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    -"- i j,ni,'nipHP.'iiMM'W"WM''11 I'lU'i'iiiiiA--p
Ift'WW'Wwyfr Jn7 .r
The 36th Annual Charity
in the Old Academy
Wright to Be Given an At Home
i ,-nrtiGHT tvc will bo able to retire
?T,n the wee sma' hours and think wo
' , at last, but tho debutantes
en r . -i in for they will have
Hutchinson's danco next day. It
,, been some week-so far.
After all the rehearsing of many
-In the long-anticipated pageant of
. rharlty Ball will bo given tonight,
P ii,o ball will be its usual
I .1.1 success Is no exaggeration, for
F .fAn Ire "world and his wife" will
it not to dance In tho pageant, at
'feast to see daughter or son do that
M,T a"so much better plan I think
,. ECt tho peoplo you want to have
.itend the ball to take part in some
lint, such as tonight's affair, for
.hi they will tako a personal Inter
s' .sL and thero you are.
Of courso mum - -
Hons In tho various groups which nuiko
0 . n.. imtv .11,1 hn linnnrm
't st aSK qucaiiuuo, .... -.---- ..-.. --
In that group anu wnui v tuuu
hunch for that one to bo with? How-
t ever be that as it may, n is sums i"
? be great, and I for ono will be on
j? hand early, so as to seo them all at
I ....i. ndna. Some of tho performers,
..Hv the debutantes, will go after
i (he pageant over to tho Norrls' supper-
dunce, which tney win give ior uor
othy, at the Bollovuc-StriUfonl.
f In the afternoon, Hannah Wright
b hi bo given a tea by her uunt, Jtrs.
f Henry Cndwalader Chapman. Hnn
f nah Is tho daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs.
f Sam Wright Her mother was Hrlolsc
.. conover. Her older sister Margaret
' roado her debut two seasons ago; they
i re both very popular girls. Hannah's
1 brother Whitney Wright's card was
I tent in tho Invitation to Mrs. Chap
s' man's at home. Hannah Is tall nnd
fl -1.1... aim rnmp4 llV lior stvlo VGTV
5 1 ., a. i,n. nmllipr nnd her aunt.
i honestly, ns her motlicr am tier quih, i
k who Is Mne Conover, have nlwnys been ,
5 noted for their smart looks nnd frocks,
Thv snend their summers In Bar
f Thc spenu inoir ami
Harbor always, tie girls being among ,
'' ihs few of the younger sot who go there, i
and they have the time of their young
' t ,nyn imnn tnlrl hv home who
lives, I hac been oWW bome w iio,
frequent uiai uxtiuanu ..u
, ground.
' Just as I said, wo were all thero and i
V j. 1...1 n rrrnnt tlmol Tonv was ns
rfe had a great time lony was, as
I. usual, in his own genial element. For ,
' lomft reason he did not Introduce his j
i jongstcrs this year, though he did lead
i Ms daughter-in-law out on the stngo
k himself. Mrs. Blddlo .Tr.'s volco is good
B and shows careful training,
p It Is kind of hard on a tenor to havo
l i voice like Noah Swayno's prcccdo
S) Urn, but Dan did not mind; ho nrgucd
? wUh tho audlenco that "All tho world
loves a lover, so why does not Betty
love me?" In such sorrow that we all
wanted to help him out.
J All tho brothers In the Blblo Classes
ttre about tho room, and every now
1' ind-thcn they would be called npon to
ilng wvernl hymns, two of which had
been written specially for, tho Classes.
Tho only trouble with the- concert Is
that It Is too long; If only amateurs
; wouid not glvo encores unless they are
absolutely demanded, It would mako
their performances so much moro en-
Joyable. I tremblo to think of what
would have happened If Mrs. Balrd hnd
i been able to sing and Elizabeth Lattn
had come toward tho end of tho pro
gram as was tho first plan. Ab It was
the sang at tho end of tho first part,
. and It Is no exaggeration to sny she
brought down the house. That girl has
(j big future before her. Best of nil
he loves her work, she enjoyed every
minute of It, and even In long-seasoned
r Professionals I havo seldom seen such
$ ease and charm of manner. Sho was
, a picture of youth nnd Joy and was un-
doubtedly tho success of tho evening.
S She Is only about. IJ, having made her
i debut last year. I wish moro peoplo
. could have heard her. but they will
I tooner or later.
C It seemed a sort of fato that tho two
ft best should havo been at tho end of
r ih ...... ... . . ..
t viuiiiuiii. roriunnieiy .miss i.aua
was put forward, but Itobert Armbrus
C ter played In his regular turn, and tho
t audience, having mostly loft to catch
jf trains, missed a very fine performance.
X Mr. Armbruster i3 another very young
person, out his success as a pianist is
wen established, and he nlnved with
?eat "Presslon. Of course, there wero
a u0 om ravorltes, Doctor LIpshutz nnd
Arthur Jackson, who have both splen-
o voices, and Mrs. Anders nnd Mrs.
nelen. The Stotesburys had a
Box and the Genrirn TV rhll.iD -riravaia
In the front of thn rirov.i y,n-r , m
f Gardner Cassatr. Arm w m,i o,.
