Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, March 03, 1916, Night Extra, Page 7, Image 7

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IFt Turnstone del Hoverno di
" i t T IS
Romft Comtinicata ni uipurn-
mento di Stato dal
Conte Mncchi
nOMA, 8 Marxo
t Min rhc. noncntnntc lo vlRoroso uro
i.. .... j.i .vrnn 1pkII Stall I'nltl cho
Hinllomnrlnl teilesclil timi dovessero nt-
!lnia avere prima ndemnluto a tutto lo
lro I pilsseiwerl I'ctlMlnnBRln. la C or
mania ha mantontito II silo utinln .11 vista
5 uol sottomarlnl conaldcranno eoino
TZ..H n.r nffcra tuttl nue! plroscan clio
i Dortnho cannonl o II affotuloranno Ora I
l'Si,.in Itallnnl oho commotio la tra-
rsaTa cleH'Atlantlco sono tuttl nrinutl
dl duo cannonl o pcrclo' dovrol. .ero pss-ro
effondntl (tat sottomarlnl todcrclil so truest!
II Incontreranm. o ll fcrincraiino.
Ouosta declslono tlol Roverno tcdosco o'
ntftta comitnlcata nl Roverno Itallano. o
lri 11 mlnlstro (IcrII IMeri. on. Sonnlno,
L" (eiegrafato iRtruxionl nll'ambnsclatoro
W-whlnffton, conto Mncchi .11 Colloro.
Strife' Infortnasso II Dlpartlmonto dl
iinto he nonostnnto lo doclslonl del rov
.' ,i tedesco ed austrlaco per qunnto rl
mmrda 1 plroscan armatl, 1 vaporl Itallnnl
SnU servlzlo tra I'ltalla o Bll Stall
Hnltl contlnucranno a portaro como lianno
fatto flnora 1 loro duo cannonl. Questl
Jwmdlmcno saranno tisatl soltanto per
Ierl stesso l'nmbasclatoro conlo Mncchi
I a' recato al Dlpar'tlmcnto dl Stato cd
ha. avuto un collocmlo con II scKretnrlo
Lansing a cut ha coiminlcnto lo ilcclslonl
S7l covcrno Itallano, lnformantlolo nncho
che la rlsposta umclalo dell'Italla sit
nuesto RORKetto sara' contcnuta In una
nota collcttlva dcRlt nltcntl dcll'lntcsa.
Ierl un teloRramina dalla I'cnlsola llal
eanlca dlcova rlio Ghenadleff, ex mlnlstro
degll Estcrl bulRnro o Capo del partlto
favorevolo nRll alleatl, era stato nrreslnto
e che probabllmcnto sarebbo stato con
dannato a morto per l'nccusa dl tradi
mento. Ora da nucarcst e da Aleno
glunsono notlzlo cho dlcono cho la ult
uazlone Interna In BulRarla o" crltlca, cho
le popolazlonl si ngltano contro II ro
Ferdlnando cd 11 prcsi.Ienlo del Conslgllo
In segulto nl Riavlsslnio illsaRlo cconom
Ico. Ie donne speclalmcnto lianno fatto
dlmostrazlonl In moltl vIlhiRgl ' In par
ftchl post! lo truppo sono dovuto lntcr
Rfcnlro per sedaro 1 tumultl.
V at Mie on Ifi Tlnlirrirln. trnvn. Imnncql.
bile ormal proscRUlre la puerra o :ho
I'escrclto hulgaro si trovcrebbo In una
eltuazlone vor.imcnto crltlca so forso co
stretto a far fronto ad una lunga of
fenslva Tra lo popnlnzlonl bulRaro sono stato
dlstrlbulto clrcolnrl nolle quail si annuncln
che la riuMln, la Francla, 1'liiRhlltorra o
J'ltalla marceranno presto contro la Bul
garia e cho l.i Rumania o la Orcein l
unlranno alio potenzo dcll'lntcsa alio scopo
dl schlacelaro o dl soggloRaro la Ilulgnrla.
I tedeschl lianno rlnnovato I'attacco
contro Verdun con furiosi nssaltl, dl fnn
terla nella rcRlono dl Douaumont, ma
senza ottenerno alcun rlsultato tcnglbllo.
Scmbra die I'attacco contro Verdun sla
falllto del tutto, o do" enrebbo confermato
dal fatto cho 11 kronprinz cho comandava
le truppe operantl contro la Rrnudo for
tezza o' sostltulto dal duca dl Wurtenberg.
