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TVWi -ii1 vi' jnwB? pJWJpyf?1?''" -TTMlteHvWnp-
The Second Assembly Will Be Held This Evening in the
F Ballroom of the Bellevue-Stratford Many Din
Horticultural Hall Once More Scene of a Large Gather-
ing for Charity Various Other Entertain
ments of Interest '
ners Will Precede the Affair
TONIGHT Society with ft forgo nnd
enormous 8 will turn out In lta very
bestcst to nttcncl tho second Assembly,
which will 1)0 lield In tho ballroom of
tho Bellovuo-StmtforrU The llrst ball
was held on the night of .tnnunry 7, ns
the timo-honored custom Is to havo tho
first ono on the first Friday In the year
nnd the second tho last Friday before
Lent. I . , .
Tho guests arc always requested not
to nrrlvo too late, ns tho patronesses
tnlto their places at 10:30 o'clock, and
It must be a terrific ordeal to stand for
moro than two hours courtroylnR and
bowing to each guest In ft long, con
tinuous line, but It Is such a pretty,
stately custom I am always glad to
seo It Is kept up from year to year.
Thoro will b- an iinusuat number of
c".nnera before tonight's ball. Lowber
Stokes will entertain for his brother
and new slstcr-ln-law, Sir. nnd Mrs.
Standley Stokes, tho latter was lluth
Coxe, It will bo remembered. Then thero
will be sis debutante dinners. Mrs. Al
lison Scott will entertain for Frances
flcott, whon her guests will bo Klcanor
Pepper, Elizabeth Grlfllths, Besslo
Downs, Molly Thnyor, Mario "Wright,
Jack Thayer, Ilnmmy Cheston, Und
cllffo Cheston and Tommy Hart.
The Howard yurts Paget will enter
tain for Franccnla nantlalt and Sam
Fox. Frnnconla was ono of tho flrBt
debutante1? engaged this yenr, nnd has
had no end of entertaining. Tho Wll
kins Carrs will glvo a dinner for Helono
Martin, nnd among their guests will bo
Sarah Penrose, Chrlstlno Stockton,
Kato Furness, Morris Gates, Percy Tay
lor, Lewis Parsons, Jack Slnkler, Lieu
tenant Forde Todd and Alexander Ran
dall. Mrs. Woodvlllo Bohlon will entertain
for Mary, and tho Lewis Npllsons will
give a dinner for Sarah and Margnretta
Myers. A debutante dinner will nlso hof
given by tho Howard S. Grahams. 1
Anong the others who will entertain
beforo the ball nro Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Langdon Elwyn, Dr. and Mrs. Albert
Franclnc, Dr. and Mrs. John Gibbon,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Chnrlcmngno Tower for
Helen nnd Gertrude, Mr. and Mrs. Wal
ter Waring Ilopklnson, Mr. and Mrs.
George Qulntnrd Horwltz and Mr. and
Mis. Edgar Howard.
Wo surely ought to bo used to theso
things, nnd yet wo nro not, nnd when
one sees a dainty llttlo debutante of
unquestionable birth light her clgaretto I
la tho palm room of a hotel and puff
gaily whllo talking to her friends, It Is
a sort of shock, and that Is Just what
I did see. I nm wondering how many
others saw her after I left and
If any ono will communicate tho news
to her mother, who would, from all I
know, bo quite horrified, for only two
days after seeing tho small girl smok
ing1 away with a decided easo borne of
custom. I hcqrd Mamma say at a
luncheon, "Well, I am glad to say that
Is ono thing my daughter never does. I
simply will not allow It." It Is a droll
thing how often families aro tho last
ones to know what deeds tho members
thereof sometimes perpcttato on tho
unsuspecting elders.
I wonder why It Is they do not an
nounce their engagement, for It really
Is one, you know. Sho Is u dear girl,
with a decided amount of character, and
Is very coy with her great tall young
lover, whoso expression of devotion is
qulto killing at times. I noticed them
dancing together recently, and It was
good to seo tho way ho gazed down on
her bright browri-hairod llttlo head as
they tripped tho light fantastic. Here's
hoping they will continue to trip It
happily for tho rest of their lives. She
la only a deb, and lie is very young
yet. So thero Is no hurry to tell of It.
However, I think wo will hear It soon,
because tho boys In that family seem to
take to early engagements as ducks to
Mr. Charles E. Mathor will entertnln a
house party over tho week-end at Brandy
wine Farm, near West Chester. Among
the guests will bo Mr. and Mrs. Itedmond
Stewart, of Dultlmoro; Mr. Urewster and
Mr. and Mrs. Victor C. Mather.
Miss A Marjory Taylor, debutanto
daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Itol.uul L. Tay
lor, will give a inusicala at her home, 220
Wpflt r-lioltntl n.nn..n f ....... .. .. n
f Tuesday afternoon.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Barclay Warburton en
tertained at dinner last night ut the Beach
Club, in Palm Beach. Thero were 10
Mrs. G. Winthrop Coffin, of St. Davids,
saya a luncheon yesterday at the Merlon
Cricket Club, In honor of her niece, Miss
Edith Halsey Itunk, whose marriage to
air. John Thomas Liggett will take place
Mrs. Hamilton DIsston, of ChoBtnut Hill,
entertained Informally at luncheon yester
oay at her homo. Mra. DIsston wilt be
remembered as Miss Jessie Williamson be
tore her marriage several years ago.
. 9 wnEr to a deaH " he family, Mr.
wo Mrs. aeorga W. Kendrlck, 3d, have re
railed their Invitations for dinner before
" Bal Masque on Tuesday night
Mr. and Mrs. Walter B, Supplee will
f at homo tomorrow from 4 until jo
o clock at Levering mill road and Lodga
'we, Cynwyd.