"3 Mrs. Craig Blddle, nnd I thoughW
JooKea at them, "No wonder Phll
Me!phla is famous for its beautiful
That there is nothing much sweeter
m ,aU ,n thIs world tnan tne heart of
t, I ?! b0y ,s wetl "lustrated by tho
et that as a fmat tribute to tho late
! James Mapes Do'dgo the boys of
! ti ; " "u"ui who nave always on
r ., the 8kat,ne Pond on his grounds
Z" "cved many of his other kind
"sses, have given of their very own
,-", ana raised quite a nice sum,
;i and sent Mra T" i.
v'.k a 8Weet sort ot tribute from
fOUth tn n .. . , .
,1,,, : " """ we(i iovea oy nis
LWends, both great and small.
rT), -.j .. -v.w
EUiued iCi. m wr" Downs have
Icn PriHnvltatlona for a ball to be given
l&tock L e??nln& January SI. at XO
Etonor -.M ,theJ Bellevue-Stratford, in
P'aarton Downs!aU,5hte Mlss Ellzabeth
e. D'- and Mm n. .. t,... .
IWlMil i,?.,' io ruiea uaner iiuyo
IC in ''"ona for a ball on January
r2iuS,f..on!r f .Wlaa Rachel Fitlcr.
,,"" Ui -"r and Mrs, William W.
E?e .t'?h, Edward, of ?t$9
Bin hnLnU,alnd Informally at U
IwhI.0' J"lIe- Croix, of Genev
: luncheon
otkr ,. .'u,,e- rolr, of Geneva. The
RW ..f'.'3 wer MHe Ccclle de P.
UlJ' 3"' Mitchell Harrison, Mrs.
"ryor and Mrs. tUchard S. Edwards.
Unalf"008 bave ben issued by Lieu
t na Mrs. C. T. Blackburn, U. S.
Ball Will Be Given Tonight
of Music Miss Hannah
N . for a farewell reception, to he Riven
at their home, 2516 South Lambert street,
on Wednesday evening next, In honor of
Mr. nml Mrs. W. P. Cochrane, who will
leave the city very shortly. Much regret
is being felt In nil circles, particularly
among tho naval Ret, over the departure
of this ch.ltmlng couple, and Bcvernl do
llghtful affairs have been planned prior
to their departure. The guests on Wed
nesday evening will Include:
Hear Adlmlrnl-nnd Mrs. ft. T. Mall V.
S. N, : Commander and Mrs. S. K. Rldgely,
lr. S N.; Commander nnd Mrs. n. B.
nicrer, 17 s. N'.; Lieutenant Commander
nnd Mrs. William Leo f'ryor. IJ, S. N,;
Lieutenant Commander and Mrs. Guy A.
lilssctt, U. S. N.s Lieutenant Commander
nnd Mrs. W. II. Allen, U. S. N.; Lieuten
ant Commander nnd Mrs. C. Ij. Arnold,
tf. s. N. ; Lieutenant Commander nnd
Mrs. V. II. Nnlle, V. S. N.; Naval Con
structor nnd Mrs. A B, Court, U S. N.:
Nnvnl Constructor nnd Mrs. Allen J.
Chantry, U. H. N. ; Navnt Constructor and
Mrs. It. D. Weycrbncher, V. S. N.j Naval
Constructor Lloyd Unnkson, U. S. N ,
Paymaster nnd Mrs. O. V Simmer, t
S. N'.i I'nymnster and Mrs. J. P. Hatch,
V. 8. M.; Paymaster D. M. Addison, t
S. N.; Dr. nnd Mrs. A. II. Allen, V. S.
N.i Dr. nnd Mrs. Alfred Toulon, U. 8.
N.: Dr. nnd Mrs. Dunne, t". 9. N.; Dr.
nnd Mrs. J. V .McAlplne, V. S. N.: Dr
II. M. Tolfree, l'. S. N.; Dr. Gordon Hnlc,
U. N. N.. Chaplnln and Mrs K. Scott. tY.
S. N.; Lieutenant nnd Mrs. Homer II.
Not ton, f. H. N.; Lieutenant and Mrs.
H. K. Welle. I', a. N.i Lieutenant nnd
Mrs. David Ducey, L'. S. N.; Lieutenant
and Mrs. T. II. Winters, V. S. N.; Lieu
tenant nnd Mrs. It. C. Glffen, I'. S. N'.,
Lloutennnt and Mrs. J. C. Hyrnes, t. S
N. ; Lieutenant nnd Mrs. George F. Pnr
rott. t S. N.; Lloutennnt nnd Mrs. II
V. McKittrlck, tT. S N.; Lieutenant nnd
Mrs. C. A. Dunne, U. 8. N. Lieutenant
nnd Mrs. llydrlck, U. S. N.; Lieutenant
nnd Mrs. L. R. Bratton. V. S. N.; Llcu
tennnt and Mrs. Frank Lostln, U, S. N.;
Lloutennnt nnd Mrs. Hoohler, V. 3. N.;
Lloutennnt nnd Mrs. Philip Seymour, U.
S. N.j Llcuteunnt and Mrs. Charles P.
Tlullock. V. S. N.: Lieutenant nnd Mrs.
G. S. Payne, U. S. N.; Lieutenant nnd
Mrs. J. S. Lowell, If. S. X.: Lieutenant
nnd Mrs. C. It. Shaw, V. S. X ; Cnptnln
and Mrs. Drnko, V. S. A.; Cnptnln nnd
J,rs V Ij- Rockwell. U. S. A.; Ensign
nn( JIrs g R n TT. s. n.: i;nslgn
nlul Mrs c N ingrnham. it. p. N.; Colo-
ncl nnd Mrs. Cyrus Itndfcrn, IT. S. M.
