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"fL--- - -
irnli! rinnersn, known ns silver,
U'tiwiiM n-week lol. In hlre.f
rr'' CTurrr of "The Fljlng 8n1-
iwn" ..,tr of "The I nc
nnini. rr'";..-- oi. ...j;.a. .....
fc"i t.i uni of J12 a week for pins hit,
51j?1 fl? !" Ned, Kntg. Iirunls
! mtftAni. ' ,,,.- irt t
fri" ""."'", :"i7iV" ViUL1
1 i. mjikM nn advance, she scratches
II If II lilt lllllli IHH I,
fti, hir nail' inirinu inn nrt rmir
rfjini 'V1 rhJr now rnsltlnn .silver, who
'?!'-.i was underfed, fl rnvrnoiiRlv.
r. lli. I"0 pounds, becomes II. The
PWir,!lSIrA-ln nf n snnllnw I- onlr inn
FMifltW!,,"J S-iita herself. rni n whnln
1 P"8 i'llliout cuitlnir, only to become fo
' w'i .lCii h roll-P-- on .the Mnite. In
"..J ifier this illmrnce, she neconirsinlrj
imi W dinner nml devours all the fond
i eff. tier w Uli On their way homo Urutr
ltw kl" Vllv-r. ami, -ho nirnin dl?-
PX'SKii i into hi- fate, this .time cbiisIiik
k.t" S7X tmr. As Sliver nee- -no nonr- ivrujr
fe'iS rSnemnce. Next day. on enterlnic
'"Viiilrii Silver tneem urunl. nnn uinrai
dlifinM- arm- an.l sobs out her story.
7n' to comfort her.
IrrfitliA kocd. you have right to cry.
'ill for now your life commence- to be
rj vou nro pocen cadi tiny to mnke-a
.P-.... trht. When I nin young llkoyou.
ti n llm mid grncefool llkc-a do grny
L'lna dojf. I nm t,n l,llcs' " '" all
'Siilr I do not pay It. I know It. Acry
' Sknow It. Ask anybody, 'Who It linos'
r. ?tim nnd gracefool llkc-a do grny-
JiMtr In Ketnly"' no say. rnrio iiritni.'
"fj4m recch and roml ami t IiorIii to
iT, , rn) not mooli n lectin Clilnntl,
i -ki hut I cat, nntl catecn kills moro
8w,l s drlnkccn t dance, hut 1 tmff.
iiMf "I nm not veil, t moat cut more'
ttiL I Srt,w t"tl r Rr"w fn1, ! ,,nJ'
jifLnorra I bcffccii to fitop to cnt so
,-jjii Tint ttiini a imui
will not do to-
4j,V t,e cannot do to-morrn. , Illnc-lij",
I,,Vn!k anybody. 'Wlm In fines' dancer
lTlUV". " "
M&t-ty' ,,e '"IV, Cnrl ,,r"' .
.,.! 1 slop to eat. It In too late, t
jnt M Jost do name. And blncby Xtr.
fti-l sloP to 1'i,ce- 1Ie innnaRo other
Iwoiile to ilnncc Now. 1 do not cat mock
Stat I do not diinrr at all.
i' 'And now vou. oi Poor leetla heed.
i,w your tlmo ionics. If ou dawn't
ijj,,. noir, toda anil never bcKcen tiKnlu,
Sr become fat like me, old Ilrnnl. You
fiuinot be hnppv Yhu will not be pretty.
JTon 'HI ,)0 fnt olcl lntly ucforo J'ou nro
vnunt woman.
J -if you bcoo up to r.il, you ran bo
"mbh pre"t artccate. At fcorst m are
'.jot pretty, sou have no grace. I am
lorr t laKe jou jur ii itriiiu nwniion :
put vmi learn nnd blncby I nay, 'I chooso
' nod ffhtn I choose clot Kcrl.' And blncby
itfycu take care of yourself, I make a
irit dancer of yout you mako becc
moncr-not $1" a week, but "120O a week.
, "To do nn nrtccsto Is better an to eat
?W moch, eh" ntl to dance Is Rreatest
5rt of all muslca. ilrnmma, scultura.
