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" iMfUm , BntyHlHP!l
Large Charitable Performance to Benefit the Pennsyl
vania Museum and School of Industrial Art.
Alfred Barton in Charge
EVERY ONE Is mticli excited over
the biff spectacular performance
. dunre, "Tlio Gambol of the Clods,"
lch will be Riven for the benefit of
M Pennsylvania Museum and School
,( Industrial Art on Thursday night,
; uary jj( in the Hellevtio ballroom,
rt m very lntercstliifc to lenrn that
- Mary Mitchell and her inseparable
Mend, ureiciu'ii -"j -- atiuuny
miking some of tho costumes for tho
..(mlnnte set of dancers nt the "Lit-
tte Shop
on 13th street, which was
Kfted la1 year In connection with
Ihl Emergency u. imw i;i ne
wj(T the Btildnncc of Valentine
Mitchell, and Frances Watts has do
ilgned tho froclis. There are to bo
trlos groups of dancers, and Judging
(rem previous nffnlrfi of tho ,,m' tn,a
HI ), very wonderful from un nr
lUtlc, graceful and inustcnl point of
The scene Is laid In the Casino nt
Itonte Carl", and among the choruses
will be IS roulette Klrls. Marlon Oram,
the debutante daughter of Mr. Wil
liam Grant, will lead this group.
The girls wlm will tnlto the part of
tprlns nymphs will bo headed by
Corlnno freeman, and their frocks
hue a stcneil design, done by Mildred
post, who Is n School of Design pupil.
Helen Kills, the daughter of Mr. and
Urs. Struthers I'llis. will bo In charge
of the actress group.
Another set will bo a "Hotlgo ct
Kolr," one which will bo most striking
md effective.
It will bo on the order of a Cabaret
ind already a number of tables have
bten engaged for tho evening. Mrs.
Charlie Hnrrlson. Jr., has one, so have
the Hob Logans, Mr. and Mrs. Henry H.
Grove, Mrs John Harrison and Mrs.
s Joseph F. Slnnott.
' I understand from lr. to 20 Individ
ually designed posters have been got
tn up by pupils of the Industrial Art
Echool, and they will be placed In vari
ous parts of the city.
Theso include one for which a prize
wa given, and so creditable ure they
all, It has been decided to collect them
after the "gambol" for nn exhibition
it the school.
Did you know Joe and Ella Du Harry
are back from their honeymoon. They
tell mo they had a wonderful trip.
They are going to spend tho winter
at tho Brock House, 2101 Spruce
itreet. Mrs. Brock, Sarah and 121lza
leth nre going to stay out In San
Francisco all winter, so tho llttlo
Bewlywcds will have plenty of time to
look around for a houso of their own,
and In the meantime gain experience
In practice
This week will bo very gay. Thcro
will be tho frazlcr Harrison ball to
lljht for Mariana Gowcn, who Is Mrs.
Harrison's tlstcr; opera tomorrow
tirht and Benedicts' ball, Sarah Nell
ion's ball Wednesday night, tho
Weldershelm danco Thursday, Friday
Bight tho Boston Opera Company will
come back and give "Mndnmo Butter
fly," and then thero will bo tho Georgo
Wharton Pepper's ball for Eleanor
and Geo Hcckaher's party, too, and on
New Year's Day there will bo opera
again. I wonder how It Is wo can
keep It up, for just think besides nil
these dances, of the luncheons, tens,
dinners, theatre parties and suppers,
which are a regular part of a society
woman's dally lire.
Can It be true that staid Quakerdom
U following In tho wako of Its more
eh, much more frivolous sister and Is
even abandoning- tho fireside on Christ
en Day for tho luro of tho bright
'Hfhts and tho music of hotel llfo? For
.certain It Is that on Saturday night tho
tayest and smartest of fashion's fav
ored forsook the homo clrclo to attend
lie Supper Club, which, under tho
rildanco and chaperonngo of Mrs. J.
