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if Is Not the Tariff So Much
jvjeeus iu ijc An.v,
Readers on Other
L L Editor of Bienlnp Ledger:
tttM EdM
of (ho
rfr-The Secremu
B,i . . tf,
- - '- ifri'"
Mont , ft "Hie
,fiieh hi not rccchcd the
KM """"..,., troni men who
K'? .'.ration ton tnatlors of vital
jUraii"'""" nntIonal prosperity.
.-.. u nttr
WkUoccMlon. in stating that the
0 tnai "
..ministration is trjinK i ...-- vs.. ......
'"'JTmUI questions (among them the
iurltDout" i nio'pcilty
' "There nns "' - -
fjhe Unlied State, In 10 ! I don
'r , what the politicians M It Is not
L I rtl'an matter, but an economic one,
fit don't believe In attempting to make
frtl.n capital out of either economic
.Tmwnl nuestlons Politician, have
up nnd down the cottntrv telliiiK
. ih.t their particular pnrtv could
2r i iroinerlly first It - the He-
kt,Ln- ihen the Democrats The pol-
SSS hto been pUUm this game of
. , to get olllccs, but their predlc-
I Ind promises arc all bunk We
v. not had any real proserin In the
" ' ... .. u isara. because our
Lint's outgrow the clumsy llmnclat
.7. m which we Ime been talking about .
Sin? f0r 30 jears, but which we did
Tt until President Wilson Insisted
J" congress taking it up as soon ns the ,
. .,- kill una nut of the Way.
Forward-looking Americans hale rcaU
tedformn sears that the tariff was
St being- handled In this country ns It
'mint to be handled It may bo slated
tt.t this Is a strange state of alfaUs,
J,., Americans are not an iin'ntclllgent
r.c and practically even American has
ilnnmoro or less thought to tariff prob
,ai during nil the jeara since ITS", when
ear first tnrirt act was passed Anil jet
It caii hardlv be denied that nobody Is
rially satisfied with the situation ns It
idls . . . ,
Voir, when sou conic rigin uown m
. . '..,. ...i.t i. i, i, m, i,i' i. !
f"!l.,.i.- .V i,im,i fnr unnlnrr mm. '
KJ uviuiio .u " w......- .- -,---0
pifeni on the basis of protection, or tar
for reienuc, or free trade? II does
jo( appear that this Is nn unnatural or
taproper course to pursue Protection
ui free trade are Inherently political
tales', and as long as vvc neglect to es
tibllsh a dellnlto tariff policy, these mat
tin) will nlwajs be the subject of ugl
btlon But, does the rc.il trouble lie here? Is
It cot true that the American public has
nputedly registered Its views with re
prd to the tariff only to lind nfter a
timber of sears tiiat those ilews have
o( been carried out, but, on the con
trary, that the expressed will of the peo
plshas been covered up by n compllcnt
d'and unintelligible series of sections
id sub-sections of various tariff nets, J
Htnst tno average man could not possl
l!;tell whether he had been given what
ll voted for or whether lie had been
liter, something totalis different"
It must be admitted that ue are. living
b in ambitious age Some men would
nr that If wo had not been able to
Mire this problem In a centuiy and a
(iirlcr that we would nevir be nble to
lolie It Hnpplls, however, this Is not
th temper of the times Men and women
It trying to be efficient to n greater de
poi than ever before And It Is prob
ibljr true that never before In the hls
t07of the country have so many Inielll
jent people In all walks of our economic
UHjualted In tho demand that n Tnlr trial
Mfflren to the Tariff Commission plnn
jrBch'ln Its essence Is an attempt to
trtiit about greater national elllcleucy
ind to do away with one of tlin mnt
ilriVIng sources of national waste
Th- nl !..k .1 .- .. ....
., ,iic.ii iiunii men is mm ll is not now
10 much ,the tariff as It Is tariff-making
iMc wuni io lawe out of politics; and
in are tariffs made" The matter could
"t be better summarised than In the
tords of Professor Seager. of Columbia
rnlrersity. who describes the process as
follows In his "Introduction to Hco
Mmlca": 'To fully master nnj ono of these
csedules nnd determine whnt rates of
. JJtjT would afford ndequnte protection
Wtnoat unduli liurdcnlrv,- consumerJ
o!4 renulrc years of study of the In
utrlej affected, hoth at home and
lOoard To fullv mnaim, nil nt 41. u
JleSOW odd different artltles lo which
Vm7 rt(cr,J,ls a ,n,k bejond humnn cap
1..1 ',J.na lo K!"' Congress In draft
t "riff bills makes no fucIi nmhltlous
empt. Instead. It contents Itself with
', testimony of interested per-
u to the amount of protection their
Chesses "nulre. nnd acceids their
;Snt3.ns Its guide In apportioning
t'otettlon to different Industries "
Frn a , ,., Gl"Y 13MBHSON.
" rhlladelphla, December fi
'" E(,i(or 0 Kventng Ledger:
iMr-If a word of nrnisn u nnvn
Ulr T .. . ...,.-- . ,,,fc. wv.
b ... . . " '" l"Tia ,0 cypress
rMi,fP?."cla,lon of ino rt,cet iwues
Wes th.VE.N'.I:a LEItEn- Flt of all
-- limy lei o In inn
irU),inii """ paiu io HooHor T.
faffi "a1? 50ur mtt lrtl8, skcs
iZr"- la he man who unon read.
htaiRbT. nB!?n's "utoblography. "Up
rif' rails to find In this career
i2fton,.1-u death robbed tho
N iuL ndf he,r1most honorable sons.
mallyT wnlle mol"', his loss
tei".1.'8 L""8, vera8 on Paderowskl's
SSL JS 8,lrred ma nsaln' n,, ll
, 'wea what mnnv felt whn f,..H !,,
Kin?DcuLaa h"tHwru.n.abl8 '- vo-
wMritood kT. . ' ul icuons are
'riilnt ,Url? over' nnd Paderew-
Mm! P ,h03 t0 hls P'e "or stricken
taun. J.. ' To' .. shows a broad states-
l "HOUla ,.r Xr "tude this conn
J W114 take In tho present world
kOV UP the nnA
j? Wtr every Jay Ur papCr
pmeVeTnber t "MANN OOBST-
W.rI'"lor ol Evenina T..n...
