Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, September 25, 1915, Final, Page 11, Image 11

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.T-u- A'fTiinfir.R to Thrco
.n nniua -
MHto. whiIe chlcaE Ham"
jners Kay nnu nuuuio
for 11 Safeties
AD. . H.
O. A. E.
3 0 0
6 1 3
riich, tt
Wf"": . ..
aaj, coiling
.Collin, lb
-cxburoe. "
al. o
..32 8 11 27 U
I Total
AB. n. It. O. A. K.
0 1
Mmnk. rf.
iwk'ton. cf
LJo1e. 2b..-
'XelntH, lb
ynf. ss
fptmnm. 3b r
E(y. ":::::: 2
itfabors, p..
.28 1 3 27 14
wtaM wi?-?t' "3": hD"""
.KTljfSSSh :'j VColMn. Struck out
'chllK, 18C" " . t, halls
l' !!?,?." Nabors. 3. Double
pSrJ-Koot to Lajolo to Mclnnls: E.
F'JviKa W Weavor to J. Collin.: 8chanB to
I Collins to eav w..wor. Batter
IwFou'rnler. Schalk;
I MtlDH PAltK. Sept 25.-JOO Bens held
hh? Athletics to three hits, two ot which
U)e Ainie" whlto Sox had
! ht MMmn ou-. .- - , -- --
the Atneucin.-.-. "-:-- -:v-
;J?Tm5t .t wE The nnal tally
JUT. the southpaw from Greensboro.
i started on the mouna lor mo """"i
H ""vu v" ... ... r.r thi hnv In the
, theract that he
w driven irnm me i""i --
..CI . He was wild nnd nervous
,nd was In trouble right from the start.
Hi has great spcea, nowevci, mm "
cro'i-nre curve nan.
" ion... hn finished the Game, pitched
vV' fairly we", but his lack ot control was
l Also a Brcm iiuiiwivui'.
Fe!sch beat out an Infield hit. Weaver
went out. Ray to Mclnnls. E. Collins
walked, Fournler was hit by a pitched
baU, filling the bases. Jackson hit Into
a lightning- double play, Kopf to Lajote
to Mclnnls. the latter making a great
.i. . xrn'w.na nn tilt, nn errors.
1 Schang walked. Strunk double to left,
,j rearing Schang. Bankston fanned.
V Weaver threw out Lajole, Weaver nlso
'? .. ac.t .. Ana run my Tlit. tin
x inrew iugiii.no uuu wuu ... w.. ..... ..-
& nt-rnvr. TVVMWn
John Collins filed to Bankston. Black.
i" tume went out tho samo wny. Schalk
ft. was hit by a pitched Dan. nenz wameu.
! Schalk stole third, but Bcnz remained at
.Jink Felsch doubled to rifint. sconng
.gchalk and Bern. Weaver hit to Demrau,"
who tagged Felsch coming to third. Two
runs, one mi, no errors.
fr Blackburne threw out Kopf. Demrau
fanned. JIcAvoy also fanned. No runs,
bo hits, no errors.
l T .I1I.B -InI..., l& MM.! Aa1 BA-
;. c. 'wiiiiia biiibu lu tcit auu ivsifi ovt-
r end on Echanu's fumble. Itay lost Four
osier's pop fly In the sun and It went for
s hit, but Collins remained at second.
-,Jickon sacrificed, Dcmrau to Mclnnls.
4. vouins waiKcu, nuing xne Dases.
Slackbume walked, forcing E. Collins In.
VSehalk filed to Strunk In short right. Bcnz
'filed to Strunk. One run, two hits, one
Ray fanned. Schnnc lined to Felsch.
.Strunk went out to J. Collins, unassisted.
i No runs, no hits, no errors.
i FeUch beat out an Inll'eld hit. Felsch
toW! second. Weaver sacrificed, Mclnnls
to Lajolo. E. Collins singled to centre,
scoring Felsch. Nnbors now pitching for
the Athletics. Fournler filed tb Bank
Sloa. B. Collins was caught napping, Na
bors to Mclnnls. Ono run, two hits, no
i errors.
I E. Collins threw out Bankston. Lajolo
f hit Into a double play! E. Colllim to
, Wtavft to J. Collins. No runs, ono hit.
rJ o errors.
t'-iackson fanned. J. Colllnswas safe on
LtTAn.. t tt - . . . . .
Tlt'n" wruw. in irymg to caicn .1.
lU'Colllns napping, Nabors threw past Moln
U?5i Ui runner reaching third. Black-
mmu puppi-Q 10 ivopr. Kopt rumDiea
sSchallt'a grounded, J. Collins scoring.
jBena filed to Demrau. One run, no hits,
'three errors.
,'' Kopf fanned. Demrau filed to Fournler.
s i;.'ver tnrcw out McAvoy. No runs, no
VJUtJ. no prrnra
. -. --- ...V.H,
! Felsch fanned. Weaver out. Lajolo to
awinnla e, Collins went out the same
! 'V rto n, no bltsjino errors.
Nabors out, Weavcf to J. Collins.
cnang ijned to Fournler. Benz threw
Jit Strunk. No runs, no hits, no errors.
rournltr beat out an inflfM m. .t.v.
Soil Blnelert tn ,titM trn..vi.. .
ri'tl'tS'i i01?0" t0l second on the throw
i. v.. . ' WDlns nil 10 Jvopr, wno got
."Wnler at the plate. J. Collins stole
IS.- . "'"kbourno did '-0 Strunk In
.,f. . r'.ght Schalk singled to left, scor
" caniM and J' ColUn- Schalk was
A. in-, . "rw" "rai ana was oui, 41c
,.!?' t0 LaJo'e. Two runs, three hits, no
Bankston Hied to Felsch. Blackburfio
..lhrew out t.0iai kr.f ..
i 5i,. nt' Ueni to J- Collins. No runs, no
I -alts, no errors.
