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Affairs at the Northern Resorts Are a Constant Source of
Comments-Newport May Be Said to Be at Its
Height of Gayety Now
THERE Is no doubt that Newport la
Welt into tho very gayest part of Its
lewon and certainly the Philadelphia
debutantes can well and easily compete
with tho New York ones If tho accounts
which reach mo aro true and there Is no
reason to bcllovo they aro not. ThoBrooko
dinner danco on Friday night was a won-
jerful affair, will Lucllo's frock" and all
the rent was certainly exquisite. She
I looked simply stunning nntl had a won
I' derfiilty good time.
' Ethel Harrlman was Introduced on Sat
k urdaV evening by an affair given by her
S, molher at tho Clambako Club, and Kath-
, ftHrto Morgan was Introduced at a formal
afternoon arralr at tno homo of her pa
rents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Edward Morgan.
Tennis seems to have taken hold abso
lutely at Narragansott Tier and I'hlladel
phlans aro among- tho foremost players.
Mrs. Charles Snowdon, who never looks
teller than when wearing sports clothes,
was among tho players in mixed doubles
last week. Tom McKean, Qcorgo Thom
son and Bon Chew are also lndcfntlgabla
players, as Is Mrs. Phil Stevenson, who
was Emily Randolph, you know, a sister
cf Mrs. John It. Fell and Hannah Ran
dolph. i
Bar Harbor is by no means second on
the map of gayety when It comes to
lomcthlng doing in July and August up
there. And this week promises to bo a
mighty gay one. Today they nrq having
mixed doubles at tho Swimming Club;
tomorrow night there will bo tho much
horaldcd Illack 'and White Ball. This Is
to bo given by tho Summer Cabaret Club
tX tho Swimming Pool. Besides this, to
morrow thcro will bo tho folk concert at
the Building of Arts and the Edith Rubel
Trio will appear at tho homo of Mrs.
pave Morris, On Wednesday night there
Will bo tho hop at tho Malvern, and on
Thursday Marcla Van Dresser will give
a song recital at tho Arts Building. Sat
urday, If you pleaso, Josef Hofmann will
give a recital. Theto aro a number of
musicians spending tho summer In Malno
this season, as few caro to go abroad,
and tho residents at these resorts aro
certainly benefiting by tholr having to
stay on this Bldo of the water in having
the most wonderful recitals during tho
leacn at their homes and at tho various
Miss Eleanor Do Graeff Cuyler, of New
York, for whom Eleanor Cuyler, who
came out last year, Is named, gave a de
lightful luncheon on Friday of last week
at tho Malvern Hotel. Among tho Phlla
delphlans weru Mrs. Henry Chapman,
Mrs. Sidney Keith, Mrs. John T. Lewis,
Mrs. Thomas Learning and Mrs. Thomas
Do y?M. Cuyler, who la a slstcr-ln-law
of Miss Cuyler. Mrs. Benjamin Tiigh
man was another hostess at tho Malvern
for luncheon, and among her guests was
Mrs. Mason Campbell, of this city.
I hear tho Bob Strawbrldges, who had
taken Joe Lcldy's placo up in Narragan
JBCtt, gave it up to come homo and furnish
arid fix up their now homo, Woodlea, in
Bryn Mawr, which Is now satisfactorily
accomplished, and so they have gone to
S'Newport for a ten days' trip. Their
t .daughter, Anita, Is camping in New
jjfr Hampshlro and Bob Jr. Is a Plattsburg
rooicie. iVAivux wxJMNis.
Mrs Joseph E. WIdener will entertain
at dinner on Saturday evening In Newport
In honor of Mr. Wldener's birthday. Mrs.
WIdener win also give a dinner on Thurs
day of this week prior to tho dance to bo
given by Mr. and Mrs. Pcmbroko Jones.
Mn and Mrs. N. Myers Fltler entertnlned
a house nartv over the week-end nt the
horns o Mrs. Filler's mother, Mrs. William
Miaaie, in iltvcrton.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Wilson McCredy gave a
upper party on Saturday nlcht nt Arnold's.
In Cape May The guests Included Mr. and'
rs. Harry Clifton Adams, Mr. and Mrs.
William Drayton Grange and Mrs. A.
GaresU.e Norrls.
Mrs. Samuel Chew and Miss Elizabeth
Brown, of Vanor, Radnor, who have Juat
returned rrom Bedford Springs, have gone
to Atlantic City to spend several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Isao II. Clothier, Jr., of
Bunnybrook Farm, Radnor, havo gone to
Jrragansett Pier to stay until September
Mr. and Mrs. George Lewis Mayer have
tone to Cape May for this month. Mrs.
Mayer was Miss Marguerite Barbour, of
Washington, before her marriage In June.
Mr, R. Penn-Smlth, of Strafford, without
iii norH snow wouiu not oe complete,
will be one of the Judges at the Newport
im v Show August 25 and 26. Mr. Smith
will be the guest for a week of Mrs. Regi
nald c. Vanderbllt, at Gill Place, his sum
mer home at Newport.
.Mrs. Felix du Pont, of Wilmington, will
Have in a few days on her houseboat for a
wur of the coast. Mrs. duPont Is an
rdent tennis player and Is a familiar
niuro at the golf club.
Mr. and Mm Sfnnlaw f"l Vtm... I. f
i, Camp Run Farm. Vlllanova,'who are taking
-- v.nr.wyo- inp 10 me .racinc coast, are
now at Banff. Can.
Mr, William Bunn. son of Mr, and Mrs.
