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Lies Says Skelly or Match
P IXN'11 Tin DpnlflVPfl
-.ttr lsvii. 10 A. Rprlniln hitch
L. developed In the ncRollntlonB for the
KSi.M-Morrtn bout over tlio selection of
Lfflll "".: ..... ..,..-,1 hv Mm fnllnrn
rVnWoncs. tho chnmploli's mannRer,
K j tv Dorenn, Moron's manager, to
Hre. ,. fpPiin,j which was shown
1 . the Tcfcrco question tho bout might
over u . .
8' . .1 ... e,.- Tni.li Btn1K. nf
i for referee, while Dorfinn want-
Tnill Brown. Jones shouted his (lo
ir at Moron ami OorBnn and said
SSfftM Wlllard ami himself still had
,h money left so that they did not
V5Vt Itlckard and McCracUcn aro
Xpfor tho 10-round bout at tho
. . m.ireli H.
. ti wnrrv hi'u. u.u ,,....,.. . v.v,vuu
Garden "" ' . ....
If The articles of agreement were all duly
K. ii,( itnd J22.C00 In leal money was
PO.i'liw In tho articles signed
riltrday, no mention whatever was
ivTrfs of tho bonus of ?t.u wnicn hick-
W?? ' Ji . wi nrnmlKPil Wlll.inl or
fh IISOO bonus for Moran. Hlclrard and
ttVmeken havo scparato contracts with
ith'WIllard and Moran, nnd both nro
W" "'",., annrulMlnn nf thn State
Athletic Commission.
...,,,-.. I I. receive SIC. 000 for tho
Mul'- Of this amount $10,000 was paid
nlctard and tho other $30,000 Is to ho
rald'to the champion 21 houm heforo tho
F". w Tnn, fnr Wlllanl. nut Ull
:15000 In cash ns a guarantee that Wlllard
' .. ...rti i.i .,. nt llin nnnlrnrt
roUIU IUII1I "a 1"' ........ .........
! . la in tin tin il 320.000 for his
'ihare'ln tho proceedings. Of this amount
com was posted yesterday by Sam lie
Sicken and tho other $ir.,000 Is to bo
U ha i.mira hnfnro the bout. Moran
r L.iT 2Sno Guarantee to carry out his
. Sulfations to tho promoters.
f nfii. .nnrd wnrn Htllhhnrn. With
JJ01U iiia,i.h" ... -'- . .--.--
( Jones having a slight advantage In tho
ItUDBOrnCSS. " momn.-u mi uu.met
Bielly.'pr calling tho whole thing off.
. l '-r-a nr nhnvl Wliltn. .Tim finr.
'belt and Jim Jeffries wcro augRcsted, Imt
I . t.nitrrlit(1tf U"i vnd nil Mlln'tf nqt Intlti
f' wide. Ko pounded tho tablo nnd remarked
.m louu. ruucoua luiiua nuii. v uum wu
llttelly or no bout.
i Tha two managers will meet ngaln this
ifterpoon at 2 o clock and resume tno
..mAnf Tnttnfl ntinnlttinpil flint Willnnl
tlU.IIVV.. ..u ....u....u.. ...... ....
would do all his training In the vicinity
1 01 oviv lumi mm iv jo ajiluivu ...... uiu
i'ehtmplon will arrivo hero In a day or
WO. flioran win ho iu aaruLUBii luuay iu
lian inuiuub.
r O'Brien May Meet Phantom at Norris-
tovn February 22
Young Jack O'Brien will appear In tho
i feature fray of IS rounds at tho Palace
$A. C, Norrlstown, February 22. Ills
Mother, I'hllauelphla Jawn, Is negotiating
nith'Mike Gibbons to come Kast as Little
Z Johrfi opponent. If tho 3t. Paul Phan.
torn Jftciiites to accept tho offer, Kddlo
;' Revolro.or'Joo Borroll will get tho match.
At me same snow Sailor Carroll, wno
proved his punching nblllty by knocking
out Lew Fink, will appear o'n tho same
program. He will meet tho best of tliroo
hiavjrwelghts O'Brien, Is dickering with.
r'ilany Prominent Men to Attend
"Peace Dinner" Here Tonight
TOfl 1?th nnnliql linnnllnt nf tha Tll.lln.lalHl.tn
tftortlnjr Writers' Association, which will bo
(IPf "nni in mo crunu uauroom or tno ilotcl
jwaltra. oromlsea to bo a memorablo ovont,
J?1, "",4W or moro participants can mako up
iuelr minds thnt thpv nrn irnlrin. tn hnvn thn
ftllrn of their lives.