Hutchinson Scott, has become a rare
.weeees. Mrs. Bcott brought over from
New Tork for the occasion the charm
, '"J llttlo semi-professional dancer,
Gladys Jackson, who, with Mr. Fred
erick Hamilton ns a partner, qulte cap
tured the. hearts of Terpslchoro's dis
ciples. Miss Jackson, who was not un
known to a number of this city's fash
ionables, danced this autumn at the
, Greenbrier Hotel, at White Sulphur
i Springe, and while thcro excited much
f frvorablo comment. This winter It
eems Bhe has been a feature of tho
Elltraoro dansants.
But to return to Mrs. Scott's club.
i U met In tho Hose Gordon Instead of
, " ballroom, and so great was the
crowd that It was found necessary to
eat many latecomers outside In the
9. The decorations were, of
Murse, suggestive of tho season, and
I Hh tho Meyer Davis orchestra quite
wtdolnp itself the occasion was a very
"stive one Indeed.
A very Interesting party Included Mr.
"d Mrs, James Potter, who had with
"em their daughter. Mm Prank Polk.
OtNew York; then Bam Reeves had a
"umber of guests, also the Jay Llp
Jtoeetts. Ur. and Sirs. J. R. Evans Roberts
wo entertained, and another quite
Ial host was "Gee" Heckscher.
tin. Scott herself had a large party
' young people for her debutante
wughter "Beth," as she Is affection
Wy known to her Intimates.
Others entertaining included Mrs.
mund ii. McCulIough, tho Walter
"! and the Harry Dlsstons.
BBr "IB! I.DH Tl ...-.i ...Ill I.rA an
jf,;ct"8 luncheon of 20 covers tomor-
m- .' ner borne on Gulf road and Jthan
menue. The decorations will be In pink.
ffur"fcand 1Irs' Joseph Wharton Wppin-
fiJi. '" usl openea their new nouse ai
..' jrroa.
and will spend the winter
jb engagement of Miss Emma M.
I lii y,' u' ,n c'ty anil rew jotk, iu
r. Doupiass j.oUer ot East Orange. N.
I t- nu been announced.
I 8uth ,crth Emory Bartlett, of 2U
s,.T . win give a ""vf
?Ty laonor ot her daughter, Jlto
Vl ?l nrt.le". who la home from school
jor the holidays. Tlio guests, who will
ne from the school yet, w in Include Miss
J.nncy H. Dunning, Ml-a Mnwret Earle,
Miss Dorothy Hly, MUs Mnry Fahnc
stock, Miss I.uov nrey, Miss Eleanor
ilnehmnti, Miss Marie I,. Hepburn, Miss
Jnne S. Hepburn, Miss ftnncci II. Ham
inotnl. Mis'. Mnry Knp, MHs Mary
Knight. Mls Esther I,. Ithontls, Miss
Mnry I.ltUe, Mls Ellzabetli Taylor, Mls
Helen Hhelten. Mqq 1'ninceR V. I.eecb,
.-ss Carol I,evj,, Miss Margaret Mcdoo,
Ml'"? Clint lottc t'uscy, Miss Frances .1,
Itnss, Ml.i Elizabeth ltos, MIas Hosnlie
olliatli. Mlsj Anna W. Zimmerman.
Miss Edith ltrown. Miss Caroline Nixon,
MIfs Knthetliic Moyd ntul Miss Eliza
beth Coane.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlton Ynrnnll, Mr.
Alexander C. Ynrnnll, Miss Kophlo Ynr
Jinll nnd Miss Agnes Ynrnnll, who have
been spending the niitumn at their coun
try residence nt Hnverfnrd. have opened
their bouse on tho northeast corner of
nth nnd Locust streets.
Miss Anna llnrroll, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J Leeds llnrrnll, of 27 Charlton
street, Mount Airy, left yesterday for Et.
Louis, Mo, where she will be tho guest
of Mrs. Henry C. Scott rnr several Weeks.
Mnny Informal entertainments are nil
ready being planned In lintior of SIlss
Uarroll by her mnny friends.
