Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, January 14, 1916, Night Extra, Page 15, Image 15

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ike Superior Income 5s Under Pressure Alliance In
surance tiompany uiviaena increased gen
eral Philadelphia Market Steady
Lait.te-t ln--" l -
mslhle- ior m-nndeinhia rUock,
in shArci ci in F th(f
clmnse mi ,"",... " .,, too shares
- ... f n iimliivi iti hi -
l!?n A-ip. and then support ap-
'" ".' . it., ni-lin rail oil to 4".
so Hint
orru '..,. i.i, nil nctual sain or
' V5 for tho dnj Tlio decline was
,"n,. Ilnnthv because It oc-
2'i7 btherwie-c utroim market.
tfred ln "' . !. Hrlnl district dp-
Ladta arounu ii.T "" . ., o
5,1 the fact tlint thete la quite at
i.i.lvd accumulation 01 nwrii ii
The P"J,lc n beeri' 00t,,lnK ln
Mfkct to n onsiiicrnmc cvicm. m
W" I.i.- ...HeVtl hv llic sncctacular
. Vcored by tlic i-o-cnllctl "ar
Slw? Tor liifllnnce, four Now York
ft J . ...t.nti.ir tMin nt?trrPEftlt
tos. "S"-1 :""iVi--; " iiiiwtMt ;,.i
M,A.'T:.'.i ilm linivv borrovvltiR that
K l . I.nvn linpll foirnl to
F?r.!S -imlnat their lilK HiwcululU
O ne-
""!3 a..- r Hiixn Hi mi n tear hko
rniU. Uliu " "- ...,.. .......
'"i.. I.nrrnn ntr 55.UUIMUU. Willie louny
STmm atanU t fcK.WO.OOO. The result
L' been a general marklnB-ttp of
RnTrtmic; roi additional collateral
UPAnSt nart lmvo met with ready
MMf, hut hero nnd there, m In the
P" . i-m n, nrpniintn have been
!t . ., ii',.,.i,inilin. Thn lilnh oolnt
sreta in-- !""
itpXT -JtffrtMf. lOO.Mnl bush. There wan
BcSl.tVii'i r.i.Mr.1 n. i.iiia.-t
IftSiSi Rertlpls. 10.141 bush. Hupp le; wero
Ifflfsnd the tnsrket n. unlet at '?""'
' ..llnm. MMISSC. HOUUiern ycnun, -v.r
hK&T-i!). bush.. T
Trntle va
ififrt tf. " .,";.- i,, ,i UII.KI3
ffff MCksV'Trmie was .lull with no l.n-
nt chnKPf in .I'.riiT"' .."" "Vi" ."--'. V.
i iSi In wiio.l winter rirnr. ; L "'"
rrawm, " ',k' . um-. -jn
. NEIlNnv .'" '"." -,.-,,,);,.' .i '
.,ri.inr. luir n't.-.. c "'." '". .-.".i
TitTK Fltl't wns unlet nnd stcaui. Wo
tate Tit "l-VKh"' u rrr libl., to nuullty.
tng Insrltft ruled firm, with a fair Job
fift ajmarnV Cluolatlijnn lunged as rollows.
ifiJfcMr. Wets smoked and nlr-.lrle;l, 2I
SiJ WntNH ileef I" "pt- smoked. ilMS.V.j
2tr btf. KnucklH nnd lenders, sinolied ami
SfVlrttd. -HllTTo.. Western beer, knuckles and
unfcri. troujon. SiTjiTc. . .beef luitns, f . to.
K tamllfj ?i2 BOaali lmmf, H. ': url.
boH nViffl'e.: 'lo.. "klnned. loose. t.Vab'Ue..
Kr'A-7'vJini.i n.trts. . other limns.
HioliKl"ckrcurDd. n to brnn.l mid ncrni;i!.
IiKaif.. hiim. mnoke.1. eJttrn cured. iR ,
lit,, uo.f JxJtlfd. boneless.
Ufrt. ' 8. 1'. cured loo"e.
mkfd. 'llWOUi.r bolllcs. In nlckle. scrord
Ht to sffKe. looso. r.'fi12sc.: breakfast
Son to tnin.l nnd ersite, city cured.
.J..- , .1.r..i h.Mti U'n.t.rti ruril. 1.U
,M1UU. wir..lu.l u..w... ....-... i'.-
Wc.i Urd, Western, rellnert, In tierces. iu?c.;
E . do., do., tubs. 101.C.. .!.. Iiuro tity.
Kills rendered. In tierces. lOT.c.: do., puro
Htjr, ltettls renJercd, In tubs, joiic
Itrsdo was q
ttld. Ileflnen'
ktl. 6.71c .
quiet, but slues were stesdlly
list prices. L.ir.v " tTA
standard granulated. 3.MV-.;
Bwurrou. tun ., muii.iiu.i". - .
..J m . nnn t nr ton.,1 A . T.-iWlC t BOIC
tula, i was sac.
ISOTTErt.-D!mand absorbed tho llnilted rej
bIMi ef faney stock, valuos ot whlrh ruled
jl MIowInK arc the quotations Western.
m. soJld-pacTtcil creamery, fancy speelals,
fci itr, .14c. extra Mrols. niil.Kc. flrts.
I30e., iceoniis, .mj.-ic. ; inniea, -k. i.,
r&r Prtnts, fnn.y. ."lie. aeraae. extra. .14
ci firsts. 2Afi'c , seconds. 25B27c:
iWS. Tlio market for fine now laid efgs
i llrm bn.ler llsht lecelpts and a fairly
v demand, rnllnwlns- nre tho .lUOtatlous!
free cased, nearby extra, r.c. per dozen,
tbr firsts, ill at ner Htundur.1 enve. nearby
Vjfwtnt receipts. $3ii per cose; Western extra
swim, fjcu per case, no., arsis. -j.uu irr vw.
er. aelecied candied ckks wero Jobblnn at
71c. per dozen.
tllEESE -orferlnss wcro llsht and the mar
fct ruled Hrm with trade fair. Following sro
me nuotstnnu; Vaiv Vnrk full rreum. fancv.
SU. J8&. "speclHla" bUhcri do, fair to good.
)7iil7Hc: do.) pHrt skims. lOttlBc.
VRnfrArln. iLfrn mnrn llhprnl i.l.rl tliet
win -wa-1 quiel and barely steady, .uuoia
Sobi: Vowls, as tn nlzo and nuallty. lliaptc;
swters. llivic. snrlnR chickens, arconl
m, to qusllty. UMflBc: turkeys. 201i22c.,
JKts. as to size and iUHllty. lBtilTc: neese,
mlici (rutneas. ynuni; uelRhlils: 2 llui. and
(er apiece, per pair, fCeiUoc.: welshing t'j
j.iolece, per pair, 7BiMic: welshing 1 lb.
