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    -l--ll.n J(! f -TliT" W&JSt
fe V0L.H-3S'O. 7JJ
Cormioiii, 1015. m me rmto Lmont Comunt.
' president Demands Th.it Law
! makers Devise Menns to
fv Reach Those "Who Have
' Poured Poison of Disloyalty
Into the Very Arteries of Our
National Life"
preparedness by the Whole
Western Hemisphere, a Moral
partnership of All the Amer
icas, Urged by the Nation's
Chief Executive in Stirring
Silence Accompanies Carefully
fihoscn and Slowly utterea
Words Pleading for a Larger
Armv and Greater Navy.
House Is Crowded to Ca
rctilrnt'- mronRP will
I'llEO MX.
he riuiul nn
WASHINGTON. Dee. ..-In woi.ls.lU.it
fulrl) ViiiidihmI with their l. :'
turned I heir vlt.lollo strength. Prwl
S "vilron Muled nt Comcsr t.-.1n
Cenuncialion of hyphenated Amor lent -ism
It wns U.e electric shock l his
Annual message to ConRioi.
TOO b tier wot, with .Much "e "tu
be llslicd Ills demand thru Collates take.
Snneo of "cor. options of Iho inlnil
j i ",i nir.ilMBi those "who I'nil
' noured the poison of dlMoynlt Into the
f 'vw artcilc of our national llfo" rang
J .tnccato-IIUo III the vast hall of tnr
House or iieprcscuiainv.
rpi. Tlrnsiilellt CICmillim'U in...
I&wmakors devise u menus of reaching ,
those "nh" '" umhl to bring: "
fhorllr "i"1 "'c good nninc "f "r H.
ernnicnt Intn cimtcmpl. I" dcntr.i nur
Inilmtrlei herecr they Hiimght '
fnctlp for their liullclUe purimNei
lo Mrlkc nt Hum '' ' '" ""r '
politic H tin- "e of foreign Intrigue."
He urged such measures "to do noth- ,
Ing less than mive the honor and self
respect of the nation." ,
It was evident tho Picsldcnt chose his j
tLorila cuiefull The very vigor of the .
.!.,... Knpinpil Intensified by toe '"Ct
that .i rrcsklont hlinsclf spoke
"furnint dlsteinncrs." "ugly a
and in-
credible thing." "malign letictlon'
' ..V. f Ma illnlrihPH. '
JBU1IIV ... ,.. ......- ---
The President said lie liccu' not suggest
.. -.yw Willi which UonKre-HS miant
(-jakprnensnre of preparedness aninat tho
'' iltuatlon he bared.. - . .
' Sup1 ercntiircx of 'iini"lnB illnloj-nltr
nd oimrohj- imiMt Up crimheil ou." -miim
hl.i ilcmoiid. "W (tlioiilil liromiitljr
mnltc iide nf procpum-M of Ii"V liy ivlilok
ne mnr he nirKpcl of ln-lr corrupt ill"-
ttmpeni." hi- rrltprnteil aKiiln. "Tlip j
Ernmt tbrrntn ndaliiH 0111 nntlnnnl j
pence mid afoty lmp Iipp uttpred
nlllilu our on ii liordiTN," lie Htntt'il nt
thiv outuct of IiIk ilpminplntloii. '
At Its close ho concluded: I
"So laws. I suppose, can reach cor
ruptlont! of tho mind and heart; hut I
hould not speak of others without also
spcaldnff of these and expressing the
even deeper humiliation and scorn which
every self-possessed and thoughtfully
patriotic American must feci when ho
thinks of them and of tho discredit they
are dal brlr.RliiK npon us.
"There nre not many," tile Clilrf I3
eeutlvp snld of IIuikp nt nliom lie nlmed.
"but thpy nrp Inllnllcly mnllKimnt. nnd
thp luind of our turner hIkiuIiI pIiifip over
thrm nt oiipp."