"J Popped to Kopf. FeUch also
rPPPCa to Konf Wmvih wii,.i wn,-
?ut Healing. MeAvov to Lal'ole. No
xl 0. K- c'"- to. J. Collins.
rjT11 Walked. McAVoy fanned. Nabors
f. K, Colllnn to J. Collins. No runs, no
7 rrurs.
EiC(Jllln uinol.l l Tr.. ... -I
iffijf '11. E Collins, staying at sec-
. -r- -- tiKiui a.u iciL. ruuriurr Bias
JacJson sacrificed, McAvoy to Mo-
vuiuns walked, fining the bases,
UUrilfl walkvH. fr.rrl..o- In V r'l.
- 8chalk lined to Schapg, who threw
rourrjer nt the Plate. One run. two
no errors.
uiff lined tn icci.ni, ci,ni, .in.
to centre. n,ni.in.. H-..A.i M
nin ..." ."i'j-r2! '""""r." .. "
U VVhv vuucneu nrsv una tnrew
i. 4.. ,v" viiiK oirunK, io rums
1 ho errors.
,W9 Vl?w Aster Cup Tests
".VV".K PDt --Ten thousand
ni!., fnsl elimination trials
I w i-up automobile race next
y war held ovar the BhpiBht.d
Cpt4y -j, conUaUnts ha to
siwb an knur l ka II 1 M I w
QUAFi . - J
Continued from I'ace One
McCarthy sacrificed, Demaree to Nlehnff
Archer riled to Bancroft. Klsher hatted
where Chcnowcth was thrown. On tho
first piny tlodgers gained a yard off tncklo
nnd Curry nnd llodgers followed with
three more.
Ilodgers kicked on the next play nnd
Bell scooped up the ball, cairylng It to
On ho first plungo Berry made five
yards nnd Welsh plowed ahead for eight.
Again Berry cut through centrn for a
five-yard advance. Welsh gained two
yards on a similar play nnd Berry took
tho ball for nn ntlvance that was a foot
ahort Vor a first down.
The Quakers received five yards for
West Virginia's offside. This took the
ball to tho 21-yard lltio. On a delayed
pass. Berry cut through for three yards.
He followed ingaln with a straight plunge
ot six yardl. Offside set the Quakers
back five yards.
On a splendid forwnrd oass from Berrv
to Ross, the Quaker halfback rnn 2S
yards for tho first touchdown of the year.
Berry kicked tho goal, which mmle the
score Pennsylvania 7. West Virginia ,0.
Webster kicked off for West Virginia
to Berry, who sprinted back to I'cnn's
33-ynrd lino. Berry punted a high twister
to Chenaweth, who was dropped In his
tracks on tho 16-yard line,
Rodgcrs whs thrown for a loss of two
yards, but on n fake kick the samo
player sprinted around Pcnn's left end
for 20 yards, whero Berry threw him out
of bounds. Rodgcrs tried tho Qunker
line, but lost a yard.
Holding tel West Virginia bnck 15
yards. Rodgcrs punted nt once to Bell,
who dashed bnck 5 yards to West Virgin
la's 4S-ynnl lino.
Holding set Pennsylvania back 13 yards.
Hero tho period ended with the score
Pennsylvania, 7; West Virginia, 0.
The teams changed sides, with the ball
In Pennsylvania's possession on tho
Quakers' 38-yard line. Berry punted to
Chenoweth, who was dropped on West
Virginia's 16-yard line. On a fako kick
Chenoweth made a yard. Rodgers tried
an end run, but fumbled.
Hutchinson regained the ball for West
Virginia for a gain of two yards and
then Rodgers punted out of bounds on
Pennsylvania's 47-yard line. On a quar
terback run Bell lost a yard.
Mathews was hurt, but resumed play
after time was taken out. Berry failed to
gain on a fake kick. He punted on the
next play, tho ball going out cf bounds
on West Vlrglnln's 20-yard line. Curry
skipped nround end for two yards, but
on tho ncxt.play failed to gain.
Rodgcrs lost 3 ynrds on a fake kick. Ho
kicked on tho next play to Bell, who
was thrown out of bounds on Pennsyl
vania's 40-yard Una.
Berry kicked to Chenoweth, who was
downed on his 2S-ynrd line.
Rodgers made five ynrds on an end
run, but he got only a yard on the next
attempt. He tried a fake kick again.
but gained nothing.
With Bell holding tho ball, Berry tried
a goal from placement, but It went wide.
Hero Lcatherwood, the West Virginia
captain, took Chenoweth's place at quar
terback. Rodgcrs punted to Bell, who
raced back seven yards to m!d field. A
forward pass hit the ground. Hero tho
half ended. Score Pcnn, 7; We3t Vir
ginia, 0.
When tho teams returned there was
only ono change, Chenoweth returning
to quarterback for West Virginia.
Rodgers kicked off for West Virginia
nnd the Quakers brought the ball back
from their 20-yard lino. Berry lost two
yards on a fake kick nnd then punted
to Chenoweth on West Virginia's 38-yard
Berry punted -at -once to Chenoweth.
Holding set the West Virginians back
13 yards and Rodgcrs ' punted to Berry
on tho Quakers' 48-ynrd line. A forward
pass hit the ground nnd Borry punted.
Rodgers made two ynrds ntound end.
Stack took Urquhart's place nt end and
Lunbere replaced Hopkins on the other
Rodgers punted and becauso a West
Virginia man tackled Berry before ho
received the ball, tho visitors were pen
alized 15 yards. This took the ball to
their 42-ynrd line.
The Quakers were penalized on the next
play 13 yards for holding and Berry
punted to Chenoweth, who sprinted back
In brilliant fashion for 15 yards. Rus
sell replaced Mathews.
Offside gave West Virginia 15 yards.
Hero Grant replaced Bell at quarterback
for tho Quakers. RodgotH tried a fako
kick, but could not gnltSk A forward
pass froan Rodgers was caugft by Wray,
tho Quaker centre, at mldneld.
