Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, September 19, 1916, Night Extra, Page 10, Image 10

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as. ,gf3g. L ttnttwi. Vie President! Jonn
JtiJC-- TiaE2.. "" Jressureri i'nu
- " ll DtrtCl
urcri Philip 8.
Orat K. K. Ctna, Chairman.
C. XAXTRf... General Business Manager
kTIJWTttl Crtt
TO .,.b,t.
I el
1 . Lo
rMtsVt fatly t rciitto T.iirnn Ttutldlns,
IniHliine Square, Philadelphia.
I Lam Ctstvui, . Broad and Chestnut Streets
.tTriw'unwn uuiiainv
..990 Metropolitan Tower
. .(t,.. ,.,,,,,1120 rora nullum
...409 Oltw-Dmocrot Bulldlns
. . . KM Tribvnt Building
Wsemnerew Bruno.. ...Rlets Building
NX miuv , . tm nines uuiiainc
I Imuui .. .... . SO Frledrlchetraaa.
tt trrssuu Marconi House strand
lira Mm .. 2 llu Louts Qraad
Sr htUt. six tmli per week By null.
MtOtM ewtslds of Phllsdslphla. cixcept whera
piillii testa;. I required, on month, twenty
esatei one year, tbre dollars. All mall
MhserlMlefts payabls In advance.
httc' rmtiscriDcrs wisning aaaress cnangea
sit eta a wall aa new aaaress.
, JfaBaUK
p1 AMrrn oil rommimtMitten to Rvtntng
Ltdfor, Indepenitnc Square, Philadelphia.
at ma rntunrt.rnu ronTornoi as
PkHaSelsMa, Taeedar. September 1, Hit.
Thm grtat art only grtat bteautt
W0T on our hnttt, Ltt us rist up.
' Pi etThommt.
Parrots are to do fashionable on
hand bags as well an on tho hustlncs
this tall.
Vf are well Justified In hoping that
are winning; Von Htndenburg-.
The German generals did not talk
julte ao softly a year ago.
jf Charles P, Stelnmetz docs not be-
'' lleve In allowing amateurs to Interfere
.with professionals In the details of army
and navy development. Does not ho know
that every Congressman will resent this
ort of Criticism? What Is Congress for
If not to tell the officers of the army and
navy how they should run tho navy and,
the army?
For a man who has borne the brunt
f a decade of legislative revolution and
war, Premier Asqulth Is very little heard
, except as a target for abuso. Ills
struggle with the House of Lords had
aged him before the war demanded of him
a greater effort. Now that his son hap
been killed In action ho need mind tho
torm of criticism less than ever.
Tho wall of the hotelkeepers that
the high price of meats Is hitting them
harder than the public should not be
Unproductive of sympathy. It Is a Blmple
natter for a customer to do without his
oyster cocktail so that he can pay the
excess chargo on a s6arlng steak, but the
hotel has to have tho oysters In stock In
ease the customer wants to forget the
..cost of living and have a fling.
In enumerating tho contemptible
among men, the blackmailer goes Into a
class by himself. He deals in reputa
tions, and oen with them he does not
play square. Morality he does not know,
and truth Is to him an alien. The finer
'Instincts of men and women are tho
things he capitalizes. Sometimes the
whipping post In Delaware seems to bo
an Instrument which civilization should
Indorse, for If ever a man needed a cow
hiding It Is the blackmailer.
about to bo Issued by the "War Depart,
ment. For every recruit which a post
master secures ho is to receive 8, pro
vided tho man Is accepted. The enlhu
slastlo supporters of the new plan be
lieve that It will not take many days to
get the 12,600 new men, even though six
months were required to Increase the rs
ular army by 20,000. They argue that
there aro about 60,000 postmasters who
will seek recruits under the Impetus of
tho bonus offered, and that If one In four
secures a man who can pass the tests the
number will bo secured. At present there
nro no recruiting stations In the small
towns and cities. Men there who might
like to enter tho army Ao not have Its
attractions presented to them.
Democrats are predicting 80,000
votes for "Wilson In Philadelphia, and are
putting forth efforts today to swell their
registration figures. No one but a wild
Bian would bet that Pennsylvania would
go Democratic, but those Republicans
who are neglecting to register should bo
reminded that there has been an enor
Sious Progressive vote in this State. In
1913 Roosevelt got 447,426, Wilson 395,619
and Taft only 273,305. Only six States
went for Roosevo'.t, and Pennsylvania
was one of them. Two years ago the
Democratic jand Progressive vote for Sen
ator, combined, was 635,611, against the
Republicans' 619,830, No fool among
voters Is worse than the fool who talks
of a "auia thing" and then doesn't vote.
