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    W 'tgi.rm --
The Emergency Relief Work on the Reading Is Being
' Considerably Augmented by a Number of New
' Members Mias Draper Recites This Afternoon
T' n wrk of tho Emergency Aid
Belief Commlttco of Jenklntown,
htci, a of course devoted to tho war
offerers, has bten greatly augmented
Id recent weeks, and many members
-. ,h vounffcr set have Joined tho
h nkB of workers for tho sufrtrlnB
.oldlers in ii !" .vt.. ......
just think 01 "( i .. ......
Could anything bo moro horrible? Tho
meetings of the Jenklntown branch aro
conducted from tho country place of
Dr nichard Hnrte, at Ablngton, under
the direction of Mrs. Henry Mlddloton
Fisher I-ast month 4000 bandages,
dressings and sponges were sent to a
hospital In Belgium.
To raise funds to carry on this
mletidld work, It has been decided to
rfvo a carnival In Jenklntown (tho end
of this month, under tho direction of
, the Academy of Talent. A number of
women have given mcir immea iu
patronesses of tho affair. They aro Mrs.
Frank A. Hachmnn, Mrs. Joseph S.
Bunting, Mrs. Georgo A. Bauer, Mrs.
Robert V. Blrdsong, Mrs. Bonjamin T.
Britt, Mrs. Lewis Brcmor, Mrs. Sumnor
H. Cross, Mrs. Charles II. Cullon, Mrs.
J.V. McDonnell, Mrs. J. Howard Ervicn,
Mrs. Frank Flavcll, Mrs. Henry Mlddlo
ton Fisher, Mrs. Robert Nowlin Fell,
Mrs. John S. Onylcy, Mrs. George O.
Ilaney, Mrs. Richard Harte, Mrs.
Joseph IiUkens Jones, Mrs. Howard A.
Loeb, Miss Mary W. Llpplncott, Mrs.
William Nice, Jr., Mrs. John Conyngt
ham Stevens, Mrs. Samuel I,. Schlvoly,
Mrs. Thomas E. Shoemaker, Mrs.
Herbert K. Taylor, Mrs. "William B.
Thomas and Mrs. L. It. "Wood.
Somo among tho new members of tho
relief aro Miss Nhn Kent, Miss Mar
guerite Sill, Miss Ellen Herkncss, Miss
Isabel Stevenson Miss Mary Vlolc, Miss
Katherlne Vide.' Miss D6rothca Jen
nlncs. Miss Lillian Hunter. Miss Doro-
thy Campbell and Miss Mildred Kot-
The opera last night wn3 as usual
. brilliant affair, for all tho stny-nt-
II ' hnTTiMi nml tlinso who havo returned
from tho South and West turned out
ST.- . .- . H. J 1.- ..l..
! .. in imin. nrrnv lor liiu .uv ui ui'uuiik
H. C . .
Caruso In "II Pagllaccl." Hackneyed
though tho opera Is, there are thoso
who will go any length to -hear the
prologuo and tho famous "Rid! Pag
llaccl." and certainly It was hard last
t; ' night to rcallzo than Lent had really
como upon us. Mr. nnu Mrs. Daniel
L. Hutchinson, Jr., entertalnod a charm
ing boxful of young people. Including
( Eugenia Cossatt, Lisa Norrls, Mary
' Bohlen, Danny Hutchinson, Evans
Tucker and Penn Smith, Jr. They nil
left for the Rltz for supper and dancing
Thero were beautiful gowns worn,
thmiph nnt rrmnv now nnn.M trrnppil tlia
i " horizon, ns the season is well nigh
.' IJ V'nruf ........... !. ...m i.nVAH
-L1UB MlLVi 1JUW11 DU1.1CI .VWIII imatUU
with happy feet to tho Llttlo Theatre,
where Miss Draper, who Is 'tho
guest of MIos Florence Caldwell
.during her stay here, will appear in a
ssrlcs of monologues. And by tho wny,
I think tho posters announcing this fact
aro among the most attractive ones I
havo ever seen. Sho ia certainly n
delightful person and I hopo wo will
eoon be nblo to hear her again.
I Iicar thn Wllllo Whelens had a bad
time traveling In routhorn California:
Indeed they went through a most thrill
ing experience In tho recont floods.
At ono time on a motor trip, tho
water was threo inches deep in the
machine, They had to ford strenms
where tho bridges had been swept
away. Mrs. Wlielen has been writing
the most Interesting letters to a number
of her friends about It all. They ex
pect to return homo about April I. I
understand, and are nt present In San
Francisco. NANCY WYNNE.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Andrews Harris, Jr.
Will present their daughter. Miss Mar
taret Wlnsor Hnrrls, nt a tea to bo given
on the afternoon of October 11 at their
homo on West Chestnut avenue, Chest
nut IIU1, Miss Harris Is at present a
student at Weatover School, MIddlebury.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Charlton Henry." who
' ) we spending the season at Aiken, S. C,
i i entertained at dinner there last nlcht.