C.; Captain and Mrs. Nelson P. Vulte,
U. r. j,. C; Captain nnd Mrp. P. D. Kll-
RorC( t- g Jr c. lieutenant nnd Mrs.
nnlph L. Shepnrd. V. S. M. C: Lieutenant
and Mrs. Samuel W. Ilogan, V. S. M. C;
Mrs. Hnymond S. Keycs, Mrs. Fcrnald,
fJ Dcck AlexnIulc;
H Williams. Mrs. William Morris, Mrs.
Charles A. Lutz, Mrs. John Marston, Mr.
and Mrs. Delano. Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank M.
Gilpin, Mr. nnd Mrs. Samuel S. Herman,
str- n,ld Mra' F- T- Stevenson, Mr. and
chnrIc3 DavSi Mr nnd Mrfl c,,nton
-VllHams, Mr. nnd Mrs. John Grnvcs.
Mr. nnd Mrs Lucius Jjccbo. Mr. nnd
Mrs. T. S Fillmore. Mr. nnd Mrs. Her-
IVnneri Mr anfl Mrs Ochauson Mr,
,nd jirs. John Handy Hall. Mrs. GcorKe
ucucnncvino Kcim, Mrs. Bassett, Mrs.
P. S. Harris, tho Misses Harris nnd
Messrs. Murk Stembnch, George C.
Plinyro. Dr. W. A. Wood, Frank Cramp,
J. P. Mettcn, J. H. Mull nnd William
Mr. and Mrs. Hollinshcnd X. Taylor
will entertain at dinner beforo the first
junior cotillon.
Tho Plays nnd Players have sent out
cards for an Informal tea to bo given on
Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock at tho
playroom, t3 South 18th street, to meet
tho members of "A Full IIouso" and
"Rugglcs of Red Gnp" companies.
Sir. and Mrs. Andrew P.. McCown have
returned from a short motor trip to Co
lumbus, X. J. They were accompanied
by Miss Marlon Sharpless and Mr. Frank
Clark. Tho run was made to Broolcdalo,
tho country house belonging to Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Rich Wallace. Mrs. Wallace
was Miss Anna Taylor beforo her mar
rlago In the oarly autumn.
Mr. nnd Sirs. William D. Heebner. of
Bryn Mawr, aro occupying their winter
homo In Ornngo City, Fla. Mrs, Heebner
will remain In tho South all winter, Mr.
Heebner returning to Philadelphia about
January 1.
A social for the benefit of" the working
girls of Bryn Mawr will bo given this
evening by the Women's Club In tho club
rooms. Mile, de Brabrant will givo
dances, sing several songs and tell stories
of Belgium.
German town
Tho annual Christmas danco given by
tho members of the Valley Green Canoe
Club, on tho Wlssnhlckon, will be held
nt tho Bclllcld Country Club, on Tuesday
evening. December 28.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Helnhold, formerly of
00 West Chelten nvenue, havo returned
from Wlldwood, where they spent tho
summer and fnll months, and are now
residing at 1W West Seymour street.
Mrs. John A. Myers entortalned at
luncheon yesterday afternoon at her
home, 6211 Wayne avenue.
The Stenton Country Club Dancing
Class, under the direction of Miss Con
stance B Saylor, met Tuesday evening.
The members include Sir. and Sirs. E. A.
Deschamps, Miss Mnlsle Kenwood, Sir.
nnd Sirs. J. A. Ewing, Sir. and Sirs.
George Donnelly, Sir. and Sirs. Slyles
Hlselns. Sir J. F. Wllday. Sir. and Sirs.
Theobald, Sir. and Sirs. James SIcArdle,
Sir. and Sirs. E. R. Rodgers, Sir. and
SlrB. Lewis Wagner, Sir. and Sirs. Rob
ert Wagner and Sir. and Sirs. Earl Put
nam. Along the Reading
Sir. and Sirs. Daniel Leahey are occupy
ing their new home at 6504 North Park
avenue, Oak Lane.
Sirs. Charles Glbbonoy, of Oak Lane,
will be hostess to the members of the
Mothers' Circle tomorrow afternoon.
Sirs. O. Schlliski, of 13th street above
Oak lane, will entertain the Pioneer
branch of the Civic Glub tomorrow after
noon. Tea will be served from 3 until
5:30 o'clock.
Sir, and Mrs. Joseph La Rue, of Wag
ner avenue, Logan, will entertain at
dinner and cards this evening. Their
guests will include Sir, and Sirs. George
Lenning, Sir. and Mrs. Albert Soprano.
Sir. and Sirs. Joseph GrlfUth, Sir. and
Mrs. Rowland Hlltner and Mr, and Sirs.
Philip Talley.
Sirs. William C. Kent will give a
luncheon and bridge party today at her
home on Bent road, Wyncote.
Delaware County
SIUs Emma Hower, of Brookllne, Is
spending several days this week In New
Mrs. Robert Norrls, of Media, la visit
ing In Washington
JIIjs Ethel Wonder, of Garrettford, en
tertained at "SUV' yesterday afternoon.
Her guests Included Miss Mabel Young.
