla.. Ice-packed, fancy, dry-picked, welsblns
4W5 lha. and uir apier. l'34c; do. amaller
lie. 10QS3c; old rooatera. dry-picked, 104c:
roaatlns cnlckona, weatern. welahlnc 8 iba. and
over per pair, StOSSc; do, tl7 Iba. per pair,
224fS3c; brotlms' chlckena, weatern, welshing- 3
if Iba. per pair, U402.1c: chlckena. welirhlns
fi&54 lbs. per pair. 20U21c: do. mixed altea,
210220! broiler. Jeraey. fancy, 30U82c; do.
other nearby, weighing 34 lha. per pair. SSO
30c: do. do, amaller atzea. 20027c: ducka. near
by aprlng. 22023c quaba. white, weigh.
Inc 11 ti Iba. per dol.. S3.7SO0: do, do,
do, 0O10 lb, per'doi, M.S5O0.51I; do, do, do.
H lbs. rr doa, I4Q4.33; do. do, do, 7 lb. ir
dox. t3.30US.73; do. do, do. 0004 lb, per
doz, 12 752.0O: dark, 12.3002.00; amall and
No. 2. 00c OS 1.23.
Cholco stock sold fairly and valuea genarnlly
were well auatalned under moderate offerlnga,
Following are th quotatlona; Apples, per bbl.
JonathTan, 14.1,005: lllunl, 13WI; Urlmea'
Golden. 4 50O3: timokehouae, 1403: Alox
ander, 2.3U&3.23; Wealthy, I304: Twenty
ounce. S2.&0O.1.00; York Imperial, K.MU
3,23: lien UaM. 12.2S02.73: fair to good, tl.50
02.50. Applea. Delaware and Maryland, per
hamper Kancy, AU073c: fair to good. 25V4uc.
Qulncea. New York, par bbl. No. 1. S40S: No.
S J2M2.50. Qulncea. New York, per buah,. J1.30
01.73. Lemona. per box, I3.no04.30. Grape
fruit. Florida, per crate $3.3003, Cranberrlea.
Care Cod, per bbl.. 5On.30 do. do. per rrate,
S202.4U: do. Jeraey. dark, per crat. J2O2.40:
do. do. light, per crate. It. 3U02. I'eachra, New
York, per baaket. OOOUUc; do, do, per buah.
baakct. .1.2301.7.V I'eara, New York, per
buah. hamper Seckel, 11. 75 O 2.2.1; Hheldon.
I1.2.101.5U; Uartlett. No. 1, Sl.2501.73: do.
No. 2, 00c. Peara. New York, Ilartleti, per bbl.,
MO4.50. Orapca. New York, per 4-lb. buakct-
Concord. 13014c; Niagara. laOH4c. tlrapea.
New York, per 20-lh. baaket Coniord. &3Ou0c;
Niagara. 33000c. l'luraa. New York, per baaket
Damson, 20O2Bc; prune, 23033c; green gag.
300 IOC. ,
Offerings were light and th general market
ruled llrm with trade fair. Quotatlona: White
potatoea, per buah. lnnalvknla rholce, $1.40
lT50: NeT York choice. $1. 3301.40. Whit
potatoes. Jtraey. per baaket. 83 OIJSc. Hweet
notatoea. Kaatern Hhor. per bbl. No. 1, J2.2.1
02.30; No. S. $101.30. Sweet potatoea. Del
aware and Maryland, per hamper, 0UO78c.
Mweet potatoea, jeraey. iwr im,i.,b. i, ouv
.tf9S3c. Onlona. ier
t2.C002.N3; No. 2, ll.4Q01.75. Cab-
70c; No
bg. Danlah. per ton,
per Ion, $35040.
$45050, do.'do'meallc.
CHICAGO. Oct. 20. IIOQ Receipt. 30,000,
Market alow and weak. 3o lower. Mixed and
butcher'. S9 60O10.4rf: good heavy, IS.750
10.40; rough heavy. $.750.5: llghi. $0.75S
lOSsVplga. $7 7BO0.05: bulk, ltlJlll.3J. M
awilTK ltcelpta, 0300. ilarket atvady.
neevea. $0.00011. 03 Cowa and helfera, $S 33
ON.bu; atock-ra and feeder. $4.0307.73;
Texana, I7.10OS.15; calve. $701t.