Berry tried a forward pass, which Hlte
caught for West Virginia on tho vial
tors' 33-yard line. Hltb broko through
tho lino for 2 yards nnd Curry got an
other yard through Russell.
Wray and Stack threw Rodgers for a
loss ot 5 yards and .he had to punt to
Grant, who ran back 10 yards to tho
Quakers' 36-yard line. Welsh gained 2
yards through tho line and then Berry
punted to Chenoweth, who fumbled, but
Taylor returned for tho visitors on their
32-yard line.
Quigley took Berry's place at fullback
on the Quaker team.' Hlte made a yard
around Stack. Here the period ended.
Score: Pennsylvania, 7; West Virginia, 0.
The teams changed sides and Berry re
placed Quigley at fullback. Curry made
four yards, but Berry threw Rodgers for
a toss of four yards on a fake kick,
Rodgers punted to Berry on the Quakers
43-yard line. A fqrward pass hit the
ground j Berry lost threo yards on an end
run and kicked at once to Chenoweth, who
was downed on tho 30-yard line.
While the ball was in mo air a ti
Virginia man had held a Pennsylvania
player, and the Quakers were given the
ball on West Virginia's 40-yard lino. Hero
Dorlzas replaced Hennlng at guard.
Holding set the Quakers back 15 yards.
Berry kicked to "Chenoweth, who was
thrown on his 17-yard line. West Vir
ginia tried a complicated forwnrd pass,
.,-- A..t nt itmtnrifi nn their 38
wmen wciik vuv v- ..-.. -.- ------
yard line. Rodgers, on a wide end run,
made seven yards. Curry got around four
yards for the first down.
HIta made two yards off tackle.
West Virginia tried a swift play, of
which Rodgers made three yards.
Rodgers kicked to Grant, who ran the
ball back to West Virginia's 47-yard line.
Berry's forward pass hit the ground.
Tabor took Stack's place at left end.
Berry punted to Chenoweth, who was
thrown on the 15-yard line.
Rodgers tried to go through Dorlzas,
but lost a yard and in addition was laid
cut. TlBhe jeplaced Ross at left half
back for Pennf ' ' .
int. soinni im vnrds. then Rodgers
punted out of bounds on hla own 40-yard
line. Berry cut through for three yards
and then Welsh got three mora through
centre. Berry madif It a first down with
five yards through centre. Berry galled
on the next plunge and Welsh could get
only two yards through centre.
There was a fumble, but Welsh re.
turned the ball for Perm.
Berry tried a goal from field on the
40-yard line, but It was blocked. Th;
ball rolled out of bounds on the 16-yard
line where It was fumbled and a Quaker
returned it. Welsh gained four yards on
a centre plunge and then the game ended,
Final score. 7 to 0.
Ono Match In Interclub Tennis
..M,,il. ciwmutonahlp of the Interclub League.
l!4 tha WdadtlphU Crlckat Club, pBt,
Martin'. in ,h aem"DlIrol1,n4,of M,V''
one match was piayea in ine moi-
Set and dtfeited J. M. Watap and & II.
Hralar. but tha lows put up a alio flht
f2yYoalii th " set. S-0. n h. aatona
.!ittv managed to outgeneral their oppo
tha taw,. hft Laaeaw
(BBkkkkB' " "t-i j 4kviflHHftflswkWkWkWoH
jkWkWkWkWkWkVAHkWkWMkWkvsk 'S'k"kw kMBltl
kkkNBE. ft v"" " j iOiKflkS
ikkHkHsi Hk ' "r 4kBN Jiyikakkkl
v, XkBkBkflHKkSH " .. mrWMM . , JWkMiyj 'WPBkMkkMkki
lBHMVnnaHkv P-tM1 aMMiMikkMklikwfc, .kikWk:Mit!ji!ikWkB
kWkfeftHkBr m$jfilBKE2&miKK
BB&aii -MKffiflkkWtj llsH
(vmbvmwhuLvm -.- vHkPA'kBkBHkVsVv . 3) $ry 5'vt KwEfTts) -jsi f? jxi- Zft e' iw'SkA '' fl? i iifc StHJkJMHi
Tho E. G. TJudd Manufacturing Company nnd Ilnlo & KUIiurn Manufacturing Company teams played for tho
championship of the Industrial League this afternoon. The photograph shows Ebcrts declared safe in his
dash for home.
Philadelphia Poxers Show Su
perior Form in Ban
tam Tourney
Four to ono was the final scoro of tho
Intercity bantam tournament at the Na
tional Club's opening show of tho Beason
last night, with Philadelphia on tho win
nlng end. Low Tendler, Eddie O'Kccfe,
Young Dlgglns and Harry Smith carried
the Quaker City colors to victory, while
Johnny Solsbcrg, of Brooklyn, saved tho
out-of-town entries from a shut-out.
Participating in his 23d bout. Tendler
gnve a brilliant exhibition of boxing In
the wind-up by defeating Battling Reddy,
of New York. The Gotham glovcman
started out roughing Lanky Low, but the
Phlladelphlan kept his heud, fighting a
I cool battle. His stiff right jabs nnd left
uppercuts enabled Tendler to pile up a
snfe lend, and Reddy's puffed face at
the finish gave mute evidence of tho visi
tation of the local lad's punches.
Benny Kaufmnn was tho only Phllly
fighter who went down to defeat. Do
spite a nine-second knockdown In tho
second round, Benny fought a great bat
tie, but Solsberg's harder punches earned
him a shade victory.
Al Shubcrt, of New Bedford, Mass., was
O'Kecfo's victim. Eddie clearly outboxed
Shubcrt In every round nnd In several
mlxups at close quarters O'Kccfe also
outfought the New England battler.
By connecting with more telling
punches and being the nggressor, Dlgglns
was tho victor over Battling Lahn, of
Brooklyn. Freddy showed up well from
the beginning until tho conclusion of the
contest. The other out-of-town boxer
who wns beaten was Willie Jackson, of
New York, Smith being his adversary.