Silts Katherlne Rogers, of 2301 St.
.5!s P'ice, la spending several days this
w. i.?8 tht BWat ot Mls Emily Lewis, of
Washington ane, Elklns Park.
Mrs. Joseph S. Loverlng, of Inglewood
umage, uo Bethlsliem pike. Chestnut
ixiJ" ntertlne4 at luncheon followed by
oridge yesterday at I o'clock at her home.
tria!ld Mrs- Archibald J. Barklia re.'
Wavn. tp'nver Houae. their home in
inKf" V'L" week tt"r spending three
months at 2123 Locust street.
Indndnnv l,",dan?? waa lven nt '"a Hunt
5 ,yalIy Country Club by Mr. and
Mrs. Eucena W Fry last evening.
Eh?i'tMo1"'" Man5olIn Club of Phlladsl.
w gave a concert and dance last eve
KEL hB dlrecor Mr- Daniel Da
op concert was a most enjoyable
s2iri, 8nMrg Jfub Wdcway and lim
wi.l leavo tvday for White Sulphur
Springs, w. Vn. whero they will remain
n fortnight.
Mrs. Holllnshead N. Taylor, of 8101
St. Martin's lane, has gono to Mew York
to spend sevcrnl days.
Mrs. John C. McKcon. of Mcrlnn. will
entertain at luncheon nnd bridge today nt
tho Merlon Cricket Club.
At the dinner which Mr. nnd Mrs. Will
iam Williamson Hepburn will give this
evening In honor of their daughter, Miss
Mario Louise Hepburn, nt the Itltz-Cnrl-ton,
there will bo about GO gueits seated
nt small tables decornted with spring
(lowers. Later tho pupsti will attend Mrs.
Charles Stewart Wurts' dancing class.
Tho Plays and I'lnyora ritili will glvo a
nuiRlcnlo on Sunday evening nt 8:30
o'clock. Among tho muilclnns who wilt
tako part nro Mr. tlobcrt Arnibrustcr,
Mrs. Albert F. Schmidt, Mrs. Jnmcs S
Anders and Miss Alma C. drafe. Mrs
Edith Mahon will play the accompani
ments. Mrs. John P. Lelgo Is chairman
of tho musical committee.
"A Doctor In Spite of Himself" Is tho
tltlo of a play to be given this evening nt
tho New Century Drawing llooms by
members of tho Umwn Preparatory
School. Among those who will tnke part
aro Miss S. Maud Kcrrce, Miss Sarah
Jano Williams, Miss Lllzivbetli doldrlch,
Mr. Elmer S. Mnttner. Mr. Ccorgo C.
Coleman, Mr. Camllle E. Storncl nnd Mr.
Leroy Wolf. Tho piny will lis Ktiiged nnd
directed by Miss Dora Adelo Shoemaker,
bend of tho Natlnnnl School of Elocution
nnd Oratory.
Mrs. Edwnrd Starr, of 1808 Pino street,
has had Mrs. Mlllllti llnlsen, of West
Philadelphia, ns her guest for sevcrnl days
tlill week. Mrs. .Stair left yesterday
for New York, where she will be tho guest
of her daughter, Mrs. Itodmah Grlscom. nt
her npartment, on 77th street, until tho
end of tho week.
Along the Main Line
OVEnuilOOK Mr. nnd Mrs. James
Lowther Webber nnnounop tho engage
ment of their daughter. Mls4 Knthaiino
Gregory Webber, to Mr. Edward Hilary
W. Houss, Jr. Mr. Itcuss Is tho eldest
son of Mr. nnd Mrs. E. H. Ileuss.
Miss Webber gave a card party and tea
Tuesday nfternoon In honor of Miss Maude
Morrison Wiggins nnd Miss Grnco Eleanor
Murtha, two of this season's debutantes.
Miss Murtha will he Introduced nt tho
Hotel Walton Monday evening nt a largo
Mr. nnd Mrs. Edwin A. Bookmyor, ot
lto-Aiilon. will gUo tho last of a series
of subscription dances tomorrow night,
when nbout fifty guests will be present.
HAVERFOrtD Mr. and Mrs. Sydney
Herbert Pool and Lieutenant nnd Mrs.
Harry Harloy Arnold will bo at homo
Sunday afternoons, March 5 and 12, after
4 o'clock, nt Haverford Apartments. No
cards havo been sent out.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Samuel MT Curwcn, nc
companled by JIIss Wlnfred Ormsby
Claike, of Gulf road, nro spending a
month at Nassau.
, BUYN MAWn Miss Lyllan M. Doyle,
of Green Gables, cave a bridge, followed
by a dansant, Tuesday afternoon at tho
Itltz-Cailton. Tho guests present In
cluded Mrs. John T. iMcDeyltt. Mrs.
Dangerfleld Groome, Mrs. Edwnrd Lutz,
Mrs. A. II, Garrett, Mrs. Gcorgo Illlles,
Mrs. Isaac T. Shoemaker, Miss Anno
I'ollg, Mrs. Mclvln Snyder, Mrs. John T.
Powers, Mrs. Benjamin Glle, Mrs. Clar
ence Itowett. Miss Helen Falrlamb, Miss
Elizabeth Flood, Miss Mary I'letclier, Miss
Sarah Stewart, Mrs. John Tenbrook Nlch
oils, Mrs. Cecilia Anil. Mrs. Harry L.
Iteoves, Mrs. Henry W. Monde, Miss Con
stance GUI, Mrs. J. W. H. Doyle, Mrs. John
H. Pntton, Mrs. C. J. Falrlamb and Mrs.
E. P. Totman.
AVAY.YK Mrs. John McVcy, of Tucson,
Ariz., has returned aftor spending 10 days
as tho guest of Dr. and Mrs, C. W.
