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ited Contest for Junior
Sagamore Reclamation of
Suspended Members.
usento Tribe. Trtll have several candl
JZz ,. admission on tomorrow's sleep",
KC4 crowd Is anticipated. Tho team
"a . -m ... T)af Raeham HlnrrA W-
unea uj -" .T , j . .i.
ton 1 SHU n vna icau iu vuo lueiu-
kin contest.
m. .trlnK band, recentlr organised
W tne ie-.uormi l .w...v. .....,
.-.iTd several more players, and
IS make a good showing.
Broiner wmuw 01""ttiV"S"Ar:(t;"
FCr' Members," which much im
lEuflotl the Delinquent Committee.
kTIl n.t.sm Tmtnh ITnrrowr. r.hlnf ftf
Libras of Piute Trlbo, was clftdly wel
led. HO BPOSO OH uia BUUJCVib via buo-
lens and of the great need of haying
nlttees appointea 10 ioiiow up tne
ttssetlve members ana Keep ineir ac-
iti n th6 rlght Bld0 ot tho IeaEcr-
with the election to do neia on tornor-
W sleep, interest Is centred in tho
Lines, ono of the candidates, has
band alt ready for tho affair, and
d Brothers McKeeyer, Hughes, Oreen
Henry nominated for tho samo post
n the members expect an overflow at-
tMeutjr Great sachem John M. camera ,ao-
feamosnlea V7 ran oacnem ueorB v. mcnoi
Ism made their regular visit to Piute Tribe
Mr an eloquent address, receiving much ap-
Hue. isroiner wamero iceis eur inai me
r-s ot Tlutc are going to show an Increase
kit erm and standa readjr at all times to help
Thm fallowing membera havo tilede-M their
HTYlcea toward the work of the Dakota Aso
jltlon. T. 8. Melvln, 1 8. Dougherty, P. 8.
ramero, nrother Qreen and Drother Henry.
All newly formed body expecta to tako an
ctlie part In the degree work.
I Communication was received from tho Great
Baphem on the subject of BUSDenalnna. Th
present Delinquent Committee will visit all
tiueleas membera and hopes to make a favor
it! report,
- Part Sachem GreenhaUh. treasurer of the
funeral Reimbursing Association, mad a
livcwaole report for the fiscal year ending
juiv a', inere are e triDes enrolled, with a
Ctmbemhlp of 4010, an increase of 12S8 mm).
rs Thla association la to be congratulated
Ian. the financial and numerical Inrranaa Th
Jcrils are safely Invested In gilt edge securities.
Any Information relative to Joining this or
tsanlistlon will be furnished by tli secretary,
. IV. W Gamble, or tho treasurer. J. It. Green
'hallh, at the Great Council offices in Phlla
leViphls. h riconta Tribe will be raised by Washita
tTrtbe on next Friday's sleep. On October 0
in uesree team will trail to Koxborougb to
raw the chiefs of Wa-Watum Tribe.
Tne Anniversary Committee of Mingo Tribe
a-- , H",ri tiMk an uroiners do present on
I election night, tomorrow, to give suggestions
t t M??wnlf I1" 'or thn banquet, which will
i Uheld to celebrate the 20th anniversary.
F members attending 'on this sleep will
t'lr'. ' w opportunity or selecting their
uchlefi for the coming term. Tha following
n wifl wwi iibl vi iiuiiiincea ror ine cnioi
talncles: Prophet. Maurlco Levy: aachem..
WelVn Perllsh; senior sagamore, Moses Levi;
ramor sagamore. Marry liani. Max Price and
L rtflla ahAM a A -. a a Vvf - mw
3 "I.."' ""'!. lruiee, ai. wegman, mere
iwlll be something doing In tho fight among
fthe competitors. The steward and bis ataff
have promised an elaborate "feed" for tlfo
evening, P. B. John F. Thompson, chief of
icvvrufl, Yfm nave aomeimng to say. i'. a.
, and will be specially appreciated.
inq loiiovring ara u tew oi tne past sacnems
that participate In the weekly good times:
Juiltb Levy, Joe Savldge, J. Golblum, J.
