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VOL. U.-K"Ok 169
CortmotiT, 1918 i tiik Pcbmo I.rme Compant
f" -
IFilll5mi TH r 1111 r I
srvYY-apgTJg &5Il2
I Says Realization of
Forego Universal Five-Cent
Fare Until 1960
' Urges $35,000,000 Loan for Construction of Broad Street
4 A.aui T7 n A fM1 n 4 n C Hilling Di. . j. 1. . 1
OllDWay xruin xune avkuuc tu oyi lice otiuut anu
Frankford "L" Would Postpone Building
of Other Lines for Present
Transit Director Twining laid before Mayor Smith and the Finance
Committee of Councils this afternoon his long-expected report giving his
- fnr 1rnstic modifications of the Taylor plan and settintr forth in
wTTii 1 1 ir-iiu ,sv - -
' toward the construction of the bobtail
l fipruce street, Frankford elevated, the
I detail what lines he believes should be begun nt this time. Director Twining
. ' ..wit the Finance Committee to includo $35,000,000 in the municipal loan
Derby elevatea anu me cenn.u city uuivcij iuup.
Director Twining declared that he was heartily in favor of the conduc
tion of every one of the lines included in the original Taylor plan, in due
time but he insisted that the comprehensive system as outlined by his
predecessor cannot bo built at the present time unless the people arc -willing
to postpone the universal five-cent fares to all parts of the city
t until 196".
J? . . , l 1-2- MntM4 lUn Ti-nnaif
TfirOUgnOUt 1113 lUllULk mc ....-.- ..w... ...-. .. ,,...... i,,., ,.w lilt
hewas acting only in an advisory capacity and, while he had shown in
parallel lines what the Taylor plan in full would mean and what the
recommendations would mean, he was prcpnred to leave the issue with
Councils and the people.
-The report offered the following sug
rttd Improvements In tho Tnlor pro
gram: First That tho terms on which a com
prehensive system of rapid transit lines
cm be leased to an operator bo nscei
Ulned, and that no more construction
than Is now authorized be undei taken
until It la definitely ltnown by whom the
entire system la to be operated and upon
what terms
Second Divide the comprehensive plan
of.rputes Into two parts.
(a) Tho sections forming the trunk
lines In and through the 25-mlnuto
itreet-car zone from City Hall These
lines to be considered an terminals
and trunk lines, and being for the
general benefit pf the city as a whole,
they should bo financed on city bonds.
b) All extensions nnd brnnclii-H of
mi ell linen into outlying r suburban
territory arc lo lie ronxlilfred an for
total benefit chleflv. and the cunt (
eonntrnctlon of hiiUi extenlons and
branelien kIiouM be borne bj tli prop
erty In the territory served by them.
As lepal authority foi such method
of Hnanclni? these extensions Is lack
ing;, It Is HUBBested In this repoit that
nroper laws be passed nt the next
Legislature to empower the city to
make use of this method nt Its op
tion Extensloni to the trunk ajsteni
will not become necessities Immedi
ate! , nnd. as een the trunk system
will not bo re.uly for use under threu
jears from date, ample time is avail
able for obtaining such legislation
Third Construct nt this tlmo of abnor
mally hlBh prices only such, poitlon or
the trunk lines ;in may be considered the
ntceesarj and terminal sections lz
Part of the Bioad street milroai and the
Trankford elevated the subwa to e
terd from Spruce street to Krle uvenue
or, Tike street with u lino on Walnut
trcet from lfith stieet to 8th street on
Ith street to Race street, and, by the open
ing of UIcIko avenue between 8th and 3tlt
rtreets. on Ridge aenue from Race street
to Broad street, the lino from Ridge ave
nue to Plko street to bo four-tiaclv and
the remainder two-track The Frankford
elevated to terminate for the present at
Bridge street ll terminal to be ronnlil
tred tempornry only, nnd Beqiienre nf cnii
ttruetlan uf the remainder of the trunk
route tn b tho nubjoct of later iluterinlnit
tUn conditions warrant.
