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hiird Cinderella Cotillon Will Be Held Tonio-hfc in
ficBosc Gardens of the Bellevue-Stratford The
upera jjubu xNigau a -pnuiant Affair
.. ...-ita Cotillon, which will
ft? . " it., ihlrd tlmo this scnson,
5 ! hA jorm of a black nnd
$dnf ,,, will nnncar on tho
i.:...M really It Is tho easiest
B , -7..,. nil.. Tho gucatB will ho
'mstimm --
"rii Charlton 7arno.ll, Mrs.
kf" J; ,n of Wilmington, and
CmrT i-nu-i -. - ,. ni..
mZ cotillon will ho led hy
Wl' .' - rtover Davis.
TLr.llaa seem to grow In pop-
plf "". Thcro will ho oov
PW r ore tonight'- affair.
ISS Bosongartcns will enter-
r .rA her brother, joo itosenBr
fei a dinner at tho Notions'
ff" rlfl Mrs. Harlow C. Voor-
.. ' ..-lain at Lo Coin. d'Or,
IfflUie Emotf McMlchaela will also
... hal there is bo uiu k"'"k
k? I a was irfvcn mado the
& night a brnan ovc u
linn Aloe Van rtensseinors u.u -
H., ,, after tho opera to a
f IS representative number of people
3 ?.. ..c whom woro tho
rlole 'PEL tuwm. of Toronto I no-
W Stotesbury walking alone
JTnd tier promenado Introducing
gKl -atron to all. I do not
?..?, i,.vA ever seen so many gor-
1T, gowns at any performance this
W. .'. t r.mic niddle had a won-
SIT creation of rich yellow velvet
LilC. onino uuui.u "
E,t,te red rose. In tho Henry Pratt
"' , .1 Afro Plmrlln
Kan box wero . """-":
rriiM. the latxcr '" '
and Mrs. Ben Chow. Mrs. Henry
Lan Coxc was wearing a handsome
. nf creen velvet, and Mrs. Georgo
Ming looked especially well In white
2,t. .ni silver. There were very few
(I the younger crowd there, though I
spy Mary uonicn mm uuu iwu
otters. As for tno auuiunuu "
Smenade. they even used opera
l&sjej last night to gazo upon tno
itlfe, and some of tho elite actually
Ssft the grand tier to walk about up
Jtiln. among them Fannie Stotesbury
Mtchell and Eleanor Hopkins.
lit seems too bad that Philadelphia
Ju so little variety In tho plays pro
ceed each season. Think what It
muu'to have an Invitation to go to a
tftitre party and supper Pino times in
jf) weeks, and to discover that the
thole nine parties are for tho same
Sow. One small debutante announced
filch; that Just that had happened to
ktr. She had been to ono musical com
St ro often that all tho performers
letmcd to recognize her when she came
the box.
ilXndte nL0.? lho rtance' "111
r. ana aire. Ocrrltt P. Judd.
iertnlnM" ProTlM! Locust street,
brld va,i u,ncheon. followed by
were Mrs nnlun "crno?- Th,c Wietta
nn n- BoVJ'orl Enrnslmw, Itrs. Clin
IlShn nZVKl W": ""old Oaylord, Mrs.
iiulso and Mrn. ClllTord Hawley.
nnMnrr3i'i?la,rt! V- Cadwalader, Jr., will
Mr. tn.liSt7K "cr t1" wl" ncIudo
J A ?t(Cphld5:' Mrfl- ""' Maybln
lim If UM christno niddle, Mrs. AVIIU
Irv ' P2.nner- Mrn' Arthur McIbs, Mrs.
Phla Cadwnladcr: """"' a"a a S-
Rm!.rh,,ST!10TBA' Scott Thropp. of 400
South 13th street, will Blvo a luncheon to-
nfMiti"V!r5.Ir3 "cnry Augustus llerwlnd,
Sfnnli ,YnInu' street, will entertain at
ulnner this evening-.
n,MtiJ' 2nrdnfr Cassatt. Miss Cnssntt
and Miss Eugenia Casatt, of HIS Spruco
! r,nm ?W r',celV0 tl,ls afternoon from
4 until 0:30 o clock.
Mrs. Thomas Do Witt Cuyler and tho
Misses Cuyler, of 16th and Locust streets,
will bo at homo Informally this after
noon after i o'clock. No cards have, been
Mrs. James Montgomery Willcox, of
yuianovn, will lcavo this week for boa
ton, where alio will be tho Bucst of Mrs,
IijbenD. Jordan, whoso daughter, Miss
Dorothy M. Jordan, will bo married to
Mr. Monroe Douulns Robinson, of New
orlt, on Friday, February 18.
Mrs. Joseph A. Ttoussol will entertain at
"""i" '" "iicrnoon at ner nomo In tho
rsnvy lard.
Along the Main Line
JIGniON Miss ImoRcn Goeldnrd. of
Lynn, Mnm Is tho guest of Mr. and Mrs.
S. Larle Haines, of Heath load.
Mr. and Mrs. Tliomns Itohorts. Jr., of
Balrd road, aro spending the mldv inter
season In Hawaii.
.r. nnii -urs. Jieiva Schwartz and their
SOm , r" A,ltlony Schwartz, of Houpton,
will leave tho latter part of this month
for Atlantic City. Mrs. Schwartz has Just
returned from a short visit nt the shore.
