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JrfANY TJrllJNUS ijn this auuiAJb WORLD
L ReV, and Mrs, Harrison B. Wright Will Introduce
St Their Daughter at a Danaant This Afternoon.
The Hutchinsons Will Give a Dance
ESOOUBllyth-word tor
,ckttnd si mi h" -----
?"t t raletl from morn iu cv-,
'f .i.-i.i we have a pretty good
' think?
&moon Marie WrwJU
ft .V hfl Bcllovue-srratford
mVteM by her parents, the nov,
aeG.rdens or WriKht.
KSph'. rectory. D.1a.
'fc . L.rmim? nrni extremely
l"1!".. Mt faforlto In the
, t and will have some of the
P" ...!.,. debutantes rccolvinir with
.r among them Margaret He
& Merrick, Sarah Nellson
McAllister, Margarotta and
Olivers, Elisabeth Orimths, Ellzn-
turn'1'""' ". , -1....4 rtnonnr
a Adams, wanon .
JL and Frances Scott.
1 .liter Sibyl will also rccelvo to
Some of her friends. Sibyl's
jJSait to Oxiy Coates was an
"!. ... .nrlnc. Sho camo out two
SSL who win bo In the rccelvlne
Say also,as wilt Mary Williams,
Cbtth Williams. Lucia Warden and
Znte, Bally. I suppose most of them
juices p .j iintchln-
SSJer, "hlc" W,M b0 glv?n i? thQ
!!ieai also. Danny and neggy
judliison and John Mears' cards were
d b the nvUc3 and JudBlne ' rom t,h0
fopolarity of theso same men, I predict
I (ood time.
it Hutchinson Is always a pleasant
&es3 wd so many of tho younger sot
IT,, her well, as bIio has for soveral
Syi Ttry successfully chaperoned one
!Jti popular dancing classes, so there
t,M doubt about tho good tlmo every
. lll liac Tho girls are having
ceat fun suggesting that It Is Danny a
lad Item's debut, to cay nothing of
John's, to I would not be surprised If
lie; received nosegays and all tno
nitons other debutante presents. Tho
juwlU will give a dinner for Ellza
kUi Adams beforo tho Hutchinson
jum and tho Horace Eugcno Smiths
tilfalJO entertain.
th ihn charity ball wn9 a success
&ai can bo no doubt. And tho open
ly feature was beautiful In tho ox
bmt, Charlie Morgan did hlmsolf
pond and was tho typical "maltro do
fclce" in tho midst of everything,
jading tho various sets with his usual
pace, Ho woro a -white wig and satin
ifMJ coat and black silk tights, and
ifi dancing shoes were tied with satin
At the end of tho danco of Winter
HndAlaSergeant, who was gowned
la block and had donned a whlto wig
llso, danced In the centre and drove
tj two teams of the Valentino group
tmi and round In circles, while Do
jeiler as Santa Claus and ChrlBt
BsTirees and January In snowball
amines danced gracefully around
tfan. The yalentino group was lovely
hi I think really outdanced all tho
elhtn in point of graco and perfec
tion of technique.
tThs November bunch was tho least
ittruilia In costume, and yet tho girls
Swe. very pretty. They had plain llt
tls sleeveless polo coats, of black and
jKjtj Dtripes, with very short skirts
Ttc rldlifg Breeches and boots. Sophlo
Scms, wrr.o loves tho bizarre In every
thing, cutsuiped tho others by at least
a Ineu and a half in tho width of
tie bars on her coat. It seems always
irity t make a blatant noto in an
(itSerwlse harmonious wholo,
Th committee deserves all tho
credit In the world for tho success of
J affair, for thoy havo managed to
wi It quite a social event, and last
rtftit there were very few people there
Ifi&li not know, Among tho un
sown were two who caused much ex
ponent by their scarcity of apparel,
Sdthejieculiar hooped BklrtB of white
WIe. which were hung about tho hips
h latin ribbons.
fit la a, remarkable thing how well
tM'tiall is patronized with so much
solng on, and this week we surely
have tO fork out n lnr nf vih
14 the Prazdnlk on Monday, the Dld-
, "Men on Wednesday and tho
fiulty Thursday. But the old Acad-
r floor Is always fine, and when
older people get tired and go horns
leave more Bpace, and the two
M do their duty, It Is some fun.
fMt you know that the Rltz has put
?a a wooden floor In the Cafe Paris
'"w tie supper-dances? I think that
aucn better for all concerned. Some-
? aarble floor is the best ever,
VW can't alwaya tell and If It Is at
5 Uap, well, it's good night for a
Py r iox trot.
