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.el to "Under the Moons of Mars"
Author oi mo ' ""'
..I I I 1 1f I '
BTNbfats. .
lr:.t", WA.fiVftJl,EW:!tta
. "-.--" "-. -j
nvk r-Tiri ui Tiini"f
; Thons
'ri.Ii n1 mtirrlsvl Tin Ml
nnrrinn n.ina mw. .vvjuii
tftlncffti 6f HM.um hft haa hefen
mc.i . " ,?i "Lcu,"t.r;iiiiJMrw
lir plans Winn duhcw iti
W wMnCnrUr fcnSrSS Mars h Antejilm.
r JSl ,Kithi hs hrnrh ,n weird, iound.
6 Ka'iu.KfcVtn h edge of tho enrr Mee.t
f .'; rii!. nmnt men attacklni
J: fj li h lrano
Sr i-arter ntti
talrtnn And .powerful
creatures. T.hla ona
in to be his old rriena. ine. war
fare TerKaa, wnom no i"ii m i
i In.a hollow tree, they
io n caro
rare 'fttkM
nmrei me
with huvn
pan them through
fly dlacoyer the
inrousn as a
eril theme and
brlaonefs, on ot
liter finding- Mhn
ffia thmiv locked In ft ctmr
,"" ill a ttatnartltA flat lit
'Knth; Who arereleaaed u
Lij.n Anntn. Carter flna
red Martian woman.
tn tn Fon
trough the
ilr Thuv a, Tarn Taraaa anu ionn wntr
xrtve the Journey through the awlul laby-
golden . f lifts on
toe vniier
as .ana
Valler nnp.
John carter
Secret entrance. lluaninit
Jasth entera, ne engages et
"Sffe'roora la filled wllh fc
' whom la Thuviai a rec
. who lead them through
theft perilous eeospe thro
. fjnlf Thtivle. Tara Tarht
1 wrttve the Journey throt
: "57 " "he tnMi aro about io Kch ejf ely
1kniack plratea of Bareoom" ewcep down
S Iheir nshlins airafi ps upon the thyns.
n (he tumult Carter fa able to eend Tare
una thuv 4 to eafety In iv two-man flier
fert unprotected. Later he hlmaelf eicapee,
, iiily to be captured by. Xodar, a. Pirate
I t? InM. who hn Rbducted Thildor. dauehtrr
Mfttal Bhan. holy hckkaaor ol the
tMrne. ,
OlIArTBrt VIII (Continued) i
FOB Homo time neither of us cpolte. Each
was occuplfcd wlth,hla dwn thoughts.
For my part I was -wemderlnB as to the
rat of Tnrs Tnrlcaa and the Girl, Thuvla.
EVen If they Sllcoeeded 111 eluding pur
Billt. thoy must eventually fall Into the
hinds bt either red men or groom arid as
tutltlvcs from the Valley Dor they could
look tor but llttlo else than a swift and
terrible doath. ....
How I wished that I mlpht have actjom
Wthled them. It eeemed to me that I could
sot fall but Impress upon the Intelligent
d men of Dhrsoom the vtlcked deception
that cruel and senseless superstition had
bitted upon them.
Tardos Mors would bellove mo. Of that
' t was positive. And that ho would haVo
the courage of his convlctlbns my lthowledgo
ef his character assured me.
bejah Thorls would bellove me. Not
doubt as to that entered my head.
Thn thero wero a thousand of my red
ind green warrior frlonds whom I knew
would face eternal damhatlon gladly for my
sake. Lllte Tara'Tatkas, whero I Ibd they
vVtttld follow.
The girl and I wero linked together by a
rdpe which permitted Us to moVo only
ftb6Ut three or four feet from ono ahother.
TOen we had entered tho compartment we
hid, seated ourselves upon a low bench be
neath the porthole.
t The bench was the only rurrtlture of the
' fodhu It was of sorapuB wood. The floor,
celling and walls were of carborundum al-
timlnum, a light. Impenetrable composition
txtsnslvely utilized in the construction of
fithtlhg ships.
Al I had sat meditating upon the future
ray eyes had been riveted upon tho porthole,
Wilch w&B Just level with them as I sat.