5 d
r 1H I
fh nwSSf1?'.'6 t0,r me sma11 8Paco
Iult;V..?aMr t COOl down III. .nth...
fc wmeXr1 7nat "AH-IJe." Joke I
rJ-L f Bonder. inf. i . ,
:r,ii4u wer e,V; ..J'"cu """ Ina ne
1SueIfJ not drove back"? He,
K Sn.r Xth the Peace !
Ihi. i. ueans? 'n,a inB. , . .
t oliS " '? """'n hate
( "' tnad tut ..'' ' po Dut Oer-IP.Vur,Un''-fd-a'ra7r,
Kcona. '"' "B BlnKinK of
.n.?tneUrrb.entni,slasllc' Schwntti.
lH.,-t0 P's
i. " "" -vm
mir surnrlia .nlei.
ni, ...., -. mm
feF-l W,U,AelP"l von -luck
It.iA''i"' ! Vitea
,' Hvilins lo ba
VJ3 Wwei.r " Uf' ha PS- I Wlsl,
SS" ' Aek.P that the y "raUou
feni..lt1L".n-""-, Utter seems tne
as It is tariff-making That
ui i. uhlu-b views or
Timely Topics
!;?ir!,!!"rT,nr Amlnn. one whose Icy-
, tho . ' ,. ," 'i "?l,c." nn'' to wnom
.i.: ..''- '""J "c io turn to nm n in
nuL lce l,',7mI and pected by tha
nations Von Kliich la retiorled In nu
I "k.Vl"V,0t otmand "why Itoosevclt
mniin eoiil.li.ol tell i,im if he writ present
PfiMM.1 IihJ..i n . -. '
Mhr... - ..:.:- "' " "" "" i'i.",cni
........ . imuck mn,i0 lhig observation
it a copy of the Kvem.nci I.eikjkh of the
sanio date were sent to Von Kluek he
f.i.. !" ,or ''im'cif Plenty of reasons
without calling upon ex-Prcsldent Itoose
volt to further enlighten him, though
perhap, .ome of Jollr rPntlera v(h a
little leisure might write a personal let
ter to on Kluck and give him all the
information he desires He will have
plenty of tlmo to digest It before getting
.,! IV? , . B BltAY
Philadelphia, Oeccmber R
To the lUlllar of Ei Piilnj; Ledger:
LONDON, Deo. 8-ttobcrt Wallace.
Mng's counsel, in ptesentlng his lists
to the Urand Jiirv, said n . .
shortest ever known In the hlstoiy of
the Ciurit of t.ondon, prlnclpntlj due
to tho til Ink regulations When the
orlglnnl drink reRulntions were made,
one iliss of crime almost dlsappeaied
There wns vlrtunllj no late drinking,
no wounding or lighting, when people
were turned nut of tho public houses.
Although the new- order has only
been In effect a short t)me. very bene
llclnl results have nlrend.v followed.
The calendar at tho Old Hnlley Is
also much smaller thnti usual ns a re
sult of the llriuor restrictions. The
decrease In some courts last week
was nearly SO per cent.
The aboie Is from the I'vrniso t.Ktcn;n
of even date, and lias. In nil probability
been read bv 100,000 people In that paper
nione. it anoulcl he read mid reread
until Its great ilgnincnnee will have
sunk Into people' minds, nnd espeti.illv
In those of our inters of ilu, State nnd
nation What tins made this bcnclU'lal
change In London'' A law against lion-
trentiriK and shoiteninc the hours of
drlnklmr I
How easily such laws could be
enacted In this country, with the lesultnnt !
r-. - ..t . . . . ... .. .
vucui ui viusiiik one-nail or llle Hiilnnna
nlmn.l 1 .llil. v... r".' i J" ." '
.....,. i,M,i,,iiliuij, .-llt( IIUIII O II 111
midnight, the saloons heelinn rhr
wcaK-mlnued. nnd the Incessant rry of
"have one on me'" Is a continual per
formance. There Is a pioposltlon right
now before Ilhlladelphla to spend JS.OOO,
WO for Its pool nnd suffering
.. . .,.,,1,1-. niiuni t: 1 irti m uuice: '
would enact such laws ns Knglnnd has, I
11 our servants whom we elect to olllco
a $4,roi.i0 building would be loo large,
nnd if thes would go as far as Itusla has
gone, no new building, would be neces
sari, for our Jails would emptv mur
der would stop and institutions for the
poor would soon become an unpleasant
Philadelphia, Dec'ernlier 1
To the Hititor of Kveninq Leilgei :
Sir I read with considerable Interest tho
statement on tnnned milk attributed to
Dr William U Griggs In an article ap
pearing on the woman's page of j-our p'i
per on Krldas lust Cnless Doctor Urlggs
Is very much misquoted, his statements
are partis If not cntlrelj wrong, ns he Is
unfair to sour readers, the consumers and
producers of some types of canned milk.
Clnbslfylng nil canned milk with bonbons,
lobsters and Ugnrcttes as food for babies
shows either utter foolishness or a thor
ough lack of knowledge on his part.
Doctor Wslio asserts that sterll
l7etl, unswceteneil, evaporated milk (also
packed in cans), when modified, serves ns
equal of perfectly fresh milk
der conditions which would be nlmoat Im
possible in their own homes, retaining tho
full food value of tho milk fats, and all
other Ingredients. This tlnss of canned
milk contains no sweetening, except the
until nil milk sugar. It Is processed from
pure, fresh cow's milk, and subject to
tests before prep irlng that are equally
If not moro rigid that the test applied to
fresh milk entering Philadelphia under
tho present laws The milk Is evnporatcd
in vacuum nt n low temperature, and Im
mcdlatcls put In clenn cans nnd sealed
Steam heat Is applied In the sterllzing
Links, with tho cans and contents con
stnntls In motion, destroying all bacteria
nnd spores. The process insures a perfect
sterile milk without the destruction of
nny of tho food value Doctor Griggs
will lind by nn.tlizlng evaporated milk
that tho food value of the butter fats and
tho other ingredients are letnlned
Philadelphia, Dccembci 7.