It Is sugested that here ha two tracks
only In Broad street, at Market street, and
that he I'ltj Hall Station be located just
north of City Hall. Instead of under it.
thereby bringing- the platforms much near
er the surface of tho street, and grently
lesaenlnir the cost of construction, and sep-
F aratlng- this station further from the Chest-
K Continued on l'nge Fifteen, Column One
It snowed last April, and the day be
fore Eastar, April 3, the downfall looked
like a blizzard for a tlmo So you see
What im, mm Via .m nirnlnQl nil whll
tt prematurely Betting out camphor balls
tor ulsterH and ronslderlne straw hats. '
Not that this year Is certain to follow so
closely In the footsteps of last ; It is junt
xslble that It will not snow again this
prlng BUt. au n ruie one year imitates
another In a general way In weather con
ditions. SpeuTlInB of April. It would be
advisable for old dodoes who can't take
Joke to prepare for April Fools' Day,
hlch comes on Saturday.
: Others, who enjoy having the children
'enjoy themselves In the usual way on
.that day, will forget that It Is coming.
For Philadelahia and vicinitu In-
ttttled weather tonight, followed by
partly cloudy and slightly warmer
: Thursday: moderate northerly winds.
For details see page J5.
PERPETLAL. POLICY. Ko. 1304. of the In-
P SStnt' Co. of North America. Jul Ja"
L SJ 1KIMJ. to Qeo U Hurrlnuu for J0OO
ii uweiuoi; siiuatnil on norm " ,"
Sinuol lane, gbaut S mlla east ol Norriii;
l"u it It anil on Hay 1. laT.' "U
..& "SSStu'SS. ESHstt j
Ihtf rnmnuiii .. a,u l..iia .i.t u nam -TknllftV
ue flutter will sleaaa return Ibe above uo
l!J. ..'i .Policy to Piatt Youngman Co .
faSACELET Lnt Sunday marnlmr. between
lath ami CUrarii nnd lmh and Sprtoy Garden.
irV-f Jet BoilbU bracelet net "" sreV
Waned gI)1d
Jflrji-d am
Hexard If returned to 141b
ffcUUUNCl Lo.t u P"rt and diamond ear
WKlout and S3d eta. contains Marl mounted
Jo euld tUw aettlna- with nuill dUm-uul at
H? ?wrd it reiorned to J B ' 'deil
VePpatT IIOOK Lo-i runiMlt Book No
ejiit uook uat Depoalt Book No Mrl21lt their Benttrant rtapecuug; mter-
issnut'i FU4 8o"aattou3l relation aad tua snH3ermn
jJOtfuf t taj jrQa4 Ada sa ae 15
Taylor Program at
Broad street subway, Erie avenue to
Roxborough-Manayunk elevated, the
T"lll'nrfni- mnrln if nlnfn (lmf tin -f.il-
Undertaker May Be "K.
Adams" Who Revealed
Double Murder
NEW VOR1C. .March 2 Whilo Dr
Arthur Warren Walto nnd his alter ego,
the Hlnlstcr "man from Egypt," helf-con-fcs3ed
poisoner of Mr. and Mrs John E
I'eck, tossed on a bed in Bellovue's
psjchopathlc ward today, the police au
thorities struck what they believe Is the
right clue uh to tho Identity of the man
Who revealed tho most monstrous poison
ing plot In New York's criminal annals
Delving Into the history of Eugene l)
Kane the undertaker, to whom Wnite
claims he paid $100A to swear. If oica
hIoii demanded, that he used arsenic In
embalming- Peik's body the District At
torneys olllce found that lie was for
merly lonnected with the undertaking
establlhhment nhkli prepared for burial
Mrs Kutheiino Adams, tho victim In the
famous .Mollueauv poison cni-e
Tho telegram which first uncovered the
far that I'eck was poisoned was signed
"K Adams " It was nent to Peck's rela
tives in Grand Rapids and urged an au
tops on I'eck s hod. None of Peek's
iclatlves ever knew a "If Adams" Kane
lias not yet, been loiated, but here Is tho
way tho District Attorney's otllce links
him up with tho case:
If Kane received 19000, as Waite sas
he did, to say arsenic was used In em
balming, lie probably suspected some
thing was vviong
He remembered the fuss and notoriety
of tho Mollneaux case where arsenic wns
nlso the murderer's poisoning ngent
He wanted to establish safe ground
for himself, eo he wired the Peck family
a warning
The Mollneuv case was so much in his
mind that he used the name of the victim
as a signature
Mis Margaret Hortou was scheduled
for another session today with District
Attorney Swann to testlfj whether or not
she ever noticed dual personality In her
admirer Discussing the question with re
porters, Waite's companion at the Plaza
denied ever noticing any double character
In her "studio ' companion.
