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Under the New Gary System Smoking Cigarettes and
Playing Craps on the Back Lot Is Made
Difficult for the Youngsters
MOTHERS all over the cltjr whons kiddles, books under arm, travel school
ward o these mornings, are seeking Information on the now school system
which, pedagogtsts assert, has been tried out with Indubitable success In tho
public schools of Gary, Ind., and which Is In the process of experiment In one
of the Now York boroughs.
Llttlo Johnny himself Is likely to set up a howl when he hears that the
big feature of tho Gary system Is longer hours for him. Maybo he'll consider
organizing a juvcnllo union for tho purpose of protesting. This Is, of course,
before tho llttlo rebel knows what he Is revolting about, for It's a singular fact
that tho Gary wny( after It was put Into operation, found the unanimous
approval of tho children,
Tho big appeal that It makes to the mothers Is that It keeps the young
ones oft tho streets, and to that extent out of mischief. No snooping down
back alleys to "have a whack" at a cigarette stump culled from the city gut
ters. No playing crap on tho back lots. Krom nine in the morning until flvo
In tho afternoon the children are under tho supervision of their tenchprs.
Not all of this time, howover, Is given over to the pursuit of mental accom
plishments. Much of It Is spent In physical culture and much more In play. In
fact, It's part of the theory of the Gary enthutil.ists that If something Isn't dono,
the necessary art of playing will becorno a lost one. Modern mothers, they con
tend, either haven't the time or the ability to really entertain their offspring
or to teach them how to entertain themselves.
Our own Doctor Garner Is said to be not uninterested In the Bystem, and the
efforts of those two praiseworthy bodies of women that have done so much good
In arousing civic Interest In municipal iiuostlons, the Civic Club and the Homo
nnd School League, promise to keep tho Issue alive.
Mrs. I, II. O'Harra, of the former organization, told me tho other day thnt
ho had been appointed chairman of a committee to Investigate tho merits of tho
Gary system, and that before any action Is taken In the matter, or any pressure
brought to bear to Introduce It here, Its advantages and Its disadvantages If
there are any will have been thoroughly looked Into.
Everybody knowH that the Home and School League has always stood Tor
an open school house. Mrs. Edwin C. Qrlre,, Its president, In one of those who
believes tho modern mother docs NOT know how to direct her child's play, Sho
told mc so.
I'd like to know, though, what tho average mother thinks about It.
Poison Pen Harpies Here Apain
THE poison pen artists, that Mnfla of tho feminine world which flourishes In
the dark, are at work again. A. Philadelphia woman living In Zleglers
vllle, Ta., Is tho victim this time. Letters characterized to send any woman
of sensitive feelings Into a prolonged state of hysteria are being deluged upon ! of tho season, I undcr-
sinnu. ine ncuicc rea-
BERNARD hna given
us some charming
hints ns to the manage
ment of tho evening
gonn. They are Interest
ing because they comlilno
tho charm of the parties
lar period to which they
belons. whether 1R0, Vic
torian or Plain 1915, with
tho eccentricities of a
great designer. An Illu
minating nnd almost uni
versally adopted detail Is
his use of shiny mate
rials. Not only does this
refer to failles, uhleli
have a more or less nntu.
rnl sheen, but lovely new
fabrics are seen, such as
metalllr gauze, silver nml
gold cloth or Jnpnnrse
taffetas. The metal gauze
Isn't a Red Cross prod
uct, as one would he In
clined to sushect at first
rending: It Is a shimmer
ing, illmy material, qulto
transparent, et charm
lngl soft nnd pliant. Tis
sues of all kinds are not
only gold, silver or
hronze; they have won
derful rainbow colorings
shot through them or nro
covered with conventional
designs In faint tints.
One con readily seo the
possibilities attached to
the use of these gorgeous
cloths. Nothing could ho
handsomer for evening
wear even on an all
black gow n a touch of
tlfsue of this kind at tho
bodice or belt gives dis
tinction. Vnrlous combinations of
tho metallic cloths nnd
plain satins, silks or
tulles are shown. Ber
nard gives us some Inter
esting models, with quaint
basque bodices and Car
mcnrlta skirts. Today's
Illustration Is a gown
shown in a 5th avenue
show window a short
while ago, one of the
most successful creations
her. Not knowing who her persecutors are, she Is helpless to defend herself.