' t WJ oinnor is Known as tne "Peace
4 uu utiuei," imu ma iiai or KuesiK in.
flOWi all the hll? llirlifa nf thn prnnt nntlnnnl
rfimej taraous club mniuiBera and still moro
SB",.,lJal1 Players. Ah a matter of met.
". win oe more prominent men at tno uin-
BCf Utan eiPr hf.fnrA nn.l It tn Itbnltr tint h.
! will hoar ouito a lot of Information re
t. I0?. "10 settlement of the recent disastrous
Al USU3I. tKon, wno ,ha ...,! 11lk.l..n.
JHS-ye'terday. and tho Seating- Committee,
Mteh started Its work last night, continued
'....,he "& hours this momlns BlaciiiB the
BJ, i,ll t itiU(Oli;Ul jtVt.LlJUIIIWl.d
PtSlt:.66 "feive! up to noon today, but lato
k? wmer Will not bo acrnrrlttrl thfl rhnfrn nf eata.
1i&3fe?. "."' tfy concluslon with the "stick
Hatff '"Per team tonlcht in Nonpareil
UI'uiimiSl"v''fhTn t0ry' OVer YfttB at NeW IIaw,n
Ml Ivl.k -."., GU)II1BU Ul II1U OCUB111. ill.
Sit il;". ySegrce of common sense tlKUrcd
6?.imr,S0u,h..coul1' bcat Xala a' Ilanoer.
t alone .New llacn.
SJto, Invades South Phlladelnhla tomor
iuun? 3..i" P'ay , Greystock, The contest
KCft,.A .Ylctory, for Qreyetock will
KUeiihin .. "'S. "eaainir irom me cnam
tM?tkglu' whlle a victory for tho Boors
f " PM them very much In tho ruiuilne.
ttSifilHa.?lect.r'P wanted to win the Indus-
?l3tT;;S',i,u"cn.?0 nueh tliat it contributed
dtUT ! VW Kerr's Une: but even with
D? tefter "no'uP- the Uudl teanl Proved
i b2JSK? 'L1. Play Princeton at Prince.
Waiiy nl.nt' aP'1 ToJ Bberle, bos pol
feuairtPvS?1. ,or 'fe13 Kame. The Uarnet
Jitt a'Jgjf to K through tho season with-.
rSijSK.1 ft? "'ar foul goal thrower, has
Kattlnuinn iii i."ara .uoueite, and a new
InSet wUl bs wfk&l la Ibo remaining
wSS'.!' i"."..! a great help to the
ll tSTGivi'r.;, "ortneast would have done
E 1u iSH had th0 crew captain In uniform
fcth. tJ2" tha.t. wUh Prea G'c In tho
iK ,Uti5l9 ur.Prlse by Dartmouth Is a trreat
lt.i?.?nWvanti. If the Ureen can put
lW? ltB B'ue -at Hanover Saturday niKht.
Ifi wealS'ur. f0r U' tl,Ular honora ""'
What It Will Coat
to Stage Dig Bout
The following table shows clearly
and concisely the enormous ex
pense necessary to conduct tho 10
round bout between Jess Wlllard
and Frank Moran:
Wlllnril's nlmre , f 17,100
?Inrnn' Minre , 22,(100
lent anil rot nf nrenn M.noo
Stnte tax 7,f,oo
J.iprn-rdirlntltu;, oflleeti, nil
rrtlliiir, rnt to fierure
Blcnnlurrs, elc 1(1,000
Total .JlnV.OO
This tux is based on gate re
ceipts of $100,000, showing that If
tho fight does not draw this amount
the promoters suffer a financial
Many Baseball Men to Attend Sports
Writers' Dinner Here Tonight
NRW YOIIK. Fob. 10.-Most of tho baso
ball magnates who woro hero for tho Na
tional League meeting left town today.
Among those who will remain over nro
Carry Herrmann, of Cincinnati, and
Chnrles Wcoghtnun, of Chicago.
Pat Powers, representative of Harry F.
Sinclair In tho disposal of Federal
Ix-aguo players, was tho centre of Inter
est among tho baseball men still In town.