.Suddenly I lobked toward Phaldor. She
M regarding me with a strange ex
jrilon I had not before soen upon her
fail. She was very beautiful then.
JAstaritly her whtto lids veiled her eyes,
and I thought I discovered a delicate flush
tinging her cheek, EWdently 3ho was em
barrassed at having been detected In the
act of staring at a lesser creature, 1
"Do you find tho study 'of the lower or-
li '"tereBtlna?" I asked, laughing.
She looked up again with a nervous but
relieved little laugh.
"Oh, very," she said. "Especially when
they have such excellent profiles."
It was my turn to flush, but I did not.
I felt that she was poking fun nl inc. nnd
I admired a brave heart that could look for
humor on tho road to death, and bo I
laughed with her.
"Do you know where wo aro going?" she
asked In a, low voice, fixing her gaze upon
'To solve the mystery of the eternal
hereafter, I Imagine," I replied.
"I am going to a worse fata than that,"
she said with a little shudder.
"What do yoU mean?"
"I can only guess," alio replied, ''filnco
no them damsel of all tho millions that
hao been stolen away by black pirates
during tho ages they havo raided our
domains has over returned to narrate her
oxpetloncoi among them. That they never
take a man prisoner lends strength to the
belief that tho fata o( the girls they steal
Is worse than death."
"Is It not a just rotrlbutlont" I could not
help but ask.
"What do you meant"
"Do not the therna themselves do like
wise with the poor crcatutos whd take tho
Voluntary pilgrimage dowri tho Illver of
Mystery? Was hot Thuvla for 18 years
a plaything and a slave? Is It less than
just thai ybU should suffer as you have
caused others to suffer?"
"7ou dd not understand," she replied.
"Wo thems are a holy race. It Is an
honor to a lesser creature to be a stavo
among us. Did we not occasionally tsnvo
a few of the lower ordbrs that flont down
an unknown river to an unknown end, all
would become the prey ot the plant men
and tho apes."
"But do you not by every means en
courage the ouporEtltton among these ot the
outside world?" I argued. "That Is the
wickedest of your deeds, Can you tell me
why you foster the cruel deception 7"
"All life on Barsoom," she Bald, "Is cre
ated solely for the support ot tho rrtco of
thcrns. How olso could wo llVo did the
outer world not furnish our labor and our
food? Think you that a them would de
mean hlmsolt by labor?"
(I was disgusted, and I Imagine that I
showed It.
"You are an unbeliever now," sho con
tinued Bcntly, "but should we bo fortunate
enough to escape the clutches of tho black
pirates nnd como again to the court of
Matal Shang, I think that we Bhall find nn
argument" to convince you ot the error of
your ways. And" she hesitated "perhaps
we shall find a way to keep you As as
ono of us."
Again hor eyes dropped to the floor nnd a
faint color suffused her cheek.
I could not understand her meaning, nor
did I for a long time. Dojah Thorls was
wont to say that In somo things I was a
verltablo simpleton, and I guess that she
was right.
"I fear that I would 111 requite your
father's hospitality," I answered, "slnco tho
first thing that I BhoUld do were I a them
would be to set nn armed gUttrd at the
moUth of tho River las to o.scort thb poor,
deluded voyagers back to the outer world.
A tan utin.tM T rlnvntf mV llffi tO tllO eXteT-
mlnatlon of the hldeoUB plant men tthd tholiSi foot would bo impossible.
.... t.. !.,. r-n u.Mtn nliM " I 'Tlnlv )v nlrhnnf Mlllrl
norriDIO compumuiia, uiu tt.vnv ........ ,-
Sho looked at me really horror-struck.
"No, no," sho cried, "you must not say
such terribly BacrlleglOus things t you must
not even think them. Should they ever
guess that you entertained such frightful
'thoughts, should we chance to regain tho
temples of the thcrn.1, they would mete oUl
a frightful death to ybU. Not even my
my"agnln she flushed, and started bver
ngalo "not even 1 could Bavs yod."