Of all the dastnrdly tricks It seems to mo tho writing of anonymous, defam
atory letters Is tho greatest, nnd, curiously enough, In nine cases out of ten
the woman's hand Is discernible In them.
Lives have been wrecked nnd homes ruined by these Jealous-minded hnrples.
It'a a bit Ironical that the suspects In this case are members of tho "Knights
of Frlondshlp Club," who take this means of ousting a sister member. Pretty
high Ideals of friendship, those, eh?
Feminine Tariff Expert a Surprise
Although Miss Boswell knows far more about tho tariff than tho aver
ago man and was able to answer the most technical questions addressed to
her, she won more converts to her causo by her personality than by her
arguments. News columns, Evening Lnnoi:n.
I HAVE It from tho highest authority that the "story" from which this
quotation Is culled was written by a mnn. Alas! that Miss Helen Varlck
Boswell, acknowledged authority on our governmental revenue, should have
spent so much tlmo and effort in acquiring the Information sho possesses only
to have her arguments thus slightingly touched upon. "Tho men In tho audi
ence," tho reporter continues, "wero amazed at the Information she had at
her command."
It's a llttlo disappointing to Ilnd that men still exist who are astonished nt
the demonstration of gray matter In the heads of women. Wake up, gentle
men, wako upl .
"The Carriage Awaits, My Lord"
REPORTED accounts of tho handbome rewards that the servants of the lato
P. A. B. Wldencr have received make one wonder If, after all, clllclency
In domestic servlco Is not as sure a way to fame and fortune as any other.
At any rate It's comfortable to know that despite tho howl that Is constantly
going up, some servants remain who are thought wort'.iy of reward.
Tyranny of Tears Has Been Broken
TEARS, Idlo tears! Tho llttlo woman who went down on her knees and
begged Governor Fielder, of New Jersey, for tho llfo of her brother Is per
haps realizing now that "turning the weeps on" Is no longer woman's most
effective means of gaining her end. Howover, It would bo a cold cynic, Indeed,
who would not bo moved by t'.ils woman's blind loyalty to the man and her
refusal In tho face of Incontrovertible proof to bellovo him guilty of the cold
blooded murder of which ho was accused.
tures tho fashlonablo one
sided effect, with alter
nating draperies of flesh
colored tulle and sliver
cloth Silver cloth straps
nre seen over the shoul
ders, with a garniture of
crystal heads draped over
tho girdle. Tho skirt
shows tho pannier style,
with a dainty underskirt
of silver lace. The train
Is of silver cloth, made in
simple court style. Tho
pockets at either sldo of
tho pannier skirt. are In
teresting details.
M j ' WK
W-. II .' (IS
Marion Harland's Corner
Elaborate Affair Planned nt
Ilitz-Cnrlton for December
15 Will Help Solve
Vexing Problem
rholoKraplm llttulrntlnir this
will tie found on the hack page.
"MTU friends tho teachers have talicn
J u
Will She Explain?
ILL the llttlo woman In Sunbury, Pa., who undertook to spank her 230
pound husband and got away with It kindly explain how sho did It?
Letters to Editor Woman's Page
Haa Cupid Set an Age Limit?
Dear M'LIss I am not writing you be
cause of any pique at being left out of
your list of "good catches." I simply
want to question your Judgment, and I
want a definition of what a "good catch"
is. Granted that a man has wealth,
culture, much learning and a "place" In
the community, Isn't there some are
I don't like to mention names, but It
seems to me that In the list you mentioned
today you were thinking only of the last
few names, not the first ones. As, for In
stance, you put Judge Sulzberger near
the head of the list and end up with the
Wheeler boys. A MEKE MAN.
Nibbling the Doughnut
Dear SI'Lliss rermlc mo to admire
your timely remarks upon the suffrage
Man has appropriated the douahnut for
so long, graciously leaving to women the
vaotous centre, that ho cannot accus
tom himself to the fact that she has De
tun to nibble energetically at the dough
nut proper.
Being the whole thing in the doughnut
of politics haa ceased to appeal to think
ing women. And as you say, tho men
should not laugh, "but worry!" P. T.
Welcome News
Dear Miss I want to tell you how much
I enjoy the "Millie and Her Millions"
drawings. As humor, tiiey ure naturallj
amusing, but I find that they furnish
many happy thoughts to tho woman who
wants to know what other women are
wearing. They are right up to the min
ute when It comes to styles. I hope we
have plenty more.