Powers still has Ilvo or six players to
dispose of, nnd there was a great deal of
dickering for bnrgaln prlcos.
Champion's Wife Picks Family's Fu
ture Abode for $13,000
CHICAGO, Feb. 10. .Teas Wlllanl to
day started spending some of that $17,500
he'll get for battling Frank Moran In Now
York next Month. The .hamplon loosened
up to tho tunc of $13,000 for a Chicago
residence, a handsome houso that Mrs.
Jess picked.
Tho champion, who was provented fiom
undergoing his usual sparring matches
yesteiday becauso of an attack of sore
throat, got back Into aCTton today.
Wllllard will go to Hot Springes for a
period of two weeks' stiff training, start
ing early next week.
First race, selling, purse, a.joar-otds and up,
n furlongs Mnrlgold. IM: 'Paulson. H5. 'Mnr
gnrct Kllcn. Ki, Ilcssllcu, lot): Inl.in, tiki;
PVnrnck. 100; Daylight. 100: stubborn. 110;
Miss Prlmlty. HO: Unity. Ill: Jim U. IVi;
O TIa True. US; nusscll JIcOlll. 11.1.
Second race, selling, nurse, 4-yonr.oldH and
up. (,'. furlongsMlss Oenplet 101: Mimlci.
Hll; 'Zall. inn; Uiura. WO: Itnval Interest. 107.
Snrdelln, 10S; Iird Wells, IDS; Snlll Allen,
IU: Kdmond Adams, 114
Third rnce. selling, pursp SIOO. H-ycar-olds
nnd up. II furlongs 'Itcllcctlon. US; Klntliuili,
10(11 Cl.irlbcl. HC.l; Sprlngmass. ICI; Im-hgaliili-hlc,
111; Southern Gold, 111: llclfast. Ill:
Sonny Hoy, 114. '
Tourth race, polling, nurse .'1-ye.ir-oIds ami
up, li furlongs Dmlly 11., !(. Ueilltry. H;
llrown ITlnce, 10S: l'nco White. 10s. l,oulso
Tnivers. loll; 'Malik, 101; I'rontlcr, 111; Cop
pertnwn. Ill: Iamb's Tail, 114.
Fifth race, selling, uursc. 4-nir-olils and up,
mile 'Coin, ltri; lien t'neas. 101; Sun tluldo,
ltH: 'Tenner. 104: Foul Mat. Ml: Almml.i l-nw-rnnce.
10.1: Day Day. Mil. 'Sim Jon. 107; liluo
Mouse. 110; Lady Ilankln, 110, Water Ltid,
111: Centnurl. 112.
Apprentlco allowance clnlmcd.
Whllo Willlo Ilannon nnd Frnnklo Monro nro
exchanging punches fbr Intcrscctlonnl lionora
at tho llroadway Club, Voung Jack Inland
will be endeavoring to cross his southpaw
slam on tho chin of Joe O'NcIl in tho wlnd.up
at tho Douglas Club tonight.
Tho programs follows:
First bout-rat CI'Malley, Smoky Hollow, vs.
Hurt field. U. S. S. Oklahoma.
Second bout Johnny l-oughroy, Oloucestcr,
vs. Tommy Jamison. Schuylkill
Third bout Whltcv Fltzgernld. West Phila
delphia, vs. Joe Illrd.Southuark. ,
Semlwlnd-up-Kld Slmms, Denver, vs. Hddjo
R.'indo, Southwark. ..-..
Wind-up Willie Hannon. Point Breeze, vs.
Franklo Moore, Southwark.
First bout Leo Flynn. Richmond, vb.
Frnnklo Conwny, Camden. .... ti
Second bout Phil Itvan. Fnlrmo2t. vs. I at
Mauley, West Philadelphia. w.rrv
Third bout Mnxlo Wchster, Grays terry.
vs. Matt Conlln. Jlanayunk.
Semlwlnd-ui Ford Mungcr. Kalamazoo, ra.
Ireston Smith, 10th Ward. , . --,.,
Wind-up Voung Jack Toland. ltth Ward,
vs. Joe O'Nell, 20th Wnrd.
Frankle White. Little Italy's flstle' 'pride,
wtio hopes to become tho leading light, plgllls
tically. of that section, followmg In the foot
steps of Hilly W Ills. FTiiddy Corbctt. ronimy
Howell and 11 llrudley. wl".."'. "1
ring harness nt the Olympla Club ! fbruary ' -l.