I said no mofe. Uvldently It was use
less. She was even more steeped In Buper
sllllon than the Martians df ths outer1
They only worshiped a benUllful hope
for a life of lovd'nnd pcabo nnd happlnoss In
tho hereafter. The therna worshiped the
hideous plaht men and tho apeF, r at least
they reverenced them As the abodes of tho
departed spirits ot their own dead,
At thts point tho door Ot oUr prison opened
to admit Xodar.
Ho smiled pleasantly at me, and when
ho smiled his expression was kindly any
thing but cruel or vindictive.
"Slhco you cannot escape Uhdcr any clr
cumstahces," ho said, "I cannot sco -tho
necessity for keeping yoU confined hclotf.
I will cht ybur bonds and you may como
bn dock. ToU wilt witness something very
Interesting, and as you never shall return
to tho outer world It will do no harm to
permit you to see It, YoU wilt Bee what no
other than the First Born and their slaves
know the existence of tho subterranean
entrance to the Holy Iand( to tho real
heaven of Bareoom.
"It will be An excellent lesson for this
daughter of tho them," he added, "for Bhe
shall see the Temple of Issus, ahd Issue,
perchance, shall embrace her."
Phaldor's head went high.
"What blasphemy Is this, dog of a pirate?"
Bha cried. "Issus would wipe out your
entlro breed- and you If you ever camo
within sight of her tcmplo."
"You have much to learn, them," roptlcd
Xodar, with an Ugly smile, "nor do I envy
you the manner In which iou will learn It."
As we camo bn deck I saw to my sur
prise that tho .Vessel was passing bver ft
great field of snow and Ice. As far ns tho
eye could reach in any direction naught clso
was Visible.
There could be but one solution to tho
myBtery. We were above the south polar
Ico-cap. Only at the iioles of Mars li there
Ice or snow upon tho planet
No Blgn of life nppoared below us. Evi
dently we wero too fat south even for the
great fur-bearing animals which the Mar
tians bo delight In hunting.
Xodar was at my Aide As I stood look
ing out over tho Bhlp'B rati. '
"What course?" 1 asked him.
"A llttlo west of south," ho replied. "You
will see tho Ot Valley directly. Wo shall
skirt It for A fow hundred miles.
"The Otz Valley 1" I exclaimed. "But,
man, Is not thore whero lie tho domains of
tho thems from which I but Juet escaped?"
"Yes," nnowered Xodar, "You crossed
this ice-field last night In tho long chase
that you led us. Tho Ots Valley lies in ft
mighty depression at the south pole. It Is
sunk thousands of feet below the level of
tho surrounding country, llko n great round
"A hundred miles from Its northern boun
dary rlso tho Otz Mountains, which circle
tho inner valley of Dor, In tho exact centre
of which lies tho Sea of Korus On tho
shore of this sea stands tho golden temple
ot Issus In the Land of the First Born. It is
there that we are bound."
As I looked I commenced to realize
why it was that In all tho agea only ono
had escaped from the Valley Dor. My
only wonder was that even the one had
been successful. To crosi this frozen,
wind-swept waste of bleak Ice alone and on
Only by alrboat could the Journby bo
made," I finished aloud.
"It was thus that one did eecapo tho
thernS in bygono times; but none has ever
escaped the First Born," said Xodar, with
a touch ot pride In his voice.
Once we passed far ab6Vo what seemed
Dear Everybody At this season of the year llttlo girls and little boys
"go Visiting." That means, they go and stay awhile with friends or relatives.
I think it would be a good Idea to print a few remarks about the rules
which should govern those who visit. It is not tho easiest thing in theworld
to bo dropped right into somebody's house and "make yourself at home.
It is not easy for those who entertain you, either.
The main thing to remember when you go visiting Is this Do not bother
any ono and do not let any one bother you. ...
Try to take along wfth you everything which you will need during your
stay. Find out how long you aro invited for, nnd when the time is up, GO!
Do not stay a minuto "longer than your welcome.
No nmount of teasing should tempt you to stay. "Git up and git.
Find out when those whom you aro visiting like to REST and see that
you do not disturb them,
Be kind to tho servants whero you visit. Thoy havo extra work on
your account. If you havo candy, send some to the servants; nnd try, if you
can, to remember them with Home simple gift when you go away.