We are glad to know that you Ilko the
drawings. We have had many Inquiries
about them, and for tho benefit of tho
dally readers would Hko to say that
"Mllllo and Her Millions" Is not only a
comic. It Is a style series, Tho artist
makes his sketchea from the latest crea
tions of French and American designers
Ho sees Millie in a thousand different
costumes, bringing her through a series
of funny situations In which the dernier
crl of stylo is pictured. We hope th.it
you will watch the gowni and tell ui
your opinion of them. Wo want to show
the best that the shops and the fashion
ables themselves aro wearing, and we
want to Bhow it In the most attractive
ABk the President's Lady!
Dear Madam Upon tho burning ques
tion of assuming your husband's name,
might I remark that there seems to bo
no disinclination upon the lady's sido
when the husband happens to bo Presi
dent! Majhap, when conditions nre reversed
and one of tho fair ones assumes the
presidential chair, the prospective hus
band will be equally anxious to chango
his name for that of his distinguished
spouse, n. p.
Ailclrt all toiiimunlcatluns lu M'i.l,
rare of the Kt ruing Lnlztr, Write on
one hlo of the paper on!.
s to task for writing as wo do about
tho schoolroom. They agree with our
principles, of course who wouldn't?
but they insist that they .iro bound down
by rules nnd regulations from above
Well, when it coraos to first aid In tho
matter of fresh air a teacher should be
rlcht there with her hands. She should
open a window whn she feels like It, and
If nnybody offers any objections she can
faint or threaten to faint. Surely, not
even tho board member would deny a
teacher tho right to open a window If Jho
wero about to faint for want of a breath
of air.
It Is very easy to tell tho teachers how
to run the t,choolroom, we admit that.
But a doctor's purpose Is to tell folks how
to live, eat, work, play and keep well.
The teachers nre our first lieutenants In
tho advanced trenches. They get the
first shot at tho oncoming race It is up
to the teachers to instill In the minds of
the children u wholesome regard for fresh
air, clean teeth, straight shoulders and
the golden rule.
One young teacher Rtood tho 80 degrees
nnd tho deadly atmosphere of tho school
room until her lungs pained nnd her
heart ached at the drowsiness of tho
children. Then sho up wtlh her rule nnd
smashed out a window oh, but she was
a teacher! and tho board didn't fire her
cither. Sho broke tho board's rule with
one of hor own, ro to speak, and tin
board didn't dare to punish her.
Wo are. strong for married teachrri
not that we have any particular aversion
to the unmarried ones and our reason for
opposing r libney among sehoul teachers
is this: We llnd that, no matter how
docile and tractable a woman may be
luring maidenhood, she soon develops a
mind of her in after marriage, and if
there is one thing nc hate more than .
hate n tr;n cling quack It Is a spineless
Come, teachers, all together, let's m.iko
the air of the. schoolroom as nearly
wholesome as possible and keep tho little
ones confined In It the very shortest
hours tho law will allow. Keeping chil
dren after school hours Is a very bad
Change Is as fiootl as a Rest
I do hard mental work nil day figures
and accounts. I suffer with Insomnia.
One of our nrtlcles, "Too Tired to
.Sleep," suggested brisk muscular exercise
sis a hypnotic for the mind-weary nnd
mental exercise for the muscle-weary. I
want to icad evenings to keep pace with
the times. Is It wrong?
Answer Ccitulnly not. It is relaxation.
It exeiclses a jiart of tho brain which
gets llttlo work all day. Head, but take
somo physical culture, too.
Cheap Eggs in Sight
Cheap eggs aie In sight. I'nder the
law 33S,.Xl dozens of eggs In this State
must be sold before tho end of this
month, and there will bo no hoodwinking
of the inspectors,
What to give a man for Christmas
tho most vexing problem In the unlvcrso
todav-hns no terrors for I'hlladelphlans.
For 'it 1ms been solved by tho Hlslng Sun
Committee of tho Christmas bozanr niid
amateur cabaret show, which will ho held
In the Hitz-Cnrlton Hotel, uccemuer io.
for the benefit of St Luke's International
Hospital, Tokyo, Japan.