That Insanity will be the defense plea
of Doctor Walte was Btrongly Indicated
today. Ki lends of the accused said today
that Waite's mind had become distorted
through tho uso of powerful violet rajs
Dr. Walte bought a (1200 Apparatus for
Continued on Vast Two, Column Two
E-Governor May Resume Boardwalk
Rides Tomorrow
Former Gov ernor Pcnypacker, who has
been struggling with a combination of
general debility and rheumatic troubles at
Atlantic City for three weeks while for
mer close friends are fighting In Philadel
phia for his dethronement as pres'dent of
the Historical Society of Pennsylvania,
showed a slight Imprqvement todaj
It win stated this morning that theac
tion of his physicians yesterday In order
ing the ex-Uov ernor to bed was a precau
tionary rather than a necessary meas
ure, and he may bo permitted to resume
his rolling chair rides un the lloardwulk
tomorrow if there is no further change for
the worse
It is no secret, however, that the ex
Governor's phjalclans are at a loss to ac
count ior his falluja to respond to scien
tific baths and their best efforts to break
the grip of the rJieumatio maiauy mat
ina5.e " ! !", a crJI,uoU."fr
only with the aid of a cane and then with
tho greatest difficulty This morning Miss
Peunypacker. daughter of the ex Gov
ernor, asserted members of the finally
hope for Ws full recovery
"Rheumatism and the breaking of his
arm some weeks ago. " he explained,
"have served tu make it appear that he
Is much more helpless than is the case
Mr fennypacker does not believe mem
bers of Uib Hikiurical Society of which
..rMiiiKitiiM) be ia esieodlBfly proud wttl
" 9 . , ., fc ..,4. ...
I view W diarvpt th wciety.
Ask Senate Committee Not to Abol
ish Pneumatic System
A rommiltee of Phllndelphlnnx put tn
Washington lnd.iv nml appeared before
the Senate ('oininlttce on PostofTlies tn
argue for the relentlon nf tlip pnetimntti
tube svslem Included among tlipm were
John .! Covle Edward U Martin W P
J Muitn.v, K i: Htewntl, .tohn P. Mlll
linllatul Michael 1 lnjle nml lolm At
While the postnfflre appropriation hill
ill II piiied tlip Iloii'c r.irrlpi im Item
foi continuation of the pneumatic tulip
hoi he It cannot lie continued without
speclllc authorization hj Congress
Those who appealed before the com
nilttpc today argued th.it the Postmaster
tlencrnl should he allowed to continue the
present tube service pending n tepott liy
tho special commission nppolnted In 1902
to Iniestlgnto the entire HUhJctt of trans
portntlnn bv pneumatic tubes In Now
Yoik Philadelphia and other cities It
was pointed out that, nlthnugh tho com
mission wan to hac reported In October
of last ye.ir, no report ban been lecclved
Troops from Madera Close
In on Chief, Reported
in Canyon
SAN ANTONIO, Tex., March 29.
Brigadier Gcncrnl Pershinff reported
loday to Major General Funaton that
Francisco Villa was said on Monday
to be heading for Santa Catnlina or
some point farther east. The Santa
Catnlina referred to is believed to be
the one in the Guerrero district.
There is a possibility that General
Pcrshin? may establish his base at
Chihuahua City.
Authentic reports of operations by
the American troops in Mexico, sent
out to Ret Pancho Villa, indicate most
important movements in that they
show the United States forces have
1 trot to the rear of the outlaw bands,
while nnothcr column is dashing: to
the southwestward, flanking the foe
in the Sierra Madres.