Find out when the meals aro and BE THERE ON TIME. Nothing upsets
a household so much as being lato to meals.
Bo kind courteous considerate, and don't "BUTT IN." Never mind tho
And write homo often, if only a postal, card. FARMER SMITH,
Children's Editor.
P. S. You might tako this talk along with you, for it has taken mo
many years of visiting to know the simple things to put down here.
Branch Club News
Ths most wonderful Burprlse party! That's
what w had two days ago and it was all
tied up in ons single envelope! The Rain
bow Bouquet tha wee folk's branch In "SVood
bins sent, by the kindness ot Miss Hannah
fcotaihnleli, four pteoes of beautiful fancy
w4rk mads by its own small members,
flowers are the main subjects of the em
broidery, Natalie Behrman's are lavender,
Mary Breslow'a pink, Mary Belgel's red and
Cecelia Potashnlck's blue. Truly ft real
bouquet. Ths little girls deserve ths highest
ibrt of praise, for their effort and success
and Miss Potashnlck la to be Indeed com
mended for ths lively interest she Is taking
In ths children's work.
Chirloa Qurlln'a Rainbow Branch In
Camaen is making preparations to go camp
lag this summer. At present ths prepara
tion IS mainly financial, 'the boys are work
las hard to make enough money to buy
tsnts, stfi, Charles' most recent report
sounds as If (hey are meeting With success.
Wa earnestly hope, summer will find the
boys stretched out in a nice waterproof tent
by night and cooking crispy bacon In a
TiUsly frying pan" by day.
i.i - -
Case. Number 3
.Another flower garden to bloom at ths
little whjte bedslda ot case Ho. 31 This
time U was a cluster ot dainty pink roses
quite as fresh and fragrant as the blessed
rooment they were picked from their
Mother stem. Charles Ourlln, Viola street,
Camden, and tha "Boys' Rainbow Club ot
Camden." of which he Is ths founder. ar
fwpwisibl f0r this latest gift. Tbe flowers
5rs refreshed with a cool drink at Rain
J6w headquarttni and sent on to fulfill the"
&ppy mission.
The Boy They Laughed At
The rough boya laughed at him when he
Jahe4 the windows, for hU mother ths
boy who 1st ttwlr mothers da all the work
Jl once thought of giVWg tbem a
JJtotog tana. They laughed u hint but
wmUuii didn't, fhm jnottir tort
wt to iwtij unn v
The lights on the City Hall, tho
"Welcome" signs In all the store
windows I The hat bands with the
names of far cities oh them, the cool
looking light-colored Bults, and last,
but not for a tiny second least, tha
happy, jolly men under the gay
hued hat bands and Inside of tho
summertime suits I
It Is about a mighty body of
"Ad Men" (soma of them women,
girls) who have como to our great
city to havo a big meeting about
things in which they are interested,
and in fact, in which wo aro all in
terested. Who are "ad men and women 7
They are the particular people in tho
world whose business in life it ia to
tell tho rest of tho people in the
world the TRUTH about the th!ng3
this very same "world" has to sell.
What will they do at thBir big
meeting? They will work, that is
they will discuss their paat efforts
and successes and profiting by the
experience of them will lay out
future plans. They wJU pjay, that
Js through entertainment extended
to them through, our .great t city
they will become better acquainted
with each other in a social, friendly
way. Thus a "brother and brother"
spirit will unite them more firmly
and make them, working side by
side, that much stronger to accom
plish the big work that is ahead of
Things to Know and Da
I. "Word" party (a) Names a bandit
whose nam end in tA. b) When it rains,
What do you ne4 that ea4s la 17 Is)
What iat the cook un to uav e4hit
fKds U(XAt
By Farmer Smith
You see. Jimmy Monkey and the Baby
Baboon couldn't agree as to which was
tho stronger, the left claw or the right
claw ot a lobster, so they agreed to con
sult Judge Lobster. Jimmy was to put his
tall In the right claw and the Baby Ba
boon was to stick his tall In the left claw
and then Judge Lobster was to bite.