ARDMC-rtn-Mrs. C. Frederic C. Stout
of Glenn lnne, who is visiting friends In
Washington, will return homo tho Inst of
Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry Parilard, of Cricket
terrace, nro receiving congratulations on
the birth of a son.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Alexander Campbell, of
An) more, have returned from a two
weeks' trip to Bermuda.
VILLANOVA Members of St. Rita's
Society of the Church of St. Thomas will
give a euchro and dance on Wednesday
evening, February 10.
Miss Kllzabeth Morris, of Villnnovn,
has roturncd from n visit to Atlantic
ROSEMON'T-Miss Rosallo Dolnn. who
has been spending several weeks with her
grandmother, Mrs. Thomas Dolan, of 1S03
Walnut street, left on Monday to Join her
parents at Aiken, S. C.
Photo by Carl Kttmeheclc
Miss Bnlrd is the attractive
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Bnirtl nnd one of tho sea
son's debutantes. She will attend
tho dance nt tho Navy Yard to
morrow night.
Dinner Given at Manufacturers' Glub in Honor of 25th
Anniversary of Marriage an Enjoyable
Affair Other Entertainments
itny dinners and suppers have been
ed by the patronesses for the St.
Bit concert and ball which Howard
UUeyhas gotten up and which will
h held at the Bellevue-Stratford a
Wk from tonight. Seldom has there
ftea luch a distinguished list of pa-
trenejses, and wo are expectantly
mittng the event, which will he ono
cf the most unique held In this city.
M only have tho very host artists
wlunfeered their services, but n dls
t&jnUhed prima donna, Mme. Lydla
wclte, who was ono of tho sensations
stOfear Hammerstein's London Opera
Home, will be heard. Mme. Locke will
las the "mad scene" from "Lucia"
ud the grand nrla from "Tho Pearl
Jf BmU
1 Jffle will wear a wonderful gown that
mi has had especially designed and
sate for this occasion. It is a marvel
Mi creation of silver cloth and green
Jirfede, with a gorgeous headdress of
Jnrris end an osproy feather. Tho diva
gju also wear her pearls, which aro of
tnawal beauty and lustre. A collec
JJta of flawless emeralds will completo
costume. Mme. Locke has never
keard In this city, and a number
Sf New Yorkers will come over for her
Mfowng the latter will be Mr. Victor
Hbert, the composer, who Is an alum
3 of Villanova Colle over which
23utu"9n the,Rov. C -'-s M. Drls-
j-f, .uu mien no .i- -euu oi mo
fwtlnlan Order In the United States.
9 list of patronesses, which al-
J2V Included manv nf tho leadlne-
5?sen. of the city, was this week mi en.
:-S?H- y tho names of Mrs. Charle-
tower, Mrs. James P. McNlchol,
5. John King Van Rensselaer, Mrs.
ip Thompson Spencer and many
STt MaVOr SmIIVl nnl Mra CmKI.
SB Mso attend as the guests of Mr.
jg rs. John Connelly, who are In-
giwq among the box holders.
IS'".. Frederick C. rjurnnf has Usunl
WM?'iuf a lun!heon at her home
, nittenhouae Sauara on Tues-
ruary 15. at 2 o'clock.
John w n -.j ...
- A nC . v4cioe una jmiss ton
'tt'Sriu !twyni1; Rosemont, have sent
f .v. .ucauays ln i.-ebruary.
W. InA -.r- .
... jjj.g, KODert M. nirvln T--
Iin?!.-? -par- at their home in
Mrs. Joshua Ash Pearson, of 431 West
Price street, will give a bridge on Satur
day, February 19.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Thomas B. Dunn, of Allen
lane, will slvc a dinner on Friday even
ing. Miss Slgna Fornaris, of New Orleans,
who has been spending part of the winter
with friends In New York, will nrrlvo on
Friday to be the guest of her cousin.
Miss Catherine Cooper Cassard, of 33G
Pel ham road,
A number of Ocrmantown women are ar
ranging nn Armenian Bazaar to be held
next week nt the old Wolstenholme prop
erty at the corner of Greeno street and
Chelten avenue. The house will be artis
tically decorated for the occasion: there
will bo rus weaving nnd rug mending and
a cozy corner whero real Turkish coffee
win oe served. All churches of tho com
munity aro combining their efforts to
make tho bazaar a huge success. Money
is greatly needed to help tho Armenian
sufferers and the public Is cordially In
vited. On Monday evenlnc the admission
will be by invitation only.
Armenians In costume will servo Per
sian tea, and altogether the affair will bo
novel. Among thoso who are Interested
in making tho week ono of particular en
joyment to men and women of German
town, are Mrs. Frederick Perry Powers,
Mrs, i.obeit Downs, Mrs. J. V. Bclvllle.
Mrs. Melvln II. Harrington. Mrs. W. S.
Pilling; Mrs. Bernard J. JCewman, Mrs.
W. N. Johnson, Mrs. Polly Graham and
Miss Wllllts.
Mrs. Edward T. Comfort, of 29 East
Per.n street, has returned from tho shore,
where she spent the week-end, and, with
Mr. Comfort, will entortaln at dinner on
Friday evoriins.
I'hoto by Photo Crarters
The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Vomer, who will be guest of
honor at a theatre party and supper tomorrow night which will bo
given by Mr. and Mrs. George Peterson.
Along the Reading
Friends of Mrs. J. WeMey Pullman, of
Greenwood avenue, Wyncotc, will be glad
to hear of her recovery from her lecent
operation and that she Is recuperating
at her home.