Truxnl, on Walnut avenue.
Mrs. Howard T. Pnlntcr will glvo a
children's party In honor of hoi- llttlo
daughters, Helen and Emma, at her homo
on Summit avenue this afternoon.
STKAFFOUD Mrs. Lewis Lawrence
Smith, of Strafford, entertained Mrs.
Georgo W. Dibert, of Johnstown, chair
man ot tho Pennsylvania Woman Suf
frage paity, this week. Mrs. Dibert de
livered an nddress at the Chester County
Woman's Suffrage party meeting licit! In
West Chester on Tuesday.
PAOLI The Ilov. Caleb Cresson. of
Warwick, Pa., and Mrs. Cresson nro the
guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. C. C. Wfjson, of
Wilson Farms.
MALVERN Mlsi Josephine Boo, .of
Mill Hall, has been spending a few days
with Mr. and Mrs. Judson Kurtz.
West Philadelphia
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Ireland, of
1214 South 45th street, announce the en
gagement of their daughter, Miss Frances
Marie Clare IreUpd, to Mr. IMchard Mor
ris Horter, of 211 North 3Cth street.
The auxiliary of the Women's Southern
Homeopathic Hospital will hold a cos
tume dance on Monday night at the
Phtlomuslan Club, 3944 Walnut street. A
number ot the young artUts who appeared
III "Ariadne, a Pageant of Spring's Awak
ening." will give the Cretan tableau, which
is based on the "Pipes ot Pan," at the
affair. ,
Mls Catharine Uasson, of 6170 Haver
ford avenue, will entertain this evening,
The guenu will be entertained by Alias
Anna O'Brien and Mum Koee Saundqrson.
who will lng several selections, assisted
by Mis Hasson at tho piano. The guests
will include Mien Nellie McMahon, Miss
Mary McMahon, Mtea Margaret Condron,
Ml Anna. O'Brien, Mi Catherine Da
zart, Mfa Catherine Dlnan, Mlw Mary
JJkuuwjb, Mt Manilla Amwtrong. MUa
AlErjjWay, Miss Mary Danny, Ml Rose
gzMtfwa and MUa Mary Dsnehuo.
WmmM&t ' ? - iWm Swarthmore
Mr. and Mrs. Thoron I. Crane, of (1441
Greene street, have returned homo from
spending soveral weeks In Augusta, Fla.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew 11. McCown nnd
Mr. nnd Mrs. Horace Gelger dined nt tho
Hellevue-Strntford Wednesday night be
fore tho dance In the sail loft at the navy
Mr. and Mis. W. S. Pilling, of 229 West
Upsal street, accompanied by Mrs. Itlch
nrd Bishop and Mr. nnd Mrs. Mclvln H.
Harrington, will leave shortly for Cam
den, S. C.
Tho next meeting ot Mrs. Edward
Troth's dancing class will tako place on
Friday evening, March 1", In the ball
room of tho Gormantown Cricket Clubs
Along the Reading
Miss Jane Lewis, of G71C North 8th
street, Oak Lane, was honor guest last
evening at a supper and theatro party
given by Mr. nnd Mrs. Frederick Bolton,
of Bala. Mrs. Bolton will bo remembered
as Miss lluth Iteynolds. of Overbrook.
Miss Lewis' engagement was announced
nt a tea on Sunday to Dr. llalph Stone,
of Pottstown. No definite date has been
set for tho wedding.
Miss Helen Simpson, of North 70th
street. Oak La no, will entertain nt lunch
eon and cards today. There will bo a
number of out-of-town guests present.
Including Miss Margaret Murray, Miss
Helen Button, MIbs Charlotte Hurms and
Miss Frances Tyson. Spring llowers will
form tho table decorations.
Mrs. Edwin C. Grico, president of tho
Home nnd School League, of Philadelphia,
and Pennsylvania State chairman of or
ganization of the Congressional Union
for Woman Suffrage, will addreBS tho
members and friends of tho Oak Lano
Equal Franchlso League on Monday at
the home ot Mrs. William E. Groben.
Lakeside avenue nnd City line, nt 2:30
o'clock. Tea and an Informal reception
to Mrs. Grlco will follow the mcoting.
A brldgo and 500 will bo given by tho
Oak Lano Equal Suffrage League on Fri
day, March 17. at the horn.- of Mrs. Gro
ben. C.iko nnd candy will be on sale.
Mr. Georgo Malpass, of 09th avenue
and 10th street. Oak Lane, has gone to
Florida, where ho will mako a lengthy
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Druedlng, ot
09th and I.awton avenues, Oak Lane,
havo left for Florida, where thoy will
stay for an Indefinite time.
Sirs. William Barnes Lower, of Fern
brook avenue. Wyncote, entertained nt
tea Monday afternoon.
Mr. John L. Raymond and Mr. C.
Meredith JohfaMBd. have returned from
Miami, Fla., vmero they were extensively
entertained bv Mr. O. Charles Kostmayer.
Jr. During their briet stay In the city
they will bo the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
G. C. Kostmayer, of Logan, after which
they will leave for Los Angeles.
Sfrs. Vnughan Duke, of 0305 Cnmao
street. Oak Lane, entertained her card
club last week.
n.1.. nn.t1 .nantlni- nf thrt PmninUllltV
I HP .lit, ,.,.. ...w....o --- -- -
Welfare Association, of Langhorne, will
bo held on Tuesday night, to be addressed
by It. M. Little, general secretary of Or
ganized Charities.
A novelty dance will be the attraction
nt the Bucks County Country Club to
morrow night.
Miss Evangeline Myers has been spend
ing some time In Baltimore.