?V who had .'nced th'e're on
y night gazed with surprise on
ttaanje of affairs on Tuesday. Aa
S"ys. "It is because of the de
teiiv i.'eW of our Guests; much aa
"STi appearance of the marble
3?' "r nevertheless find it tiring
2Bl8C0mforlln .i ..
Hi. ", ou me tuunagemeni
&M. v o worltmen and In an in
3te rt t,me the entro floor dls-
I1t7 a waa replaced by this."
KlTery miifh j.v.. .. .. . . . .
,iarii V "ouu' " 'e aancing raa
Kft placed by the skating.
IgV Bi8a ia gooa in botn
lJlay WtPect a Pnntlnrmnf nf TJHI-
nelli she Is actuated entirely by sontl
ment In bringing the wedding party
here, for she hns always expressed a
desire to ho married In the same room
In which her mother became a bride
yearn ngo. Frederic Kay, or as ho Is
known to his Intimates, at Princeton,
"Fur." Kay, was one of tho most popu
lar men of his class nnd I understand
that not a few of his classmates will
accompany him when ho arrives. His
sister, Lucy, who come out a few years
ngo nnd wan tho most popular girl ct
her year, will attend as maid of honor.
u,V V next we, w rather on
5 ,' w.n' Elizabeth Ponnell be
,. ,! ,FW8 t Frederic Qoddard
S2iiii 'lom6 r her grandmother,
KUttm "" eranuiiiumc-
(Hl. .. " """ ". DWUUU4-
?. iue prospective bride, who
JJa, i 4. w w oU( fills ucv
i the daughter of James Don-
Uk4 fij ,h s,tr p wUI (.
.a.. i. nouce mu be
i-owuu Ultphoa, liomber muct b
rii.lh fnuuttlctloj to
M3! " IJr, 0
"" win H9t b BtAUUtsJ.
Mr. and Mrs. John It. Valentine, Mr.
nnd Mr. W. Ilnrklle Henry, Mr. nnd
Mrs. Robert E. Strnwbrldge. Mr. and Mrs.
W. W Montgomery, Jr., Mr. and Mrs.
A. J. Antelo Devercaux nnd Mr. nnd
Mrs. J. Stanley Hoove n'ro forming a
party to attend thc hunt given by Mr.
Charles E. Mather, of Ilrnndywlno Farm,
and Mr W. Plunk ett Stewart, M. T. II.
Cheshire Hunt, nt TJnlonvlllc, on Mon
day. Tuesday and Wednesday of next
Tho guests at tho theatre party to be
given on Monday by Mrs Charles A.
Totter In honor of Miss Marian Hutchin
son Button wll be Miss Ellzaboth Clifton
Adams. Miss A. Marjory Tnylor, Miss
Frances Wharton Scott, Miss Mary dell.
Dercum, Miss Ixulso Slnnlckson Ore',
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Potter, Jr., Mr.
J. Clayton Straw bridge. Mr. J. Howe
Adnms, Jr., Mr William J. Wright, Mr.
Itobcrt WlUon Wlgton, Mr. Albert Lucas,
Mr. John M. Carter, Mr. Shirley Mc
Cnll, Mr. John 13. Hcyl and Mr, Morris
Mrs Robert E. Btrnwbrldge, of Oak
ham, England, met thc members of tho
Ited Cross Clnss at Mrs. Charles A. Pot
ter's homo In Chestnut Hill yesterday
nnd told them of thc wonderful work
accomplished by the American Hospital
nt Pnlirnton, In Devonshire, of which
Lndy Paget la the president.
Mr, and Mrs. Edward Burton Pobln-
I etto have returned to this city from thc
Virginia iioi springs, wncro mcir noncy
moon was spent.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wcthcrlll cnter
tnlncd Informally nt the Coin d'Or last
night beforo tho Charity Ball.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Arthur Atwater Kent,
of nosemont, lmo sent out Invitations
(for n dinner at the Merlon Cricket Club
on Tucsdny, December 23, beforo tho sub
scription dance organized by Mrs. Richard
E. Norton nnd Mrs. Kane S. Green.
Mr. nnd Mrs J. Kearsley Mitchell will
close "Red Roso Mnnor" nbout Decem
ber 20 itnd occupy their town house, 227
East Rlttenhouso square, for tho winter.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Richard M. Hcckscher
entertained at an informal dinner last
evening nt their home, "By-the-Way,"
Strafford. Among those present were
Mr one! Mrs. William E. Rolln, Mr. Ed
ward Browning and Miss Mary McCabc,
of Devon.