Silas Harriet Zell. Miss Bessie Bachler,
Miss Nancy Walsh, Miss Eva Sprout and
illss Jean WaUh.
? UKfiBmoV'4' S9iHllllllllllllllllHillllllHaBllillllillllllHi
HiiiliiiiiDBiBHHIIBffiHHbi. , bbSbmSIIIBI.IIIIIH
HiiiBiiiiHialiiHM s. A1jjhMMBI------i-------------H
N Thoto by Kllmcheck.
Mrs. Yarrow will bo rcmombcrcd as Miss Phyllis Hnre, daughter of.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Emott Hnre. Sho is ono of tho most popular
of the younger matrons.
South Philadelphia
Sir. Frederick Romlg and Dr. C. S.
Legnlbrls, of Passyunk nvenue nnd
Mooro street, nro spending 10 dnys hunt
ing in northwest Pennsylvania.
Stlss Isabel Boch, ot Sth and Wolf
streets, is staying at Allentown as the
guest of Sir. and Sirs. Harvey Kraus
mctz. Sirs. Joseph Relnhart. of 1620 East
Passyunk avenue, hns gone to Memphis,
Tenn., to visit her daughter, Sirs. Hurry
Mr. nnd Sirs. Abner G. Klausen, of 6th
and Pino streets, nro visiting friends in
Egg Harbor.
Sir and Sirs. Raymond Raster, of 2117
South Lambert street, entertained a num
ber ot friends last Wednesday evening.
Miss Edith Simon, ot 1630 West Pass
yunk avenue, has returned home from a
month's trip ns guest of SI lis Slao Henry,
of Tnrnaqun.
SIlss SInrgaretta Kane, of 1230 Wolf
street, spent last week end visiting SIlss
Slarle Lauthen, of Conshohockcn.
SIlss Verna SIcKcnsIe, of 6th and SIc
Kenn streets, is visiting friends In Read
ing, Pa.
A- masked party was Riven by Mlss
Rcba Zangwell and, SIlss Lena Zangwell
at 60S Slorrls street on Saturday evening.
Tho house was tastefully decorated for
tho occasion. The guests were received
by Sliss Grace Kendcl.
Sir. nnd Sirs. Wllmer A. Insull, of 11th
and Jackson streets, aro spending this
week at Wcstvllle, X. J.
Sir. William Slaskln, of 2d and Do Lnn
cey streets, has returned from Buffalo,
X. Y., where ho was tho guest of Sir.
John Mackey.
Sirs. Slary C. Costa, formerly of 13th
and McKcnn streets, hns retired from
business and is living at her new home.
22K South 11th street.
A birthday party was given for SIlss
Bella Burke, at her home, 1229 South
street, by her parents, on Sunday eve
ning. Frankford
SIlss Carrie Rowland, of 5616 Xorth
Third street, Olnoy, and her nephew, Sir.
Arthur Hutchinson, have returned from
Pitman, X. J., where they spent some
time with Sir. and Sirs. Charles Rowland.
Tho Neighborhood Bible Class will meet
this evening at the home of Sirs. W.
Klnkaid. 11010 Howell street, Wisslnoming.
Sir. nnd Sirs. Robert Boa!, of Holmes
burg, have closed their home for the win
tnr months and will spend the season
with Sirs. Boal's mother, Sirs. Slary
Weed, ot Walker and Decatur streets.
Sir. and Sirs. H, T- Stanwood, of E0O0
Grlscom street, have as their guests Sir.
nnd Sirs. Walter P. Bills, of South
Chelmsford, Slass.
Sir. nnd Mrs. George W. Glotz. of
Frankford avenue, nrrived at their home
Saturday evening from California, where
they have been spending tho last six
weeks with Sirs. Glotz's sister. Sirs.
Albert W. Fields, at her home In Los
Sirs. William Carroll, ot 2606 Rhawn
street. Holmesburg, is planning to give n
.,,,.. n.,,1 ,lnrn nt St. Joachim's SCllOOl
hall, Church street. Frankford, on Jan
uary 20 for the benent ot tne tiouae 01
Correction Chapel.
Camden and Vicinity
Sir. and Sirs. G. Pine, of 453 Berkley
street, Camden. N. J., announce the en
easement of their daughter, SIlss Sarah
V T,l fw Wollar n Srhmldl. of
jt 4 mo, lu , ......... . -...... ,
1217 North Sydenham street, Philadelphia.
No date nas oeen set mr mo wcuums
riac, irntherine Parker, of Lebanon. Pa..
and SIlss Slary StcGee, of Baltimore, have'
been visiting SIlss Slary fllagoun, ot tiau
donfleld, whose engagement to Sir.
Forney Parker, of Lebanon, has recently
been announced by her parents. Sir. and
Sirs. Henry Elbert Slagoun.
Sir, and Sirs. S. C. Ott, who have lived
In apartments for a number of years, have
taken a house In Merchantvllle, where
they will live In the future.
Sirs. John F. Starr, of Sth and Linden
streets, is spending the holiday season
with her daughter in Baltimore, Md.
Mlss Caroline Hunter, of Howard and
Berks streets, Is visiting In New York
for several weeks.