The one yelling the louder decided which
claw waB the stronger,
Jimmy and the Baby strolled up the
beach, arm In arm, until they came to
where Judge Lobster lived. He was at
home and they carefully explained their
"Turn your tails around there and let
me see If I can help you decide," com
manded Judge Lobster.
They did so And pretty soon there was
such a big noise.
"Ouch-ou-ou!" went Jimmy.
"Oh, me! Oh, myl" whined the Baby,
After a bit the Judge said:
"Now, tell mo which Is the stronger, my
left claw or my right?"
"Your right!" exclaimed Jimmy,
"Your left!" shouted the Baby,
"You are both wrong," replied the Judge,
thoughtfully. "I didn't squeeze either tall.
Hal Ha! Heel Heel"
At that the rascals scooted away.
Our Postofflce Box
Hugh Lynches
going to be one ot
the workers In
this world. We
have found this
out through three
manly letters; that
Hugh has written
In a businesslike
way regarding the
making of money,
Hugh Is bound to
Set along, for at
is start he has
the two Invaluable
assets of success,
perseverance and
a systematic way
of going after
what he wants.
HUait LYNCH flreaerien mieiier
Is another young man who will sucoeed.
His school report, an exact copy Ot which
was sent to us, totals "excellent" almost en
tirely throughout We would like very
much to hear from Robert Beaumont, Mount
Airy; and Urban Quirk, Addison street, on
the subject of school reports.
Herbert Reddlck, ot Courtland street, Is
Inspired by the pot of gold on the Rainbow
button. He says "It makes me wish that I
were old enough to work and earn some
money." Don't wish too bard, Herbert, Jor
when you are OLD enough to work you'll
be a-Wlshlng you were YQUN'CI enough to
Herbert's brothers, Marshall and Stanley,
write very Interesting' tittle letters. Stanley,
7 years old, didn't wait to grow up to earn
"some money." He gathered mushrooms
and made 10 Cents all tor himself.
iff "F4 !
I wish to become a member ot your
Rainbow Club. Please send me a beau
tiful Rainbow Button tree, I agree to
Nam i,i,,,,.,i,t,,,,,, ,,
Address .,...,.....,....,,,,,,..,,,,.
Age Btf9tf9tOi4t!
School I attend ...,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.
m.i.i-,n ..mil ' '
tt t.11 tka restless,
A mwrnur .aoUrdb
Arvi through the dir
C Tt P'A., .'
i j t hroDbrr,
rrj hekrt.
5 tVWtiti
s- p a
to be it Keep, cAtiyonlliie rift stretching from
tho lee-wnll oh tha north across the valley
as far nB the eyo conld reach.
"That Is tho bod of the River Iss," said
Xodar. It runs far beneath the Ice-field,
And below the level of tho Valley Otz,
but Its canyoh Is open here."
Presently I descried whnt I took to be
n village, and pointing It out to Xodar,
Asked him what it might be
"It Is A village of lost soUl3," ho answered,
laUghlng. "Thla strip botwoon tho Ice
barrier nnd the mountains la considered
neutral ground. Somo turn off from their
voluntary pilgrimage down the Is3, and
scaling tho nwfdl walls of Its canyon below
US', stop In thla valley. Also a slao now
nnd then escapes from tho therna nnd
makes his way hither.
"Thoy do not attempt to recapture such,
slnco there la no escape from this outer
valley, and as a matter Of fact they fear
the patrolling cruisers of tho 'First Born
too much to venture far from their own
"Tho poor creatUrea of this outer valley
aro not molested by us slnco thoy havo
nothing that we desire, nor aro they nu
merically strong enough to give us nn In
teresting fight ! so we, too, Icavo them nlono
"Thoro nro several villages of them, but
they have Increased In numbers but tittle
In many years, alnco they nro always war
ring nmong themselves "
Now, wo swung n, little north of west,
leaving tho valley of lost souls, and shortly
I discerned over our starboard bow what
appeared to bo n black mountain rising from
tho dcsolato wasto of Ice. H was not high
nnd soemed to havo a flat fop.