PLAN TO RAISE $1 00,000
Civic Associations of North Penn Open
Campaign for Grand View
SEUiTillSVILLE. Pa.. March 3. Clvlo
wsoclations of every town of tho Upper
Aorin I'cnn navo merged In a campaign
to raise funds for tho enlargement and
extension of scopo of tho Grand View
Hospital hero Tho Institution will bo
made a community affair.
Tho campMgn for funds was Inaugu
rated at muss-meetings held at Quaher-
town, Sellcrsvlllo, Tclfoid, Trumliauers
vllla and nichlundtown. A meeting will
beheld tonight at Soudcrton.
The hospital enlargement fund was
started with a gift of Charles X. Cress
man and V. Frank Crcssman, of Philadel
phia, of S12 000. Tho hospital staff will
be comprised of members of tho Stato
Medical Society from within a radius of 15
mllea of Sellersv lllc. Subscribers will bo
members of tho hospital association who
will elect trustees.
The Ladles'
Auxiliary of Perkaslo Is j
heading the subscription fund .Tho Sun-
Bmno uirls, of Sollorsville, have endowed
a children's room. It Isexpected J100.000
will be raised beforo June.
Father of Six Children Killed on
, 'Washington Avenue
) Tleubcn Moltzer, father of six children,
was ground to death beneath tho wheels
cf a train today at the freight station
of the Pennsylvania Railroad, lCth street
nd Washington avenue. The body was
Uken to tho Morgue.
ijMeltzer was 35 years old. His wife
died two years ago. Mcltzcr was a team
;r for Itosetsky and Sons, furniture
dealers of 918 Passyunk avenue. Ho
took a load of furniture to tho station
this morning, nnd foil on the tracks as a
gn was pulling away from the station.
feWhen the engineer heard his cries, ho
topped the train, but two cars had al
ready passed over tho man's body.
Meltzer lived at 10H South 5th Btreet.
ur of, his children ara girls nnd two
ra boys. They are all In homes.
I p Aged Farmer Struck by Auto
L PENtfLYN, Pa., March 3, Conrad
tSS an "Bed farmer, who lives at
"(Till WaleS. ImnMrarl rlnutn nnrt An1nHA.l
unconscjous by an automobile that did not
it th. "5? ?una " ""ch along the road
vLVl ..m0" ,arm' JIr- Clemmer Is 83
re 0ld ar tho shock may prove fatal.
JSlfiklHh ,i??.5,lo.n' ??8 Cambria St., and
Prosiaiu r ,.i.TVr', rranKrorU avo.
Vf&ttmMSl'.r& 2J!? N. iiancr
raoa at., and
ancroft st.
dJSS feMrn Werba
W-ftloyamennlnB ave..
J,i. 8tradii!:,J!;v.MgrrlVllle. Pa., and
ii iiuiunan at
3(111) K at., and Sadie E.
and Carrie
lyw,. iotrsaiivru',',,,lckon' Pa" BnJ De,,a
IgWrTu. Ta"',.?,4" Si " ' "
&?.". IM N. Md at.
I- 8,aiih H.Mr.dV,!lu3 Arth aPd EUMd
2&na k ,"..,;.""" .
BKH! KK.'&t1 I. ST", a'"1
Ifali V1??"-. rOl" N. Marahill at., and
Solaria, fciMpB 3i N 2jm . an
aMa077V,y..r3.8. rtiadwtsk at., an
BH" S WuDd 'Siji- f HdwUlt at,
KSSf J)SC:t"uaW'. ra., and Urdla
i A lr..i. . !.
xoit r'u.i.'sy1. "
Hi! .. a .
jl '"""'"HHlunumpnttwii mi. i. .n in
wmrnaf mmm
! if ilk .mill
fic'gf .. . zwswmsm
Mrs. Theodore Griofzu will to
night, with her husband, lend the
nnnunl ball of the Photo En-graver-),
of which organiantion
Mr. Gricfzu is president.
Kill 230, Take 322 Prisoners and
Seize Many Supplies in
NBW YOtlK. March .1. The forces of
General Diaz have begun their march on
Mexico City. Announcement was mado
by tho Diaz Junta hero yesterday that a
stiong detachment of his troops under
CJcni-rat Hlg-Milo Amtilnr hid advanced In
a northwesterly direction from Oaxaca
City, and now control SO per cent, of tho
line of tho Mdlcnn Southern Hallrond.