Mr. Clement A. (Irlieoiti, rtd. son of Mr.
nnd Mrs. ttndmnit E. Clrlseom. of Doto
brnn. Ilnverford, Pa., has icturncd home
for the flirtations hollil.ia from St.
Paul's School.
Dr. Judson Dnlnnd. of 117 South IStli
street, has left for Rochester, Minn.,
where be will remain for several dnys.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Hnrry Edson, of Orchard
Inue, Ilnverford, will bo nt homo Infor
mally on New Year's afternoon, from 4
until 7 o'clock. No cards have been sent
Mr. nnd Mrs. I.ouls I.ocko nnnounce the
mnirlnge of their daughter, Miss Lena
Locke, to Mr. Samuel L. Horwltz, on
Sunday, December "dtli.
Miss Helen Gormley will entertain
about 75 guests tomorrow at a house
dunce In honor of Miss Mildred Rougher.
Tho house will bo attractively decorated
with holly and other Christmas greens.
Mr. Arnold Jennings, n student nt
Princeton Seminary, has returned to Ger
mantown to spend the ebrlHtmns holidays
with his parents, tho Rev. Willlnm Realty
Jennings nnd Mrs. Jennings, C012 arcene
Mrs. John Wnlker. of Rurfnlo, Is spend
ing the Christmas holidays with her
mother, Mrs. II. F. Dewccs, of Magnolia
Mr. E. Ross Carver has returned to his
homo on Newhnll street fiom n three
months' stay In the mining regions of the
far west.
Friends of Mrs. Allco Booth, who, with
her dnugliter. Mrs. flrennell. closed their
apartment In The Wlss.ihlukon, Queen
Lane, In November, ntul left for a year's
stay abroad, have received Christmas
greetings from Mrs. Booth, bearing a
tiny photograph of her country plnco In
Irclnnd. Mrs. Booth nlso tins a houso
In Loudon, which she Intends turning
over to the Government as a reticat for
wounded soldiers. Surely hciclu lien tho
true Christmas spirit.
Members of tho Board of Education,
heads of schools Mathers nnd alumni
havo been invited to attend a reception,
to bo given to Superintendent of Schools
Dr. John P. Garbr at tho Germantown
High School on Wednesday, January 5,
at 3:30 o'clock. Tho affair will bo under
the auspices of tho Council of the Higher
West Philadelphia
Miss Glnilya MoCowon, dnugliter of Sir.
nnd Mrs. E. B. McCowcn, of 4101 Spruce
street, ulll leave for New Yolk on
Wednesday, where slio will bn the guest
of Miss Lucille Horn over Now Year's
Mr. nnd Mrs. John A. Hlckey enter
tained at dinner mi Christmas Day at
their home. CM South 3Sth street. Covers
were laid for 15 guests.
Miss Adelo Bnrtram West, of -ISiS Ches
ter avenue, entertained her enrd club last
week In honor of Mr. William Murphy,
who sniled on Saturday for New Orleans
to spend tho month of January.
The following Christmas entertainments
were given on Friday and Saturday In
this section: Emanuel Methodist Epis
copal Church entertainment at 4 o'clock
Friday afternoon, for tho members of the
Junior League, and at night tho annual
Christmas exercises for tho Sunday
school of the Mount Vernon Baptist
Church; at 5:30 o'clock Christmas morn
ing tho choir of the Ebenezer Methodist
Episcopal Church, tho Rev. Arthur S.
Wells, pastor, rendered Christmas carols
from tho churchtower; two services wero
held In tho Fouith Reformed Church on
Christmas Day, one at 0 o'clock In tho
morning, when a choir of 50 voices, under
tho leadership of Miss Kate Blulr, organ
ist, rendered the carols, and In tho even
ing the Sunday school, under the direc
tion of Mrs. Isaac Ward, sang the can
tata of "Santa Claus."