Previous reports showed that the
sue posed "iron ring" was made up
Continued on I'lice I'Ue. Column One
MONTEREY Mex March 21) A cam
paign of extermination has been ordered
against the VIIIIhIiih under (Jen Canuto
Rcjes in tile Torreon district Tho ban
dits have been nfflel.i! declared sub
ject to execution upon capture
Carranza Ceneial I.uis Elisondo, Ig
nuclo Ramos and Matias Ramos were
already In the field today against the
Reylstns Reos and 1300 men weio last
repoited to have captured Vlesca Coa
hulla, nenr Torreon
Byberry Employe's Body Found With
Pockets Empty
Robert Moore a carpenter emploed at
the city fnrms at 11 berry, was found dead
on the Mechnnlcsvillo road near his homo
in Mechanicsvllle toda The Uncling of
his pocketbook. empty, on Gravel pike,
nbout a mile and a half away, led to the
Mitpiciou that his death was not duo to
natural causes and that he may havo met
with foul phi
The police were told that Moore who
was about fir. ears old. was out with
friends last night and started home alone
late It was known that he had collected
his pay. 3 J. and had been to the Red
Lion Hotel At the city farms it was said
Moore was a man of temperate habits
Dr W II Woodsworth. Coroner's phj si
clan, will perform an autopsy
Una Battaglia di 30 Ore al Pal
Piccolo Tre Aeroplani Aus-
triaci Abbattuti in Italia
A Roma e' stato annunclato uniclal
mente che gll itallanl hanno rlconqulstato
aicune posiztonl perdute domenlca a nord
ovest di GorUIa ed hanno fattt prlglonleri
30 J austrlacl, tra cut 11 ufflclall.
tin comunlcato uttlclale Itallano dice
che gll austrlacl avevano attaccato le posl
zloni Itallano nella zona del Pal "Piccolo
ed erano riuscitl a prendere una trlncea
Un contrattacco Itallano, che si svlluppo'
su tutta la fronte dal passo do Monte
Croce Carnlco al Pal Grande, riguadagno
non soltanto la perduta trlncea ma audio
aicune trlncee austriache sul Freikofel ed
al Passo Cavallo I.a battaglia al Pal
Piccolo duro' ben trenta ore
Vix communicate austrlaco annuncia che
aeroplani austriaci hanno lanciato bombe
su Venezla Jl Minlstero della Ouerra
Itallano annuncia invece che parevchl aer
oplani nemlci fecero una incurslone aulla
planuia ad ovest dell'Isonzo. ma furono
costietto a rimanere a grande altezza e
tre macchlne furono abbattute dal can
non!, a dal fucili Itallanl v Cinque avia- I
tort austilacl furono fatti prlglonierl ed I
il uomandante delU snuadriglia, un mag-
glore. flmase ucclso.
(Leggere In 15a paglna altre e plu et
tagllate notlzie sulla guerra, in itallano.)
Mother Drowns With Child
GRB13NVIL.1-E, Pa March S9 With
her daughter Maud 8 years old In her ,
amis Mrs. Murray English, 33 ear. of
Krle Fa committed suicide at the home
of ber fatber at Hadley near here by
Jumping into a sinall lake The bodies
wer recovered, Vox om tuna Mrs. hng- J
Ua bad ben In til health and her mind.
waa airecte Hr tHMoasd rwldiw in I
Twentieth Centur Limited Crashes
Into Section of Eastbound Flier.
Employe, Unthinkingly, It Is
Believed, Set Wrong Signal
Pennsylvanians Among the Injured Most of Dead
Were Foreigners in Rear Coaches Several In
quiries Started to Ascertain Real Crvse
of Disasterat Amherst
CLEVELAND, March 29. At least thirty were killed the rxact total
may not be known until nightfall nnd more than forty injured in the vvieck
early today of three of the Now York Central's crnck passenger tialn", one
ot them tho Twentieth Century Limited, a mile west of Amherst, O.