Mila-ttll In one If sou cat and Kiown
't, tie fat you shall bo also unhappy .tost
fjsjame. If Vu are itrtciwtc you shall
' In unhappy, vou shall softer, but you
ivhiU be artoestc You nro not Roeen to
C-lorsyour dinner more ai your art, huh?
J'Na! Vou nro Roeeu to be brave leetla
Meta, ana oincoy letua kccci is great nr-
(tei'.e, huh'"
'"Bhe noded her lientl so violently that
lh ihook tenrn from her lnshcs to tho
fit hand he laid on her fat cheek. And
to he left her. put on bis pcrlldlous fur
omcoat, twisted his wicked mustaches
ml went his way.
Hirer took her bag- of cream puffs and
eclilrs and gltiRcrbrend Into the backyard
lad threw It Into tho ash barrel. It wns
like tearing her heart out nml throwing
l It aiay.
'"t,On her way to the theatro she lemcm
i;Stred KniB's threat, and It frightened
tr; Then she felt reassured because sho
Bid forestalled him by confessing the
j, truth to her adored Ilrnnl. She felt more
comforted when she saw Krug smllo na
r.ihe passed him In the wings.
i It wis so dark that she Haw only the
&.rhttec of his es'cs and Ills tcetlu She did
iot ve the swollen lip nor tho four lines
-.across the bridge of his nose. These had
''taken a deal of explaining to tho rest of
the crew. They had laughed at his con-
Indicting stories. Flue thoy had not seen
lira as he set a little file to gnawing at
ttle wire that lifted Silver Into tho nlr.
Jlilf through he tiled It, where It would
nb across tho pulley. And then' ho waited
. lis time.
f4 Silver put on her swallow clothes again
. tlth a Joy as of corning home. Tho but
Jtoos were, tight mid tho hooks pulled
tiw ui. mo eyes, nut Hno ten sure
lilt she could grudualls' starve oft
tnoagh surplus to mako her worthy of
.ler glorious carcdr. Rvcn Krug was
toired, and all was well.
She danced and sang like a forgiven
Trodtpal find tvlmn ,l,n mm n.tm n ann
J aloft she pressed Borrow back beneath
j- oer Tlth wings as Joyous as a skylark's.
f. Even tho other swallows felt tho lilt of
, her ecstasy.
. And then, at tho height of her climb,
lis felt a queer little Jolt In tho wlie, u
l """"& tiu luuii awr-7 iviin ii luilK
Fjf upheld, no longer n bird. Just a help
Mms hody. falling, falling
;"'Ue audience caught n Bcream of terror,
i a Vision Of tumbling fentliers. a. tliuil. :l
J ISOtlOnlltta linnn n tiihIa r. -. tl.n an,nl
-...., al.Uf( n jmiiu U1I1UIIH tH OWUl
Hlos still In tho air, a panic In tho very
"main mat ran down Its wires with a
TTnlMn.. I! . Tk 1 1 .1 11 41. Iahm Anwwn In v,lll.ti fn nlnlf firwl Aa,l
t-wnuay lime, IWUIIUOWH, llllU Ull llic iuiib uwya ill i..wi j..j ..i. -..-md
what else are you froing to do with tho "sixty diamond minutes in each
6'uennour"-f An Englishman has written n uook enuueu, -now 10 Lave on
Twenty.four Hours a Day." Isn't that a funny way of saying don't waste a
'Ingle mlnilfn nf my Ilrnnl
(Now he didn't mean at all that folks
Wnk of what you're doing while you're
Mmething to be thrown away.
am ourc u iie nau written win
we said:
riay nard while you play, breathe, tne com iresn air, run anu race m uw
wight sunshine and be very glad that you're alivo and 8 years old or 10 or 14
whatever you may be. WORK hard while you work, don't watch tho clock
Hen you are practicing your music lesson. SLEEP tight when you go to
M and don't keep one eye open trying to finish that last chapter of the
Aunt Molly gave you for Christmas.
The Enelishmnn wnnlrl have said. I'm sure: Write the Rainbow Club n.
Jjtelong letter and let your fellow members know all about your vacation.
FARMER, SMITH, The Children's Editor,
The Evening Ledger, Philadelphia, Pa.
I wish to become a member of your Rainbow Club and agree to
Name i ..... t t
Address ,,.........,
Age ..,,.,..,,,, i,Kiin "'
School I attend,.,..,,,..... '
Mrs. Hen's Family
lira. Mant- -t :i n ,.-,, ff
ll?ept one little chicken, who was dis
I2ed by every one except his mother,
uj .. s exceedingly fond oi nun.