Sammy Harris, Bantamweight Chum
plon Kid Williams and George Chaney, of
Baltimore, witnessed the bouts from tho
ringside. Williams seemed to bo the n
tro ot attraction when he first took his
Speaking ot the Johnny Ertlo fight,
Harris' said: "Ertlo Is the biggest, false
alarm as a fighter that I ever saw. When
I said I would bet 5000 the Kid can knock
him out, I did not mean stago money,
and the St. Paul boy or any of his con
stituents can have tho wager at any tlmo.
The sooner the better."
Industrial League Leaders En
gage in Keen Game at
Strawbridge Field
The E. G, Budd team secured nn early
lead on the Hale & Kllburn ball tossers
this afternoon In nn Industrial League
game at the Strawbridge athletic
grounds, 63d and Walnut streets, by scor
ing ono run in the initial Inning.
Halo & Kllburn failed to tally in tho
f.rst framo. A good crowd wns pres
ent. Although the weather was more
or less applicable to tho gridiron game
tho players stuck to their tack. Ebets,
the Budd club's left fielder, tallied the
run In the opening Inning.
Gallagher and McCaffery was the bat
teries for tho Budds and Stewart and
Grlfllths for Halo & Kllburn.
Itumaoy, as.
Kberts, If.
Wahl. cf.
Flaher, rf.
Meadowcroft. 3b.
Coyle. 2b.
McCaffery, c.
Gallagher, p.
Clark, 2b.
Sylvester, rf.
Dixon, lb.
Welker, 3b.
Klndredan, If,
Fuller, cf.
Griffiths, q.
Stewart, p.
Malley, id.
Umpires Lycaa and McOowan.
for Hogg. Fisher filed to Whltted.
runs, one hit, no errors.
Vaughn replaced Hogg. Cravath filed
to Good. Luderus walked. Whltted lined
to McCarthy, whoso throw; to Baler
doubled Luderus. No runs, no hits, no
Good filed to Paskert, Mulligan singled,
to left. Schulta filed to 'Bancroft. Nle
hoft threw out Zimmerman, No runs,
ono hit, no errors.
Ntehoff fanned. Mulligan threw out
Burns! Demaree fanned. No runs, no
hUs, no errors.
Baler filed to Paskert. Williams went
out the same way. Whltted made a
great running catch of McCarthy's drive.
No rung, no hits, no errors.
Clever Shot Breaks; 23 at du Pont
WIIAUNGTON, Djel., Sept. 25.-On ac
count ot Important shoots In other places
the attendance at the du PonUTrapshoot
ing Club this afternoon was smaller than
usual, du Pont always holds a shoot, no
matter whatt he conditions, and this aft
ernoon a score of marksmen faced the
trap, despite all rival attractions. Some
good scores wera mad. Tho scores;
F. D, McCoy, 3; H. O. Flthsrland. ?! X
Evan, Jr., U; J. W. EvRn. 21t JI. D, AN
baugh, T: W- H. Appieton, 131 F Fen
nesay, 1; E. Cornog, lo; E. It. Jenks, 21;
K, 'M, Rosa 23; X Bwan U; O. V Ort, i
T wooa. b; is, ou rout, u; it. jr.
awlauMr. Ill T. C. Mftmluli. : T. Me-lln.
"ace Slightly Toward Left, in
at Waist and Let the Body
Expert Local
In tho previous articles on tho stance.
It has been said that tho manner In which
Vardon nnd Braid stand rl. e., tho posi
tion of the feet In, relation to tho ball
and the line ot play Induces the body
twist, which It is necessary to get. In
order to havo the power of tho body
come Into the Btroke, without any con
scious effort of the player.
If these articles aio read carefully and
the reasoning followed. It will bo scon
that their text is "Naturalness," that the
body Is allowed to do certain natural and
Instlnctlvo things, after having taken a
stinco nnd grip that permits freo natural
It Is tho placing of the. body In a con
strained nnd unnatural position and then
trying to make the different parts work
In an arbitrary manner that results In
stiffness, an Inability to hit freely and
powerfully, a general feeling of discom
fort nnd consequent failure. The essence
of tho play, of tho great golfer Is ease.
Now as to tho body twist, how tt Is In
duced and atnrted py the stajyje, as de
scribed. After having taken the stance
and addressed the ball, stand up straight
and face ns you would ordinarily, with
the feet In the position shown. You find
yourself facing slightly toward tho left
and that your body turned to assume this
To address tho ball again, bending nt
the waist,' you must twist tho body at
tho hips. Thus It will be seen that with
tho feet In tho position assumed by Var
don and Braid the others do tho samo
thing the body must be twisted to the
right, nnd It Is only a matter of letting
It continue to do so as tho club is swung
back to get it fully and in the proper way.
Furthermore, as tho address was re
sumed from tho erect position, tho knees
J. II. Term Addressing the Ball
moved Into perfect adjustment, without
effort on your part.
So it follows that by standing In the
position illustrated by the photograph!
of Vnrdon nnd Braid you. will do with
tho feet what Is dono with tho hands
(when they are placed as described In the
grip, as will bo seen more fully later),
start a turning movement, and, will have
done so automatically.
With grip and stance taken as shown
and described, and the reasons' for them
being understood, the back swing will
proceed easily and smoothly, It the line
I will Indicate is followed.
A large dance has been arranged at
Huntingdon Valley to wind up tho golf
tournament for the Berthellyn Cup, which
has, been going on all week. Mrs. Clar
ence H. Vanderbeck, champion of the
'United States, and Mrs. Caleb F. Fox,
once a finalist for tho said title, are
crossing golt sticks today, and there is
sure to be a hard match between these
The changes In the football rule for
181S are very simple. The following are
tbe principal alteration which spectators
should bear In ralndi
1, There must be four officials Inatead
of three, the uae of the Field Judge
being obligatory, Tho Held Judge In
stead of the Linesman Is new the time
keeper. I. Iteaubstitutlona are allowed only at
the beginning ot a period.