I'reiMirednesa by tho whole A cstern I
Hemisphere, a moral partnership of nil
the Amciicns n co-operation of their nu
tloiial alms, national policies nnd national ,
economics this uas the manimotn con
ception of tho President's inesaaget
It Was primarily a preparedness mes
sage. Members of tho Senate and House
knew It would ask enormous sums for
national defense. Hut tho President
Continued on roue Seien. Column Two
It requires real courage to face a sun
le and gloomy day, and go to work
with optimism when the steel-gray shies
are In conspiracy with the Imps of despair
to mako nothing seem worth while, But
today there Is u tine silver lining and a
glamour of romance gleams through the
rnurk; for it Is the day tho King goes
In, state along Pennsylvania avenue to
dller the speech from the throne to
expectant Congress. And It la glorious
tf .feel that, hero In America at least, the
atujlent prerogatives of monarchy survive.
When the most powerful man on earth
stands up and speaks, it Is un inspiration
to the humble soul, for 'lieie we have
the amazing boon of knowing that any
ene of us can be King.
But how restful It must be to be a
fake foreign King, with nothing to do
but go around In uniform and grin and
For Philadelphia and vicinity
Partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday;
io( much change in temperature; light
- variable tuinda.
Jft or jtolen. In New York city on Juno
." ' other Jewelrv, 0na diamond rln.
0al3tlng of Urge ccnue diamond, illshtlv
reiiow, two smaller diamond, one on each
ii.l ' ceo'' stone, mounted In platinum.
?v , nu"nner of very uiall dUinoudj m
aanx of rlnu, for enilowntal reasons, tba
S5f ftw ,er anilou to reiavcr this rlns.
iv, S. ?" iuetlons asked or shadowlnj ot
SI. if"", ""urn lor ideniincaiion ana r.
H.i.to Sow & Brown Couipuny, Jeweler.
fJkk THB'l'AnTV who look oven oat In mis-
ik : , Tday e.euine. Noerour so, laio,
B Smoker return rnul nml naimm in mVo.
wKi T l3tb Jmeratloual Society
IIra anil nirlBnitAro
"AJ2Uu5wLo.t" malfhjindbarf oo train bo-
(Uteive reuarrl at 1Io.n "Jii fiiir Ifult
Pnhw .. "7. ." ""T -t r-ciirjir
- & inn I nai rr nAni mnn fn,
t .. ui lliuu
wininB lunj 0f money l"lnJr return to Ti
i yiim (V,l tfl llnwir.l
CEEU. rBf At. t ana it i
thJim CW Ct'Jr WcumonJ .u ,
BfU-Ui t .t tiutoh tnnfh, mom Suinl '
Uni -.. l r-iuia unuais naiav iuic.
lH0- t-C-"1
n- tu. nil urvr Kt. lliona liil. Jllil 71
it, dea for Jit Peara ItmeUry lot
K PIkus relura OLirk 213 K Its,
Pretident Vi7jtn, in hit address to the Congress, severely arraigned
la-called hyphenated Americans 1W10 have made loyalty to the United
btates subordinate to their pattiality for one aide or the other in the
present European war. Points in this feature of the President'.-! deliver
ance folioWi
i 4,c.m "-"r ,' "y tnat he gravest threats against our national peace ',
and jaftty have been uttered within our own holders. Thtrc ere citizens
of the United States, I blush to admit, born under other flais hut wet-
comerf under our generoui naturalization tawa to the fill freedom and i
opportunity of America, who have pcurcd the poison of disloyalty into the ,
very arteries of our national life; who have sought to brim; the authority '
and eooa name of our Government into contempt, ti destroy our in- I
.""., "-"V "ley "oafln ii ofecfitc for their vindictive purposes
to strthe at them and to debase our politics to the uses of foreign intrigue.
America never witnessed anything like this before. It never
ureanieu n possioia mat men sworn into its own citizenship, men drawn
out of great free ctocki such as supplied some of the best and strongest
elements of that little, but how heroic, nation that in a high day of old
staked its ery life to free itself from every entanglement that had dark
ened the fortunes of the older nations and set up a new star.dr.rd here
that men of such origins and such free choiccc of allegiance would ever
turn in malign reaction against the Government and people who had wel
comed and matured them and seek to make this proud country once more
a hotbed of European passion.
"Such creatures of passion, disloyalty and anarchy must bs crushed
out. They are not many, but they are infinitely malignant, and the hand
of our power should close over them at once. They IfVc formed plots
to destroy property; they have entered into conspiracies against the neu
trality if the Government; they hive sought to pry into every confidential
transaction nf the Government lit order to serve interests alien to our
own. It is possible to deal with these things very effectually. I need not
suggest the terms in which they may be dealt with.