The Missionary Fund Committee of
Wyncoto will glvo a benefit dance at
Heochwood School on tho evening of Feb
ruary 26. Patronesses of tho affair will
bo Mrs. Horace G. Fcttcrolf. Mrs. How
ard S. Eckels, Mrs. J. Wesley Pullman,
Mrs. Benjamin S. Sanderson, Mrs, Will
iam T. Prlnglc nnd Mrs. Charles A. Hob
bins. Tho Eclgo Hill Country Club or
chestra will furnish tho music.
Mrs. Edmond Brlcklcy, of 4911 North
12th street, Losnn, entertained the mem
bers of hor "300" club yesterday after
noon. Those present were Mrs. Adam
Tletz. SIh, U A. Wright. Mrs. Edward
Homlllcr, Mrs. Frank Huckel, Mrs. Har
per Gibson, Mrs. Itlday, Mrs. Manwarlng,
Mrs, Ocorgo Hnuser, Mrs. Montsomery,
iMrs. Edward Weber and Mrs. Joseph F.
At tho regular monthly meeting of the
Independent Firo Company, No. 2, of Mc
Kinlcy, the followlns olflcers were elect
ed: President. Mr. John T. Crldland; vice
president, Mr. Thomas McKcohnn, Jr.;
recording socrctary, Mr. Frederick Kern
morly; llnauclal secretary, Mr. Meredith
Klnselln: treasurer, Mr. Jpmcs Dough
erty; chief, Mr. Patrick Whuloii; first as
sistant. Mr. Frank Lane; retjond assist
ant, Mr. Albert Slielmlre; uliectors, Mr.
Patrick Harklns and Mr. Thomas Mc
Kcohnn. A euchro and dnnco will be given
tomorrow evening' by tho organization.
Tho Women's Club of Somcrton held
an open meeting Saturday afternoon at
Ervln's Hall. Mr. Charles Edwin Fox,
Assistant District Attorney of Philadel
phia, gavo an Instructive lecture on "The
Child of the City Streets and tho Utility
of the Juvenllo Court," and Illustrated
his address with CO lantern slides.
Tho Cynwyd Club will hold open house
on Washington's Birthday, from 2 until 6
o'clock In tho afternoon. There will bo
Mr. Itaymond de H. Fuguet, of Now
York, will visit his brother-in-law and sis
ter. Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. de V. Keefo,
this month at their home on Llanberrls
road, Hala.
An extremoly quiet wedding will take
plnco today at 4 o'clock ln tho Second
Presbyterian Church, 21st and Walnut
streets, when Miss Elizabeth Eystcr Mc
Cown, daughter of Mrs. Frank C. Mc
Cown, will becomo tho brldo of Mr. J.
Morgan Lister of Germantown. The
brldo will bo unattended and will wear a
traveling suit. Mr. Lister will havo Mr.
Sheldon F. Potter ns b03t man, and thero
win bo no reception. After nn extended
wedding Journey through Florida and the
West Indies, Mr. and Mrs. Lister will ho
at homo after April 1 at tho Burlington
Tho marriage of Miss Sarah Amllla
Robb, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank
Firth Robb. of 3809 Chestnut ctrcet, to
Mr. Richard W. Cuthbert, Jr., will bo
qulotly solemnized today at noon at tho
Church of tho Saviour, 3Sth nnd Chestnut
streets. Tho Rev. Robert Johnston, rector
of tho church, will offlclate. Tho bride's
only attendant will bo Miss Helen Mc
Chesney, of New York, and Mr. Herman
Cuthbert, of Newark, N. J., a brother of
tho bridegroom, will act as best man.
A wedding breakfast nt Hamilton Court
will follow tho ceremony, only tho lmmo
dlato families and a Tow lntlmato friends
being present.
fm on SaturdJ'y -i
r!enr! , r . .
'IU5ori 5if. " M"- "" Penn Sm,,h'
IftiiSVr0! will regret tr !,-, ihJ
lBWth2 i-her room ot no Ritz-Carl
' w HBiern nirsnir -m i
SWS.,?' J1"" home' JW South
'Sandw Vt. V aernoons, Feb-
I " Washington. " y"'le
feMZev-x, "orcer Rhine-
SKr Kln'Tr"0!': SJ'"
Aubrev Tin ...
fw oroce.. . ;:.- r"u ?
t u .".eJ V mony where
Mr Tni m"u iSL.5M
West Philadelphia
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Newton Haag
will give a dlnner-danca this evening at
tneir home, 4837 Cedar avenue. Their
guests will Includo Mr. and Mrs. Alexan
der M. De Haven, Mr. and Mrs. D. O.
Eaton, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fell Lukens.
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison N, Diesel, Mr.
nnd Mrs. Henry Rogers Swope, Sir. and
Mrs. Louis Kates and Mr. and Mrs.
Martin P. Olynn.
MIsa Mary B. Landell, of Hnmllton
Court, 39th and Chestnut streets, has re
turned from a visit to Atlanttc City,
Mr. and Mrs. W"'lam V. Long nnd
their daughter, Miss Anne D. Long, of
411 South 4tt!t street, ana MIbs alary J.
Long, of the Normandle, will leave to
morrow for an extendea visit to Florida,
Miss Marguerite M. Carrlgan, of 4907
Walnut street, has been visiting her sis-ter-ln-aw
at her home. 16 South Boston
avenue, Chelsea, for several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs, John Calnan, of 1437 North
Vogdes street, are receiving congratula
tions on the birth of xa son, Edward
Charles Calnan.