."Amonp their guests were Mr. and Mrs.
f v-narics A, Munn. Mr, and Mrs. John It.
eu, Mr. and Mrs. F. Sklddy von Stade.
Miss Hannah Randolph and Miss Christine
Mrs. Edwin N. Benson, of 155 Bethle
hem pike. Chestnut Hill, gavo a dinner
of eight cpvers last night at tho St. Regis,
ew York, for her sister, Miss Anna M.
Miss Margot Ellis Scull, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. William Ellla Scull will be
& brldenmilM nt V.A ml.plal.a r9 Tlaa
jlrene Langhorne Gibson, daughter of Mr.
-m rs, Lnuries jjana uiD3on, to air.
Owrge B. Post. Jr., on Thursday, April
J. In St Bartholomew's Church, New
York Tho other bridesmaids will In
gude Miss Ilarrlette Post, Miss Nathalie
Wood, Jilsa Helen Crocker. Miss Ruth
Pgood and Miss Evelyn Preston.
wui be one of the ushers, the others n-
wuiun r. Bayard Tuckerman. Jr., of
03tpn; Mr, Langhorne Gibson, Mr. Scujv
r L. Parsons, Jr., Mr. C. Suydam Cut
tr Mr Qwfton H. Pyne, Mr. Thomas
rrothlngham, Mr. Oliver W. Bird. Jr.,
Richard Van Nest Gambrlll and Mr,
A- Shaw McKean, of Boston.
,M"- Earl B. Putnam will entertain at
puncheon at the Acom Club on Tuesday.
Mn:h ll. in honor df Miss Uytendale
fjird, later taking her guests to the re
cital to be given by Frlta Krelsler at the
adenw cf Music
r li ' " "" tvesion ttosi ana Airs.
fjest, of Summit, N. J., announce the en-
r r -,"- v wictr uftunier, iuuus nitucr
IJii rr9,t to Mr. Charles Custer Rock
llow, Qf san Acacio, Col No date has
en sot for the marriage. Miss Frost
"4 a number of friends In this city. hav
r- wimousiy, with her parents, mad?
Sr home m aermantown. r
Mrs. George Barnett entertained t
" for tlu wves ol officers of the United
!uatA XravlnA r . ..
wir General Baruett and Mrs. Barnett
kf01 car" ' month for wj la-
. Soutb-era pclnu.
ta mrtw ut U ASWj StsWtl
purbln, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert
II. Durbln, of Nnrbcrth, to Mr. Louis A.
Wlnne, of Swarthmorc, will take place tho
middle of June
Miss Kathrrlno O. Lea will leave today
for Santoe, S. C, to Join hor parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles M. LJa, who nre spend
ing a month in the south. Miss Lea will
bo a debutante next season
Mrs. John U. Heaver and Miss Harriet
C. Deaver, of 1634 Watnut street, will
Ipavo today for Whlto Sulphur Springs,
W, V.
Tho Plays and Players wilt give an In
formal tea on Sunday afternoon at tho
playroom, 43 South 18th street. Tho
next cluh night will lie held on March
22 at tho Llttlo Theatre, when "The Matter
of Dreams" nnd "The llravcst Thing In
the World" will he prriented.
Tho Women's Committee of tho Hownrd
Hospital will fjlve n tn ttimmi
afternoon nt tho home nf Miss Cornelia
Ewlng. 903 Clinton street, at .4 o'clock.
A short talk on service work will bo
given by Mrs. Martha Magee. of tho
Pennsylvania Hospital. Dr. John It. W.
Ithelti. of the Howard Hospital, and Mr.
Henry Drinker of tho Hospital will also
give short nddrcsscs.
Along the Main Line
ROSEMONT Mrs. Edwin It. Fltlcr, of
Tho Tcrrnccr, Roscmont, who has Just re
turned from Palm Beach, Is spending a
fow days In New York.
ST. DAVIDS Mm. Armltt Brown. 202
Orchard way, was nblo to return to her
homo last week from tho Jefferson Hos
pital, where sho had been HI for a month.
WAYNE. Friends of Mrs. Ralph W.
Emerson. Jr., will bo glad to learn that
sho Is convalescing from her recent Ill
ness. Mrs. Emerson will leave for her old
homo In New York nbout the first of April
to spend several weeks.
Sirs. M. II. Orml has roturncd from
Harrlsburg to her homo on Poplar avenue.
Chestnut Hill
Miss Locluvoocl's tlanclng class for chil
dren will meet on Friday nftcrnoon nt tho
Philadelphia Cricket Club.
Mrs. Jay Oatcs has returned to her
home on Moreland nvonuo from Now
York, where sho spent several days.
German town
The Wednesday dances will bo resumed
tonight at tho Ocrmantown Cricket Club.
Mrs. E. Eldrltlgo Pcnnock will cntertnln
10 guests nt dinner before tho danbo.
Miss Irwin, of South Carolina, Is tho
guest of Miss Anna Law, of G449 Greene
Mr. hnd Mrs. Harold G. Gaylord aro
occupying their now house, 311G West
Penn street. Queen Lano Manor.