"There ara some men among us, and many resident abroad who,
though born and bred in the United States and calling thomsel-'cs Ameri
cans, have so forgotten themselves and their honor r.s citizens as to put
their passionate sympathy with one or the other side in the great European
conflict above their regard for the peace and dignity of the United States'
They also preach and practice disloyalty. No laws, I suppose, can reach
corruptions of the mind and heart; but I should not speak of others)
wiihout also speaking of these and expressing the even deeper humiliation
and scorn which every self-possessed and thoughtfully patriotic American
must feel when he thinks of them and of the discredit they arc daily
bringing upon us."
OF $100,000 GIFTS TO
Lets Proverbial Cat Out of
Time-worn Bag During Gos- '
sip of Patrons in Ogontz I
Barber Shop I
The Widcner Servants' Reward
Oirinit irnsitlp ayn - '
That "Ciiurlrj" Cool;, the late llniin
cler'ji valet for 11 yearn, reeeleil ?;3,6oO
In Iruit, P hoiie nnd hit nalnry .for life.
The unriual Income from the trust fund
lit a prr rent. Ih 9101)11.
Thnt S oilier employes, In nervlee for
morn limn luii ParM, rerelved nniniiiils
In four llBuren.
Thill til.flon, In nil, nan dlildrd ninimc
the 10 i.enniitH on 1. A. It. AVldener's
pa) mil, no perloil of service helnif too
lirlef to prrilude n rennrd.
That the reiiuilnlnR 52.1,000 of the
nijittrrloiis $100,0110 in dlildrd umonc
emplojrH nt the l.unil Title Iliiildlnc.
It's In the harbor shop In particular
that the provcrDl.nl cat makes a habit of
Jumping out of the time-worn b.nff. And
so It was out Ofiontz way today.
"I saw Hilly wcarln' a now derby hat
yesterday." remarked the man under tho
barber's .icissors. "And ho was smoUIn'
a clear. "
"Ilo ouslita. with that $1000 of Wldenor
ninnov left "1m." tnlil tho oillclnl KOsslp.
I bittlns In a. corner. "That's wh'it he Bot.
, That's straight. I know what tho others
I got, too,"
I And, bins! the cat was out of the bau.
I litonti!. It may ho said, is tho nearest
vlllaiio to I.ynnewood Hall, Iho KlUhu
ParU mansion of the lato Peter A. II.
'i.iA..n. KirMi.... l.'IriE. uhnso will con-
talnetl no bcoucsts to other tl nn blood !
irin nnt even to his servants because of
tho inheritance tax. Kver since lie died j
prylnc minds have endeavored to discover
.,-iiiPii nt iho armv of servants weio je-
mombcretl by their lato master out of
. - , ,x i.i.l. . . r. IaC. (n lit.. enn
tllO IUU.WU WHICH o rcu . i" -,
3fcXtfun?H !
In tho absence of a denial, was Intended ,
Continued on I'aurr l'our. Column I'onr
A nVT A Prill QITF T 'K!ifilV17fi ,
A I lAlliHI MJLL laUlZiU
KBande Albanesi Sobillate ed Ar-
mate dagli Austro-Tedeschi
Operant) Contro i Serbi
II rapporto del generale Calorna, puh
bllcato ierl sera dal JHnlstero della
Guerra dice che la fanterla italluna
operante sul Cario ha fatto plccole
avanzate, ma non specltlca le locallta'
dove oueste avanzate sono state compl
ute, Sul resto del fronte Itullauo si sono
uvuto azlonl dl artlullcria. nonostanto lo
coudizlonl atmosferlche tutt'altro che
favorevoll. 17 chlaro che la erandi oper
azlonl contro U llnea dcll'lsonzo fonQ
tuttora ostacolttto dal cattlvo tempo, ma
Bembra pure che la plccole uvunzate u
cul accenna il generale Cudorua debbano
essere un preludlo dl nuovl attacchl.