Philadelphia Lodge tho Largest Single
Fraternal Body in Existence
The members of Philadelphia Ixidge,
No 54, rejoleo In the announcement that
on December 12 the legulnr semi-monthly
meeting will be held In the auditorium
ot the new J300.000 aiooso Home on North
nroad street The seating capacity of
this room la approximately 3000, nnd as
the lodge now numbers upward ot 15,000
members, even the new commodious hall
is certain to be taxed to Us full capacity
The open charter of I'hlladelphU Lodge, by
which, under special dispensation, candidates
have the privilege of entering the Jovial body
for a nominal sum will claue December 1.1,
utter which u much higher tnltl itlon fee will
I e charged Strenuous elfort are being made
under this special dispensation to bring the
membership, of till Individual lodge up to the
"..0,000 mark. To facilitate this desired result
candidates will be obligated every eienlng In
the new hill up until December IS. This
lodge claim to be tne largest single lodge of
any fraternal body In the world
The House Committee has arranged la have
"Uedles' Night" tn the new home December
IB and 3. All members are privileged to
bring a lady upon these dates lor New
ttdps Day a special program has been ar
ranged for member and ladles, to begin at
p m.
Ah an evidence nf the sincere fraternal spirit
permeating the Moose, by special resolution
at the last meeting It was dftlltd tu lurnun
Christmas basket to any worthy brother in
temporary need or any widow of a deceuvod
mother neellng assistance so that the spirit
of happiness of the yuletide season ma enter
every Moose circle Members knowing of such
cases will hand the names and addresses pri
vately to Secretary John J Itsan and suitable
action will be taken without publlelts or any
knowledge of the special case helped being
given to the general membership of the lodge
Order of Eagles
A complimentary reception and dance for
members and their lady friends wo given
Monday evening by Philadelphia Aerie No U
In tbe ballroom of the temple, I Idle Spring
Garden street The affair proved to be an
cnjojabls success, largely due to the well
arranged program provided bs the committee,
of which Leslie Peine was chairman.
At the meeting of tbe aerie tonight the an
nual election of officers will take place, an J
tha friendly rivalry for official honor during
tha ensuing sear 1 sure to bring forth a
large attendance of members.
."Quality First".
Full Rubber $
Can fa nnrY
un ilium ui iieiiiecus ircnu miih ns a to loon .iiier me suspension usi .'.., ..itv n n,, A.iris t,un,,.,i i,,v. 1,.,... iicnt 1 1. .NoniniiKci
oiilttt 1et,en tnr mntlLiu . 1 1 1 i t..cn..t I Thero was .1 larire number nf xlsltnru nres. 1 .."' ... . i. ti .. .rr,,... . I P.itrlntli Drder eif Amerlce was do ng in sup
feeding Doctor Wylie commends evap- "1? Vi.PnV.Un" , A" i'WWrStiiS 5&tf I oinn'.sfranYa" W&'l
ornted milk lleltlng and 1' N C II lleorgo II. Mius, of uresled Visitor rnn''e" "erc 'n"g '" ,rcH the nimps and tinnj friend togpther
I bring this to sour notice, because the Chester. .,.... ' In 1 InltNl unites', the trim uf Poult ie. w Itli the scholar eif ihe stliool. made a -holt I
producers of unswietcned einnorated , M;,, Collector of Straws Trumbiiter reported J ti lost to Hobln Hood Court nfter a I1.1r.l- ."" I'.'r.iUu headed bs tho drum eorp of (
.Ti . unswieicneu einporatcu ),,1B received two applications for chirler fought struggle The next contest will take Camp .' t
milks luive made It possible for mothers ( during the week with bright prospects of sev- 1 , i?n n the .Vmerban I agio Court. Moneljj ' I f
trt secure el sterltleil tlllllf iimrngqnil ,ii I eril more In the near future a.m,.ini' unit with I'mire e-nlumbtn nn tiav, I n. liu.irA e-nnnlt I'nmmmlrrv VI nf t 1
Regular Price $2,00.
Work called for and delivered
or done while you wait.
Exptrt Service, Guaranteed Aa.
terialt and Work. Bell Phonet,
C-.JU,,22 N. 13th t.
otctniey 223a n. From ..
Busy Wigwams Presage a Win
ter Season of Activity and
Many Candidates
In the wlgnnm of Sioux Tribe, No 87. a
district meeting was held lost week which
was attended by main of the great
chiefs and at which the past sachem's
degiee wns conferred upon nil waiting
candidates When the council fire was
lighted there was present a large gath
ering of tribal members After routine
mislnes3 the warriors and chiefs listened
to n number of Instructive talks upon the
work of the fraternity and the many at
tractive icatuies of Itcdmnnshlp
Among the speakers were O. I S Doc
tor Heswlck, Ureal Keeper of Wampum
Fnrrar. l a S Fnrlej, Deputy Stevens
and Oretl Sachem Walker.
Matm.-s Tilhe No l, had a large nltrnJ
2J? .0 !"'t tla " sleep, nnj liH brother
enrolle, n (hn improicil orler ef Ite 1 lien
limer tl Dennis llelmhurslnn Asorlatlon fnr
, niremri lunornl t.cnfnt of 2Vi From
Inrih itloiis there villi he our IV enrolle,! hi
llecemlier II. Dirt Imirl, quoit nn.l pinochle
Inumsmrnts Hrrc tr uicurateil Mon.laj even
ng in, tnilrli rntliusiim prculleil durlnn
the si-1 ml .ftit.Mj.