BIIkIjP Hecelpta 28.000. ..Markets lOo
higher. Natlvu and weatern, (70S.23; lamb,
Will Be for $300,000,000, Backed by
$360,000,00Q Collateral
NEW YORK, Oct, 26. Pinal details have
been arranged for tho new British loan,
which calls for an Issue of (300,000,000,
composed Of J 150,800,000 of three-year holes
and the same amount of flve-ycar-notes,
all to be dated November 1 or thereabouts,
to bear Interest at EH per cent and to be
offered to the Investor so as to net at
least that Interest yield. The collateral
back of the new 1300,000,000 Hrltlsh loan
has an approximate valuation of f 360,
000,000. Extra Dividend for Amparo Mining;
The Amparo Mining Company has de
clared quarterly dividends of 3 per cent,
and an extra dividend of 2 per cent, pay
able November 10 to stock of record Octo
ber 31.
Sugar Futures Steady
NEW YOItK, Oct. .e.-i-Ther) was a
steady undertone In futures at tha start,
with first prices showing gains of 2 to 8
points and sales on the call amounted to
37C0 tons. On tha strength In the epo.
market Wall street, Cuban and trade inter
ests bought actively, with tha selling more
or less scattered.
Financial Briefs
A, D. Swift, formerly cashier of the Elk
County National Hank, Itldgeway, Pa., has
been appointed an assistant cashier of the
Central Notional Jlank, this city, '
. The New York Cotton Exchange member
ship of If. a. Smith has been sold to II.
Jl gchloss for ,17,250, an Increase of !&0
over previous aalo.
The New York Subtreasury has transfer
red 1720,000 to Ban Francisco.
A folder containing: some very Interest
ing; figures on the United Clan Improvement
Company la belnT sent out (.0 customers by
lteed A, Morgan Sc Co.
The First National Bank, lof Merchant
vllle, will celebrate ita Until anniversary
on next Tuesday vnlwr,
ma New York alutMratutary last.M.tl.-
sjsjs ss aaSBaxar , . . .....
Jl &
leading futurea ranged aa
Wheat ... ,
Open. High. Ixw.
n.e... l.Ml 1.MH4 .!!..
May.. l.so 1.S3 l-T'
July . 1.45VI 1.47 1.43
Deo... 87'4 sa RflH
May.. tilS S9
July.. eV bl)S M
vB.-: Sis .ft Ks .S?3 :B5i
bard M ,sn0
iSi. 15 70 13.72 13.50 15.37 13.K0 .
jaS::: 1S.07 13.12 14:07 114,02 U3.20
OctVlT '14.40 14.90
Jan..! 14.10 14.12 13.77 113.83 14.20
I'ork tM.OO 20.00
Dec... 20.WI 20.00 26.60 ! 00 2rt.0
Jan... 20.33 20.50 23.83 23.02 20.03
Did. tAlked. INomlnal.
Magma Copper Attracts Much
Interest Midvale Steel
NEW YOnK, Oct. 26. There was n jeen
erally heavy tone to the Curb market dur
ing tho frrcator part of tho day, with tho
motor stocks for a. tlmo the most active
fraturo United Motor was without sup
port in the forenoon, when It dropped from
05 to 03, and at tho same time Chevrolet,
which opened at 199, fell to 191. Other
motor stocks were generally established at
lower levels.
Most Interest In tho Curb trading for n
good part of the forenoon was attached to
Magma Copper. That stock had a sensa
tional rise Just before the close yesterday,
nnd this morning, after ranging from 32 to
30, roso to 30 with the ndvance accompanied
by assertions that Inspiration waa making
to obtain control of the company.
These statements were denied, nnd when
the dentals wero published, tho price re
acted to 32.
Midvale .Steel was strong for n time,
moving up from CGVi to C7, nnd there
was a show of strength In Submarine, which
rcae from 49 M to 41H.
Klemlsh-Lynn came into prominence
again, with trading at 2(4 to 2H.
The oil stocks were Irregular Trndlng
In Southern Oil and Transport was on a
fairly large scale at 8 to 8 Vi This com
pany, the subscription for which closed on
Tuesday, owns tho Scottish Mexican Oil
Company, which has contrncts on hand for
the delivery of moro than 7,000,000 barrels
of oil.
nid Aaked
Aetna Riploalrea 104 11
Amerlcan-tirlllah -Jlfg 12 20
American Marconi 3 3U
Canadian Car Co 3 43
Can Car 4 YAr pfd 03 73
Charcoal Iron 7H 7H
Chevrolet Motor ISO 10H
Curt! Aeroplane 20 S3
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Beautiful Records Offered Concertgoers of the Violin
ist's Own Compositions and Solo Numbers in
Phonographic Form
ny the Phonograph Editor
One of the Inestimable advantages of own
ing n phonograph Is that you can whet
your musical appetite, nt comparatively
small cost and with little trouble, when
famous artists are coming to town In opera,
or recital, or ns soloists with the visiting
orchestras, or the Philadelphia organisa
tion, under Mr. Stokowskl.