JrKt. txr pair. MJl , Kuliieas. old. per pair,
ir.r ptseons. ol.l. per pair. 25JI2S'. , do.,
Mt Pr pair I8(f20c
lidJTsfcstli.-D.-Tlin market ruled ery flrni
jsner Jijht receipts, wlih a Rood demand and
of fowls uprt snuaba wera hluher..
toutlons; KYesh-kllled. dry-paikcd fowls. 12
1 Mf. trylcked, fancy selected, inc.; do..
!?... ,' lus "Piece, law,: uo., wetKii-
tins, spiers, ieu.j ao MolKMln-c :i'i ids.
. IIViilStbT.; il . uWehlne- .". Hi. nnd
r splece, tlfilaV- fowls. In bbls.. dry-iW-Kancy,
-jlw.i iba. apiece. IKo.; choice.
. aviei-c. iiiuiiae.; smaller sizes. HUIW,
roosters, dry.pfcked, I i,c. Chickens
ey, fancy grollers. 242hc; other nearby
i, "T'sjs, ,o-ic.i western orouers.
Ulna 1U1 lha .nw l"A.'lfl V.M..Arn
tools chickens fancy yellow. Welshing 4
,,"".. OTer ln boxes. 20flile.; do .
Ms. fancy, weighing '2VS.i4 Ilia.. In bbls..
JHSc.; olher Western, nelghlm; 4 lbs. and
E?".v "nw"; ; other Western, welgn
Jli lbs.. In boxes, ltil7c.: other
. i .' J1'? ae -Hfi.Pi lbs.. In bbls., l.
St j '"r. .He. Turkeys, nearby, fancy, 27
-. ..w, .
4820: do.. Western, fancy. 17B1DC;
.S- fair to s-ood. lMsfSo. (Jeeae. nearby.
wLi.d0, "'"tern, J410c Squabs, per
Mt.welh'nK tl to 12 lbs. per dot..
Vi'nSv"' . weignine t to io lbs. ir
M-MtfO, white, neighing 8 lbs per doz ,
E?1 8? ,,'',? l. Pr dos , U8H.S0;
R,fii lbs. Dr rim ?.'il'y7.1 rfnrk
M3. ;maU apd .No. 2, 16.25.
Ci?Tr1r?i4W?" in tolr. request and aluts
??.fi?St? ?tedy as follows: Apples, per
'ta'iSftS- '?ffi?i.i-t?!P:. do ...fair to
tffc'r.. .'.,-"ivs". oazo.isj. vineoaD.
Si,arlJ Polden. J2 80o3, Oreen-
LiSSr'uf"." mnruil. Had: Twenty
IsVPttJ. Plpplo. riA-l. Uen Davis. l.7.V
,iijites. in bulk, per 10O lbs,. .viVtoJl:
jlestcra. per box, .23e2.23. " OraMei.'
v--- a.a uu i iiib niiiiiiL'ii jm-
S'touT'-V NnV! white. BOfeflale-. No.
iVtt iutVMcR.. JIWH2". sprjns. nrst cjpar.
ivK.TO.it"., favorite brands. " i'.'Hi !-'
Jmllli rtBhlnr knules iMnter. clear, jr. 40
rTdd.. BtrslKht. J.-..Wiar.. do., patent.
h-'n- . , ' "ly 1 P j ,..)-j H 1 . " ' - U .... ' " '" 1sCC, t I -,,.ZZ,
iHob4. .. - irWaifotarW - "- -' - I T s ink nt '' ii Hi iri "Til I'r'a'Maaln'asssisMJ 1" 'tijilr1il-rliarTi a Ir is...."-.-. ... , . -. ai.. ..., -t-.a ,,,.. - r. - .-rr,1srrrMi1nririrtf.iUsM--i mTTsii m- ' JTiiitfiTOrwftlii m itltiWFi
for Brill last sear when the meritcr nnti
deal talk was -atn pn.nl wnn 73, o that
todaj'n low price of S5H represents a
siulnp of moro thnn ,mlf ta formcr VBiue
As nlrrndv stated the Rencral market
was firm with especially Rood demand
jor mo Bieei siocks. routine; new oevei
oped In tho Cambria situation although
the "conviction Is Browing that Mr. Donner
Is likely to sell out and withdraw from
tho company to concentrate his attention
on his new concern nnd the Pennsjlanln
Steel Company.
I.aVe Superior1 Income Kb were again
subjected to pressure, falling from 22 to
20 14 on large offerings. Subsequently
support nppeared and the price tallied.
The rest of the local liond list wns quiet
nnd steady. Philadelphia Company fs
sold tip to 91 Borne largo blocks ot
Standard Una Rs changed hands at nd
Vanclng n'lot.Utona.
Another local Insurance conipanj raised
Ha dividend today This lltno It was the
Alllanee Insumnco Company, which
Jumped the rate from S to 10 per cent per
annum The company has had an ox
trpmcl satisfactory je.ir. The nsscta on
December 31. 1!1S, were 2,r.78,l7.21, an In
crease of Z7S,SM9.P0 over the previous car.
After setting aside 7Ufll for Increased
reinsurance leservc, taxes nnd nil other
liabilities, tho aum of $202.7iS 62 has been
added to tho contingent fund which Is
now J225.876, nnd surplus, $7o0,000
..k.M. h& .& ! i . ........
Horldi, per strap. tzilM. Ilrniierrull Hoirda,
per crate. 2a:i I.ernnns per box, lPS4, rine
nPDles. pel prate Porto Hlco. J2 sntn 2".
Klorlds. fJ2."K). Cranberries, Cape Cod, per
bbl (ini tl: do.. Cape Cod. per crate. Si.SOit
3 do . Jersey, ter crate x:.:.".f.2.7.j.
Tl.e market ruled steady under moderate of
ferings and a mir demand, quotations. White
potatoes, per t.tlth , tt.IOSt 2d. Jilip imlstoes;
Jersey, ier basket No. 1 Rose, 101170c., No, I
other iarletles. ins 70c. . No. 2, niiV40... surd
potatoes. Jerse). per liasket N 1, MlfifiOc.:
No. 2, 1SH2.V. i sweet potatoes Virginia, per
libl., )l SOtit "1, onions, per 100-lb bap -No
1. 2 2.-rfi2.71: No. 2. 7.V'.1I.2.". cahbnRe, Dan
ish, per ton. SKiwil, celcrv. New York, per
buncb. lMfloc., spinach. Norrolk. per bbl ,
1.2.-,fll,40. kale. Norfolk, per bbl. n.-.n7:.r.:
lettuce, I'lorldn, per basket. J1.2.".iI ."J I, do..
North Carolina, per basket. Tucast, do,
Texas, jper basket, tiff7.V. , t.cnup, riorlda, per
Uisket, ?l.0irt.o. Pns. riorlda. per basket,
J2f4: peppers, llorlda, per carrier. $.'i;2.r.(l,
CRSplant. riprld... per crate. $2.2."Kjt2.7ri: mush,
rooms, per 4-lb. basket, silfl bu.
Financial Briefs
AccordhiR to Brndstrcct's -exports of
e'licut thla week wcic D.Siri.OOO bushels;
rant week, 10.3S9.000 buihcls; last year, 9.