Amid the brilliant social splendor which
Is nssurcd tho event by the liifdstent de
mnnd for tickets, there will he tucked
away a table loaded down with gifts,
picked especially by a committee of
"women who know." tiio articles nro
designed for the solution of tho annual
question ns to what would please John
or Ciithhcrt. An extra corps of "clerks"
will he stationed at the table shortly be
fore 2 o'clock In the nfternoon, the open
ing hour of the bazaar, for the rush that
Is anticipated. Mrs. Clnrenco W. Dolim,
Mrs. Charles Munn, Mis. Paul Mills and
Mrs. Alexander Brown will he In charge.
Dr. Itudolph P Tcusler, superintendent
of tho hospital nnd llrst cousin of Mrs
Edith Onlt, tho President's fiancee, will
he present to answer questions about the
hospital, which, ho asserts, is one of the
most Important factors for tho picserva
tlon of friendship between this country
nnd Japan. He Is the foiomost foreign
surgeon of Japan.
More attractions than those In a thice-
tlng circus will have ns a crowning mys
tciy a white elephant, whose Iduitlts Is
nn enigma. Tho "kippers" are Miss Ce
cllc Howell, Mrs. SturgW Ingorsoll and
Mis Charlotte 11. Williams. A children's
fashion show, tho first over given In this
city, with 30 or more of society's most
fashionable children as entries, win oe
held and a prize awarded.
Dcllcato Japanese ctepe scarfs, old
prints, lamp shades, lacquir trays nnd
other wares Imported from Japan espe
cially for tho occasion; knitted goods and
Prench lingerie, silk sweaters, muffins,
gloves, woolen skating stockings nnd
other sporting novelties will also he on
sale. Mme. 7Ma, a well-known palmist,
will give readings.
For tho children there will bo sllght-of-hand
tricks nnd shadow pictures lu charge
of Miss Owen Martin and Miss salvia
Barnes; Miss Eugenia Cassntt's "African
Dodger," Miss Dorothy Dlsston's Santa
Clans pnek and balloons, dolls, cakes and
The tea room will bo under the direction
of Miss Sydney Ellis nnd the following
aides. Miss Marlanua Oowcn. Miss Char
lotto Clieston, Miss Mai Ion Taylor, Miss
Helen Ellis, Miss Aimee Hutchinson, Miss
Orotchen Clay, Miss Clertrudo Tower, Miss
Margot Scull, Miss Sybil Wright. Miss
Jenn Thompson, Miss Elsa Rcath, Miss
Agnes .-iutehlnson. Miss Frances Seott,
Miss Nancy Heath, Miss Molly Thayer,
Miss Bcsslo Downs, Miss Eleanor Cuyier,
Miss Cornelia Leldy, Miss Susie Inger-t-oll,
Miss Katharlno Bowie and Miss
Mnrle Wright.
The ballroom will be cleared at 9
o'clock tor an auction sale, which will he
followed by a brilliant dance and amateur
cabaret show, managed by Mrs. Charles
C. Hnrrison, Jr., and Miss Eleanor H.
Hopkins. Supper will ho served on small '
tables, with space In the centro for
dancing. While tho cabaret show Is in
Among those who have arranged sup
per putties are Mrs. Henry Berwlnd
Mrs. Clarence Dolnn, Mrs. George 11.
Frnzler, Mri. Shipley Dixon, Mrs. Gaid
ncr Cassatt, Mrs. Arthur M. Wilson,
Mrs. William H. Donner, Mrs Hampton
L. Carson, Mrs. Edward Browning, Mrs.
Norton Downs, Mrs. C. Howard Clark,
Mrs. Edward Crozcr and Mrs. George
W. Childs Drcxel.
Forgot the Signature
T)EFErtmNa to tho request of Hnr
IVrlet M. for kittens, I have all she
wants. If lou will kindly give mo her ad
dress I will give her a cholco of kittens
ono nil black, tho other black and white
Thoy nro Just about three weeks old.
Kindly answer as soon ns possible.
'E. M. L."
Tour enumeration of tho treasures from
which Harriet W. may mako a selection
has but ono flaw. You forgot to sign
your name to tho kind offer. Wo cannot
hope to put her Into touch with you and
tho kittens until you repair tho omis
sion. We must have your nnme nnd nil
dicss In full for our books. Neither will
ho published.