Mrs, Isaac Shoemaker, of 0010 Moycr
street, will return from New York today.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Law, of 5409
Greeno street, accompanied by their
daughter. Miss Margaret Law, aro travel
ing through tho South. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Georgo H. Morgan, of 1G
West Phll-Ellona street, will entertain Mr.
and Mrs. Stanford at dinner on Friday
at tnp aermantown Automobile Club.
Miss Emily Ball, of S9 West Washing
ton lano, will cntertnln on Friday eve
ning In honor of Miss Margaret Mitchell.
Miss Wesson has returned to her homo
in Montclalr, N. J., nfter having visited
friends for sovoral wcelcs.
Miss Dorothy Green, of US West School
lane, Is visiting friends In Elizabeth, N. J.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph II. Ewlng gave a
dance and supper last evening at their
home, 529 East Walnut lane. Pink roses
and laca ferns wero used In the very at
tractive decorations. The guests Included
Miss Claire Francis. Miss Betty BardBley,
Miss Naomi Blschoff, Miss Lorraine
Jinnies,", Mlsa Edna Smeader, Miss Ruth
Strobanek, Mr, Augustus Letch, Mr. Jame
Brown, Mr. Harry Mers, Mr, Jack Pierce
und Mr. Harwell II. Mayhow.
Miss Ethel Lee will entertain at cards
tonight at her home, -215 Qreen fane. Miss
Marian Townsend. Miss Ellen Waldeck,
MIsS Elsie Leonard, Miss Florence Prctsch,
Mrs. Carroll Thompson, Miss Sophia
Lackey, Miss Rebecca Leonard. Mrs. Will
iam Haberleln. Mrs. Richard Farrand and
Miss Mabel MJItenberger will be the
Miss Marie Schol. or Mil ford. Pike
County, Pa.. Is spending a fortnight as
the guest of Miss Ada M. Battersby, of
3418 North Broad street. Last evening
the hostess gave an opera party' for Miss
Schol and tonight a theatre party has
been arranged tq her honor.
Mrs. A C. Sllberman. of 21J5 West
Erie avenue, has announced the engage
ment of her daughter. Mlsa Lillian Sllber
man, to Mr. Edwin Fischer.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Weldemann, pf
4(53 North Pber wreet, gave a dinner
Sunday evening at their home Jn celebra
tion of tho seventh birthday anniversary
of their daughter, Miss. Mildred Welde
mann. White spring flowers were com
bined with, ferns and shamrocks in ttw at
tractive decorations, and the favors were
appropriate to the approach of St.
Patrick's Day Their guests included Mr
and Mrs. William T Yaeck, Mlsa Jos
ephine Weidemann, MUs Helen Welde
mann. Jur ana Airs. ucarK -u. swm, ur
Henry A Weldeinano, Mrs, A, Sv.lft, Mwa
Kyulvii Bullock MM Marian MMsbJUt.
M1N hUiJWlxKU Shpjicrd, Miaa Kuth. Swift
b.mI an Vtrg:ml Swift,
mimamKanegmmsi!m 1 1
-""v , 5jr PiPalsaaMs. -.
i . ' 'M Hi wHHtttA
im'w- i- v" Pill BBSBBKKKBSmaM
Mrs. Cnrver, an attraetivo younp
Along the Reading
Mr. and Mrs. Henry K. Wnlt, of Bent
road, Wyncoto, havo returned to their
homo from Now Smyrna, Fla., whero they
have been spending the winter months.
At tho annual .meeting of the Ladles'
Aid Society of tho Roslyn Chapel, hold nt
tho homo of Mrs. Lannlng, olilcers elected
for tho coming year were: President,
Mrs. A. D. Groshons; secretary, Mrs. A.
Johnson, and treasurer, Mrs. William
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mclnncs, of Moun
tain avenue. Oak Lane, will glvo a dance
this evening at their home.
Friends of Mrs. Savage, of Wyncote.
will be sorry to hear of her nccideut last
week. On her wny to Jenklntown station
she slipped on tho Ico and fell, breaking
her arm In two places.
Mr. and Mrs. William Y. Clayton, of
Summit avenue, Jonklntown. returned to
their homo last week from Augusta. Ga.
air. and Mrs. David T. Lowjs, of
Elltlns Park, havo returned to their homo
I on York road after spending several days
r !iu Jlariuorougti-uienneini, ,iiaiuio
Mr. nnd Mrs. Frederick Fitzgerald, of
Ogontz, have returned to their homo from
California, whero they havo been traveling
for tho Inst lx weeks.
Doctor nnd Mrs. Edwnrd B. Dewhurst.
of Philadelphia, havo moved Into their
new home on Waring road. Cadwalader
tract, near Elltlns Park Statloft.
Mrs. Edward Marshall, of Susquehanna
road, Rydal, Is spending somo time as tho
guest of her family at their homo at New
London, Conn. i
Dr. Sumner II. Cross, of York road.
Jenklntown, is spending several days this
week hunting at the Rose Tree Hunt
Club, Media, Pa.