Tho Germans are calling the use of
armored aeroplanes, and motorcars In at
tacking the trenches uncivilized. It is
hardly so uncivilized as the use of poison
Cases and no more unfair than the first
,,i)ee of machine guns against infantry
armed with rifles. As the purpose of war
Is to defeat the enemy, almost any engine
'C destruction that can be Invented Is
IkgUlmata. The Allies can claim credit
W first perfecting an aeroplane that can
Y low enough to attack an army on the
ground. It la not surprising that this
Machine terrorized the Germans, nor Is It
trange that they looked with horror on
i the armored motorcar, plowing its way
ver the treriches and belching forth de
.etructlofl upon the enemy in front. We
Hall proWWy hear more of the use of
tbece new machines, and It may be that
their invention will hasten the end of
the war,
r, , , ,, ' 35!
Statements by two social workers
that there are 25,09 drug addicts In this
4tty seem to show that the estimate of
fjMM made in this newspaper, based on
th Metorta of pelloe and physicians, was
aasaeervatWe. Tet when Hie figures were
i Msajt.JMihUehea. titer drew pretests from
wito felt Uuit the city was belnir
"' MMmrnrnd. l( nwet be remembered that
Hk evil la iwttMMl. In one small see-
at New Yerk oitr there are KW
,' kwa to be "dope fln4s."
have eiftht that about two per
of otp- J,,W population are
Vbere are reasons to believe
PMlwhV orng to its central
M otwuti, mi Become a
jwttt. Whether there are
here than else-
Is aot the qwesUOK. The point la
PbUadolphla ean serve the nation.
aomprtwm aawaareaMe JegMa.
ta the country
;e rssHaaaa
w ifcaii mm know mmbm thm
Laf tk Are 4mk
fee anstf s
TUB vital thing in the present transit
situation Is the operating agreement,
and tho vital thing about tho operating
agreement Is that It should embrace all
We can conceive of nothing that would
be moro fatal to tho achievement of tho
kind of rapid transit for which the peo
ple havo voted millions than an agree
ment with the P. R. T. for the operation
of part of tho linos only; say, for In
stance, the Frankford 1. and tho Droad
street subway only.
It Is Important to recognize that tho
city holds tho whlphand as matters
stand. One of tho most Important fea
tures of the Taylor plan Is that it can
stand absolutely by Itself. It can be a
system operatedJndependently of any ex
isting lines. Wero there no P. R- T. In
existence, the Taylor plan would still
be a comprehensive plan, capablo of serv
ing the whole people.
It Is, however, perfectly patent that It
Is desirable to havo the P. R. T. operate
the new lines. Not only would that glvo
universality of service, but underlying
It is a broad and fair public determina
tion to protect nxlstlng Investments and
not to use the municipality's great power
to Imperil to the extent of een ono
dollar the legitimate capital which Is at
present Invested In public utilities. In
this Bplrlt of fair play, the people expect
the P. R. T. to meet them half way. They
expect It, In fact, to ratify In principle
the tentative agreement entered Into with
Mr. Taylor, which provides for universal
transfers and a refund to the company,
within limits, for tho diversion of traffic
from the surface to the proposed high
speed lines.
Tho situation would be seriously dis
turbed and the city, in spite of Its huge
Investment, put at tho mercy of the trac
tion company If any arrangement were
made for tho operation by the P. R. T.
of only part of tho new system. It Is
all or none. It cannot be anything else,
for on that theory the whole Taylor plan
was constructed. To vary from It In tho
slightest would be to plunge Philadelphia
Into the abyss and prevent real transit
development for fifty years to come.
There can bo no compromise on this point,
for any compromlso would bo a surrender
of the public rights and a betrayal of the
public Interests.
It is understood that the Mayor has
been discussing the operating agreement
and Is Bangulno of an early and satis
factory conclusion of the negotiations.
lie has reason to be sanguine, for It Is
inconceivable that the P. R. T. would
refuso to take advantage of the great
opportunity which it Is offered. It Is
unfortunate, however, that rumors should
havo been floating about to the effect
that tho Mayor was party to an Incom
plete agreement.
The Mayor has nailed that lie.
Yesterday he gave tho Evenino Ledoeu
absolute assurances that the rumor was
the Idlest sort of gossip, without any
basts in fact and originating he knew not
where; and he declared emphatically and
unreservedly that he would entertain no
proposition for any sort of an operating
agreement that did not embrace every
one of the lines to be built.