Mrs. Chnrles A. Munn left on Wed
nesday for New York, where she will
spend several days.
Mr. and Mrs, Fcrreo Brlnton enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. J runes Hancock In
their box at the Charity ball last night.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Barton Keen, of
Whitehall. Strafford, will give a dinner
dance in January In honor of their niece,
Miss Corlnno Borden Freeman. The date
has not et been decided.
Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Mathews have left
Devon and will remain at the Aldlno for
tho winter. Mr. and Mrs. William Elliot
and tho Misses Elliot have closed their
houso at Bryn Mawr nnd will reside hero
for tho remainder of the season.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Graham will ar
rive at the Aldlno on Monday and wilt
remain In town for the rest of the winter.
The Quaker City Chnpter of tho D. A.
R. hns issued Invitations to the annual
luncheon which is to bo held on Saturday
at the Rittenhouse. Mrs. W. Wayne Bab
cock, 2033 Walnut street, will preside.
Following tho luncheon there will bo a
round table talk on the history of the
chapter during the Inst IS years. On
Monday tho Independence Hall Chapter
will give a luncheon.
Chestnut Hill
Invitations have been received for a
masked dance at the Philadelphia Cricket
Club on New Year's Eve. Mr. Joseph
Jennings, who has always been active in
the cricket club doings, has tho dance
arrangements In charge
Mrs. M. W. Tattersfleld. of 720J Lin
coln drive, will glvo a children's party
on Wednesday, December 29. In honor of
her three grandchildren. Miss Cjnthla
Tattersfleld, Master Payton Tattersfleld
and Master Bobby Tattersfleld About
30 little boys and girls will be Invited.
German town
Mrs. Francis Bradley, of Tox ond
Coulter streets, has returned from Bos
ton, where she visited friends, nnd was
extensively entertained while there.
Miss Mary Louise MeCown. daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. John A. MeCown. will
return next week from boarding school
to spend the Christmas holidays with
her parents at their home. 6SCH Emlen
street, Mr. and Mrs. MeCown will give
a dance at the Philadelphia Cricket Club
on December 20 for their daughter.
Miss Elizabeth Ash. of Greene and
Knox Btreets, will entertain the members
of her bridge club on Wednesday, De
cember 15.
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Stambach, of
311 Lincoln drive, will give a house
warming on Saturday of this week.
Mr, William R. Tucker. Russian Con
sul In this city, Is In Washington for sev
eral days on business.
wmnmin ilim m fjBp
pblUdelpbla to
On Wr Bound Trip
S22.40 S39.00
lacludlas McU and Stateroom litrtb
1700-ilUo 7-I)r Trip.
Including: top-OYr . Bvaonli. Tlck.ti
food riunlo wltaln lx month.. 8uam.r
itivta Philadelphia vry Wedne.day and
Saturday at P M. Bend for Particular..
Ticket OBTlce. 103 S. tu St.. ftillm. Pa.
IV r.TUHNKK, O. P. A., llaUlmor Hi.
Tm vAlra DD4a.rLmat
Tb Land TUU nd Treat Company
Broad and fcUaiciu Sis.. PBUt.
ffSk j3Jfeyh mm m,MirH Tfe
WW's 1 j 41vw v - W - . r ii$ t st v
Bw 1 , ' f t if: 1 " fr Jv
ti.tiy !aBliTv s i
ul l?ssYi
Mr. ond Mrs. J Howard Mecke, of 333
Kent road, Cmv)d, gave a surprlso
party Tuesday night In honor of their
daughter. Miss Mario Dorothy Mecke.
Their guests were Miss Marion Moyn,
Miss Dorothy Mecke, Mlsi A. E. Christie,
Miss S. Potrlck, Miss Marlon PIckford,
MIbs Roberta Browning, Miss Mary Mc
Calln, Miss J. C Mecke, Mr. R. C. Pyle,
Mr. J. E. Dolnn. Mr. T. H. Mecke. Mr. J.
Howard Mecke, Jr.. Mr. Donald Knight,
Mr. John McCormlck, Master Chnrlci
Mccko and Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wclmer.
Miss Louise Gctz gave a farewell party
to her friends beforo moving to Allen
town. There were many guests fiom
South Bethlehem and nearby towns. Mr.
Ellli Broditeln gave a lolln solo, accom
panied by Miss Rose Cohen. Mr. M. Gar
flnkln exhibited the latest steps with
Mlsi Elizabeth Miller.