Krlti Krelsler, without question the most
admired violinist of these times, now that
Rugen Ysaye Is out of the public eye, will
be here soon, flrt with the lloston Sym
phony Orchestra next Monday night In the
Academy, and again on November 11 In n
recital. Perhaps you have In your cabinet
some of Krelsler's best records, nnd haven't
played them for n long time, because you
were busy keeping up with the new stuff
offered you by the companies rrfonthty. If
so. "why not get out the offerings of this
artist nnd refresh your memory before you
go to hear him play with Doctor Muck
or at the recital T Or. perhaps, you haven't
nny Krelsler records In your collection. It
might be n good Idea to have some of them
played for you. We think you will find
that n comparison between the disc
reproduction nnd tho reality throws no
dlsteem on tho former.
Uesldes being a great Interpreter. Krels
ler Is a composer of decided merits, nnd
one of his most beloved trifles has, curiously
enough, been lecorded by another nrtlst of
towering arttntlc stature Ysnye. The ef
fervescent "Caprice Vlennols" Is a Colum
bia feature of unusual merit, combining, ns
It does, tho Austrian's composition with tho
llelglnn's "reading" of it. It Is a strnngo
conjunction of nationalities, but quite fit
ting. In music there an' no wars, only
tnlents, ns someone has said
Kathleen Parlow. well known to riilln
delphln concert frequenters, has recorded
for the Columbia Krelsler's "I.lcbesfrcud."
Her method nnd technique mnko a pertinent
study In relation to Ysaye nnd the com
poser. That Is still another thing your
phonograph can do for you teach you tho
differences nnd likenesses of violinists, for
you can havo n threefold concert all to
yourself, whereas, were ymi to wait for the
appearances here of Miss Parlow, Ysaye
and Krelsler, you might have had your
critical sense blunted by the week-long
stretches between their various engage
ments. Tho Victor has a long list of records
mado by Krelsler, arylng In mood nnd
length from the airy bits of melodic fluff
such ns tha "Taprlee Vlennols" and his own
Tambourln Chlnols" to Hnydn's Austrian
hymn nnd tho big nach concerto for two
Mollns, In which llfrem Zlmballst la the
other player. Some of the loveliest pieces
of Krelsler vlollnlstlo work, from the
purely melodic viewpoint, nto the "Chanson
Louis XIII nnd Pnvnne," a re-crentloif from
Couperln: llrahms's fifth Hungarian dance;
the exquisite nnd touching "Indian la
ment," of Dvorak: Schubert'a "Moment
Musical" and "Tho Swanee niver." There
nre several others of equal merit and more
elaboration to choose from.
Incidentally It may be mentioned that
novelties nre promised by Mr. Krelsler for
his appearances with tho lloston and by
himself. Probably It will not be many
weeks beforo tho astute phonograph men,
Gold Movements Are Heavy
NEW YOIIK, Oct. 26. Unusual activity
In the movement of money Is Indicated by
the frequent changes In the amount of gold
received at' the local Subtreasury and the
transfers of gold coin from It to other
places. Announcement was made today of
the arrival of an additional shipment of
2, too, 000 In gold coin1 from Canada, Vrhlch
was deposited to the accountof J, P. Mor
gan & Co, Two large transfer from the
Subtreasury were also reported one of
1601,000 to Cuba, and another of (260,000
to San Francisco. The latter shipment
brings the total amount transferred to that
center this week up to $1,760,000.
Steel Trices Show Big Gain
NEW YORK, Oct 26, Steel prices have
again -broken Into new high ground, the
average of eighty leading steel products
this week being $68,76 per gross ton, com
pared: with (62 a week ago and (62.40
the previous record a fortnight ago. Aver
age prices today ara (29.17 per ton higher
than those which prevailed a, year ago.
Fine Granulated Sugar Prlefta
NKW YOHK, Oet, 26. Anwloan, Howell
b4 ArbueM uafs4 7. Me law toe im.
144 todoir, wklU Warner aa th jaj
1f "-" "" " --
rammraa riione vrainut i;t7WSCTDra19
Means More Enjoyment
From Your Victrola
m fffl Hal'
All styles and
finishes. Ueatly for
immediate delivery.
1 $15 $200
Easy Terms
Every Record
(Formerly Manager Jaroh Hroa. Co.)