This is the most important declaration
the Mayor has made in months. If
religiously carried out, as certainly It will
be, It means that the last menace to tho
successful development of rapid transit
has been removed.
Tom Daly's Column
I po for da came,
I, T, MeAroni;
You should do da tame
Ecf tioii potta monev.
JI&s tonnamagun,
Dat pcetch-feUou) Itecxa;
Dat's reason he 1
By maka da Co, ,
Tho U. and O. R. R. ran an excursion to
Harper's Terry on Sunday, In all the cars
this sign was displayed, "No Bplttlng al
lowed In this State" Ono man with a
plug of tobacco, a respect for the law
and an eye for novelties watched care
fully when tho train passed from' Penn
sylvania, expecting the sign to change
and give him some relief. But, of course,
tt didn't. By tho tlmo ho got to the
Maryland Stato lino he was positively
aalUated. Tho District of Columbia
saved his life. In Virginia nnd West Vlr
glnta, we regret to cay, ho broko tho law.
The Philadelphia Rhyme
An old Phlladelphlnn, hiding behind
the alia of "C. Scrlbendl," writes to us,
Jeering at our falluro to find a proper
rhyme for the town. Ills own offerings
do not conform to tho rule, but wo give
part of his effort:
Bo much I lova tour srntla way,
Adored old I'hlladelnhla.
That I can only almc lour pralao
, ro so to neupnia.
daya la sono. them KOod old daya
ly I'niiaaeipma.
Lone tlma tho Mara of jour drub Strt
I trod, oh. Thlladalphla,
And though thoas daya were paaalnc meet,
X wonder why t lellphta.
And of that aweetneaa, aoma I trow
Ah Tommy "ere a a 'ealthphla
Tou plated a part In, alaa, now
I m not ot I'hlladtlphla.
In lavel
And 1 am treadlnr other waya.
with not a mill to meiopma.
Dut If my caah la mlnua O,
Beloved Philadelphia.
Aa I hae aald before there' naught
I think but what la wellphla. .
Now this, which comes from E. II. Vf Is
something like:
Ilia grandpa eaya ha'a a little "pill,"
Thla little lad ot mine ,
Ilia mother cilia him her darling "alt,"
With dlapoaltlon nne
1 aay. with them, he'a the flneat boy
In Philadelphia.
Dut, oh I what thoughta when I hear all night,
Thla 'Till." lad elf. Keee jaahl I I
Oh, Kathleen, ye wild colleen ot the hllla.
Ye hlue eyed dark-haired. Idled elf, ye.
How your aweet preaence and aweeter olee
When je're alngln' "Off to Philadelphia "
Now "lllled ' la a perfectly legitimate word
and meana "abounding In or like llllea " Kren
though the popular imceittlon of an J'tah col
leen may not be a, "lllled elf." est 111 It la not
umalr to aiuurhe that In all lrelnnd there la at
oet one creature anawerlng to thla description
However, we have compoaed another veree, attll
regarding Kathleen aa an elf.
KATHLEEN (continued)
Sure, tninj'i the heart that yo'va captured
Wld ye're alngln' of "Oft to Philadelphia,"
But nary a one would have me colleen.
Te mlachloed, self-will ed elf, ye.
In reading thla tt la neceaaary to read "aelf
wllled ' In three ayllablea I. e . self-will ad. All
poeta In fact, alnce the world began have re
aorted to thla artifice In deaperate caaea. And
thla euro la a deaperate caae, to Judge from the
alleged rhmea that have been publlahed ao
far. DAVIE.
A. J. Bartllng, of Greenwood avenue, one
ot Oakhn's old residents, hns sold his
petalihrrmvpuqjxzffmx?( Camdon Courier.
And Miss B, vtho sends the news In.
hopes that a printer bought It, because It
certainly would bo plo for htm.
Serving th'e City Beautiful Ho Bites
All Unlovely Things
The Bunkhound Is In disgrace for a
while. We took him out for a little run
up and down Chestnut street yesterday,
but at Seventh street we met Sandy Mc
Nlbllck, who writes our golf stuff. Sandy,
who Is a nice young man, Inquired after
our health and our game. "Oh," we said,
"we'vo been going a llttlo bad lately.
Why, we only made an 88 the last time
we played Whltemarsh."
Thereupon the
u n grateful
hound bit us
that is to say,
u s personally.
We havo locked
him In the cel
lar to cool off
for a day or so, but he will resumo his
activities in good time.