32, .000 bushels. Since July 1, I24.7?S,000;
car aKo, 27,211,000 Corn shipments this
Aedk 4jfi,000 bushels; last week, 1,0.12.000;
last year, I.IM.POO. Since July 1. 7,452,000;
jeur ngo, ?,S4B.0OO
Certltlcates of corporate amendment
were Hied to Increase the capital stock of
the Manufacturers' Finance Company, of
Haltlmorc, Mil., from 11,000,0000 to J2,00O.0O0.
Thn United States Hcdurtlon nnd nonn
lns Company has defaulted In the pay
ment of tho Interest on Its bonds, duo
January 1. 191G. Interest was paid Inst
July. In April, 1913, J. Arthur Council
was appointed receiver for tho company.
Application for a receiver was Hied by tho
Nciv York Trust Company becauso of nl
loucil default In the Interest on the com
pany's "S.fiSO.OOO G per cent, bonds.
Application has been made for the list
ing on the New York Stock Exchange of
Ijeo Rubber and Tiro Corporation tcm
porury certificates for 100 shores of
capital stock, with no pur value, nnd
with authority to buhstltute permanent
The followliifr applications to list new
securities have been made to tho Xow
York Stock KxchanBc: Leo Rubber Tiro
Corporation, temporary certificates for
100,000 sharci of capital stock without par
value. Shattucl; Arizona Copper Coin
puny, $3,MO,00O capital atock.
Armour & Co. for the jenr ended Oc
tober 30 shows a surplus of $11,000,000,
equal to 65 per cent, earned on the stock,
agulnst S7.5I per cent, the previous ear.
Tho Baldwin locomotive Works has re
ceived orders for tho following locomo
tlcs: Ono six-wheeled switcher for
Illrdsboro Stone Company, of Philadel
phia,; ono ten-wheeled type for Missis
sippi Eastern Hallway; ono alx-wheclcd
switcher for American Sheet nnd Tin
Plato Company, of Qaiy. Ind.; two Mosul
tpo for "N'owburg and South Shore Hall
way: one four-n heeled switcher for
Mandle Clay Mining Compahy, of Whlt
lock. Tenn ; ten 2-10-2 type for Erlo Rail
SEW YORK, Jan. H. Tho coffee mar
ket opened steady this morning, at n de
clino of 5 to 6 points from the final of
yesterday, under liquidation on tho part
of some of the recent buyers and selling
for trade account. Offers were readily
taken, however, with a fair demand,
which was thought to come from Europe,
ond during the early trading values weie
fairly steady at about tho opening level.
Tho Ilrazlllan cables were thought to
reflect an absence of buoyancy In Brazil,
and, while cost and freight offers recently
have been higher, buyers here have not
seemed disposed to follow the advance,
as stocks in America at present ore lib
eral. Toda's Ves'.laj's
open. close.
January ... ., HMiini.nl
February J.... fu7iii'i
March ...:,:..... 7.O4U7.10 LgWJ
April :. J-WffJ'U
Jun ,... 2-J,t I'SSlHsi
Julv I,,,,,,,......, T.JO ,ZT2n
Ausust".:.:.::::::.:;.::,'?.." ?n at
November ,...iT..W -i3SIJg
December ,......, 7.45 7.00l,(S2
Salos. 6000 bags.
Export Demand Slow Low
Temperatures Gave Plant
Severe Test
CHICAGO, .Inn. 14 -Wheat weakened
today on selling, due to predictions ot
rising lemperntures, ulth snow In thb
Southwest. The eitport demand was
slow nnd there was more pressure on
the cash position. The market opened
higher, following stlength ln tho spot
nrtlclo at TJrcrpont, but there was plenty
for snlo fiom the beginning, and the
new demand was too limited to glvo the
market any mnleriat support. There was
long stuff on tap nnd ttfo bit? bears
showed oppressiveness The market
llnnlly wns nbovc the lowest nt the
llxports for the -teck, flour Included,
were 9,615, 4S5 bushels, against 10,989,371
bushels last week and 9,129,199 bushels
n jcnV ngoi for Iho season, 221,7.7, vT
bushels, against 21i,210,oD bushels In the
preceding year
The Modem Miller said that the ex
tremely low temperatures over thn entire
winter w.hcat bell gave the plant a se
vere test, nnd that in districts where It
wns weakened by Insects It Is probnble
that winter "kill" will be shown.
Corn was henvy. hut ended nhotc the
bottom Tho market started higher, but
there was n lack or support and It sold
olT at once. Country longs disposed of
holdings of futures steadllv
Onts hIso sagged, after having sold at
new high records nt the start, on reports
thnt exporters had taken fiCO.OOO bushels.
la.llnic futures ranged ns follows
Open High. tjw. Close, close.
1.22 1.S2 1.20 1 "Oli l.L'lV
Corn t
new delttsrvl
-sr l,
voij SO',
t7H 1"s1t
nit -oii
Julv ..
On la
May .
Vai .
.Itlh .
Jnnuarx Mi .
Jnnuarv Mar .
P. Id.
40 V.
mno tors imi 11047 Mono
lono in ti-v 1070 tio"7 mm
ll.Wl 11 02 IDS.-. tlO.IHI 11 02
10 47 tn47 1017 10 40 10. "2
ioti2 in2 iu.7r, io so 'io.no
ip.po -tin.1".
10.52 'lll.OJ
IP 7.1 in "
There Wcro Many Buyers, but Supply
Wns Large
SEW YORK, Jan. Is -Although the
Census Bureau's report of the consump
tion of cotton in December, showing nn
Increase of more than 100,000 bales over
tho same month last year, was generally
considered a bullish fnctoi, henvy sell
ing by nn opcrntor believed to be nctlng
for what Is known as the "Wnldort
crowd" held the mnrket tn check.
There wcro many -i)crs from nil
sources, but the supply from the source
mentioned was moro than sufficient to
supply the di innd The earl- tone was
about steady, Scptembc. showing an ad
vance of 2 points, December being tip 1
point nnd other options unchrnged to 7
points lower
The selling wns heaviest In the nearby
positions nnd these showed tho greatest
losses. After the call tho demand In
creased nnd rallies of 2 to 4 points wero
Trudlng wns quiet, and fluctuations
were more or less Irrcgulnr, with active
old crop months working about 2 to 5
points under last nights closing figures.
Reports from Houston Indicated nn easier
oceun-fi eight situation, but local spot cot
ton people, snld there had been no change
In the matter of freights out ot New York,
nnd It Is reported that (2 75 per'100 pounds
had been paid for room for February sail
Ing from this port to Great Britain. Liver
pool closed bnrcly steady nt a net decline
of 3V4 to 6',a points.
The receipts of cotton at the ports for
tho day aro estimated at 30,000 bales,
compared with 26,012 bales last week;
84,607 bales last year, and f.3,711 bales In
Arrhnls of cotton at New Tork today
wero 5149 balcj. Including 1343 bales con
signed. The total Included 1098 bales of
llnters. The exports of cotton for the
day aggregated 14.32B bales, ngalnst l,iw
bales on this day last year.