Bledtnthal, Joe Mycra, John Thompson, Jo
seph UcCorkle, Louis Henry, Max Macbler.
Tbe ttay-at-homca are mlsslns a good thing.
Wyoming Tribe, tbe oldest tribe In the Stale,
ltS On last Friday sleep, presided over by tho
rppauio eacnem, ucorge tsonem, wnose term
Ttas teen a ery successful! one.
P. 8. William Shields, chairman of the
(.Jubilee Committee, reported that the commit
gtee's work for tbe year had been brought to a
t eurceuxui conclusion, anowing a nice gain in
wampum, vblch waa turned over to the
P. S. bi icker reported on the Dakota As
sociation Committee, giving a synopala of Its
.work and requesting all brothers to attend tha
MU meelng at Yuba tribe.
. A communication asking for at least five
anemoers to Berve on ine uaaoia, isegrce -ain
was responded to by more than tbe required
v Deputy Great Sachem StsSens spoke of,th
(coming visit to 37, to ratso the chiefs onMhe
-CTJ, u. WIVUEI U, .,V. ,11, lib t.,1. ..,uo ."-
179 expected a large delegation and would
make preparations for a royally good time.
All members ot No. T are requested to turn
out tor wis trip.
Among tha visitors present waa the noted
estoma maker. I', S. Dan Cremen, who has
become a good speech maker. P. 8. T. J.
SmVtb, who has been away gave a brief talk.
Nominations for chiefs closed on Brother
Sshem for prophet: Shilling, for. sachem:
oris, for senior, 'and Ilayer and Walsh for
junior, ine last namea canuiuie io ku
and popular members and a selection la mpat
Uflcult. nd Men are welcome at tho wig
wam, 716 Wharton street.
Pint yiaA Ida tinnnr nt en! ertfltnfner Denutv
I Sachem John Cameron on last Thursday's
sleep. He gave an effective talk on tbe order.
V. S. Walter D. Baytia and P. B. Nlckelson
alio responded to the pieaainga ot ine nromcr.
The'trlba lost by death ono of Its old brothers,
Sfdmr Xina.
Several brothers of Piute have volunteered
to serve on tbe Dakotah Association degree
Ik P. S. John Lodge had tho ralslng-up team
n the floor rehearalnc after doing the floor
iwork. Thla will bo a feature at the raising
vi ujs coieis oi aienno oe i irnvciiiin
After the council fire waa quenched tbe
committee served refreshments. Brother Hill
Jones, the "nolaa actor." had tha band nlay-
ling popular airs, to the delight of tbe broth-
Tt-lAnlra HVIKa fiaa ,.,aa tha ,,.lmi(t.n
ef Brother Edgar B. Gardiner aa keeper of
WasiDUm. on nrAilnt nt hla removal frnm the
dty. He waa a member of the tribe for IT
years and missed only about six meetings In
all that time. The tribe presented him with
a silver cup, which waa greatly appreciated
try the brother, who said ho did not expect
anything from the tribe, as It waa every broth
ers duty to do what he could for tha benefit
or the order. The Degree Association also
KMented him with a gold ring with the em-
Bltnte Of tha Had Man anil Ylnlnmalrara Tha
,rlbs will keenly feel the loss of thla brother
rat has taken the aachem a part In the rata-
-up tram as wen as aacnem or the degree
Chltfa of Tionkn Trlha will h ralaaA
' Tacoma TrlbA ErMav. ftftnhar 1. anrt in
SUfldar. October 7. Talnnka. wim (rail In
ncony to raise the chiefs of Tacoma.
Wautl. m-, -- . .
B-;-Fa..a, f ,u nvo act avsiae veanesaay.
fJi ei i?0, " cUm night. Special rates
i ar-; hi'iwim kto graniea o avu woo join on
I .Pel data. Tha. nimh.r, ara ra.lrlnv .k
Rri.2.a.v'00lc. 'Pr l-Tf Increase to
EJ1', Tribe at thla time. New membera
jusut proua of oeionginr to thla
Htlc, hustling Ulbe. A fine window dls-
t tTla. HnBa,-i ako.a aa a. 1-S
EzTt ?5JvBouttl tti h hn ar-
I auvi"r aioaopa Auai. junior eaffa-
ww U a.ttractlng favorable comment.