TUB life guards In some places upon
the Atlantic City beach were bothered
by bathers hanging sweaters and coats
upon their lookout platform. So one day
a large sign nailed upon the lookout
flashed this startling command:
A taffeta skirt, very full at the hips and
reaching far above the tops ot her daintily
clocked silk stockings revealed stllt-IIke
limbs and slender ankles Saturday's E. L.
And, possibly, a couple of these here
now high Insteps.
ALTHOUGH the Illuminating engineers
rx of the country who are holding their
annual Convention in Philadelphia are not
usually regarded as police officers, they
have probably done more to reduce crime.
in the great cities than any other single
group of men. They have devised waya
for thrpwlng the light into dark p'aces.
They have forced tho thugs to walk where
they can be seen. They have made it
Impossible for the vicious to ply their
trade in tho main streets with that im
punity which made them bold in the daya
when they could lurk In the shadow and
entice their victims into the darkness.
There remains much for them to do, and
they are doing it.
The Immediate public Interest in their
gathering arises from the attention now
attracted to the cheapening of the
proeeeaea ot light production. Philadel
phia 1 esfeetallir oeaeefAed with thla,
for the electric iignt rates nave lately
been reduced after the oity authorities
had demonstrated that prices were too
high. The reduction in the oest of gas to
the consumer apparently depends on the
ability of the city to prove that the gaa
company ia reoelving more than a fair
Mtoe far Meat We say apparently, U.
mum titer Is aaag aayearMon te a Mr.
remWr Vy the asty aX the twenty eenta
a UionsaM which it oolleotg, unless
th ye najpiny can be iaauaaa to
taaaa farther raduotiot, la its net pa-toe
ape ajajr It late the oity tmawry It rv
mtoMMmm whathar tMe jaesiee
ftfttstf jjattrtte OatNaatea.
a ese4Y V , aa Jtw tf eseiafvfres
igrtTrJrili f yjiJlaaai -.,,. ytfC rJiVimXfTj JlUt Vi-i rTs,3ria,j.lPJ Jif
VtW T5"a"cS!BigggBMBSBB .!r ii4-ii'lT3J!rihIi:,J vJiZ "J-i!
aaaaaSwaar -m'SJ-. ' 'J7iV
What tho Local Press Thinks of Ce.
dltions in Philadelphia
Nothing that the Orand Jury say. t, k
Indictment of the physicians 7har.'l
aispensinir narcotics Illicitly exee.. ?
Dounas or moaeratlen its awreciaii'-,: '
the gravity of the offense Is InalcatM w
Its setting forth of the Preeentmwt toirfe 1
ln.ff,.uTh.ereJ" r """"on m to the e J
of the trafflo In such drugs In this e? '
jiicrn is nu question, eiuier, as to , CM
effectiveness of the laws diaii. Jf.? ?-.a3
The Grand Jury does not venture to crll
the decision ot the Supreme Court m?9
has made one clause of the Ilarrlten V
operative. Hut It points oYt tnatft?' M
aeiects in tne state laws which should v
remedied. Thus morphine and hTroto J 3
exempt from the restrictions that nni. .' "
cocaine, tor those whom the dtsdly fr.vu
has enthralled there can be iS JJ1, i
It la the duty of the Stat to VesZtJ
tre for them. No penalty. h..w'll
flP Jlrlel - .
olhlng but'
a tA
can be too severe for those who for u
and care
An Allentown Progressive Who Was Not Hopeful in 1912 Disease
and the Spread of Filth in the
lly Margaret Wlddemer
I took his dreams "from him.
Boy-dreams ot gold and red,
I gave him sorrows dim.
White" grief. Instead
And for a little space
Joy in my careless face,
I took his hone away.
Light hope, a foolish thing,
I gave him silence gray,
Death's comforting
Was It my soul that sighed
Dead on the day he dledT
Contemporary Veree for September.
DOCTOR Austin O'Malley declares this
was an actual dialogue between him and
a patient ot the same nationality;
D What's the trouble?