Notice far the Society paa nlU be
accepted and printed la the Krenlnr
Ledger, but all audi notice mutt be
nrltten on one tide f the paper, most be
tlsned la full, with full addre, and
when poKklblo telephone, number uiut be
fiend U ucb communication to
"Socle t j Editor," Evening Ledier, MS
Chestnut fired.
t'nlcm theo requirement ar carried
out o that TerlUcatlpa may be powlsl.
(be notice, ulll not J publlbs1.
v.'-ivtowfc-.w -v-- -iMiUiv. wll'ma'
Opening Feature Novel and
Beautiful 240 Participants
in Dance of the Seasons
Every Indication seems to point to an
unusually brilliant nffair tonight nt tho
Academy of Sluslc, when tho 36th annunl
charity ball will take plnce. Thero Is
moro Interest apparent this year than
ever before. A far larger number of
tickets havo been subscribed for; every
box could have been sold three times
over, nnd both tho older element, ns
patronesses, nnd tho younger, partici
pating In tho opening feature, have taken
a more active interest. Tho Pageant of
tho Seasons is tho title of the opening
feature, and each of the four bcncllclarles
will bo represented by ono of the sea
sons. Each month will havo a set of 10
couples ot dancers, making In all 240
Although Tuesday's rehearsal was tho
tlrst In which nil of tho dancors wero
brought together, It went off with a pre
cision nnd snap unusual at a dress re
hearsal. Mr. Charles Slorgan, tho old
SInsk nnd Wig stnr, has thoroughly
drilled each set, and In spite of the fact
that every month has a different dance,
characteristic of tho season and entirely
original, tho dances wero well executed
nnd promise to crcato a sensation, as
compared with group dances of tho past.
Costumes of the dancers In oach sot have
been especially designed nnd made to be
npproprlnte to tho sensons represented.
As usual, tho ball will bo opened to
night by a band concert nt 8:30, nnd tho
pngeant of tho sensons will begin nt 9,
Following this will be general dancing,
nnd supper will be served from 11 until
1. Elnborate and artistic decorations
have been designed, and tho stage will
bo divided into four parts, representing
spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Spring will, "of course, havo a profusion
of white blossomH, and the winter sceno
will be qulto unique nnd picturesque, a
pine wood covered with snow. There are
40 dances on the general danco program,
of which 18 are ono-stops, 12 fox trots
nnd 10 waltzes, indicating tho relative
popularity of the modern dnnccs.
Spring, representing tho Children's
Hospital, will be the tlrst event in the
pageant, this group being directed by
Sirs. Joseph B. Hutchinson, assisted by
Sirs. William Ellis Scull and Sirs. Henry
Paul Bally. Preceding tho pageant will
bo a prologue delivered by J. B. French,
nn ex-SIask and Wig man, which will
descrlbo the pageant to follow. Slarch,
tho tlrst month of h print', will be sym
bolic of St. Patrick's Day. April, tho
rainy month, will also havo a character
istic dance. A real Slay pole dance will
be given by the Slay set, nnd after tho
three months in each season have
danced separately they will have an en
semble. Tho Jefferson Hospital, another bene
liclury, will be the summer season, and
has been In charge of Sirs. Charles SI.
Lea. June rose maids will be In white
dresses, with pink sashes, bows and para
sols. July will be distinctly national. The
harvest month, August, will bo most pic
turesque. The ensemblo nfter this sea
son will be a riot of flags and a vivid
color picture.
Representing autumn will be the Shel
tering Arms group, directed by Sirs.
William A. Piatt. September will be dis
tinctly a golf representation; October,
reminiscent of Halloween. In this group
are some of the best dancers In Philadel
phia, and their steps are quite unique
and spirited. Hunting and polo will be
the theme ot November.
Winter will represent the University
Hospital, nnd is under the direction of
Sirs, George Wharton Pepper. There is
considerable mystery about the costumes
of the girls In this set, but It is believed
that they will dress as Christmas trees.
The men will be Krlss Kringles. Janu
ary will be the skating month, both girls
nnd men dressed all In white, and
should be most effective. St. Valentine's
Day Is represented by the February set
nnd these costumes aro quite unique
Following the pageant all ot the 120
couples will participate in a grand march,
which will break up into general
Northeast Philadelphia
Sir. and Sirs. Nuss, of Duluth, Minn.,
will spend the week-end as the guests
of Mlss F, Rambo, of 2119 East Cumber
land street.
"Sirs. Brlggs, of the Poultry Yard," a
comedy In three parts, will be given by
the Colonial Dramatic Association at tha
Beacon Presbyterian Church, East Cum
berland and Cedar streets, in Dlsston
Hall on next Thursday evening.
Sir. and Mrs. J. M. Chester, of S3 North
5th street, announce the marriage of their
nelce, SIUs Ellzabeth Target, to Mr. Wil
liam Kerber, of Baltimore, Sid., on Sun
day, November 23. The Rev. Dr. Kraus
kopf officiated.
Sir, and Mrs. J. Xaidwlg, ot Kensing
ton avenue and Clearfield street, en
tertained the members of their "MO" club
at their home, Saturday evening Those
present will be Dr. and Mrs. Borzell, Sir
and Mrs. Samuel Moffet, Sir and Mrs.
William Kerr, Mrs. Clara Snyder and
Mr. Harvey Ackerman.
