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ifantry Assaults under
IsCover oi Devastating
Bombardment of
Outlying Works
me . .
Russian Military Authorities j
xOrder Civil ropuintion to
Quit Minsk
BKnUX, Sept. S3.
Pi. idltton to tlic heavy Ociman artll-
fcrr Are against the wentern defenses of
i fortress of Dvlnsk (Dunnbura). Cen
tral von Hlndenburg'a troops nre making
tarrlflo bayonet assaults against the kus-
'Sm lines.
R. Field Marshal Is makltiR steady
Srrgreis In his campaign for the enptmo
y.DvliisK (UvinaourK.
a j...- Mfnolnl wnnrt from llii Oor
inn. General Staff stated that his troops
vT penetrated the advanced Russian
'" i.i. v.i of nvlnpk. rnnttirlno- 17
Mcers 2.10J men and 4 machine sung.
6.The Itus&tnn resistance on the front
Stretching from b point north of Oachjany
.... n- nuiriftnat nf VUnn) to the rcclon
lu miivii owu. !-" - - -
fart of Subodnlkl on the Qawja river, has
kn broken. It is announceu. me utr-
a ..The Russian position west of Walcwka,
In rallcs nonn oi Buiaimviiui. uw n
ur.tured bv Prince Leopold of Uavarlu,
"r .-i.i.. ten ... ..!
,f uermans uiuns ...wi. .... -gtaehlne
6 Great pine forests west of Dlnsk, In
the region of Novo Alcxnndrovak, hae
Hen set on fire by thu Russians to com
"., . ..tirmnt nt tho Ocrmans from
thtlr advanced positions, mid for miles
th countryside Is a seetnms rui nace.
I'Tnere Is only one point on the 5J0-ml'e
'..... tmm thA Prinet llltr tci the Bal
IIVU4 ....... --.-.
Itle, of which the Russians nre able to
attempt an offensive movement, mat is
in the region of Leunewadcn, northwest
'- irt.tilf.htnflt- i herp tntl.iv's din
fyatches roport hard lighting In pi ogrefs.
If t v.a mHnn flnt nt Vllnn thp Hr.
fains hae now pushed forward till they
F It aviUm. nt.ifiA'iat nt thnf oltv ntirl
lail IUS3 raw-. .. ..v ..,, ...
liey are attacking the ltusslan rear
guard between smoryone ana juoiouei
If You Know What Right Ascension
Is You May Find It
Take a look at the new comet. It ii
plainly visible In or near right ascension
M hours 29 minutes, declination plus 26
Cetrees 39 minutes. It can be seen to
tight with a small telescope If It isn't
cloudy or the comet harn't decided that
tali vjclnlty of the universe Is undesir
able. This heavenly speed fiend was discov
ered by astronomers at the Yerkes Ob
servatory, Wisconsin, and the Lick Ob
servatory, California, September 19 nnil
10. It hasn't been decided yet how long
Ha tall Is or where it is going, but no
doubt these facts will soon be known,
l'erhaps seme Philadelphia!! can help the
rtronomera by discovering something or
her about the comet. Just point your
rtescope up in the neighborhood of right
enaton lu nours zi minutes (it aocsn't
f if its alternton or morning) and
dlnatlon plus 26 degrees 39 minutes.
be comet will be there.
IfProfessor Monroe D. Snyder, astrono
sier at the Central High School, said
toC-v that the comet, at prcsont, at least,
tcn't . rth looking at.
"It Is an uninteresting object now." ho
said. "The orbit has not jet been com-
uled. It Is nothing but a apeck of light
tneath the constellation Leo."
Quits Jury Room for Hospital; Then
Returns to Colleagues
Twice within 12 hours Albert Scott. 62
years old, of 190 E. WIshart street, a
Juror serving In Quarter Sessions Court,
,as removed from the Jury room In City
Hall and sent to tho Medtco-Chlrurgical
After being locked In for the night with
thfl other Jurors sitting with him In a
v.umuai case, aeon oecamo so in inai
Police Surgeon Egan oidered himto the
hospital at 10:30 o'clock last night.