P. Oh, doctor, dear th patna I hov la me
stummlck la terrjblel
13 Year And what have you bad on your
l. Dlrvlt the thins I've bad on me stummlck
this daysbut me two bandal
Why, This Is Worse Than War
Four persons were killed outright and
the Daraders panlo-strlcken when the bomb
axnloded at the Intersection of Stewart and
lUrket etreets in the crowd ot 15,000 poo
pie. On man died of heart failure and
forty persons were Injured, ot whom fifty
later died. Burlington Enterprise,
A Submarine Record
IN Sundaa P. I a sufferetfrom hay
fever, referring to an alleged cure fe-r it,
"My modification was to Immerse toy
face In a basin of extremely warm water
for aa long as possible each evening for
five minutes.:
'WilmlBgtenT-Ueaseh Veea 0e, eepKal
tl,M0,See, was Incorporated teday at
Dover. Del. to manufacture and al ia
itutanU aad iavesjds foods, parttoute)?
the Huso H ) feaaa IseorperMon
7 toeal qewer pawtJMiUa4etfWa Newa
la this the ounpany of wbjoh there
was talk ot making J i. CkMasVfc frlaa4.
Tbaatae ilao veil, preaMatatT
Tit Orpartmrnt Is fret to all readers toho
tctth. fo exrress their opinions on tublecta of
current (ntrreit. It U on open forum, and the
Fvenlno Ledger aaaumea ro rcaponeiMMly for
the tteio of if correjpondrnls. Letters mutt
b atoned bu the name ana aaartaa ot the
writer, not nrcesearllv for publication, but aa a
guarantee of crood faith,
To the Editor of the Evening Ledger:
Sir So much is said about sweeping dirt
from stores, what will you Bay as to street
cleaners on Pino and Fifteenth streets, Oer
mantown aenue from Hunting Park to
Wavna Junction sweeDlng streets without
water? Instead of letting the dirt lie quietly
In our Btreets they prefer to Bweep it aown
our throats Tho same may be said of
ashes and garbage gatherers. Last evening
one hauling a load of manure was letting
It drop at every round of th wheel. A
huckster who had a receptable under his
wagon for refuse from flsh-oleanlng was
rirnnnlnc nnrtlcles all alone the way. What
also Is to be said of advertisements thrown.
In houses and swept on tne streets i
I might go further and Bpeak ot tobaoco
smoking on our streets. Almost every step
ladlea nnd sentlemen must Inhale all sorts
of smoke, from the cabbage leaf to the so
callod Havana grown in mncasier vjoumy
and other places far remote from Cuba.
In these days of preparedness, protection
and talks but not acts as to cleanliness, will
you not help to get City Hall and the deten
tion houses free from tobacco yes, and ob
scene stories and profanity i ine lorroor.
the tempi of Justice, should be as clean and
pure as th Holy of Holies) th latter,
where our boys and girls are taken for ll
sort of good and evil deeds, should be for
an example which Bpjaks far louder than
words and produces far better results.
Philadelphia, September 16.
To ths ffdllor o the Evening Ledger:
Sir I have been a reader of your paper
from Its Inception. For some time, how
ever, I have read your paper with much
mental, reservation, and now I must Inform
you that it can no longer And a plape on
my table. I have ordered Its discontinu
ance. I endured your vUwpolnt aa long
.. t nuiM but vour editorial on "A Land
slide" that never arrived In your issue of
September It was tho last straw to break
the camel's back. Why you would go out
ot your way In setting forth argument why
Wilson Is weak to heap ridicule and abuse
upon th Progressives I cannot under
stand. That part of your editorial Is all
haaida th mark, entirely unnecessary, a
perversion of fact, and I can attribute It to
nothing else than a mental aberration or a
disordered spleen, It seerps very strange
that you are not satisfied yet with the atti
tude of the Progressives who support Mr.
Hush, no matter what you may think of
thenj personally. You say: "The future
historian will find tt hard to explain Hit,
for he will not have come Into personal
contact with those Roosevelt men who
couldn't see how th Colonel could possibly
lose, because they felt In their hearts he
must win. Their political vision had be
come a sensation. ies, me imure nts
torlan would certainly have a hard tlma of
It to explain lflZ. had he no other data to
rely upon than editorials Ilk yours. It Is
k carlaature of fact for you to say that in
1912 the followers of Theodore Itoosevelt
expected to win. No Intelligent Progres
sive (and he could not be a Progressive
if he were not Intelligent) expected Itoose
velt to be elected. They expected to defeat
Taft, and their expectations were exceeded.
What they could not foresee was that Taft
and the iiepuDiioau pariy wouia dso aisas
trously defeated as to leave the hlstorlo
party but two small States and to put It
In third place as a national party.
What the PregTes4va eeuld not feme
was a'vletery with halt a wlillon votes hi
the nation and S9.000 majority In the great
atate of Fenneylvsnls,
You further say that the result In Maine
Vtfartoes the, work ef the JUpablleaa OaJ
ataa CeanmUtM, whloh oaa sew ignore
hjreterteel patojaeaa sad -set to work to
conaoUtele knewa aalfte ta th lliliitiinajlis
noju-'seiv taffittety"
what Mttafsirtiea you esarre faee the
tag aaj mmmmmrn saw eaajesajiea en
What Do You Know?