Yes. rlrm. Onen Itlch. Low. Close.
lanuary 12..T.-t 12 2. 12 '0 12.21 12.10
March . . 1-'.4S. 12.4 12 Bo 12.4 1 12 .V)
May1 l.'.Sfl 12.IH 12,74 12 Ot 12.74
July . . 12.M 12.7S 12 R! 12.7K 12 Ml
October . . 12.M 12.6!! 12 70 12.!VS 12 AS
December . . i-'.n 1..7J i-.i i-.iu vi.nv
hpot . . 12.S0 .... 12.50
Liverpool Cotton
LIVBHPOOU Jan. 14. Spot cotton to
day was In moderate demund at a decline
of 14 points, on the basis of 8 05d. for mid-
upland Tho snlos aggregatea Jsuiu Dales,
Including 7000 bales American. The Im
ports wero 9000 bales, nil Agricultural
American. The market for futures closed
barely steady nt a net decline of 3V4 to CVi
HANKS GAINED $17,000,000
Interior Payments for Week Totaled
NRW YOrtK, Jan. 11. The known
moemcnts of money up to the close of
business yesterday indicated a gain by
tho banks from tho interior of approxi
mately HT.OOO.OOO. The amount of pay
ments to the banks from the Interior
;as $20,000,000 and payments by them
13,600.000. leaving a gain In this connec
tion of $14,400,000. Payments by the sub
treasury proper to the banks totaled
1)4,300,000, while payments by the banks
to the aubtrensury were but $12,600,000,
leaving a gain of ubout $1,700,000, while
Imports of gold from London for the
week totalled $1,000,000.
A year ago at this time the gain by
the banks amounted to approximately
J9.W0.0iX); two tears ago. siO.GS0.000: In
1913, $12,000,000; In 1912, $14,200,000, and In
1911 $10,800,000. Gains now being shown
by the banks are not at this time of
the year, because always after the be
ginning of the new jear there are pay
ments of an extraordinary character
made, which adjust themselves a little
later on.
French Expert Says Fears
of Grave Peril After
War Are Unjustifiecl
ExOltlnlster of Public Works, Wltor lAuence
RcofifcmPiuf t Financier.
Special fsble to tfce Evrstsa TiirrsiKS.
PAH1S, Jan 14.-trnnce Is greatly pre
occupied by the project for an Altstro
Oertnan commercial union nfter tho war.
Many publicists and politicians, who
habitually nre haunted by bogles, point
to thla as a grnp peril. If they knew ft
little mom about tho German Customs
Union they would have less fear. The
history of that union has been chiefly a
history of strife, with the small States
balking tho plnns of the larger ones nnd
tho larger ones In consequence threaten
ing lo withdraw
A commercial union between Austria
nnd Germany would demand a common
pnrllament to be successful, nnd neither
wnnts thnt Germsnv would have to un
dertake a part of the responsibility for
Austrian finance, while It finds Its own
finance n sufficient burden.
Finally, If the Allies achieve tho deci
sive victory which is necessary for a
definite peace, the divorce of the German
Kmplrc from the Austro-llungarlnn mon
archy Is a sine qua noil.
A more Important nuostlnn Is what will
be tho nttltude of the Allies townrd th'o
Germanic Powers after the war. The war
will not put nn end. for example, to the
conl nnd potn'sli production of Germany.
Prance Imported both before the war,
and will need them again after the wnr.
This is not n question of sympathy, but
of business, as is also the question Of the
purchase of machinery nnd manufactured
If that business Is not to go bnck to
Germany nfter the war there must bp n
commercial union between the Allies com
parable to the political union for the
purpose of wnr. Hut Premier Tlunclmun,
of tho Hoard of Trade, said hi the House
of Commons on Monday that It would be
Impossible to mnlntnln free trade be
tween Hngland and her colonies, nnd If
that can't be done It would be still less
possible to establish free trade among
tho Allies. Nevertheless, thnt Is the only
solution, and to this must bo added thn
application of tariff pressure to the var
ious States comprising Clcrmnn and Aus
tria. This Is tho only way to present
dumping under protection of customs
charges These solutions, howcer, arc
much too simple to be ndopled.
Tho Minister of Finance proposes to
tax war profits by a sliding scale, be
ginning with fi per cent, for profits
amounting to $7B,000 and 80 per cent, for
$500,000 or more.
Federal Report Shows Amqunt ns
554,725 Running Bales
WASHINGTON'. Jan 14. A report Is
sued today by the Census Bureau of the
Department ot Commerce shows cotton,
oxcluslvo of llnters, consumed during
December, KM.725 running bales ln 1915,
compared with 4M.SG9 In 1914, of which
29'i,316 bales were consumed In cotton
grow Ing States In 1915 and 240,733 ln 1911.
Llnters consumed during Dccomber
78,855 bales In 1915 and 23.247 In 1914.
Cotton hold In consuming, establishments
on December 31, 1.837,Gij3 bales In 1915 nnd
1,343,229 In 1914, and in public storage and
nt compresses, 5,191,188 bales In 1915 nnd
6,137,90.: in 1914.
Imports, 43,679, equivalent 500-pound
bales In 1915, and 3',293 n 1314. exports.
Including llnters, 558,319 running boles In
1913 and 1,202,115 In 1914. Cotton spindles
active during December, 31,724,093 In 1915
and 30,435,963 In 1914.
I.lutcrs held In consuming establish
ment on December 31, 211,231 bales ln 1915
and 99.571 ln 1914, and In public storago
and nt compresses 119,20.1 t ,es in 1915
and 73,891 ln 1914. Exported, 1.C29 bales in
1915 and 30,431 ln 1914.
Will Spend $7,000,000 at Youngstown,
YOUNGSTOWN. Ohio. Jan. 14.-The
United States Steel Corporation today
announced thnt It would spend 47.000,000
on the construction of ten bar mills at
McDonald, near Glrard. Work will b
started April 1.
niectrlc llond and Share Company, regular
Quarterly 2 per cent, on common, payable
anuary 13 to stock of record January 14, and
rceulsr quarterly l'i per cent, on preferred,
paabl Pebruary 1 to stock of record Jan
uary 20,
Houston Oil Company, regular semiannual
,1 per cent, on preferred.
Franklin Ktre Insurance Company of Phila
delphia, regular semiannual S1.23, najshle to
day. The company has changed Its dUMend
periods from April and October to Janusry
and J aly.
Alliance Insurance Company, semiannual 5
per rent., payable January IS to stockholders
of record on January H.
Sears, Itoebuck Company, regular quarterly
l per rent,, payable February 15 to stock of
record January 31.
Nl'.W YOUK. Jan. II. DUTTUR -Starket
steady on top grades. Receipts. 7113 pack
ageii extra creamery, Klc.: higher scoring, .He:
vtRte dairy, J0tt31c,; Imitation creamery, 2J
IXX1S. Market firm, Hecclpts, KfcS) pack
ages: eitra firsts. 83c.; firsts. 32U41,Mc , nrar
by whites. Aotrile.i .mired , color, .131 17c;
nearby broftne, J74i30.( refrigerator firsts.
First Bid for New York Bonds
ALHANV, Jan. 14. State Controller U.