S. Working and Interfering-, wherein
playera throw their leg up In the air, Is
forbidden, and a 15-yard penalty Inflletsd
for flotation of th rule.
4. Centre are forbidden to make a
"balk" at snapping the ball,
(1. Kuunlog lato the fullback or punter
Is penalised by a loaa of IB yard. Kuoch
lng him I penalised by IS yard and dl.
0. The forward pas when thrown out
f bounds a a auoatUute for a punt I de
clared ap, Incompleted forward pass.
1, If a kreoud eligible man touches Ut
forward pas after It Its Hrst been
touched by an eMalUa player It tovoaaa
aa tocswiHilsil -
t i , inn -SiffsBaWyffrlM0' vl&&&
. r''r,,f;',-tyfty'T3y''-;y7?SSC
Relation to Ball, Bending
Twist at Hips, Advises
Golf Notes
old rivals. Mrs. Fox has already won
tho cup once.
Mrs. Vanderbeck reminds ono very
strongly of Gil Nicholls In tho wny she
plnya the game, especially In walking up
to the ball and addressing it. She has
much the same free swing, nnd brings
Just ns many cries of joy out of tho gal
lery. Mrs. Barlow and Mrs. Vanderbeck. two
of tho most glittering lights In tho wom
en's golfing world, played the best match
that has been seen in this city nil season.
Each player worked with all her heart,
nnd nearly every hole had the gallery on
Its toes. It was Bhot for shot and then
a heartbreaking effort to get a half.
Mrs. Barlow wns J,ust under all the
way, nnd the putts sho ran down from
all the corners of tho green startled tho
many pros and masculine stars In the
gallery. She showed nerves like blue
steel. She holed out for the hole off the
green on tho eight up a terrace. She
found the cup on tho Hth 15 feet away on
a winding shot over the tricky green for
a half, after Mrs. Vanderbeck hnd sunk
an equally long putt for a bird. Mrs. Bar
low found herself In that hopeless con
dition of being thrco down and three to
When she put her third to the long 16th
In the robust rough, tt looked to be all
dny, especially when sho Just got to the
edgo on her next. But she crawled and
wound over the humps and bumps right
to the nest, nnd won the hole. She grim
ly won the .next when she sank a five
footer, easiest of the easy to miss In a
crisis. She had to hole out a down
hill affair for the last hole, but missed by
a fraction.
Buxton, ono of the "first five" In the
State, played with tiny Miss Chandler,
whoso drive was far better than his on
the first. McFarland was nlso left far
behind by Mrs. Stetson's drive.
Mrs. Fox played her own game and won
out in the end, as she said, by the mis
plays of Miss Chandler. Tho latter had
her long game In excellent control, and
tlmo and again had two putts for the hole
ns tho result of deadly work with her
Iron and wood. But she groped blindly,
being utterly unable to locate It even
for a half dozen times.
Few women players could tnke her
measure if she could brace up this de
partment of play.
Mrs. Vanderbeck Is perfectly Justified
In being annoyed nt people In tho gallery
that Insist on standing behind the shot
in tho line ot play. A solid, motionless
background Is one thing, but ono or two
stragglers will upset the best of players.
Deposed Harvard Tutor Re-
ported to Have Been Sought
by Quaker Officials
It was rumored today that James S.
Wray, deposed head of Harvard rowing,
is being mentioned as next head coach at
tho University of Pennsylvania. Wray
himself Is mum on the subject, but It
Is known that certain Pennsylvania
graduates have long been sweet on
Wray's rowing methods and only last
summer tho Australian was In com
munication with the Quaker management
seeking terms.
Wray Is through with Harvard rowing,
a verbal contract with Chairman Herrlck
calling for four years' more of service
being his only contract at Harvard. Prom
Inent Harvard graduates would like to see
him at Penn, and the Harvard Athletic
Association or graduates would willingly
pay any difference between a possible
contract at Penn and tho agreement
which held the Australian at Cambridge.
James 8. Ten Eyck, Jr., and the veteran
Ellis jWard ore other men who are being
considered at Penn, it la said, but Wray
Is expected to be given tbe preference.
Won. Lost. rrt. Win. Lose. Spilt.
Phillies at eo .bss .ago .sis ....
Boston IT 84 ,SSa ,54J .833 ....
Brooklyn . .... tl AT JS85 .838 .881 ....
Pittsburgh .,.71 78 .177 .480 .473 ,,.,
Cincinnati ,.,. 75 .416 .419 ,41z ....
M. Louis ,,., 60 78 ,408 .471 .486 ....
New York .... 66 77 ,168 .465 ,488 ....
Chicago 66 77 .161 .405 ,488 .,.,
Won. Lost. 1'rt. Win. Lose. Split.
Boston ,,.,... OT 46 .678 .881 .874 ....
Detroit 01 fit .644 f.OlB t.ess ,g
Chicago 83 81 .01 .688 8.A7I .881
Washington , , 80 08 .688 .560 1.558 .563
New York . ... 65 70 ,481 .450 i.448 .463
M. Louis ... .08 84 .4t5 ,4l .4X8 ....
Cleveland ... 65 SI .877 .885 t.$J .878
Athletic 60 10) ,80 f.00 i.170 .261
Won. Lost, Vet. Win. Lose, Split.
Pittsburgh ... 81 08 J6 t.S78 t.85 .509
Chicago . ... 80 61 ,856 .858 JlJt . ,.
HU Luula 81 86 .816 ,688 ,651 ....
Newark . 74 68 .681 i.St 1.51J .811
Kansas City 75 00 .681 t.St7 .514 ,61
kMrirala 78 74 ,688 .47 .40 ..
8rouUrn . 70 78 ,118 .417 .470 ,.,.
tatotM " 4U t'W l-W
T8T8S "(Ff swBssTsssr 164J
HAVRE DE GRACE, Md., Sept. 86.