Republicans (minority party) to unite on
the same candidate (not party), thus "clar
ifying the work," I do not understand. Why
you would call upon th Ilepubllcan Cam
paign Commltteo to Ignore and treat with
contempt the hysterical phenomena of the
hysterical Progressives Is beyond sane com
prehension. Why you would still Insist on
resorting to abuse of tho Progressives of
the best element In the land when they
are sincere and loyal enough to tny to help
to win back this nation to a status when
It will again be honored and respected. Is
something Infinitely beyond the grasp of a
mental genius.
I trust you will read this letter. You are
at liberty to publish It If you like. If you
do tie former, I am sure the vision you
receive will bo more than a sensation. If
you do the latter, I feel confident that the
future historian will have a comparatively
easy task In analyzing the political situa
tion or iiz to isu m the United States.
Allentown, Pa , September 16,
t Nevertheless. It Is a fact that many en
thuslastlo Progressives expected Roosevelt
to win, and many men of other parties
thought it possible that none of the candi
dates would tune a majority of the elec
toral vote, and that the House of Repre
sentatives would have to choose the Presi
dent. editor of th Evenino LSDarn.
To the Editor of the Evening Ledger?
Sir I notice In your columns a letter
from James Smith on the abov sub
ject. As he drags in the wrongs tt Ire
land by the tall, any comment on his nation
ality Is superfluous. I suppose soma III.
heroic) genius will straight away discover
In the .'Jew York car strike another Injustice
to his country.
If Irishmen employed half the energy and
genius they use In political agitation and
composing beautiful songs about their In
tense love for their Interesting country, In
working Industries In their land, there
would b no Irish question. If Ulster pros
pers under the Government which th three
other provinces say ruins them, one Is
oompelled to assume that It Is more th
fault of th people than anything els. Mr,
Smith doubts th ability ut Qarmany to
shoot prisoners of war. Thousands ot Bel
gian wtdowa could reassure him on this
point. If Ireland were a German province
the heads of Mr. Smith and all who spoke
Ilk him would soon be In a basket. I
have lived and traveled ten years In Ger
many and know whtreot I speak. Also I
have resided three years In the south ot fro-
tana, ana cannot neip lining the courteous,
witty, hospitable people. Inland's worst
enemies are many ot its countrymen, who
consistently, vindictively and venomously
vilify everything English and then expect
political concessions!
Had the Irish causa been corducted with
tact and friendship It would have been won
long ere now.' dreat Britain doss not
cherish unfriendly feelings toward Ireland,
but certainly it does not contldtr a casa
conducted mainly by vituperation and
slander, Th Internal differences between
Ulster and the rest of the country must be
settled by Irishmen on their own soil. I, for
one, wish them a speedy and friendly solu
tion. May. God bless the memory of the
gallant Irishmen who fell at Olnehy.
ALiSTAin Mcdonald.
Philadelphia, September 19.
Queries of general interest ulll be answered
in thla column. Ten ouesfions. the anawera to
which evert welMnormed person ahould know.
ore asked dally.
1. What I th "Jlorae alphabet"!
3. What la the "Old Man of the Mountains."
or "Great Stone Face"?
3. lVhat was the Forum In Itomef
4. What li a stalemate?
B. How la elder made?
6. Wiut Is the salary of th President?
7. What la a sheet-anchor?
5. What la ploUcracy?
0. What la stucco?
10. What are uniform laws?
minister to their urgent cravings, and v
extend the field of their dmai. hi, 7 'TdB
Ing the Innocent and unwitting. JL TbtlTB
Tho appeal of the recent Federal Gran
Jury addressed to Judgo Dickinson In tki
United States District Court h.r. ?. .. J?
er drug laws and their better admlnlitrav
Hon can have no moro dennlte effect thai,
other pronouncements aimed at th. ni-i.
evil. The legitimate employment of. -!!!
caln. morphia, heroin ,und other narcoUeVw!
iian uccnnea steaaiiy in recent years. Med '
leal sctenco Is Increasingly awn. ?'
use of i these agents In any but exceptional
.......w. -... vna mu,iiiiics oi mornhla.
cocaine and heroin avallablo In tha t.M
drug market aro out ot all proportion to
ui necus uu useu ot meaicsi cractlrj, J
"' ""u" "" wiHiuuB io increase and .
multiply, and the economlo waste that''
must follow when large numbers of rneeW
and women art" made Imbeoll. lmi,Mi
criminal. Invalid and Inefficient- will trovJ' :
Bremer ucujuib nuttuoaivo warnings aid '
appeals from successive grand Juries. Got
ermental power should, therefore, b mi. .a
llxed In a large degree, and It Is likely that
pnysiciana wouia oe tne nrst to approves
such n project No ordinary taws wilt bet
adequate so long as there are men u tnn.i
den In Infamy as to profit deliberately 'by
the slow annihilation of the minds and1
Domes ot men, women anu even, children.-.