Nottzle glunte a Roma da Ccttisne,
Jlontenegio, dlcono che fortl bande dl
albanesi mustulmanl alutuno gll austro-
Ltedeschl e che lo forze serbe e monte-
JiegUUO iiivr .m,w.w c
spesso contro uuesle bande. Quests
spiegheranno una oncor maggloro uttl-
vita' contro le forze serbo che sono rttar
ate davantl agll austro-tedeachl e che In
uumero dl circa. 1SO.O0O lianno.attraversato
it contlue e sono entrate In Albania.
im Carl"! luuue noi uotlzla che il BOV-
erno rumcnn ha Impedlto cho ell aus
'. . .- I m.i nnn.nlrnll I
' triad attaccasscro I russl concentratl a
' Rent nrolhendo a tutte le nuvl ettere dl
' ' nttraversare II tratto del Danublo che e
l;JS,Vments jumeno. Hon C impro-
taWU a questo.sla un segno del futuro i
&inSJrUin 5 oasw le ultlme e plu '
I as ttifjUat iiotuie eulla cuerra n
Councilman From 26th Ward
Will Succeed Connelly.
South Phila. Leaders Will
Control Councils
Joseph P. tinffuo. u Vnre follower nnd
Common Councilman from the 20th Wuid,
.. m i10 phnirmnii of Councils' Klnance
Commlttoo to sllt.CCed John P. Connelly, !
..,.,, n-i... i.'i ,.
the City Solicitor-elect. The l-'luance
Commllteo Is tho most powerful In Conn-
" '
The agreement in appoint Oaffney s .
mado today, following threats made by ,
tho varcs to ovcrtrnow mo iiomuiniiona i
of the Republican caucus of last Sutui
day, when Dr. Edwaul . Gleason. of
the 0th Ward, a MoNlchol follower, was
slated for piesldent of Common Council, j
The Varcs, la their efforts to place one
of their followem nt tho head of the
lielr followeis at tho head of the ,
neo Coimnlttee. threatened to place
' a candidate of their own in the Held for I
i president of the lower chamber and op
pose Doctor (Reason's election when i
1 Councils organizo on January 2.
Doctor Uleason tavoiod upiiolntins ;
' Charles F. Kclley, Common Cjuncilman j
! rPr,.,i l, n Tth U'ntil nml ii MeNilhol Hell- i
linuiicu i ouiimuee, iiue.iifiit'ii u i..i-i
tenant, as chairman of the TO.nm-o coiu
mlttcc. Kelley wUhdiuw from tho Held
today, however, following seveial con
feienccs, and from tho Vnro camp it was
stated that an agreement has been
reached whereby Doctor Gleason will be
unopposed tor the presidency of Com
mon Council and will appoint Gaffnc.
Tho Finance Committee has charge of
all tho llnanclal legislation that comes
before the city's legislative bodlis. All
of the lealslatlon necessary for a com
pletion of the Taylor Haniit plana, n
cluding tho agreement with the Phila
delphia Rapid Transit Company, under
which the new subways and elevated
lines will bo operated, will originate in
this committee.
With tho Vuios In control of the
Finance Committee, tho South Philadel
phia loaders will have virtual control of
Councils. A Varo follower, James E.
l.onnon, Selcer Councilman from the Mth
Ward, was nominated at the Republican
caucus on Saturday for pi oxidant of Se
lect Council, and this gives tho Vares
coutiol of the upper brunch of Councils.
The chairmanship of the Finauco Com
mittee carries with it virtual contiol of
the lower branch.
A Varo follower was chairman of the
Finance Committee four years ago. when
j. it. O. McAllister, of the 1st Ward,
wa at the head ot that body. Connelly,
v,,, . .... ,....-. .. --- - ,
a MeNlchol lleuUnant, was mad chair-
man when McAllister retired.
senator Edwin II Vare. who returned
homo from Washington today, refused to
discuss the agreement ori Gaffney or any
other phase of the local poUtlcal .itua-
-Politic are not belrw considered now"
J he wd
As fur as I know the Mayor-
' elect u cat conslderios elSclvnry
I "' Mh a 1
i i imt' wM t'
! i mm lm
Jf Ma j
,: i V - lk '
! L. - j
Eight-ycnr-nltl boy, who disap
peared eight days ago.
Pleads to Governor Fielder
to Save Brother, Saying
He Is Insane
lt;i n Staff Con cHimmlriit
TIJHNTDX. Dec. ".A woman stood In i
tears before Coventor Kidder, In Ills of
llio In the .Stale Capitol today, stretched
out her hands toward him In supplicating
gesture, nml begged him to provent the
execution of her brother In the clcctrlo
chnlr at the Stnto renltcntlary here to
night. As she saw her arguments foiled to
movo the executive, who was constrained
by law and precedent from interfering,
she fell on her knees before him nnd
bad to be assisted In leaving the room.
