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livactlce Gamo flayed
KranKiin v iem xjutwuun x wo
Squads, i? onowing neuvy
Preliminary Work
.. TTnivoralty of Pennsylvania varsity
li bill squad of two dozcn mcn cttmo
?rrom Port Deposit. Md.. this mornlns
. rnoon had a drill on Franklin Field.
KEh lasted for two hours and a half.
Pint there was a lonB drill In puntlni?
'J drop-kicking, under tho direction of
Kid Coach Qcora-e H. Brooke. It was
Jllawed by charging practlco for all the
w candidates unacr ma uiei vmiuu oi
Sic? Wharton. Next "By" Dickson and
rueh "Wharton took tho whole squad by
Wctlona and wprked them at tho tackling
I At S o'clock the coaches picked two
Ltavena and sent them against each other
& SnOri. BIIHIP OViillllll.UUW. 'M MV-
tempi was miuuo u ..., ...... ,,
Into a varsity and scrub, but they were
.elected to make tho fight an even one,
Ind named teams A and B. The coaches
bitend to hold scrimmages tomorrow and
Thursday In preparation, for tho gamo
.hi. Wnt Virginia on Saturday. There
Ulll not be any scrimmage on Friday.
). t. one of tho largest squads that
K Pennsylvania has ever hod In advanco
.. .t- .U..II1.. of thn TInlversltv. Tho
sousd numbered moro than 60 men, there
being several now candidates for tho
scrub and freshman teams.
11 nnon the coaches held a conference
land selected 21 players for tho training
table, as loiiowa; uapuun nmnn, nu
..n ttonnlnc Nelll. Dorlzns. Wray. Hop-
KMns, Urquhart, Stack, Miller, Grant, Bell,
Tighc, Williams,' Qulgley and Berry.
niher men will be added as they are put
ion the varsity squad.
In celebration of the opening of Varsity
practice there were more than 200 stu
dents on the field. Tho management has
.n.Aiinin that there will be fewer secret
practices this fall than usual, and tho
r .,,tnta are to be invited to witness
ft practice as much as possible.
ft Continued from rage One
E Luderus at third to Bctzell, unassisted.
B One run, two nits, no errors.
tr..(rtna elnfrlnil In I. ft nn.4 WAItt In
IT second on Beschcr's hit to McQuillan.
I Betzel singled to left, filling the bases.
Long popped to NlehofT. Gonzales hit
Into a double play, Bancroft to NlehofT
to Luderus. No runs, three hits, no
Burns nonoed to Gonzales. Hucxlns
a threw out McQuillan. Hornsby tossed out
H ClAlr Mn Mm. tin nllw tin ftrrnrft.
Ift Nlehoff throw out Hyatt. Snyder tin
gled to left. Hornsby singled to right,
Snyder taking third. Hornsby attempted
to take second on the throw-In and was
cut, Cravath to Stock to Bancroft Lu
derus fumbled Doak's grounder, Snyder
.- scoring. Hugglns walked. Bescher
, forced Doak at third, to Stock unassisted.
One run, two hits, one error.
It Bancroft walked. Paskert sacrificed to
fim-al.a utin .l.t mI nrnrnth Hltlfflpd to.
right, scoring Bancroft. Luderus tripled
fi, against the bleacher wall in left centre.
scoring cravatn, Luaerus scorea on me
squeeze play as Whltted was thrown out
W- ty Doak Snyder dropped tne tnira
Strike on NlehofT, but threw him out at
first Three runs, two hits, no errors.
Betzel and Long were thrown out by
McQuillan. Gonzales singled to center.
Nlehoff threw out Hyatt. Wo runs, one
tit, no errors
Burns fouled to Betzel. McQuillan sin
gled to centre. McQuillan took second
on Stock's out, Doak to Gonzales. Ban
croft singled to centre, scoring McQuil
lan. Bancroft went to third on Paskort's
single to centre. Cravath singled to right,
scoring Bancroft and sending Paskert to
third. Luderus forced Cravath, Hornsby
to Hugglns. Two runs, four hits, no
McQuillan threw out Snyder. Hornsby
rolled out to Luderus. Grlner batted for
- Doak and was called out on strikes. No
runs, no hits, no errors.
Boardman replaced Doak on the mound
for St. Louis. Whitted walked. Nlehoff
fouled to Gonzalez. Burns singled off
Betzel's shin, but Whitted overran
second, and while he was being chased
Bums ran down toward second r event
tually Whitted landed safely back to
USllV Whlttori IntiHcn anfolv bnrlr tn
L' zel to Hornsby to Hugglns to Gonzalez.
p "-wuiiian nieo to Hyatt. No runs, one
E. hit nn i-riM.v
Bancroft threw out Hugglns. Bescher
filed to Paskert Betzel fanned. No runs,
no hits, no errors.
Block fanned. Bancroft walked. Pask-
Ft filed to Bescher. Bancroft was out
rauing, unyaer to Hornsby, no runs,
Jio hits, no errors.