M. Travis received today the first sealed
bid for the 5,000,000 4 per cent. State
bonds, proposals for which Will be
opened at noon on January 27. Mr, Travis
feels sure that the price will be better
than 102 at which they wero sold on the
New York curb yesterday,
His Extreme Versatility
Spinners Operating Mills at Foil
The local textile mills report n good
tolume of business on hand, aro working
on profitable contracts and expect good
season, says R G. Dun & Co. While the
demand for cotton jams has fallen oft to
some cTtent, firlces nre Arm rnd an In
creasing volume of business Is antici
pated. Local spinners In Ynost bases arc
operating their mills to full capacity.
"Wool Is In short supplies nnd the mnrket
maintains a firm tone, and the demand Is
unusually good for this season bf the
Jobbers of dry goods and woolens have
reported n satisfactory season's business,
state that merchandise Is scarce nnd there
Is a good demand ond prospects nre favor
able for a good spring trade. There Is also
Tcportcd an Improvement In collections.
The Iron and steel mnrket continues to
show great activity, and mills nnd
furnnces arc operating to full capacity
and lit many cases night and day shifts
Hsport business continues to be n lstgn
factor, though domestic trade li showing
greater activity. Pig Iron made further
gains In production In December nnd
the ratlmnted production for the year
Just over Is placed nt nbout 30,OOO,0i0
gross tons
There appears to be a better feeling In
the hardware line nt this time regarding
tho outlook for future business than has
been shown for Borne time past, The
electrical trade tcports a good volume
of business nnd note thnt the holiday
trnde Just over showed considerable In
crease over corresponding period last
year. The stoe trade Is woil-employefl
In staple goods nnd a satisfactory volume
of business Is noted In supplementary
heating apparatus
New York Brokers Assign
N'UW YOUK, Jan. 14 -Koontst Co.,
stock and bond biokcrs, at 25 Hrond
street, this nflernoon tinde nn iifs'ku
ment for the benefit of creditors to Joseph
Oxctiberg. The firm Is toniposed of CIomI
V. Koontz and Hugo U, Wells Joseph
Side, of 2S1 Tlroadnn, Is the nttorney for
thn assignee
Bank Acceptances
NKW YOrtK, Jan 14. The mnrket ror
prlme. bank acceptances was dull today,
although tho tone continued steady. Tor
f0t tho quotation was 2 per cent., while
2H per cent, was asked for Ms, These
rates arc unchanged from those pi ev ail
ing recently.
To Tax Boston Slock Exchange Seats
1JOSTON". Jan. 11. A petition was filed
In tho State Sennto today to place a tux
on stock exchange memberships.
United Fruit Capital Increased
TltKNTON. Jan 14.-The United Krult
Company todaj certified hat It had In
creased Its capital from W.,000,000 to $73.
000.000. Bcatljs
Thete Nollct Are Printed in thw
Evwning Ledger Free of Charge
( -
AI.KANI)i:it. On January 18. 101(1. WILL
IAM .1 ,M3XANI)i:it. IteiatUes and friends
aro InUtrd to attend funeral sirWces, Mon
day, 2 p. m.. at late residence, 2V12 llnncock
st. Interment prlate.
ANMIirrz. On Janusry 11. 1010, LOUISA
M widow of John P Anrtiuu and sister
of the lite William II Miller .nelatlyl
and friends are Invited to attend the fu
neral sen Ices, on Saturday, at 2 n m.. nt
her late resldeace. 2am Arch st. Interment
API". At Moorestovwi, N. .T . on January 13.
Win PANSIK API', daughter of the late
Michael and Phebe App, In her Tflth year
IteiatUes and frlendn are I in lied to utleml
the runeral, nn Tuesday, at 2 p. m.. from
her late residence, North Church st.. Moores
toin. N. J., without fnrther notice, Trollev
leaves Camden even- half hour. Interment
at Colestosn Cemetery.
IMIZI.LV. On January 12. into. KLIZA
nrTTH T., widow of Amos llnlsley and daugh
ter of thn late James and Catharine Thomp
son Jtelallves and friends are Invited to
attend funeral services. Monday, 2 pm,
precisely, at residence of her son-in-law.
Oliver K rkott. .11.13 N. 7th st. Interment
Hillside Cemetery.
HtKKlt. On Jandnry to. 10 111. CHARLES
II, IIAKKR. rfged 74 tears. Relatives and
friends, also lllink Hank Tribe. No. 20, I
O R M , and Morning Olory Club, are In
vlted to attend the funeral services, at resi
dence of Ills grandson, Charles If, llakcr,
. Iii2d Peach at., on Sunday, at 1..10 p. ni. pre
elsel). Interment at Odd Fellows' Ceme
tery. DAKL'll On January 13, 101ft, ItUTH VVIL-
HO.V, daughter of William V nnd Mertle
tl. llaker. aaed 111 years, runeral services at
the residence of her parents. Uoodelde Cot
tage, Haver ford. I'a., on Saturday.
TIICNKLI.. On Januarv 12. 101(1, at Frank
llnvllle. N J . CAROI.INi: lllONKLL. widow
of John R. Illgnell, aged 71 rra Relatives
and friends Invited to attend rurteral ser
vices, at late residence, Fratikllnvllle, N, J.,
Monday, 2.10 n m. Interment Clastnn. N. J.
Train leaves Market St Pern- 1-10 11 111.
nematna may be viewed Sunday evening
IllllITM'HK. On January 1.1, mill IIARItV,
husband of Annie n Ilrutsche, Due notice
ot the funeral will be elven.
UIKN'E. On January 12. Will, PATRICK,
husband of Eunice lljrne inee MiCov). Reia
tlvrs and friends, also Division No. 41. A, (1.
11 . the Pope Plus and Donegal lleneflclal So
ciety, are lnvlte.1 to attend the funeraU on
Saturday, at N :io a. m . from late residence.
S-".' llelgrade st. Holemn Requiem Mass nt
Church of Holy Name at 10 a. m. Interment
at Holy Cross Cemetery.
(AUNLY. On January 1. lDIfl. JOSEPH
L., husband or Elisabeth Carney. Relatives
and friends are Invited to attend tho fu
neral, on Monday at S-10 a. nt . from his
lata residence, lot Melon st, Solemn Re
quiem Mass at the Church nf the Assumption.
12th and Spring Osrden. at 10 a m. inter
ment Ht New Cathedral Cemetery
CAHII. On .inuir 12. 1010. IANE II,
widow of William Henderson Carr. Itela
tlves and friends ura Invited to attend tha
funeral, on haturday, at 2 p in., from the
residence of her son-ln-Iavv, Perirosa Robin
son. Ilutboro, l'a. Interment private, .Ne
shamluy. CIlMII.TdV buddenly, on January 12,
band of Fannie I. and son nf the late Thomas
M. and Mary, A. Charlton. Relatives and
friends are Invited to attend the funeral serv
ices, at late residence, 1718 Hnyder uve,, on
Friday, at s p. m Interment rrlvate, at
convenience of famll).