E --.wo urumers ana sisters uuvuja
the best foo.d and left hardly any
wis poor chlckie.
One il.. .. - i x il.i v -iron
I i M"J tto ") prove mui wo
If je good, he went out and, after a
I' ,. ume returned with two oi tne
--r r.v.ww jryu ciw -, --
a &d sisters crowded around I
shriek, a hubbub back of tho canvas a
tnero a doctor In the htuse?"
I'ehlml'Xgrbo": "M n,oHoned round
Then the piano began to clatter, the
u ,,'Jl"1 wc"t.,'p m"' a comedian In green
whiskers and a comedian who wore hi"
ntdoWn over his ears and Mid, "Oil
l'lr,,Mw,.!,t n'' hcan n ,luf'l f wits.
I,i. ? , fnl',cnrt !in,l n'niost stopped in
ro fLPMat V',,cn J10 f,aw '" 8-"-drop
from the sky. lie teached the stage
In nn ague of terror. He found Stiver
bere,Ui Vm ,",Cl0US R,ul '""'"Cd, but
hand Vna" 1,ls trct"bllng
The stngo manager, furloui at the sec
ond m shap wns ordering the swnllows
rteKi lc .'." Uvo'" 1,onl"": Into the
tiles jo send the front drop down, and
shouting into the wlngq for the next team
that plnved "In one" to Jump In. It wns
not their turn, but .it all costs tho audi
ence must bo kept nt case.
tlrunl never drenmed of questioning this
Rener.ilshlp. Ho dragged .Silver upstage
as the drop flapped Into place. When tho
....or nrriveu ihey talked In whispers,
While the romedlnns on the other sldo
voiked like Trojans to coerce the audi
ence Into laughter and forgelfulness.
rho doctor hoped that no bones were
fractured. "Mho's pietty well padded." ho
said. 'Her llcsh was nt oneo tho oauso
or her disaster nml Its remedy. A closer
search allowed that one of her arms wns
snapped nml the ambulance was called.
Krug heruil the gong of tho hospital
wagon; he saw tho still form carried
forth feet first. lt0 felt himself a mur-
Sliver put on her swallow clothes
derer. When Urunl came back to demand
tho cause f the accident he could not
enact tho Jaunty scene he had rehearsed
for hlmslf. Ho gulped nnd choked and
mumbled the woids:
"I knew It wns comln". I been warn
In' her she was cntln' too much. She's
way over do limit, and "
"You know cct comes," stormed Brunl.
"Den w'y ou not tell me, huh?"
"How do I know do wlro wouldn't
"De wire would hold two of her un
less glve-n mo do wire."
Brunl did not wait to havo It brought.
Ho sought It himself nnd examined the
broken edges. As ho dragged them Into
tho glow of u brilliant box light he glanced
up at Krug. nnd Krug cleared his throat
anil shifted to the other foot. Urunl
studied tho wlro keenly; the polished
bevel tho illo had mado was as distinct In
one half of tho wlro as tho ragged tear
In tho other.
Brunl thought hard a long moment.
Then ho called to ono of his other as
sistants: Giorgio, run get me n pollcc-aman,
Krug beat Giorgio to the door. Ho
never en mo back.
Ilrnnl thought that this was best. It
saved tho swallows a scandal and Brunl
$18 of unpaid salary.
When Sliver came back from tho placo
whero she had gone sho was In a
white hotel of many beds In one room a
hotel filled with the guests of pain.
Sho suffered ngoules at the surgeon's
hands, but her soul hnd anguishes nil Its
own. Sho was afraid to see old limn),
but when ho came ho was so overjoyed
nt his diplomacy, his financial coup and
tho safety of his new daughter In nrt, that
ho had only words of comfort.
Sho was bo weak that her secret feud
with Krug escaped her close littlo heart.
"Krug said ho'd get me and ho did.
Not tho wny ho wanted me at foist. But
ho got mo good and plenty. It was ma
should work all day long. He meant,
doing it and don't look on TIME as
uuun. iui ure "'" w. ,.u ,...