Hanson, tho favorite, rnn true to form
In the first race this Afternoon Bnd de
feated a fast field In the opening race,
at 5V4 furlongs. Joe Blair, n rank out.
alder, was second nnd Etruscan, the
second, choice, third. Tho time of tho
sprint was 1.06 1-5.
The summary:
Hrst rc. hnmllrnp, for .l-yrar-olda and up.
fi4 furlonm- lUrii.ln. 108. Cooper, even, 1 to
4, nut. won- Joe HUlr. loo, LtUty 12 to 1.
4 tn I 2 trf 1. iPTon.!: Btruaean, 117. T. Mc
TBltrt. 2 to 1. 1 to 2. 1 to ft, third. Time.
l:Ofl 14. Ilrae Cunarder, Tin Maaquerader,
Carbl.to anil Hlr John Johnann also ran.
Kecnnd mcf. aleenlechm.. 3vcar-olda nnd up.
S mllr Hrooact, 14S, Tight, 7 tn A. 2 to f.
1 tn 0, on; (Jo!rtn Vale, mo, aarMn, '43
tn 1. 4 tn 1. T tn r,. nn,l: Urty Ln. 141.
Ollbert. 8 tn 1, r. to -'. 4 to ft, third. Tim.
'in -. a. itarriirooK, Arrmnn. imnnnon Hirer,
Arcturua nnd Hen Dale alao ran.
Third rare. 3-ytHr.oltla nml up, mlto TO
yarda llepubllran, 108, T. McTosgnrt, 1 tn
B. T to n. T lo in, wrm: nagle. t, J. McTna-
fnrt, 4 to 1, H tn 8 7 to 10, cccon.l, Bquealrr.
. Cooper, 2 to 1, 7 tn 10. 1 to 3. third.
Tln. 1 11 lll.M.. All IfIt.,- tl-vla.l
Nepthrsstativart llrien andJesale, Jr., alto
ran. . W
Fourth rare, Old Kay Handicap, 3-year-olda
and up, mils and 70 yarda Btromboll, 110.
Ilutirrl, 2 to 1, 4 to 8, 1 to 8, won; Hlumlwr
II, lin, T. MoTrntgart, .1 tn 1. .even, 2 tn r,
aecondj Tartar, lis, McCahey, 11 to ft, 4 to 8,
I to .1, third. Time, 1 .42 2-8. The Finn, Ilou
ert tlrndlry and Holiday alao ran.
Fifth rare, aelllna. 2-yrar-olil maidens, B fur
tonaa Md of Dundee. 108. SIlnH. 7 In 8, 8 to
I, 8 to 2. won; lllack Coftre. 1(17, Mf-Rliey,
II tn 6, oven. 1 to 2, second: llll of the
Kttrhrn. 101, NlrklHua, 7 to 1 3 to 1, 0 In .1.
third. Time, 1:01 2.8. Knae JulWtttr, Friar
Nouuht, t.lfc, Jerry, Jr.. Ocmn Wave, vcdndo,
White Eye, Carmen and Illal Tinner alao n.
Sixth race, oiling'. 4-year-olda and up 1 l-IM
miles Stonchenge, 112, Troiler, 4 tn 1, a to I,
4 to 8, wonj Marry Warren, 10.1. Ilyrne. S to 1.
.1 to 1, 3 to 2. serond; I'etlua, 10.1, Mink. 18 to
1, n tn t, a to 1, third. Time, 1:4S. Cnnto,
Colonel Aahmeitdo, Afterglow, Towton FleM,
Yodellng, Calellla an Henry Hutchinson nlao
50-to-l Shot Shows Way Over 6
Furlongs to Favorite
WOODBINE, Ga.. Sept. 23. Kopje, with
Sterrctt up, won the first race here this
afternoon, nnd the players who were
fortunate to have put up (2 in tho Mu
tuels were repaid handsomely. One hun
dred and threo dollars for straight was
Sempsilla, the favorite, was second,
with Jim L. third. The time of tho first
race for 6 furlongs was 1:14.
""ho summary:
rlrst rare. i;uo added, aclllna. 3-year-olds
and up. fl furlonga Kopje. IK). Kterrett, tim.
2!M10. fli,M). on; Sempsilla. 111. nice. .70.
$3.70. aecond; Jim L.. 111. Schuttlnner. tll.'-JO.
third. Time. 1:14. Gold Cap. Mlnitrel. Kath
rrlne O., Ella Jennings. Frolaaart. Namleta,
Knyderoaeroa, McCllntock, llrandywlnc, KnlRtU
Differ nli.o ran.
Second -Rce. nurao S700. all ncrs. II furlonarn
Water Lady, 111, Callahan. Iti.RO. 2.IiO, !.!.
ncn, Kewesra, lin, nold'teln. t.1.80. $2.:tu,
econd: A. JJ. Akin. 102, Ward, J2.50. third.
Time. 1:1J. llctncon Lb and Southern Maid
uiao ran,
Third rare. Grey Makes, J1.VH1 added, 2
jeara. mllo-Candle. 10H, War-lngton, S0.2O.
2. 20, won; Prohibition, M4. Goldstein.
f.1.20. 12.00. aecond; Sands of Pleasure, 1(18.
Hmyth, :i.S0, third. Time. 1:12 1-5. lolltc,
Hosewatcr and Karly Sight also ran.
Fourth race. Ilcndre Steeplechase handicap,
$1800 adduU, 4-year-olils nnd up, about 2
nillrs, new course Kxtou. 130, Williams.
4.80, 2.30, out.' won; llryndonn, lift, Wolke,
$2.80, out aecoml; Stuc$o. 14(1. O'Connor, out.
third. Time, B:."i. Joo Gaiety and New Ha
ven also ran. 'Coupled In betting, no show
Fifth race. Ontario Jockey Club Handicap.
