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Mackmen Outhit Opponents at Shibe Park Last
Week and Carried Three Games Into Extra
Periods Captured One Fray
rpHB marked improvement of the goneral play of the Athletics since their lost
-Lhomo stay la clearly discernible, even to the most unprnctlced eye. That Connie
Mack will, as he has often said, build up a poworful team from raw material la
beginning to bo believed by Philadelphia's most Incredulous doubting Thomases.
In every department the Mackmon Bliowcd up well In the four games playod at
Bhlbe Park last week. It la truo that they were nblo to annex but ono victory, yet
they gave the opposing clubs and the fans a great run for their money.
Tho Increased attendance at Twenty-flrst streot and Lehigh avenue Is In Itself
atlfllclent to demonstrate that the fans once again are turning favorable eyoa on
Connlo Mack. Tho flrat day of the Athletics' return, Thursday, saw a big crowd
ccupylng the stands. On that occasion curiosity was, no doubt, rcsponslblo for
the unusual clicking of tho turnstiles. Many fans wanted to see If the Mack
wen had Improved and others wanted to get a glimpse 6f Fielder Jones's people
fai action after their sonsatlonal run toward tho top of tho league.
Bo well did tho Macklca show up on Thursday that tho fans returned on
Friday to boo If It were really true. They found that It was. Hence, thoy wont
again on Saturday, and onco moro saw a good game of ball, In splto of tho fact
that tho Athlotlca were ultimately licked by a fairly largo score.
Thrco Extra-Inning Games Out of Four
ANT team that can play throe extra-Inning gamea against the Browns going
Jtx. at their present clip and tho Detroit Tigers must bo playing a brand
ef baseball that warrants It being classed as a major, article.
In theso four games the Athlotlca hit tho enemy pitchers safely 33 times,
against 27 safe blows that wero garnered off tho Macklan hurlero. Tho Mack
men scored 11 runs against 15. Tho wholo troublo was that tho Mackmen worn
not iulto as steady In tho pinches aa their opponents, their efforts being lost on
thrco occasions when a bit mora polso would have given them each of tho gamea
that wero lost.
Tho thing which struck tho average fan most forcibly In tho play of tho
Athletics was the fact that they seemed to bo Just as well balanced In branches of
play aa their admittedly better opponents, with tho exception of tho pitching.
When tho Athletics got good pitching, tliey mado a great fight, but thoy looked
bad on tho recent trip whenever their hurlcrs went bad. This, howovor, Is truo of
any team.
A glance at what tho Athlotlca did last week is enough to demonstrate con
clusively their Increasing ability:
First game B. H. I. P.
Athletics 4 7 10 Bush
Gt. Louis 3 8 10 Plank and Davenport
Second game
Athletics 2 8 9 Myers
St. Louts 3 5 9 Davenport
Friday: k
Athletics .1 3 9 11 Shechan, Bush and Nabors
St Louis 4 5 11 Groom and Wellman
Athletics 3 J 9 10 Johnson
Detroit 6 9 10 Coveleskla
Ty Cobb Rcsponslblo for Athletics Defeat
TT COBB does a lot moro for the Detroit club than hit, run and field his
position. An example of his all-around ability was shown Saturday, when ho
virtually won tho gamo In the tenth by getting Pitcher Jlng Johnson bo badly
up in the air that the young hbrler was forced to keep his mind on Ty, Instead of
tho batsman. That was exactly what Cobb started out to do when ho wajked
With two men out In tho tenth, and it appeared that the gamo might continue
Indefinitely. ,
Cobb absolutely refuses to lot tho pitchers have any rest while ho is in the
paths, and that alono has won almost aa many games for tho Tigers aa tho actual
hitting of the Georgian.
Even in tho days when the Athletics had a staff of tho most reliable pitchers
In tho league, headed by "Bender, Plank and Coombs, Cobb often won games In thla
way. 'While neither he nor any other baserunner could throw any one of that
famous hurling trio off his pitching balance, Cobb did win games from them by his
actual base running, when he found that his antics created no mental disturbances
In hostile ranks.