Tho only omioslllon which thev met was
nt Ciudad Culcntlan. After liehtlnir nn
hour and a half, tho town, a place of
about one thousand Inhabitants, wnB taken
bv storm. Tho Carranza carrlson wai
put to lllght. The Diaz forces counted 2.10
Carraii7a dead and ISO wounded. They
took H22 prisoners nnd raptured 1000 mod
ern rlllcs, t machine, guns. 1 field gun nnd
100.000 rounds of ammunition for machlnn
guns nnd rlllcs.
Tho announcement snld that n dispatch
from Clenorul Diaz was received here yes
terday afternoon which contained that
After leaving the City of Oaxnca tho
ninz foiccs, under Gonrnl Agullar, met
with nn enthusiastic welcome In nil the
towns until they reached Cludnd Culcat
Inn, where) tho pilnclpal Cnrranza forco
In Oaxnca was ganlsoncd. Tho surrender
of the place was demanded. Upon the
refusal of the Catranzt commander to
lay down his arms nn nttnek was ordered.
After an hour nnd a hnlf of righting
Agullnr i.tormed tho place. Hand-to.
hand fighting in the stieets followed.
Tho nnnounccment said that none of
the prisoners was put to death.
From Ciuded Culcxitlan the Agullar
forco continued nlong tho line of the Mex
ican Southern Ilnilroad and established
temporary headquarters at Aldama.
News was received In the Diaz camp
that the Cairanza forces which wcro or
dered Into the Stato of Oaxaca to begin
nn offcnslvo campaign have been turned
bark to the city of Puebla, which Is being
threatened by Agullar. Puebla Is ono of
tho oldest nnd most Important cities In
Mexico. It has a population of 95,000 and
Is tho third city of lmportimco in tho re
public. It was taken by General Scott In
1817. It is 130 miles from Mexico City.
Aldnm.i, tho temporary headquarters of
Agullar, Is 120 miles southeast of Puebla,
Nonpartisan Committeo Forms to
Fight "Open-Town" Mayor
ATLANTIC CITY, March 3. Mayor
"Hill" Kiddle's political stock took a droo
today with tho permanent organization
of tho Citizens' Association, a non-partisan
combination of forces, with "Itlddle must
go" for Its slogan, and a decision on tho
part of a largo faction of tho Christian
"Workers' Lenguo to get on tho firing line
against tho Mayor.
S. II. Morris, chairman of tho Progres
sive County Committee, has been made
prcMdont of tho lighting citizens, who
stand ready to .sanction almost any nolltl-
cal slat0 within reason that will insure
ine retirement oi me uayor 10 private
life Vlco presidents Include regular and
Independent Republicans nnd Progressives.
Walter T. Iteed, who has charge of tho
campaign funds, Is a Democrat.
Recruiting for tho autt-Rlddlo clean-up
Is progressing briskly. Already more than
200 tnxpajors have been enrolled. It Is
expected at least G00 substantial citizens
will bo fighting the Mayor openly.
Tho Rev. John MncMlllan told the Chris
tian Woikers" I.eaguo, a StougU .campaign
product, that It must work nlong practical
lines to gLt results.
"I'll work for any good movement with
earnest men. even If some of them are
half cranks," he said.
Slayer of Wifo Protests Innocence at
Sing Sing
OSSI.N'IN'G. N. Y., March' 3. Walter
Watson was put to death In Sing Sing
Prison today for tlio murder of his wife.
In Brooklyn! two cars ago.
While ho was being strapped In the
electric chair Watson suddenly leaned
over and spat fron his mouth a large cud
of tobacco that he had been chewing.
Watson entered the death chamber at
5:61 o'clock alternately murmuring pray
ers and protestations of Innocence, Klght
minutes later he was pronounced dead.
Queen Victoria's "Nightie" For Sale
LONDON. Mfirch 3, Among tho articles
received for sale at the benefit auction for
the Red Cross, nt Christie's, Is n night
gown that was worn by Queen Victoria.
An Important feature of our
unique servlco la the Scenario De
barment, maintained bolely for the
benefit of our customers. Experi
enced dramatic writers are em
ployed to furnish advertisers with
any character of scenario or plot
desired. These will be especially
written without charge and sub
mitted for approval, and will entail
no obligation whatever, If ac
cepted, the complete picture will be
produced by an experienced profes
sional cast, just as carefully and
artistically ay any standard feature
picture production, and an oppor
tunity will bo given for a scieen
examination, under a written agree
ment that it need not be accepted
unless entirely satisfactory.