$2000 added. 3-year-ohls and up. 2U mllea
Handier. 113. Hmyth, 3.TO. :t.40 and I2.B0,
won; Light Wing, III'. Collins, $7.N and S'l.ln.
aecond: 'Fountain Fay. 08. Callahan. S2.IMI.
Time. 3:80 :-.". Uarnrgat. 'Plato Olaas, Hearts
of Oak, Martian and Tactics alRo ran. Thorn
cllffe entry,
Kederis Pilots Winner of First
Race at 5V Furlongs Dolina
Gets Second Money
LOUISVILLE, Ky Sept. 23.-Bernlnl.
with Kederis In the saddle, was tho real
good thing today, and lived up to the
touting by coming home under the wire
first In the Inaugural 6H-furlong dash.
Dolina was second and Joslo third.
Tho summary:
First race, selling, 2-year-old miles, 6t4 fur
longs Brrnlnl. 10."i. Kederis. SR 20, 4.:w nnd
$3.30, won: Dolina. I'M, Lapaille. fl.HO and
j.1.10, second; Jnale, 100. Henry. S3.r. third.
Time, l:02-3. Olive Mcflee, Lachls. Hayonare,
Flossie Walker, Innovation, Htaranlse, Jennie
Hmall, Anna 1-ou and Argument also ran.
Second race, rolling, 3-year-olds ami up, 0
furlongs Marlon Ooosby, lot. Judy, (34, ill0
and SS.70, won; Othello. Ill, Mstcalf, $1.20
and $3.20, sec.nd; Hawthorne. 112, (lardnor,
$3.00. third. Time, 1:12. Undaunted. The Nor.
man. Billy Joe, Maeva, White Crown, Korfhage
and Miss Fielder also ran.
Third race, handicap, 3-year-olds and up,
1 Hmllca-llonk O'Day. 00. Garner, $S.&0. $3.40,
won: Llndenthal. 08, Kederis. $3.fO and $3.40
second; Malar Star, 10B. Keoah. $3.h0. third.
Time. 1 :S1 2-.1. Mingling, John Qund and
Beach Comber also ran.
Wilmington II. S. Held Without Score
WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. 25. Wil
mington High School and Downlngtown
High School played a 0 to 0 football game
this attornoon. Tho visitors brought a
team much stronger thnn expected. Both
sides played excellent football.
Amateur Boxing Bouts
At the flayety Theatre the two bouti
118-pound class resulted as follows;
willlania beat Frank Kara In threa
Eddie Llnd stopped Bobble Ersklns In two
In th first special bout Harry Grimes
beat liarrm Kllburn In four rounds, and Kid
tiieger and Young Mack boxed a tour-round
Draw at Ludlow A. C.
At tha Ludlow Athletlo Club Eddie Hart and
Terry Fltigerald boxed six fast rounds . and
at th end It was a toss-up between them.
Bobby Hayes stopped Johnny Woods tn on
round. Whltey Flttgerald beat Young Austin
In six rounds. Frosty Anderson beat Pat
Clrawley In two rounds. In th opening bout
Young Gritfo stopped Young Campbell In on
National Theatre Bouts
Th amateur boxing tournamenta which ware
so successfully Inaugurated by John C. Eck
hardt at th National Theatre on Wednesday
msni will V9 continued mi evening.
Favorite in First Event nt 5ij
Furlongs Comes Through,
With Joo Blair Second
The Germany of NOW
i"!nrrre? Tt. fctlellan T'rlnpe.tr.n imftnnf srifl fftrm,, Utvn,
of Nf w York, writes pf military, social and ccoooniic condi. I j
lions m ucriuauy aucr visiting' praciiciiiy every- part i me
empire. Mr. McClellan declares that food is plcHtirui, the
?eople resolute and confident of victory and that he found
awcr indications pf war than in other Mlettit coutttriet,
Ills article appears In
Bostonian Defeats Miss Crem
well, of This City, 6'0 and
6-1 Nowhall-Ostheimer
Doubles Winners
MANHEIM, Pa., Sept. S.-Mls Allco
Cunningham. Longwood Cricket Club,
Boston, won the Philadelphia and dis
trict lawn tennis singles championship
at the Germsntown Cricket Club, Man
htlm, today by defratlnr Miss Marion
Cresswell, Philadelphia. Cricket Club, the
1!14 winner, Jn the challenge round of
the annual tournament.
Tho Boston girl's victory wns gained tn
straight sets nnd with the loss of but a
single game nt 6-0, 6-1.
Mrs, W, P. Newhnll nnd Miss E. J.
Osthelmcr, Germantown, sprang some
thing of a. nurprlso by defeating Miss
Cunnlnghnm nnd Mrs. F. M. Fulton In
tho final round for tho doubles title. Tha
winners plnying a deep court game en
tirely and keeping tho Bostonlans away
from tho net. whero they nre unusually
effective, triumphed at 6-t, 7-5.
Tho final mixed doubles" went threo sets
before Miss Sarah Myers nnd J. S. Diss,
ten, Jr., defeated Miss Edith Hunk and
Drooko Edwards. Tho scores were 8-7,
3-0. C-2.
The summaries:
Challenge Kound. i
Mist Allen Cunningham Lontwood, Beaton,
defeated Miss Marlon CreaweJl, Philadelphia
Cricket Club. 0-0. O-l.
Championship Bound.
Mrs. W. P. Kewhall and Miss E. O, Ost
helmcr, Uertnantown, defeated Mlsa Alice Cun
ningham and Mrs. F, M. Felton, Longwood,
Demon, 0-4, 7-3.
Championship Bound,
Miss Sarah Myers and J. ft. DUffon, Jr.. de
feated Miss Edith Bunk and Brooke Edwards,
0-7, 3-0. 0-2.
United Boat Club Holds Carnival
WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. 25 This
afternoon and evening tho United Boat
Club held Its annual river carnival.
There was a parade late this attcmon
for motorboats nnd canoes with prlges
offered by tho club for the best deco
rated boats.