Mrs. William Carroll, of 2W0 Rhawn
street, has ns her guests Miss Edith Allo
way and Miss Marguerite Sykes, of At
lantic City, who will remain until after
the first of the year;
Miss Jessie Clark Hammond, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Hammond, of
Paul street, Is entertaining over the holi
days Miss Edith Clark, Miss Marlon
Clark, Miss Josephine Cromley, Miss
Alice Bromtly, Miss Bertha Martin, Miss
Fannie Ward, Miss Josephine MacN'a
inara and Miss Pauline Graham.
Camden and Vicinity
Miss Nancy Northrop, of 309 North 3d
street. Is home from Columbia Univer
sity to spend the holidays with her
Mr. James Pancpast, of 203 Cooper
street, has been spending sever?! days
at the shore, where he motored with a
school friend.
Department of
Commercial Education
Special Couries In Shorthand. Book
keeDlDE. Kepcrllnr, Fire anil Casualty
ln.urapco start January 3d la Day and
EtenlnE School.
Temple University
Droad St, below llerka, Philadelphia
SI' VNlsH Technical Teacher and Trantla-J-KKM'H
tore' Aso.. U31 I'crry Bide
ir W.IAN Spruce i-'-lH. A working- knowl-
Lehman ed of uii epoken lanuuaues.
CTRiVFR'S The Beet Builaees School.
3irvAICi? goi-807 ChMtnut Street.
.- , --JEgjfggg
&Sw Pfl! ;
- t ' .
Along the Main Line
OVERRROOK-Mr. and Mrs. William
It Tenbrook nnd Miss Tcnbrook, of tho
Drexel Apartments, will glvo a dance
till? evening at the Rlttonhouse.
Mr. nnd Mrs V. Roland n'Drlen en
tertained at dinner jeterdny nt their
homo ln Overbrook when coxers wero
laid for 10 guests Mr. nnd Mrs. O'Brien
have nlso sent out Invltntlon for n dinner
to bo given on New Year's Hay when
thero will bo 12 guests present.
ARDMORE-Mr. nnd Mrs. Benjamin H.
Ludlow, of Llnnfnlr road, spent Christ
mas Day with Mrs. Ludlow's parents,
Mr. nnd Mrs. John Crozer, of t'platul,
IlItYN MAWR-MIss Sarah lino, of
nulf rond, hns gouo lo Slttte College,
where she Is spending the holidays with
her brother.
Miss Mary Terrlen. of Oulf raad, Is
"pending the Cbrltmns holldrtya with her
parents, nt Nnshun, N. It.
DT DAVtPS-Mrs. Richard MaeSherry,
who hns been spending a few days In
Baltimore, will spend Christmas with
her family, Mr. nnd Mrs. ltollln It. Wil
bur, at Old stono I louse.
Mrs. Armltt Rrown returns to her homo
I on Orchnrd way on Friday from Atlantic
I City.
I WAYNE-Mr. nnd Mrs. I.een DcStr-r.
of Boston, spent rhrlsttnns with Mr. and
Mrs. William Jelterts Mrs. Ilevter will
be reme liberal us Miss Marie Jcfferls, nti
October bride
Mr. J. Charles Tveugood. Jr., has re
turned from Princeton t'nlvorslty to
spend the holidays with his parents, tho
Itev. J. Chnrks Levengood and Mrs. Lev
cngood, DEVON Mr. nnd Mrs. Alexander M.
It. Charrlngtoti, nf Wnrrenton, West Vn.,
nro spending the holidays with Mrs.
Charrlnglon's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Wil
liam Nelson Wilbur, ut their home ln
Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles M. Lea, who nre
occupying their new home In Devon, gave
a largo family dinner on Christmas nleiit.
Photo by Otto s.irony.
Daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Dolbert Byron Gray, of 1 IS; South -10th
street, will spend the week-end in Annapolis, where she will attend
the New Year's ball.
holiday gaieties nro Miss Virginia Cook,
of Minneapolis; Mr. Joseph Wliltehend
anil Mr. Conkey Wliltehend, Ynlo stu
dents, nil of whom nre guests at tho
Georgian Terrace Hotel; Miss Tnylcss,
of SlireM-piirt. La., In whose honor Miss
Mary Disluo Is entertaining elaborately;
Mr. and Mrs. William Mason, of New
York, who nre the guests of Mr. nnd
Mrs. Prank Mnson nt their homo Stono
henge; .Miss Mnrlan Jones nf Albany;
Miss (iertrude linody, nf Cuthbcit, On.;
Mlis Helena Wright, nr Ellierton; .Miss
Oenovlcvn Richardson, of New Orleans,
and others.
Mr. and Mrs. II. C. Bagley gavo a largo
party for tho college set Wednesday nt
Hrlvlng t'lul) In
er, .Miss Hemlettn
Macon, who bus al
ready mado mnny friends In Atlanta.
Mr W. E. I'letrleh, of Tampa, Fla.,
Is spending thi1 holidays with .Mr. and
Mrs. A P. Trendwell nt the Oeorgl.ui
Terrace Hotel.
ii Cbee'out Private and clai leieoui,
day aod ovenlus. la uewet altpe. Teleyho&o.
Southern Resorts
ATLANTA, Dec. 27. Christmas week In
Atlanta, one of the gayest In Its history,
found Its cllmnx In tho Blnck and White
ball Wednesday night nt the Georgian
Terrace Hotel, when all society combined
to make the occasion ineituuable from tho
social nnd picturesque standpoint nnd
prolltnbln to the Preach relief fund for
which It was a hcnellt.
Two hundred nnd fifty guests wero as
sembled, and the stntely banquet hnll,
sumptuous In Its rose-colored decorations,
thiew Into elf cell vp relief the striking
variety of costumes In tlio modish "Nolr
et blnnc."
!..... I.. .. .tnn.. ..t..!. nana .t'nrA fna
ViiLI iUlllia Ul unv l'UII i.-.t.T ....... .." . , ,l ... ,1...
tnoned from tho celling to tho large enn- ' c '-ln '" " ',
trnl chandelier, which was showered with h"r of their duught
roses nnd suillnx. Plat baskets of pink '" '"'""'IK..?',..
roses were silhouetted ugiilnst the white
paneled walls nnd great white pillars, and
ninny bay trees made a formal contrast
to the rose baskets and gai lands.
Theio were mnny lingo pirt.es. nmong
them that given by Colonel Willis E. Ra
gnu to Miss Harriot McUnnlel and Miss
Agnes Ornv. belles o.t the debutante set.
Mrs. Kelly Evans, of Toronto, Can.,
and Atlanta, who Is prominent In South
ern society, was the emtio of a bright
Baton nnd Baroness Rosenkrantz, of
London. Eng.. who are spending tho win
ter at the Georgian Terrace Hotel, were
guests of honor In a large party.
Mrs. Alfred Kennedy, of Cluenvllle,
S P, who u.is Miss Jane Thornton, of
Atlanta, was tho centre of another group.
Lieutenant Commander Walter Gordon
Roper, United States Navy, and Mrs.
Ropur. of Philadelphia, who are spend
ing tlio holidays here, wero Interesting
out-of-town guests. Mrs. Roper was the
beautiful Miss Robert ("Bob") Ridley
Veuablii, nf Atlanta.
The cutertnlnmuntH of Christmas Day
Included nn egg-nog patty given by Mr.
and Mrs. W. A. Spcer at their homo on
Peachtreo 'street, when they kept "open
house" from 12 to 2 o'clock.
Another happy reception, which has
come to bo one of the brightest untic
Ipations of the soclnl woild for Christmas
Hay, was that given by Mr. and .Mrs.
John S. Clark nnd Mr. and Mrs. A. D.
Adair, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Hojd McRao and others
were "nt home" Christmas H.iy and ut
nil tho clubs there were bright celebra
tions. At thn Piedmont Driving Club "open
house" all day was followed by an elab
orate dinner-dance.
At tho Capital City Club an Informal
dinner danco was the ChristmnH Eve
festivity, nnd "open houso" Christmas
Day gavo nil tho members and tho ladies
an opportunity for a greeting.