Long filed to Cravath. Gonzales filed
to Stock. Hyatt doubled to right Sny
!er fouled to Burns. No runs, one hit,
po errors.
HllSTCrlnS trtPMW rant PinivatVi TTitwtrlna
knocked down Luderus" hit. Whitted
doubled to left, scoring Luderus. Nle
hoff popped to Hornsby. Burns filed to
t-ong. Ono run, two hits, no errors.
Hornsby filed to Burns. Boardman
tripled to right Hugglns singled to cen-
& ! "tl uoaraman. uescher walked.
R JJeUel was hit bv a nltched ball, fllllne
l?(? baw' Hugglns scored on Long's sac-
!' lo wwun. McQuillan threw
out Gonzales. Two runs, two hits, no
McQuillan fnillort n dnv.1a Otn.V
ijvalked. Bancroft was hit by a pitched
.wait PaaKrt fnn1i4 .. n.i.f,i.. utAi.
f ? Dncroft advancing After the catch,
bj-ravath was purposely passed, filling the
hsrt Miderus was hit by a pitched ball,
I." SCOrinsr. Bancroft attempted to
ttu home, but was out, Boardman W
iJ . .uno run no n,,, " errors,
"ystt bpunced a single off Luderus"
SrS' Snyder forced Hyatt, Btock to
fw Bancroft Boardman Hied to Cravath.
f9 HUM. fins hit nn arrnri
h replaced Bnvder for St Loula.
L. Udflld to Hyt. Nlehoff filed to
- curna sinirled to centre. Mcuull-
Un4 tQ Gonzales. No runs, one hit
JJolan batted for Hugglns and filed to
. utiescner beat out a hit to Nle.
Betzel fouled to Stock. Bescher
second unmoleated. NlehofF threw
Po! No runs, one hit, no errors.
Waverly BmU Rac Saturday
lVy 'XOHk, Sept. 11,-The postponed
n event pf the Waverly Ooat Club
trSK 5' whc, r to have, been
J HP" Sunday, wer potpni osc mn.
tf "ir t lobably wUl ba haaVd aaat tasiMntrr
Kenworthy and Lights Out, 10
to 1, and Santo, 12 to 1,
HAVEHE DB GRACE. Md., Sept 21.
Kenworthy, a 10 to 1 shot, upset tho cal
culations In the first raco today. Lights
Out, another long shot, was second, and
Santo third.
The summary:
Flrat race, lltnir, maiden fl-yetr-oldi and
up, a ftulonga-Kenwerthr. 111. T. McTafsart.
10 to t, 4 lo 1, h to 6, wonj Llshta Out, 102.
l.llky, 10 to 1, .1 to 1, T to tl, recondi Bnnlo,
112, lluxton, 12 to 1, 4 to 1. 3 to 1. third. Time,
1:10 3-3. Fluty Wour, Orphe. vlgnola. Clan
tarr, Ml McdlKKl. Kgetla, Bolon, Chance and
Great KurprinB alto ran.
Second race, ateeplechate, H-year-olda and up,
3 miles Orey Leg. 142. Gilbert. 0 to a, 8 to h.
4 to n, won; Agon, 137, Wllllama. 12 to 1, 4 to
1. 2 to 1, cconJ; AMAlor. 142. Ilrown, 15 to 1,
8 to 1. 4 to 1. third. Time. 4 OS 3-6. Arcturua,
AberteMy, Caroler, V. A. Stone, Top lUt,
Itockflah, nruah and Burgeon alao ran.
Third raco, selling, 3-year-olds and up, 1 mile
and 70 yarda Dryad, Hi", Mink, 4 to 1, 8 to A,
4 to 3, won; Ualfron, 100, Cooper, 3 to 1. 2 to
1, .even, recond; Ilia Nlb, 100, Lilly, 13 to S,
to 3, a to 8, third. Time, 1:40 2-3. retelua,
Ualngerfleld, Henry Hutchlton, Maryland Ulrl,
Kneclet, Earl of Savoy and O Tla True aim
Fourth race, Eaatern Shore handicap, for 2
J ear-olds, 5 furlongn Sllpthod, 118, T, McTag-
fart, 0 to 1, 3 to 1, 8 to 4. von; King Neptune.
18, Turner, 12 to 1, 3 to 1, 0 to 8, second;
J'esky, 110, Cooper, even, 1 to 2, out third.
Time. 100. Hidden Star, George Smith:,
Whlmay, Achievement and Startling also ran.
Fifth race, veiling, handicap, all a see, mlta
and 70 yarda Dorgo. 102, J, McTaggart, 5 to 2,
3 to 6, 1 to 4. won: Ambroae, OS, Louder.
T to 2. 0 to B. .1 to B. aecond; Nephthya, 8,
McCahey, 12 to J. 3 to 1, een. third. Time.
1:47 1-3. Napier, Lasull and Stalwart Helen
alao ran.