Tho ocIhI i:enlng t'ommlttre Is preinreil
,?L",,'I"! f-a'hinnK ol the brotlirrn nn.l their
iiietiils at the pruxrc;aliu pinmlile nrt to
ue noici in I0 uiKHnni, BoutiiWHi i orncr of
i, ' ".J" ' .' itrni Mrerts iieietntur II
i lirolhtr Kilnnril .1. Mii'nbe who has Jmt
telumei rinin llnltl nn ihc I.MS Connei.il
!,, .'..1,,e mi. Inn resting tulk upon the eiiKtine
.,V.' " '" ,vhl ' ''e li id iMHIilimtPil In tint
turiuiFni cnuiiin nlmh was Ibiteiic I ti altli
liuui nipmuie inner (loo.l of the (Jnlcr '
. inierritliiit rem irks Cre maile h fast
T" " ' I."" ii liter tl t 1-st John 1'. Mnhn laild
I t-..' on"l,,."nn ltirr t. I 'oils. l)r John T
fnrl nn.l llrotlur (Icorsc K Cinlg t h irlea
' ,vaiV' x,llll' J HonoiHn, Jr mid A
I U iJoiialdson
Orent Junior Raunmore BcRick I lilted Ml
nonli Tr.be .So dll un lust Krldn slrep
" ! ".'' nn lnlerestlnR InlU about u plan by
"linn It Is rupectel In tapture mini il alinblp
pairr.ices. to whom the Knot adinntndps of
Itedmaiishlp may b. nhoiMi both In a benc
fltliil nnd soilnl wn
Thero Is to ho nn addresn on fratrrnatlsm
Klwn m Tctnplo Lutheran Church r,21 an I
Hire streets, on Sundny vienlng M nonk Is
expected to b.ue it goodl, dilcgutlon of m'm
bein meet nt f,:- and Market street at 7 tin
p m. and iniri.il In a hod from that point
lo the chrueb
The new ilrRrce trim performed the worK
or .lilopilon on the last slot n upon lulUiue
Jeett nnd 1'Urie In good form
Tin- 3r it lunlor 'Kiimri Hr l' i lbs
lit. will trull with Itnxkii Council an I othir
',,'e..,orA' '""."ii J. lounclls un tho lllu
Hirai riiiri io wuncia n LouiK I evcmplirj
miun ni u tie .Mi ncm i.l ?w..n I. u. i
I,..,,., ,. . ... ;..".. " '-"' --"-
I, . '.". ..V.""' 'A1. '" ..""'"." "
DcLimuer 13 so Unit lie will be eligible to
witness ItasliiiH work nn IJcccinh.r 14 mil
rncei the gnat Junior Snganioro of Pcnnsjl
i.inl.1 11 ml tho grciit I'oiniimita and other
great en cfs of the Degree of Pocahontas
Poqucsilng Tribe No 371 has nmended Its
13 laws and nearly all the inembi-m will iw
enioll, d In the Mineral IJcmllt Itelmbulsltlg
,ISUl.l U'lll NIC llliiililll lit ,11. 1.1 , ,11 1
tj"' assoilntlon has proven to be a step 111 '
1110 rigni turicuon Members hip more nunc-
tutl In the payment ol tholr dues nnu feet
Ihit the Incrcised bMiellts dirtied are an Im
port int conilcleratlon
Mfitoac.l Cotllietl. of Havninkpru .11 11 lnl
meeting held It regulir semiannual election
of nfllters. with, the following result 1'in-t
chief misrniker. James J. Campbell ihe
hasmikei, Louis Maver usslstuut thle
Im. maker Vlllilum 1 l it7, everteer. Iluirv
I, Pancoisi, trustee. Woodman tl DutiKhcrts
Two candld.itis weie InltlnlcU Into the mss
terles of making h is.
The boird of stevvnrds is preparing for a
large attendamc at the Installation of uftliers,
Uecember 27
riue 'mbe No 2.',1 vvblth 1111PI4
i.pim ,,, eh.i
l.nr.. rir.',Vt
nn?i ,v.!i,i'
wlh'vvani it Pnssyunk avenue mid Vloon
niloutetl one paleruee last week
to hue several candidates nt the meeting to
night At the Nat meeting short talks" were
madn bs Otorge It Thoma Charles Htriuh.
Waller I) Itnuie. Knink llurk. Joseph T.
Mara und William Jones.
An Interest ng meeting win held bv Porpifs
slni; AsHoilalton of II is makers on last Thurs
day evening
The famous Installing team of ItnsK.i Abso
elation, under the leidcrshlp of P S IT
Louis T i-eegar Insl.illed ihe ofneers of Po
qucssing In it creditable m inner
Deputs State C. II Ilarrs Ijngmore was
K resent and tntil of the upbuilding work hie
ad laid out for the ussnclntlons In his duirlct
urging all to greater activity and pirtltulnrls
tasha rnoo nan a die nigm on rrniay h
sleep, when mey gave n rec ptmn lo Ilroiltei t
lleorgo W Price, who was elected a city Mag
istrate nl ine recent election i-ameni Tu
frander called upon Past Sachem L W foun
tain who was the principal speaker and mida
mi interesting addresa ind i n sented llrothci
Price with an emblemitle badge The Judeo
accepted the ladge In language suitable for
tho occasion '
State Officers and District Deputies
Stimulate Local Council Activity-
John It. Marlin Council, No. 20. inltlntcd
evira! candidates tit Its meeting last
Thursdas evening. There were also sev
eral Interesting reports made by commlt
tois The "Knlendar" Committee sent out
tho December issue of tho "Knlendar."
There nre mans Interesting articles In
this magazine for the benetlt of the mem
bers. The Entertainment Committee hns
completed nil arrangements for tho
Christmas cnrnlv.il, which will open Prl
day evening. Deceunber 10 The Debating
Committee has arranged for n debate to
take place this evening. The eiucstlon will
be "Shall Capital Punishment be Abol
ished?" New London Council. No. flsn. held an In
teresting meeting Saturdas evening, which was
wen atieniiru, visitors present were cuaiti
Councilor bimuel (1 Scott, l'ist state Coun
cilor Thomas II Walters. District Deputy
State Councilors Cieorge Illchnrdsnn, Henry
We-llennnnn, Albert I'll! and Albert Korster
After the council meeting tho Oriental court
if John ft Mnrlln Council took chirge and
proceeded tn Institute nn Oriental court In
New jyindon Council The following candi
dates were Initiated: John Jefflee. Walter I'au
rock, I'rvtn I robHjn, Charles Kdwaid, Samuel
Hrvan. William Hoss. K. Iluckalevv. F. Will
iam. Elmer Waters Harry Felsler. Frank ClU
Icsple and J. Lewis Pierce.
Chatham Council. No ;'1 attended service
In tho Faggs Manor Methodist Episcopal
Church Kunlay morning 'Ihe council turnjd
out In large numbert. Pastor llvons. or the
church Bivke on "An American Mechanic
Duty tn tils Country" It was a masterful
sermon 'nil was appreciated by nil iresent
Fagga Manor Methodist Kpla-vpat Church is
one en the oldest churchee in the countrs,
haling been eirganUd In 1710. The commit
tee In charge of the service consisted of John
F" Johnson. M C Selfert nnd Charles Halne
Fred M Wagner Council held an open houso
Monday eienlng for members and their
friends Deputs Fred C Weber h.i offered
a isold emblemitle ring to the member se
curing the largest number of candidates prior
to Januars I Councilor Wl.llum lllecs and
Btcretars W. II Somerillle are close com
retltors In the race for lids prlie. and from
ihe many candidate thes are imposing It
Just the Thing
to Give "Him!"
ia aaid
Scarf Pin. set
wita a slnile,
Sat. waits ells
JJ Utile- n
sign..-.. vv
Scarf Pin of
Ii lb loaable
plstlaum set
ultu beautiful
dUnioixl A
some Ut "''
14 k gold
Scsrf ''lo. set
with illli
fiat, wlitle dls-
t'Duiatf Sit)
deslga T
KutablUhtil 187.