Mlss Lillian W. Stradlcy. daughter of
Mr. and Sirs. Isaiah Stradley, of HID West
Montgomery avenue, became tho bride of
Sir. George Derrcm Henderson last nifiht
In tho Drawing Room, 1620 North Broad
street. The Rev. A. E, Harris, assist
ant pastor of tho Grace Baptist Church,
Broad nnd Berks streets, performed the
ceremony, which was followed by a re
ception, The bride wore a gown of white
georgette crepe, draped over white pussy
willow taffeta and trimmed with net, em
broidered with pearls. Her veil of tullo
u-aa nrmnff-fd with n. enn of dUCllOSS Ince,
The veil was caught with sprays of lilies
of tho valley and similar flowers wero
combined with bride's roios In her bou
quet Sir Stradley gave his daughter In
mnrrlngo nnd SIlss Florence Walker, ot
Cheltenham, wns mnld of honor. Her
gown was of pink pussy willow lanem,
trimmed with gold lace.
Mr, Alan Henderson was his brother's
beat man. Tho bridegroom and bride left
for nn extended Southern trip nnd will
be at homo after February 1 at 6534 An
gora terrace.
A pretty homo redding took place last
night at 7 30 o'clock, when Mr. Lewis
Jnmes Long Bedell, of 1213 South 20th
street, nnd SIlss Elslo Mathilda Henty, of
2 Xorth Salford street, wero mnrrled.
rrl. .........Mn.. .ntf nli nt thn brldp's
linmn nml wnn nerffirmml hv the IleV. P. .
I Ifnli nt Sr Pnff.r'fl nprrrtnn l.lltllCra
Church. 47lh and Parrish streets Sir.
William J Broomcll was best mnn nnd
the bridesmaid was Mlss Anna Stelger.
The brido woro n gown of white crepe
de ohlne, with a tullo veil, nnd carried
a bouquet of white roses and lilies of the
valley. Tho bridesmaid was gowned In
bluo satin nnd cnrrled pink roses.
A wedding supper was served nt tho
Hotel Wnlton, after which they left en a
wedding trip to San Frnnclsco for three
months nnd on their return will Uvo In
West Philadelphia.
West Philadelphia
Sirs. Adam Southern Conway will give
a brldse this nftornoon at her apartment
In tho Avondnle, 33th and Looust strets.
In honor of SIlss Elizabeth Smith, of
Xorfolk, Vn., who arrived on Tuesday for
a week's visit.
Mrs. Henry B. King will entertain the
members of her brldgo club tomorrow
nftornoon, nt her home, 1614 Spruce street.
Her guests will lur'udc Sirs. Jesso Ellis,
Sirs. William D. Baker, Sirs. Elmer
Fnuncc, Sirs. Wnlton Glbb, Sirs. Norman
ForBC, Sirs. Slcllhonny, Sirs. Ulomor
Davis, Sirs. Leo Haggorty and Sirs, De
Haven Yocum.
A theatre party yeBtcrday afternoon In
cluded Sirs. John Helsler, Sirs. Richard
Parker, Sirs. Guy Jones, Sirs. LoylB Gold
smith, Sirs. Charles DuFour and Mrs. El
mer J. Schnll.
Sir. and Sirs. Frank D. GcrnRhly, of
EaBton, Pa., have returned to their homo
nfter spending some time with their re
spective parents. Sirs. Gcraghly will be
remombercd as SIlss Florenco Schoener,
of 3S32 Glrard avenue. The trip was
mado by motor.
Sirs. S. E. Geraghly, of S07 North 40th
street, has ns her guests Sir. and Sirs.
John B. Kruegcr, of Wilmington, Del.
SIlss Edith Well, of 3300 North Broad
street, will entertain SIlss Margucrlto
noscnau, ot Baltimore. Sid., during this
On Thursday evening, December 2, the
Catholic Social of Tioga held n mooting
at tho home of Sir. and Sirs. SIcCooley,
1S2S West Allogheny nvenue. Among
., .... .r. Twins Surah Focarty.
SIlss Itltta Bnsh, Sllns Helen StcDprmott,
. ' ii. -".. , Minn fn tai
SIlss Jinrgueriie uxnim, . ,j
O'Hara, SII33 Alice Lnughlln, Mlss Slary
Gnltcn, Sir. John SIoKcaney, Sir. James
Fogarty, Sir. Ignntlus Bash, Sir. Harry
Sloote, Sir. William .SIcCooley and Sir.
Thomas O'Byrne. After tho meeting tho
social was entertained by srr. William
What's Doing Tonight
Lecture, "Smoke." by V. F. SI. Goss,
Frnnklln Inetltuto. 8 o'clock.
Ictum on "Irritable Plantd." Wagner Free
Institute of Science. 17th etreet nnd Mont
Eomiry avenue; 8 o clock, rree.
Sfanayuntc Hoard of Trade, Monayunk; 8
o'clock. Free.
Lancaster Avenue and Md Street Bu.lnee;
Men, Lansdowne nvenue nnd Md street; 8
o'clock Free.
Haddington lloard of Trade, airard avenue
and 00th street; 8 o'clock. Free.
Germantonn Improvement Association; 8
o'clock. Free.
Logan Improvement Leaitue. Broad etreet
nnd Wlndrlm nvenue; R o'clock. Free.
Motion pictures. "Flghtlne In France." un
der auspices of tho Fuslic LcDQr.li. Chestnut
Street Orera House.
Third annual Food Show, Heading- Terminal
Charity rail, Academy ot Music.