Mrs. Henry L. Gallagher, of f.716 North
8th street, and her daughter, Mrs. Edwin
M Sllvertree, will entertain nt tho home
of the latter, on 70th avenue. Oak Lane,
this afternoon. Among those present
will be Mrs. M. Davis, Mrs. Charles
Sparks, Mrs. David Meglll, Mrs. Henry
Rlsley, Mrs. William Glllen, Mrs. John
Feldman. Mrs. Edwnrd Marks. Mrs. Hnrry
Passon. Mrs. John Milestone. Mrs. Charles
Rothman, Mrs, Horace Kapleln, Mrs. Jo
seph Manners. Mrs. Paul Prlmm. Mrs.
Paul Snyder, Mrs. Benjamin Fisher. Mrs.
Albert Kellerner, Mrs. Wnlter Berger.
Mrs. Clark Morris. Mrs. llu-hard 1'iuvi.
Mrs. George Black. Mrs. Edgar Brown,
Mrs. William Fort, Mrs. Benjamin tort,
Mrs. Watts, Norman Cooper and Mrs.
James Kuhn.
Mrs Dorothy Johnstone Baseler, harp
ist; Mrs. Axel II. Wallem, contralto; Mrs.
Frederick C. Newbourg, Jr., soprano; Mrs.
Clara Yocum Joyce, contralto ; Mrs. A. K,
Gregory, elecutlonlst, and Mr. Axel B.
Wallem. pianist, are among those who will
take part in the program arranged for the
musical evening to be given at the home
of Mrs. Wilbur F. Hamilton, president of
the Woman's Club of Cynwyd. tomorrow.
The proceeds of the affair will be used for
charity work.
Mlsa Judith M. Logan and Miss Esther
L. Rhoads are at the LaureMnthe-Pines,
Lakewood, N. J.
South Philadelphia
Mr. and Mrs. A. Spoltore, of 18th and
McKean streets, are receiving congratu
lations on the birth of a daughter.
A pretty wedding took place last Wed
nesday morning at the Church of Our
Lady of Mt. Carmel. when Miss Teresa
Gallen became the bride of Mr. John
Joseph Rlsellng. Father McIIugh offlcl
ated. A social evening will be held by the
Literary Committee of the Sacred Heart
Literary Institute at Its headquarters op
Mr Frederick Dauden, of Broad and
Moore streets, is visiting friends in Balti
more, Md.
Mr and Mrs. Abel Scbralt, of 10th
and Balnbrldge streets, are making a pro
longed visit In Coatesvllle.
Delaware County
Miss Lydla. Farrel, of Sharm Hill, 1
visiting In Washington, D. C.
Mr and Mm, George Beaver, of Aldan,
are o'ntertalnlng Mrs, James Woodruff, pf
New York. .
Mr and Mrs. George W. Atherholt, of
Ridley Park, are spending a week In At
lantic City.
Mrs. Wlnfleld MacHenry, of Ridley
yark. will entertain the meeting xil the
.,i 1,inrd nt thn Woman's Clubf o.t
cr home tal4 afternoon.
Ma. Tspmaa SAvUle, ot H'fjUn4 Paris,
i ja Bjfodlc several wli Is AtUstio Ctty,
m mil' - . 111 . HMMI'lLiHi-. a J i
H Mn ash- " 8lliMlMEMKfflKm " :jSySsBHB;
matron of Gcrmnntown, with her little daughter, Gertrude Carver, and
son, Emory Carver.
Tho mnrrlngo of Miss Mildred Boughcr.
daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Hownrd M.
Rougher, of 2340 North Park avenue, to
Mr. George Atlnmson Fcrnlcy will take
placo this evening nt 7 o'clock In tho
Bothlchem Presbyterian Church. Tho
brldo will be attended by Mls3 Helen E.
Gormlcy nnd Miss Mlldrcd I. Child, of
Troy, N. Y., nn maids ot lwnor, nnd her
bridesmaids will bo Miss Elizabeth S.
Cummlngs, Mrs. J. Wnllaco Hallowed, Jr.,
Mls.s Helen Gay, Miss Marguerite Hollo
peter nnd Miss Josephine Fcrnley.
Mr. Fcrnley will havo Mr. Ernest A.
Stlfel, or PlttHbuinh. ns best ninn, nnd the
uslierH will Includo Mr. Georgo W. Mc
Clelland. Dr. .lolin R. Davies. Jr.. Mr.
Georgo Eshrrlck. Jr.. Mr. William T.
Buck. Mr. John C. E. McLennan, of New
port, It. I. ; Mr. Robert M. Allen, of Roa
nolie, Va. ; Mr. V. King Allen and Mr.
Thomas A. Fcrnlcy.
Following tho ceremony n reception will
bo held at tho Ucllevuo-Stratford.
Tho wedding of Miss Margaret T. Cus
ter, of CH'J North Sedgwick street, and
Mr. Frederick S. Dare took placo yes
terday nt 3 o'clock at tho parsonaga of
thu Rev. Alexander I lent y, C745 Greene
MIos Custer was attended by Miss Sarah
McCafferty, of Wilmington, as maid of
honor, nnd Mr. Daro had Mr. William
Woodruff, of Wilmington, ns best man.