Mr, and Mrs. Jordan Homer Hartzell
gave a dinner on Saturday evening at
their home, 1702 West Erie avenue. Pink
roses were combined with violets In the
attractive decorations, and corsage
bouquets of violets were presented to the
women. The guests included Mr, and Mrs,
Ceorge ShattcU. Mr. and Mrs. John Noth
hardt, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Kins. Mrs.
Elizabeth Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. William
Stewart. Mr. and Mrs. Evan Badger, Miss
Bessie Cook and Miss E. Neva Hartzell.
Mr. A. Elchel. who has been the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. tfan. of 3728
North 18th street, hai returned to his
home in Richmond. Va.
Mrs, W. Burt Thompson, of 2209 West
Ontario street, save a tea yesterday aft
ernoon far Mr. Thompson's mother, Mrs.
James Thompson, of Fort Washington,
who with Mr. Thompson, has been her
guest for several days.
Mrs. Harry R Blanck. of 1304 McFerran
.,,..) entertained Informally last ven-
ami Mr nui,,..i ,..,.! ;. ..' i inrlndlnv the sewlntr club
. B sk wml xss I oKh 'Bra.tS. n3 ; '. - i
Miss Amy du Pont has returned from a
short visit to Atlnntlc City,
Mrs. C. Marshall Barton entertained
her Blstor-ln-law, Mrs. Carlyla Barton, of
Baltimore, Md., over the past week-end.
Miss Suzanne Speakman left last week
for New York to spend several d,avs.
From there sho will go to New Haven,
Conn., and then to Ithaca, N. Y., whero
she will attend the Junior prom at Cornell
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Canby and
Mrs. Christopher L. Waid and daughter
havo returned after spending a fortnight
at Atlantic City.
Mr. and Mrs. Wlllard A. Speakman aro
spending a week In New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Scott nrrlved
home from Palm Beach last week. Colo
nel and Mrs. Edmund G. Buckner will
return home from there this week.
Mrs. James Bally entertained at auction
bridge on Saturday afternoon, In honor
of Mrs. Joseph Bally, of Pittsburgh, who
Is here for seveial weeks.
Camden and Vicinity
Miss Dorothy Earley, of 313 North 6th
street, vlll entertain at cards on Satur
day afternoon.
Miss Ruth Freeman, of 4th and Linden
streets, has gone to Montclalr to attend
Mrs. William S- Scull, of 6th and Cooper
streets. Is entertaining her sister. Miss
Oakford, of germantown.
Mrs. Walter J. Stnats, of Merchantvllle,
formerly of Camden, gave a card party
for the benefit of the Island Heights
Yacht Club. Most of the guests were
summer residents of Island Heights.
Mrs. George Holland, of Ridge avenuo
nnd Gerhart street, will entertain at
luncheon and cards tomorrow, when her
guests will bo Mrs. Harry II. Thompson,
Mrs. A. L. Adams. Mrs. Mary Mott, Mrs.
Elmer Pflstercr, Mrs. William II. Hag
Bert, Mrs. I'axson James, Mrs. John A.
Strusc, Mrs. William W. Wilson, Mrs.
Benjamin F. Hendren. Mrs. William Amos
and Miss Edith Itlghtcr.
In connection with the celebration of
tho tenth anniversary of the Young Wom
en's Clulstlan Association of tho Falls of
Schuylkill thoie will bo a tea on' Sat
urday for the Junior Aid Committee of St.
Timothy's Hospital, at which an address
will bo made by Miss Mary Peacock. This
will be followed In tho evening by a cos
tumo entertainment, "Girls In Other
Lands." Other programs Include: Febru
ary 13, Jubilee vesper services for girls
from 12 to IS; February 19. "Girls of Yes
terday and Today," hlstoilcal pictures of
Association life; February 20, vesper
services, with an address by Mrs. Charles
Ganger nnd solos by Mrs. Elmer Lowo
Hntchins; February 26, "Ploneor Day,"
address by MIsa Elizabeth Wilson, of the
National Hoard, followed by n tea to sub
scribers and nn exhibition of gymnasium
work, and February 27, "Rejoicing Serv
ice," address by Miss Wilson.
Mrs. John Relble, ot Hermitage street,
gave a sewing party last night, at which
surgical towels for St. Timothy's Hos
pital wero mado. During tho sewing cur
rent topics wero discussed.
Mrs. William Edward Shappell, of Man-
nyunk avenue, entertained tho members
of the Roxborough Auxiliary of Camp
Devltt Informally last evening.
The Roxborough Dancing Class will give
another of Its ccrl-s of dances on Friday
night at tho homo of Miss Jean Phillips,
C429 Ridge avenue.
.Mr. and Mrs, Phillip Goll, of Montgom
ery avenue, will entertain at dinner Sun
day afternoon In honor of Mr. and Mrs.
George Wllhnanns, of 1S3G West Venango
street. Miss Marguerite Goll will bo tho
guest of honor next week at a dinner
dance given by Mr. and Mrs. Howard D.
Long nt their home, on Old York road.
There will be 60 guests.
Mrs. Albert II. Dlsston, of 6642 Torres-
dale avenue, Tacony, will entertain at
cards tomorrow afternoon. On Saturday
evening Mr. and Mrs. Dlsston will also
give a card party.
Miss Edna Ynrwood entertained the
members of her sowing circle last eve
ning at her home, 4459 Frankford avenue.