Ludcrus Gives Phillies a Flying Start
rT WAS due to the splendid and effectlvo efforts of Captain Fred Ludorua
that the Phillies went away to a flying start in their final swing around tho
westorn circuit Ludy mado a pair of remarkable fielding plays, ono of which
saved ono run and the game, while the other saved three scores and tho game.
When a player is able to riso to playing heights when his services are most
needed, then he is invaluable That Is tho case with Luderus. Ho has not been
bitting at such a fierce clip this season as ha did last, but his hits recently
nave been coming at a time when hits meant runs. The samo la true of his
fielding. The Phllly captain knows tho batsmen well, and Is able to make plays.
In themselves very difficult, that could not be mado without this knowledge.
By their victory on Saturday over the Reds, theFhllllea gained a half game on
the Brooklyn club, which split even In a double-header, and gained a full gamo
ever Boston after the latter's defeat by St Louis.
Klxey's consistent pitching on tho last homo stay and his win on Saturday in
dlcata that tho Phillies will have by far the best trip of the season from now
until the time they return. In fact, it would not bo in the least surprising to
ee them in the lead when they arrive to open a long series with tho Brooklyn
Dodgers In the great test of the campaign, beginning September L
Kumagae Exponent of ttie Back-Court Game
AFTER seeing Itchlya Kumagae, the Japanese national lawn tennis champion,
jCx defeat our own title holder, William M. Johnston, advocates of the back
court game are rejoicing In a lot of talk whoso burden la "I told you so." There
nave always been adherents of the back-court game, particularly In the East, who
have claimed that a really well developed game of that type la better than net
play. Of course it cannot bo proved vshlch la tho better game, aa two men of
exactly equal ability who play the two styles can never bo found. ,
Kumagae showed, however, that ho was able to drive with such sharpness
and accuracy that not even tho great Callfornian was able to prevent being passed
time and again when ho essayed p tako the net. Tho Jap's ability to "cross"
Johnston by shooting the ball past him on tho side which was most open or to
drive a vicloua "topped" ball at his feet as he camo in kept Johnston In tho
back of tho court a great deal during the five seta played in the final round
at the Casino, Newport.
The California game Is essentially ono of tho net-storming variety, McLough
lln having been the greatest example of this Btyle of play that ever lived. It Is
possible that McLoughlln when at the top of hla form might have been able
to beat tho Jap by playing net, but Kumagae's accuraoy makes this doubtful.
Mao's back-court play when ho was at the height of his game was better than
Johnstone's, consequently it is likely that a combination of the two games would
have beaten the Jap, even wero tho latter also at tha creat of his play,
Tho announcement that Ping Bodlo will become a member of tho Athletics
will bo a big surprise to Philadelphia fans. It was thought when Ping- was
hunted to the Pacific Coast League by the White Box that his career as a major
leaguer was finished, aa all the cluba waived on him. However, he would be val
uable in a clean-up position for the, Mackmen, who are sadly lacking In this re
pect at present With Bodle, Strunk and Bchang In the outfield positions Mack:
will have a hard-hitting band of outfielders, and ho will have Jimmy Walsh as a
utility man.
Tho victory of the two Philadelphlana. Wallace F, Johnson and Joe J. Arm
strong, over Griffin and Johnston at Newport In the doubles finals is a gTeat boost
for local tennis. Both of theso players deserve the highest credit for their splendid
play, They went into tho tournament to win and played all their watches in such
a way that they would bo at their best when they entered tho finals.
The wrestling game Is steadily improving in Philadelphia. Under the. direc
tion of Jack Roden tho matches at Central Park tonight will be the best thing of
the kind seen hero in a long while. Zbyszko is to meet M. Ignoxx n the final
tout A the last matches there wero hundreds of women present, which proves
that the sport Is really a cosmopolitan one.