Twenty-five bodies had been taken
to do in tne aeons.
A alip-up on the part of n dozing tower man is to blame for the wieck,
A. S. Ingalls, general supctintendent of the New York Central, decided this
afternoon after a hasty inquiry.
Ingalls, with L. A. Robinson, general passenger agent, and Daniel Mc
Bain, superintendent of motive power, held the mechanical equipment of
tho signal system faultless.
"My hasty inquiry shows plainly that the sleepy tower man is directly
responsible for tho wreck," declared Ingalls. "The fact that the tower
man's wife gave birth to a child Sunday night and that the tower man had
since been without sleep, either on duty or sitting up with his wife, is an
added factor.
"Had tho first section been allowed to proceed on its way, the accident
would not have occurred," Ingalls reasoned. "Chances are that the tower man
was dozing; unthinkingly he set the signal, the first section stopped shoit
the rest is known now."
New Drive Northwest of
Verdun Sweeps French
From Long Line
nnitM.W Mnrch 29
(lei man tioops hue lnoltcn the t'renUi
fiont for nunc linn 2000 aid8, capturing
several lines of trenches tn the lighting
north of Malanvourt. 10 miles northwest
ot Verdun, the War Olllce nnnonnLcil this
afternoon The (Jennans caiitured 4D8
pilsoners nnd live guns
The new dilvo cnrrled the Cerm.ms
Into the niirthwest portion of tho village
ot M.ilnneourt Itself.
The gain l the gie.itest innile 1. the
Oormuns In the Verdun iirfeimlve In more
than .i fortnight The German advance
further Imperils the Trench positions In
tho Hharn salient nt nethlncourt and
PARIS. Mnnll 29
Part of Avocourt forest, northwest of
wiiinn. linn heeii lCLHPtured bs the
Piench, It was niinouuced todny hy the'
Krench Vr Ollke I
The Germans made furious eounter-ut-
tneUH In au effort to drive tho Kieneh fiom (
their now poaltloim, nut nil weie repuise
with extremely heavy Insi-ea
There waa a violent cannonade on the
remainder ot tho Verdun front throughout
the night.
The tet of the official communlquo fol
lows In th Argonne our battel les have
bombarded the organizations of the
enemy to the north of llauto L'hevau
dice, south nf the fotebt of ("hepp
A grenade nttacU. toupled with an at
tack In the adjoining bettor, enabled
nt to make, a, marked ndvance north
o Avocourt, and to take some pris
oners West of the Meuse the enemv made
no fresh ntacks against our positions
on the Haucourt-Malaniourt lino dur
ing the course of the night On the
front of Bethlncourt. I.e Mort Ifomnia
(Dead Slan Hill) and Oumleres, the
bombardment took on a certain In
tensity. I
During the morning, ttiier iniense
preparation with artlllerv, our troops
directed a strong attack In Avocourt
Forest. We captured the section In
the southeastern part of the wood
with a depth of more than 300 jardt.
as well aa an important work called
tho Avocourt redoubt against which
the enemy launched violent counter
attacks A fresh German biigade which had
arrived a few days before was com
pletely repulsed The enemy suffered
heavy lqsses and left 50 prisoners In
our hands
East of the Meuse there was great
artillery activlt) on both sides in the
region of Vaus and Douaumont and
in the Woevra In the sector of Moul
alivvtlle On the rest of the front the night
waa calm.
r.ONDON. March 29 The Blitlsh of.
flcial statement Issued tonight on the
campaign In Franca and Belgium reads
In spite of a veri heavy hostile
artillery lire last night and at Inter
vals today, our Infantry successfully
held the ground gained by them es
terday at St. Elol ithree miles south
of Tpres). Our artlllerv tire was
very effeotlve in repljlng to that of
the enemy.