After he had relief tha Itirnr wnn t.ikpn
fcack to tho Jury, but at 9:3) this morn
ing ne again was Buffering severe pain
nd was sent to the hospital in a patrol
agon the second time. A slight opera
tion Was DCrformi.fi. nnrt fin won tnlfn
;back to the Jury room.
' iii i .im. ,i ii
Man Dies in Harrisburg Hospital
Alter Being Hit on Head
Ii HAJWISDUno. SePt. 23.-nusse!l Klat
iu't? y.er" 0,d' of Maryavllle, died today
tZ V. ""nsDurg Hospital aa the result
5 having been struck on the head by
Htchefl ball in a baseball game, be-
Lwrn last Saturday.
M Hlitlikf. tutiA ..... -i ..
!. i ' w" " Br oaiier, nau
IfiiSr y two BO"168 " the. Central
fold M. Swing, Kepresenting Scran-
i company, Crushed Near York
BTnnt' i i... .
""" oepi. zs. iiorold M. Hwlnc.
IS t . " ""lesman, connected V1"
iSL-. n,,nK "irdwaro Company, of
rS!!l n' Va" " Uwtantjy killed early
liZkn ,"r w Oxtonl, when Ills uuto-
liiHi "u".e ovor an embankment and
" turtle on top of Mm.
Toe Yaunv fa W.J t?ii,i..
WICTOX, Md., Sept. EL Charlea L
--.. cMjutk fsonemasier, Lancaster,
Jlr youth. Those married n Klkton
,-"""'" were: tiarvey uoggett ana
mmi ,iuhlett- Herbert Qreenber
J a ueuelD"um and John Bar-
i.i. 7, u10 arcro, an or I'liua-
1 Homii.1 m ,
'cwilllams, Lancasterr Benjamin H.
.. - ,K'rrua r. urunner, i-ans-V
rtf9? W '"nt. Newark, N, J..
.oUti K, auciei. Wilmington,
Ward T.uuloi. ir r-u
tT'w Froach. Rennhilrn r!ii rm.
man fiom the d Ward and Re.
can leader r i,. ...t-.i . n....i
home, at t(h avunue und 13th
t. With n t.,. ..u it. .
MMUJ working at the polls, on election
?' IPcUi SulHWrka
lkuiln...m, . if . cnry rurv,
,":"'' illlonalre autoirutfeito manufao-
m-wff mc
Of TNt
SfOwme fMStST JYJTtM II 0ftTlK
UTtMlCU ffOfOSK nconntxttD .
jf r
Even When Unconscious Max
Lembsky Proves True
to Trust
A U-yeaijold bpy. whose skull was
fiactuied today nhen a large sign fell
from the third Btory window of the build
ing at 706 Chestnut, held on to a bag con
taining Jewelry valued at $1000, and, al
though th boy was unconscious, a po
liceman, who vtcnt to his rescue, was
unable to pry It fiom his hand.
The boy was Max Lembsky, 616 Emily
street. So fearful was he that the Jew
elry with which he hail been entrusted
would be taken ftom htm that he Insist
ed on keeping It In bed with him at the
hospital until his employer should como
for It.
The bov was cmplojed by Isadora Sa
gorskv, at 802 Chestnut street, a repairer
of Jewelry. The boy had collected Vari
ous articles to be lepaired and was on
the way
to his emplocr's place when
the accident occurred.
Chestnut street was crowded with pe
destrians when the sign fell, and many
persons natrowly escaped Injury. Glanc
ing blows were struck several persons,
but they were not Injured. The sign fell
from the place of Frederick Wagner, an
artist, who occupies the third Moor of the
Mr. Wagner was standing at the front
of the building, his hand resting on the
sign, which was fastened below the win
dow sill. Ills weight is believed to have
caused It to gheMvay. His hand 'was
Injured as he tried to stop the sign from
Cigar Stores Company Disposes of
Riker-Hegeman Holdings
The niker-Hegeman stores in tills city
have been taken oer by the United Drug
Company, together with the entire chain
of stores operated by the Itlker-Hegeman
and Rlker-Jaynes Company, according to
dispatches received in this city. These
stores, numbering 100 In various cities of
the East, are said to do an annual busi
ness aggregating $JG,000.000.