Zclosoplito Society, play and dance, New
Century Drawing Itoom; 8:15 o'clock.
Play. "The Purple Mask," nnglneerliiK
nulldlng. University of Pennsylvania; 8it5
PurchaBlns Agents' Association. Hotel Wal
ton; 8 o'clock.
Free organ recital. Drexel Institute; 8
Parent' Meetlnr. James O. Blaine Public
School, ISOth and Norrls streets; 8 o'clock.
Philadelphia Single Tx Society, 1411 Arch
street; 7.45 o'clock.
United Oas Improvement Company safety
rally, Witherspoon Hall; 8 o'clock.
Lecture, Spruce Street Baptist Church; 8
llrewcrytown Business Men's Association,
2S0O Olrard avenue; 0 o'clock. Free.
Homeopathic Medical Society, Hahnemann
College; 8:30 o'clock.
Mendelssohn Club concert. Horticultural
Hall; 8:30 o'clock.
Military reception. State Fencibles, armory.
Broad and Itace streets; 8.30 o'clock,
Concert, Curtis Orchestra, Auditorium, Curtis
Publishing Company; 8-15 o'clock.
Lecture, "Inspiration of Greece," by I. B,
Stoughton Holborn, 1421 Arch street; 8 o'clock.
Lecture. "Siory of Modern Science," by S. C.
Schu.ucker, Association Hall; 8 o'clock.
Superior location with an I
unobstructed view of beach j
and boardwalk A recognized!
standardof excellence 1
C.cnv 60CJ. VaLTRJ.BU2Sy
Largest In
Atlantic City
l'lNL-WOOD HALL i'lney air, near beautiful
lake. Electric and NauJhelo hatha. BooLlet.
Traveler' Department
Tbe Land Title and Trust Company
Broad and Sansom bts., Pblla.
STRAYFR'S ?b Bt Busuxts ticboot,
dtnniud S01-S0T CbcMaut Sirsi
9, Illo.
Miss Helen Margolies Entertained the Club, of Which
She Is President, at Her Home Supper Party Given
for Grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Rosenberg
Qreenwloh street, cntertftlned tho
Unique Club, of which eho la president.
Preparations nro belnc made for tho
bazaar and dance to bo given on Febru
nrjr 2, 1916, at the Gladstone Club rooms,
southwest corner of Susquehanna avenue
nnd 16th street, for the benefit of the war
Those present at the meeting were Misn
Jenn Baron, Mlss line Baron, Mlss Pearl
Bernstein, MIrra Fannie Cohen. Mlss Ea
slo Deulsch, Mlss Sarnh Gcrson, Mlss
Hose Krnkovlti", Mlss Helen Lblang;
Mies Iteba Meltzer, Mien Gertrude Sil
ver, Mlss Matilda Lovlt, Mlss Melba
Buxbaum, Mies Freda Buxbaum. Mlss
Mary Segel wns tho visitor of the eve
ning. Tho next meeting will be held nt the
homo of Mlss Helen Leblnng, S8M North
Broad street.
Mr. and Mrs. I Rosenberg, of 701 Fed
eral street, gave a supper In honor of
their grandchildren, Francis, Jeanetto
nnd Jaolt Rosenberg, on Saturday eve
ning. Among those present were 3Ir. and
Mrs. Samuel Rosenberg nnd their chil
dren, Francis and Jeanettc, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Isidore Rosenberg nnd their son, JacJc
Mr. and M'3. Nathan Rosenberg, Mr.
Albert Rosenberg, Mlss Ethel Goldberg,
Mlss Sarah Rosenberg, Mlss Sarah Such
man, Mlss Anna Rosenberg, Mlss Reba
Rosenberg, Mr. David Rosenberg, Mr.
Samuel Chalnll, Mrs. Deborah Rosenberg
nnd Mr. Morris Rosenberg,
Mlss Elizabeth H. Meltzer entertained
the Frcssers Sewing Circle at her homo
North Philadelphia
Mr. nnd Mrs. Julius C. Levi, ot M18
Diamond street, have Issued Invitations
for the wedding of their daughter, Mlss
Mildred L. Lovi, to Mr. Eugeno M. Loob
on Wednesday, December 15, at 6 o'clock,
at the Bellovuo-Stratford. Mlss Lovi will
have Mlss Olga Loeb, tho bridegroom's
sister, as mnld of honor. Mr. Alvln L.
Lovi, tho bride's brother, will be Mr.
Locb's best man. The servlco will bo
followed by a dinner and dance.
Mlss Ruth Sickles, of 2203 Diamond
street, has returned from a visit to Rich
mond, Va.
An evening gathoring was given by
Mlss Sadye Greenblatt at her homo, 2030
North 32d street, on Sunday. Dancing,
singing, elocution nnd music formed the
Thoso present were Mlss Sadye Green
blatt, Miss Jean Goldborg, Mies Dolly
BIcrns, Mlss Sadlo Lcvlck, Mlss Tlllyo
Nofsky, Mlas Esther Rotter, Mlss Helen
Rotter, Mlss Grace Weiss, Mlss Sylvia
Wnldman, Mlss Sarah Greenblatt, Mr.
Max Insllman. Mr. Samuel Shevlln. Mr.