Thero was u small reception for tho im
mediate families at tho bride's homo fol
lowing tho ceremony. After a wedding
Journoy Mr. and Mrs. Daro will live at
57 16 De Lancoy street.
West Philadelphia
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Guy, of tho
Marlyn, will givo n large danco at tho
Manufacturers' ."lull this evening. They
will bo assisted 'n receiving by Mr. and
Mrs. Frederick Ounton Guy.
Mrs. Louis Barclay Robinson will give
a tea this afternoon at her home. 110
South 39th street, to meet Miss Eleanor
The Larchwood Club, of West Philadel
phia, will give n St. Patrick's danco on
Saturday evening. Tho members Include
Mr. J. B. Morris. Mr. C L. Morris. .Mr.
Howard Hipp, Mr. C. Barnes, Jr., Mr. N.
L. Phillips. Mr. William Humphreys. Mr.
E.' J. Ijiwreuce, Mr. W. J. Ryan, Mr.
Henry Rich, Mr. S. McDowell. Mr. J. M.
McChesney and Mr. Harold Watklns.
The marriage of Miss Margaret Tlds
well, of 2030 South 60th street, to Mr.
Earle O. Thompson, of 2127 South 04th
street, will take place on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Hempstead, of
Gcrmantown. announce the birth of a
daughter. Mrs. Hempstead will be remem
bered as Miss Catherine Taylor, of Lans
downe. Mlsa Florence Tome, of Stewart avenuo,
will give a tea next Sunday afternoon from
4 until 6 o'clock.
Miss Beatrice Kelly, of North Lans.
downe avenue, has returned from a visit to
Atlantic City,
JJr. and Mrs. II. F. Grlftlth. of West
Greenwood avenue, have returned from a
short trip to New York.
Northeast Philadelphia
A coffee festival was held on Sunday
evening at Hummel's, Howard Btreet and
Susquehanna avenue, for the benefit of
the war sufferers.
A meeting of auxiliary No. 4 of the Ken
sington Dispensary for the Treatment of
Tuberculosis, was held last evening at
the home of Mls3 Carrie Meyer, of 1211
Wagner avenue.
An organ concert was given at the
Wlsslnoming Presbyterian Church last
evening, by Mr. E. Glen Haines, organist,
assisted by Mlsa Emma Owens, soprano,
and Mr. Henry W. Schmidt, violinist
A miscellaneous shower was given for
Miss Bessie T, Rawson, of SOU Dltman
street. Holmeaburg. by the members of
her ' Bewlng circle. Those present were
Mrs, Lawrence Elsenhart. Mrs. Rodman
Elsenhart. Mrs. Alexander McKJnney, Mrs.
Fra,nk CbrUtlan, Mrs. Louis. Day. Mrs.
Horace Roberta, Mrs. Autln Greer, Mrs.
E Scott BannUter, Mrs. Alexander Ro
berts and Mrs. George Ford.
Camden and Vicinity
The Phi Delta Society, of Haddon
Height, will give a dance oa Saturday
M ISrom Bourgeois, of. Pitman. N. J...
entertbMd tha metnlxin of P Saf
Cluhat a Uaaofeson at h Walton Hojei
yatniU.y aftmoon.
rhoto by Oray.
North Philadelphia
Miss Jcnnlo Brown, of Baltimore, Is vis
iting nt tho homo of Mrs. Charles do
Young, 1943 North Park avenuo.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Stern, of 1524
North 16th street, havo returned homo
after n trip to tho West Indies.
Miss Ethel Gattman, of 2302 North Park
avenue. Is visiting friends In New York.
Mr. nnd Mrs. M. Harry Hyman have
returned from their wedding trip and aro
living nt 2221 North 13th street.
Mrs. Jacob H. Myers, of 2004 North 32d
strvot. has returned from a visit to rela
tives In Newark and New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Granger Kennedy,
of 2027 Green street, havo Issued Invita
tions for tho wedding of their daughter.
MIhs Anna Margaret Kennedy, to Mr.
Harry Leonldas Wyinond on Tuesday eve
ning, April 4, ut their home,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Louis Sickles, ot 3230
Diamond atrcet. will spend Bovcral weeks
at I'iiiehurst, N. C;
Mr. nnd Mrs. lCdwlu M. Goldsmith, of
2308 North Broad ntreet, are spending
somo time In Boston.
Miss Hortcnso Levy, of 1421 North 15th
atrcet, Is spending somo time In New
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ilcrnnrd S. Relchlln. of
3233 Montgomery nvenue, havo returned
from a tour of tho South.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob L. I.nngsdorf, of
1128 i! Irani nvenue, hnve returned from
Atlantic City, whero they spent February
at their cottago In Chelsea.
Miss Helen Jurist, of 916 North Broad
street. Is spending some time In New
Sir. nnd Mrs. Max Markovltz, of 3230
Oxford street, nre spending a few weeks
traveling through Florida and Cuba.