He will bo opposed to Solly Woods, another
Italian, who hulls from FlatbusD.
The final fray at tho Quaker City, tomorrow
nigh? wUl brTng together" K13 Broi. . of H :hen.
andoah. and Danny Ferguson. Lddlo Mullen
S: r,u v.C ,i. i-S ifnn m a return match
at the Fonparell Club.
Somo good boys aro being developed I In the
amateur boxing tournaments now WS
ducted at the People's Theatre. The bouts
are nnen to ull amateurs and are held Tuesday
Young Hurry. Jimmy llutrhes. Kid Ijalev.
lMdte i Muillnf Buck o'nrlen. Leo Flynn. K. O.
Myera Willie Ure?n. John bawspn. a, middle
weight from Tacony who looks ke the com-
his last four bouts by the K. o. route.
Joe Borrell will display hi; flitlo n":"'0.
fore an Allentown audience tonlghf. The Ken
ilnStonlan will tackle Jackie Clark In a IB.
rourid bout. The Allentown promoter has un
"ouncod that ho will match the winner with
Jack McCarron.
Evening Ledger Decisions
of Ring Bouts Last Night
OAYETY Charley Ctmplhl defeated
nemiy Moore. KM Chappie brut Johnny
Contello. Young IValley won front I'rf
Allen. KM WuHute trimmed Younir eU,
Jack Ohms drew ltli Joe I.okuii,
JJEW YOIIK lohnny Ertle won from
Terry Martin. Sllke Krtle Uefeuted KM
Miirtha, I11U Defoe outfought Hush Hod
den. HUVI'ALO Ted Lewis und Soldier
HurtOelil drew.
Fortieth Birthday of Na
tional League Celebrated
in New York
SEW YOIIK, Feb. 10. They nto tho
dovo of pence at tho anniversary dinner
of tho National Lcnguo nt tho AValdorf
Astoria last night. It was good Ico cream,
too, They made speeches nnd drank
toasts, and altogether they mado merry,
for tho denr old National Lcaguo la 40
years of ago, and thoy gathered to cclo
brato In rltting fnshlon.
On tho corner of Great Jones street and
llroadway, In 1S76, the Nntlonnl League
was born. Long slnco It reached tho ago
of discretion (In splto of reasons to doubt
It nt times In tho last two or thrco years)
Hut now that It has reached n tlmo In Its
life when dark days, momentarily nt leait,
have passed, nnd when tho futuro looks
bright nnd prosperous, It was only moot
and proper that Its birthday should bo
eclobrated and that It should tako tho
form of n dinner.
(lathered about the hoard woro men of
affairs In tho professional and commer
cial life of tho city and country and base
ball owners magnates Charles II. lObbcts
Insisted upon calling thorn and those men
lost no opportunity to express hy tonguo
or handclap their Interest In tho great
national game and their sympathy for a
sport which ranks with tho greatest and
Sparo Is lacking to mention moro than
a fow of the COO or moro who sat about
t!u tables, but a few may be named.
John K. Tericr, massive and mannered,
president of tho Nntlonnl League, pre
sided, and ho made n speech, too a
rather short speech In which ho said:
"Kvery nation has a sport It calls Its
own, and as wo bcllevo that tho United
States Is destined to sit at tho head of a
table in tho councils of tho world (great
applause), so wo believe bnsebatl Is des
tined to bo tho greatest game In tho
world, even ns It Is tho national gamo
In this country."
And then he wound up by adding "Ilase
balt Is tho banner of American sports
even as Old CJlory Is tho banner or sym
bol of American liberty."
This was tho cuo for tho band, which
struck up "My Country 'tis of Thee," and
everybody sang.
Then there was August Herrmann, ro
tund and rosy, chairman of tho National
Commission; Colonel John Jacob Iluppcrt,
handsome nnd dignified, nnd Captain Hus
ton. Jovial and Jolly. Comptroller Premier
gast. who was introduced as ono of the
most popular city officials, denied It.
Senator Morgan J. Hulkeley, former Gov
ernor of Connecticut, nnd the first presi
dent of tho National League, made a little
speech In splto of tho protest of tho "head
of tho family." Colonel A. G. Mills, tho
third president of tho league, also had a
fow words to say. as did Charles II. Eb
bcts. Irvln S. Cobb, William II. Taft and
Dudley Field Malono among others.