Held dn Impersonation Charge
Jamw K Cameron, of Hazleton. wan
held in $1500 bail for his appearance at
the May session of the HarrUburg Court
by Vnlted States Commissioner Edmunds
today, charged with Impersonating a
United States postal Inspector The al
leged offense v. as committed at Hazletou,
in April. 1911
license Loat, Files Bankrupt JMea
Samuel 8. Yost today filed a petition la
h.nt?ritrttiv aftv hlK dnntiriltmn fur a rn-
iwwal of u. lUjuot-seUiBg; privilege fc hn
hotel. la, tha -viUag ot Own Tree, Cheater
County Juid bo. refued Yont fUe4 his
ICebUtt 1,103.43 .natuasU at $T59,
out nt noon and Ave mote weie known
Among the Injured are
W C Bradley, Pittsburgh head cut :
ir O Cros, Plttsliuigh. biulscd. Aaron
Do Roy, Pittsburgh, slightly Injuiul.
Charles Gregg. Imperial, Pa. leg hint.
L. Kukhle Itcd Mon. Pa, Internally In
jured; John Kosmoch. llnmeste.ul. I'a .
leg broken, Robert Wright. Imperial. Pa,
back and head hurt
When tho total of dead and titjmed Is
final) ascertained the wrei.lv will surpass
in Its horrible cost nf life and limb, even
the wreck of the Twentieth Century lim
ited at llentora In 1001. when the famous
.train piled into a freight train on Its
second tr,ip on the New YoiU. Chicago 18
hour run"
While none of the Twentieth fentuiy
pasdengora Is known to have been Hilled or
even seriously Injured, and Its engineer
nnd fireman escaped practically without
huits. It w.m this train that was le
sponsihle for most of the dead
six PRoni:s rxmm wav.
The New Yoik Central road In ltn divis
ion hi eilliiiid with the latest nnd most
proficient block system of Interlocking
switches nnd signals and has been al
most wholly freti from seilous accidents
for n period of four nr llvu jenis
Tho wieck was one of thote rarest of
inihoad calamities not ono coIIIkIoii hut
two involving three tialiis, on two tracks.
A half dozen Investigations aio nlready
undei wa
A block hlgual. i-et suddenly and with-
nut wanting, against a train speeding
along eastward with another train fol
lowing la tho next "block." lies at tho
bottom of the doubt that ilsts today aw
tn the real cause ot tho w reek.
Train V SB was known ns tho Pltts-liurgli-Halthnoro-Huffnlo
Limited, a tllei
which niiulo tho trip fiom Chicago to
Baltimore In 1J hour.s and of minutes
The train cart led sleeping conches from
Chicago to Pittsburgh nnd Buffalo and
took on a sleeper nt Cleveland for Buf
fulo It can led a dinar fiom Chicago tn
llhluhiirnh tinrl unu lenmi'n ns lint nf tho
j Mnest trains on the New Yoik Central
The filer was split into two sections thb
morning because of unubij.illy heavy
tralllc. and this splitting of the tiain ln
I directly caused tho wreck
I All of tho dead went in the rear coaches
of train. No sh Most or them weie for
eigners Twenty toadies and baggage cars were
overturned like children s pluj trains
Two of the three great locomotives
Cuiitlnuril oil I'UKe Two, ( nlutnn Three
Rainstorm Responsible for Ac
cidents in Which Several
Persons Were Injured
Slippery stieets due to last night's rain
storm, caused four automohlle accidents
last night and eurly todai At Broad and
Berks streets, an uutpmobllo. containing
Joseph Jijers. the driver, c- 2549 Corliss
street, and Paul Merkle of 25JI Rouvier
street, crashed Into the base of an electric
light pole, when the brakes would not work
because of the street's condition The car
was overturned, but the men escaped
serious Injury The oar Is owned by Julius
Werner, of 923 Walnut street
An automobile driven by Fred Anbol,
Jr. of 2503 Germantown avenue, collided
with a machine owned bj Alphorwo
riuchasooes, of 25 U Harold street at
I'anuc and Diamond streets, today loth
sustained slight Injuries
Miss Margaret Class empk)d in the
home of Dr F Barrett I.lvezej, of 2807
North Broad street was crossing Broad
street and Luhlsh avenue last night whn
an autoinobilUt unable to steer his car
properly, drove directly at her She waa
thioun tu the giound her right log was
broken and her left leg lacerattd The
drlvej- of the car took Miss Claw to the
Samaritan Hospital and, after placing lr
in ($e care of the phlclana, drove
hastily away His name and the number
of the auto were not learned
At 11 30 o'clock Mr and Mrs. I Mur
ray ot 1743 North Park avenue, ware
driving south on Broad scret Tu rala
clouded lie windshield so that Mr Murray
was urucble to see a. lamp which was re
cently erected la the middle of the street
at Broad and i umberUnd streets near
Mas or bmitb, s residence Tne c.r j-jb
into the Ple Jd the windshield waJi
shattered Pieces of glass cut Mrs. Mur
ray severely and she was taken to the
eam&ritn tiospuai rne was "'
cinrfed afur hex wounds tid bctn treiUi,
Suit for $300,000 damages was bi ought by the Baltimore Ted
rial League Baseball Club in the United States district Court here this
iftrinoon against Oiganlzed Baseball, the National Commission and
Timos A Gllmotp. Chatlps E. Wecghman nnd Hnny Sinclair, backers
or r1r rlpfunrt IVtlprl League. The plaintiff claims $000,000 under
tb" Clayton amendment of the Sheimnn anti-tutst law, which provides
foi a vovtllet tieble the damage sued for.