Thin I only one of our many
itrvlcea at the dUpoial of the
U'tf. 13th St, Phila, Pa.
Great Institution Offers Posi
tions to Students of Finnnce,
With Promise of Start
in Career
Three sophomores In tlio Wharton
School, University of Pennsylvania, will
have Jobs handed to them on a platter
In tho coming summer by the National
City llank of Now yorl;. the l.irgest bank
ing Institution In the world. So will three
sophomorcR from each of hIc other univer
sities' finance schools and all for no other
reason thnn that they are sophomores In
snld universities and are studying finance.
In tho way of "working one's way
through college" nothing quite so Inter
esting has ever been thiown before the
path of a college student before; nnd not
only tlo tlio lucky three gt $,"0 n month
.ill summer nnd tho folluwlng Biimmr (if
they make good) but alio they will ! -pt
up for life ns hankers upon graduation,
with salaries hither than many, rn!lcg
Initructnrs get They will lis tent ubrnad
by the New York bank to woilt In vailnui
fnrilen brnnrhiH, starling with salaries
of $1200 a year,
Tho only troublo with tho plan Is that
all the rophomotoi won't get tho Jobs.
Tho plan was broached at n dinner
which the bank officers gave recently to
Instructors In finance nt Pennsylvania,
Yale, Harvard, Princeton. Cornell, Co
lumbia nnd New York t'nlvcifltv. As a
result of the exposition of the plnn and
Its hearty ncceptnnco by the Instructors,
Doctor Conway will meet the Wharton
School sophomores on March 15 nnd find
out which of them nio most cnthuslnstlc
about banking. At Banter ho will choose
W of them and send them to New York,
nnd (he bank will choose tho threo from
tho 20.
They will start work on .tiino 15 nnd
continue tuitll October 1 at ?.".0 n monlh
Then they will resume collego work,
Inking up ccitnln special courses of study
preset Ibcd by tlio bank. At tho end of
junior year they -will again tnke up work
In the bank under the same terms, nnd
on graduation, which In these ensca will
take placo In February instead of June,
they will ngnln work In the bank, this
llmo until Juno. Then they will bo sent
abroad for tho foreign branch work nt
$100 a month, and 5100 a month abroad
Is worth a good deal more than $100 a
month In America perhaps Uvlce as
Meanwhile those of their classmates
who tako up teaching at homo will bo
plodding nlong at $800 a year or so. An
Intel estlng development that 's !ooked for
Is Just how the University authorities will
look upon the preset lbing of courses fo,
students by tho National City Bank, of
New York, rattier than by tho dean of
the Whnrton School. Hut tho students
themselves nre not worrying, and 'hose
who want to try for tho Jobs said today
they would be willing to take the courses
specified by the bank as extra work; tney
also showed no fear that the University
was belns "commercialized" by outside in
fluences. "Collego men," remarked ono sopho
more, "nro not turning down the chance
of getting $1200 a year on graduation
Rebecca Edclson, of Hunger "Strike
Fame, Surprised by Westerner
The peacofulness of an anarchist peace
meeting at 410 Wood street was uncere
moniously Interrupted Inst night when
Rebecca Kdelson, who Is nn Anarchist
and proud of it, was verbally squelched
by Oscar J. Buckalew, of tho Wild and
Woolly West.
Rebecca had things pretty much her
own way throughout tho evening and had
a most enjoyable time nttacklng the
Kaiser, Rockefeller, Morgan, the Czar,
Wilson nnd a few more of tho minor
celebrities, and Theodore Roosevelt In
particular. Hut tho peaco of tho peace
meeting came to a sudden end when the
privilege of nsklng questions was granted
to mo auuicnce.
Now. Buckalew Is n cowboy and has
just had enough of city ntmosphero to
mako him desirous of asserting his Inde
pendence. Ho wasn't satisfied with the
answers which ho received to his ques
tions nnd then proceeded to lecture on
his own accord.
Whoop-eo! He's off:
"I been In Mexico during three revolu
tions." ho said, when he had Jumped to
his feet, "and I want to tell you that
I'm for fight any tlmo wo get rendy to
hand It out. This talk of pcace-at-any-price
makes mo sick. I' think that tno
whole crew of you are a lot of wlshky
washy hyphenates nnd anybody who can
talk llko this " nnd he continued with
some rough-and-readv stuff that mado tho
aUdlenco Bcramblo for the doors. Tho
hall was soon empty except for Cowboy
Buckley, who continued to lecturo to
himself for a while.