At the Druid Hills Golf Club several
hundred pcoplo enjoyed tho Christians
afternoon tea dance, nnd mnny golfers
spent tho dny on tho beautiful Druid
Hills course, or on one of the other three,
which nro 18-hole. giving Atlanta the
unique position as a Southern golf cen
tre. At the East Lnke Country Club an
elaborate tree party on Thursday for tlio
children of the members was a memora
ble occasion, and each bachelor member
wuh allowed to take somebody's else child.
Dinner and dancing followed the gift
A masquerade dance on Tuesday eve
ning nt the Piedmont Driving Club, given
by ono of the sororities at Washington
Seminary, and a dance nt Druid Hills
Golf Club Wednesday night by another
bororlty of the same school, were bright
events among the college set, whose time
Is well tilled with dances and tea dances
until the Now Year.
One of the prettiest dancing parties at
home was that given by Miss Anne Pat
terson for her guest, Miss Gladys
Madlgan, of Houston, Tex.
Among other visitors enjoying the
' Miss Edna Caw, of 1221 West Allegbenv
avenue, will give a luncheon followed bv
brldgo on Wcdnodny. Her guests will
be Mrs. Robert Lo Roy Bartholomew. Jr.,
Mrs. Ralph W. Nnzcl. Mrs. Tnggnrt. Mrs.
George MncCool, Miss Florence Wolloeo,
Miss Klorcnce Shaw, Miss Sara Sbow
nker. Miss Sidney Shnwnker. Miss Elsie
Kriiuse. Mrs. Robert Kleo, Jr., and .Miss
Mnry Pletehcr.
Miss Millie Thomas, of Hunting Park
nvenue, will give a ChristmnH party to
morrow fur the members of her sewing
club. Her guests will include Miss Ag
nes Wnlker. Mls Llllle R. Jackson, Miss
Nclllo Aldrlch, Miss Irene Hosier, Miss
(intrude Klefaver, Miss Ola Robot tscni,
Miss Rebecca llrouor-Ulghley, Miss
Florence Nuttall and Miss E. Jane ()g-den.
What's Doing Tonight
Rilvnttnn Armv children's rntrrtalnment,
Muolenl I-'und IIhII: (1 .to o'clock.
It ill In nl't nf Hrt.rrw Ori'hunV Home, Mer
o.inllle Hull. V n'eliKk.
Philadelphia Onhcutr.i, William I'enn High
8 hunt. " o clock.
rhiudt'lphl.t Concert Orchrntrn. rurktvm
Itull.llnB. oMoek.
Intcn oltcKUte Menorali. Asioclntlon. Propste
Tailored Suit Worn by Miss Elizabeth Cartwright Is
Very Smart Mrs. Victor Mather's Beautiful Gown,
Stunning Frocks Worn by Recent Brides
THE past week, full to the 11th hour
With shopping and teas nnd charming
amateur productions, gave all of us who
watch the kaleidoscope of fashion a
chance to study a perfect constellation
ot distinctive tailored costumes nnd tho
ulllmnte word In restauraht frocks.
Wherever one goes ene is Impressed
Willi tlio extretrto simplicity ntul quaint
demtifeness of the gowns chosen, the
simplicity, that Is, of a Doucct er cnllot,
which, needless lo say, Is the despair nf
the nmnteur copyist. One ot the smart
est of thn tailored suits en evidence Is
that worn by Miss Elisabeth Cartwright,
who looks with special favor' on simple
pownlng. This particular model, Ideal,
by the wnv, for the fun Into town, wns
carried out In olive green cheviot, the
rnther long coat florins gracefully over
the hips ahd by wnv of adornment
merely collared and ruffed with skunk.