TJ Trfte haj taken up the auspemlon
-r -7 wtiwniraenara uj in rfeat
, rr ? - tvHiuHf coiiuTiiiiBea 10)
f s.v.r. iwra waiii, uy inn means
'wpect to aava many brotbem from bejn
T at the last, meeting.
i J2P,P.Wty Great feachem's. Association will
El fnr p.l-i, meUns; on Monday avenlng.
SrEaia' th. "MPoso ol allowing the deputies
' mm mona mad. out for the
Bu2iUR ofa th. different tribes in October.
i aSETi.i:bu J,,ar I" hla work, and the
tBTiatna? inJS "fled that 'thira nSn
iSLStu. tiltif Uu,lr "w "" this a
eSrSri-?larrlb. " "tsea In
nthar. .wx ; r?., rff gainenng or
sSSfiift"?. $. rloodsu anticipated.
wlntV-,f,:'to'0tr-.U.. Matoaea
t wiarX r,SP,Vv P'nochla party
lWS iSaa.!0"'!!?;' corn-r of Croad
i dlatruwudT "" "" u""u Pnaes
S?l??f . PropoaKIons . for
markii TiTK,?SS? "JS Ule "rothers
-.T?il.VT"y'd,,rtn the past moon.
iITa"Tr.."' ' B?K P.aive tribes
a,Ti rp,Ha worta over ni.eq0,
tS..Wayp ?& -AtoioiiTwb. will
i kSTJaVSr owsMBHtse of Hatoaea
?a,ji?Si.M o.rty ? ,km ' ,b erdor
( pii.3i iT wf ,a caair. Ta-
.e convauUoB asauvta la, riiriaii..'. ..
uSSST a ' wl,Uo i1
A.f?.'1 ? tm Vnd reed rsHewsMt) wlH ttrtet
of the rainbow ot Joy to a large delegation.
Mandan Tribe's annual entertainment and
dance will be given en Wednesday evening,
October is, at Odd Fellows Mall, Tlst street
and Woodland avenue.
Shawnee Council, No, SVi. held IU regular
monthly meeting on Friday evening last. Two
applicants Joined, one being an eld friend. John
McShana. formerly an active member. A dele
gation from No. 833 H, was present.
Secretary Krall fa preparing to call a spe
cial meeting when the great chiefs will be able
to be present.
Other tribal members net connected with a
council will be accepted with Shawnee mem
bers, provided they can ahovrcood standing la
their home tribes.
Mlllof Lodgo's Wonderful Progress.
Nominations for Ofllcera
Mills Lodge on Thursday night last
conferred the second degree In full form
on ten candidates. Brother John Talt,
or unesnpeake Lodge, No. 123. Norfolk,
Va., taking the second degree by the
request ot hla lodge. Among the visi
tors were: Brother 19. D. Shift, of On
ward Lodge, No. 69, Jennlng, La.; 1L M.
Burns, ot North Vancouver Lodge, No.
5, British Columbia, who, In tho courso
of his remarks stated that his lodge was
Instituted on Friday, the 13th, with IS
charter members, he said that up to
tho present time no 111 luck had befallen
them; Brother J. Thanhauaer, of Ma
lono. No. 78, New York: J, 33. Ityan,
of Drozel, No. 10M, Brother J. B. Will
iams, ot Good Samaritan, No. 11, Taun
ton, Mass.; Brothers James Lotmella
nnd John W. Bentley, of Metropolitan
Lodge, No. ISO.
P. O. James McMlchatl, who has Just
returned from tho Everglades of Florida,
Is still ".porting his tropical wardrobe
to tho envy of all the boys.
Tonight the third degree In full form
will be put on.
On Thursday night, September 80. elec
tion of officers will be held and also a
reunion ot Post Grands. Mille hopes
to see many. If not all. Past Grands
present, aa this Is set asldo as a Past
Q rands night. Visitors are always moat
cordially welcome.