Wntojj S. Bunn, will leave Cape May In a
jew days on bpard his parents' houseboat
r Atlantlo City. He will have with him
r, Benjamin Rush, Jr.. and Mr. Boy
m Along the Main Line
MERION Mr, and Mrs. Thomas A,
Jmes will leave this week for Scltuate,
M3 to join friends who have a cottage
tnare for the summer.
u, !?' WMn y, c Anderson, of South
Highland nvAn,.& . , , ....
-r-' .......Me, auu csovvrui iricuua .tie
w Jersey
Miss Jessie Evans returned "on Friday
Ulns """t" Btay ,n tl White Moun-
l(lUs Sydney Evans left Saturday for a
, Hle weeks' stay Jn the Catskllls,
WYNNEWOOD Mr. and Mrs. A. W,
B"WW and their fnmllv nf Tfonf rnait.
iS?tnSd their cottage at Cape May Satur-
ur me remainder of the summer.
Chestnut pill
Mrs. Ramii.l XT , v .? at
Plr.rti i T "" 5U vunw, ui iii "
P at 7a 'ane who. Is spending the summer
tob por ' ' wlH ,urn w vc
U fr- ad Mrs. Charles Rowland, of Nava
P nH '"' ar upending the summer at their
--f ew cottage.
TCA r1aa . tflsa -,. fr
si j U4 tut (? vug ucniwuvuHM
K?W scnoe gave a luncheon Friday
PfUde Klin. J5J G0Wta avenue,'
Kn. GUbrt Harvejy e West Chestnut
Menue, will Icavo for Capo May tomorrow,
to bo gone until September. She will be
registered at tho new Stockton Villa.
n,T0.. wc.tWlnff of Ml"3 Mao Latimer, of
2320 Couth Fifteenth street, to Mr. Joseph
. Lundy, of 917 North Forty-eighth street,
look placo last Wednesdny, In St. Monica's
Church, the Rev. J. Munlcy, a cousin of
tho bridegroom, ofllelallng. The brldo wore
a striking gown of white net. a large white
georgette picture hat nnd carried a Bhower
bouquet of Bride roses and Bwcet pens She
was attended by her sinter, Miss Margaret
U Latimer, who wore unite net over pink
taffeta, with a pink picture hat to match,
and carried pink roses. Mr. nnd Mrs. Lundy
nro spending their wedding trip visiting
Niagara nlls and southern Canada.
Mrs. Charles Sharpless Jones, accom
panlod by her daughter, Miss Knthryn Jones,
and her son, Mr. Ii Sharplcss Jones, of 416
West .School House Inne, will leave next
week for Capo May to remain until Sep
tember. Mrs. W. A. Law and her two daughters,
Miss Anna Law nnd Miss Margaret Law,
of 6419 Greene street, will return to their
home from Nova Scotia In three weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Moore, of 224
West Tulpchocken street, nrc spending sev
eral weeks In Atlantic City.
Miss Barstow, of 327 West Chcltcn ave
nue, has returned from Ocean City, where
Bho spent sovcral weeks.
Mrs. Frederick A. Hogg nnd her llttlo
daughter, of 441 Hannbcrry street, nro occu
pying their cottage at Ocean City nnd will
return In October. Mr. Hogg spends the
week-ends with them.
Mrs. A. H. Storrltt nnd her daughter, Miss
Mildred Stcrrltt, of 720 West Upsal street.
who are spending the summer In Ventnor,
N. J., will return In September. Mr. Stcr
rltt returned today,
Mrs. Edward Albert, of S1B1 Germantown
avenue, gnvo a small reception on Saturday
evening for her son-in-law nnd daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Crulksbank. whose
marriage took place August 6.
Mr. Charles Burton, who has heon at tin.
military camp at Plattsburg, N. Y., and who
Is tho guest ot Mr. and Mrs. Edward H.
Henson, Wlssahlckon avenue nnd Manhelm
strcot, will leave Tuesday for Buck Hill
Falls, to be tho gucBt of Mr. and Mrs.
Maurice Burton nt tho'r summer homo be
foro returning to his homo In Mllbcy, S. C
Mr. nnd Mrs. George T. Lambert, of G42'j
Wayno avenue, nnd Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Raymond left on Saturday for Buck I 11 1
Falls, to remain until September.
Miss Elsa Frost, formerly ot dermantown
now living In Summit, N. J., Is visiting hero
for several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Goodman nnd theli
children, of 6333 Burbrldgo Btrret, wlh
leavo shortly for Echo Lake. Monrne Coun
ty, Pa to occupy their bungalow until No
vember. Mr, and Mrs. John A. Hovey, Jr., ana
their children, of 124 Mnplewnod avenue,
have gone to Cape May for an Indcllnita
Mrs. Thomas II. Campion and her daugh
ter. Miss Edith Campion, of G523 Pulaski
avenue, are spending sovcral weeks In
South Bristol, Me.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Arthur Burgess nnd their
daughter, Mrs. Gcorgo Seeger. and her little
daughter, of 6300 Germantown avenue, are
spending several weeks In Cape May. They
will be Joined later by Miss Dolly Burgess,
who Is at present camping near Wilkes
Barre, Pa. , i
South Philadelphia
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar J. Stanert, of 1740
South Eighteenth street, entertnlned on
Saturday evening In honor of the fifth birth
day ot their little daughter. Miss Margue
rite Stanert. The decorations were In pink
and white. Those present were Miss Ruth
Weaver, Miss Margaret Warlow, Miss Mary
Murnan, Miss Alice Murnan. Miss Margaret
Hughes. Miss Gertrude Mathews, Miss Win
nlfred Harrison, Miss Margaret Stanert, of
Atlantic City; Miss Margaret Brady, Miss
Anna Hanngan, Miss Helen O'Donovan,
Master George Weaver, Master Edward
Murnan, Master William Murnan, Master
Edward Faster. Master Norman Collins,
Master Fred Scliumm, Master Richard
Cantlln. Jr.. Master George Harrison, Mas
ter James Mayncs, Master Harry McAIere,
Master Stephen O'Donovan. Master Corne
lius O'Donovan, Master William Stanert,
Master Frank Matthews and Master Oscar
Stanert, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hubert King, of
2203 South Twenty-fourth street, are receiv
ing congratulations on the birth of a son,
Walter Le Roy King.