The United Drug Company, of 'which
Louis IC Liggett Is president, operates
about 60 stores, known aa the Liggett
chain. Although thcro are none of theso
stores in Philadelphia, they are common
in other nearby cities.
The Rlkei -liegeman Company, which
operates both the Hlker-IIegeman and
Iliker-Jayncs stores. Is controlled by the
United Cigar Stores Company, founded
by George J. Whelan. It Is said that the
deal was put through because of the de
cision of the Whelan Interests to devote
their attention exclusively to the United
cigar stores.
Romance of Married Man Gets
Into Trouble
The romances of Fred Sulbach, of 2220
Kennedy atrect, Bridesburg, have brought
him considerable trouble, and the climax
came today when ho was held in JSOO
for court by Magistrate Harris.
He wan charged with pointing a re
volver at Jane Kelss, of 4318 Market
stret, and her mother, Ida. The latter
said Sulbach called on her daughter, al
though he was married, Mrs, Kelss de
clared she went to Sulbach's home 10
Investigate, and he chased her and her
daughter out 'with a revolver.
Sulbach, Ihe police say, admitted he
was married, but said lie was applying
for a 'dlvorco.
Head of League Says Members Show
Too -Little Interest
The Jovian Electrlo League, the'1 city's
organization of electrical men, may be
come extinct, according to Its president,
Washington Devereux, who spoke today
at the weekly luncheon at the Adelphla
For the last four years, he said, the
members have not been taking enough
interest in the league to warrant its con
tinuance. He pointed out that good
xpeakers had been obtained, Including
Mayor Blankenburg and former Director
George V. Porter and Thomas B. Smith,
rival nominees for Mayor.
The DtptpJabt Tailor
rtaMV lit
Your Acquaintance
Is Worth
Something to Us
We've planned or a big
addition to our list of cus
tomers thts Fall. We want
to place your name upon
this list.
So, as an Introductory
offer, we'll clip five dollar
from our regular prices on
the first order of every new
Dixon customer.
U'rll I r wr u BooUt,
, m 'f
tjrtfwa jm w
& J
ST. STmcw
met) ntnnet not
, pucre in sriwee
OCT iS, 1)07
fwa iitf.-
men im srionet net
Business Men Charge That
Pneumatic Tube System Has
Been Discriminated Against
in Favor of Autos
Accusations made by J. H. Milholland,
of the Pneumatic Trnnslt Company,
against Postmaster Thornton and other
cAlclnl of the Philadelphia Postofflce, In
a public hearing, were put up to the
officials at a closed hearing today by
the postofflce commission Investigating
thi pneumatic mall tube system here.
'While the postotllce officials were being
heard, it was learned that the commls-
Bon virtually has decided to recommend
the abolition of tho tube system on tho
ground thnt the tubes are not so efficient
as motor trucks. Business men contend
that the tube system has been dis
criminated against.
Chairman Joseph Johnstone, of the In
vestigating commission, was asked why
today's hearing Is -closed, when that at
vhlch business men mid Mllholland were
hcaid was open to the public Ilia onlv
explanation was that he has authority to
hold public or prhnte sessions, and he
elected to make today's private. Neither
tho members of the commission nor the
officials examined would say what an
swers had been made to Mllholland's
The pneumatic tubes were first used In
Philadelphia 23 years ago. This was the
first American city to use them, although
they had beep In usq. abroad for yeacs
prior to that time. The linen are op
erated by the Pneumatic Transit Com
pany, under contract with the Postofflce
Department, at a cost to the Government
of nearly Jl'0,000 a year.