The fact that the occasion was unusual,
coupled with the publicity given, made the
services ot Ivy Lodge, at the North Broad
Y, M. C, A., Inst Sunday afternoon, a success
In every way. Tho gymnasium was crowded
with men and the services were greatly en
joyed by all. It la probable that Odd Fellowa'
day may become an annual affair at the
Y. M. . A.
Nominations were made laat Monday evening
for tho arIous offices to be filled at tbe elec
tion next Monday. There will be no opposition
for any office except that of third member of
tho visiting committee, for which many candi
dates were named.
Next Saturday evening has been assigned as
"Ivy Night" at the Home for Orphans. Ogontx
nnd Chelten avenues, Germantown. .The chil
dren will entertain the membera of Ivy Lodge
ard their frlcnda, and, aa in former years, a
large gathering Is anticipated.
Olive Branch Lodge bad a large attendance
last Friday evening. "Pop" Hobdell got In
harness again, and it did tho boys good to see
him. In the nomination of officers, there are
alx randldatea for the office of third member
of the tellef, Thla points to a hot contest, as
all are sure of winning. The lodge stood in
silence in memory or Brother Richard, who
haa Just passed away, making seven deaths
tula year.
Olive Branch Lodge has organised a society
to be Known as tne aiirc nno abbocikuuii, .-.
1. It has an Initiation ceremony, signs, grips
and rasa-words, and the object is to create
good fellowship among the members and take
care of all social features. It meets the last
Friday ot each month. There are 65 membera
up to date.
The initiation foe is 23 eenta and dues i 10
cents a month. The following Needles
(brothers) are officers for the present year:
Ule Ptirt Pine. George Hobdell: Branch of
Big Stiff Pine. William S. McCandleas: Keeper
of Rap, Charles Stevens: Inside Twig, Jacob
Ackley; Cone, Joseph White.
7?enderton Lodge conferred tbe first .and sec
ond degreea on Tueaday night, and the fol
lowing brothera were nominated: N. G Harry
Regner; V. O.. Clarence Hopkins: secretary,
Al Harvey: treaaurer, W. Zimmerman, trus
tee. George Tucker: representative to O. L.,
Joseph S. Tomllnson: representative to o. tr.
Home, William Bunt; representative to pr-
fhanage. A. B. Wannoo: third member relief,
loraco Michael, J. C. Pallatt. C. B. Rogera.
At the Odd Fellows' Home last Sunday the
services were under the auspices of Merlon
Lodge. The Itov. Henry Gelkle, paator of
Lower Merlon Methodist Kplocopal Church, ot
Uladwyn, preached the sermon. The muslo
was In charge of a quartet composed of Miss
Helen Halts, Mlsa Evelyn Evans. Dr. Al
der R. Evans and Orion K. Kline; Miss Mary
E. Baughan, accompanist. An .address was
msrte by President Slpps.
"Genevieve Rebekah Lodge, of Taeony, had
charge of the services at the Rebekah Home,
The sermon wu preached by the Rev. Robert
Edwards, rlctor of Holy Innocents' Episcopal
Church, of Taeony. The music was under
the direction of Miss Ruth Oliver. Miss Ethel
Stevens, soloist. President Mary A. Engle
man made an address.
At the Odd Fellows' Orphanage the services
were In charge of Manatawny Lodge, of Potts
town, a large delegation coming down in auto
mobiles and chartered trolley care. Tho sermon
waa preached by the Rev. L. K. Evans, pas
tor emeritus cf Trinity Reformed Church.
Pottstown. The muilo waa by the home
chorua and orchestra: Miss Mary Tuaon, so
prano, soloist. Addresses were made by Past
brand Patriarch S. T. IS. Mllhouae. who pre
sided: Mrs. Elltabeth McDonald, of Pittsburgh,
president of the Pennsylvania Rebekah Stats
Assembly; Grand Master J. P. Hale Jenkins,
President Charles B. D. Richardson and Rob-
' The services at the Old Men's Home next
Sunday will be held under the auspices ot
Walker Lodge, No. 300, of Germantown,
Si fSff. t1 faSt' aa. S al
NaVVuW9' .' .aaBBL- iaraBBBBvT
w5SbbbW V? BaaBa'
ll -T- &T ' '
U-lT1S3aaauBaM i i
gains and received worthy mention. .The
above-named councils will each receive a large
silk American flag from th State Council. .