The prizes will be announced this even
lng. Thero were two divisions In tha
parade, ono of which was composod ot
motorboats and tho other of canoes.
Mayor James F. Price, Congressman
Thomas W. Miller nnd a number ot other
prominent people wero present.
Conqueror Lands Jump
NEW YORK. Sept. 25. Conqueror, the
Jumper belonging to Mr. A. J. Devereaur,"
ot Philadelphia, lived up to his title by
capturing the Suffolk Plate event, a
three-mile race over the hedges, at the
United Hunt meet held here this after
noon at Belmont Park Terminal. Tha
vlgtory ntoned for tho defeat suffered
last Saturday by Conqueror, which was
n. length behind M, J, Shannon.
First race. 2year-oM. colla niiL. ''Idlngs,
auownncea, a'fc furlongs Tho earn t
naratua Haiti. 1110: rosuck. 100; r?nT-2eKa
100: Manfred. 10-.I; Al Pierce, 100; JJ-ir. 109;
jhck i, uowu, it': iTimero. ua.
Second race, celling;,- 3-year-olds, 0 far
longs "Andy If.. 10U; Tory Maid, DOj -Mars
Cassndy. 102; Fleet Abclle, 104, Mex, 104;
A nut ion, 107; Liberator. 107; Dr. Carman. 107,
Third rare, selling, .'(-year-old and up. 11-16
miles Fldgot, M7; African Heau. IW. Lady
Mailcnn, ON; Mx! Stein. 103; Fltigerald.
103; -La Mode, la:!; Obolus, lOrti Transport,
10S; Counterpart, 108; ?rlsh Gentleman. 11L
Fourth race, handlrap, all ages. O furlongs
Ohetto Olrl. DO; Dr. Larrick. 07, Dlmltrl. 100;
Prince Hennls, 103; llojcoe Goose. 100; Ed
Crump. 1GH.
I.lftn race, aelllnff. 4-vear-nldn and lin. fl
furlongs -Lockland. 103: Chilton King, t(B;
' Mack II. irubanlis. 103; Ha'penny. 103;
Oldsmoblle. 103: Chadrach. 100: Erin. 108:
Sure Get. lot; Oabrlo. ins; Oakland, 103. Hoc.
Illr. IDS; Silver Bill. HIS.
Sixth race, allowances, 2-yrar-clna. 0 fur
longs Kathleen. 10.1; John. Jr.. 10S; Prince,
Harry. 103; Canerun. Ill: Big Brooke. 111.
Seventh race, selling, 3-year-olds and UP.
1 1-1(1 mllen 'Malabar, l: Ht, Clurleoote. lOli
L. II. Adair. lf; Fdlth W . irrl tr
Actress, 101; Chllla, 108; -Raoul, 100; John,
Beanlon. 112.
Apprentice nllowance claimed.
First race, for 3-year-olds and, up, selling, 8
furlongs. Dinah Do, 10.1. Martin i aaro. 104;
Batwa. 104 1 Sliver Moon. 100; Vanlr. 101;
Hey Oak wood. Itl, HUlca, 100, Humiliation.
Oil; Tie Pin. 0.1: Alhena. 103, 'Napier. 104;
True As Steel, 10; Scallywag. 104; Sarsanet;
1(1.1; Plantagunet. 11.1, 'Volant, 100; Sir Wm.
Johnson. 1'; Marjoile A., 101; Scaramouch,
110; Great Surprise, 00.
Heoond race, lor 3-year-olds and up. BteepTB
chase. aelllna, ulxjut 2 mllea Ida llclck 112;
Alton (formerly Free Trade), 137, Ilobert
omer. 147; A-Jerfeldy, 137; Julia, 142. Bocka
Third race, 2-year-oHs, the Trenton Belling'
stakes, n't furlongs Tom Kdnard, loi. Hidden
Star, loo; Fernroek. 107; 'Lily Heavens. MH
Sky Pilot. 10.1: Success. 103; Plumose, m;
Golden List. 102. '
Fourth race, an ages, handicap. 1 mile wad
70 yards Buckhorn, 112; Sandman II, of;
Addle M.. 08; Sam McMeektn. 102.
Fifth race, for 3-year-oIds and up, salting,
I mil" and 70 yards Taak, 0; 'Easter Staff
1UU. Aneraw. iv". far. iim. 'itoKtff ,
Gordon, 100; 1'ago White. Pp; Miss Clara. WlK':
lolton lop, jvw, -hbj vaiiKvwj, u,. enio-, 1
00; Jesse, Jr., 10R; Ben Levy. 108; Brian V
Boru. 103; 'Early Light. 103: 'Front HoysJ,
100. Mary Warren. 105; Menlo Park, 102, d
Sixth rare, for 2-year-olds. selling. SJJ fur. .
longs-Qood Counsef. 110: Bob lledfleld. 107! '
itumroer. 11(1: 'Ilfsh Horse. 101 IfaVMiiA.
101: My Bonnie. 10S, Benjamin, 103. 'Servta.
tin: 'Little Alta, Ml: E.lna Kunna. 110: Mo
stone. 0; 'Kuih Strickland, oo. "Eddie
1(12; Chlvator 10H; Lndy Atiln, 101 'In i
Out, in; rom. iim; -ur, urrmer, wg.
Apprentice Mranann cjainieu.
Bit Bacea Dally Including a Steeplechase,
Special Trains! Penua. It. It. leat Hr4
Ht. Iti3ia p. in., ll'est l'hlls, ItiSS u. isu
B. ft O. leave tlth Chestnut Sts7, 1JI48
p. tn.
Admission, Orandstand tt PaddocK,
81,60. Ladles. 11.00.
first Bars at t80 D. tn,
I. , 3
OT.YMPTA A A 'oad Ilalnbrldr.
Sensational IJuntam Show
Aimi! MI.MONS tb. YOUNU O'l.KARY .
SSiWsSeiemSSi8!J.Sr-e ,
--to ut m-m W m mmm m w,y p . ,