Children's Editor, Eveninq Ledger.
him and were-all prepared for a feast,
but he walked dlgnifiedly by them all
and brought the worms straight to his
When they saw how they were
humiliated they went to him and
asked his pardon, which, like the good
little chicken he was, he immediately
granted. Then he shared his food
with them, and after that they were
very kind to him, and Mrs, Hen's fam
ily was a happy one.
Addison street.
own fault, though, for tolnln meself Into
a machinery buster."
"Dawn't you believe jou boosta da ma
chine of Urunl. Ktug Is do machinery
booster. He Is a a traduttore, but ho
mako no moro do trooblo for you, lectin
Sliver was overjoyed to have this re
morse removed. But Bho had others. "Alt
tho Mine, 1 busted your show, nnd T
busted mo nrm, and you'll never wanta
sco me ngnlu."
Ilrnnl shook his black curls nnd smiled.
"Cnrlo Urunl Is notta do man for leave
a swallow vcet a brokena vlng. Vo play
flvo svnllows till you come back."
Silver squeezed hid fat hand In one of
hers nnd chuckled. "I was In nnother
horsepltnl once. They don't feed yotl very
good In horsepltnls. 'When I get outn.
hero I'll bo a Sliver for sure. And I'll
keep meself so slim they'll have to tis
opcry glasses to see me. Prom now on
I'm strong for you nnd me art."
He took her nt her word. And when
she was well she kept It, with tho lofty
self-denial of a priestess nt nn nllar.
Now nnd then on. her wny to nnd from
tho theatre tho Tempter calls her eyes to
tho windows of candy shops or tho heaped
up treasures of the confectioners. Or a
landlady In his employ urges her to try
her pin. But thus far sho hns fought
back Chef tiUclfer so well thnt sho Is
nlmost ngnln the Silver sho was when
Brunl, who Is so proud of her now, found
her weeping before a pastry shop be
cause sho could not buy.
Sometimes still the struggte rtth her
besetting vlco of luxury Is so fierce that
sho pauses over ngnlnst a baker's win
dow to defy tho demon nnd prove her
strength. And tho batllo brings tears to
her eyes again because sho could buy nnd
must not.
M rinds of women havo wept sens of
tears becnuso llfo Is so filled with bitter
ness. Silver Is weeping n. littlo private
lake of her own becnuse It Is so full of
By Couverneur Morn's, begin in
tomorrow'! Evening Ledger.
Police Court Chronicles
Ambrose Itnff was found wandering
along York street with a clothesprop In
his hand. At tho end of the prop there
wns a hook, nnd when Ambrose, who Is
a quiet-looking negio, was discovered by
Policeman Belter he wns standing very
near a turkey, which was hanging from a
Clrcunifltnntlal evidence wn.s strongls
against Unit, but he contended that ho
had no wrong Intentions. His excuse for
prvllng around ClirlHtmns morning with
a clothesprop In this fashion wns not nc
ccpted by tho cop. Ambroso declared that
ho hnd used the pole for delivering
Christmas trees. Ho could not mako It
clenr bow trees could bo carried In such
a manner, however, nnd tho pollcomnn
took him beforo Mnglstrnto Glenn, nt tho
4th and Y'oik streets stntlon.
When naked how many turkes's he had
stolen, Ambroso wns Indignant.
"Yo kin Jes nucli ma close all obcr," ho
declared, " an If s"ou lln any turk nboot
ma, nh II go right to Jail.
"The clrrumstantlnl evidence Is ngnlnst
you," the Judgo explained.
"Ah doii caro nuflln' 'bout dnt substnu-
shll evidence," said tho prisoner, "ah Jls
no dat ah am a wronged man."
Ambrose willingly surrendered his
clothesprop to tho police and for this sac-
rlllco was allowed to spend his Uhrlstmns
by tho family fireside.
Joseph Ziepjler Entcrtnins Nicctown
Children at Movies
Following his custom of tho last four
years, "Undo Joe" Zlegler, of 1S27
Cnyugn street, will entertain nbout 1200
children or Nlcetown today at tno nyne
Palace Theatre, Germantown avenuo nnd
Dounton street. Many surprises nro In
store for the kiddles. There will bo mov
ing pictures, monologues and musical
Tho children will march from the home
of "Undo Joe" to the theatre, headed by
a brass band, whose services will bo
donated. Kuch child has a card of ml
mlsslon nnd only those so Invited will at
tend tho celebration.