Th Uniform Rank ot the erganlsatlon and
tne omciai organ or tne jr. J. u. a,
Grand trustees Foresters of
were Indorsed by th seaslon and much otner
legislation pertaining to the welfare of the n
organlxatlon waa acted on for th best Inter- I
esta or the order.
The following officers were elected for the
next year State councilor, Samuel O. Scott,
Toughkenamon Council, No, f06! State vie
councilor, R. II, Baldwin, Sloeum Council,
No. 371, mttaton! Junior past Stat councilor,
J. K. Horner, Eureka Council, No. 88, Pitts
burgh! Stat treasurer. Charlea Kauffman.
Relief Council, No. 2, Philadelphia! national
representative from Western district, Thomas
O Shell.
In a close contest for next ptaee ef meet
ing between All-Mown nd Philadelphia, thla
city was selected. The delegates were well
entertained by th membera of TJnlontown,
being shown all the places of Interest, th
feature being a trolley rid et 80 mile
through the ooke making district.
The feature ot tha week waa tha street
parade, ihera being fully 6000 Juniors In tin.
The various councils wer commended for
their neat appearance and the beauty of the
floats in line.
Th National Orphans' Hem at Tiffin, O.,
was visited by soma of th dtlegatea, who
wer much Impressed. The new school build
ing then erected by th Juniors In Ohio is
on of th most modem and up-to-date build
ing ot tooay. mere nr aooui ami cnuaren
In the home and there are only three In the
this smoker something unusual, and a large
attendance la expected. '
Court Quaker City turned out In larg num
bera In the new hall, Franktord and Lehigh
avenues, to give a welcome home to Past
Chief Ranger George Slnnamon on hla return
from San Francisco aa representative to th
Suprem Court, where he was elected supreme
medical examiner. In submitting his report
ot the Supreme Court he gave an interesting
description ot his Journey through the West,
speaking for ons hour and 20 minutes. Doctor
Slnnamon Is a very enthuslaatlo Foreater, and
haa been a delegate to the Grand and Supreme
Courts for many years, and he highly deserve
the honor th supreme Court has conferred on
him. Tha ,nn,al.llnn af tha -Mir, waa ,1,
pressed In the form ot resolutions and or- J
aerea spread on the minutes.
Among the visitors present were D. O. C. R.
Harry Young, of Court Brotherly Love, and P.
C. R. Robert Edward, of Court Mount Pleasant.
Brother Edwards la an honorary member ot
Court Quaker City.
The Committee ot Arrangements were Past
Chief Ranger Alexander Edward, chairman:
P. C. It. Harry C. Mtrts, P. C. It. John Mc
Glnnli, p. c. R. Harry Gibson and Brother
Clement Eddleman.
. Court Robert Morris held sn interesting and
Instructive meeting on Monday evening. The
campaign to make tho momberahlp 200 by the
first of tha year Is progressing very satisfac
torily and brought forward a lively discussion.
The Interest shown by the members present In
dicates a very prosperous season.
The Funmakcrs will open their fall and win
ter program on Monday evening, October 4,
With a musical nnd smoker, and all membera
of the court are earnestly requested to be
.resent. Refreshments will be served. The
committee In charge Is doing everything in
its power to make tbe entertainments a success.
Two Philadelphia Councils
Make the Largest Gain in
the State New Officers
Frrtornal Patriotic Americans Con
duct Monster Ceremonies
Fidelity Council, No. 21, of Bristol,
presented four magnificent flags to the
publio schools, of Bristol and Bibles to
all the classrooms last Saturday after
noon amid, tho greatest enthusiasm.
More than 1000 members from Philadel
phia were present and made a very ex
cellent showing. The Philadelphia dele
gation was led by State Councilor Shene
man, assisted by P. S. C. Harry N. Solly.
Tho Franktord Band furnished music for
tho delegation and following thereafter
camo the great guards ot Diligent Coun
cil, No. 4, under command of Captain
Thomas O. Wilde, members of Diligent
Council, No. 4, band guards of Falrvlew
Council, No. 62, and members, and In
the rear members of the various councils
of Philadelphia. The members of Fidelity
Council, No. ZL turned out in full force.