On Tuesday Mrs. Georgo II. Cliff will
give a luncheon to members of tho Polly
anna Club.
Camden and Vicinity
Mr and Mrs. John Miller, of 561 Mlckle
street Camden, announce the engagement
of the'lr daughter. Miss Helen Mae Miller,
to Mr. Richard Blaine Fox, of Salem.
Mrs H- I Humphreys lias been en
Joying a month's stay In Florida.
Mrs Samuel U Clark, of 311 Cooper
street, has returned from a month's visit
in Oklahoma.
Miss Madga Huggard has returned
from a fortnight's visit to her friend, Mrs.
Thomae West Claggett. of Baltimore. Mrs.
Claggett was Miss Edna Starr, of 601
Linden street ,
Miss Helen Littell, of Yonkers, N. Y.,
who lias been the guest of the Misses
Shortlldge, Is visiting Mrs. Lammot du
Pont this week. Thla afternoon Mrs. du
Font will give an auction party, followed
by tea, in honor of Mtss Littell and Miss
Taylor, of Beading. Pa. Tomorrow night
Mr and Mrs. du Pont wll give a cotillon
In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Pierre S. da
Mrs. George W. Sasea has returned from
West Point, N- Y., where eha visited her
son. Mr. Ralph J. Sasse. a cadet of the
first clasa In tbe United States Military
Academy, who wjll graduate In June.
Mrs. Pierre a du Pont visited her
njuthe. Mr. VmfY BlU'i. of Bcranton,
Pa., the iMt weefc
Tho Delta Upsllon fraternity of
Swnrthmoro Collego has Issued Invitations
to u dance to bo held March 11 at tho
Hotel Rlttcnhousc.
Miss Isabel Pugh and Miss Cntherlno
Pugh, of Swarthmore, entertained Wed
nesday nt a luncheon to a few of their
collego classmates. Among thoso present
were tho Misses Simmons nnd Miss Helen
Elmer, of Swnrthmoro; Miss Ellen Miller,
of Hnthoro; Miss Elizabeth Iloberts nnd
Miss Ethel Shoemaker.
Delaware County
Tho Junior members of the Baptist and
the Presbyterian churches of Drexel Hill
will give tho cantnta "Esther" In tho
Gnrrctford Baptist Church on March 10
and 17. More than 70 people will tako
part In tho production, which Is under
the direction of Mr. W. O. Howell.
JIIss Llllio Taylor, of Secnne, will en
tertain the members of her brldgo club
this evening.
Mrs. Eugene Long, of Markle, Is visit
ing her aunt in Rending.
Mr. Thomas Picndcrgast. of Morton,
has returned from a visit to New York.
Mr. and Mrs. II. J. Riley, of Media, aro
visiting in New York for several days.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Michell nnd
their daughter, Miss Josephine II. Michell ;
Miss Mary Josephine Comcrford, and Mr.
nnd Mrs. Charles O. Iletzel, of Illdley
Park, will leave today for Bermuda,
where they will spend several weeks.
A novelty balloon danco will bo given
in tho Twentieth Century Club by mem
bers of the Woodwyn Club on March 11.
This dance Is the fifth of a series of six
which has beon given during tho winter.
Tho commltteo In charge of tho danco In
cludes Mr. Marshall F. Black, Mr. Hugh
W. Closo, Mr. Russell Frcas, Mr. Russell O.
Grafllns, Mr. William Harvey, Mr. Robert
Hoefllck, Mr. Charles Humphries, Mr.
Charles Lannlng, Mr. Alfied McCausland,
Mr. Robert M. McCloskey, Mr. Ralph T.
Morris, Mr. John Pcncock and Mr. William
R. Richard.
Miss Gladys Philips, of Lansdowne ave
nue, entertained her brldgo club this
afternoon, the members of which aro
Mrs. Robert Wilson, Mrs. Austin Bqyd,
Mrs. J. Milton Hngy, Miss Anna Brown,
Miss Margaret Morrison and Miss Pauline
Miss Helen Oesterlle, of Linden ave
nue, will entertain with cards at her homo
tomorrow afternoon,
Mr. Howard Itlddle, of Owen avenue,
hns issued invitations for a card party
on March 17. His guests will include
the members of tho sophomore class of
tho High School.
Mrs. Robert F. Irwin, of North Lans
downe nvenuo, is spending several weeks
In Atlantic City.
South Philadelphia
Miss Elvira Cavalierl will take part In
the performance of "Miss Bob White,"
which will be given on Monday night in the
Knights of Columbus Hall, 38th and Mar
ket streets.
The Fellowship Club, of South Phila
delphia, will give a leap year dance to
night in Apollo Hall, 1728 North Broad
street. The Danco Committee Includes
Mr, H. Margolis, chairman; Mr. Samuel
Crown, treasurer; Mr. Israel Banks, sec
retary, and Mr. Abraham London.
Mr. and Mra. Anthony Sheeple, of 726
Carpenter street, have returned from
Vlneland, where they were visiting Mr.
and Mra. John Hump.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Welch, of 400S North
12(h street. left Wednesday for an ex
tended tour'ln the Bermudas.
I i in II I i. iiiiiiintTin ,1
Miss Mary Ellison, ot Torresdnlo ave
nue, entertained nt her home Knturdny
nfternoon. The guests Included MIms Jnne
Cully, Miss Mnrle Brown. Miss Frances
C'ostello, Miss Jnne Giordano, MIsm Julia
Pngano, Mlsi Esther Segal, JIIss Rose
Blanch, JIIss Josephine Clements, Jtlss
Jlnry Pautellno, Jtlas Grace Cola. JIIss
Anna Pnlliiiitc, JIIss Theresa Tnllarlco.