Railroad Trainmen Hold Ball
Pennsylvania Lodge, No. 511, Brother
hood of Railroad Trainmen, held Its nn
nual banquet, entertainment and dance
In Kagles" Temple, Broad nnd Spring Oar
den streets, last night, with about 000
persons In attendance. Following the
banquet came an entertainment in which
members of the brotherhood participated.
G. W, Dale was chairman of tho com
mittee which arranged the affair. Tho
various divisions of the committee weie
headed by S R. Krauss, J. B. Bloom, W.
S. Glthlns, W. B. Vernon, W. C. Wnrfel,
I. W. Nichols, K. D. Kitchen, S. B. David
son and C. B. O'Neal.
i vented November Dtb. 1UK-
Tbrouuli the
Ecr.em Adjustable PresseJ
ileel Window VentUatof
Sanitary Stormproet
WILL NOT BUST. Hard baltrd
cnanirl ilntah
For IloniUt OHlcra, Apartmenta.
For eale by department and flrst-
claxa hardwarn atorea, or
3ohem Manufacturing Co,, Phlla
1 WSBv I The Breath
XXf&iI 0f Lifc
i ''INlfiiaHSjr Jp -
Romance of "Little Italy" Leads
to Marriage Scheduled
for Next Tuesday
A man. with a naming toich over his
should-r, night nftcr night has lighted
the f.troct lamp In front nf tho homo of
.Torcph DcOlncome. .1.180 Agnto .stlcct.
N'lght after night, l.1-car-old Maria De
Oincomo would press her nose against tlio
window p.uio ami peer out Into tho twi
light to watch for tlio approach of tlio
lamplighter. It fa-ciliated Jier, somehow,
to watcli the man as ho turned on the gas
and Ignited It with the torch. She won
dered w ho ho wni
After a while she found out. tlo wns
James Hgnnzpo, of S221 Almond street
and he wns Just tilce as old an she Thcv
got acquainted nnd that particular lamp
post became n signal to him to turn from
his route for a moment to murmur a few
word.i Into tho Hilling oar .ir the girl.
Sometimes, looking vp into the window,
he would softly sing tlio words of n lovo
song, as they do n "Sunny Itnly."
James Kgnazeo won't light that lamp
next Tuesday. Ho has nil appointment to
lie 111 the Mater Dolorosa Italian Catholic
Church, Paul and Rowan streets. Ho who
Is lib cnrs old. and Maria, 13 years old,
will ba man led there.
Neither one nf them thinks that tho
bride Is too joung. Neither docs MnrlaW
father, for ho appealed at the marrl.tgo
license bureau and told the clerk theio
that ho gavo his permission. In fact, over
in Italy, ho paid, It Is not unusual for a
girl of 13 to marry.
"They love each other," ho said, "so
why shouldn't they marry nnd bo happy?"
Main Lino Subscribers Asked to Give
Exchange in Calling
Tho great dlfterenco between Ardmoio
2731 and Bryn Mawr,2731 maybe It's
miles and miles has caused an S. O. S. to
bo sent out by the Bell Telephone Com
pany to Its subscribers along the Main
It Is In the form of a request to users
of telephones to bo suie to glvo the namo
of tho exchange as well us tho number
desired. The request grow out of tho
habit of giving only tho number,. If that
number happened to bo on tho same ex
change wire. This led to many errors
and explanations. A subscriber on tho
Ardmoro exchange, for example, steeped
In his habit, might ask for "2731," when
ho wanted Bryn Mnwr 2731 or any other
2731, except Ardmoro 2731; which ho'd
House Wrecked When Boiler Explodes
WILMINGTON. Del.. March 3. With a
terrible report which btartlcd tho whole
neighborhood, a stcumhe.it boiler In tho
basement of Albert Serceant's dwellintr nt
817 Poplar strpet, exploded and wrecllcd i
tno entire lower portion or the house thH
morning. Kour persons wero In the house,
but all escaped Injury. The boiler was
blown to bits nnd stoamrlpes were forced
up through the lloor. The cause of the
explosion is unknown.
n miilJiillilliili ;'';:itM '..& Illriiliitflin D
WHEN a man says he feelsKike
a two year old," he means
he's as full of joy an' sunohine as
that two year old
called VELVET.