Her guests were Miss Edna J. Reynolds,
Miss Josephine B, Mulvena, MIbs Linda
Phrelfall, Miss Caroline Altkens, Miss
Marguerite Braff. Miss Alma Davles and
Miss Agnes Abraham.
Northeast Philadelphia
MIsa I4a Quass. of Virginia, is tho
guest of Mr. and Mrs. L. Harris, of 825
North 7th street, and during her stay
many entertainments will bo given for
Miss Sara Luber, of 1847 North 8th
street, entertained Miss Lucy Slonlm, of
Hornoll, N. Y nt a tea. Those present
wero Miss Dorothy Bnrsh, Miss Helen
Cohan, Miss May Goldstein, Miss Bessie
Luter, Miss Bella Pressmnn, Miss Fan
nlo Welsman and Miss Frances Press
man. A minstrel and dance will bn trlvon
by the Burnt Cort qiee Club nt Hanley's
Casino on March 2.'', ' ,
A surprise party was given for Miss
Florence O'Noll, of 2312 East Huntingdon
street, by her friends on Saturday eve
ning nt her home. Thoso present were
Miss Elizabeth Murray. Miss Anna Ron
nie, Miss Anna McGinty. Miss Beatrice
.larvis, .-miss ttooerta Jarvls, Mr. John
Dougherty, Mr. Thomas Cunney, Mr. Juck
Lannahnn, Mr. Frank Monahan, Mr. Gus
Schulto and Mr. Harry Welsh.
The annual supper and entertainment
given by tho Ladles' Aid Society of tho
Beacon Presbyterian Church, at Cumber
land and Cedar streets, will be held on
Thursday evening, March 9.
Mrs. Louis N. Goldsmith, of 1332 North
Franklin street, entertained at a dinner
last week In honor of Miss Florenco D.
Albus, whoso betrothal was recently an
nounced. Tho guests wero MIsa Edna
Smukler, Miss Leonore Davis, Miss Sadye
Rosen, Miss Rebecca Cherry, Miss Dor
othy Wolfe. Miss Sndye Udltsky, Miss
jwui .uuiier, auss Frances Albus, Mrs.
Louis Rosen and Mrs. Goldsmith.
Tho Northeast Junior Christian En
deavor Society will hold Its meeting dur
ing this month on Sundays at tho home
of Mr. and Mrs. Kcssler, 2120 Huntingdon
of 220 East Sedgwick street, Mount
Airy, celebrated their 23th wedding nnnl
vorsary with a dinner nt tho Manufac
turers' Club on Saturday evening. Spring
flowers wero tho decoration. Among
thoso present wero Mr. and Mrs, Thomas
Phlbe, Mr. and Mrs. James Henry, Mr.
and Mrs. Robert McNeil, Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Orleman. Mr. nnd Mrs. Albert
Gnndy, Mr. and Mrs. Ira W. Barnes, Mr.
nnd Mrs. Octavlus Law, Miss Loulso Swo
boda, Miss Mildred Swoboda, Mr. Fried
man Brown and Mr. Georgo Gllckmnn.
A society has Just been formed for tho
purposo of promoting lltorary activity
and encouraging sociability. On Sunday
a meeting wns held at the homo of Mr.
Joseph N. Gorson, at tho close of which
Mr. Herman 11. Berlin delivered an ad
dress on "Assassination and Intervention
In Haiti." Among those present were
Mr. Gilbert Fleishman, Mr. Herman II.
Berlin, Mr. Joseph N. Gorson, Mr, P.
Paul Polakoff, Mr. Louis Rubin and Mr.
Louis Rosner. Tho next meeting will bo
held on Sunday at tho homo of Mr.
Louis Rosner, 233S Kensington avenue, at
which time Mr. Gilbert Fleishman will
deliver nn address.
A surprise party was given In honor of
Mies Ethel Kern, of 3614 North 13th street,
to celebrate tho anniversary of her birth,
on Saturday evening. Tho party was ar
ranged by Miss Helen Rocknfoltor nnd
Miss Kntherlne Witty, and all credit Is
duo them for the cnjoynblo evening that
was so well spent. Among thoso present
wero Miss Lavlnln Cnrr, Miss Grace Dur
yoa. Miss Dorothy Gngo, Miss Myrtlo
Williams, Miss Ethel Kern, MIS9 Mildred
Kern, Miss Helen Bean. Miss Mao Kllllan,
Miss Natalie Boycr, Miss Miriam Sulli
van, Mr. Merle Duryoa, Mr. Clarence
Williams, Mr. Herbert Quay, Mr. Elmer
Quay, Mr. William Quay, Mr. Raymond
Kraft, Mr. E. Bertram Wright, Mr. Fred
erick Greer, Mr. Samuel G. Hopkins nnd
Mr. Do Forrest Volgtsbcrgcr.
Mr. and Mre. Louis Well entertained
lost week at their home, 62 North Salford
street. In honor of their daughter. Miss
Tholma J. Well, who celebrated her 17th
birthday. Among thoso present wore Miss
Catherine Chently, Miss Catherlno Moore,
Miss Yctta Morauskl, Miss Sadlo Moran,
Miss Alberta Longaker, UIlss Fannio
Daniels, Miss Nora Payne, Miss Augusta
Hirst, Miss Gertrudo Stern, Miss Etta
Stein, Miss Helen Goldman, Mls3 Cath
erlno Kane, Miss Mlnnlo Lerncr. Miss
Cecilia Landow, Miss Selma Katz, Mls3
Mary Woods, Miss Jnno Schelndcr, Miss
Lillian Schlderer, Aliss Gladys Well, Miss
Adellno Well, Miss Ruth Well. Mr. nnd
Mrs. E. Bltncr. Miss Anna Wolfe, Mr.