WILMINGTON, March 16. Wllmlng
ton society women, llko thoso of Phila
delphia, nro adopting preparedness
methods, and two first-aid classes havo
been organized by Mrs. Wlllard Hall Por
ter. Tho object of these classes Is to pre
pare tho women hero In giving flr3t aid.
Tho classes will meet twice a week, one
on Tuesday and one on Thursday. Some of
tho meetings will be held at the Delaware
Hospital. Miss Cecllo Hund, a graduate
nurse ot Philadelphia, who is spending
the winter with Mrs. Wlllard Hall Por
ter, will give demonstrations of first aid
at some of tho meetings. Among those
who aro interested In these classes are
Mrs. Wlllard Hall Porter. Mlsa Annette
Porter, Mrs, Wlllard Hall Porter, Jr.. the
Misses Drapor, Mrs. W. IC du Pont, Mrs.
Eugene du Pont, Mrs. Paul du Pont,
Mrs. John R. Monro, Mlsa Constanca
Moore, Miss Cecils Hund, Mrs. James A.
Draper, Jr., Mrs. David Lindsay, Jr.. Mrs.
C. Marshall Barton. Mrs. MacMUlan
Hoopes, Miss Patty Johnson, Mrs. Walter
C. Tatnall and Mrs. Walter S. Carpenter.
Miss Evelina du Pont Invited a few
friends on Saturday afternoon to meet
Miss Hendrika van der Flier, of The
Hague, Holland. A publlo meeting at
the New Century Club was arranged for
Miss van der Filer Monday night, when Il
lustrated pictures wero shown of the Bel
gian refugees coming Into Holland. The
speaker was introduced by General James
11. Wilson, and at the close of the address
Bhe was given an Informal reception. In
the receiving line were Mrs. George Gray,
Mrs. James A. Draper. Sr., Mrs. William
S. Hllles, Sirs. Wlllard Hall Porter and
Miss U R Hebb. Mrs. William Stanlar
entertained at luncheon at' tho Hotel du
Pont yesterday for Miss van der Flier, and
Miss Winifred J. Robinson, dean of the
Women's College, at Nowark, entertained
at a luncheon for her today.
What's Doing Tonight
Ilulae Efficiency Show, First Rttlmtnt
American Institute of Criminology meets.
City Club.
Philadelphia JlethodUt Episcopal conference
open. Ut- Jamie Church. Olney.
Philadelphia I-aunurymen' Aaaoclatlon
dinner. Adelphla. Hotel: T o'clock.
Motor Truck Aaaoclatlon dinner. AdelpbU
Hotel; :30 o'clock.
Lecture, "A Prospector and Hi Dor oo
ttw American Desert,." by lu Weatcott Bsck.
Sprlnz Garden institute.
Lecture. "The Archeology of Jerusalem.' by
Prof. X. A. Montgomery. I)roplo Colles.
Ucturo. "A Statement on Ancient and Mod
ern Art.1', by Henry McCarter, Academy ot
tho lino Arts.
Meeting of th class of .1011. University of
PennsylYsnla. Hotel Adelphla . 8 o'clock.
Lecture on Sir Thomas. Moore's "Utopia,"
by Horace J Urldsc. under the auspice ot
the University. Satensloa Society. 1421 Arch
street. X o'clock
County, MeJlcal Society. Col ten of physit
clans. 33d and Ludlow street. 8 o'clock.
Goldfish Fanciers Society. Saul' Hall, 804
Olrard avenue. 8 o'clock.
1 Twenty-fifth anntveriary meetlAC of the
t Thomas Potter achl AaocUtto57 th and
ktudler-Hsjouiinn recital. Withers pooo IU1I:
H 15 o'clock-
tlintuiF. -2tftt Ward Itoaiid of TtAl lttn.
tfcSi -utte
, rAT-,
Three Thousand Jewish Children to Be Given a-teht-ful
Treat-To Be a Feature of the Annua'l "
Purim Festival Other Affairs
THE Council of Jewish Clubs, the larg
est juvenile Jewish organization In this
city, will present Its ntinual Purlin play
and concert Sunday afternoon, March 19,
nt the Alhambrn Theatre, 12th and Mor
ris streets. Purlm Is celebrated every year
on the 14th day of Adar by the Jews of
tho entire world This year tho holiday will
begin on Saturday evening, March 18, and
end nt sunrct on March 19. On Saturday
evening tho story of Esther Is read In i
every synagogue. The feature of this res
tlval, ns In past years, will bo tho Purlm
affair given to the 3000 Junior members
by the Council ot Jewish Clubs nt tho
Alhambra Theatre Tho play will bo given
by the members of Iho uptown nlllllated
clubs, nnd the musical numbers by tho
various members of tho other clubs.
Tho Council of Jewish Clubs wafl or
ganized In November. 1913, by Hiihbl B. L.
Lcvlnthal, chief orthodox rabbi of this
country. At the present tlmo thero nro 33
clubs, each consisting of moro than 25
Jewish children.