West Philadelphia
' Miss Lulu Broomall, Miss Marie Boston,
Miss Emma E. Owens and Mrs. Joseph C.
Brltt are at Atlantic City for some t.me.
Mrs. C, J. Duffy and her daughters. Miss
Kathryn Duffy and Mlsa Margaret Duffy,
have opened their cottago at Ocean City
and will spend the remainder of the sea
son there.
The annual outing of the Newman Club
was held lat week at Blackwood, where
there were sptclal features of Interest to
all the membtrb The exciting boat race
was won by Mr, T, Robinson.
Mr. and Mr B, Wdlnsky. of S55 Elm-
IH 3 y ,3 ja.
fwood avenue, anrvqunco tbe betrothal of
I their dUuthter. Mfsa Rcba Wlllosky, to Mr.
Hrry aoldatoue, ot Belle Island, New-1
Photo by Photo-Crnfters
Mrs. Sutherland before her mar
riajrc to Lioutcnnnt Sutherland,
U. S. A., on Aujjust 9, was Miss
Dorothy Wagner, of 320 South
Forty-second street.
After Medical Inspection Chil
dren of Penn Street Boys'
Club to Have Picnic
An all-dny picnic, which was so carefully
planned, and for which H0O was raised by
means of a carnival nnd donations by somo
Germantown people, to tnko the little chil
dren connected with tho summer school of
tho Boys' Club, on West Penn street, to
Ocean City yesterday, camo to a sudden halt
whpn tho ordlnanco went Into effect barring
children under 16 years of ngo from going
Into tho Stnto of Now Jersey without a
health certificate. There were sad hearts
In consequence for a fow days, but through
the efforts of the superintendent of the Boys'
Club, Mr. Charles W. Balnbrldge, Jr., nnd
others the good news comes that on Mon
day of next week each child Is to have a
medical Inspection nnd, If all goes well,
Tuesday, August 1G. will bo the happiest
day of all tho summer for these little peo
ple, who will bo taken In a special car to
Ocean City, under tho care nf Mr. Bain
brldgo and tho principal, Miss Byrne, with
her corps of teachers, who Include Miss
Westllng, Miss Do Vcnlsh nnd Miss Rosen
berg. North Philadelphia
Miss Elizabeth T. Reynold. Mrs J.
Bardsley and her dnughtor. Mln Lillian
Hardsley. ot North Philadelphia, left Sat
urday for two weeks' stay nt Tobyhanna.
Pa., after which Miss Reynolds will take
an extended trip throtigh tho mountainous
regions of Pennsylvania, stopping at Scran
ton, Lancaster, Mauch Chunk, Pottsvllle and
Shenandoah for a period of about a week
Mr. Abraham Glnsburg and Mhs Blanche
Katz nro leaving for Atlantic City to stay
for tho remainder of tho summer.
Mr. Howard Kappauf. Mr. George Kap
pauf and Mr. John Kappauf, of Frankford
avenue, havo loft for a trip of 10 days to
Portland, Me.
Mr nnd Mrs, William E. MaoKlnney, Jr..
of 2835 Amber street, will sponrt a week at
their cottago In Wild wood, N. J.
Thu ladles' sewing clrclo of tho First Bap
tist Church. Bustleton, took a trip last week
to Hnmmonton, N. J., where they were en
tertained nt the home of Mrs. Werner,
formerly of Wlsslnomlng. in tho party
were Mrs. Irwin, Mrs. Shebly, Mrs. Blcber,
Mth. McKcrcl, Mrs. Bon man and Sirs.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Leonzn Pepper, of Tacony,
have been visiting In Lower Delaware and
Chlncoteague Island, Va.
Mlsn Sidney L. Lenf, of 4925 Penn street.
Is spend'ng some time with friends nt
Townsend's Inlet, N. J.
Miss Dora Abrams and Sllsa Ray Abrams,
of Kensington avenue, havo left for n two
weeks' visit In the Pocono Mountains.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert T. Corson, of Penn
street, after visiting Chicago and St. Louis.
are spending some time at Mackinac
Island, Mich.
Mrs. Manning J. Harvey nnd her son.
Master Allen V. Harvey, and Mrs William
Allen and her son. Master William Allen,
are spending this month at Atlantlo City.
Camden and Vicinity
oiri,. William S. Scull, who has lived
at Sixth and Cooper streets for a number
of years, has moved back to her old home
In Germantown.
Dr and Mrs. Alfred Cramer, of 211
North Fifth street, have been visiting Mrs.
Cramer's aunt, Mrs. Henry Hanford, at
her ocean City cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Patterson, of Fourth
and Cooper streets, who have a cottage
at Chelsea this season, have been enter
taining relatives from St. Louis.