Tha way n which Jack Coombs is going this year la a marvel to many of
feta friends here. It was believed that 1915 would bo hla last season as a good
iiurier In spite of the fact that he had a good year, Coomba's, ono-hlt game against
the Cuba yesterday does not exactly Indicate that he is 'through."
Ml W) A mMmh Z Tom owes amp I
9.l'j&V T LUVr AMD
ty- W7 tes-JJ I3ClrJsS& 'T IXDU'V hurt J
yJ1vNrs speck-J
JHShT &kAsd
ilaBp i ill
Johnston - Griffin Clash
With McLoughlin-Dawson
on First Day
TENNIS and golf championships never
have known tournaments any moro open
than the two to come In August and Septem
ber Thero was a day when you could pick
ono or two men from the field and forgot tho
others. Now In both games there aro four
or five Mho may drop even tho champions
at a moment's notlco Thero has been a
great extension of skill, and this extension
Is suro to grow so that some five or six
years from now the battle for a golf or
tennis championship Mill bo among at least
a dozen entries In each sport and n nip
and tuck battle at that
Lines of Edward S. Plank
Bas no one told you Walsh was throught
That Miner Brown had drifted byt
That even Matty's day was due
With shadows spun athwart the skyT
lias no one whispered in your ear
That you have long since passed the prime
That yields to ono and all the cheer.
Stopped oy the ancient master, Timet
Or when Time called you from the mot,
And beckoned to you in the game.
Were you too busy on the job
To get tha signal when it camet
How many youngsters have you seen
Rise up and shine and fade awayt
Uow many veterans careen
From lofty heights that knew their swayt
Altrooh and Chesbro Walsh and Brown,
Waddell and Wood where are they nowt
And yet today tho laurel crown
Btill presses on your clammy browl
Drift on, Old Top, and hold the track
That echoes with resounding cheers
With Fate and Time both driven back
X hope you last for ninety years!
We probably will know quite a bit more
about the status of tho American League
race by the time Colonel Fielder Jones
and cast ovacuatq Boston. This series
Bhould be what 13 technically known as
the tip-off.
Here Is another sprightly conundrum to
grapple with: If the Braves have a club
batting average of .228 In the National
League, what will it be if tossed In against
Ruth, Shore, Mays and Leonard?
Brooklyn's Test
As for Brooklyn's pennant outlook, hero
It is In bulk for those who do not esteem
unwieldy details:
Kleven games In a row from September
1 to September 12, away from home,
against the Phillies, New York and Boston.
This fortnight tells the story.
"I only know of one pitcher," says Andy
Coaklry'"who had so much stun he could
buzz It waist high over the middle of the
plate and then turn the batsman upside
down. His name was Rube Waddell."
The East will go out after the tennis
and golf championships on friendly soil.
But beating Johnston, Gardner and Evans
Is no light task, even If you entice or In
veigle them into the sun parlor of your
own home.
One Answer
Here is one answer to the so-called amaz
ing mystery of the Browns a pair of
pretty good catchers; at least four first
class pitchers; a strong infield and a fine
outfield the punch and the speed. This,
plus Fielder Jones.
Erin Responds
"The Irish no longer rule the old game."
As Old Pat Brie scanned thla line
Be looked a trifle dazed t
Be pondered on (As dope a tit
With eyeballs slightly glazed i
And then ha straightway went and got
The dope book from the shelf,
And as he turned from page to page
Be murmured to himself;
"Pat Moran and Carrigan
And John McQraw and ifacky
Donovan and Callahan
Leading the attack
Maybe laurel wreaths no mora
Crown the Irish brow,
But who is up there showing all
Those Swedes and Germans howt"
"The White Sox hae tha best team on
paper,"' Quite so. But unfortunately they
quit playing on paper on around the 12th
of April. And so many things can happen
off paper between April and October.
Maxims of tho Nineteenth Holo
My son, thero Is a double art in the brief
camel that wc call golf and life.