U'rompanylng this wns a brond-brlmmed
for tho charities In which they nre In
terested, hnvo adopted rather mannish
but comfortable sport suits of Tyrolean
wool. Miss Klttv Penn-Smlth, who Is
such nn nble exponent of outdoor sports,
looked charming In a suit of this ' (.'enre,''
which she wore at the Christmas Bn?nar
at tho Rltz. It wns carried out in tan
tweed, tho Jacket belnir decidedly loose
find carrying two capacious pockets. A
row of brown leather biittuns occupied a
prominent role on the skirt; n fitting ac
companiment to this suit wns her un
obtrusive lint of blsoult-rolotcd felt, of
the typo our sport-lovhur English cousins
adopt for their dally tr.inip neross the
moors. A long motor eo.it of opossum
gavo the finishing touch to n delightful
Ono of tho very smartest materials for
tho ttotteur Is chamois cloth in the nat
ural color, which has been adopted by
two recent brides.
At one of the fashionable December
weddings Mrs. Edwnnl Burton rtnblnotte
appeared In a rather long llnrlnc-conted
model, with n wide hmder ." sc 11 fur and
lint nf black erpe nnd sntln. over the I tall upstanding collar nnd wide cuffs of
crown of which a narrow strand of sll
Vrr threaded Its way Into a Persian de
sign. At a luncheon party nt the llltz,
Mrs. Victor Mather adopted a stunning
model of dark blue eloth. the (ont of
which had the modish lilnh, upstanding
collar nnrt eurfs of sable
severe utile nut or lilnck velvet wns
tilted low down on the forehead and Wns
encircled about the brim with several
Utile bnwi.
A number of thn younger girls who
hnvo dashed Into town daily to rehearse
the snme Iter lint is n smill. lose-flt-
ting nffnlr of pheasants' brensti. ulth two
flaring feathers nt the left idc- nothor
bride, Mrs. oilier Knton i'i"imvell, In
nlso wearing 11 two-piece uit of bamols
cloth, cut on Htnnit lltie". with a chin-
Her rathet I chin eollnr and ciifs of controlling fur,
nnu she, too. hii" ndnptfd one of tlio tiny
phensnnt fenthcted lints which look for
all the world like ,1 rluintli leer Mrs. A.
J. Drexel BlUdle, while cli l Itiir down
through Chestnut Hill nientU Willi Mr.
Riddle, nlso wore one of thoe 1 hnpenu.
Along the Reading
Mrs. .1. C. Jennings nnd her daughter.
Miss Dorothy Jennings, of Greenwood
avenue, W.incote, nre the guests of Mr.
nnd Mrs, Otho Nowland. nt thrlr resi
dence, sio."i lllnrd street, Wilmington,
until nfter the tlrst of the yenr. Several
Informal enteitnlnments will be given In
honor nf Mrs. .lenninrs nnd Miss Jen
nings during their lslt.
Miss Idella Orlbbel, of Church road.
W.i neote has returned from a Isit of
teiernl weeks In Pittsburgh, Vn., where
she wns extensively entertained.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Merrltt, of Chelten
avenue, nro spending the holidays at their
country home near the Water Gap. A
number nf their friends and rulntlvcs
will join them during the week.
Northeast Philadelphia
Dr. nnd Mrs. J. A. Prosper of 2307
Frankford nvenue. -pent Ch-i imx vislt
Ihg their I'hlldien, lr. nnd Mi- r John
Prosper, of Lawrenceville, Tlo.i 1 County,
Mr. and Mrs. It. C. Randnll. of .'102 East
York street, were the guests nor tho
holidays of 5tr. mid Mrs. Oniwood, of
On U la tie. Trenton, N. .1.
Mr. Chnrles Sheppard. of Wllllmnsport,
Pa., Is the guest of Mr. Harold Walker,
of 2083 East Dauphin Street.
Mr. nnd Mrs. N. E. C. Bell, Mi Dnvli
II. Bell nnd Miss Huzel Hell, of Smyrna,
Hel., are the guests of IJr. and Mrs a J.
Enders, of 231 East Ciimbeilnnd street.