Members of the commission declined to
discuss their report today. They would
not udmtt or deny officially that they
wttl recommend the discontinuance of the
tubes. It was learned from other sources,
however, that such a recommendation
has been decided on.
The principal reason for giving up the
tubes and replacing them with auto
trucks, it is said. Is the fact that the
tubes are too small to handle packages.
With the parcel post weight limits con
stantly rising. It Is necessary to provide
means of handling larger parcels. Hun
dreds of these now must go by auto
truck, causing a duplication of expenses.
Ten tubes are now In operation In this
city. The contract with the Pneumatic
Transit Company expires June 20, 1916.
Postmaster Thornloi and V. 8. Ityan,
superintendent of city deliver' In this
city, were before the commission for ex
amination today. Their testimony was
not disclosed.
Several other changes will be made in
the service here, it is understood. One
of the items taken up today for consid
eration by tho commission was the delay
In thu delivery of the Blddle-Duke wed
ding invitations some months ago. More
than 250 invitations to the wedding, said
to have been posted nt the Middle City
station, 17th and Market streets, were not
delivered until several days later.
Philadelphia Artist Wins Prize ,
Second prize In the contest conducted
by the Friends of Young Artists of New
York was vton by John l". Harbeaon, of
this city. B. Hoyt. a New York archl
York, was third. Ten others who will
tect, was first. E. L. Flnlnyson, of New
receive prizes are M. C. Beebe, George I'.
Butler, Jr., Joseph IS. Cook, Edward J,
Law, of Philadelphia; R. II. Douglaa, of
Pittsburgh; Julian Boone Fleming, Dun
can McLachlan and Q, H. Nichols, of
most sacred
and picnic
BptcUl farta HatujOai'a and Handajs
te- it with. She
" l,,eftern,ook,wW8atUrda'
Saturday, Sept. 2$, 1915.
HeailtMff Trnlnl, .Im mmlr at
Culatobla Ave.
Round Trip Fart- 75c
'TWmH 0ke.
- Jm)J ir 11 I
" B &mWL 1 Eight ' ' I I
MMf . JlmmmVS Gold fmmmmmmmm I I
tr rf
'" z
. I
Will GO to j
Proceeds of Affair
Poor Woman and Con
sumptive Son
The clouds are drifting away today for
a widow whose ees are fast being over
come by darkness, and her last remaining
child, n. man with consumption. Friends
who know the story of this lemnant of
a family are at ranging a block party for
their benefit, a fair in which persons
will te for pretty girls, dance and cat
Ice cream.
The' widow. Mrs Julia Deal, lives with
her son in to rooms in the rear of 111
North Front street." She Is 70 jears old,
and the time Is past when she can earn
even n, meagre living by taking in wash
ing. The strong, young days of her son,
George Deal, are over, too. He Is bed
ridden with tuberculosis, and It has been
14 weeks now since he has had strength
lo cry Ills wares In the street with a
pushcart full of vegetables. There were
other children, but the widow has buried
them all.
The block patty will begin tomorrow
night on the east side of Front street,
between Master nnd Thompson streets.
It will be held Friday and Monday nights.
There will be a popularity contest- for
girls and good things .tb eat. The money
will be turned over to Mrs. Deal. The
committee In charge of the party consists
of Miss Annie Slcksmith, chairman; Mrs.
Harry Klrby, Mrs. James Klrby, Mrs.
Jcseph Reese, Mrs. Viola Belcher. Miss
Lsara Smith, Mrs. Mary Agnew, Miss Mae
Agnew, irs. oauie omun gnu x'ouce
Lleuenant Knoell, of the Front and Mas
ter streets station.
Fire Damages Dye Works
. -Flro caused $U0Q loss in the plant of T.
Brophy's Sons' Kensington dye works,
northwest corner of Jasper and Clearfield
streets, this morning. The blaze was
confined to the third floor of the three
story brick dye house, which Is used as
a "dryer." The floor Is fitted with many
steam pipes, which became overheated.
Most of tho damage Involved was done to
the pipes and fittings and the building was
little damaged.