Ono Is learning how to play safely beyond
nil traps Tho other Is learning how to
play safely out when tho first art goeth
We understand that Fred "Welsh is In
fine shape for his fight with "White. Does
this mean that White will have no chance
at all to catch Freddie, even In 20 rounds?
Daubcrt'a loss la a hard blow to Brook
lyn, or may bo, but suppose some of theso
teams had suffered what the Yanks have
known since late July?
One week from today "William M, John
ston and Clarence J. QrlfTln. tho tltleholders,
will clash with Maurice E. McLoughlln and
Ward DawBon, challengers, for the national
doubles championship at the Weal Sldo
Tennis Club, Forest Hills. L I.
Thus will the championship week be
opened with n bang. In former years tho
challenge round for the doubles titles was
always hold oer until after the singles
event was decided. But this made tho
doubles the climax of tho tournament and
tho singles the ante-climax.
But next week's event will Btart oft with
a flourish, gradually Blmmer down to the
woodlng-out process of tho first few days
and eventually reach tho climax when the
field Is reduced to two men.
When McLoughlln nnd Thomas C. Bundy
successfully defended the doubles crowns
against the onslaughts of George M Church
and Dean Mathy in tho challenge round
at Newport two years ago It marked the
first time In a number of years that tho
holders of the doublci titles retained them.
Last year at Forest Hills McLoughlln nnd
Bundy mado a gamo effort to register their
third straight victory and gain permanent
possession of tho championship trophies,
but Johnston nnd Qrlflln frustrated their
Judging by past performances, then, Daw
Bon nnd McLoughlln have tho dope. In their
favor. But It Is doubtful If tho dope, can
prevail against the real thing, as exhibited
by tho youthful national singles champion
and his goat-hcrdlng partner.
I v.
Couple of Pesky Shots
Still Stave Off Star.
Hagen on Top With
Three Terro Haute Players Sold
TEltnn HAUTE, Ind . Aug. 21. Thru play
era at the Terrs Hants Central Lsagus team
have been told to major lcaguo team accord
ing to announcement mado by President Webb
mckks. 1'iiciier AinawDnn nai
Chicago Americans pitcher
newer Aiatncs co lo tno lie
U probablo thnt these men
wagner, rec
will remain
has been sold to tho
'fielder Mathes go to tho Boston Nationals It
innt inese men as well as Catcher
agner. recul ed by too Pittsburgh Nationals.
11 remain with Tnrra ffntitn until t) an.t
tha Central Leaguo season.
American Soccer Players "Win
STOCKHOLM. Aug. 21. The All-Amerlcan
soccer football team yesterday vron a. gamo
1) to 2. In the International contest with the
Swedish players C. II. Spalding, left back. o(
the Dlsston Athletic Association, Philadelphia,
and C. II. Ellis, of tho Ilrooklyn Celtics each
scored a goal Tho third American goal was
won by freo kicking.
The gamo was fast although It was raining
and ths ground was slippery.
Averages to Date
of Leading Batters
TUIrnr will be found the batting nTernrrs,
Including yesterday's games of the leading
major league swatters!
- , , . . o. An. n. h. sn. ret.
Rnwjker. Cleveland.. 112 403 81 1R7 2rt .StK)
Cobb. Detroit 108 SOS RS 141 41 .SSI
Jackson, Chicago... 117 418 0D 156 IS .383
Sv . ,. a. aii. n. ii. sn. ret.
aubert, Ilrooklyn.. DO 374 01 122 10 .Rid
obertson. N. VI... 108 S! 01 128 10 .321
Chnse, Cincinnati... 103 383 43 120 IS ,313
PmST-CLASS, five-legged Jinx are fairly
rare, but there Is n genuine one follow
ing hard on the heels of James M. Barnes,
tho tall Chestnut Hill golf coach.
Barnes returns home today again
squeezed out of a title worth while by the
narrowest squeak. This time It happened
to be only two strokes that separated him
from tho winner, Walter Hagen, of tho
western open championship. Barnes was out
this year to regain the western title taken
nwnv from him last vear by Tom JIcNa-
mara. Ho was desperately anxious to break
through tho hoodoo that has prevented his
coming out on top In any of tho big ttlo
conflicts since spring.