Thoso present were Miss Edith Cole
man, Miss Ida Coleman, Miss Julo Cole
man, Miss Dorothy Coleman, Miss Isa
bella Llpshutz, Miss Sarah Llpshutz, Mlia
Kathryn Llpshutz, Anna and Mnrno Llp
shutz, Miss Alda Reiner, Miss Deborah
Reiner, Miss Elizabeth Miller, Miss Ber
tha Miller, Miss Bertha Ncuman, Miss
Edith Xeuman, Miss Esther Gctz, Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Gctr, Mr nnd Mrs. Ell Oetz.
Mr. and Mrs. II. Coleman, Mr. Bernard
Jacobson, Mr. R. Cohen, Mr. M. Gar
flnkle. Mr. David Garflnklo. Mr. & Phil
lips, Mr. C. Ostroff, Mr. Ell Brodstcln,
Mr. A. Heller, Mr. I. Cohen, Mr. Harry
Cohen, Mr. Morris Fmnlc, Mr. Morton
Berkowltz, Mr. Louis Coleman, Mr. Ed
Coleman, Mr, N. Coleman, Mr, Morris
Sheffrln, Mr, Jack Koslovsky nnd Mr.
Charles Abrahams.
Tho stenography class of the Hebrew
Education Society celebrated Hanukka
last Saturday evening by giving a Ilnn
ukka party at the home of Miss Bcsslo
Trachtenborg. 252S South 9th street. Tho
decorations, which were furnished by
Miss Trances Yoblick, woro ory line.
Mr. David Melnlck, a tenor, sang n
number of the latest song hits, assisted
nt the piano by Miss Rose Segal.
Somo of the guests present were Miss
Besslo Trnchtenberg, Miss Frances Yob
lick, Miss Roso Segal, Miss Nina Slnkov,
Miss Minerva Stein, Mr. Louis Trnchten
berg, Mr. Benjnmln Shoemaker, Mr.
David Melnlck. Mr. Edwnrd Weiss, Mr.
Ravld Rosen, Mr. Maurice Osto. Mr.
Meyer Herring and Mr. Herman Mazer.
Tho Auxiliary of the Jewish Sheltering
Homo for the Homeless nnd Aged will
glvo a. concert and dance on Sunday eve
ning at New Royal Hall, "th and Morris
streets. A very elaborato program has
been arranged for this occasion. Tho
Auxiliary of the home has been Instru
mental of late In aiding the mother or
ganization. It has given a series of
dances this fall, and has contributed all
the proceeds of these affairs to the home.
Tho Jewish Sheltering Home Is now
building an annex to its main building,
and In order to erect this building It Is
necessary to raise about $13,000. The Aux
iliary Is doing atl It possibly can to help
the Institution. The home In the last
year has served more than 200,000 meals
to the homeless and unemployed and has
a permanent list of SO old Inmates, who
spend their declining years within its
All who attend the above affair will help
along a most worthy cause, The commit
tee In charge of the dance Is composed of
Mr. Ell Glnzburg, Mr. Leon Blumberg,
Miss Jennie Glnzburg, Miss Belle Freed
man. Miss Lillian Rublnsohn. Mr, Jack
Leventhal, the Misses Harris and Miss
Miss Bessie Rosenberg gave a Dutch
supper to the members of the O. M. Sew
ing Circle Saturday evening at her home,
1035 South 6th street. The guests present
were Miss Sadlo Borth. Miss Annette
Derringer, Miss Reba Kohn. Miss Sarah
Price, Miss Rose Rozet,, Mrs. I Rozet,
Miss Estelle Schlesslnger, Miss Arjna
These boys will take part in tho
annual play which is given by; tho
Penn Charter School tonifjht.
Rcadinc from left to rirrht, thev
nrc Ralph T. Schoble, '10; Jnck
B. Keller. '17; William Wnllnco
Enrly, '19; E. B. Pollard, '1G;
William C. Hays, Jr.. '10, and tho
Indian "maid" is Mr. William
Wnllnco Early in a different costume.
Along the Main Line
OVERHROOK-Mr. nnd Mrs. Thomas
J Hare and Mr. nnd Mrs Casper Drucd
Ing have arranged a scries of dances to
bo given nt tho Overbrook Golf Club tho
third Wednesday of each month, starting
Wednesday night, December 15 Thoso
who will nttend the dunces Includo Mr.
and Mrs Edward Dunton, Mr and Mrs.