The fire, which started at 7:20 o'clock,
when there were only 25 employes at
work, was the first at tha plant of the
firm in 50 years.
The delicate
flavor of
good ceatn
CREAM is a very
delicate product. If
it is to be at its best
when it reaches the
breakfast table here is
what you must have:
Fine, healthy, sleek,
well -.nourished herds.
Absolute cleanliness at
every step from the
farm to your home.
Scientific precautions
to guard this delicate
product all the way.
All these elements
you have at their best
in Supplee Cream. Try
it tomorrow morninp;
with your cereal and
cup of coffee.
The Supplee
Alderney Dairy
Milk Cream Ice Cream
Mr. Business Man!
Are you expanding?
Are you getting your
share of the business?
If not,. . . . why not?
Is your business one
of those which has
potential possibilities,
but which fails to grow?
ye are younp mn with
buineM ahiHty, charac
ter, own initiative and
we eer our swrvice to
a firm wW eportunity
w present .
W. D. RV.
"Freshies" and "Sophs" Will
Engage in Annual Battle
for Defense of "Honor" .
The first or the bitterly contested bat
tles which will mark tho advent of the
freshman class at the L'nUcrsit of l'eiin
hanln this ear will be staged tonight
nt the tear of the Harrison Chemical
Irfi bin ntory, 34th nnd Spruce stiects. when
tho nnnuat poster Mi?lit will be vtnged be
tween the "freshies" nnd the "sophs."
The event I scheduled for 0 o'cloek
when second- ear men will assemble on
the steps leading to the rear entrance to
the h(boralor) and paste a partlcutatly
Insulting pouter on the door of tho build
Ii g This document will not only en
l'ghten the Incoming ilass as to Its In
feilorlty In Its mental, physical and moral
status, but will alfo define In plain lan
guage certain Btrlngcnt rules which the
"Sophs" Intend to Impose on the "Fresh
ies "
I The rlass of 1919 will alembic at the
rppulnled hour In the lclnlty of the
nronghold occupied by the sophomores.
t At a clrn signal a concentrated attack
will be made upon the fortified position
nnd uu effort made to touch or tear down
tho offending poster. The battle will be
divided into two linhcs of 20 minutes
each, und ihould tho fltst-ear men suc
ceed In l etching the poster during cither
perldd they will hao won the contest.
In the event of the sophomores success-
fullv defending their position the honors
will go to the class of 1918, and It Is pre
dicted that the lives of tho "freshies" will
h one of hardship and torment If this
should be the outcome of the contest.
Tho poster fight will be supervised by
marshals from tho Junior and Senior
(.lasses. Gordon A Hardwick, president
of the Senior class, has appointed u com
mittee of nine seniors to be under the di
rection of Hdward D. Hnrils, captain of
the Peunsjlvaula football team this ear,
to tnko charge of the affair. It Is lis fol
lows: Arthur Littleton, W. K. Chickei
ing, J. K. Lockwood. J. S. Lanslll, E. J.
Foster, 11 C. Russell, D W. Hopkins, J.
R. Breltlnger and K. L. Sewell.
The freshmen will be under the super
vision of a marshal from the Junior
class, while their opponents, led by Fer
ber Marshall, president of the "sophs,"
wilt be under the direction of the senior
Browning, King
& Company
Dividing Profits.
Here is a
division of
profits in
which you may
A suit of
good clothes
with extra
trousers for
The color is oxford, (dark
gray) the fabric is a worsted
On sale only
Thusday and
Friday this week.
See the window.
Nejet Weele:
National Gas Lighting Week!