All tho clubs send two dclcgatci to a
Junior branch which holds separate meet
ings nt the Young Women's Union, 428
Balnbrldge Btreet. Tho Benlor branch con
sists of tho leaders nnd teachers. Thero
nre also bIx Sabbath schools, ono Sun
day school nnd ono frco Bchool of music
maintained by the council.
Tho olilcers of tho organization aro:,
president, Mr. Allen A. Lcvlnthal j vlco
president, Mr, Louis A. Milkman; record
ing secretary. Miss Elizabeth Roscnmcn:
financial secictary, Miss Sadie Miller, nnd
treasurer, Mr. Bernard J. Markowltz.
Rabbi Lcvlnthal Is tho chairman of the
board of advisors; Mr. Louis E. Lcvln
thal, solicitor nnd counselor. Tho hon
orary members consist of Miss Stella
Rosenbaum, Miss Jano Goldberg, workers
at Young Women's Union, nnd Miss Juliet
Tho Coterie Club will hold Its annual
danco this Friday ovcnlng at Horticul
tural Hall. The color schemo of tho
decorations will bo bluo nnd gold, tho
colors of tho club. Elaborate details
havo been worked out by tho committee
The orchestra will bo screened by an em
bankment of palms and ferns giving way
on either sldo of tho stage to two largo
arches. Between tho halves thero will bo
specialty numbers by Mr. Edward Uphoft
nnd Mr. Normnn Crnnage. and n soprano t
solo by Miss Muench. Unlquo novelties
have been provided for the guests through
out tho evening In conjunction with the
Tho following members constitute tho
club: Mr. Clifford Kocllo. Mr. Horace
Koon. Mr. Edward Pike. Mr. F. Edwin
Poulterer, Mr. Edward Haines, Mr. J. Hor
ace Gerhab, Mr. Stanley B. Vnndcrsllce,
Mr. Haro Lodge, Mr. W. Harry Garrett,
Mr. Herman Kauffman, Mr. Robert W.
Pollock, Mr. Georgo W. Williams, Mr.
Arthur II. Kinsley, Mr. Wlnlleld Turner,
Mr. William F. B. Koelle, Mr. Jack Pcttcr
man, Mr. Harry Dotts, Mr. Steven Man
ley. Mr. Irvln Guldln and Mr. Jamc3
A s'urprlso party was given to Mr. II.
D. Dean at his home, 2937 North 3d
street. Thoso who gavo the affair wero
Miss Ada Colsey, Miss Mary Peltz, Miss
Lillian Smith, Miss Dccima Mills. Mr.
Harry Peltz, Mr. Howard McDanlcl, Mr.
William Delssler and Mr. nnd Mrs. Sam
uel Rowcroft.
In order to raise funds with which
to help carry on the good work of the
Mount Slnal Hospital, the "Friends." an
auxiliary of the hospital, are maklnR
final plans for a concert and dance, which
they will glvo at the Parkway Auditorium.
Parkway Building, Broad and Cherry
streets, Sunday evening, atnrch 13. The
committee In charge of tho affair has
FRIDAY 8:15 SAT. MAT. 2:80
Illustrated In Color, by Mr. Elmendort.
Out ot the Ordinary Motion Picture.
BOo, Too & fl at Heppes Amp. at Acad. 25c
Tickets at lleppe'. T3c to tl. Boxes. 1I-18
Direction C. A. Ellis. Symphony Hall, Boston
VA VDB VILLE Continuous 11
A. M. to It P.M. 10c, 15c, 25c.
Joseph K. Watson I'cSun
lOo 1211 MARKET 20c,
10 A- M to 11.15 P. M.
Marmierite Clark
Thure. Krt.. SM- UlANCHE 8WEET
la.t'VrWMntatlonjt "THE BLACKUST"
Arcadia s
' A. -U. W 11J3 . AX.
Bessie Barjriscale
sHOOTNa BuJJeta apd BrownEye3
Tpnlcbt t T anl 9, 'laine '' Ouaireni
Harry Batchelsr. 10 tapertal Jaes, t,
MttU, Tut.. 7hsr.t sWL
t.- fc - , ,y, ,,1 , .,., .. .fil
worked hard, nnd n great success Is antici
pated. Colored tights, fldwers nnd palms'
will bo used nh n: decoration Toi the" hltlL
New songs nnd solo dances will hi the
principal features during thfr concert
which will precede the dance. Xhe done
mltton liaa htn Vftrtf fnrfttnatA In ttAfMlHh
tl.A Mml,A, nt n t m l ....M A.... 4f. . '1
nre with tho musical shows how lh town.
Dancing will commence nt II o'cldekvTwo
orchestras will play the dance mustq dns
brass and one string. A souvenir Wilt
bo presented to overy one present.
The Mount Slnal Hospital, situated nt
nth nnd Reed streets. Is nt present In .great J
necu or tunus. 11 is more man over
crowded, and It Is found necessary to en-
.tllKU UIU IMtllU 111 UIUCI ,U ,UI((l,IVIU(,kQ .
tho urgent needs of tho surrounding Coni J
mutiny, iieing situniea in a uenseiy pop
ulated section of the city, hundreds of
people aro dependent upon this Institution.