Joseph Hoover, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Henkels, Mr. and Mrs Edward Flem
mlng, Mr. nnd Mrs. Louis Trocmner, Mr.
and Mrs. Andrew Webb, Mr. nnd Mrs
Frederick McManut, Mr, and Mrs. James
McArdlo, Mr. and Mrs Edwnrd Rodgers,
Miss Helen Loughlln, Miss Addlo llaum
girtnor, Mr. Thomas Lunny and Mr.
Frank Martin.
MERION Dr. nnd Mrs W. Newbold
Wntson. of Berkley road, nnd Miss Ida
Bockman, will glo a lnrgo dince nt Tho
Rittenhouse, 22d nnd Chestnut streets,
Wednesday, December 15, at which 200
guests will bo present.
Mr. nnd Mrs. John Jacobs, of Sycamore
avenuo, hao decided to call their baby
daughter little Miss Loulso Jacobs.
0r wr Ttri. ANTIC CITY
Snnortor location with an
unobs tructed v iew of beach
ananoarawqiK vreconrnzea
.nrHnrri of Mfeelmnee
5 minutes to country club; two 18-hoU coif
couraea ; tennis i dancing : aultca with hatha and
alxplnr porcnta, Notad for tta excellent eulaln.
Aodma New York Dfflc. 8 Weat 0th St.
Shtekmon, Miss Irene Brlnn. Miss Bella
Shapiro nnd MIbs Rose Selgel.
A party was given by Miss Joan Rosen
thal at her home, 110" Locust street, on
Saturday evening. The KUests wero re
ceived by Mlsa Roso Welsberg. Enter
tainment was furnished by a few of the
guests, Including Mr. Joe Young. Mr.
William Holz. Mr. Joo Goldberg. Mr.
Ashcr. Mr. Lew Marcus, Mr Charles
Freedman, Mr. Lew Llebster, Mr. Henry
Freedman, Mr Joa Neff and Mr. Law
renco Hershmnn
Among tho other guests were Mr. nnd
Mrs. II. Rosenthal, Miss Jesslo Hirsch
berg. Miss Rose Cohan, Miss Reba Zang
well. Miss Tillle Rosenthal. Miss Kath
crlne Kornwltz, Miss Grnce Kendnll, Miss
Rose Perlman. Miss Jean Snjdcrmnn,
Miss Rny Hamnu, Miss Sadie Freed
mnn, Miss Ellso Kolb, .Miss Besslo Lntz,
Miss Lena Znngwlll. Miss Bessie Hlrsch
berg. Miss Besslo Ellnkolf, Mrs. I Rosen
thal, Miss Blanche Rosenthal, Mr, Mar
tin Borlsli, Mr Jack Hoffman. Mr. Dave
Mnx, Mr. Robert Nowlvltz, Mr. Albert
Miller, Mr. Jack Kessler. Mr. Nat Gold
berg, Mr Edward Feldman, Mr. Louts
Cohan, Dr. J. M, Rosenthal. Mr. Julius
Horawltz, Mr. Jny Ooldman, Mr. Bnlney
D, Bnron. Mr. Moe Hlnkelsteln. Mr. Rob
ert Rosenthal and Mr, Jack Katzoff, of
Boston. Mass.
Delaware County
Mrs. Edward C. Fay will entertain tho
members of the Ladles' Auxiliary of the
Drexel Hill Athletic Association at her
home this afternoon.
The Delaware County Poultry Associa
tion will hold its annual show In the
Media Armory from January 13 to 22.
West Philadelphia
Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. Walsh gavo a
tea Tuesday afternoon In honor of their
daughter, Miss Elizabeth Llzetto Wnlsh. a
debutnnto of this year. Thoy wero as
sisted In receiving by 15 members of
tho younger set, sevcial of whom are
from New York.
The tea was followed by a supper and
danco for tho receiving party.
Miss May Hnggerty gao n party
Wedncsdny evening nt the theatre. The
guests Included Miss Ruth Israel, Miss
Agnes Haggerty, Miss Gertrudo Bachlcr.
Miss Mary Frnnces Kcllcy. Mr. Alfred
HngRertv, Mr. Wnllnco Mcllhcnney, Mr.
Jnmcs Gnllagher. Mi William King. A
supper and dance followed at tho
The Wcdnesdny evening dancing class
met this week In Barker Hall. Tho class
Is under the direction of Mr Abram L
Street. Tho members present wore Miss
Lillian Smalley, Miss Dorothea Prendcr
gast, Miss Cecil Ryan, Miss Agnes Ryan,
Miss Mnrlon Peterson. Miss Ella Rjan.
