Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, February 10, 1916, Night Extra, Page 5, Image 5

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Price Beginning March 1, $1450 Detroit Until Midnight February 29, $1350 Detroit
'A f "
The Six-40 Chalmers makes a Gallon of Gas deliver 16 miles of easy, sparkling flight
The "day of the racing car is done. This is the age of the road cai.
It isn't a question any longer of mile-a-minute speed Nobody but
a college sophomore or a Ralph Mulf ord wants that kind of a car.
But there is a quiet, growing, insistent demand for a car of spunk,
that nicks itself up neatly and gets itself under way with a, spirit
to sSMlfflirit that responds in a lively, high-nerved horse to
&Mtor the opera M
without moan or complaint, and rolls away again into the night with
Tgrace fnd "martneTand a liveliness that the traffic cop notes and
r he is, after all, a good judge of things automobile He knows
tt,a eimrofeti ears from the peppery ones, the "light-footed from the
tSagtJ kind from the always-on-Viio-h
variety and he mentally salutes the lively.
Spunk i?a car is needed most not at 70 or 75 miles an hour, but 5
ntid 10 and 15 and 20 and 35 miles an hour.
It comes in handy when you want to go out and go by the man
sLhBYodehmBt when you are taking the other
Stfetoe that you turn a corner every time you hit a
dT -press in the
r 7iVpirTes-a certain ease of control, a peculiar note of con
SaSSSe of fret the feeling of having something secure
andWatobfor"hem G Y?um?n find them driving Chalmers Six-40s
Watchforthem. iou w It takes a good
cWrdl "ong wfth Lne! This & because a minimum of fuel is
translated into a maximum of power through the valve-in-the-head,
overhead cam-shaft type of engine.
You will observe there is no tire-burning speed, no roar of gears,
no" pell-mell driving.
Just a keep-a-going pace, wonderful acceleration, an arrow-like
direction, always four wheels on the ground, no sidesway, and a
peck of pep if you try to tickle the speedometer needle up to 60.
Few can pass her. If you want more speed than that, the
Chalmers Six-40 cannot give it to you.
You had better go buy a Rolls-Royce. Pay the price.
But don't buy a low-priced racing animal. Get a thoroughbred.
It's an interesting kind of a car to own.
' And for day-in and day-out use get one of these Chalmers Six
40s It's got room 124 inches of wheelbase; French finish uphol
stery; nice clutch action; good braking properties; every button and
dial within finger's reach.
And a name on the radiator that has always stood for quality.
The newest Six-40 has just arrived. There are some twenty not
able developments, hidden from the eye, in pistons, connecting rods,
gas chambers and so on. All serving to speed up acceleration.
Bring your wife. She will make discoveries you never knew,
existed in a car before.
Also bring your check-book. Because the price eoesupMrchlBt
to 81450 Detroit Now, and until March 1st, you pay $1350 Detroit
for your Six-40. So come prepared.
Chalmers Motor Company of Philadelphia, 2B225J Brf
Phone. i B.U, Spruea 462, Kejrtoa. Rc 2687
&5 ts
Lawfer Automobile Company, Allentown,
WMaW? Garage, Atlantic City, N, J.
Thomas Hughe,, Lansdwne Penna.
Serfas Motor Car Company, Leh'm ,
Daniel Sutter, Jr., Mt Holly, u .
B. Paul Sheeder, Ppttstown, Penna.
Serfas Motor Car Company, Mauch Chunk,
Penna. ..y ,
Serfas Motor Car Company, Pottsville, Pa.
Chalmers Motor Company of Philadelphia,
Reading Branch, Reading, Penna.
Riley Brothers, Salem, N. J.
C. E. Stille, Tuckahoe, N, J.
Chalmers Motor Company of Philadelphia,
Trenton branch, Trenton, N. J.
Thomas Hughes, West Chester, Penna.
Thomas Hughes, Wilmington, DL
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