Edward C. .Murphy, tho brother of
Mrs. Hudson D. Hulllngs. of Rlvcrton,
X. J., Is under scntenco to die tonight.
The eleventh-hour nppo.nl of his sister
followed a series of reverses which sho
hiul hnd to face, but plucklly kept up her
"You aro killing nn Irisapc man, a
maniac "she sobbed. "Go to his cell
down tho street, there, nnd look at him:
yon will seo ho' Is crnzy', ami tho law
does not Kill a crazy man: look nt him;
Juat look at him, nnd spare his life!"
Governor Fielder snld, hefnro the nr
rlvnl of Mrs. Hulllngs, that Murphy had
been examined by Dr. Henry Cotton, ot
th.i New Jersey Hospital, and Dr. Jlar
tln D. Iteddan, tho prison pliysUlan, nnd
that both li.ul sulci tho man wns i -.nc.
and was shamming insanity. I Hi crime
hud been cold-blooded murder.
Mrs Hulllngs reached Trenton shortly
boforo noon. She was accompanied by
her son. John HullliiKS. They had had a
sleepless night. A small, frail woman,
about 38 ytuiH of age, sho was uttlted In
black and wore n heavy veil. At the
station sho leaned heavily on tho youth's
arm. The wind swept keenly down tho
street and blow tho little woman's veil
about. Sho seemed hnrdlv nblo to walk
nt first, and tho boy at her side suffered
keenly In sympathy with his mother.
The light she has kept up for months,
oin court to court, with nppenl after ap
peal to every tribunal and commission In
Now Jersey with power to net In tho
case, had told upon her strength, and
she had risen from a sickbed to mako her
last appeal, to the Chief Executive of her
On hor uirlv.nl nt tho State Hiuse. Mrs.
Hulllngs and her son were admltti.il nl
once tii. the Governor's presc.ice. Ho
Kormsd deeply affected by the sight ot
the BlUht, heavily veiled figure, waver
lug ui the door of Ills oltlce. She ad
vanced and threw back her veil and
started nt ence on a loinplete icilew of
Iho ease, which showed how carefully she
h.ui read up the law nnd examined every
fuet and every slued of evidence healing
on her brother's case.
She did nut even admit that It was ho
Continued nn Time Three, Column Two
,,,.rx , -.l''le saying thnt this Government stnnus
MAN TRIED TO END LIFE '- "tiu.wi "- ie-
jiciibons why these olllclals have outlived
Widely Known Kensingtonian ; tiieir uhefuiness. The Ambnsiuor imme-
T,..wl !., Hnm With nun. IdUtely transmitted this decision to Iler-
ruuim im iw... ,, ..... ....
shot Wound in Mouth
Michael Harmon. Ti yenis old, of KOI
US!. OUTU BUll'l, .1 KIM". .M.....H."
dtuler widely known In Kensington, Is
In St. Mary's Hospital In a ierious con
dition, suffering from a gunshot wound
In his mouth. Members of the family de-
claro tho wound Is the rosult of an uccl
dent, but tha police believe be might
ha,ve attempted suicide while suffering
from vertigo.
According to tho police. Hiumoii nrose
about ' o'vlock this morning and a few
minutes luter ills wire hoard tho repot t
of a ride, Harmon was found lying on
tha Moor with blood llpv.Ing from n wound
in his mouth. An old-fubhloned X!-cal!bre
riflo was fdund beside him.
Members of the family say he probably
was taken with an attack of vertigo and
lirusliMil nf7iiltii.r tha ritle. whleh was
. . . ....... .--- -..--. ---- ---
hanging on tho wall and was accidentally
Dr. J anion C. Chestnut, of 1817 FranK
ford avenue, who wuj ejulted, suld the
shot had shattered the palate bone and
Injured the man's mouth. Ho advised
that Harmon be taken to a hospital.