Miss, Mary Wilson, of Third and Lin
den streets. Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Louis
B Humphreys at their Ocean City bun
galow, Mlsi) Alice Elwell, whose marr'age will
take place In the fall. Is spending this
month with her parents at Cedar Beach.
Mrs. Charles Shlmer Boyer. of 534
Cooper street, is entertaining relatives at
her cottage at Seaside Park. Mr. and Mrs.
Ralp Boyer, of Rlverton, are also. at Sea
side Park,
Wilmington; Dei.. Aug. 14,
Mrs. J. Kdmunds Forgy and her small
daughter left Saturday for Bridgeport, Conn.,
where they will make their home In the fu
ture, Mrs. Forgy's sister, Mrs. Robert T.
Garrison, of Jansen, Fla., and her two sons,
who visited her for several weeks, left Tues
day for Ashevllle, N. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Poyntell Johnston and Miss
Margery Pyle left for Portage, Mr., last
week, to stay until September 1.
Mlsa Natalie du Font left for Kennebunk
port, Me., last week to spend this month
w.tth Mrs. W. K. du Pont, who U there for
the summer.
Notices tor the Society pais nil) be at
tested and printed la tlio lCtuut Ledicr.
but nU siith notice mutt be written u one
& "! .fhp .""' b fizixa Iq tull.
Willi full ifdJrtM. and wba poulble leU
vboaa nsmbcr laiut be aWeo.
jna U ucli communication te "SocUrj
Editor." Uiculus LciUcr. 809 Che, mm
OnleM these requirement are carrba eqt. i
e tiut vcrlflctWa . but U MttiUa. ik I
kh oi m vtuui.ota.
Willinmsport, Altoona nnd
Other Cities Send Throngs
for Brief Atlantic
City Stay
ATLANTIC CITY, Aug. 14. Altoona,
Wllllamsport. Sunbury nnd points between
those cities 200 or more miles from Phila
delphia furnished a large quota of tho Sun
day excursionists As all of these visitors
arrived early yesterday morning, they con
tributed largely to the coffers of tho res
taurants b.ithlng houses nnd open amuse
ments Few other rciorts In the world have suf
ficient attractions to draw people from such
distances for a one-day stay and Induce
them to undergo tho discomforts of a trip
which require thim to leave their homes
before midnight on Saturday, ride all night
In day coaches nnd reach here long before
tho summer population hns even thought of
getting up.
Tho regular one-day excursion trains
from I'hllp lelphla were crowded, mostly
with adults, few children making tho trip
because of the red tape wound around tho
securing of henlth certificates In Philadel
phia for a one-day trip.
The hotel crowd over Sundny was much
larger than the previous Sunday and tbe
big Sundn) of tho year, odlclnlly slated as
due next week, will havo to start In early
nnd work late to surpass yesterday. Whllo
thero arc few profligate spenders here this
year, the nverago visitor Is burning up
much more than usual, so that tho gross
total ot receipts by business men 13 much
inrgcr man In any previous year. Every
branch of business seems to bo enjoying
prosperity, nnd the hotel owners are par
ticularly gratlllcd.
The Sunday amusement mtxup seems to
have been temporarily settled, aa nil of tho
plnces which wero raided Inst Sunday
opened at 2 o'clock nnd remained open
during the balance of tho day. Thoy were
not disturbed by police officials and it Is
understood that their hearings, arranged to
tnke placo last Saturday, havo been In
definitely postponed. All the other nmuse
ments, heretofore undisturbed by tho au
thorities, opened In the morning nnd ran
all day, If their style of entertainment called
for those hours.
As only threo moro big Sundays remain
for tho amusement men to roap a harvest,
It Is understood that they will not bo mo
lested during that period, but that tho ques
tion of running nmusements will bo defin
itely settled nftcr the season Is o-or. The
only possthlo settlement which will be ac
ceptable to tho majority Interested here
will be to cither close up everything In tho
line of nmusements on Sunday or let every
thing remain open without any discrimina
tion. Although thcro havo been no ofilclnl or
ders Issued, a tacit understanding now gives
saloons nnd cabnrets a chanco to extend
their open hours until 3 a. m tnstcd of
2. ns Is called for by existing laws. This
Is only to last until tho season wanes, tho
excuso given being thnt many visitors nro
unnblo to get proper attention after theater
hours. This makes somo pcoplo laugh.
Pet poodles Lxe now carried by their fair
owners during tho evening promenade on
tho Walk. They aro handled with the samo
afTectlon ns If they were Infants, cuddled up
closo and hugged tightly. Dogs are allowed
In the promenade, If held hi leash, but tiny
poms, French poodles and toy dogs of all
tho fashionable breeds would have but little
chanco for a stroll on tho Walk during
tho August crush.
Concert at Gcorjro's Hill
Tho Falrmount Park Band, under the
leadership of Richard Schmidt, will play
this afternoon nnd tonight at George's Hill.
The programs follow;
ArTErt;oo.v, itod cvcloc
tlirp. 'lllinp'llFlfin Cnm.il.i' 1.
h Overture. "Hununrlan Comedy" ..keler Bela
S. Melodies from "The Love Tales of Hoffmann
3. (a) "Hlmplo Avuo"
(hi "l'rozen Hill"
I. "Grand Ilusshm Fantasia"
n. Waltr. "Golden Hunset"
n. Melodies from "Tho lied Widow
7. (al "Idltlo"
(b) Tnruntelle "Forsetta '
8. Medley, "Summer Hays"
. .Thome
. . . .Prjor
j. uveriuro. wer i'reiscnuir
'.'. "nallet KioDtlnn'' (In fou
four parts).. LuIrIiiI
I. Jwylophono solo, "Operatic Fantasle'
f'lbii'illi fl ui m-Udt .