Members of tho order from New Jersey,
and particularly Camden, as well as the
regiment under command of Colonel W.
M. Morris, wero In line.
The rout of parade was over tho entire
limits of Bristol, and th showing made by
this greatest ot all American organisations
was evidenced by the appreciation and ap
plause of thousands who lined every street
on tha lontr Una of narade. ThA rltv waa it,n.
orated very beautifully with bunting and
American flags. Several brass bands were
Disced at various sections ot the line. At the
First and Main school Brother Alexander M.
D Haven waa the orator and presented la
telling words the Bibles and flags, which
were accepted by tha chairman ot the board
of dtrectora in a truly American addreas.
After music and singing "America" by a
mighty chorus of school girls and boys, the
lln waa reformed and stopped at the other
schools, at all of which a salute waa fired
by the respective 'gunrds In line. At the last
school the presentation was made by Stat
Council Secretary Ford, whose words were ap
plauded by the nst throng In attendance.
The ceremonlea continued until after dark. At
th conclusion of the parade, the school chil
dren and all membera were Invited to a large
lawn, where refreshments were served la
bounteous atyre.
A union meeting of councils was held last
Thursday evening at Cohockslnk Council, No.
r20. at which State Councilor Sheneman and
many of the deputies were present.
Union meetings ot councils will be held to
morrow evening at Grace Council, No. Gil.
814 North Broad street, and next Tuesday
evening at Anna M. Ross Council, No. OKI,
4823 Woodland avenue, to which all membera
are earnestly Invited.
Preparations ar being mad for monster
flag presentations for October, as follows:
Frankford Council, No. 170. October 3, and
Col. John Clark Council, No. 615. Holmes
burg, October, 10, IT and 24. Invitations will
shortly be Issued for these and every Council
la asked to Intere-t their members In attend
ing all of these Important events.
KAlNMAKiaoir AlttWICA,
ftr sbiSrtiA 'Siiis:
- - "" Fume ana oa-
bT?8 I rslMS. n1 In s-
Careers of Brothers Cowan and
White, the Now Trustees
rtobert Cowan, Jr., Joined Count LIs
cum in 1899 and was Immediately elected
Junior woodward. He became very ac
tive nnd In 1900 was elected chief ranger,
nnd later received a past chief ranger's
certificate. In 1903, he won n gold badge
In a membership contest. In 1905, he was
elected chief ranger for the second time,
nnd at the end of the term was pre
sented with a very beautiful watch
charm. In 1911, he was sent as a dele
gate from his court to the Grand Couft
convention. In 1914, he was elected chief
ranger for the third time, and nt the
end of bis term was presented with a
pair of gold cuff links. In 191S ho was
again elected as a delegate to the a rand
Court convention, and his friends start
ed him toward the high honors oftho
order by having him elected 'as a grand
trustee. Ills court gave a banquet in
honor ot hla election and presented him
with a signet ring.
Brother Cowan Is also a member of
the following organizations: Division 81,
A, O. II.; preslden of tho Tapestry
Carpet Weavers' Union. No. 1; the Roose
velt Social Club, the George Brooks Re
lief Fund, the 31th Ward Yearly Associa
tion, JUh Ward Executive Committee,
active member of the West Philadelphia
Combined Courts of Foresters' Commit
tee, and other social and political or
Jobn P, Whit Joined Court Oeneral Gar
field In May. I0OT. In July following he be
came an active member, Ming elected to th
office of senior woodward, serving through tbo
chairs and becoming a Junior past chief ranger
In 1900, In December, 1910. h was elected
to the office of treasurer, and In March, 1918,
waa elected a delegate to represent Court
General Garfield at th Stat convention held
In Reading and waa also elected delegate to
represent this court In Allentown at the last
convention, held In May ot thla year, H w4
appointed a Grand Court auditor by Grand
Chief Ranger Seymour, to aery during .1918
1915. At tb laat convention h waa elected
a Grand Court trustee. In t.ie eight years
that' he haa been a member of his court he
enly missed ten meetings.