JIIss Paulino JIandl, JIIss Angelina Will
maims, JIIss Grace Cassell, JIIss Alice
llardone, JIIss Helen Cnpntio, JIIss Tesslo
Caspail, JIIss Joscphluu Rola. JIIss Alice
Rola, JIIss Dorothy Esposllo, JIIss Esther
Hcsto, JIIss Leona Cnrfagno, JIIss Hcba
Sommers and Jllfs Hoatilco Abraham.
JIIss Ellison will entertain her 500 club
on Jtnieh li. The gamo will bo followed
by dancing from 10 until U o'clock.
JIIss Jnno Flemmlng. of Torresdalc ave
nue, acted ns hostess yesterday afternoon
to tho members of her "500" club. Her
guests Included JIIps Knthryn Clarke,
JIIss Jnno Clarke, JIIss Paulino Tyson,
JIIss Ethel Burncs, JIIss Charlott Jlnc
Nnmaia, JIIss Jennie Hughes, JIIss
Mnrthn Lister, JIIss Frances Alloway,
JIIss JIarlon Graham, JIIss Grace Felton,
JIIss Mnrgniet Barnes, Miss Ada Griffiths,
JIIss Gertrude Wells. JIIss Joscphlno Dun
lap and JIIss Dorothy Dempsoy.
Jlr. nnd Jlrs. Herman Bennls, of Arrott
street, havo as their guests until Easter
Jlr. and Jtrs. Thomas Bennls, accompanied
by their daughter, JIIss Bcrnlco Bennls,
of Chicago, 111.
Mr. and Jlrs. Alexander Benolt, of Asy
lum road, were given a delightful surprise
party at their homo Wednesday evening In
honor of their 20th wedding anniversary.
Among thu guests were Jlr. nnd Jlrs.
Frank Schneider. Jlr. and Jlrs. Thomas
JIcDermott. Jlr. nnd Jlrs. John Kcofe, Jlr.
and Jlrs. Harry Jf. l'oyle, Jlr. and Jlrs.
Alfred Dunlnp. Mr. and Jlrs. Joseph Gold
berg, Mr. nnd Jlrs. Frederick Flemmlng.
Jlr. nnd Jlrs. Daniel Heenan, Jlr. and
Jlrs. Frank Stntzell, Jlr. and Jlrs. Thomas
Quick, Jlr. and Jlrs. Hugh Qulnn, Miss
Frances Qulnn, JIIss Paulino Statzcll, JIIss
Hebe Benolt, JIIss Delia Flemmlng, Jlr.
John JIcDermott, Jlr. James Fllnn, Jlr.
Thomas Quick, Jlr. Jlartln Dunlap and Jlr.
John Bush.
Lovers of tho violoncello will bo de
lighted to learn that the celebrated Hans
Kindler will bo the soloist at tho concert
of tho Symphony Society of Frankford
on Jtarch 16. The orchestra will bo under
tho direction of Jlr. Van den Beemt and
will bo held in tho now auditorium of tho
Frankford High School.
North Philadelphia
Jlrs. Chris Ebner. of 2855 North Fair
hill street, gave a Kaffee Klatch Wednes
day afternoon nnd a pinochle party in
the evening 'for tho benefit of tho women
of Germany.
JIIss Rose Mlttlcmnn nnd JIIss Helen
Frcld, of New York, spent tho week end
there as the guests of Jlr. and Jlrs. JI.
Engcl, of 1052 North 6th street, who enter
tained in their honor.
Jlr. nnd Jlrs. William E. Hexnmer, of
1935 Wallace street, announco tho engage
ment of their daughter, Jliss Amy JIarle
Hexamer, to Jlr. Walter Ralston Rodgers,
Jr., son of Dr. and Jtrs. W. II, Rodgers.
Northeast Philadelphia
Jlr. Murry Rlngotd, of New York, is
spending several days as tho guest of Jlr.
and Jlrs. Louis Ringold, of 3030 Frankford
Mr and Mrs. G. Wagner, of 2044 East
Ontario street, will entertain the "400"
Pinochle Club of which they aro members
at their homo tomorrow evonlng. Those
present will be Jlr. and Jlrs. Charles
Williamson, Jlr. and Jlrs. Joseph Wag
ner. Jlr. nnd Mrs. Lynn, JIIss Lucy Wag
ner, JIIss Dorothy Wagner, Mr. and Jlrs.
Wilson, Jlr. nnd Jlrs. Lyons. Jlr. and
Mrs Powell. A buffet luncheon will be
This afternoon an entertainment and
party will be given by the Candidate
Branch of tho Girls' Friendly Society of
tho Free Church of St. John, at Emerald
and Elkhart streetB.
What's Doing Tonight
Feeble-mlndeilncBS exhibition. Wldener Build-Ink-Assembly
ball. Bellevue-Stratford Hotel.
Business Bclenru Club meeting- and talk by
Wilbur II lluborough. "On tha Firing Line
With the Germans." Bellevue-Htratforil.
Recreation Centres' entertainment, Athletlo
Flaysround, !6th and Master streets; o'clock.
Urslnus Collego Association dinner, Adelpbla
Hotel. 1 o'clock.
American Philosophical Soolety, 10 South
5th streets 8 o'clock.
Philadelphia Chapter. American Institute of
Banking-, Qrinith Hall, Crozer Building; S
Retail Druggists Association, College ot
Pharmacy; 8 o'clock.
Annual ball. Frallnger String Band. New
Auditorium lull. Snyder avenue und 7th
street, 8 o'clock.
Lecture, on "School Reforms," by Miss
Margaret J. Magulre. Hebrew Literary Society,
Cotharlna and 3d streets; 8 o'clock. '
Debate on "Preparedness,'' by University of
Pennsylvania and Cornell University teams,
Wltherspoon Hall; 8 o'clock.