Xodar had left un to attend to somo
duty on tho cssel, nnd Phnldor nnd I stood
nlono besldo the rail. Tho girl had not
once spoken Blnco wo had been brought
to tho deck.
'Ta what ha has been telling me true?"
I asked hor.
"In part, yes," sho answered "That
about tho outer alley Is true, but what
ho saya of the location of the tcmplo ot
Issus In tho centfo of his country is false
If It 1b not falsi! " She hesltntod
"Oh, It cannot be true, It canrtot bo true
For If It were true, then for countless ngci
havo my people gono to tortdro and Ig
nominious death at the hands of their cruel
enemies, Instead of to the beautiful Ufa
eternal that we have been taught to bellcva
Issus holds for U3"
"As tho lesser Barsoomlani of tho outer
world h.wo been lured by you to the terrl
blo Valley Dor, so may It be that the thorns
themselves hao been lured by the First
Born to an equally horrid fate," I sug
gested. "It would bo a stern and awful
retribution, Phaldor: but a Just one."
"I cannot believe it," ehe said
"Wo shall see," I answered
Then we fell silent again, for wo wero
rapidly approaching tho black mountnln,
which In somo indefinable way seemed
linked with tho answer to our problem.
As we neared tho dark, tiuncatod cone
the cs3el's speed wni diminished until wo
barely mocd Then we topped the crest
of tho mountain and below us I saw yawn
ing tho mouth of a huge circular well, tho
bottom of which was lo3t In Inky blackness.
For a moment tho essel hovered mo
tlonloss. directly nboe the centre of tho
gaping void, then slowly sho began to settle
Into tho black chasm
Most of Now Costumes Aro
Sleeveless to tiive Women
Swimmers Free
North Chelsea improves
ATLANTIC CiTY, Juno 27, Tho season
Is hot far enoUgh advanced to determine
the exact stylo of feminine bathlnif suit
Which will be considered tho "smAH" cos
tutrle this year, but It Is evident that most
of tho regular bathers will have their ap
parel fashioned by their own dressmakers,
Made-to-order bathing suits, lilted to tho
figure with the same precision as a ball
room gown, nnd with distinctly touches
that stamp them ns exclusive, are being dis
played every day and the fad will surely
grow. Most of tho now costumes aro sleeve
less, to glvo tho swimmers a chatlco for un
hindered strokes of tho nrm, If n sleSvo
Is Attached to tho gnrment, it Is extremely
A now suburb of this city li to be de
veloped this (all, If tho plAhs of tho projec
tors do not tnlscnrry. North Chelsea, a
plot on tho meadow Bldo of tho Inland water
ways, la to bo turned Into an exclusive res
idential section, with broad nvenuoa and re
strictions against tho building of boat
housos of any kind. An 18-holo golf
courso Is to be constructed In this district,
but. Its uso Is not to bo restricted to the
owners of tho houses erected there. Tho
how Bilburb wilt bo connected by bridge
with Chelsea.
Tho mehhaden fishing bbats have made
their first npptaraneo Off tho const and
from now on until autumn they will patrol
the coast at all hours of tho day and night.
Midsummer Meeting at Reading At
tracts Many Conservationists
RHAD1NG, Pa., Juno 27 The 101C mid
summer meeting at the Pennsylvania
Forestry Association opened at tho Berk
shire Hotel here today, to continue Wednes
day and Thursday. Some of the prominent
men Interested In forestry nnd conser
vation In tho country aro In attendance.
The Berks County Conservation Associ
ation Is host to the convention A feature
of tho convention will be nutomobllo trips
over Berks County, following various trails
that hno Jieen laid out to inspect tho
w ork done by" the local association
The address of welcome on behalf of
tho local association w'na delivered by
Jonathan Mould, a member of tho City
Planning Commission and retired merchant.
The rcsponSo on behalf of tho Pennsyl
vania Forestry Association was delivered
by Dr. J. T. Rothrock, of West Chester.
Nelson R. McNaughton, Stato Forester,
of Harrlsburg, delivered an address on
"Forestry In Pennsylvania," and Dr.