Court General Oarneltf will start next week
to puah things. We fsel that vacation Jim I
over and th weather will be more pleasant
to attend th meetings. Tb members of thla
court arS heart and soul with Grand Chief
Ranger 'iui sno n-r wm -m"" a
ilble to mat his torm a success. It la th
general regret of this court that, th amend;
merit on uniform death benefit waa defeated
M "hi i 8 "prims Convention, but all look tor
tstter luck next year.
Court Fatrmount conducted a highly success
ful bowling party st Llederkrans Hall. Wall
th affair was one ot th most enjoyable ever
held by th court it also we th means ot
establishing a bowling Uam. ready to meet all
comers, tiro. Richard Xlnalow has been se
lected to captain th bowler, and bis exhi
bition will no doubt stand unsurpassed for a
ions tiro. Th cotamttt In cfesrs. Bros.
Justice. Ross, Knnar..HIUa. JM Xlnalow
and Richard Xlnalow. Vr so ftvwably 1m.
BkUj with' the suceaaa of th vntnc that
Ihsyiaay vpat th sJMsa at lct eac a
rlu'raMte- et tb court as worktn Ilk
beaver rrrlnr for tb trt carnival and
block party tomorrow and Batursay yfN at
iii tSTm Faftiafc straw. It la aw
25 to SoSratJou arrfU ttls j , IllEthi
UrV carnival vr held Is tb nosthysst aw-
"f.rt'w'-rt'phUadelskl wDI bM a asuker
tauoriaw tiM W'l'U " loa-ga-aU h m-jlvTil.-f
nf '' fH witr BMtswi. h
aniai t-ii.uteut veiauiitM w wwktuj to aaajbf
The session of the State Council ot
Pennsylvania at TJnlontown, was called
to order by State Councilor D, K. Horner,
assisted by State Vlco Councilor Samuel
U. Scott. There were 161 representatives
present and as many past councilors
from all over the State. The chairnan
of tho Convention Committee or the local
councils opened with a few remarks In
troducing the Mayor and also Congress
man Carr, who welcomed tho visitors on
behalf of tho local councils. Stnto Coun
cilor Horner responded to the addresses
of welcome.
Tho report of the State councilor
showed a gain for the year of SO new
councils. The membership gain In the
Eastern District was 667, the Middle Dis
trict was 1393, and the Western District
was 011, or a total gain in the State ot
2671 new members. This was considered
a good gain when It was taken In consid
eration ' that the working conditions
throughout the State were bad. Tho
membership in the State today is 41,122.
The report also shows that the coun
cils throughout tho State were very ac
tive along the line of class initiation.
Tho report or the State councilor was
approved and the following recommenda
tions from the State councilor were
1. That the Incoming board of officers be
granted tha same power to print circulars In
the Interests ot the order as has heretofore
been done.
S. That the sum ot $23 be paid to the organ
ixer of a new council; provided, however, that
Sn beneficial membera must have been Initiated
within alx weeka from date ot Institution.
3. That the State Councilor be empowered
to appoint special rcpresentatlvea to attend
10 matters Pertaining to the order when It Is
Impossible for a member ot the board ot of
ficers to be present.
4. That a regulation silk American flag be
awarded to the council making the lamest
percentage of gain and another to the council,
juaiwug me turitcBi net Km trom june u,
11114, lo June 30, 1D1S, no council to win both,
and further Hint a council muat Iwva ftn mm.
,Jtri before being qualified to enter the contest
iur tiaB ui, ucri-viiuiye Kaui.
The report of the Stat vie councilor showed
that he had been very active during the year,
nd while there were no councils Instituted,
the eastern district had made a very credit
abl gain.
At the aesslon of the State Council laat year
the plan of erecting an Isolated building for
detention and contagloua dlaeaae waa adoptftd.
and over $-1000 was pledged for tha purpose
by th various council throughout th State.
At this -ssl0n the matter waa again taken
up, and It was ahown that the detention
building waa not needed, a a wing to th
present hospital on tb Orphans' Homo ground
could be built. It was then decided to erect
a building on the grounds, to be known as the
Pennsylvania Building, to be used aa a girls'
dormitory. With th money on hand and with
th money pledged at thla session ther Is ovr
$5000 In sight for It erection.