Miss Virginia Walton, Mr and Mrs. David
Jones, Mr nnd Mrs Isaac H Adler, Mr
nnd Mrs Thomas CulUnan, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Joseph Blgham, Mr nnd Mrs. Lee J.
Eastmnn, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Love,
Mr. nnd Mrs Frederick Leopold, Miss
Eleanor Johnson, Mr Charles Johnson,
Mr, George Hooper, Mr Cecil Wilson,
Mr. Thomas Prendergnst, Mr. Stafford
Prendergast and Mr. Albert E. Peterson,
Technical Trarlirra Jf Translators' ,n.
mo Perr Hide Spruca -IJ.IS
STRAVPR'S Th. Ile.t nu.lnt.i School.
Jinftltn J 601.801 Cbt.tnut Sirtat.
l'ALUS I)U lSdK, 715 .. llroud SI., bel.
r'ulrmount ae. Urand opening tomorrow
night A,!mllnn Md'ei tiV gentlemen
vi i fl i'i Hii-nn..m' r-
l 11 M I
J? a
1 w ii
! jioTrTWw
11m XX. JU
PINBWOOO HALIr-Plnw air, car baautli
like. EleUrle n3 Ki-i Utha. Booil
The Spirit of America at Play; Magnitude and Cheerfulnea
Belvedere bubuiurliie RrlH lleatnurnnt Traymore
The l'ronieuude lu the Murble nxchnnse
'lliree Uecka I'rvntliiK the HourdxulU. and the Ocean
Library Tower Titu (Jolf Counm i:culmj 3Iulcale Clolater Garden
Atlantic City this year will have a Christmas extraordinary,
The Traymore with its Christmas tree, bearing sifts
for every guest, will naturally be the centre of the celebra
tion. Visitors will have a chance to hear the Boston
Grand Opera Company in "Madam Butterfly," at Keith's
Garden Pier Theatre, Pavlowa, the Russian genius of the
dance, will be with them. The Apollo Theatre, where so
many plays have been first staged, will offer a first chance to
see Selwyn and Company's new comedy, "The Devil's Gar
den." Christmas Day, in the breeiy sunshine of the
Boardwalk, with these diversions and the superb service,
comfort and beauty of the Traymore will maTse a memorable
experience. The heavy advance bookings at the Tray
more advise against delay in making reservations,
Poalal B. Wtdtt. Prea. JJyJ THE WORLD ,0h w MflW '
The 13th Yearly Performance by the School's Literary
Society Given in the Ballroom Tonight Will
Be Followed by Dancing 7
THE 13th annual play and danco of ths
Penn Charter Literary Boclety wilt b
given In tho ballroom of tho Bellevuo
8tratford this evening at 8 o'clock. About
000 undergraduntes will attend, also
members of ths alumni, parents nnd
friends of the school, now In the 227th
year of Its existence.
Tho music will bo furnished by Hera
berg's Orchestra, of 15 pieces, Tho play
given will bo "Tha Touchdown," a four
act comody by Marlon Short A college
football piny on the order of "Strong
heart" nnd the "College Widow." A
combination of humor and sentiment,
with a hero, villain, pretty girls and
stalwart youths, A fitting play to bo
given by the school that recently won tho
championship of tho Intcracadcmlc
League, rolling up Ml points to their
opponents' 8.
Among those. In tho cast are: Grant
(Hayden, E Arno Shuman, 'Ifii Bob Hay
den, Brendan D. Walsh, '16; Alfred
Wolfe. E. M. Forbes. '16: OenO Clark, A.
C, Brown, '16. Junius Brocks, Chnrles
F. Pcnnock, '16: George Holman, J. Mar
shall Plersol. '17, Frank Mitchell, Allien
Rolchner, '17, Professor Sumner, Percy
N. Wood. '16; Wntnssa Faulkner. Wlll
Inm Wnllnco nnrly, '13: Henn Mnynnrd,
Jnck B. Keller, '17, Margery Carson, Ed
ward II. Pollird, '16; Dolly Sylvester.
Ralph T. Schoble. 'IS; Evelyn Sylvester,
William C. Hayes, Jr, '19; l'rlscilln Par
mnlec, John S. Williams, '16; financial
manager, Joshua M. Holmes, Jr., '16, ad
vertising mannger, Frank F Patterson,
3d, '16; property manager, Caleb C. Hob
erti, '16; stngo manager, Edmund G.