Sulolnt. Mr. Peter Lewln.
ft. "Hungarian lthapsody Ko. 2" Liszt
0. (n) "Thero Once Was an Owl" Herbert
(h) "Ireland Konner" Myddleton
7. Waltz from "Tho Count of Luxembourg"
6. Melodies from "The Hnchantress". ... Herbert
"Star Spangled llanner."
Gloucester Folk on Shore Trip
Three large excursions left Gloucester
City this morning for Atlnntlc City, nnd It Is
estimated that -000 nt tho city's residents
are at the seaahoro city today. Every one
of the children Is prepared to give a clean
b.ll of health If It should be required. This
precaution was tnken on account of the
quarantine In many cities. The excursions
were taken by the Employes' Relief Asso
ciation nf tho Welsbach Company, the Glou
cester Fife and Drum Corps and the
Or ental Athletic Club.
Dear Children This subject is just as interesting to BOYS as it is to
girls. It is, it is, and it IS!
I say so.
I have been wondering lately just when dolls should be spanked.
I am uncertain about the question and, therefore, I am going to ask you to
write me and tell me how you train your dolls,
I hope boys will write and tell me when THEY think dolls should be spanked,
I think boys should know such things. There are boys, too, who have dolte.
I had one myself, so there!
Of course, I don't expect as many boys to write aa gifls, but I would like to
have a little corner for the "Care and Feeding of Dolls." What do you think
about it?
By Farmer Smith
The Little Brown Bear looked all around
him Mother Bear was nowhere to be seen.
He looked behind the cupboard, under the
bed, behind the refrigerator and st.ll his
mother was nowhere to be seen.
The Little Brown Bear walked outdoors
and stood for a moment looking this way
and that. He went around the house and
bak again. He looked up all the tall trees
near his home, and still did not see. Mother
She was gone I
The Little Brown Bear became very lone
some oh I so lonesome.
Where COULD his mother be !
He went back Into the house and lay
down on the couch for a few tiny minutes
in must have fallen asleep. When he
awoke the first thing he thought of was h.s
mother. M . .
Surely she had returned. Never before
had she been gone, o long.
He called, "Mother."
No one answered. It was so very (till be
could almost HEAR the stillness and he
was lonely, oh! so lonely.
What If mother should never return)
The Little Brown Bear turned over and
sobbed and sobbed.
Then be stopped ; there was a sound outside.
, . m i n ii i i ii i la.mi irr. 1. 1 , i-iit ,i tfjMif-
Gordon Trnlll, n. i-ounit Nw Tork society
favorite, nntl Captntn Hand von Holxborn,
nttschfd to the German Kmtay In 1in
Hon, aro rival aultnra for the hand of the
wldownl Ladr Herbert, formerly Julia
IH-Ich. of lllchmonil. Va. The Herman la
enared to the widow, due to tho fact that
In the two years following the death of
her hnaband Traill lias remained In the
United Statea.
Immediately upon Traill's arrival In Lon
don he atumhlei upon melodrama. He haa
eousht reruns from the fos In n cab. I.ylmr
cm the floor he flnda tho drugged and slabbed
body of M de Netre, n special aaent of tho
lUisilan Oocrnnifnt. Hordon takes the body
to ,Sernnee apartment, and the latter
hotlflea Von llohhorn who call for hl
wounded friend. The rlvali halo each other
from that flrat meeting
Von Holzborn aplrlta nwav t,ady Herbert,
whom Traill call hla "Heart's desire "
SerAnee and Traill set off for Sallarres,
Lady Herbert's country estate, In hopo of
finding her there. They hae reached tho
keeper's lodge.
t'ltAI'TIin X Continued.
""7"olrun rBl," 1 conceded unwillingly
X hating to acknowledge myBelf mis
taken. Sevrance did not reply. Ho strodo past
me and found a door upon which he
knuckled a resounding summons. A olce
from within mode Instant answer:
"Well, well, now. 1 be n-comln'."
And a moment Inter u line of light showed
beneath tho lintel nnd above the threshold.
There wns tho sound of (Ingot s fumbling
with tho latch within, and then tho door
was opened, letting out n Hood of radiance.
A gnunt and sallow keeper stood framed
In tho doorway, holding a kerosene lamp
high above his head, blinking out Into tho
darkness. Tho light fell luridly on his gray
head with Its strongly cast features, upon
his shoulder and tho hugo and bony hand
which held the lamp. But below his figure
was Invisible, shrouded In obscurity. Tho
effect wns remarkable that of a head nnd
shoulders suspended In midair.
Ho stood silent for nn Instant, staring
"Well?" he mouthed Irritably. "Who bo
ye and what d'yo want?"
Sovranco moved Into tho light. "Good
evening, Thompson," ho said. "I'm Mr.
Se ranee you remember mo7"
"Lor bless us, yes I Mr. Sovrance, sir
I know ye well enough, Indeed, though 'tis
many a long day alnco I have put eyes
upon your face, sir. But I remember yo
well. What brings ye this way?"
"I wish to sco Lady Herbert. Thompson.
Sho told mo In London to meet her hero,
and I camo at onco. Will you open tho
gates and permit "
"Her leddyshlp, sir?" snld tho old keeper
incredulously. "Her leddyshlp bo not here,
sir. You've been misled."
"Come, come, Thompson," Sovranco re
monstrated In a kindly tone. "Don't bent
about tho bush. I must sco Lady Herbert,
and that Instantly."