L. Anderson, Mr. Albert MIddloton, Mr.
Joseph B. Fay. Mr. William Trcaoy, Mr.
Joseph Haplcr, Mr. Milton Stern, Mr.
Abraham Goldstein, Mr. Charles Fried
man, Mr. Benjamin Wilson, :Mr. William
Kirn, Mr. S. D. MoyCrmnn, Mr. Louis
Lyons, Mr. Jack Harris, Mr. Benjamin
Shapiro, ;tr. Edward Murphy, Mr. L. Leo
and Mr. Paul Jones.
Mr. John Sclfrldgo, Jr., of 2437 South
Molo street, wilt entertain at his home
tomorrow evening. The guests will bo
Miss Lydla J. Schmidt, Mr. Alfred S. Cox,
Jr., Miss E. IMay Leonard, Mr. John
Pockworth, Miss Edna Allen, Mr. Ray E.
Selfrldge, Miss Margaret Pylo, Mr. Paul
Johnson and Mr. Charles Littleton.
A surprise party was gtvon to Miss
Beatrice Llpschultz, of 4603 Haverford
avenue, on Sunday evening, ln honor of
her 19th birthday, by hor mother. Among
thoso present were Miss Jean Lcwln, Miss
Elizabeth Kret, Miss Fern Slbcrt, Miss
Mnry Oxman, Miss Tda Gcrton, Mis3
Sophia Gcrton, OIlss Henrietta Llpschultz,
SIlss Eva Oxman, Sir. Bert Benjamin.
Miss Esther Bernhardt. Miss Dolly
Burns. Miss Beatrlco Llpschultz, Miss
Gert Goldfus, Miss Mlnnlo Lyman, Miss
Ida Bennett, Miss Jennlo Hersher, Mr.
Louis Hersher, Sir. Harry Bnrntz, Mr.
Jnck Weiss, Mr. Meyer Gilbert, iJIr. Sam
uel Ross, Mr. Harry Shore, Mr. Samuel
Suklns, Mr. Charles Gross, Sir. Gus
Singer, Mr. Louis Davis, Mr. Harry Sl
bcrt, Sir. Jack Bramnlck, Mr. Leon Velll,
Mr. Irvln Llpschultz, Mr. David Llp
schultz. Mr. SI Lowln. Mr. Ralph Sher
man and Mr. iMnrtln Kane.
Entertainment was furnished by Mr.
Jack Weiss, Sir. Harry Baratz and Mr.
Louis Hersher nt tho piano, and Sir.
Samuel Ross and Sir. Sleyrr Gilbert, who
gavo vocal selections. Dancing followed,
Kohn, Miss Henrietta Hoffman, MIsa Gert
rude Ratner, Miss Rcba Stern, Miss Daisy
Cohen, Miss Lillian Cohen, Miss Violet
Nelson, Miss Lottie Clnsko, Mis, Frances
Flshor and Stlss Anna Coprlnsky,
Mr. Jerome Knskoy, Sir. Alfred Fclu
man, Sir. Leo Hoffman, Sir. Frederick
Ratner, Sir. Abraham Ivlnsteln, Mr.
Slartln Cohen. Sirs. .!nr,i, rni, vt-
Samuel Levy, Mr. Joseph Ratner, Mr, Sid
ney Abrams, Sir. Herbert Levin, Mr, Jnck
Lovln, Sir. Bernhard Levin, Sir. Isadoro
bcliaffcr. Sir. nnd Sirs. II. I. Levinstein,
i. n.'V? Mrs' Mnvor Feldman, Sir. and
Sirs. Mitchell Ifaskey, Miss Rose Levin
stein, Miss Lucille Lovinsteln, Sir. Sam
uel Lovlnstcln, SIlss Roba Wlllnsky, Mr.
? ,, v'". Mr. Frederick Rudnlck, Mr.
Julius Rein nnd Mr. Joseph L. Rein, of
SIlss Rosa Ij, Shapiro, of 609 Pine strcot,
entertained at hor homo on Sunday eve
ning. Among tho present woro! Mies
Fnnrilo Oxman, Stlss Reba Eager, Mlog
SIolllo Gelber, SIlss Estclla Katlln, Mr.
Abraham Cohen, Mr. Louis Rosonblum,
Mr. Aaron Roscnblum, Sir. Ooonr
Hchwnrtz. Sir. LudWIg Molnar, Mr. 1L
Joldelbnum and Sir. Howard Lannln.
SIlss Fannie Oxman played several piano
solos. Tho latest dances wero exhibited
by SIlss Rose B. Shapiro and Sir. Oeorge
SIlss Tlllyo Bnrmaoh, of 611 South 2d
street, entortalncd tho Gem Delta Club,
,n wiucji sno is a mcmDor, on Sunday.
Thoso present wero: SIlss Mary Cooper,
SIlss Dorothy Uaskln, SIlss Yclva Flom
lngcr, SIlss Sllnnlo Gross, Mls3 Mary n.
Ehrllch and SIlss Goldlo. Rademan. SIlss
Jennlo Frank was entertained as a guest.