Physicians at the institution uie triux
to ascertain whether the cartildge was
blank. Owing to hU aan. Mr Harmon's
condition is serious, they said.
policemen Duff and Dunbar, of the
Trenton avenue and Dauphin streets sta
tion, are Investigating
German Loss in Serbia Only 7000
BUCHAREST, Dec 1 -or0lns to es
timates from German sources, tin i'ii
tral. Powers lost only 7000 men in. the
ScrCjan campaign.
Mother of 8-year-old Rich
ard Meekins Faints al
Sight of Letter
Abductor Says He Will Write
Again, but Makes No Threat.
Thumb Prints on Letter
A teller from the klitnmiprr of 8-jenr-iild
lllrlinril MpcIIii mi rccelted
IijIIip prireiili or Hip Iiii, Mr. nml Mr.
I. like Meeklni, r Ullll South lllxt ntreel,
(oilaj, ilulil iln nftpr the ilNnppciir
iiiiee of Hip Inil.
M rltd'ii In red Ink. In ftUKKPHtltc
pliriiHrH cnlciitiitcil to terrify I In- inollier
I of Hip xloteit lioj. Hie letter iniiile no (II-
j reel HirentN of tlolriicc, nor nnkril rnii
, mhii nioue.
1 H inlil Hie iiliiliielnr of Ilie hoy nonld
nrlle nciitii, nnd ireniril In he Intended
' nil In kIp proof Hint Hie hoy mm In
, Hie hnuiN of kldnappcrM.
Proof of IliN mum (5len In Hip dp-
Mcrlpllon of ll detail nhoiit Hie Iiiij'h
i plolhlnu; tlili-li urn inlj knomi to in
mother nml Mhlcli hnd tint been pub-
INhetl In Hie deserlilloiii. r the ml-
hie lio.v. ,
The writer of the letter had nccidenlally
smeaied ills lingers with the led Ink, mil
thumb or finger prints me on the loiter, i
which may scivo ns an Impoitnnt clue
In the hunt for the criminal. I
The envelope wns crnngo-coloied and
wns addressed to "Mr. Uiclinid Micklni,
2111 South Cist sticct," tho bo's own
name. The address wiib scinwlrd in lend
pencil, as If written by n schoolboy. In
youthful vertical handwriting, run to
gether ns if tho w liter was not used to
Tho letter was a piece of newspaper,
about It Inches by 0. Inegular on Its
edges and carelessly torn rioni an adcr
tislng sheet of tho p.npei. The red Ink
messngcH were written between tho lines
of the ndvcrliscmcnt. The loiter lends as
follows :
IJrnr Sin
Your boy In nlle right. He In nnt
In .Mnrjlniul or llcltmiirr but In
I'lillndelphln. If J on think Hint I
have not got him. keep thinking.
There Is n nnfety pin In hli piiuln
on the right Hide, lire there notr
Ank Hie one Hint ilrpiwpn lllin.
.OTICB. P. S. He hni n cnr be
tween bin Ino rjei. I Mill write
Mr. and Mrs. Jleeklns had Just finished
breakfast and wcro talking to a icp
rcsentatlvo of tho Kvi:nin-u Lr.iicicit,
Contlnurd on I'iikc l'hr. Coliiimi Two
Von Bernstorff Informed j
TTT'll XT I "I ' "O
U. O. Will JNOL LrlVe Kelt-
3. Will Not Give li
sons for Demand
The United States stands li.it on its
demand for the recall of Captains Hoy
Rd and Von P.ipen, nttaciies of the Ger
man embassy. Seciotaiy of btnto Kan-
Mug today transmitted
tu Count von
Uernstorff, tho German Amb.ibsador, a
At toda's Cabinet meeting the Presl
i ilert told Sccretarj Lansing nnd Attor-
! ,- .1 I-.......... .l.n. I... ..Ill ,t,, nil
f tho weight of tho Uovernment behind
liey iieiiei.ii uivhwij him. .., i'mw ....
I'nltcd States or send to prison every one :
Who plots against the neutrality of tho ;
country, no matter what position ho may j
This has been made very plain to the
German and Austrian icpresentatlvcs
here, and olllclals weie confident Hint
when Uie firm purpose of the Government
to insist on maintaining Its neutiallty ut
all costs Is realized in Ilerlln and Vienna,
t'oiilliiurd on I'uge Two, Column One
Loan of Victory Continues
to Show Growth in France
Suhavrlplliiu tu Hie "loan of Witorjf"
continue ut IiIkIi murk In I'runce. Hub-
feeruern nuic noi uei
j )Juk OI, lflr (lukf
tcillH-m lime not begun to borrow ut the
Current uteouuU und dciwlt do not
j Uov thut they ure brine druwu on. !
piil In liunkii lurreatrd from S5IS,
1 OOO.IJOU on November S3 to 17,000,000
i on. December 3.