Coioner Knight this afternoon oideied all woik stopped on the
tructmal part of the new rianklin National Bank Building, 'Bioad
and Chestnut stieets, following the death of a steel woikcr, who fell
fiom the 10th floor The building docs not comply with the laws
Imespect to protecting workmen, nccoiding to tho Coioucr.
LANCASTER, Pn.. .Mittolt 119. Thu CoiicsIorii Trnrtlon Company lins posted
not Ires slntlnc; that nn Incrcnsn of vviikch will be mmlo May 1 of from 10 to IS
pet rent for rur i'ipwm Tho scale of tmreasc will lie graduated according to tno
loilBtli of iprvlpp with the cnmp.inv. tmrl 240 men tiro directed Xc.trly 100 of tha
mon hnvj biHMi with 'no comp.inv r oio than 10 vents
WIXUNGTO.V. .V '., Mat fli 23 The Premier of New Zealand todny ro
cclvnl :i vvlielt"1? message fiom Sh.it Kleton s Antnrctlc exploration ship Aurora,
stilting that slip would nirivc off N'ew Zealand on Kild.iv.
Medical uiilhoi Itlps nt the I'nlveisity of Penns.vlvanl.inip making every effort
tn ohrck -L,ulPt fppp, which has attacked two mote students in the last 48 hours.
I'outtupii other students who lived In the same hoitsps with those stricken will
ho kept undei' olisci vulloii mid not allowed to attend clnbs for 10 days. Four
students at the I'nlvpisitv aio sufTeilng with measles and ntp in the University
Hospital The two latest victims of -pallet fever ate 1'ied Kelly, of the veterinary
sclinol, nnd I.con Wninm in a dental student
Rain has effected n four to nn eight foot Use in the Schuvlkill River. Measure
ments taken over the dam at Klutiock showed the first llgiuo and at Manayunk
It was twice as much. Vv'lss.thlckon Cieek Is moie than a foot above Its level.
Ht'ClIAUn.ST, .Mnuh 29 One bundled persons weie killed when an am
munition fuctorv. at Wellsdotf In Austila blew up todaj.