Caddy Gets New Foot as a Present
Twelve-year-old Edward Myers, caddy
nt tho Huntingdon Valley Country Club,
who three years ago lost a foot when run
over by n train near Jcnklntown. received
a. useful Christmas present from the
members of tho countrj' club. It was a
new artificial foot, to replace the home
made one ho used to tramp about the links
of the club.
Our Postofflce Box
The little girl in tho picture, Ger
trude Kiernan, North 11th street, was
very good to the Rainbow Snnta
Clnus, so were many other children
and I want to mention as many of
them as I can today.
A thousand
thanks Anna
Heaney, Martha
Darr, Susan Kess
ler, Charles Marola,
William Pescatore,
Anna Daley,
Marion Daley,
Grace Daley, The
resa Zussy, Flor
ence Foster, Cath
erine Collins, Mary
tfi. - -.Vxit
Gertrude Kteman
Collins, James Collins, John Collins,
James Dougherty, Frances Shoe, Wil
bur Spencer, Edward Etchelle, How
ard Foster, Margaret Williams,
Frances Williams, Earl Fisher, Joseph
Norris and Otto Kaufman.
The Rainbow Club thanks these chil
dren from the bottom of its sunshiny
Anna Thorn wishes to know when
to send in the answers to "Do You
Know This?" I would suggest that
she and the other members who have
asked the same question save their
answers till the end of the week and
then mail them in all together. This
will save postage.
Do You Know This?
1. Fill in the dots with letters so
that words read across the square.
(Five credits.)
E ff
R . . .
2. What is frost? (Five credits.)
3. Name five winter sports? (Five
. m
The Constable: "Now, then: he says yon hit hint first."
Tho Workman: '-A'ell, nn' It 1 did, 'v. bloom In' well Insulted me-tcllln'
mo tor go to ther Kaiser!"
Promotions in Camp
i --
Sidney Hiillclln.
"Our Ilcg has been mado u lieu
"How nice. And our Cecil wns mado
n sentry Inst night!"
"How do you feel, Maggie'"
"I feel like cverythliib' I've been
eating hash!"
Had the Right Idea
- I'unch.
Farmer. "Still on home service,
Yeoman: "Yes."
Fanner: "Supposing the Germans
came to Cneluud, what would you
Y'cnman (Indignantly): "Why, vol
unteer for foreign service at once, of
tS-rJfcViTejWui Crw.
js- s-ia
11 ; Ji , - JlFj f n Jj$m
EL at
ll:ii-r,T77 -
vw I ?y?trr i i
"inter, "riay, Johnny, let's play
Johnny: "All right."
Sister: "Now I'll ho the wife nnd
fusj. nnd you'll be the husbnnd nnd
come homo and growl."
S lXZ iOlilIMoOYlC liCM
"fc'i ,t
BAU-rtnz-rrM n I jflPI
"It is .i-purtcd tro.ii . . City
that tho sale of alcoholic diink.i Is to
be prohibited. '
"Don't you believe It. Atlantic City
Is a low-lying place."
rmffiiniirXTBI i
" ( ,
1 . 1 . M dBt -SU7V HK-wiiBPr. I sSi 'tLJW.Vr-' Iff Will HZZSZb.
LHjrj-f 'j 'y.v rap ,tfu '-V,;' fJiMMiiL
0r HissBBsiss1 Mt ,.
TViEIK jatfvrar-
i-M i It
J-HUM , ,
Bashful Suitor All the tvenlns; l"v
been waJUns to say somethins to you,
MU Ividder-It wasu't "Oood Nleht"
wu itl
). TlF?
' - 1l 1 1
b r.",-n"i?-"uj ,if"w i, TiNfit rrKP. , v?s
ggdggiR3 -. f Il I I lNt"XS
lV&'jKXsSrSh. "ir f - ' lL3KjfiBtWLMtH
i X?A hW-K I, VX rkw MisKtsKzV SsBPBSIeIB
III, .IM -
.The rasilnt: Show,
Supply Ran Short
"HI Holler bad to give up his milk
route. Says be can't supply hi cus
tomers." ''! kU iiU' drt us."
rMk1iMS ubr-,jB
! n I U ILa