Delaware County
Sir. and Sirs. E. J. Bcrlet, of Ridley
Park, and Sir. nnd Sirs. Georgo Scott
Graham, of North Philadelphia, havo is
sued carda for a. costume danco at tho 6U
James on St. Valentino's night, Monday,
February 14. Tho guests will bo tho mem
bers of their dancing class.
"Tho Neighbors," by Zona Galo, will be
produced by members of tho Twentieth
Century Club on Tuesday afternoon, Feb.
ruary 9. Mr. Ncall Slatslnger is coach
ing tho play and the cast Includes Sirs.
Robert L. SIcLcan. Sirs. Andrew S. SI.
Young. Sirs. Paul Lachonmeycr, Sirs.
Robert D. Taylor, Sirs. Horace F. Griffith,
SIlss Ruth Wundcrllch, SIlss Allco Star
shall and SIlss Stary Galbralth. Sirs. X.
Byrne Dougherty Is managing tho affalr.-
Slr. L. Slorris Hall, ot Ridley Park,
has gone on n business trip to Pittsburgh
Tho Spring Haven Country Club will
glvo a supper-danco at tho clubhouse
February 21. Sir. T. Ellwood Allison is
chairman of tho Houso Committee, which
has tho danco In charge.
Sirs. J. L. Beaver and family, of
Llanerch. havo gone to Atlantic City for
a month's stay.
Tho Darby branch of tho Needlework
Guild will hold n rummago sale on Friday
and Saturday.
Sir. nnd Mrs. G. S. Wllsey, of East
Lansdowno, will leavo today for Buffalo,
where they will livo In tho future.
Mr. and Sirs. Andrew Jlycrs, of Aldan,
nro entertaining Sirs. G. Wellwood, of
Sir. Charles Jones, of Allentov,., Is vis
iting Sir. Joseph Buckley, of Stowaid ave
nue. Jliss Slarlon Ocstcrlle, of Linden ave
nue. Is suffering from a broken nrm.
The Country Club Dance Committee
will hold dancea on Washington's Birth
day, St, Patrlok's Day, Easter Slonday,
Memorial Day. July 4th. Anniversary Day.
Labor Day. Columbus Day, Thanksgiving
Day and New Year's Eve. Probably
others will be arranged, for If advisable.
Sirs. Foulds, of Blnghamton. N. Y,,
spent the week-end with her daughter,
Mrs. Aaron Stevenson, of Wenonah.
Sir. Thomas Scott, of Frankllnvllle, lis
visiting his daughter, Mrs. D. SI. Wedd,
of H1U itriwt.
The Rev. Howard Thompson and Mrs.
Thoropwn. hive lftfor PensaooJa. FJa.
Miss Lillian Harris, oj: Ptnnsgravo, Is
vUltin at Mje hem or Mrs. George
North Philadelphia
Sire. Le Roy I, Walker, of 22M North
13th street, entertained at bridge yes
terday afternoon, the game being fol
lowed by a buffet luncheon. The guests,
who are members of the card club of the
hostess, included Mrs. Thomas F. Seward,
Jr., Sirs. William Datz. Mrs. William
Wright, Sirs. Norman Ulnwechter, Sirs.
William Jarden, Sirs. C. Herbert Stoer.
Mrs. William Reeve, Mrs. William Lynch,
Sirs. Walter Peterson, Sirs. William
Sautter, Mrs, A. Irvln Voss, Mrs. Wil
liam Campbell, Sirs. Clarence Palmer
and Mrs. Frances Vetterleln.
Mr. and Mrs, Horace Loeb, of 1726 Green
street, have gone to Atlantic City to re
main a fortnight.
The Second Kneisel Quartet Concert
The Kneisel Quartet returns on Thurs
Cay evening, February 10, for Its second
concert of tho season In Wltherspoon Hall,
under the auspices of the department of
muslo of the University Extension Society,
The program to bo rendered follows:
llratims ....Quartet In A minor, op. 01, No. 2
Alloyro non troppo.
Andante moderate.
Allegretto yl ace-tempo dl mlnuett.
Innate. Allerm non a,Ml
Beethoven.... Quartet In q major, op, IS, No. 2
Adagio cantablle allegro adagio.
Scherzo (allegro),
Allegro molto quasi presto.
Beethoven.. Caatlna from Quartet In B flat
, major, op. 130. '
Jean Sibelius. .Two movements from Quartet
... . In D minor, op. 50.
(Voces Intlmao.)
Allegretto (ma resante).
What's Doing Tonight
A regular meeting of tho Doracn So
ciety took place nt 405 Wharton street on
Slonday evening. Sir. Abraham J. Slorrl
son presided, and the Entertainment
Committee announced that tho danco
given Saturday evening nt Casino Hall.
721 Dickinson street, proved both a social
and financial success.
Arrangements were mado at this meet
ing to havo regular monthly dances and
also to engage Lu Lu Temple for a
Slay hop for Slay 6. Tho committee re
ported elaborate plans under way for a
country dance to be hold on the ove of
Purlm, nnd a Dutch supper Is to bo given
In honor of some of the hard-working
members of tho organization.
SIlss Ida Nameroff. SIlss Eva Slashbltz,
SIlss Katherlno SI. Davis and Sir. David
Savcrnick wero appointed as an addi
tional committee.