IllO JANEIRO, March 29. It Is announced that the Get man Government has
declared Its Intention to assume responsibility for tho pajment of the money de
posited In Heilin banks to the account of the State of Sao Taulo, amounting to
nbout $30,000,000 The .newspapers pialse the nulclt action ot the Brazilian Chan
cellery in this matter. A Epoetin, however, asks If the Germans will be able to
keep their ptomlses
MANILA. Maich 29 Tiaveleis fiom Mindanao say that the cruiser Brooklyn
Is patrolling the Sulu Sen, as Germans are suspected of assembling U-boat parts
theip The actlMtles ashoie and afloat aie legnided as suspicious The Allies
warships swurm In these waters nnd it Is asserted arc violating neutrality. On
ono occasion one aiuhored close to the shore of Bongo Island, the crew landing
and (ommandeeting ptovisions
ROME, Mnich 29 Tho King of Spain lias offered to the Pope tho use of his
infliienco with the Knlset In Catdinul Mcrcler's behalf in urging that the Kaiser
personally 'guarantee tho Cardinal's .safetj. The Popo lias accepted tho offer,
although ho is convinced that Cardinal Mot der'a safety is not endangered and
tho ficcdom ot his ministry not threatened
PARIS, Match 29. Tho company of Australian slcgo artillery which Is re
potted to have taken part In the battle nf Veiilun Is the so-called gairison artillery
nt Austialla, the only pinfesshmal noldlcrs In tho Commonwealth. There were GOO
of then .stationed in Aiihtrali.i during peace time all men between G feet 1H
inches and ti feet 2'i Inches.
PETROGRAD. March 29 tn the Duma debute Minority Leader Mlliukoft ex
pressed the opinion that Russia could not make peate until she had secured for
herself Constantinople nnd tho Dardanelles as essential to complete access to th.
Mediterranean M. Markoff, Conservative, declured: 'Wo must before the war
ends obtain h agieement vvitli the Allies absolute contiol of the Strait, with
Constantinople Adilunople and the corresponding districts of Gallipoll and a bud
slantlal area In Asia Minor adjoining the Strait, besides (ialicla. Bukovlna,
Aimenla. with TrebUond and northern Persiu Russia must ulso arrange Joint
control with the Allies over tho llolj Land"
PARIS. Match 29 Prince Bah mm, of tho reigning family of Persia, who waa
a passenger on board the Sussex, is still uniu counted for. His father, Z1I1 ea
Sultan, who is at present at Nice, has telegraphed to the Foreign Office In Lon
don and to the railroad company's offices, and as neither is able to give him any
Information, lie has declaied that he has virtually given up liope regarding
his son.
LONDON, Ma-ch 29 The worst hurricane and snowstorm since 1881 Is
visiting Great Hrltatn. In so'ine parts of the country the storm lias amounted
to a blUzaril Many places are isolated and the main railway arteries between
London and Scotland, the M hi la nils and Wales are blocked, while snow eigumbera
the telegraph and telephone wires. Tales of devastation and disaster are coming
Into London, which escaped the worst of ttie storm, although It Buffered much
BERLIN'. Match 29 Four American phjslelans who have baen designated
us special attaches of the American embassj have arrived at Beilln They aie
Dr. D. J. MtCarthj , tuberculosis expert, and Dr Alonzo E. Tayloi . food specialist
both of the I'nlversltj of Pennsjlvantu, and Di S V Irvvfu and Dr J, V "Webstei
of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimote. They will devote their attention to
jirlson camp Inspection
LONDON, March 29 In the House of Commons yesterday soma particulars
weie given of a hitherto unieported Zeppelin raid, which vvas said to have been
vlthout lesult Francis Bennett-Goldney. Conservative member for Canterbury
asked whether six Zeppelins had appeared on the east coast. jn the night of
March 19 and were driven off by British aeioplanes. Harold $ Tennant, Parlla
mentary Under Secietaiy for Waife, Jtted In reply that certain renoits uere
made on the night in cjuestiow(Jpisrraei'oJlane had ascended There wr
three casualties tu officejjPTeceiit raids, the Under Secretary stated, but
they were not due to acts of the hostile aircraft ,
AMSTERDAM, March 39 The Vosslsche Zeltung say that Chancetkw you
Bethinaim Hollweg will addiess one of the besslona of the Budget uomnilttvw twt
cwuing the resolution proposed by the Conservative Natlciwl Ubul and Cintie
partlaa of the Reichstag legardlnjr tlie- unrestricted use of niljaiarlnej. Ii; loard
t the United States the Vossigche Zeitung sat a T?S AmerloiB da. i,s
viewed Ux Ueiman political circlea U always exaggerated, but tne Inporta
of 9, rupturt. of xelatlons with auch a pewerfuj; oatton should noi b v"""?
jTlTrm I-' -- '