Morris Schenfleld, Mr. Benjamin Gllck
mnn. Mr, C. Blumberg, Mr. Sidney Blum
berg, Mr. Harry Hecht, Mr. Hnrry Tap
per, Mr. William Kaufman, Mr. Hnrry
Rosenoteln, Mr. Conrad Li,ber, Mr.
Joseph Cresaon nnd Mr. Thomas Miller.
Invitations havo been Issued by tho
Cynwyd Club for tho second danco of
tho Junior members, whloh will tako place
Friday, December 17. This dance, whloh
Is tho young people's very own, Is being
looked forward to with much pleasure by
the club members from 12 to 16 years
of ago and promises to be as delightful
an affair as the first one held last spring.
"He Wishes the
Many Years
"So there would be speeches at the wed
ding!" Zapp said.
"Ain't there speeches at every wedding?"
Birsky demanded. "Roosevelt will speak
also. I bet he gets up and says he hopes the
bride and groom will be as happy as he has
been in his married lives. Also he wishes
the bride and groom many years full of
health, wealth and prosperity, and that with
out military training a nation could got ex
ports of eighty billions annually, and what is
it am I right or wrong?"
Who wrote that? You're right! There's
only one Montague Glass, and his work is
easily recognized.
Birsky and Zapp are funnier than
Potash and Perlmutter as you'll agree when
you read Saturday's
w 11
on Monday evening, at 3W3 Berks street
Among those present wero Mlss Mollis
Cohen, Miss Suo Segal, Mlss Sara Wru
bol. Miss Rac Borland, MIbs Elizabeth
Cohen, Mlss Berdle WrubcL Mlss Suo
Meltzer. Mlss Elizabeth Dabrow and Mist
Dora Flovcs.
Mr. J. Harold Lynch, Mr. David Strcep
er Klaudor, Mr. Ramsey McKlnney, Mr.
Jack A. Nlehaus, Mr. Jnmes 'Mnrtln Paw
son, Mr. Lloyd, M, Seaman, Mr. Joseph
Clnrk, Mr. Wesley Wallace, Mr. Zachary
Taylor, Mr. Charles Gouert, Mr. Samuel
Holttngswood, Mr. Paul Garrlgues and
Mr. Harvey Garrlgues,
A surprise party was given for Mr. Da
vid Leon Cuporsmllh In honor ot his
birthday at his home, 4S02 Woodland ave-
nue, on Sunday ovcnlng. Among tho
guests present were Mlss Clara Berko
witz, Mlss Helen Appelbaum, Miss Helen
Blaokman, Mlss Mabel Gross, Mies Hen-,
rietta Cupcrsmlth, Mlss Gertrude Cuper
smith, Miss Freda Harris, Mlss Hazel
Cowan, Mlss Helon Cowan, SIlss Anno,
Schneider, Mr. Louis Ratnor, Mr. Albert
Plncus, Mr. Morris llorr, Mr. Meyer
Frlcdmnn. Mr. Edward Poarlstetn, Mtv
Louis Poltzman, Mr. Herbert Dercder,
Mr. Burrcson nnd Mr. Ginsburg.
The Bryant School alumni held its
monthly meeting at that Institution on
Thursday last. Most of the graduate
classes wero present
After tho usual business meeting titer
was an entertainment. J. Wesley Moor
gave a recitation, Mlss Luoy Mander a
piano solo, Miss Emily McPhoatus plane)
solo, and Mlss Clara Jennings solo. The
graduates wero chaperoned by two tcaoh
ora, Mlss Lewis and Miss Halloway.
Mlss Edna Robey and Mlss Evelyn
Roboy. 26 West Greenwood nnmis t,rt
iMiss Alma Underbill, of 27 Bast Strat
ford avenue, will give a party on Decern
ber 27 at the homo of tho Roboys. Thortj
will bo 24 guesta present
Mrs. John C. Hlnes, of Lansdowne, an
nouncca tho engagement of her daughter
Mlss Dorothy nines, to Mr. Benson
Hazelton Dowloy, also of Lansdowne.
Tho Rev. Cro3well McBeo and Mrs. Mo
Boo will be nt homo to tho members of.
St. John's parish In tho now rectory, IS
Wost Baltimore nvenue, on December 14
from 8 until 10 o'clock.
Mr. Clnrenco Burt, of Owen avenue,
hns returned from a business trip to
Grand Rapids, Mich.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. S. Bcchtold, of Owen
avenue, are receiving congratulations on
tho birth of a son. Mrs. Bcchtold was
Mlss Alico Ridings.
Mrs. Alexander R. Abrahams, of 803
Washington streot, entertained Mlss Pau
lino Cobaugh, of Philadelphia, over tho
week-end. A smell theatre party was
given in her honor on Saturdny after
noon and a "COO" party was given for
her in the evening. Those present nt tho
"600" wero Mr. and Mrs. Eluood C. UI
rich, Mr. and Mrs. James Kerrigan, Mr
and Mrs. Harry P. Grimth, Mlss Sylvia
Beste, Miss Mary Kates, Miss Vera At
kinson, Mlss Helen Hayes, Mr. H. Merrill
Lynch. Mr. Charles J. O'Nell, Mr. Chnrlcs
H. Simmons nnd Mr. P. Wnrrorv-Gteeri
Mlss Cobaugh returned to Philadelphia on
Sunday night.
Bride and Groom
Full of Health"
hAifci34 iSk-6