Joseph Knlbfus, bf Harrlsburg. represent
ing the Pennsylvania State Camo Com
mission nnd tho Pennsylvania Stato Sports
men's Association, gave nn address on
"Our Wild Birds nnd Their Relation to
Seamstresses Volunteering nt 500 a Day
Provide Ample Force of Workers
WASHINGTON, June 27. If Sister Susie
seeks to sow shirts for Undo Sam's soldiers
she'll have to get Red Cross approval of tho
shirts she bcws.
By selection from among nn average of
COO women a day who havo volunteered
slnco the Mexican trouble threatened, a
force Which the Red Cross declares is cn
thely ndequate has been obtained. If capa
ble, tho nurses aro entered on the organiza
tion's list, which numbers G000.
Whnt Is & Convention Without
Music? Philadelphia Treated
to Many Old Tunes on
Now Themes
...... i ,,T,i . it
Chairman Chambers, of Ciflelft
nati Vigilance Committed
Would Let Women Vote
What Is a convention without songs?
Th6 gathering of the nd men here- cer
tainly Is not lacking in song. To Phlladet
jihla It seems as though nearly every visit
ing member of the Associated Advertising
Clubs of the Wotld wrote ns his "Inst piece
bf copy" a spnrhlhg Attempt to "put Across"
pralro for everybody and everything con'
nccted With tho convention.
Philadelphia, Philadelphia hospitality
nml tho Poor Richard ClUb are having
their praises siihg wherever Ad mert meet
this week. A good halt of the songs that
havo been written and sung by tho nd
men nro glowing nnd resounding tributes to
this city, and tho nd club which la acting
as host this year.
Tho cltlos that are compotlng for the
1817 convention nro also being "advertised"
through song. St. Louis nnd Cincinnati
ad men aro trying hard to outslng each
other In their efforts to laud the next con'
ventlon. Tho men from both cities have
parodies on "Tlppernry," of course. Tho
St. Loulsans went their competitors ono
better, however, nnd resurrected tho World's
Fair song, "Met Mo in St. Louio, Louie,"
with alterations that bring It up-to-dato
and make It nppllcablo to the, present situa
tion. Tho songs, without n stnglo exception, nro
all being sung to nines thnt are familiar
to every ono who evor attended a conven
tion or a banquat. All ot the old familiar
tunes are being trotted out, but hew "copy"
has been Wrltton for them.
Tho song.1 range from pralso for Phila
delphia, tributes to tho Poor Richard Club,
tributes to President Houston, self-pralso
by tho delegates from the various cities, to
tributes to tho ad fraternity as a whoto,
and toasts to all advertising men.
Tho St. Lou la delegates nro responsible
for. tho singing of tho following tribute to
nd men in general:
So here, boss, n toast to ths nd men!
The ro Rood fellow a, eery one.
Let's Rt a tlffcr to thn Act men,
Let's drink to tho Blory they have wonj
They put tho "hl7" In business.
They show ua nil tho wny
For It's always pood weather
When nd men set together.
Tor they rulo tho world todAy.
Tho Chicago Ad Crolr camo hero well
trained In more thnn n score of songs
written especially for tho convention and
published In book form by tho Chlcagonns
They havo this to sing of the Poor Richard
"Therf'e a Qualier Club In Qunltertown,
A club you nil know well,
For It la a club thnt won a great renown,
A story ff Ioo to tell.
For tho fellow of Poor Itlchnrd Club,
Thnt never weAr n frown
They have tho punch, tho push, the pep,
Tl'll mrtko nu untch our step
In old roor Hlchard Club of Qunltertown."
They aro singing It to the tune of "Thero
Is a Quaker Olrl," whenever a few of the
Chicago ad men get together.
Second City Troop Sergeant Recovering
From Appendicitis
Tho condition of Dr. Michael S. Bennett,
of Gth street and Olney avenue, who wna
operated upon for appendicitis last Satur
day, in slightly improved today nnd his
physician, Dr. John McCIosley, believes he
Is out of danger.