George A. Graham, representing tho
press, made, perhaps, tho homo run of tho
night. Ho analyzed tho development of
tho gamo and showed how It had grown
from it "stick" to a column. Yes, baseball
Is popular. .
Shoot Ends in Triple Tie
WHITUMAItSH, Fob. 10. Not n single
straight score wns registered In tho Fort Side
Inn dun Club's regular weekly white Ilicr
shoot at If, birds. Thrco Philadelphia gunners,
Davy Paul, Isaac Knowles nnd Sam Ocheltrce.
shared the honors In the ITi'blrd competition,
liieh ono of tho Quaker City trio gathered ull
but ono bird, scoring II. "Izzy" Hoffman
won second money, with i:i on his score card.
Fanciers' Banquet Tonight
The fourth annual banquet under tho auspi
ces of the Kensington Kennel Club will be
held tonight, at Mosebuchs.
Star Will Represent
Racquet Club for
First Time in Tuxedo
Park Competition
PHILADELPHIA will pin Its faith to
Ita newest club recruit In tho competi
tion for tho Gold Racquet championship,
for many years ono of tho most remark
able of America's a'.Motlc championships,
tho event to bo dectfted at Tuxedo Park,
N. Y beginning today and llnlshlng on
Sunday. The player from the Racquet
Club who will ropresent this city Is
Joseph Wear, playing In this competition
for tho first tlmo as a local representa
tive Tho remarkable play of Wear for the
last two months decided tho Rucquet Club
to enter him in the big event, ho being
the only entry from this city. Heretofore
Wear's play has been almost entirely con
lined to doubles. He held the champion
ship In doubles with Dwleht Davis two
years ago and played In tho finals this
year with George Brooke as partner.
This season he has played considerably
with Jock Soutar in singles, and as he Is
strong und rugged he has come to the
front rapidly In single play. He will have
his work cut out, for among tho men op
posed to him will bo C. C, Poll, the na
tional amateur singles champion and
holder of two legs on the Gold Racquet.
The other entries aro Stanley G. Mortimer
and George St. George, of Tuxedo; Joshua
Crane, of Boston; Malcolm D. Whitman,
W. W. Hoffman and Cyril Hatch, of New
The feature of the tournament will bo
provided on Sunday, when Jock Sautar,
the young Itacquet Club professional, who
holds tho world's championship at ruc-
Tex Rickard, on riRht, and Sam McCrackcn. They will stajro tho
ten-round match between Champion Jess Willnnl nnd Frank Moran
at the Madison Square Garden, March 8.
Fans Rebel Against Methods and Object to
Continue as the Gold Goose Few
Matches Draw Big
MONEY-MAD tactics of modem dny
boxers are riding the grand old gamo
of flstlculllng to a stato of collapse.
Although promoters in this city have
been attracting capacity houses, from
practically every ring ccntio of Import
ance In this country como reports of a
noticeable falling off In tho attendance
at boxing contests, and men who lollow
the trend of the times In affairs pugilistic
unhesitatingly declare that tho lighters
and their grasping managers alone nro
to blnmo for this regrettable condition.
In searching for tno cause of decreased
patronage, promoters havo found conclu
sive evidence to show that tho fans are
wearying nnd rebelling against tho fren
zied financial methods of so-called stars
of pugilism and beginning to object to
continue as tho golden goose that fattens
tho purses of this gentry.
Instances where boxers nnvc earned
from J5000 to J15.000 and $18,000 for ap
proximately 30 minutes of actual fight
ing nro so numerous that they causo
little comment at tho time, but when tho
fighters In question begin to boast of
their earning power, rather than their
lighting prowess, then tho public starts
to nit up and tako notice.
Tho money received ror c nnd 10 round
battles by (lstlc celebrities often repre
sents tho amount that makes up tho
average man's yenrly Income. When tho
worklngman or sinnll business or pro
fessional man begins to think seriously
of this discrepancy In earning power ho
resents tho fact that tho averago lighter
Is capablo of drawing down enormous
pay for his services.
Boast of Earning Power
Investigation of present-day conditions
has demonstrated that this feeling on tho
part of tho general public is tho root of
tho lndlfferenco that is affecting tho box
ing game.