But a little Jinx laid htm again by the
It -was no doubt the same little Jinx
that threw mud on his heels and slowed him
down when he wns speeding at his utmost
to catch "Chick" Evarts for the national
open tlllo this year. He missed by four
strokes. Or, perhaps, It was the same llttlo
Jinx that threw his ball Into n trap In the
almost equally valuable metropolitan open
nlnv-off. costlne him a penalty Btroko when
tho ball bounced back and hit him nnd
whero he tok an extra stroke to get out,
which lost him the title.
One, That's All
Ho was one Btroko to the bad In that
premier event, but next camo the western,
whero It wns thought that ho would finally
overthrow hli hoodoo trailer. Instead of
that Barnes took two pesky llttlo strokes
ho shouldn't havo In all tho 72 holes, nnd
his card was not good enough for top place
by Just that many strokes.
Barnes's last chanco for a title of mo
ment this year Is tho Philadelphia open,
to bo held at rhllmont In October.
Tho event Is open to any one In tho coun
try, and tho fastest field of Its history Is
expected this year, so that Barnes will havo
all honor If ho wins It.
Walter Hagen, ex-national open cham
pion, metropolitan open and 'western opon
tltloholdcr, respectively, also fully, is tho
typo of golfer that rolls along tho courso
In a matter-of-fact way, as If to say that It
didn't mako much difference whether ho
was licked or not, but he know ho was
pretty good nnd tho other fellow would havo
to go to the last holo for all ho was worth
beforo Hagen would cry quits.
Even 4s
Hagon played beautiful golf In the west
ern and never did either half of the course
In worse than 36 strokes, except on tho
afternoon of tho first day, when he took 40
strokes. Tho course is a full shot easier
In length than tho avorago courso, and there
are five one-shot holes on It
Nevertheless, scoring wns very dlfllcult,
duo to tho baking tho links got last week
In tho scorching sun. Hagen had a best
ball for his four rounda'of 61 shots. He had
a bird on one of the par flvo holes every
time he played It
Two weeks from today begins tho na-
The Well-Known Back Swing
Chapter One.
the forward swlnr nml i.I2?.,me artJ
miuMled start, comes a rnDddTedTLfX1
The club tieid should UL,St
along the ground na Inr rJ7l4t
with the foronrd, swing (fie club mi.1
wlVr!.."' ,t"ch""f t far".!
, in. the nntnral swing the left t,i v .
to lift with the turn ng of the 5S &
movement shoiild he ToluntarJ In tbYv.I'Jl
the Wei. J hen the golfer fo. tOT
c nriinciniir n nw-.r. "' bmi
tipet his swing. " -""" ""sis (4
, The club Is. brought orer anil tu.i . ,
the. eft shoulder In tho .wlngVsVS
..-. j.. ....
ThHRtrokA eeu lh lonrfo
VWlls 1 III
a.ny tig?
shoulder well .'
(), half. Th Alnli .. j"l.l,nI? Wr
dope to the left hip. while the le .i..
well down and tha rliVi. S,i!lT.t!."LP.nl
.i ".i." . ji .v -. v: ""'
lei riitow is, close io in
rioow is wen ou& i
shoulder. The wel
point fnlls nn the i
anted br the toes of the let
flL " '?. """ ,!"?,.,m.?" .. h
Q bodr, bm tCIf
l iMt." "
ilnt fnl
iced by
iit mm jinint mo muscles shnntj .
fttilly, the, ere should be Tnllantlr V'S
SSubti'! d ,1"",'d " nlffitik
tlonai amateur tournamt-t, which wi
h.M ht. ,.r .. !, n.V A?"'"! 'Ul
,.r,..""-'-" " "'" ura9 wrw
An extra forco of men Is at work Ji
day now getting tho eost-and-west coon
In shade. Manv now trnle .(.. , . .
odded to both courses, sd that ther St!
greatly Improved. Large sums hm kiH !
expended on tho greens to keep th. o,n
In shapo during tho crucial heat raguTri. '
tllft tJllnUOr r!lfV fllAdA rlnv. "
Sandy McNlbllck Will you ple&u m 4
o what is tho proper way to cut a
la ntvmlnrl on 41,.,. ,. '..?