Doctor Bennett Is a sergeant in the 2d
City Troop and his principal regret Is that
ho will bo unable to join his regiment Ho
was elected City Committeeman for tho 4!!d
Ward at tho last election nnd waB also made
Republican nomlneo for State Reprospntn
tle from tho Bth Legislative District. Ho Is
n graduate of the University of Pennsylvania
Ad wbmeh who Are advdCatts tt w&ma
suffrage have ah enthusiastic champion iht
W. F, Chambers, ohnlrmah of the VlgllAhe
Committee of the Cincinnati Advertising
Club. Nine out of avery 10 women fc?H
write nhd place advertisements IhroUghoWt
tho country and who nfre nltshdlng ths con
ventlon believe in womAri suffrage,
Mr Chambers, who Is an attorney In
Cincinnati, according to his statement flruM
mere pleasure In prtmdtlhg tidvertlslb
campaigns than In Attending the opera of
any other recreation. Ills firm declaration"
for "votes for women" has wbrt hlrrt riiafiy
friends among those attending HT con
"A woman shouid be permitted to Vole,"
said Mr. Chambers today, "becauad ill the
SOth century she Is taking the same active
part In Industrial matters ahd financial f.
fairs that some men take. Woman bwfi
property nnd pay taxes the same as men
do. Theri some bf oUr women bankers pos
ses3 the same ability ns the mert bankers
do. In Some ot our Iarg6 elites" In thlh
country wo have women whbsa wealth Is
far larger than that of tha entire mile
population. If anything makes me tlt-ed. It"
Is to hear some gent come forth and Say
that the woman's place Is H the kitchen or
nt the cradle."
And its Elementary Schools offer rradsfl
rourto of education from kindergarten to sal-
its. Wrll for Year nook of rates,
JOHN W. CAnrt. I'h. D., Principal,
lsth and Raca SU.
Strayer's justness Collcga
Bummer School now open. Day and night. In
dtWduAl acHnncement. Charges moderate. 13
gln now. The "Ad. Men'a Convention" la being
reported on the Stenotype, which tn Philadelphia
Is laugnt only at fatrayer Uualneit College, 8th
nnd Chestnut St., Walnut 384.
Young l.ndlm nnd Olria
unarming location xu r.l'n. rrom mil. College
. wuic, Art, DO
iletlca. Bend .for
preparatory nnd general couraea. Mualc.Art, Do
meatia .sriencc. uuiaoor ainieuca. uena ..XI
tAlaloc" Hin n. S MnrBhaU. Oak rane. Phlli
Young Men and Boya
cr.ditui: ttciiuoL. nucits co.. pa.
Ororrfi School Co-educAOonol with Sep
ocorge Jcnooi Brnte Uormjtonr nuiidlnra.
College Preparatory, aleo Manual Training and
banltatlon couraea for boya, UJT acrea on Neak
nmlny Creek. Athletics. Frlenda" man. George A.
Walton. A. M . lTln.. Boi 283. Bucka Co.? t"a.
sl'U.US JUMOK hCUUOL A country day and
boarding school for boya, 8 to IS. Thorough
elementary vvork; advanced methoda.
11AUK II. C. fcl'imtH, HHADMASTEIt.
Box USD. Devon. Pa.
12 mllea from Philadelphia, In town 'without
factories or snlnona. U. S. Army ptnoer detailed.
Speolil school for Junior". Catalog, lilt. C, Ji,
i.OItr.NOi:. rreIJenti CLAYTON A. BU1e3
1'"' "" ""fl'ox 418. Wenonah, N. J.
General education and preparation for milage
or technical achool. College entrance cartlbcatc
privilege. New gymnaalum with running track.
VUlt the achool. You will be cordially wclwmeti
John O. Shnrne. LL. I).. Ueadmunttr, Uu A.
Ulalratown, N. J.
M. Water changed dnlly. Three month. In
C. icluJinc membership. 17. Six leaaona, Ml
A. Islnelo anlm, 25c 1421 Arch atreat.
aaai iiaaiaaiiiiagaill ! laaiiam iiaiiiiiiMaMlMlgaaMMMiail lllliieFrTWiragiT1!lTme "
r V.. . "" s. ' 97... . . S.,lWlV W(OBvV ISS&X. W!BtXr!ZZZ-J T
U"o ancr jcv
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