Friends' Central Club. Houston Hall; I
Bal masque, Bala Auditorium, Cynwyd; I
West Chester State Normal School alumni
dinner, Lu Lu Temple; 7 o'clock.
Blmendorf lecture. "Holland." Academy of
Music; 8:16 o'clock.
Notice for the Society page will be
accepted and printed In the Etcnlng
Ledger, but all, such nothas much b
urlttcu on one side ot tbe gbtr. must b
slgued in full, with. futMldrcs. and
Uti possible telephone nF c( must be
Send all . such communication to
Society Editor," Evening Ledger, 60S
Chestnut street.
Unless these requirement are carried
out 9 bat KrlOratlon may be p,lUl;
tb police will not be published.
l.ii- -., -ww m:
THE musical elubi of the University
gave a concert nnd dance for tho
benefit of tho Southeastern Dispensary
last evening In Horticultural Ilnll. This
charity Is one of the most worthy
In tho city and cares for moro than 1000
women ench year In their own homes, fur
nishing medical attendnnco nnd trained
nurses gratuitously. It haB also becomo
an Indispensable adjunct for the proper
training of tho graduating students of the
Medical School of tho University, each of
whom spends three or four weeks of His
senior year In this service.
Following Is a list of tho patronesses:
Mrs Alexander C Abbott, Mrs. Herman
i ,,. At . ni-illlrt... W Arnptt. Airs.
William L. Harclay. Mrs Arthur P. BaUHti.
Mrs A A. mair. .Mrs. woouvihu uu,;".
Mrs Harrison K. Cnner. Mrs. Unamln
chew. Mrs. . V. Cljde. Mrs C. Howard
Colket. Mrs. J P. W. Crawford, Mrs Will
Inm Drayton, Mrs. Hussell Dunne. Mrs.
Chancellor C. English, .Mrs. Georgo tet
tcrolf, Mrs. William W. Filler, Mrs. M.
Howard HussoU. Mrs. Walter Jackson
Freeman, Mrs. Joseph M. (Inzwim, Mrs.
Arthur W. OoodBpeod, Mrs. Frank Bacon
Hancock. Mrs. It. Emolt Hare, Mrs.
Ilarton Cooke Hirst. Mrs. John O. Hirst,
Mrs. fleorgo Horwltz, Mrs. Charles Pen
rose Keith, Mrs. Davidson Kennedy, Miss
Nina Lea, Mrs. John Frederick Lewis,
Mrs. Cleorgo McFadden, Mrs. Louis C.
Madeira, Mrs. Itlchard Wain Madeira,
Mrs. J. Darclay Mitchell, Mrs Henry A.
Ncwbold, Mrs. Ocorge K. Nitzsche, Mrs.
William Pepper. Mrs. Benjamin Heath.
Mrs. Thomas Heath. Mrs. T. Hudson Itlch.
Mrs. Samuel D. Illsley. Miss Itosengnrtcn,
Mrs. Walter B. Saunders. Mrs Felix L.
Schelllng. Mrs. Edgar T. Scott. Mrs. Mat
thow Semple, Mrs. Edgnr F. Smith. Mrs.
J. Hnrrlson Smith, Mrs. Thomas S. Stew
art, Mis. Ccorgo C. Thomas, Jr., Mrs.
Joepli H. Townsend. Mrs. Charles C. Wal
brldge. Mrs. John Wauamakcr and Mrs.
Barclay Warburton.
At tho next Lyceum Institute meeting,
which will be held on Thursday evening,
March 9. at the Benjamin F. Teller Me
morial Schoolhousp, Broad and Jefferson
streets, nn especially cnjoyablo program
has been arranged. Mrs. Oscar Elscnrath,
whoso charming stories havo been en
Joyed by thousands of readers of the
Saturday Evening Post nnd other maga
zines, will rend one of her short stories,
"Misogynist In the Making." Every one
familiar with Mrs. Elsenrath's entertain
ing stylo and subtle humor wilt anticipate
tho raro treat which her reading assures.
Members of the Precenlutn Club, known
In nmateur circles for their exceptional
talent In light entertainment, will give
presentations of various popular song hits.
Tho pnmmlilPA In rhnrrro of tho evening's
program Is composed of Mr. Leon Berko-
wltz. chairman ; Miss Edith Woll, Mr. Nel- ,
son Harris and Mr. Lewis bucks.
A regular meeting of the Unique Club
was held at tho home of Miss Pearl Burn
htlne, 127 North 10th street, Monday eve
ning. The club gave $1U0 to tho American
Jewish Belief Committee for tho benefit
of the Jewish war sufferers.
Miss Dora Mann and Miss Ethel Mlrsky
were nmong tho guests. Others present
were Miss Jean Baron, Miss Itao Baron,
JIIss Pearl Burnstlne, Miss Essie Deutsch,
Mls Sarah Gerson, Miss Boso Krakovltz,
Miss Ethel Wolf, Miss Ileba Meltzer, Miss
Gertrude Silver. Miss Matilda Levitt, Miss
Marv Segel, Miss Helen Margolis, Miss
Fannie Cohen, Miss Mclba Buxbaum, Miss
Ethel Mlrsky and Miss Dora Mann.
The next meeting will bo held at the
home of Miss nose Krakovltz, 1921 Moya
menslng avenue.
JIIss Mnrcuerlte Gallagher, of 1614
South lCth street, fcntertnlned a number
of her friends Inst evening. The guests
Included Miss Vivian Devlne, Miss Mar
garet O'Connor, Miss Clara Fortune, Miss
Catherine Hogan. Miss May Hogan, Miss
Dorothy Troy, Miss Itoso Troy, Mr. John
McGoe, Mr. Paul McGec, Mr, AVIlIlam Mc
Garvey, Mr. John McCnll, Mr. John Small,
Mr. John O'Donnell, Mr. Daniel Duffy und
Mr. Jerry Denney.