. ,,..... uw utlll It Tl!l u..
nround tho opponent's ball and curve la n
nn tlm Una Inln thn hr,1? t .-..'." i
- -......w ..v. . A iittio inea ftf
days to accomplish tho thing with rny sou.
and I am beginning to think It la ImpojjiitV
Yet I read about players cutting n.h .
stymied putts so that they go In ths hZ 1
I am getting to tho point whr 1 ia ',
lainy boou ui boh anu 1 want to enttr l
tournament this fall. They tell n n.i
stymies must bo played. I have all klnii flf
nf trntihln hnnnlnrr nvax vti .. .r sssirtl1
of troublo hopping over a ball Into lii
hole, but realize that this shot Is a ,.?!
of practlco, and I can make It about tlrn s
'nut nt 1tn tlmaa Tultli mr M,.ki. m . .. i
w . -- ... .....vu ...... ...j .miouic. iJUl U.I
putter proposition has got mo.N Will mJ'
please descrlbo tho shot to me?
The best club to use In an Enrllih tu,i "
around a stymlo Is a clcek, putting cleek or
mldlron. The shot Is ono ofthe raostaK.'
flcult of any In golf, most players arrM,
and Is used mostly when tho opponent Uj
naiiKS ucau to uiu cuu anu ine mavar'a ,.n i
Is two or moro club lengths away. The btu'Bfo"
Is sliced to tho left, being hit a hilfisflk'ri'
breadth to tho right of the center with s est ,i"'fl'
snot. .
Golf professors advise the player to tuaj 5j
witn mo rigm iooc nearest tno ball and tin J
loft foot open. Keep the eye beaded ontiai.
ball and carefully calculate the force ef Un wt!uU
shot ,WMllti
A tiny swing Is the thing,
Sandy McNlbllck Does a simple jmj m
JbII.I IhaMrh, ......1, .... t.... ..l.f .aaa ... "l
uuuy luuiuuui, puui .in JhUUUJlllIK B gOU 0SU
Into tho water from tho fairway, and ties
falling to find It In tho mud, require Ual t'
tho player go back and play another Mil
Philadelphia, Fa. .
Drop a ball on tho bank farthest fronH1 ,
pin. penalty, ono siroite.
JK. Sensible
5v?r JL JBk
tup -
&ivtSs&cu W mllm iwml
rfFhm W jfiMIWrnm
Mf!if2 pM?M v 4mmliwffluwfflHM
,ifriii I finnm" . vMvj-ccvN.wttt nvjiirf j imimimi;;Aufis- iMtii iiiimniir iiitiiiiiiUJdmunTUituiwmiiiiiiiu
mwm ...3-''is8$$$s
wi uyu"7iiuj- ....wv""-: oNN,NxxYwIMllMlHH
WSsmt JSmlSmSH
that's why they're sensible.
As you've probably noticed, it is the
keen, active-minded type of man who
is particular to choose Fatimas. If you
were smoking Fatimas, you would know
why. You would find that Fatimas, more
than any other cigarette, are comfort
able while you . smoke and after
you smoke them.
Their delicately balanced Turkish
'Mend makes them a sensible cigarette
to smoke. Wby not prove this for
I to
Tf4EN VdlKe A
mm0 Toa&iaw
" "
GKWom n
AN i l
J &
Mm UBUMirTil liHdilolHsMMEI
-N'a )
5 1 DriiJDi-re- I
sr j
'"Vi. iZJ
a 'i
. ia&.
'' ' I Tmr-Twrr-i i miim-mii it -i. s IliV Wmill5m BsStfa SHf