"But she bo not at Saltacrcs, Mr. Sov
ranco. sir," the fellow protested. "No, sir
no; keep your money. It bo truth I bo
tollln'. .Why should I lie. sir? Well, sir,
If yo Insist, I will gladly drink your health,
but tho solemn truth bo that Lady Herbert
bo not at Saltacrcs."
"Xot at Saltacrcs!"
Thoro wns a profound despair In
ranco'a voice. I stepped to his side,
ping my nrm through his.
"Sho has been delayed, Tony." I
loudly. "Sho will surely arrlvo tomorrow,
win sno not, Thompson? '
Shaking his head, tho keeper blinked at
"I do not know ye, sir. But yo are with
Mr. Sevranco and his friend. So I can tell
yo tho truth; that If her leddyshlp bo
a-comtn' to Saltacrcs, not a soul hero knows
a word on It."
Thero was unmistakable sincerity In his
tones; neither of us doubted him nn In
stant longer. Sovranco turned away with
a groan.
"By Heaven!" hp swore angrily. "Tricked
again duped by the Infernal Prussian!"
von uoizuorn nnu inueeu proved moro
astuto than I had thought him I, who
prided myself on my ability to read char
acter! Ho had taken us In neatly and thero
was nothing for It but to acknowledgo our
selves beaten.
"Come, Tony," I said gently. "Wo may
as well glvo It up; we've followed a false
scent. Let's get back and sleep on It."
"Sleep!" ho cried scornfully. "How can
you. with her "
You may believe that I was as wrathful
as he. It maddened me to think with what
complacency Holzborn must havo been
laughing In his sleeve at me during tho In
terview of tho last night, when I had bold
ly asserted what ho must havo known wns
a downright falsehood that I had not
heard from Heart's Desire.
"Come," I said again, controlling my voice
with difficulty.
But Sevranco Jerked his arm away.
"Walt!" ho cried.
"For what?" I demanded.
Ho motioned with his hand, enjoining
silence. "What?" I began, and held my
tongue, for I saw that ho was listening.
Loud upon the stillness of the night,
broken ns It was only by' the dull under
tone of tho distant surf and tho sighing of
the breeze In tho leafless trees, there rose,
and gnthered momentarily In volume, a
sound ns of tho hurried breathing of a
Children's Editor.
Behobotb. Beach, DoL
( ' )ii,ilff( p3
m b?staJP8353Iv' - m
The rapid, short, panting nolso was un
mistakable; It could herald nothing but
the approach of a gasoline motor. I con
fess that my heart leaped as I recognized
the sound, confirming, ns It seemed to, the
accuracy of our reasoning.
SovVnnce raised his head. "Was I right?"
ho demanded exultantly. "And we aro hero
ahead of them. Now they can't escape usl"
But for my own part I was uneasy In
my mind when It came to tho prospect of
confronting mine enemy there, on that lone
ly stretch of road At least I knew enough
of him to guess that he would go armed)
and not yet had the advisability of ft sim
ilar course occurred to me.
"Sevrance," I asked hurriedly for now
tho motor's strident song was loud and
clenr nnd near, "aro you armed?"
He turned to mo a face livid In the star
light. "Armed? Tho devil! Nol"
Four round nnd clarlne eyes of flamo
Jumped Into sight, scarcely flvo hundred
yards down tho Saltsea road ; for a mo
ment they seemed to hnng, vibrating, sus'
ponded In space ; nnd then I observed that
they wero growing Incredibly, with amazing
swiftness. Llghtnlngllke gleams ot polished
brass and steel seemed to play about tho
car; and tho noise of It approach grew
it swung down upon us In n marvelous
burst of speed, Hying onward In a Bmother
of fine dust. So high was the pneo that I
grasped at a fugltlvo hopo that we might
bo mistaken, after all that tho machine
wns not going to stop before Snltacrcs
But tho futllltes of that hopo was Boon
made manifest. I heard the hoarse, warn
ing honk of tho horn, nnd every bolt nnd
Joint of tho hugo machine seemed to shriek
protest ns tho brakes wero applied, bring
ing It to a total stop within thrice Its
length and directly beforo us.
FOR tho next few seconds I had my
hands full, and wns unable clearly to
comprehend what was taking placo.
Abruptly, as tho automobile camo to a halt,
I saw that It was likely to terrify our horse
Into a fit of frenzy.
Tho brute wns rearing and pawing tho
air, showing the whites of Its eyes, jumping
this way and that between the shafts of
tho fly, threatening every moment cither to
overturn tho vehicle or to brcaK looso ana
run away, so leaving us without means of
return to tho Rainbow at Saltsea Regis.
Such a catastrophe was to bo averted at
all costs. I sprang to tho bond of the ani
mal, grabbed the brldlo near tho bit, and,
by main strength and soothing words, mnn
nged to calm it Into a state of trembling
To this result I was aided by one of the
occupants of tho car, who had tho sense
or tho decency, or both, to still tho vibra
tions of the mctor.
All of this, however, hnd taken but a
mlnuto or two. When I approached Sev
ranco again. It wns simultaneously with
one of tho motorists, who had alighted, I
observed, leaving two companions In tho
I hurried forward, urged by Btrong ap
prehensions of trouble Imminent and
To my Infinite relief tho man, passing
under tho glare of tho lamp which Thomp
son, tho keeper, still held In tho doorway,
showed himself an utter stranger at least,
to me. And his first words Indicated that
ho wns unncqualntcd with my companion,
who had not moved from his position by
tho lodge.