Ift ,
for the music-loving borne that demands the best at
a price consistent with the quality,
Made by the old-established house of Blasius,
which has built its enviable reputation on a meri
torious product.
Writ for Spfcial Player Proposition
Varerooa, 40 bo. Ibth
Clubman, Sportsman and Au
thor of This City Will Join
American Ambulance
W Voiko Ptcvciiso.' club'iian. sports
man end nut'nr. left t'ldav for New York,
where he will sail nit thr liner Itocham
beau of t'i" I-'ionrlt Mne. tomorrow, for
the batt'eflelds of Not them t-'innce
Mr Ktovcr.to'i lvv enlisted for four
tnonthi In the American Ambulance Hon-
i pltnl sen Ice nn an nut imobllo ntiibulancc
drlter lie will join the largo colony of
Phlladelphlans nt the American Ambti
Innce Hospital, bended by Hr. James
Hutchlnion. of this city. Ho will be sta
tioned at N'ettllly.
l-'amllinilty Willi the country over
which lm will dtlve bis Foul nmbulance
will make Mr. Stevenson a vnluablo asset
tO tho HerVtrn. hlu fltntwla t,tn,1ll tin.
fore the war he took a canoe trip with
airs Stevenson uiwn the River Mouse,
where the hrny lighting Is now going on.
stopping at l.lego. Namur. Ch.irlevllle and
other towns, many of which were de
stroyed by the CJermntrJ He nnd Mrs
Htecnsnn nli made a .too-inlle trip down
the ltlvcr Garonne, fiom Andorra to Itor
deauv. In a U'-foot folding canoe.
One of the most versatile sportsmen In
the city. Mr. Stevenson. Is a member of
the Racquet. Philadelphia Country and
Philadelphia Skating Cluhc. and the Tjoltn
PsI Krntcrnlty Ho Is al a governor ot
the Phllndnlphla ami Club lie was edu
cated ot the I)e I.anecy School und thu
Vulvrislty of Penusylxnnl.i, running on
the. class of '09 track team. Mr. Steven-
son has won more than 1U0 ttophles In
snooting, innmrimai racing, squash, rac
quets, pool and track sports. Including the
"(irnnd Prix," at Dstciid. Belgium in 1902,
when he competed In a field of more thnn
100 marksmen from all parts of the
world. He has shot In London, Paris,
Namur. and cities In this country. Is a
niembjr of tho squash racquet tennis of
the Racquet and Philadelphia Countrv
Clubs, and has represented Philadelphia
In Intercity matches.
"Jos of Sport" Is tho title of a book by
Mr. Steenson, who contributes sporting
ai tides to magazines and Is also a writer
on finance. Ills mother, Mrs. Cornelius
SteAcnson, Is president of tlio Cilc nnd
Century Clubs and an olllccr In liianv
other lending women's clubs Mr. Stcen-
son's wife, who Is the daughter of Sam
uel Price Wcthcilll, was liefmo their mnr
ilage In 1900, Mrs, Christine- Wctherill
Good condition. Easy
Factory, Woodbury, U, J,
I If unnmihhmj
V" PianoCa- 7
n & Chestnut Sis
3, 1916.
Philadelphia Store 15th & Chestnut
We much regret that the constantly Increasing cott
of doing InisincBr, high cornar rentals and overhead
expencea force u lo plve Up thia alorc one of tile main
links in the ficorfics chain. Profits are impossible
utiles the Georges standard of value is lowered or
I'lau iiiui ta-i;ti onu (nia
ionlfht till 9
till 10 P. M.
The man or young man who rec
ognizes the fad that this entire
stock must be sacrificed regard
less of cost or loss will seize this
opportunity TO ELY AN OVER
Wc are placed in a peculiarly unfortunate situation.
In spite of the steady increasing cost of materials
and scarcity of dye stuffs WE ARE FORCED TO
SELL OUT Our Entire Stock. To duplicate any
Coat in this vast assortment NEXT SEASON you
will have to pay $5 to $10 more than our original
if I '
Positively Nothing Reserved Even the famous
,Treble (x x x) Carr Meltons and the finest silk
and satin lined coats in the newest materials both
plain and fancies both single anddouble breasted
models go in the final closing out sale.
Wore 715 and $16.50,
Were $18 and $20.
All the latest one, two and three-button sack models.
Sizes to fit men and young men of all proportions.
Georaea Guarantee of Satisfaction Goes With Every Purchase.
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