Delaware County
Sir. nnd Mrs. William E. Worrhoster,
of Medln, nnnounce the birth of a daught- .
ter. 1
The pupils of the Illdley Pnrlt Motho- I
dlst Suiulnv School will give nn enter- 1
lainmeiil on December 23.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Edgnr Thomas. Jr , of'
Shnili-hind uiemie. will enterlnlii 11 fnm-
ll dinner of I- on ChristmnH Day.
Notices for the Soclctr pnge wilt be
ilri I'pttMl nnd printed III the Krcnlnx
l.cducr, hut all Mich mitlci't miml he
written on one side ef the pnper, must lie
li:urd "In full, with dill uddrcsi, and
when poHkllile trlcidiono number must he
"-etui nil inch cnmniunlrntlons to
""oiclcty lalltiir," Ku-nlug Ledger. COS
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Iiilrfi thee requirements nre carried
mil mj Hint i-rlllc:itioii niny he poulble,
the nulhe will nul he iniblUhed.
SwimmlnsPool.Golf. Seafood
Cmtin. huroM&n Olthf and
Treatment!, For ternu. write
QtO. F. ADAM. Manegar
rertreta Monrae. Va.
"Ailc Mr. Foater," 12th and Chaatnut Sti. 1
Cooks' Tours. 137 8 llroad St.; I'tnna. II. H.
Cc, 1433 Cheatnut St.
Superior location
and boardwalk
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with an I
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A recodnized I
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TUB INN CUmat mild, dry, lavUortvtlss.
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Cth An Illustrated Calendar Free fnJ
WITH THE '- zp&
W 1018 March 1010 Xe. z' j 19) , I ' 1916 SfntwafR 1016 CJ -vT -r 1 oi i sm ?'XM
rA 1--r- "."""S" M Y V V. --'--"","'- r AN December 31st the
3 d'7 S 5 10 II iwj I A fl J I 3 4-36700 g I Jf , . 1 ... l?i?2
p u ts M is io ij is Wf& l I I I ) io ii w mis ia f, s KvpniTiff L.earfer -will T- is A
V, I0202I222JM23 S.Jgl XF ' II 17 13 IO 20 21 22 23 p IjVCniny J-CU,Cr Will kJJ SJtf'i
4 282l'2829393l lffill Sjl 24 23 28 27 23 29 30 . , fill SrSsCXSP
m I I Mr,J V3 L I issue a beautitul calendar, Xs&r
i I ig6 april ioi8 IbSIt tJ I I 9'6 ociodb. 1918 I J measuring 17x11 inches, 1
w, 2 3 4 3 a. 7 o fmM Ix LL, i i i -o .t s 5 ., i pnte1 in colors. PU m
A 0 10112 13 14 13 W&M TV ? 13 10 17 IS 10 20 21 r T Ml 1 M W&S &WsS'k
m '.tsssairiig 8!Wh w m s!t2i0'3 it will contam a hitmg WfmL
5 LJ j mWLUa r 1 Kttle son " TKe penin Ww
m 1919 mav 1918 LtLf-fi, . Vy1 " JsMl igjo NovtMEtR. 1010 I Door" hv Tom Daly W$ i?
M 7 alio ifa." r SSmS!?S 4L illustrated in colors by Wf) fflM
& .4 13 18.7 13 10 20 0 20 'I 2' 21 24 23 1 fA VMf
21 22 23 24 23 2 21 . fat- S 5? ?i M M TT.JM I VT'SH M
A 28 29 30 31 Tiir.3fiririru.a- ? 223 29 jo Ilenderson, 53(tf fiSM
W I 1 fccrriCr.rfri-. " f It is worthy ot a place in mi mb
A (gig June 1918 "wtii.r.raz igia Dtcint3tR. 1010 f , . . 1 K
Jk VZfZ 'Jk5sk- .-.. your daintiest room. Oroler Wf Jf
m A a n y x o io B--' '-o' 34SQ7SO p , - K fill
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W I I TA"r I I ij bring you the Hvemng Wxjk wMt
- , J '. Ledger daily, and get this fP WV$
Pwj ONE CENT " s? H syysss