Diamond Store
56 North 8th 37 South 8th
Diamond book, free ea request
promlMs to remain a close race. Amonp the
visitors were I'ast State councilor Thomas H
VValters. Dlatrlit Deputy State fonnellors H
Welleimnn, r c IVeber. oeerge Able and
William Laudemasser. Alter remarks hy the
visitors. a Clerman lunch a served .by the
Kntertvlnment committee. The committee in
charge .were Stmuel Dost. Herman iwst
Alonrn.P. Arkle lohn S Cutler, (J forge Sett,
ler and Andrew .1. Hcnver VlRgncr i ouncll
Is wide awake, having made oier loo per cent,
gain during the pist six months.
. Oeorge M Pnlntsett Council. No lM, had a
large diss Initiation on Tuesday evening The
deiirees were onferred b the traiellng ile
Rnn ttam Horn John It. Alarlln Council. Aftir
remarks bj 'at state Councilor Thomis II.
Walters. I) I) S r Henry VVellenmann and
I c. sveber, refreshments wero served bj the
orinilttcu In chirge I'olntsett Council will
show ii substantial giln at the end of tho
Stephtn (Jlrard I ouncll No I4J Is planning
a large c'ass Initiation for Januari d The
committee, haling this work In h-rge are
FYed C" Meter, William !iuderwnscr. VI.
Hteln, (leorgp Loeknond, M Scbmltt, V
llornman. R Tunienlnff and VV Hnencp Chair
man Viewer of the lommlttee has set IWi
candid itis ns the mark lor 1hl class
Inhn It Mirlln Oiiard Aesoclitlon held its
monthly meeting list Friday evening Mam
plans were discussed to boom the guard, Nea
drill nights were arranged nnd n speilnl drill
was held The members of the louncll will
witness many new featuies In the guard wirk
nt the nevl lies tntttitlm In .Innuarv Altir
the meeting light lunch was scried The nest
meeting will be held lrldav eienlng in.nu.irv
7 at Urother Trank Hue s home, 1127 II strict
Prist Chief Rangers' Association Seeks
to Develop Urotherhootl
The tilth sear of the V of V t.egal'Ald
Committee will close Its dlilslotial ses
sions nt Court St Albans, Nn 5, south
east corner 21st and South stieets. Ylitirs
dav, December 10. nnd the main m tlliss
nt U-'l Christian street Snturdai, Decem
ber 1' The movement was Inaugurated
In P 0 C Jl (Seorge A Mm born. The
chairman Is P o C It Joint ll Kirk
The work Is under the personal super
vision of P. C! C It Oniric P. Ilradlev,
The regulir meetings me lull Hiturdnj", ex.
cei I In the summer se.,snn and on holidays
Snerlil sessions nre held nt iniirt ineelliiKs as
nc isl n demands The objerls nre the mold
nnce ; r lltlgntlnn nr v rll as the les-enlng ot
npirals vvllbln the trlbiunls nf Ihe older, thus
1 linger-Inu hirmoiu Members with grievances
nnd lourts with n defense are .ifrnrdril n means
for mutual adliistmrni Tim legil nn I
equltnlde Issues are sli died and hi 1 lit l and
loli'iiinrv nr'ltr-itlm erri 1 ted where possible
I'll' sm 1 es ha I ecu l rat If v log All seniles
renderi "I are grntl- The vv vrk will be re
snnied laminr nnon 1 hrnder plane end
procedure, exierlcnce bovilng newer teiitilre
111' its of an iniuriiM I nnd binellclal na
ture 1 ourl fVnii Tint No "J nt Ji s last
ellrard iveinti at 1 recrtit meitlug Ind a iPrv
Int 'renting tal'e lv the rmmer tnlnstrrl nn I
lomedlan lltllv- Ilppve Hrothers ppel sud
In'in. ihartir in in r gav icuilnHiimrs nt
I heir ill vrnrs of menibershlp and Hrothers
Martin and I Isher n Inlnl In I lenis nr th
more reu-nt activities of tne court I. 13 C.
II llrntbei tlraill, v wk .111 tnte, ipd llstt ner
five bneilts of n fintcrnal order have a
u.Bllrl.... lll...,..l..n tn ..... ... .....1 . .
. riMnilt- , 111,-.,,,, . ,,,1, ,11 ,1,1, Ml l, IlirillU, ID
1 vvh si illsabllltv pbueu him on tit. iPllef Itiuil
nut lor 11 11 irs lip 11 is hei n 1 mitinii hiiiv paid
ebK I cm tits and Is still diawlng sums vvprklv
I hp 1 port Is . ll icnrs nl I so Hi 11 he h i 1 111
t lie recipient of Its binivnliiai tn which be
Is inlltlPi. sln, It was thin vevrs irgalllrd
I hp inpmbers are provldnl with gauus nnd n
ilntilntlng llbrvrv, nn I Ihe eomniollmis hall
arforils all tho attrai lotM of the suclal club
llviiv Vluuliv tb, 11. 1 r mid vim iuii III, ti lltVf
II pit unlit time, and Utiulv llrnllui utirgi I
hi v. nr 1 ourt till 1 ivtaniii. . .1 ,. sill.
fuliv nicpaies 1111 aiproiutnlp 1 rogrmu vis
lM" ... I-.,.. -. .... ..-,.. .... ...... ....