CLVHK. On January 18. 1010. MARY T
wife of Franklin 2? Clark and daughter of
Morrla H. and Mary A. Turner, Relatives
and friends ara Invited to attend the funeral
aervlcvs. on Honda), at 2 p. m . at her late
resilience, 4u2 Lyceum ac.. Hoxborougli.
Interment at Levcrlngton Cemetery,
COOI'Klt. At Lake Helen. Fla , on January
e. 101U, MARY L, widow of Samuel C.
Cooper, Relatives and friends, also the
First Association of Spiritualists and the
Women's union, are Invited to attend the
funeral Mrvlces. Sunday, at 2 p. m.. at the
Temple, 12th and Thompson sts. Interment
Ht Woodlands Cemetery
COI.11KN. On January 11. 1010, ELIZA
HKTH (nee Wahr), wife of Harry It. Coldeii.
Relatives and friends Invited to attend tha
and Mobility! By WALT McDOUGALL
fnnera! services, en Friday, Jni)s.ry 14. at
e p. m , at her late residence. 1BJ W. Luray
St.. Ojrmsntown. Interment strictly Pri
vate. Saturday, a. m.. at convenience, of
COnrtETT. On .tsnnary 11, 101ft. TtEnncCA
COnnETT, wife ef J'pb Corbetl. Rela
tives and frlenas are Invited to attend the
funeral services, on Saturdsy. at 1 P, m
st ber lite reslrtenee. ZU7 Smith .lh st
Interment at Montrose Cemetery. Remains
may ba viewed Friday. 8 o. m Auto service.
IIK.1N. On January 11, 1010, JEROME, litis
band nf EIU J. Dean Relatives and friends,
also Washington Camp. No am I O H
of A , Knickerbocker IteneflMal Pneiety and
Plasterer- Union, No K ore Invited to
attend the funeral services, Patwrdsj. at 8
P. Tn., st his late residence s'0 Perklomen
st. Interment at Fernwoofl Cemetery, Re
mains may be Mewed Friday evening.
II RAN. On Janutrv tl, 1010, JEROME, be
loved husband or Ella J. Dean relatives
nnd friends, also Wsehlngten Camp. No 10.1.
P O P of A. Knickerbocker. Beneficial
Soeletv. end flatterers' Knien, No. s, nrs
Invited tn attend the funeral services. Sat
urday afternoon nt 2 o'clock, at Ms 1st;
residence, svo Perklomen street. Interment
at Fernwood Cemetery. Remains may be
viewed ITtday evening.
TW I.OItEN.O-On January 12. 1P1B. AN
eiELO DE !MtEN7.0. husband nf Lliela
Marchlonl I)e I-mrnro. aged 01 jears. Rela
tives and friends also socletv Jelone I'm
berto Prlmo. are Invited to atiend the funeral,
on Hatnrdsv. at s a m from his late real
denie, S21 Smith Sth.st Polemn Mass nf Re
ouleni nt Church nf .St, Marv Mngdaten de
I'nirl Interment st Holy Cro-n Cemetery.
HE tORENZO On .lanuary 12. lPifl. V1N
CENZA DE LORENZO, motlier or the late
Aheeln De Lorenrn. aged 4i years Rela
tives and friends, also Society Ig one Urn
lsrto Prlmo. nre Invited n attend the fu
tiernl. on Saturday, at a. ,m., from her
ate residence. rAI South sth et Solemn
Mass of Iteoiilem at Church er.fit Mary
Magdalen fle l'attt Interment at Holy Cross
lPAr,ES, On January 12. 1010. ANNA
ELIZA, wife of John W. Dewce. RHatlvre
nnd friends are Invited to attend the runeral
services, on Paturdav, at 2-10 p. m., at late
residence. Oxford plko and llper et ..rrnnk
rord Interment private, at East Cedar Hill
IloniHKHTV. On January 1.1. 1010. ED
WARD husband nf the late Ellen Dougherty,
Relatives nnd friends are Invited tn attend
tire funeral, nn Haturdsv at t a, ni , from
Ht. Affiles' Hospital, irroad and Mirnlti sts.
Solemn Requiem Mass at St. James Church,
at 10 .1. 111. Interment at Cathedral Ceme
tery. lXIFfll.ASI. At Newtown, Pa, on January
daughter of Roberta and the late Hnrry R.
Douglass nged 21 venrs Relatives and
mends are Invited tn nttend the riinernl,
from tier mother s residence. South, Congress
st , S'ewtown. I'a., on Sunday, at 1.S0 p. m
Inler-nent at Newtown Cemeten-.
KLI.IOIT. - On .lnnuarv 12. 101(1, JANE,
nlfo ef Philip Elliott Relatives and frltiids
nre Invited tn nttend funeral sen Ices, on
Satutdav at 2 p, ni.. at late residence, 12Tl"i
South huh st. I.iternient nt ML Morlah
Ccmeters .
I'AY. On lnnunry 12, lBlft, THOMAS, son
of late JeJin and Hrldget ray (nee Regan)
Relatives nnd friends, also students of the
llolv Ohnt College. Corn walls Invited to
attend funernl Sntunlay, nt 7.10 a, tn., from
residence of Mrs Mais Usher. 2411 liist
Allegheny ave. High Mass at Church nf
the Xatlvttv. n. V. M . nn. in precisely.
Interment al Holy Cross Cemetery,
ri.ltlll SON. At the I'reslivtcrlnn Home for
Aged Couples and Single Men, Tiila, Pa on
.lanusn- 12, 10US JAMES FEttOUSON. nged
74 ears. Relntives and friends aro Invited
tn attend the funeral, on Saturday morning,
nu the nrrivalof the train leaving Ilrnad St.
Stitlon at 11 ,17 o'clock, Interment at lliilme,
llle. Rucks County, on the arrival ot train
leaving Readme; Terminal nt 12:ra.
I'Eltllt'ZZI. At Atlantic City, N. J., on
of l"rank rerrurzt. nnd daughter of Wllllnm
Houirh aged .12 vears, Rclailvrs nnd friends
aro Invited to attend the nineral from her
parents- residence, l2on South 1.1th st.. Phila
delphia Duo notice will bn given.
(IIIAHAM, At Rlv-erton, N J., on January
II, IMfl. CATHARINE, wife of John llraham.
Relatlvea nnd friends nre Invited to attend
the funeral, on Saturday, nt s a. m., from
late residence, ,111 Elm ave. Rlverton, N. J.
It'onlem HUH Mass at Church of Sacred
Ileirt at P .10 a. m. Interment nt Morgan
Cemetery Remains may bo lewod on Frl
dav evening.
nitliri'. On January 12, ltilrt. FRANK J,
son of Mary Orupn (nee Stehley). Rela
tives and friends nre Invited to attend the
fill. oral on Saturdiy, al 7 '10 a, tn,, from
lute residence, liitp West York st High
Mnss at St. lloniventiinvs Church. 0th nnd
Onmbrln sts.. n n 111. Interment et New
Cathedral Cemetery.
HALS.M.L.-On Januiry 1.1, 1010. KATE T..
wife of Chnrlrs II Hnlsill. Relatives mil
friends aro Invited tn nttend the funeral
servbea. on Mondnv at 2 it m preclseli,
nt her Lite residence. 102 Park road. Linn
erch Iuterrient strictly private.