Evening Bullotln.
"I am willing." Woodrow Wilson -hm-ii.. i
In his fascinating way, "no matter what 'I
my personal fortunes may be, to play forJ
tne veraict oi manKina,- wen, mo erdlctJ
of mankind will bo that Mr. Wilson, dur-t
Int- hla ndmlnlstrntton. condnnterf a .ni
respondence scwl. Albany Knickerbocker!
Chestnut St. Opera House
I 1FA 2 Weeks J
Ml fir inC .' . m
3 Weeks
Matinees, except Saturday Lower Floor, 40 ?
and Toe. First lialcony, SOo and 7oo. Second i
Balcony. 25c.
Nlrhta and Raturdav Matinee. Lower Floor.
COo and 1100. First Balcony, B0o and 1100.1
uecona uaicony, sdc.
Answers to Yesterday's Quiz
1. Conrord. Mass.t pronounced "Knnk-ord,"
. nlth th accent on the llrst syllable.
t. rocket Tctot If a bill that pnasea Congrrsa
Is not returned by the I'realdent within
ten day It becomes a law aa If he had
signed It, unless adjournment prevent Its
return. The ."pocket veto" Is th failure
or the President to consider a bill that
has passed leaa than tan days befor
S. One "siel blankets another when It tJkea
tbe wind from Ita sails.
4. Ides of Marcht March IS la the ancient
Itoman calendar.
o. viruat tne palpable moi
iivs e contagious
Htates and parts of SUtes In Louisiana
Montana, tne Dskotss. U'mr
o, ebraki. Kansas. Oklahoma,
, IU
rhasei Montana,
colors ao,
product causa-
FORREST Pop. Matlne Tomorrow?
Best Beats 11.60 at Matinee Tomorrow in
e - J'1 f.arl
Philadelphia Orchestra
xtz-v-itt' on at Ileppe's, 1110 Cheatnut Street,!
11UM and will continue until TUESDAT.9
Http-rrMnr.R in. Inclusive. II
All tickets remaining unclaimed after See-.
tember 18. will be assigneo. without limner a
notice, to new subscribers
TJTJ f A Fi This 4 Next Wek. Evs at Bill!
I5lJti.U , Pop, 1 Mat. Tomorrow!
Just Laughs Pretty Girls Jolly Tunes
lilaus, Mlnoor'l, Iowa na
7. United States Ruprrm Tourti Chler Justice
iiii""' .A,"S'",, Jtlees MrKenna.
ife'Me'ir.yno'ldS.'' W,,",,r' Br"nW'
"RsUon d'etre"! literally.
ins--.- in justuicatioii
rhil..Bi,,,& '?J . bpsVndei 8?
iV..V- "-.: """ "oriiw o a
w..,imic nvei.
The thres arksi N.l,'.
"reason for be
ef u thins for
degrees 0
the basket of bull-
II ihi iliiw.w.,i? 'J!M M" "l" 0td
on the Nllet the Ark of the Cotensnt.
chest containing the Tables sf th iTiw.
Th new five-cent loaf Is mush smaller,
but th nickel Is th same else as ever i
and Just as hard to get. Cincinnati Com
merelal Tribune,
The turn of events enables Charles a
Hughes to hand down an opinion of the
law reeeatly hurried tkrevfh Oeagr
wttUeut waiting far tk u to art Is
the Svsreme Court,-fPaslBgton Mar,
And It is tor the people te seeMe whether
they will have for a President, -oa trabsea
ta iBiiminm saeaBMisjaiiM or
t ttssaoUv rhetorte Ooveri
anar aot
t to make aateb Bhrvaa
hiU he la taw
Waiters Called George
JJcIKor of "What Do You iTnow.'Viandly
Inform me why colored waiters are called
Qeorg ' and how far back does the custom
date? Does the originator of It still ltveT
One authority says that the custom arose
out of the fact that many southern negroes
took high-sounding names, like Qeorg
Washington, or else were mockingly nick
named that. He tells of an uncle who.
years ago, would Invar lably address a negro
waiter as follows : "Well.what Is your nameT
Qeorg Washington. I suppose. Well then.
vi.org., io. is possible that som ot
our readers may have more plausible ex.