Formula for Clothing, Cleanser
"An per request of II. B. for a cleans
ing fluid, I believe the following formula
will give excellent results. It Is a cloth
ing cleanser: Glycerin, ono bunco; sut
pliuilo ether, ono ounce; methyl alcohol,
ono otinro; aqua ammonia, four ounces;
cnstllo soap, onn ounce. When dissolved
ndd sulllclent water to mako two qunrts.
"8. B. B."
To Pass Lonely Evenings
"I notice thnt M. II. C. hns 'oodles of
quilt pieces' to give away. As I nm In
poor health, I should bo glad to get somo
of them to pass away tho winter eve
nings. I should be glad to get old mngn
zlnes also, If any ono has them to give
away. We aro too poor to buy any.
"MAY It."
I..cn "oodles" molt under bucIi hot nnd
hasty hnm"" g ns hns befallen this sup
ply of pieces. Not n scrap remains. Wo
are now pleading that somebody else will
reveal a horde to our anxious search. The
long winter evenings nre upon us, and
homekeoplng women who do not play
cards or gossip need substitutes for these
wnjs of passing the dark hours. Do not
throw nwnj an Inch of calico, gingham,
silk or elvet.
Sold at Music, Stores
"In Y.l .1.- . ""IS
-.. .w, , n.u inquiry of Meliu S
who seeks lnfr,rmi... ""! W
the purchaso of an Hawaiian ukalL tJ
can nurehnsn nnn n ,i . w' S1
In music stores in tho cl'ty, ?? "
priced from 5 up. Sho can i. .-!
UUk LI, Jill LiieM! RinrM M.I.k -
..iicre fth
study It.
E- M. If
Pronunciation of "Habalalka"
"Wo nro fortunate, n, havlnu an uJ
gont student In our school fr.,n f il
Itussla, and to him I referred thA .1
'tlnknlslln ' .M...I (.... t. yrj
says tho first two '' arc pronotn'
snon nnu ino inira is silent The .,!;.
comen nil the thlr.1 avllr,M i.i 'VBCtt
It gives me plensuro to contributed'
mile, for I am grateful for much !.
nnd Interesting Information receive f
, s R
Don't Let Him
Get "Cold Feet"
These fine leather
traveling slippers will
warm his feet aw
maybe his heart to
tho giver, too Who
knows' You have
choice of Bcveral at
tractlvo colors and
tho slippers come In a
handy leather case
nil rendy to send hlm-
?.! nncl 'J. ,A,, soms
"Tuhbers" of Turklih
cloth for tho bathroom
trips at 50c)
620 Chestnut St.
Every Hat in This Shop Has Been Reduced1.
Which means a truly unusual opportunity for
women who appreciate millinery of tho highest
quality and most exclusive design.
Imported and Domestic
furMillinery Shop
Iluml i:nilirolilrr llrens I'leatine
IliiltmiK ( mrrrii ull let.
Sprure L'30.'.. 1003 Chrritiiiit St.
Tk.rg. rvppen just
regardless for us tdl;
The world .seems very
Kr$e fcnd were so srmil.
It ic-e-res me sometimes
but Id liUo. -fcr. ;.
- - - - vwv -
Im $Kd were.
--.11 tofetkar
La Naturalle
Have No Equal In
Showing the wearer's scalp and produc
ing absolutely a natural parting.
You must visit Goldman's to realise the grace and charm
gained by wearing our Naturalle Transformations.
We do iwc me any old combings dyed or bleached in our hair pieces.
Our prices compare favorably with those of smaller and les reliable
Goldman's I53Ch?iTdrh1itreet
) I Ir-iTTri'-irrfrTTiimTnraiBBBMliT
(Cop)rlsht, 1015.)
J !
mf Order wp
ff Your m$.
jgjff 1 onight lip-
- , 0ffp4 At Any of Our 45re.D&M '
I f m three Branch Stores Jiy -X'm
m37Ei 5?SjMl Broad & Columbia BK"5S
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M&S8T061& 4124 Lancaster Ave. flfc '?M
wV'f 4 Vidxotas m-M
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With 4 m ,. . , wMm,
- ptt laming mauiine rMI
fe: Company l!
i W'- is Victor Distributors ffl If '"p '
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Eai IZjgi I
i' WsliMpi 4i (ir&VGH .
JBLl r-rZr.. " Y Jdm