Sir. and Sirs. II. I. Levinstein enter
tained Sunday afternoon In honor of tho
10th birthday anniversary of their daugh
ter, SIlss Ada Levinstein. Tho guests In
cluded SIlss Natalie Feldman, SIlss Hilda
AVlllnsky, SIlss Bella Kohn, SIlss Theresa
FORREST Tonight at 8:15
Matinee Today at 2:15
"When the rlpht plrl comes along;
When tho ritht girt strikes the gong,"
Now that THE RIGHT
and has struclc tho gonR of popularity
with a ble rcsoundlnir tans that has
been heard all over Philadelphia,
Heat Scats $1.60 m Topular Mat. TODAY.
intry i.ira coirerence. Cham-
The ninth annual ball of the Slammoth
Social Club will be held at Vfaelzer Ca
sino Hall, on North 7th street on Friday
A, euchro and promenado JiH be held
tomorrow evening at tho VIMtatton As
sembly rooms, Lehigh avenue md Potter
street. The proceeds will be timed over
to the Cathqlle Day Nursery. JU8 North
Hancock street.
Mr and Sirs. George Hurts, of Acad
emy road, have Mr. Hiutz's mtber. Mrs,
William Hurts, of Boston, Mas, a their
Four-Stats Count
ber of Commerce; 7:43 o'clock.
lecture. "The Emigrant Question." by
Inula Mward Lavy, Houston Hall. University
of I'ennsyltaida; 8 o'clock. Free. '"
Lawyers' Club reception to Justices of Penn
yjvanla Supreme Court, Bellevue-Stratford
Hampton Institute meeting Wltherspoon
Hall; h o clock.
Schmidt String Quartet concert. Little Thea-
, V O W V4UVB,
Cinderella Cotillon, Bellovue-Stratford. 8
o clock,
Chester Medical Society meeting. Walton Ho
tel; 8 o clock.
City History Society of Philadelphia. Hnr.
ma School for Girls; 8 o'clock. Free.
Officers of Home and School Association
meet, Shlppen School, I'Jth and Cherry streets;
a o clock,
rroscenlum Club. Teller Memorial Svhool.
Broad and JeKereon streets; 8:10 o'clock.
Dance, Ladles' Quaker City Motor Club, Ho
tel Walton; 0 o'ofook, '
Fellowship Club, Horticultural Hall; 8:15
o clock.
Annual ball. Jewish Sheltering Heme, New
Mercantile Hall; (i o'clock,
Fathers' Afsoctatlon of Frankford High
School. Old High School Building: 8 o'clock.
BROAD Mat. Today TA0T
Klaw 4 Erlarser & Oeorje Tyler Present
The Glad Vlay, Bprtadtng Good Chetr
Throughout Alt Fhlladelvhta.
Best Seats 1.W at Popular Mat. TODAY.
Garrick Mat.Today s jw
Best Seats J I at Popular Matinee, TODAY
lOo 12H MARKET -10
A. SI 11 P. M.
Pauline Frederick
N. Y. Winter Garden's Greatest Revu
With the Same Great Cast, Including
numuiu una aiAitix.n .mil,i.i;h
A flQlr-Vii TosltUely Last 0 Times.
"wmiu 0t 8;jo.
Notice for the Society pago will be
accrpted untl printed In the Kfrnliur
Ledger, but all such notices must bo
nrlttrn oq one side of the paper, must be
signed In full, with full address, and
uuen possible tclrvb-one number must be
Stud all such commutUcatlous to
"Society Kdltor." Ettnln; Ledeer, 0s
Cbestuut street.
Unless thtMi requirements ore carried
out so that irrlUratlon may be possible,
th notice nlU not be published.
10 A. M to lljlS P. M.
"His Picture in the Papers"
Jsran QV ":ia A. M 11:13 P. M.
- ?
SAT., ut 2:30 .TtJIU Switzerland
Tkkm M. Wc- l t HPf'. AjH See-
" F- Hopkmson Smith
MeClees Galleries, 1607 Walnut St,
If you like u irlrly show replete nlth haunting
melodies. extrunfrant spectacles and one lone
HiiGerins laugh-test, see this "Passing Show.'
Next Week Seats Tomorrow
The World's Greatest Entertainer,
Last Pop. $1 Mat Tomor.
Presents J.-x tmwco ULUH
In Edward, Knoblauch's Masterpiece
Most (lltcuased play ever presented In Phils
NEXT WEEK seats tomorrow
l-HXj-Li. vaj-j MAIL ORDERS OW
gn. SOTHERN "NmISue0
B". F. Keith's- Theatre
Mclntyre & Heath
Both Scored a Triumvhl" Evening Ledger.
Homer B. Mason & Marguerite ICeeler; Josls
Heathers Dunbar's Maryland Singers;
Frank Orth and W J. Douley. Others.
Presented by the North AmsrUan
Pbotographwl by "Daredevil" Durboreuzb
AFTER 0 P M.. 2Jc AND COc.
fyrVc, Iheatie juniper ts.
A. M. to 11 P. U. 10c. lie, $o,
"Handicapped Girls" jfiSiSSU
Novelty Minstrels Ywtoh $&VKn.
trr 1 A. Pod Mats. Tuu. ThUM.
WaUlUL 5c 50c lteg ,Mt. at,
Company. Trujtss. CitujiieriUil Trust TiuJU-
gigs SSc to ?l. no hUayr-
PJSJffiCraARA in "Kilkengy'
NIXON 2g?i? JSf
Hso J$ NofiBttit HUiustH ktvltki. :
Aiwrieaht&s: YUowTicket