Italkuu qurttloiui da not worry kub
tcriber to the loJn.
"Kvcry one kuown liou ltulKuria pluyril
with the Allien und .toured filU.OOO.OOU
in gold." M Ye Oujot. edllor
IVAcrme et llnanelere, "aud JOO,-
000,000 In material from Cfnuuuy, but
1.1111 ub.ir lotion to the 'loan of lie tor j'
Cu on." ,
An urtUIe oa the Frfuvh nusncUl U- 1
uulioa rut br U. Oujrot fcy prcll cable '
to tbe KicnluK Idter U pubUUied f
iluhin 'a Ui u.
KIDNAPPER'S i'inger prints studied by expert
Tho loiter sent to Mr. and Mrs. Luke Meekins. parent1 o e!thl-yctr-old
Itlehnrd Meekilis, by the abductor of. the boy, was taken to
Oily 11.111 today ftiitl crtiefully examined y Hnrty Hodltln, lit charge
ot tho dinger Tilnl nuve.vu. The kidnapper had smenicd his fingers
in the red Ink 111 which the letter was Wiltten and u good tecord was
ogtitiiled Jjy Mr. Hodkln, who compared 11 WiiH the leconleil finger
irliils cf erlmlnola in his nelietlien In the hope of fixing the identity
of Ute kidnapper.
J3UCMA1VEST, Dee, 7. 'The Huiunulrui Government hoa ordered
the lnobiltenUon of all nsltu'ilHzod foreigners mid foielgueis under
tiio jiiots-tion of tho Kumauipii laws up to 10 ymrs of nge.
I'AUIS, Dee. ".The followliiB olHcinl comniuiilquo wn Issued by th
1'reneli Wnr Ollleo this afternoon: "There were reported during the night
only si rather violent rnnnunnde In Champagne nnd a local conflict around
one ot our advanced posts to the houHi of St. Souplet."
PAULS, Dee. 7. A second conference of the Allies' War Council, -with
representatives from all the Knlentc nations present, wns held at tho War
Olilce today.
PI-.TKotSKAD. Dec. 7. Pending the completion of the budget and the
decision of the crout inlliturt conference, now In progress In Paris, Emperor
.sicliolu'i has postponed Indefinitely reconvening the Council of tho fc.mplr
mid of the Duma. The Imperial decree was Issued last night,
t'OXSTA.NTINOI'l.K. Dec. 7. TuilcMi forces! that defeated the British
I" the Tigris Valley between Ctesdplion and Kut Kl Amara tiro following; up
their victory. The position, to which the Hngllsh fell back at Kfit El Amara
nre being nttneked by the Turks, nnd
Must ot El fiussa tho Turks have Inflicted heavy losses on the UrltUdi, com
pelling them to retire from a position which had been fortified. A vessel
laden with ammunition was captured between Kut el Amara and Baghcla,
NEW YORK. Dec. 7. Rumors In New York, with nn echo from Pitts
burgh, today loltl of a proposed merger of three large independent steel com
panies into u single concern, capitalized at $150,000,000. The Lnblciiwanna Steel
Company, tho Cambria Kteel Company and the Youngstown Sheet nnd Tubo
Company nre tho firms mentioned in connection with the merger. Pittsburgh
reports snld the Inland Steel Company also was mentioned there In connec
tion wltli" the combine. The Cambria, company has taken over tho New
York Steel Company, of Buffalo, forming a new corporation capitalized at
-.. , .. . ,f -r
CHICAGO, Dec. 7.Hcores of guests at tho Carlfttin Hotel lied to the street
minus most or their clothing early today wheli lire destroyed the Interior of tha
Alhambru Theatre, adjoining. Smoke tilled the hotel nnd the guests dashed to
the street, waiting in the cold for two hours while llrcmen fought tlio flames.
D.imugo to the theatre was estimated at SliO.OOO. It was built SO years ago and
was recently transformed Into a movie theatre.