Jlr. Louis -dl Santls entertained nt his
home, 73G Ellsworth street, on Jlonday
evening. Among tho guests were Jlr.
William A. S. Lepetlna, the Madonna
C. C. Sextet, which rendered vocal se
lections, nnd the Jlodern Mandolin Club,
which rendered many musical selections,
under tho direction of Mr. Joseph do
Luca. Tho other guests Included Miss El
vira Preto, JIIss JIary Carfagno, JIIss
Stella Carfagno, Miss Susie Crescenzo,
JIIss Jllldred Crescenzo, Miss Marie JIar
tinl, JIIss Josephine Alosl, JIIss Lens
Alosl, JIIss JIame dl Santls, Miss Ange
lina dl Santls, Jlr. and Jlrs. dl Santls,
Jlr. nnd Jlrs. Anthony do Luca, Mr. and
Jlrs. Frnnk Alosi, Mr. and Jlrs. Domlnlck
Itozzi. Jlr. Jllchnel Capacclo, Jlr. Charles
Caselll, and tho following members of the
JIndonna Catholic Club: Jlr. Frank JIns
sey. Jlr. Joseph A. Lombard, Jlr. Frank
Dodnre, Jlr. Salvatoro Itlcclardl, Jlr. Sam
uel Tornatore. Mr. John Nocitra, Jlr. Al
fred Dl Orlo, Jlr, Itocco Loralo, Mr. Will
Jam Crescenzo. Mr. Frank Tllll, Jlr.
Claude Lanclane, Jlr. Louis Carfagno. Mr
Jeremiah Carfagno nnd Mr. Frank di
Dr. Charles Moses entertained a num
ber of his friends nt his home, 815 South
5th Btreet, on Sunday evening. Supper
was sorved, followed by dancing.
Among thoso present wore JIIss Jeanetto
Moses, JIIss Henrietta Jaffe, JIIss Pearl
It. Itlttenberg, JIIss ftoso Caplan, JIIss
Rose Jleadow. JIIss Ida Moses, JIIss Sue
Piatt, JIIbs Florence Miller, JIIss Hose
Piatt. JIIss Elizabeth Ellenbogen, Jliss
Ida Carter, Dr. Charles Jloses, Jlr. Isaac
Samuels, Jlr. D. Louis Zimmerman, Jlr.
L. JIaurlce Praissman, Jlr. Emanuel M.
Blron, Jlr. Louis Katsolt, Dr. Herman
Jloses, of Newark; Jlr. Samuel Ellenbo
gen, Jlr. Jacob Pomerantz, Jlr. Bernard
Samuels, Jlr. Abe Rosenberg, Mr. Cann,
Jlr. Harry Flshman, Mr. Samuel Gure
vltch. Dr. Jacob Solfer, Jlr. Herman It.
Goldberg, Jlr. Raymond Moses, Jlr. Mau
rice S. Vlteles, Mr. JIaurlce J. TItelbauni,
Mr. Frank Greensteln and Jlr. and Mrs.
David Moses.
The Comus II Club gave a novelty
Leap Year party Tuesday evening. It was
JOc 12J4 Market 20o
10 A. M. to litis P. M.
jjnlque Characterization
Next Weeti- Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday,
Thursday. Friday. (Saturday Charlotte Walker
In "The TraU ot the Lonesome Pine"
Thoif VA MARKET and
YAVDBVILLB Continuous 11
B. A7 UOI.FH Presents
V M fPirmn TTollrrtifQoYi'f
1W U1U J.jrlw 4iui.vil
0-J-rir1-TT 16A. M. tolt.lSP. 1
btaniey marie doro
Next Week Mae Murray A Wallace Raid
1N1A-VXN ata.wiTRiOi cantweu
Tonight at 7 A 9 I WALKER; TINY'l
-i CHESTNUT Bel. ltth
AYYfilJl 10 A..M. to Hasp. m.
ttJlLdUld, Billie Burke
jn "PEoay
Knickerbocker & &
aunmciuuvnci Miu TuM;i vhllrm glt.
held nt Jlr. Well's residence, 3309 North
Broad street, and was arranged by
Messrs. Lelphclntor nnd Elseman.
Tho girls were asked td call for ihe
gentleman ,to bring out the Leap Year
idea. All souvenirs and danco programs
wero specially made for the Occasion
and tho placo cards and dance programs
were hand-palntcd. The guests were Miss
Pauline Abraham, of Atlantic City: Mies
Lilian Roscnzwelg, Jtlsa Illta Wanks, Jit
Lydla Wack, Jliss Leona Lowenstoln,
JIIss Hetene Rains, Jlr. Louis Drelfus,
Jlr. Lewis Well, Jlr. Morton Elsenari,
Jlr. Jlnyer Teldenhclmcr, Jlr. Leslie Blu
menthal and Jlr. sylvan Leiphelmer.
The executive board of the Colcrlo Cluh
held its regular weekly combination din
ner nnd board meeting nt the Bellevue
Stratford last evening In preparation for
Its annual dance to bo given nt Horti
cultural Hall Jtarch 17. Elabbrato ar
rangements and details are being worked
out by the commltteo which bid fair to
surpass anything of Its kind provlous,
The novelties will bo unique nnd prepara
tions nre being made for extensive deco
rations. An executive hoard dlnner-danco will
bo given nt tho Philadelphia Canoe Club
on JInrch 8, prior to tho annual dance
of tho 17th.