H.Mtl.EY. On .lnnunry 1.1, 1010, JONAS
MARKLKY HARLEY. Hge.1 M Vears Itela
tlves and filends nre Invited to attend the
funeral services, on Mondnv, at 2.10 n m.,
at his lnte restdenco 11.1 East ClorKns lane,
Mt. Airy. Interment private. Kindly omit
HEISI.EK On January 12, Iftlfl. MARY A .
widow of Albert Helsler, aged M jenrs.
ItclntHea nnd rrlcnds are Invited tn nttend
runeral services, Sntunlay. at 2 p ni nt
residence of her son rtank S. Helsler. 421
Pearl st . Camden. N J. Interment private
at Hailelgh Cemetery.
HENDRICKS. On January in. 1010. at
Chillntte. N. C Rev, CIARLVS I". HEN
niHCKS, huaband or v nrv 11. Hendricks
(nee Harbison). The r. ibers snd elergv
of the Reformed Ep,t oirtl Church and
friends are lnvlte.1 In attotnl funeral services,
at St. lout's Reformed Episcopal Church,
liroid arvl venungn sts.. Satuidav nt 2 p. m.
preclaelj Interment prlvnte, at North Cedar
Hill Cemrtcn. Autimiobllo service.
IHILEMAN On January 12. EMMA C.
dnughler or lute Mattlnvv V. nnd Mar
Hnlcinan. Ill her 72d veir. Relatives nnd
frlenda also lUsks ('ouncll, No. 27, D of
P.. invited to nttend funernl services, Sat
urday, Ht 2 p, m . at residence of Miss
Emnu r II. Coppea. (Out cnllowhlll st.
Interment at Ternwood Cemetery.
III'IIIIS. - On Junuarv l.'l. mid nt East ltlv
erten N J REIM-MI widow of Samuel
O Huhbs. In her 7uth venr. Relatives and
friends nrn Invited to nttend the funeral, nil
Sunday, at 1 p. tn., rtom the resldencn of
hfr son Frank V Hubbs East Rlverton.
Is J In'ennent at Aaburv M. E, Chuicli
MINES. At tho resilience of Mrt Marv K,
Duttou. KV1 Elmwnoil ave . (Jleiiolden, Dela
ware Cnuntv, Pa., on lnnuarv It, IIMO.
EL1KA1IBTH. widow of David Jones. In her
7Pth year Relatives and filendti are Invlteil
to attend the funeral services, Saturday, at
2 n m. at tho apartments of Oliver II Hair.
IKirn chestnut st. Philadelphia. Interment ut
the. Lutheran Cemetery. Ardmore, pa,
,It)NES On January II, 1010, HARRIET
IIOMILI.EIt, wife of ,T. Davis Jones and
dsughter of the lata Henry and Sirah A.
Ilornlller Relatives and friends Hre lnvlte.1
to ntlcnl the funeral services, on Snturdav
Ht 2 p. ni , at her Isle residence, 310S North
ir.th st Interment prlvnte.
AI.OVSUI.S, son or WIIILim mid Mary Keat
ing Relatives and frlinda also I'hlla.,NaL
Cnthnllo lien. Asao. Pope Plus IN Pen. Assn.
Augustine ften Asso, nre Invited tn attend
funeral Saturdiy, S e m. from lnte resi
dence ,IR Trco st. Silernn High Muss of
Requiem at Church of Our I.ndy nf Mt, Car
mel I) 10 a m, precisely Interment Holy
Cross Ceeterv
I'ELI.Y. On January 11, 1010. ANN, widow
of late Patrick Kellv. Itolalltes and friends
are Invlteil to nttend funeral, Saturday, 8 a,
111. from her late residence, 111 I Morrla st.
High Muss of Iteoulem at St Thomas' Church
nt 11 10 a, m.. precisely, Interment Cathedral
Cemetery Automobile funeral
KOTUVHSKV. Suddenly, on Janusry 13.
SVML'EU husband of Minnie Kotlarsky. aged
r2 yeirs. Relatives nnd friends Invited t
attend funeral, Sunday. 10 u ni. precisely,
from lata renldonce. ,'IJIO V, Perks at. Inter
ment liar Nebo Cemetery. Omit n.)frs.
l.INlli:. Suddenly, on January 13. 1010.
CI I Alt (.lis F. I.INDE. at Ids late residence,
,1ilP N. Cnniae at. Due notlm 01 funeral
will be given.
LYNN. On January 13, 101(1. BALLIE A
daughter of the late 1'alrkK and Hrldet
Lynn Relatives arid friends, alto employes
of Piling A Madeley Hosiery Manufaiturers.
are luvllixl to attend funeral Tuesday, ut
h .10 b ni . from reatdence of her brother-ln.
law, Thomas J. Connor, 4itT4 llelurado st.
(1Mb ward). Solemn Requiem Mass at St.
Ann's Church at 10 a. nu Interment at St,
Ann's Cemeter).
JIADKl YN. On. January 10, 101ft. ELLEN,
dluclter nt tha late Andrew and Mary Madl
can. Relatives and friends are Invited to
attend the funeral. c (Saturday, at S.UO a
- 4fcfc. a
m from the tt3aS .t " 'rt
neemlern Mart lat ,w .lAdv, of, . jfcrey
jviarr nsui-n, ixwa vy, vaunmn sv.
-nurcn at iu a m precisely imermrn fan
Vate, at GL Matthews Cemetery, ene
hocVen. Pa. Automobile service;
Menn1I)E--Oii Janostv 12. ftltl, TtntDfllST.
widow nf relet Moth-toe. Fonersl nrlirHker
place Battrrday, s 30 a m from IateK
denes lj N 21d st. Solemn Mass tit Ite-
oniem nt Ht i rancis t, nnrcn. iu s. m.
Keiativea and rrlends are Invited to U
interment noiy itots cemetery.
Mer.XI I.hVr On Jantiary 12. 91(1. TtA!sr
CIS n., husband hf lavurs Mcvleyi at bU
late residence. 1020 t"rcen eL Du notice of
funeral will be "tlven.
MctlOEf.EY. Oh Januare II, TBla HELEN
rt. McSOriLEY, dsnghier ef late M!tfin! snd
Mary McSorley (net Divver), In hr lfith
yrsr Relatives and friends Invited to attend
fnneral, Memdsy, a a m.. from retdnc
ef uncle James J, Itwyer, 2R2S Memrhls st.
Solemn rtequlem Maes St Ann's Church. 10
n, m. Interment New Cathedral Cemetery
.MORiK At tlabl Hondo, Cnbs, on January
12, 1010. nrtYT'E.K MORSE, son Mary
K nnd the late Henry O. Morse, ated 3
lears. Interment in Cub.
NASSAF -On Jamiarv Is, lPlfl, MARY
RHODES, -(rife ef 'millam tAtta Nassab.
Itelatltes and friends sre Invited to iittens
the runeral services, Saturdsy, at 2 p Tn. at.
her late resHenee 424 W. Chelten Ts,
tlermsntown Interment, btlvat at Wt
mlnster cemetery.