I EHRLIX, Dec. 7. The Vossisehu Coining publishes the following telegram,
hent through the Kulser's secretary to the Town Council of Snarbruelten on the
' 100th anniversary of the town's annexation by Prussia: "His Majesty hopes
that the unanimous will and unshakable strength of the German people will.
with God's help, succeed In further protecting victoriously the honor nnd free
dom of tho country against nil enemy attacks and In achieving; a pence that will
he honorable and full of blessing-."
NHW YORK, Dec. 7. "1)111111 3: dreadnought:!. Instead of 1C; hpeml $2,000,
000.000 tin your armament program, instead of $1,000,000,000." This Is George
ISernnnl Shaw's advico to the L'nlted States, contained in u letter to tho Inter-,
collegiate Socialist Society. Mr. Shaw sees in America's pacifism tho hope of
the world, "but," ho adds, "It is becauso America Is powerful ns well us pacific!
that she will bo listened to."
M I IMIln 1.... T .PI... O .lul. Pnl.l l.n.. .... !.....! n.l.. .....l. In nl.n-
.il,im-., u:v. I. -fctiu iniiu.-iii .tiiiiitri nun ivniKiivu. I ll lilluaifcluii. oujj-
j ported by former Premier Romanones, herved notice of a proposed motion to
give economic riiiestlous priority over military meusurcs. Premier Dato declined
I to accept the motion nnd left the Chamber, luter presenting the Cabinet's reslg
j tuition to King Alfonso.
LONDON, Dec. 7 Tho prupowil ih.il tho balaries of tho Cabinet Ministers
be reduced does not appear to commend itself to i majority of the Cabinet.
Pome of the Mlnlstera hold thut It would be a good arrangement If all salaries
of $25,000 and upwuid were reduced during tho war, the Ministers' salaries In
cluded, but they ask why the Ministers, who are hard-wot king men. should
i suffer while business men who are making big Incomes, escape, It Is apparent
that any proposal to reduce the salaries ot Members of itorlliwicnt would be
strongly opposed becnuso laborites und Nationalists, for example, would not be
able to continue their respectivo representations if they were not paid.
LONDON. Dec. 7. The Ilritannlc,
completed, will bo used ns a hospital
The Mauretnnhi, which was visited
Swedish Consuls to refute the German
lias made it possible to bring wounded
p wec,. revolutionizing the schedule of
STOCKHOLM, Dec. 7. A message from Warsaw declares tliat. following an
announcement recently by the German Administration that Ihe JlussUn w
prohibiting the use of all alcoholic beverages was to Iw considered canceled In
the future, a deputation of the citizens of Warsaw waited on tho Military Gov
ernor and urged that the prohibition be maintained.
LONDON, Dec. 7- Tho Turkish torpedoboat destroyer Yar Ilisbar has been
I sunk in tho Sea of Marmora by a British submarine, It U uiumunced In a Urlt
1 ls.Ii official statement, A supply steamship and four sailing vessels also wcro
destroyed by the submarine.
TOLEDO, O., Dec. 7. Rrund Whltlock, United ritaten Minuter to Relgium,
has arrived home for a brief rest after a motor trip from Wualiington. With
Mr. Whltlock were his wife und hor mother. Relative to a report that he will ,
take up his residence at Havre, Instead of Brussels. Mr- Whltlock uuld; "There
has been no change In my plans. I will return to Brussels on December 23.
As to the story of my eolng to, Havre, the Administration has already said there
is nothing In that." Last night a reception. In which citizens, of Toledo parUel-1
pated, was tendered Mr. Whltlock.
GENEVA Dec. 7. The Russian Legation at Berne Issues, the follftwlnf,
statement: "In the month of October the German official coanmurdcatlon
greatly exaggerated tho number of Russians ma.de. prisoners October wo,s. an
especially successful month for the Russians, who captured 674 G-rruan rfl!r)s,
49 09 Austra-Gennan soldiers, 2i largo cannon, IJ18 machine guna a.s4 i'o-
spirited lighting Is In progress there.
the 50.000-lnu White Star liner recently
shlp. It will be equipped with 6000 beds.
at Naples by the American, Danish and
ultegutlons thut she Is not a hospital ship.
from the Dardanelles, to this country in
the ordinary hospital craft
QlkClcAlnti&iii v evsra ') unit it