All over the United States, gas companies and dealers will devote
the week ot September 17th to the improvement
They will display the
developments of Gas Illumination for the
home and for business.
that Gas is actually the
Fo2r5r,y Now
For Upright and Inverted
Woman, Rushing to Rescue Her
Four Babies, Is Held Fast
in Window
LARGK, Pa., Sept. 23 -Begging plte
ously that they bo rescued, four chil
dren, three boys and a girl, sons and
daughters of Daniel Kish, a coal miner,
were burned to death In their home at
I-nrgc, near Itllznbeth, today.
their mother, Mrs. Mllznbeth Kish,
was caught fast In a window through
which she had tried to reach them nnd
waa powerleiH to aid,
Frantic and screaming, she saw her
four children perish in the flames. The
fire dcstioycd tho Kish home and that
of Joseph Sutto, next door. Mrs. Kish
Is now dangerously 111.
candy specials
lot cleat
Autumn days
Yes, we are entitled to
the cooler, clear days, and
to that keen candy appetite
that they bring. A very
special week-end list in
which each good confection
has its own individual
charm. All at prices that
bear very lightly indeed on
the pocketbook.
Chocolate Molasses Crisp.
There is just the right crisp
iness, just the right combi
nation of good ingredients
in good chocolate coatings,
to make this an exceptional
offering at 29c lb.
Tutti - Frutti. Always
welcome to the candy lover,
with its delicious mingling
of fruit and nuts. 31c lb.
Assorted Nut Flake. A
crispy glace holding plenty
of rich nut meats. 27c lb.
Assorted Molasses Jum
bles. A mighty enjoyable '
molasses candy containing
center of mint, or peanut
butter or cocoanut, and then
wrapped. 23c lb.
Moss Caramels. Those
fine marshmallows dipped
in soft filmy caramels ami
wrapped. 31c lb. .
Mrs. Leo's Homemade Toffee
is with us again. This as well
as Homemade caramels, 40c lb.
Foss' Delicious Chocolates, a
remarkable value at 60c lb..
Our famous Dollar Box, ton
taining 1 lbs. of chocolates infc
wide variety.
Delicious pastry -absolutely
Golden Rods, 15c each.
Ginger Ionfs, 10c each.
Nut Cakes, 22c each.
New York Pound Cake, 18c lb.
Sponge Cakes, 10c each.
Coffee Cakes, 12c a doz.
To have your bills come to you
monthly is a time saver and
convenient. We shall be glad to
have you open an account at the
Thos. Martindale & Co.
f 0th & Market
Eatabllahed In 1809
Bell Fhonea Filbert 2870. Filbert 3371
Ueratone IUce EDO. Usee CB1
recent wonderful
gressive, as well as the healthful, eye
comforting light.
They will ahow you the first essential
of good light a good mantle. Ask for
They will show
modem and pro-
tUr-i iirri r- aiiai it-w '
$eUacJi 'Ajeiepr
niLuu vuali i i
G&i.s Maori: le
Caa Lamps
SALE BY Gas Company and
Please Note!
Nearly all clothing
advertising today, local
or national, far-fetched
or rational, grotesque or
picturesque, prosy or
pulling, is addressed to
the young man
C. Now we are second to
none in our admiration
for youth, but to read
clothing advertising to
day one would think
there wasn't such a per
son on earth as a man of
CT, And we just want to
go on record that we spe
cialize on "N. B. T."
clothes for men of middle-age,
who want to
combine the dash of
youth with the dignity
of years.
T, Speaking from ex
perience, the father has
it all over the son for
wisdom and if he wears
"N. B. T." clothes he
need take no back-talk
on the score of style.
$20, $25, $30.
"N. B. T."
16th & Chestnut Sts.
'ni'i11, ..- . .
Luncheon, 50c
Business Men's
Luncheon, 40c
1024-26 Chestnut St.
Ortbapaedle Brace (or d.fornilU.a.
Elastic Btocklnf.. Abdominal Bupporttra. at.
Purcha.a direct from ractorr.
FLAVELL'S crniNo uakoen ra.
Awarded Grand Priit, HfeatJf Hmw
ntrMtomf ExpasUhn
100 Points ExctHtat
tV ,?CCUd h" B'' Nvy Yard
ut ja -lM t0 (l0Wtt ,n tMr ut th-
nil WftfaHfttfliftMt
WW km WpUbch V&Yxyo pyfe ,
k ua Men pUnntd,