NOON. On January 11. IBIS. EMM A.rtnlgh
ter of the late Thomas snd Catherine, Noon,
Relatives and friends are Invited to attend
the funeral, en Saturday, at Rio , m,
from her late residence, 1217 West Thhmn
sen et Solemn Reflulem Mat, wl St.
Malachy's Church, at 10 a. m. Interment
at New Cathedral Cemetery. AUte funeral.
KOnminV. On January Jl, lOlo. ANNA
M., Tddow of John II. Nerbury, ftelatlvea
and rrlenda are Invited lo attend the funeral,
en Saturday. At 2 p. tn , rrom the resldenca
or ber son, 14in N. Nettklrk st Idttrment nt
Mnnnriiem. Cemetery.
(VNEILU On Jansiary 11. 101B. I)ANtKf.
O'NEILL, seed M venrs. tlelatlres snd.
friends, nlwi ("olonel Ovis "N Town I'o!, Not
4 i. A, It.i 2d rennsylrania Regiment,
llaxler's Fire zouave-". "United .Slates Hoes
Company, No. 1: "nrMheMinofl f St. An
drew nnd St. rhllln of nethany rreshyterlui
Church and notb ward Republican KXecuttts
Committee, are Invited to attend to attend
tho funeral services. Saturday, at 2 n. m .
nt the re-ldence of his daughter. Mrs. S
Everhart, W2t Smith Weednteek at Inter
ment pr Irate. Remains may b trewed on
Friday, from 8 to 10 p. tn.
O'IsEII.L. Suddenly, on January 12. 101(1.
MARY wife of John O'N'elll. Relatlvea and
friends of the fnmllv, also the Pleased, Vir
gin Sodality nf St. IMw-vrd's Church, wsyns
IMpcIa N-a 42. Irfidv
Forrsfrs of America,
nee tnviird to alien 1 the funeral services.
on Moiinay, at smi a, m , si ner isis
residence, ft.1 North Mllllck st., mat and
Arch sts Solemn Requiem Mass al tha
Church nf Our l,adv of the Roaary nt Ift-fc.
m preclseli. Interment at Holy Sepulchre'
O'lHUENV On January 12, 1M0, MAnY r.
wire nf Andres C. O'llrlen. Relatives and
rrlends nre Invited to miend the rvineraL on
Saturday, at s 10 a. m from her late resi
dence. 1U10 nuscomb at. Logan. Solemn
Ilenulem Msaa nt the Chureh of the Hqly
Child, nt 10 a m precisely, lnltrmtnt t
New Cntheilml Cemetery
I'OM I'.RS On .Innuaty 11. 1010, JAMES.
son of Mary J. Powers mee Haddock) and
the late Edward V, Powers. Relatives and
friends nro Invited to attend the runeral. on
Satunlnv, at S : s tn . from the residence, bf
his mother. lf2 TVhnrton at. Solemn Re
ouiem MaBH nt Si Rita's Church al 10 a. m.
Interment at Cathedral Cemetery.
EAOAN On .Innuirv 12. 10111 MICItAEI..
husband of lite Mary Itnnin. Itelatlvea'and
friends, also T. A. 11. Society of Ht, yln
vent's Church, Invited lo attend funeral. Sat
urdiy. "--10 a. m. from late residence, lis
11. Btarfonl st.. Oerniantovvn Solemn Maas
at St. Ylneent d Paul's Cliunh, li n. m. In
Irrment Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.
lMiniNKTTI!. On Janunry 11. lnin, JANE
RoniNETT". widow of Divll Uoblnelle and
beloved mother of Ella M. Cuddy. Friends
nre Inv Ited to nttend the funeral services,
on SHturdnv afternoon. Jnnuary in, nt '1
o'clock, from her late residence, 2112 North
2Sth atreet. Interment private, at Mt. l'eac
Cemetery. Remains may be seen on Jttdhy
ROIII.NSON. On Jnnuary 13. 101(1, 18A
IIKLLA RORINSON. daughter of tha late,
Alexander anil Isabella Ewlng Relatlvea nnd
friends are Invited to attend the funeral serv
ices, on Mondio, at.2 p. in., nt late residence.
1(11 1 North 2tltb nt. Interment private, at
Mount Mnrlah Cemetery.
Rt'EIIK. Suddenly, on January 11. 1010.
JOHN r only child of John II. snd MAms
Ruehr. In his inth yenr. Relatives and
frlenis. also members of Evangelical .."
therau Church ot the Advent. Stmyer-s .!
nesn College tind Thomas Potter Alumni art
Invited to nttend the xervlces. on SatuMs .
st 2n. in,, at his pirents" residence, 1714 West
Cambria st Interment private, nt ML Pears
Cemetery. Remains may bo viewed on Frl
dv. rfter s p. m
MIEItlDlN.-.On January in, 101ft, JAMES,
husband pf Miry Sheridan. Relatives nnd
frlettils. alsi Holy Name Soclity or St.
Stephen's (.huritt and Donegal Etoilety. are
Invited lo uttcml the funeral, on Monday, nt
H ;in a, in,, from late reni1cnce ,1120 Nj)ttri
llrohri rt. Solemn Itrnulem High Man at
St. Stephen's Church nt in a, ni. lntrmient
nt Holr Sepulchre Cemeter).
MIEIIItirK.-'Oii Janunry IS, 1010. JOHN J.
SHEItltlCK. Due notice of tho funeral will
be glrcn,
illlsi.Elt. On January 13,101(1. CAROLINE,
widow of the late Joseph Shlsler (nee Ford).
Helttlvcft and frlriule nro Invlteil to Attend
the tvlicrnl services, nn Saturdnv. at 2 p. rn.,
nt the resilience of her brother. Jamce S.
ISinl. Jill North l.llh et. , Interment prlvatu.
nt American Mechanics' Cenieter, Ito
malna may bp Mevved on Frldiy evening
SMI HI. -On Jauu'irr 12, IDIR, EMMA A
vvldmv of ( 'mica Ri Smith, ageil PO years.
Relutlves and rrlends arc Invited to nttend
the funernl services, nn Mnndav, nt 11 n.
m ineclselv. nt her late resluvnie. 17 South
37th st. Interment private.
vPrMKIt.--On Janunry 12 10IR. ROtE. wlfs
of Woir Hpelrr. In her (llthvenr , nelnllve
and friends, also llnnotli Jeshurun Lnitge and
Ri'becrti Lodge arc Invited to attend ths
runeral on hunday. at 2 p. m . from her
ate residence 2iml North Cleveland ao.
Interinent prlvnte. at Adnth Jeshurun,
KTll'I.ETllN. On January II. II) Id. MARY,
nldow of Edvvnrtl Btnpletun (nee Llavtl).
Relatives and friends sre Invited to attend
funeral, Saturday, nt s id a. m., rrom her
lata residence, 1P-TO N. Irfiwrence st. Sol
emn Requiem Mass ht St. Michael's Church
at 10 a. pi. Interment New Cathedral Ceme
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