In tho old days, when fighters really
fought, weeks wcro spent In preparation
for ring engagements. Today conditions
aro reversed. About all the training somo
of these notublcs do Ib a. day or so of
quels, will play a match with Jock Mul
llns, tho New York professional, who is
camping on tho trail of Soutar.
Plot by J. P. McEvoy
(Copyright: 1010: By Tho Tribune Company)
shadow boxing and road work, nnd then
they nmiouncp loudly that thoy nro lit
and "eager for a hard battle.
Recently the public ptlnts carried tho
story that the ambitions managers of
Ted Lewis and Charley White were In a
spirited dispute over tho earning ability
of their respective scrappers Each man
ager called attention to tho long list of
engagements that his man had filled,
quoting llgures of purses received and
outlining a list of futuro battles that
would keep the boxer busy Indefinitely.
In some cases it was stated that two
matches woro scheduled for ono week.
It Is Incidents like this that havo sick
ened the paying public of tho boxing
game. Naturally, It stands to reason that
when n lighter hus so many engagements
to 1111 his innln object when engaged in
battle will bo to protect himself from in
jury, and he accomplishes this by adopt
ing safety-llrst tnctlcs. Tho result Is that
the match le clops Into a boxing exhi
bition rather than u light, and tho fans
who havo paid nut good money to sco a
real scrap do not get an honest return for
their coin.
Need Co-operation
These match-making mothods of certain
boxers piobably could ho curtailed, by tho
way, If the commissions that hnvo control
of the spoil In tho lending fistic centres
would co-opet.ite to put n stop to tho
practice. It ought to bo n simple mntter
to adopt a uniform rule barring a scrapper
from engaging In matches too closely In
succession, nnd If this rule Is backed up
by another one which would suspend a
tighter for several months If he failed to
put forth his best efforts In a light, then
tho evil besetting the sport would quickly
bo eliminated. Thero would bo honest, de
cisive lighting then and not so much Jab
bing and clover footwork.
When men like Ketchel, Papke, McGov
crn, Corbett, Cans, Wolgnst, Nelson, etc.,
wcro In their prime tho gamo flourished
nnd prospcted, but the present-day meth
ods of cortuln lstlc celebrities, who aro
safety-tlrst boxers nt all times, cannot
help but make pations sour on tho sport.
It hns been noted that slnco tho stnrt of
tho present season thero have been only
Ilvo matches that drow receipts running
Into ilvo llgures. New Yoik city had
three of these. Now Orleans ono nnd St.
Taul tho other. In practically every other
boxing ccntro tho average gate for a show
ranges from $2000 to JSOOl It takes a
match of exceptional promlso nowadays
to draw out tho funs. In tho metropolis
thoy like tho ring mastodons, nnd any
tlmo tho headllners In this division are
matched a big house Is sure to result, Tho
Crescent City Is partial to tho mldgots
and lightweights, whllo tho Saintly City
falls hard for any attraction In which
tho peerless Gibbons Is featured.
New York Money Centre
Tho big matches of tho 1915-10 season
to date drew gates as follows:
McFarland-Glbbons J58.000
Moran-Coffey 22,000
Moran-Coffey 28,000
Glbbons-Ahearn 23,000
Williams-Hums 13,000
New York naturally has been tho big
money centre, but thero Is only one match
now remaining for tho metropolis that will
attract tho coin In bundles from fight
fans. This Is the proposed heavyweight
tilt botween Wlllard and Moran. Receipts
of $100,000 aro forecasted for this con
test. Minnesota enjoyed Its record gate under
legalized boxing when Gibbons and Ahearn
met recently. Thero are two matches in
sight for tho Twin Cities that would ex
ceed that amount, ono bolng a bout be
tween Cllbbons and Dillon, the other with
Gibbons nnd Darcy-
jgP f Clearance
1101 Market St. 1317
. "Wells Hats wear weir-.
Scholastic Basketball
Schedule for Today
Rmith rhtti. High Itmerrr T. Cler
mnntnnn High Second, nt (jrrmnntonn
Trndrs School Indoor color contests, nt
3d Iteglmrnt Armory.
man school i.KAaun standing.
(First Teams)
Won Lost P.O.
Centrnt High .1 11 .r.no
Northenst High .1 .1 .5(10
R. I'lillailrtphln High ... .1 a .fiOO
W. rhllndelphlii High 3 3 .300
(Heeond Teams)
Won Lost P.O.