1,r" n,e ' t"r'1"1 " !!'i'5 ' I""'"
1' inrt lleneral Nswton Nn J ,.', mot ling at
Utn and Mi Ki in struls. Is retngtilzni as 1
lioi'll iilglttll!' nn for p tl Iiiiiv mil re 11 llile
business irotedure l Idle giving due prom
Inoni i to the so bit f itiu s it urns not all nv
t In se t nvirslndovv the in ire etidiulng
bcpvoli lit as,, ! ItrolliPi llenliv. I . I1.1S
thp work xvstcmuttrpd and his methods nru
wurthv o t niul Hiem
Merited apnrc I itlnn of the work done nnd tn
prngrees was given b I 0 C It nr the
state Ch.irtes P Itradlcv upon hi vllt nt
Hip list meptlng of the couit
A pie issnt lime was stent and the partltl
nnnt llrnthers IoIpv. Iteilliv Diiwiipv. l'iriin
K11117 nnd nionl.is In the sm lal section .ulded
tn the. piiluv nient the nuetltig' poi h Tursd iv
are made attr.utlve nnd all the hrolhprs iro ,
'orlNllv luv ttpd tnatteid Doctor llallilllle. I
the phiHtilnn has but one of the lui members
nnlrr his medical superilMon
The Past Chief ItaliRer .V-im lation lompnspd i
ot inst eitrters of Inal inurts. held Its regular .
iiionthlv meeting Inst night In the hall Id
and I.Litonwood streets. Hv social gatherings
unit lute rUi mge of 1 loas this association 11
seeklnc lo del 1 lop nitho,ls mil pi ins for the
upbuilding of the ti urts In this tliv and the
dele lo meiit of the wort e,f Ihe forester upon ,
brniiler mid inoei. liberal llnca The co opera
tlou of all past nflliers Is si, tight sn lb 11 tlin
mtiir 111ns be "tlmulitPd and it membership
Incrj.iHCd b tile- aid of this wldc-awnl, nsso
1 1 itton 1
e'eurl Pontine n 111, opened the euchre
Hnd plnotlile tieurninieiit I rlday evening be I
ore a lirge gitnprini or memneis reiirere-ntlng
ti, i.,t
prior tn the
tnntest. IVeputy Oatnble ile
J IVI ... " ........... ' .,...., -...- i- ..r
live ml nn Interesting address upon Ihe nrln
clple and prnctlt it -work of the Foresters
uther remark were nnde Is Deputies Msera,
Sanger 1-ahs and Conners.
N"-.r-r'v vxtst v
House Coats for Men
5 and $7.50
Special val
prices unquestiona
assortments in Philadelphia for the
f money.
Finer grades of Cloth, Silk and Velveteen from
" $10 to $27.50,
House Gowns, $10, $12. $13.50, $15, $18. $20.
f up to $45.
' Blanket Rotes. $5 to $30.
? Bath Rohes of Terry. Flannel and Pongee Silk,
? $3.50 to $15.
CI.Oil.0 HOIUI It 1 M.
Jacob Reeds Sons
'' 1424-1426 CHESTNUT STREET
$300,000 Wanted
A large, enerReticallj nianaged. Pliiladelplna going concern,
owning its own plant modern in construction and equipment to
the last word, with rail and water facilities requires the above sum
for increasing its output which represents the recognized standard
in this particular basic article of manufacture needed and used
since the days of the Patriarchs to the present and in increasing
demand, which on account of the excellence of the production
demands 10 days' time on all sales, and for cash only This concern
commands the utmost confidence of the largest Financial Institutions
of Philadelphia and the very highest Banking references are axail
able. The net worth of this business in the last eight years has
been increased over 800 by the present capable management in
the manufacture, not of a freakish commodity, but one that i as
staple as the very food we daily require.
An investor is individually protected for the above amount by
the security of double the amount in actual cost of land, and build
ings; by fire insurance; title insurance and insurance on the lives
of the principals who are conducting the business. Principals only
Box M 120,, Ledger Office
National Preparedness the Slo
gan of Movement Launched
by Patriotic Societies
At the nunrteily convention of tho
ramps of tho 6th Philadelphia district,
Inspired by nn eloquent and patriotic ad
dress of Past State President James It
Kenncy. n movement was launched hav
ing in Mew concerted ncllon on Ihe part
ot all patriotic fratornltlps and allied
bodies urging the proper authorities to
enlarge the army and navy nnd Increase
the scope of the national defense of tho
This Important meeting was held In
the hall of Camp No 203, nt 4010 Chest
nut stieet. with delegations present from
Camps Nos. 2M, 570, S10. SSI, MS and (MS.
ns well as members of Philadelphia
Commandery No 4, of the Commnndcty
iteheral The resolutions presented nnd
unalilmousli adopted were ns follows
Whereas, lie true Sons of America, reared on
Ihe roll of lur blisotd boundaries, eduiaud bj
her Mstcm of free education happy ncith the
shiilow nr her flag strlvlni- lis the side of
lur sons euir Imthers and Inilng her with n
de oilon that Is deep rooted In our heirts and
Whereas, Ue recognize that the preservation
of tl o-e blessings aforesaid and that the pcaie
ind icitiMt) or homes and firesides and tint
air nation il honor and Integrity mid our prcs
llge ms .t iiutlim nulling nations depends ui on
out ability to pntut and defend our luitlio
shores from luv islon un 1 our Hag from Insult,
IMtreos. Vv e reiognlJe tho fact that our
nrmv an 1 n,iv and means or defense are 111
ndeiiuite nnd Inefilclcut nnd that our means
of repfttlhg Invasion, Insult nr Ignonilni nro
ew and of a wcik cbarni ter lie It therefore
ItiMilvr.l Thai we, the lamps of the ilih tils
trlil of 1 he Patriotic Order Sons of America,
of the eltv of I'hllndi Iplllv ot the Hi llo uf
I'. unsshatil 1 die hcribj and herewith ro e,n
letotd as favoring Inuiaprd protntlon for our
bom our tountrs and her il.tg. I15 the ni
ne ise of our iirinv ami niv and the railing
of the stand irds of both arms of the service
mid bv the pun hosing hi tun! una iiuenis
whlih will 1 pfend uui slions irom eiutwnrl
pnl! ami It It further
Iteiolvcd Thit this nlRlii In ronientlon as