Tho following members of the board
were present last c-enlng! Jin Clifford
Koelle, Jlr. Hornro Koon, Jlr. Ed. Pike,
Jlr. F. Edwin Poulterer, Jlr. Ed. Hnlnes,
Jlr. J. Howard Gerhnb, Jlr. Stanley B
Vandersllce, Jlr. II. Hare Lodge. Mr. W
Harry Garrett. Jlr. Herman Knuffman,
Jlr. Robert W. Pollock, Jlr, Gcorgo W
Wllllnms, Jlr. Arthur II. Kinsley, Mr
Wlnflold Turner, Jlr. William F. B
Koelle, Jlr. Jack Potcrman, Jtr. "William
Austin, Jlr. Harry Dotts, Mr. Steven Jlan
ley, Jlr. I. Gutdin nnd Jlr. James Bonner
At a leap year party given nt the home
of Jliss Bessie Ullclt, 3129 Norrls street
Inst Sunday evening the following were
present: JIIss Annn Barken, JIIss Esther
Colin, JUss Cclla Foldschcr, Jliss Ida
Packman, Jliss Bertha Stein, JIIss Jean
elto Ullclt, Jlr. Harry Alten, Jlr. Isaac E
Fclnstcln, Jlr. Joe Glnsncr, Jlr. Simon
Katz, Samuel Dwarys, Jlr. Louis Lip
schutz, Jlr. Samuel Taubman and Jlr
Benjamin Wclnstcln.
The Keystone Minstrel Boys will give nn
entertainment at St. Monica's School Hall,
17th and Rltner streets, on Jlonday even
ing. JInrch 6. Tho entertainment will be
followed by a dance, and Is under the
auspices of tho athletic club. jir. James
JtcCann will bo Interlocutor nnd Jlr. J
Collins and Jlr. J. Dougherty will be tho
end men. The Jllnstrcl Boys havo been
most successful -with past performances,
and much Interest Is being shown In the
now songs and dances which they wjll give
on Jlonday night. Thero will bo a one-act
farce also, given by Miss Vernlco O'Lcary
and Jlr. Joo JIartan.
JIIss Isabel Bradly, ot 3310 North 15th
street, will cntcrtuln Informally on Satur
day afternoon for har guests, JIIss Jlnry
Dochnnt, of Reading, and JIIss Jladellno
Kcltcr, of Allcntown.
The Jllshorrnl ZIon C. J. C. hold Its
Inst meeting nt the homo of JIIss Fannie
Rudnltzky, 7G3 South 5th street. It waa
unanimously passed to give a danco April
5. The president, Jlr. Herman JIalerman,
then appointed a Dance Com) 'Ittoe,
which consisted of JIIss Fannlo Rud
nltzky, Jlr. Jacob Clearfield, JIIss Rotfe
Udowltz, JIIss Clara Herman. Jliss Soph'le
Dramnlck ana Jliss Jennlo Jaepan.- -lie-delegates
to the Council of Jewish Clubs
then made their report.
A TITTIT ,PTTT La,t Matinee Tomorrow
ALJ-lijjrill Tonight at 8.13 Sharp
&",-,. SOTHERN l0 Mt"d BuZr
The Great B-Star AersrreBatlon
William II. Crano Thos. W. Ross
Maclyn Arbucklo Amelia Bingham
Edith Taliaferro and Company In
Tonight 8:15 Tomor. Mat. 2:80
"This little country of whimsical old-fashlon-edness
has no more enthuslastla Illustrator
than this gifted Grandson ot the Netherlands "
50c. 73c & $1 at lleppe's Amph. at Acad. Sto
T VPT"1 Iteeular Matinee Tomorrow
UiXVlV-i Tonight at 8:13 Sharp
JOH WEDER Presents
The Incomparable Musical Comedy lilt
By Henry Blossom and Victor Herbert
"She's a Peach" Press
"Well worth hearing and eeelaff," Public
B. F. Keith's Theatre
Those Funny Tangle-Talkers
Alan Brooks & Co.; Connolly & W'nrkh;
Bert Melrose; Jim & Betty Morgan i Others.
Tinocf This Neat Week. Evrs. at 8 :1ft
rUilcal Matinee Tomorrow at 2(13
Popular Wed. Matinees, 60c to tl.BO
RT? fl A T"l Tnl" Next Week, Eg at 8 1 18
IJXWJU.XJ Matinee Tomorrow at 3 IS
Klaw A Erlanger and George Tyler Present
Tfte Olad Ptav. Bprcading Good CAstr
Beat Beats Sl.BO at Popular Wed. Matinees
CheStnUt bt. Chestnut Bel, Mth. fit
Ot Durborough's Marvelous War Films,
"On the Firing Line With Germans"
Seats 25o from 2 to U P. II. dally wcapt
Saturdays. Alter 0. 8 Bo and 60c Gallery, lie
irUES.EVa.. MARCH 7, AT T:S9FItECl8fcT
K es. Gadskl. Homer; urn. Urtut, Wsll.
Brvun, Schlegsl. Bloch. Cond.. Mr Bodausk
Beats 1100 Chestnut St. Walnut 4S, Race 6T
PowmoIt Lt 3 Weeks. Ergs, at S 30
IjitrriUri Matinee Tomorrow at 3 '20
Beat State U at Popular Wed. UatlaM
WainUL 23c. COc Beg Mat Sat,
Evgs. 25o to 1, no higher
N't Wk. Thurston. World' greatest. Magtciaa
University Museum BIsWi
Illustrated Lsctur by John (leu, vt Nov York
Olrard Ulot St&. Uiekal 361.
XXUICi 1UU Arylne Sloe la "TsaSeMM."
tfatlaw Tuwter. launiiy , JU KalmsW