P. Philadelphia High ... fl I .8.1.1
W. Philadelphia High 4 2 .007
Northeast "lull . t .533
Central High 1 S .100
The Artlnn Howling League bowlers rolled
good pcorca In their weekly matches last night,
and na a rcnult the competition ninong the
til tenmt, whl.'h Include about 100 or moro
nctlvo bowlern. tho races In lioth sections, con
Mnue to bo Interesting In section A. the Adel
lhl quintet, runner-up, nttempted to halt the
upwanl march of t'nilenlown No. 1 tenm. but
won only ono game, and that' wns tho tlnnl of
tho series. To get lhl Mctory tho team was
forced to snook down 10.1U pins, tho host slnglo
game t.ital of the night. For ttiulrnlonn,
Kline showed the best results, 021, ho being the
leader In his team's scoring, with counts of
221, 1111 and 201. Adclplil'B dig totnl wbb ro
conled through tho go-nI work of tho entire
smiad. Mrt'orkell got 221, Thels 173, I.lpsey
Ml, Lambert 20". and Fry 212, which, Willi tho
3-1 handicap pins' allowance, counted 10W.
Northwestern eauad waj In splendid form and
won all thrco games front Pennsylvania by
gooil-slrcd mnrglns.
The Houston) had to work hard to win two
of their three victories over Ilortram, After
capturing the llrst game by 101 pins, thoy won
tho second by 12 pins nnd gained the third by
8 pins. Hill's 21.1 totnl being aluable.
Spartan grabbed thrco games at the rxpenso
of the tell end I'rogrcsslves, and In doing so
Kayes had the honor of being top Hcorer for
tho night. He got OM for thrco games, be
ginning with 211, then 221 and llnlshlng with
Tho result of the Artisan Section It games
resulted lu Northwestern No 2 team rolling
Into n tie with Umlrrdonn No. 2 for llrst plnce.
The Northwestern team met ndellty on Term
inal alles. winning all three games. In ench
It managed to show slight superiority over
Klilrlllv fenlors, 111,1 In tho opening gamo for
Northwestern being tho highest single gnmo
of thla scries.
t'nderdown had to battle with thn fast trav
eling (.clilgh squad, and as a rc.iult of a U20
acoro by Knapp's hopefuls they dropped tho
List game.
Only thrco men In tho 21 games rolled by
tho eight squads of Section IJ. Artisan teams,
renched tho double century mark last night.
Tho honor roll Included nilber, of I.chlgh, with
217, llnlger, of Undcrdowu, 207; V, lleck, of
Oak l4Mi, with 2U7.
Accounting team Is rresont leader of tho
rhlladelphla Hlcctrle League tourney, hiving
won three ganvci from Motor, tho llrst by HIT
tn 01,1 score. This wns sumo feat, ns Dllty
Knox Is a member of tho Meter tenm. Taylor,
for iho winners, occupied tho limelight with a
total pin tally of 00'.). Ills best cITort was 221
In tho llrst game.
Sam JIcFall got back Into form with Hcoros
of IM, 201 and 207 for Supply, who lost two
games to Station S.
The results of the second series of second
round games of tho Philadelphia lllcctrlc seems
to Indicate that tho battlo will be evencr than
Underground totaled .Vvl pins ngalnst Instal
lation In tho first game, but substituted Free
man for Haber In the second game and grad
ually Improved and won the next two games.
Tho best acoro of the series was Roberts' 1K2
In his third game for Installation Lounsbury
was next best with 170 In his second game.
Keystone Lcugue teams nro to meet ng.ilh
this ecnlng.
Tho Strawbrldso & Clothier Lcaguo teams
nro scheduled for their weekly games tonight
on Casino Alleys.
1-ntry blanks for the National Association
championships are nbout to be distributed.
This ecnt Is to tako ploco In New York, start
ing March IS. Tho local meeting of tho branch
IS' to bo held on Monday next.
Schmidt to Play at Home
TlALTIMOItK. Tcb. in The report that
Charlie Schmidt had repented of his decision
to retlro from the diamond anil after a con
ference with Clocfse Stalling had expressed
his willingness to guard llrst base again for
the llniitnn Uraes h.u como ns a surprlso to
the butcher boy. Sehmldt said that ho In
tended to stick to his business, nnd that the
only ball he will play tho coining season will
bo with the Wallbrooks. one of tho clubs of
tho Intercity Lcaguo here.