k, nil 'el we nuthiirlre the naming ot a cean
nultce ei other Null's luitssir to the ur
i.uiglug for Ilu bringing together eif all pi
trlolb I o lies societies an I other tltUeiis of our
vie lulls al a Itituro dnlo foi tho purpose of
iriiiisltig grinter Interest tu the ni-ctsslty or
ptiilev.tlni, our Intul. hei Institutions and lur
At the next meeting i' the Dlstrlit Com
niltlei 11 ports will In- leietved en the siibJeU, a
Uni llxivl tor 11 meeting or lb- gene nil eeini
iiil'lee and iiiringemculs pcrfertnl for 1 illliiB
a uieeliiib of ail patrlolli auviellLS HI till -lty
nut vltinis to lurtbcr the nioiiiiunt
1 rlttas evening last ramp No l located at
t.liimrtli iilpliiutul Its Hist annlitrs.irs with
one of the largest ineellllgs iver hi Id In the
dlstrlit Camp No sol was Institute I em He
..ml., t- 1 mil with 111 tnemhels and at the
meeting lull on Di'teniinr il, rii.t "")
11 S elHlilo re porte'd a ttltlnbelshlp of -I-
ii.ts i tin, largest Lnlu mule by any oiu
i.itiui In Hie Statu during' the Inst stir In
I'm ms linhrlel 11 Moser Mite Conductor
John U llnrpir Slate e.u inl Milton M il.ns
mid Past sun, PrislikntH S.iinui I C Well
and Iltrmin A Miller chilrman 1 rink c
l'rtrrniin tillnl the meeting to order, nn 1
the sttntars. II S ( ible. n id an lntucstltig
hlstoey of the t .imp during the last sear, after
width miny addresses vver,' dill vend
Camp Vo S. lotaled at Hoi I.1UI1 presrnte I
to lima Sthonl Dlstrltt 1 liimlsuinu II ig un
Hecemb. r I with upproprlati exertlses Tim
scholnis tool. .1 prontlin lit pan In thp exert 10
bs rendirliig pitrntlt sunt, under tho direc
tion ot tho leathers 'llui sptakvr of the oc
taslntl vviim State ConduHor John V Harper
of I'hesler, who In a wtll-lhnten addrehS pre
sented tin II ig on bebilf of lanit h- Til
Hag was nteepteil for the si bool bs tht prpsi
dint of tho Hoard of IMut lllon of that dlstrlt.1
Amniii! the other sn iktr was State I'rcsl-
w no iiiiiuneii v ii.it vuu
the uniformed rank of tho order fiilere-d
n .'..',...u,, ..... ...v.. ... .... . ........ r.--..
ernt officers and the staff of tho ennim Hider
reeeptlon list week tu the tommindtrs gen-
in. thief. The commanders rooms nf Delawaru
County Commanders, of Chester, was filled
Iind many addresses were mtde.
at these
bly the greatest
ntosnltlon of this iivlilmmeiit the ."laic fliiul. vvlfo of the Itev. Oeorge r tiaul 01
1 UVJi'r 's,cri,n,r..'icra ,V"ce WTZ ' ' ?!', l'r. l.Tr .Su"w.i,
mn V K'&t ajrij. o; J-l-n brou,hl w .1. I .ende rJ M Ml-s . .hM ...hnn ,
,;:Xn?,r.mt:.rtreM.aH,"o, i-";;;.' x .','!: ts."
Banquets and Anniversary Celebra
tions Enliven Interest in Lodges
Merchants' Lodge, No 2S3 held a ban
quet Tuesday evening nt Mosebnch'n
Hall, In connection with the f,th anni
versary of the lodge The guests num
bered 150. Past Ornnd Ddward Mnuto
acted ns toastmnster Speeches were
made by Hrothers Past Oram! William f.
Hrltton, Past Ornnd ft Smith, Past
Ornnd V. Shuman and Urother Peter Mc
Cnrti Tho program included a soprano
solo by Mrs. D I Morton nnd n baritone
solo by Urother n J.nthnm The torn
mlttcp In charge was verv active In pre
paring for the affair, wjilch well deserved
ihe praise given by tho guests The guest
of honor was Urother John Oamble. from
the Odd IVllows Ifome, letli anil Tioga
streets The ladles received smnll sou
venirs of fancy Japanese noieltles.
frlilav evening last the degri-e tenm
tins nl Its best in exemplifying the
Initiatory degree The degree master,'
Urother B 1 Morton, was w oil pleased
with the work. Tomorrow evening tho
first degreo will be put on in full nnd n
laige attendance Is expected
I'ennnvlianla Lodge. No. 1, whos charter
dates back to I'-'l, has removed to new eiuar
tera nt M.I0 .Market street This change places
the lodge In lite Ninth district To welcome
Mm veteran erganlr illon, District Dcputv
terind VHter Inml N. Deuce 1 ailed n sreclil
'Ommlllee meeting lo greet the old lodge In
Its new hill Iterresrntsilvps attended from
Hamilton Lodge So 610; Covenant, No, III,
Protection. No. ail Ariturtip No n nil 1
Philadelphia No 11, whlih was Instituted In
ss The affair partook of the 11 iture of 11
house. warming nnd mans iohIIiI fraternal
addresses were delivered Among those who
spoke were ti!"trlit Deputy Heme ei retnry
Stnurfer mil Hcprescntallie llnwes. nf Pblla
delpl In l.o!ge Nn 1, nnd Past (Irani
Kramer, of rennsslinnli lxdge.
lllle I nlge conferred Ihe third degree In full
rorm last Thurslai nlglil, nlhe members of the
1 lass fltilsbint- liieir degrees Among the s Isl
lors present were P i!. Allen Hamilton, ot
lleorgo VV Child lodge I A llibhs an 1
August Wrssel. of elool amarltan lUi'.
llcnjamln S'nfTe. U.ivld llree and alllUel "al
low, nf rourth or Juli lodge Brother Allen
Hamilton and J, A. Hlbbs ni.lv aslstcd In tho
degree stiff exemplification
llu.rsdas. December 111 the rrfltlent degree
stiff of Oxford l.odgp or 1 rankrord. will ton
fer Ihe ilrt degri e In Mllle 1 edge room An
exi epllonallv large atlPhdinto Is ixpeited, as
thp event his been well advertised The
Initiatory degreo will lei conferred upon a
las uf t candidates
Mvs Workers Vlght in Ivs I.n Ige proved
a big sieeess The nttelilanie wan the best
or the sinsnn, and seviril mpmbers slanltled
ihelr Inttnilon of Joining the Workers" 1 hei
nevi nifalr will be mi lanuary ll
Mond ly night the Inltlitors decree wis con
fetred un 1 next Mono is evinlng the llrst dp
grei will be eoiiferreil In full twin. Ijisi week
I '.isl (ti.inl ilcorgi M. Joins dlpd urter mi
lllners of scleral months. lb fore Illness pre
vpiiii-I hN attetidantp Mtother Jims was one
of the most in live numbtrs or this lodge.