Hnuff, '17; coach and general manager,
Dr. C. A. Strong
Among thc patronesses and boxholders
will be Mrs Joseph Ashbrook, Mrs
Joshua W. Atleo. Mrs. William O. Au
denrlod, Jr., Mrs. Wilfred Bancroft,
Mrs. Norrls S Bnrratt, Mm. Clarenco
Rartlott. Mrs Edward W. Bok. Mrs.
Reynolds D. Brown, Mrs. David S. B.
Chew. Mrs. Philip S. Colltns, Mrs. J.
Carl Do La Cour, Mrs. Rnlph Dcrr, Mrs.
Voorhces Drajton, Mrs. Thomas F. Dur
ham, Mrs Frank B. Ean. Jr., Mrs.
Rowland C. Evans, Mrs. John J. Foulk
rod. Mrs Arthur II. Gerhard, Mrs. W.
Grldln Grlbbel. Mrs. Frank T. Grlswoid,
Mrs. George II. llarris, Miss Lucrctta
S. Hcckscher, Mrs Howard 3 Hill. Mrs.
James W. Holland, Miss Lucy S H. Hol
Innd, Mrs Joshua M. Holmes, Mrs Ed
ward Hopkin8on, Jr., Mrs. C. Stanley
Hurlbut, Mrs. Robert D. Jcnks, Mrs.
Richard M. Jones, Mrs. William C.
Knowlcs, Mrs. Ernest La Place, Mrs.
Theodore Lo Boutllller, Mrs. John T.
Lewis. Jr.. Mrs. Jnmcs M. Longncre, Mrs
John M. Longncre, Mrs C. Watson Mc
Kechnn. Mrs. Edwnrd E. Marshall, Mrs.
r. Warren Marshall. Mrs. Richard M.
Marshall, Mrs, John II. Mussor. Jr., Mrs.
William R. Nicholson, Mrs. W. Pnul
O'Neill, Mrs Henry B. Pntton, Mrs.
William Pepper, Jr , Mrs J. Wesley Pull
man, Mrs. Benjamin R. Reath. MrB L.
Irving Rclchner. Mrs. William W Roper.
Mrs. Alfred O Scnttcrgood, Mrs, William
E. Scull. Miss Violet Ponn-Gaskcll Skll
lcrn, Mrs. Thomas U. Smith, Mrs. John
B. Stetson, Jr., Mrs. Antonio Y. Stewart,
Mrs C. Clifford Taylor. Mrs. Freeman B.
Taj lor, Mrs Joseph B. Townsend, Miss
Marjorlo B. Townsend. Mrs Harlow C.
Voorhecs, Mrs. James E. Walsh, Mrs.
John M. Whltall, Mrs. Henry M. Will
lams, Mrs. Charles R. Wood, Mrs. Rich
ard D Wood, Mrs. Charlton Tarnall and
Mrs. Harold E. Yarnnll.
The Betsy Ross Sewing Club of the
Roxborough Presbyterian Church will
bo entertained on Wednesday night,
December 15, at tho homo of Mrs. What
ley Sauers, on Ridge avenue. The mem
bers Includo Mrs. William McCleilan,
Mrs. Samuel Miller, Mrs. Washington
Moyer, Mrs. Howard Moyer, Mrs. Her
man McMnster, Mrs. John Hansford,
Mrs, William F. Steele, Mrs. Chrlsttnsen,
Mrs. John Lex, Mrs. William Culn, Mrs.
It. Carver, Mrs. Katharine Comog, Mrs.
Newton Bernard, Mrs. Louts Flick, Mrs.
Harry Wood, Mrs. William T. Reed, Miss
Mary J. Palton, Mrs. George Wanklln
and Mrs. Harry Clark.
North Philadelphia
The Ladles of the Catholic Jlomn Aid
Society will hold tt bassar at the Hotel
Walton on Tuesday next from 2 until i
p. m. Tho proceeds will be given to the
Catholic Home, 29th street and Allegheny
aVcnue. A number of useful and fancy
articles have been donated; the booth
containing dolls will be presided over by
tho following ladles: Mrs. Ignatius J.
Horstmann, Mrs. J. W. Loguo and Mrs.
J. 8. Cox, Mrs. Hokey will dispose of the
fancy nnd useful articles; tho candy booth
will bo in chargo of Miss May Murphy,
Mrs. N. P. Qulnn, Miss Helen MoNlchol,
Miss Mulhern and Miss Gertrudo Burk.
Cigarettes and flowers will bo sold by
Mrs. Joseph Wills and Miss Helen Mc
Glynn; home-mado cakes and Jellies. Mrs.