1306 Arch St.
Jolly t. nupetamlth and Coronation Hell.
Star ami strltxa and lllrth,1ar Marrh
Itoamln' In the dloamln' ami Wnanlnaton Oreys.
'"no IJanub ami Morgtnblatter Wain.
lrlh jlaa ton both aldea). i.
w-2miT ' .D.V ",?.'! vh?n You. l om Home.
Wall Winds (aceonllon) ft Amoureuae
'Hundred of other nt Ode,
xiudrat tone needle made, lOe per park.
Everybody's, 100 N. 10 $" ;h
who are not slow In sensing pefruler trends,
nre offering their publlo these new num
ber. He On the lookout for them.
Rearch of the lists does not disclose a
single fragment of nimsky-Korsakow'a glit
tering symphonic, suite. "Scheheraiade."
which the Philadelphia. Orchestra will play
tomorrow afternoon and Saturday night
WhyT Hero Is some of tho most brilliant,
shimmering music that ever has been writ
ten. It Is bubbling over with color and
Oriental fancy. It la far from exalted, or.
If wo must use the ragged phrase, highbrow.
Perhaps somewhere there are phonographic
reproductions of this suite. Has any reader
ever heard of them? It not. It might be a
good notion for some of our Important pho
nograph companies to give them to music-rovers.
Will Take Delaware Soldier Vote
DOVKR. Del., oet. 26 Governor Miller
announced today that he has appointed
T!ieKroer,rS.,on' of "'"cUblrd. aEd Colo.
.7iCO10r?. Townni!. 0 MUford. to be
spec al election agents at Demlng. New
Mexico, for the Delaware soldier. They
will depart for Demlng In time to arrivs
there before erection day. Mr, Ferniann
will represent the Democratic party and
Colonel Townsend the nepubllcnnsT
1 Bur in Tioga
Tfia harmnit aenrt ef m.
Mr. IlarTT Bonier lnura
rrr tmrcnasar or a ma
chine or a record the fulleat
enjoyment t Its polon.
Licensed Kdlaon Dealer.
n,i iwmif jvrie
Oftn Evtntnei
Records in All Lnquqj
- II
The Ladder of Roses
V. am.
"" 10 In., 7S el.
The Big Hippodiome Show now
at Metropolitan Opera House
And All Popular Sousa Numbers
17 South Ninth St: .5ESS55,
BImm f ST
"f V m'aWaagek.
Fashion's Finishing Touch
BURGUNDY The New Color for Fall
S o r o a 1 a
Shoes are as
comfor tabls
nnd durable as
they are beautiful.
Unquestionably it is your footwear
that makes or mars your appearance.
It is the knowledge of this fact that
prompts the carefully dressed to wear
oorosis Shoes.
In elegance of design, in beauty of
finish and combinations of, leathers
Sorosis Shoes meet the most exacting
dictates or tashion.
HotUry In Burgundy and All th
New sKaSit I
The illustration is tho
newest fall idea a
graceful shoe with black
vamp and Burgundy top.
Sorosis Shoe Company
1314 Chestnut Street
44Susi a- JfJ KMHKfiHHsflssHevlsaflHHIHIVlMffd J III .VP il flt j vitmti 1, i , siiii
v i
Cunningham Pianos
VOUR Christmas piano should be a Cunningham
i ,, , ,. ,i , . . iiij.
oecause it is tne cneapest in price ana nignesi
Cunningham-Made Upright r
$235 UP
lagel JaaaaH Lf Jgegegelj I
Cunningham-Made Player
in quality, because it embodies the results of a
quarter of a century's piano making, because.
it is sold from factory to home direct and because you
save 25 to 30 by purchasing from the maker.
The character of the Cunningham instruments and
the reputation they have earned for their durability and
quality have made them the choice of over 50,000 homes.
There should be a Cunningham in your home. Then
you will begin to realize why so many piano owners are
Cunningham owners.
Remember, it costs no more to own a famous
Cunningham Piano or Player-Piano than an
inferior make. Can we tell you ff out our "Easy-to-Own-a-Piano"
$450 UP
llth and Chestnut Sts.
Philadelphia Brattohta
52d & Chestnut
2835 Germantown Ave.
Omr Kvia
Factory, KOtii aW fMrfcaJcU Av.
O O. &
y NAHX ..,.,, ,
isiapm ;.. -
' vt?v
You may Rmtt
me art cafcuac
O u n n InvlaABi
" Pianos and fuH'W-
tleukrs of your MSaav-
to-Own-a-PianoM ?Um.