Tho hospital caters to nil, regardless of
color or nationality. It Is for this reasort
that the "Friends," nn ntfxlllary composed ,'
ul incijiuerK iiviiik in mo i;uiuiiiujuiy tuu
making every effort that this be ort of
tho most succcsstttl affairs this year. Tha
commlttco In charge Includes; Chairman,
MIbs Mlnnlo Rosenthaif secretary, "Miss
Rose Llcbstor; chairman of advertising.
Miss Estclla S. Katlln; chairman 6f re
freshments, Miss Sarah Oruber. Miss if
Gruber will be assisted by Miss Katherlne
Largcmnn, Miss Roso Shapiro, MIsb Fan
nyo Oxman nnd Miss Rose llalalty.
The tenth wedding anniversary of Mr,
nnd Mrs. Henry Goldblntt, of 3443 North
Sydenham street, Tioga, was celebrated
this week: The color scheme wad green
and yellow. Among tho guests were Mr.
Goldblatt. of Birmingham, Ala.; Mr. nnd
Mrs. Charles Novlck. of Tioga; Mr, and
Mrs. S. Marker, Mr. nnd Mrs. II. Novlck,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Grcenborg nnd Miss Green
berg, Mr. and Mrs. Crnydor nhd Miss,
Elsie Crayder. Mr. and Mrs. Lovlck, Mr.
nnd Mrs. Gottlieb, Mr. nnd Mrs. Samuel-
son, air. nnd airs. Cohen, air. nna Mrs.
Haus, Mr. nna airs, snrtis. -ine taicni
wns provided by air. atcNamaro, Mr.
Rnnd nnd Mr. Fletcher. V
A mirprlse party was given by Mr. and
Mrs. D. Lewis at tho home of their son, '
Jlr. Harry Lewis. In honor of tho fifteenth
wedding nnnlversary of their children, Mr.
nnd airs. M. J. Wolnstoln. of 646 Soutlr62d
street. Jtrs. Harry Lewis and Mr. P. :
Ginsberg entertained with exhibition
dancing nnd airs. Harry Berger and aihtfi
M. J. Lewis with vocal selections. Among
tho guests were Mrs. Clara Bcrkowltz, Mr.
and airs. J. aicFnrlanil, Mr. nnd Mrs,
Sockel, air. nnd atnt. II. Berger, Mr. Mor
ris Goldberg, airs. B. Feldman, Miss
Hartenso Wolnstoln. ailsn Dorothy Woln
stoln, atlas Ireno Wolnstoln, ailss Evelyn
Welnstcln, ailss Harriet Berger, MI3S Ger
trude Lewis, ailss Edith JIcFarland, Miss
Sadlo Sockel, ailss Kathcrlno Sockel, Mlsa
Henrietta Sockel, Miss Jcnnlo aiayfer. Miss
alary Gray, air. Ilenjamln Lewis, Mr, Ar
thur Lewis, Mr. Joseph Lewis, Mr.Maurlce
Lewis and Mr. Herbert aicFarland.
Author of "Tho Job. the Man. tin I!oi." anil
"AnalvHlnir Character"
In n Series of Tlirtr lecture l.sop pn
At tho V. M. C. A. Auditorium, 1121 Arch St.
Tues., March 21: March 2S; 1VI.. .March 31.
l:en, ut H.
"Tho mot nucctsful Ifctura under tbif
nuplcpn of the AKOClatlon.".cime3 O Z,ud
low. Prcs. llrldaeport (Conn.) .l'Vj. Ans'nt
"The mot Instructive ndilrrx ot the year.'
Purdue (Untvcrsltul Vxponcut.
"A fltrlklni; rlcmi.Rfttrutlnn of how la an
alyze diameter. " .Vcio Yorls Ki-rufutr i'ost.
"A notable Incident wan an mldreas by Dr.
niackford." Kallwau Aoc Oaselte.
Hlnsle ndmlaxlon. 7.",c, Itcser'-eit Sent. Course
of threo Itcturcn. t2.un, field by rnall,
Addre Arthur Newcomb. Hotel Adelphla.
BROAD Pop. Mat.Today -
Klaw (t Erlanjrer and George Tyler l'nt
The Glad Plav, Fprtadina Good Ctoen
Best Scats 11.50 at Topulnr Mat. TODAY
Tho Latest Viennese Operetta
With Phyllis rartlnjrton. Emmv Nlcklajs,
Georgo Baldnin Cat of 70.
Frcan l'r.'Mi u 'Innmninnt Year In
Vienna and Berlin.
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The Champion Musical Comedy of the World
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l'our Last Few Chance fo See Tale Hott
Deltahtful Combination of irrsltffBle
"She's a Peach" J;.?a ? gfj.
"And eerybody nerees this I true."
B. F. Keith's Theatre
Etenlnir Ledger.
Harry Tlshe & Silvia Jason Marian Mor
gan's Classic Dancers; Fred J. Ardath. A Co, ;
Lyons & Yosco. Others.
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Securoja. Malaiesta. CosJ.. Mr I
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ww"' irsl"