By-Names of Statesmen
IX. 8. A. Not all of those you name had
popular nicknames. "Old Man Eloquent"
was applied to John Qulncy Adams, be,
cause of his eloquence In Congress In his
old ag. ''pid Hickory" to Andrew"ack.$
because of his firmness and flghtlnr ouall.
ties; "Old Bullion" to Senator ThomSsi,:
v...u.,, i ,..uurlt i0r ms persistent ad
vocacy of sound money; "Old PublUo Mine
u'sn10 -,den.t J" Dulanln. who
used It in reference to himself In one of his
anrual messages; "Old Abe," an affection,
ate title given to Abraham Llncofn b.fo?e
ho had reached middle age; -rhB p.th;
nnder" to John C. Fremont, becau"" of M,
exploration and dlscorerles: "Anelsnt
Mariner of th Wabash" to hlohard W
Thompson. of Indiana, Secretary of theNavv
under President Hayes "Old Greenbacks
to Salmon P, Chase, because of hU nnanclal
record: I'Sunset Cox" to tuL ii o Ifi"'
because of a very ambitious description of
a sunset whteh he wrote for an Ohio news,
paper! "Little Giant" to Stephen A. Do.
las. because ot his small stature and great
ability! "Little Magician" to Martin v
Buren. because of his shewdnsas and suo"
f,,f, Poi''ani "Sag of Montlcello"
to Thomas Jffrson In rtlrmnt after
Mrvlng two terms as President; "Old Un.
conditional Surrender" to General ; Oram
because ot his reply to General Buckner a
Fort Deneen In lilt wss, BueUntFJi
what terms of sMrrAer weujd be,allwad7
"No terms other if? ut?
mmedlate surrender. I propoi to m v.
lnusdlaUly upon your works" : "TaU Srol;
more ot the Wabash" to DaaUl w vJ
heea. keeaue elhUi uawJl LauVhL Tu
reMtah hair ahout the oeuSTet r$Si
hoy ,? lunry ci,. Who ,
$ mm tkmm Ik its,.
i-i A TiTJTrtTr LAST 8 NI01ITS at S
VXtt.IVXVJU-'.IA. Pop 1 Mat. Tomorrow,
A Powsrful American Play by Stuart Fox-
With MARY RYAN and Original N. Y. Cfc-
frlohp Theater UAJRu,Nl?E,RnlSTa.1
VJlUfJC yJLVDBVILI.S Contlnuou, $
lOo I ."c ZTo aba
It A. M. to UP 41
fPltsa rimmti niitisilnn Rlnirara anil Danrerl
"The Pi)ol Room" Toti'M
B. F. Keith's Theater m
itimiY incnRaPonD & CO : MABEL
osuood a emma Rous: pucUn ka:
lltIS to litis
10c. ISO. 250
The Best TAedter Oreheslro Anywhsrt
Thurs . Frt , Sat IJUISE HUST
1-v A T A i-1T71 1S1 MARKET
xTJUA.KjHj pannie WARD1
Thurs. Frt, Sat. LOU TELl.Euls.tWJ 4
OLEO RIDOBLY In "Victory ot Copsclsnes"!
Victoria wrHA
TUuTnUy, Friday. Saturday "MR.
a nn;n ?E.ST.,.u7;iirs,?ik.i
Aicauia Wjiijam S. Harta
Added "Gloria's Romance' rinai in-1
Th , Yr., Bat. Norma Tftlmadge, Social Becrelssrg
DAILY siaoi i
P.vaoo TfatTQ
UIUQu J-a-vj fcJ mam J'., u si
" Evss , T l JO, . ,
"Sons of Abraham" ",
Mni-Irf Rt. ReloW 17
T -A. ii i u m ii r. U
XVegeilU Today & Tbmor
Frances Nelson & Arthur Asnu
Thursday. Friday, Bsturday -mibts
A rlnlnVti T?.Ni?T 50(5 to U
"" Pop Mat. Thurs. Pf SfJ
Ths Most Wonderful PUy In'APMrta )
O mo. In y,Y..T taps. In Chicago, B saos la'
"A BIO WINNB"r-Th pre
Ths K. y. VMh Osreea'l t Sa'J
"T"1 AL J0LS0N To?i
Walnut Mat. Today, 25c,
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