WMw Bjjl fflgraK
GET OUT of the rut! Simply
being dissatisfied with your
present position will not secure
another one for you. Get busy! Find
the right connection. There is always
a better position for those who have the
ambition to seek it. Buckle down to it
today. Place an ad in the Ledger's
Classified Columns. Big business men
will read it.
Such a Son-in-law
Speed Boys Defeat Central.
All Teams in Line for
Cage Title
A glanco at tho standing of tho fbur
teams In tho High School League will show"
that Central, South Philadelphia, West
Philadelphia and Northeast havo an aver
age of .500, which tells the story of the
"present worth" of theso quintets. This Is
tho result of West Philadelphia High
School's 3 to 23 win over Central High,
With the series half over and tho, (cams
on tho homestretch It Is still ns much a
mystery ns ever ns to tho ultima to Win
ner, and tho students and officials, of all
four schools nro equally confident of car-,
rylng oft tho Dutch Company Trophy.
In fact, thla spirit of optimism Is not
only evident among tho coaches and of
Hclats, but within tho ranks of tho play
ers ns well.
West Philadelphia earned Its victory
yesterdny, for It was a clean-cut win ant!
tho llrst in two years for the Speed Boys
over tho Crimson nnd Gold. Mearklo warn
steady In his foul goal tossing, with It
out of 111 throws to his credit. Ho mado
snvcii of theso In tho first half out of 10
chances. McCnskcy had four field goals, ,
whllo Gross, Hubbnrt nnd Plnkqrton each
landed ono from difficult angles.
Prnnkford High and Cormintown High have
Joined tho Intcrscholnslle Tennis Association
and will pliv out tho league schedule or
matches ratlllcd nt the meeting held ottn
I'onlml High School yesterday, when Prof.
Ilobert M. llrookfleld. of Central High, was re
elected president nnd Professor ICnowlton, of
Episcopal, vice pre.tdont. .
1'ror. Clinton A. Strong, of tho I'enn Charter
School, who has always been so active in
tonnla nffnlra nnd who has coached so many,
title liams at l'enn Charter, Is secretary and
treasurer. ,. .
The season will open April 22. when Pcnn
Charier nnd Camden High School clash at
Camden High's grounds.
The schedule:
April 22. Penn Chnrtor nt Camden High: 24.
Central High at .plscopal Academy, JVost
Philadelphia at Trankford. Oermantown High
at Northeast High, Hwarthmore Prop at Gcr
niniitnwn Aondemv. Penn Charter at Camden
High; 2H, Episcopal Academy nt WCBt Phila
delphia, Fnmlcford High nt Central High.
Northeast High at Penn Charter. Bwarthmor
Prep nt Orrmantonn High, Camden High ot
normnnlown Academy. 2S, Frankford High, at
Swnrihmore Prep: 2:. Central High nt West
Philadelphia, Germantown Academy at uer
mautown High.
May 1. nplsconal Academy nt Northeast High,
Oermantown High nt Central High. Frankford
High at flrrmantown Academy, Swarthmpr
I'rep at Cnmdon High; a, (lormantown High
at Ilplsrop.il Academv, Contrnl High at, North
eist High, Camden High at West Philadelphia,
l'enn t'liarter at (lormantown Academy; 4,
West Phllidclphla at l'enn Charter; 5, Epis
copal Academv at Snarthmoro I'rep; 0, ucr
mnntown Academv at Central High, Camden
High at Frankfort High: S. Germantown
riulemy nt episcopal Academy, Northeast
High at Swnrthmorc Prop. Oormnntown High
nt West' Philadelphia, Frankford, High at Penn
Charier, Central High at Camden High: 10.
nplsrnpnl Academy at Camden High. West
Philadelphia nt Swarthmoro Prep, Germantown
High ot IYnnkronl High, Northenst High at
(lormantown Academy, 11, Penn Charter at
Central High: I'l. Swarthmoro I'rep nt Central
High. Germantown Academy nt West Phila
delphia, Frankford High at Northenst High,
Camden High at Oermantown High, 15, North-
east High at Camden High. Penn Charter at
Swarthmoro Prop 17. West Philadelphia High
at Northeast High. Germantown High at Pcnn
Charter, lb, Episcopal Academy at Pcnn
Would Be a Comfort
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