Hist Park I e.dgp. N11 imil lad ehnrge of
the religious srvlns held Sun lav iiflernooii
In the Home 'or enih.iti uf O.I I rlluvs I In
Itev J Pens 1 ov, or (he Dcveritiux Vlitnnrlil
VI I Cliurth pi eat hid tho 1 1 rmon. and
niusli was rurnlsliiil bv the 1 lilldun s I lmrus
and llphestra Miss I'lein lire llnkuivcn Mrs
I I.llollV 1111,1 I OVVP4 Vlrn.lt,. I'liirlu It ll
ICItlisrilsoii rr.sl.lent or the IIoiiip, mid Ilobirt
.nte ni.uli. ktlif addltssps
Krnderlon Lodge
prugrteslvi lolv.es
N'o 2M1 one if 111
111 rioga, whlih ntPe ts
evpitlng tu Hie hall 17th
we ,'iciv em I tit s tv
no 1 Tioga stmts will hav elmr(
, llglous strvlrrs lo ,t b. It 1 in t
rge ii' 1 lip rn-
llib, kali
1 inmic iith street an I Albghpnv nveiitie "tin
I d 11 .uHiinunn lueiulier 11 Mrs i.rg, D
'I lip in tnr ,r tit St Olid Haiti t I lluri h
the ttev rimer W Powell, pna hi I ih
si rmon and the. choir uf tin sunn hurt 1
under thi dire t mi nl ei mtst untie, it 11
Mnnrv suiiillid an attrattlvi niusli il tiro
triui 1u Itldlug 1 tenor sul I ll e o r
lhtef nn uks n.r,- made liv W 1111.1 11 Hunt
VVIINm 1 Morris mil !ienri,e Ilu h
'I Im tn tnr ,r tu t ottd 11.11 tl t 1 luiri h ,
g I lit I'M) t IIIXHVIIEI.Ii II, 191.1. V 1
Your Christmas
We can supply you at once
with any Victrola, as our
stock of all styles is complete
0i.... . .BtJ-.-rnniranB M llMiri-llira MinairifniTiiiinnrni iMiiiin iij
At Snellenburgfs the payment
of ONE DOLLAR down is
all the cash required to bring
any Vicfroia to your home,
whether the price is $15.00
or $300.
The balance may be paid in small
weekly amounts to suit your convenience.
Besides having all the Victrolas, we've the
most complete stock of Records in Phila
delphia and can supply you quickly with
any you may wish.
Tallin Machine Oep t . J'irst Floor lialcony.
BiKUWUHUBfeKA.WHNN. LS4-st"US. iiuill. ,"i-l mBS-TIII i W
Oflicial Visitations of State Officers
I'roniotc General Interest
An official visitation was mado Friday
evening by Slate Councilor Shcneman.
State Vice Councilor Miller nnd State
Council Secretary Ford, to South Hasten
Council No. 690, which Is ono ot he most
active Councils In that rectlon ot the
State. A large attendance of members
greeted the officers ot the State Council.
The guards, under tho command of Cap
tain Hihn, which nre named nnd known
as tho George S. Ford Itcscrves, were In
nttendanco nnd presented a fine appear-
Addresses were made by State Council
Secretary Tord, State Vice Councilor Mil
ler nnd State Councilor Shencmnn, the
Intter speaking ot the splendid condition
of the order and presented on behalf
ot Stato Council Secretary George S.
Ford, a beautiful American flag, with full
equipment, which was graciously accepted
bs Captain irahn After interesting re
marks by members and visitors, refresh
ments were served
Monday evening State ounellnr Sheneman
visited Major V llll.un 11 lenning Council,
.No 36i, at Shonindoah, and was cordially wel
round During the list month this eouncrl
has Initiated the greatest number of candidates
for such n period in Its hlstnrs. nnd has many
propositions resdv for future consideration.
An entrrtiltimeiit of a pleasant rharacter was
rrovlded nnd remarks were made by Reprcsen
titlvo I run Moser .ind Deputs mate Councilor
Peters Kiito Councilor Sheneman Bpoko gen
rrnllv as to tho principles nnd objects of the
onler nnd gale some data as to the great ac
tlvltv which Is now pervading every council In
tnls state
Diligent Council No 4 Ifutrhlnson street
and elliar I nirnuo. will have a large class of
candidates 'or Initiation tomorrow evening.
The beautiful ritual will be rendered In full
form nnd member of local rountlls nre In
vited to nttend. This council Is making nn
elfort In secure the I irgest numcer of candl
elites for the genetnl rlnss Initiation. 1o bo held
.tl tho neir future by Ihe combined council of
this ells
Tho monthli meeting of the flood of tho
flnler Asrncl uloli will be held Mnndnl evening
In the hall of Oratltule Council No f.S2. Mich
mow. an 1 Ash "Ireits Mil lest urg at which
time Htnte 1 nun line in.p n u sn 1 Write Coim
ell Herrettiry Ford will assist the eounrll All
lucmlets and delegates n tne association aro
eirnesily requested liv state Councilor Shenr
mwi In alttrtid bemuse of mitters of great
Importance which will come up for considera
tion Hlnle e-ouncllor Shencmnn and State Council
Hceretir Cord will visit Susiiueliannn Cnun
ill N"o vi, it VVrlclitsvllle this evening,
nt will h time Columt Ian Council, No 73. will
also I e present
Setttrdns evening stite Council Set retary
Ciini. Mate Vbe rouncllnr Miller nnd State
Ciiunrllot hin"mnn will visit Quaklke Cotln-
'ill No 217
nillv of all
ui vvnirn lime inpre will be a
members of rouncll In tbst se-
of the "Inte
Cut Glass &
Complete with p v
sliadc lioldcr IIC
find candle '''VJsw
Eterything in Cut Glass
:u: "on 111 lllli street mid
.!;) Urnslngtnn nvcillir
I p(on.n Sforc Oprn i,"tcnlrioj I
A. M. CLOSES AT G.00 P. M.
- a lsp at a great
s lt V., ,