"Pardon, monsieur." The man addressed
Sovrance. speaking In English strongly
tinged with a foreign accent. "I," he con
tinued, with strained courtesy, "beg to
assure you that I am desolated to havo af
frighted your so noblo nnlmal, zo horse."
He was, then, unmistakably a French
man! Tho knowledge camo to us both,
combined with the absurdity of his open
ing remarks, with the effect of an abrupt
tumble from the subllmo to the ridiculous.
Dashing ns tho outcome was to our
hopes for they had been hopes, albeit com
mingled with the gravest apprehensions
neither Sevranco nor I could forbear laugh
ing. This errant Frenchman, bowing and
scraping and fumbling with his goggles and
his motoring cap, presented a figure Ir
resistibly comical no less so than proved
his words to us.
Sovranco gasped, in time to avert tho
other's threatened resentment, manifest In
tho stiffening or nta pose: "You nro en
tirely excusable, monsieur. Our noble ani
mal, the horse. Is no moro than a country
plug, and I don't bellovo he would have
run very far If he had broken away,"
"Many thanks," minced the fellow. "I
nm unutterabl' relieve'. You are mos
Ho became entangled with the straps of
his mask and choked upon some following
words; a second later he emerged, bare
headed, smiling and bowing Inimitably. A
slight, pallid little man he proved, with
small eyes, very quick, and an Insignificant
"Permit me," he said, "to Introduce my
self Monsieur Adolph Dechaud, of Paris
en tour een zo British Isle' wlz mon ami,
Monsieur Chartler, an' ze chauffeur."
At the mention of his name, Monsieur
Branch Club News
Mrs. R. Miller, tho mother of Esther,
Ruth, Bud, Ethel, Margaret and Frances
Stiller, who range In age from 9 years to 9
months, has undertaken the charge of the
famous Roxborough Rainbows, Tho suc
cess of the undertaking Is amply proved
by the following extract from her letter,
an account of a birthday picnic given in
honor of Mae Thelss, one of her little
"Well, now for our picnic. We had a
very beautiful day; It ralned,a little In the
afternoon, but we didn't mind that, be
cause there was a pavilion near us, and
we were safe In there till the rain stopped.
e left our house about 8:30 a. m. and
umtcu noma m nve minutes after 6.
"The children certainly did have a
glqrlous time. They had a grand pile of
white Band to play In, and the small chll
dren did enjoy It, too. There were 16 of
us on the picnic. I didn't have any trouble
at all w.th them;Jhey behaved beautifully
"Lots of funny things happened. We
sent two boys after a pall of water, and
they had to go a little distance, and when
they came back they carried their blouses
and had their heads wet. They said they
were In swimming, but I knew differently
because they cannot swim. Two girls and
two boys had some angry words, but we
soon settled that, for I told them If I caught
any of them quarreling again they would
have to pay a fine of 2 cents to the Rain
bow Club. I enjoyed myself quite as much
as the children."
Thinps to Know aril !)-
(l) The wizard says he can't, tell what
time it Is, because the clock has just struck
anu DQin lianas are pointing EXACTLY to
tna tame
to beT
iui. tvna urne u it nicely
I wish to become a member of your
Rainbow Club. Please tend me a
beautiful Rainbow Button free. I agree
Address .....,.,.,...,
Ag .,,,..
Chartler piled out of the t6nneati and cam
toward us. Sevranco bit his" lip to re
press a smite and Introduced himself, nddlrw
my name. There teas a moment or tte of
general, all-round gush, ntid then DcchKui,
nH ho called himself, managed to delfror
his questions Chartler standing by I re
marked, rather taciturn, without removing
his goggle mask.
It developed 'that the party, en tour, as
they would have It, had started out Of
Lincoln for Great Grimsby, and had lost
their way on what they aptly termed "ze
downs so ver' horeeblle." Would we, therL
bo so good as to set them right As to their
whereabouts and their r6ut67
Wo would willingly. Sevrance pointed out
the northern road, giving mlhuta directions.
Ono question that he answered sticks In
my mind, because of the significance that
later nttached unto It.
Dechaud had been giving an exhibition
or crass stupidity. I remember wondering
nt me onstinacy with which ho refused to
understand Sevrance's directions.
"But," he repeated several times, "where
ar-ro wa now? What ii zls placo?"
To which Sevranco flnnlly made nnser
Impatiently: "Saltacrcs. the estate of Lady
... r. ! ,,n mlles norlh of Saltsea Regis."
ii u . " Lady Herbert ze gr-rcat Een-
gllsh beauty, I believe? She reside Here,
in zls country so objectlonnblo altogether?"
Sovranco told him no, that her ladyship
lived In London. I fancied that the French
man seemed disappointed, but from then on
ills understanding Improved noticeably npd
m a moment or two more ho wbb back In
the car, and, nftcr Insisting upon an exchange
or cards and compliments, the party struck
briskly out Into the horth.
that I Heard tho hum of the motor die upon
iin h,,JVMi ll e,e,ned' b"t their Interrup
tion had afforded us considerable amuse
ment. The slight Incident seemed almost
memorable, slnco It was the only bright,
laughable spot In a tlmo of gloomy anxiety.
fc.5anc, atfuck a mtl b"galn with tho
keeper, whereby Thompson promised not to
unl ? " havJnB eeen us' but. n tho pther
S Xt0 ,n"d a m,enns t apprising us in
Btantly of the nrrlval of Lady Herbert, or
roMnS TCclpt from her of n"y wrd Indi
cating her nrrlval.
ih"-Lnvo J"lnutcs " the departure of
tno automobile we were back In tho fly, en
couraglng that noblo animal, the plug, to
tako us homo to the Rainbow.