Th council that made tha largest gain for
th year wer council from the eastern dis
trict, vli.t John R, Marlln Council. No. 0,
with a numerical gain ot 200, and Stephen
Glrard Council, No. 144, with a percentage
gain of 433 per cent. There wer several
other council In the Stat that mad good
Program of Annual Session of the
Stato Council nt Phoenixville
The 12th annual session of the State
Council will be held next week In Phoe
nixville. Tbe program Is as follows: On
Monday evening there will be a public
concert and serenade for the State Coun
cil officers and delegates at headquar
ters, Hotel Columbia, rendered by the
Phoenix Military Band. Immediately
following all will proceed to Company D,
6th Regiment Armory, where the recep
tion will be held.
On Tuesday delegates will assemble at head.
quartera and be escorted to the convention In
th Colonial Theatre Building, Bridge street.
The convention will be opened at 0 ,. m. with
the publio exercises. In the afternoon the
officers and delegates will be taken on a sight
seeing tour over th historic hills of Valley
Forge by automobile. The street parade Will
move at 8 o'clock.
Wayne Council. No. 46, will offer the follow
ing prlzea to those participating In th pa
rade. First The guard making the best appear
ance, $2o.
Second The council having the most men In
line, coming a distance of over TB mllea by
trolley or railroad with not leaa than 25 men
In line. f23.
Third The council having the most men In
line, coming a distance of less than 7S mllea
by trolley or railroad with not less than 23
men In line, fill.
Fourth The best uniformed council with
not less than 25 men, $10.
Tbe prlies to b awarded by a committee,
chosen ry Wayne Council, whoso decision shall
bo final.
Market Street Lot Sold
Eight one-story stores occupying a lot
at the southwest corner of 38th and Mar
ket streets, assessed at (33,000, have' been
conveyed by David F. Flelsher to Harry
Kaufman. The properties run from 3800
to 3S14 Market street. The conveyance
was made subject to a first mortgage of
121,000. The Mortgage Building and Loan
Association has taken a,second mortgage
Of 9000.
Weak Ankles, Nwollrn lg,Ktc..
Corliss Laced Stocking
SANITARY, as they msy b
washed or boiled.
Comfortable, mad to measure.
NO KLAHTIOl Adjustable; laces
Ilk a legging; light & durable.
ECONOMICAL. Coat SI.75 each
or two for th same limb. $3.00.
postpaid. Call anil be measured
free or writ for self-measurement.
Blank No. 19.
W also make nontlstlo Ab
dominal Belts to order.
Hour 9 to S dally. Sat. to 4.
Fenoa.Cot lln Limb Specialty Co.
430 Head Bids'. Phone Walnut 991.
ltll-U-lS Filbert St. PblU Vm.
The high art designing
and exquisite 'materials
and combinations pro
claim our this season's
models tho most beau
tiful and remarkable
shoes in this country.
But you Ynust see
them. No woman can
look at these shoes
without being irre
sistibly eevlcd that
thy arc superior to
any he bas ever Men,
a ml
ft x
I cm j&
I J? J
' -
Imported Gray Kid Vamp
with dray Suede Top. -
$39 ClkMJMWt -n SitANCHfcS.
aaHglKf 123?ft
Y ijHH vKaymK'jSKEKB&zsSBR
VIH 'X J- JT ft OMjBWWljBDrlar-lalalaliir
lHfeWltl' liaBaK.
TjjlV :'Xm 3 tjr4jW8 n!
l p vihHf
Hart Schaffner 1 Sl
W lai.i.i.H.K
AH -5aiiiiHIHft
aaV -XbbbbbbHS?J
-1 Hi
f HaJBlHii
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J.a.a.aM..-aa.a.HH.a.WHHHHW CtWWl t RtH ScfeJiW A UN
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ituxhaax H-ttK-t laessam iinirMjiiiHi naHii 9DE3 MB lB
MvtMM VKMnl I'-TfBJWi-t fciwfllKJt MM mmmjM IHI IIH
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