William J. Mccolsky. Mrs. E. White.
Mrs. T. F. Rynn, Miss Mary Borrcs nnd
Mrs. James F. Hearni the delicatessen
tablo will bo In charge of Mrs, J. P. Mc
Nlcliol, Mrs. John P. Connelly, Mrs. John
J. Maloney, Mrs William L. Clark.
Mrs. Stelgcrwnlt, Miss Anna McMnhon
and Mrs. Charles I'. Donnelly.
Tho Important soclnl function this
week will be the first of tho Wilmington
nssembtlcs to be given at the New
Century Club Building this evening.
These assembly dances attract fashion
able folk from this city. Philadelphia and
other nearby places. Tho Davis Orches
tra will plav for the dancing. The com
mlttco In charge comprises Mrs. Henry
B. Thompson, Mrs. A. Felix du Pont,
Miss Amy du Pont and Harlnnd U.
Scott. Tho pitronesses for the dnnco
will he Mrs. Henry B Thompson, Mrs.
Pierre S du Pont, Miss Amy du Pont,
Mrs. James A. Draper, Jr , Mrs. Thomas
r. Bayard, Mrs. A. Tellx du Pont, Mrs.
Wlllnrd Saulsbury nnd Mrs. Preston Lea.
Several will entcrtnln at dinner before
the assembly. Miss Amy E. du Pont will
give n dinner nt the Country Club. Miss
Kotherlne "Wilson. Mr. and Mrs Etlsha
Leo and Mr nnd Mrs George P. Blssell
will nlso cntertnln.
What's Doing Tonight
Hcceptlon to Dr John P. Oarber. Academy
of tho Tlno Arta; S o'clock
Play and dance. Penn Charter Literary So
clet. Ilellevuc-Slratford, 8 o'clock.
rtnbert Morris Club, 1M North 18th street;
8 o clock.
nail. Anarchist Ited Croas Society. DM South
Cth street, S o'clock.
Garden nnd Orchard Society, 171 1 Chestnut
street, S o'clock.
Reception to students, Hahnemann College:
S o'clock.
Chinese Students' Club, Houston Hall, Uni
versity of Pennsylvania.
Lecture. "Tho Hy-Phenated Jew," by 8. 8.
Orosaman. llebrow Literary boclety, 310 Cath
arine street.
Junior rrlenda" Tennis Club, piny and dance,
New Century Drawtnn Hooms. 8. IS o'clock.
Continuing (Tomorrow) Saturday
The Season's Most Important Sale of
Furs of Fashion and Quality
At Much Below Actual Values
Hudson Seal Coats
Dyed Mtukrat
Value 85.00
40 inches long Box Coat,
handsomely lined.
Bordered Hudson Seal
Dyed Muskrat
Value 145.00
42 inches long with large
Skunk Collar and Border.
Hudson Seal Coats
Trimmed and Plain. 40
and 42 indies long, with
Self, Beaver
and Skunk g500
Value 125.00
Bordered Hudson Seal
38 inches long, with Skunk
Chin Chin
2S?.. 125.00
Value 165.00
Caracul Coats
40 inches long, fine flat
Curl Skins, full 7f- ((
flare Model ,. '.VU
Value 110.00
Persian Lamb Coats
45 inches long, with Fox
Collar. Cuffi 1 f C AA
and Borders ,UU
Value 195,00
Hudson Seal Coats
40 and 43 inches long, full
flare Model 11AAA
Selected Skins l 1UUU
Value 155.00
Trimmed Caracul Coats
45 indies long, flat Curl
Skins, Skunk CO ff
Choker Collar UU
Value 110.00
Model Hudson Seal Coats
40 inches long with Borders
and Collars
itisr. i55.oo
Value 195,00
Hudson Seal Coats
45 inches long, ery full
flare Model with Skunk
Collar and OQC A A
Wide Border O.UU
Value 295.00
Fur Neckpieces and Muffs
Scarfs MufFs
6.50 9.50 Natural Raccoon ,,,, . 9,50 12,50
12.50 16.50,,.,, Natural Skunk 16.50 22.50
10.00 14.50 Beaver ..,.,.,., 15.00 22.50
8,00 , . . Black Lynx 19.50
10.50 , , . . Mole 19.50
8.50 12.50 Hudson Seal 12.50 16 50
23.50 ,,...,. . Battleship Grey Fox .... 29.00
A very lrge selection of White, Dyed Blue and
Battleship Grey Fox, Whole Skin Scarfs, Value OA fa"
45.oo y,ou