TV a mado the Inn at about nine, and fell
?n ,a ,BmoklnK-lot supper like a pair of
fam shed savages. The meal was served In
as 1?2,t V? notab. a"d. as ;icar y
"V ul estimate, all the countryside
JnMeJ iCM ' 8e,?' Tncy Eat "round the.
dHn?,1nlnmVB "ltI CT0UP9' "molting and
... u, ? m enormus powter pots tvhlle
watching us with Intense gravity
I don't suppose that four strangers had
ever patronized that Inn at one and the
same time beforo; that tho Incident assumed
In tho popular mind the Importance of a
teenti a"d for that reason I hardly
blamed them. But the combined stares of
?n SX.fa,I7 0 oycs made -nervous.
w.,na i",ar l resnted the attitude of our
25 in. f"0W travcIer- the ancient, who
. a V Jar corner and nover onco ceased
to accord our actions his undivided atten
n E vorj,now and again I would took
3 mi' J" " drSvn by manet.c attrac
tion, my gaze would wander to his corner to
encounter the nnlmaWlke. curious "nd
steady stare of hi, Bmall bright eyes.
,.v,mS Promptly retired to our rooms small,
chilly nnd damp chambera, scantily fur.
n shed and provided with window sashw
that ra tied like castanets In the sea breeze
first flooer. end a corrWor on S
mSn.anK came ,n.t0 my "on1 a"d Pre- '
,.mPl,ed 'no on chair, wherein he sat
tilted back against tho wall, glumly enewlmr
a c gar which he was enjoying so llUIe that
ho had permitted It to go out. and In which
Qradj was In his master's chamber, unpack
ng the suitcases. I flung myself full length
crtentcr' l " -WW
happy state of mind. I do not beHeve a
?Ze?.2lne.nceB had .passed between us from
hadtiV;8 'hLnkl" that wo
early de parturo'for'lo'ndoV ,eT9, iin?
morning, slnco there could be no proflt in a
continued stay (r. Saltsea. it was oulto
apparent, as I viewed thrt matter, that Von
Holrborn had succeedod In throwing us
completely oft the scent, and I feh : "lj, '
ly convinced that by that time the black!
or?withaTMCComp,,lahed h,a "i-nad ru
ore with Julia and persuaded her Into an
unconventional marriage.
Sevrance's opening remark, which came
?JvSwUy,,r" rlRht ln l,no with his do
rl He Bpolie abruptly, startling rnT
myhthoueghnts.PrOI"'latene83 f h,B word3
nex't7"UPPSe that yU Bro for prfcmoutn
...."iP.of,t8mo.uth?" x turne to look at hltn.
m nutf8,w "m8' traln lt Z nea to?!
minute that there was anything to ba
cutely hoodwinked, nnd It la my opinion
that we had best drop the matter put it
out of our lives, as we mustWJulla. "
.. ..?' ao SQii4t yu wish." ha said
i am noi so complacent In .W-m
.ii iu, ii nor. acKnowedge that I am
beaten until we have mors (,.. ii...n
in fact,
stantlal evidence to prove It. I was golnir
to suggest that you. If you insisted, might
go to Portsmouth." ' "llsns
"But you?"
"I'll stay. Julia did not trouble to send
you that note for no purpose nor. I ven.
ture to suggest, did sho telephone her dress,
maker without a motive."
"Then you think we had hutipr ,
"Assuredly," He arose, walked the length
bf the room and sat down, wearing an odd
expression of attentlveness which I failed to
meJatan?- ., "S1?e wrote'" h9 continued
softly Indeed, almost whispering "'Gor.
don, J need you.' Sho said 'Saltacrea'
you're sure of that?"
"Very well, then," he said loudly. ' "We'll
start back tomorrow."
"What!" I gasped.
But when I looked toward him he was not
In the chair, I saw him. out ot the tall of
my eye. making swiftly, on tiptoe, for the
door, In another Instant he had, it open,
fatartled, I sat up on the edge of the bed.
I heard a whine of protest, a shuffle of feet
and the door slammed loudly, shutting
In Sevrance with our aged, and Inquisitive
fellow guest of the Rainbow.
It was all consummated so swiftly that
I was still blinking with amaxememv when
I saw Sevrance release the arm which ha
had been grasping, and. with the quickness
of thought, turn the key In the lock Thu
ancient appeared no less surprised than I;
he stood quaking with the wakntmt of age,
rheumy eyes glittering beneath the steely
thatch of his brows, pendulous lower lip
Sevrance swung truculently upon. him.
"Now, sir. you'll perhaps explain!"
"I I " stammered the ancient. "Jw
will excusu an old man, gentlemen -'
"Excuses be damned!" said Sevnjue
tersely- "You tell us j?hy you, wre lisUu.
Ing at the door."
I fancied him a trine rough mora M
than tbe circumstances, seemed to call hie.
The man was trembling:, palpably vmtmti
and bewildered. gl hsiids a-qulVKr- (in
embodiment of senile distress.
"A nUtater ho protested. hU old ?tet
qusYetlajr. 'j wa seeking tny roe, a&
and mistook tbe door. Ypu surely writ 4a
Buse a simple rror." H eyed Umi tw
of us anxiously, with quick. ivitta
glances, "l can assure yoa. ia.t I M
lnt84 to listen "
But you Clir Ssvra&se asasctaa, anyMMfc