Sixth race, selling, 2-year-olda, BU furlonga
Mai Fou, 101, McCahey, B to 2, even, 2 to B,
won; High Horse, JOT, J. McTaggart, 4 to 1.
2 to t. even, aecond; Servla, 103, Cooper,
8 to 1, 1 to 1. 0 to 3, third. Time, lsll 1-5.
Madame Herrman. Good Counsel, Chtvator.
Ilenjamln, Edith nauman and Lady Atkln
also ran.
30-to-l Shot Lands 6-Fiirlong
Race, With Sir Arthur
Second, in 1:16 3-5
WOODBINE, Canada, Sept. 21. Dor
othy Carlln, paying $61.60 for a 2 btt,
won tho opening dash hero this after
noon, with Sir Arthur second and Ila
venscourt third.
Flrat race, for 2-year-olds foaled In Canada,
a furlonga Dorothy Carlln. 03, Collins, M.C0,
$23.10, 111. won: Sir Arthur, 112, Rice, t8.RO,
15.50, aecond; navenacourt, 108,, Schuttlnger.
13.70, third. Time, 1:10 3-5. Alecto. 'Torn
Silk, Watertown, William W.. Offertory,
Shrovetide also ran. (Seagram entry.)
Second race. IflOO added, Curragh Date, sell
ing, for 8- ear-olds and up. 6 furlonga Croaa
bun, 112. Kalsey. $14.80. $8.40 and tVO. won;
Kopje,! 89. Colllna, $44.10 and $18 60. aecond;
Uetween Ua. 112, Warrington, $3.50. third.
Time. 1:13.1-5. Twilight, Fair Helen, Nlgadoo,
Meellcka, King Itadford, Lohengrin, Yadopeep,
Caronome. Pamplnea and I21a Jennings alno
Third race, $BO0 added, Lexington Plate,
aelllng, 3-year-olds and up, mile and 20 yarda
Aleton. 89. Colllna. $14.20, $8.M and $4.fi0,
won: Stlrup. 101 Smyth. $12.80 and $7.10.
aecond; Change. 100. Kelsey, $0.10. third.
Time, 1:43 3-5. Aatrologer, Gallop, Stake and
Cap, Sherlock Holmes and Moonlight alao ran.
Fourth race. $800 added. Woodbine Autumn
Steeplechaae, handicap. 3-year-olds and up.
about 2 miles, new couree Cynoaure. 133, lUia
aell, $18.30, $1.00 and $3.30. won; Stucco, 140,
Williams, $1.30 and $3.00. aecond; Tronaeoloum.
146. Smyth. $4. third. Time, 4:22 3-5. Bryn
down, Cubon and Old Salt alao ran.
Fifth race, $800 aaaea. Micneaimas iianai
cap, 2-year-olda, 0 furlonga Candle, 113,
Warrington, $31.30. $11.30. $0.00. won;
Bambl, OT. Claver, $11, $7.80, aecond: Sanda
of Pleasure, 100, Forehand,$4.30. third. Time,
1:18 2-5. Prohibition, Philistine, Reaerve,
Milestone, Audrey Austin, Blue Cap and
Iollte alao ran
Continued from rage One
threw out Veach, Cobb scoring. Crane
mado a great catch of Crawford's line
drive. Burns fled to Crane. Three runs,
two hits, one error.
Schang was hit by a pitched ball. O.
Bush threw Strunk out. Schang stole
third. Bcnkston walked. Damrau fanned.
Mclnncs hit to Loudermllk, who threw
tho ball Into right field, Schang and
Bankston scoring while Mclnnls went to
third. Loudermllk fumbled Crane's
grounder, Mclnnls scoring. Lajole batted
for Malone. Lajolo forced Crane, O. Bush
to Young. Three runs, no hits, two or-
Lajole playing second base, Bressler
pitching and Lapp catching for the Ath
letics. Young walked. Stanago singled to
centro, Young taking third. Morlarlty
hatted for Loudermllk and walked, fill
ing the bases. Bush sent a sacrifice fly
to Strunk, Young scoring after the catch.
Bressler was pulled from the moun
Knowlson replacing him. Vltt walked.
Cobb filed to Schang. Lajole threw out
Veach. One run, one hit, no errors,
Oldham pitching for Detroit Lapp
filed to Veach. Knowlson fanned. Schang
fanned. No runs, no hits, no errors.
Crawford singled to right Burns hit
into a double play. Crane to Lajole to
Mclnnls. Young filed to Crane. No runs,
one hit, no errors.
Strunk filed to Cobb. Bankston filed to
Young. Damrau fouled to Stanage. No
runs', no hits, no errors.
mnnne-A walked. Oldham forced Stan-
age, Knowlson to Crane. Bush walked.
Vltt also walked, filling the bases. Cobb
singled to centre, scoring Oldham and
Bush, Vltt going to third. Vltt and Cobb
pulled oft a double steal and when Lapp
threw Into centre field, Vltt scored and
Cobb tried to take third, but Schang's
perfect throw to Damrau retired him,
Lajole tossed out Veach. Three runs, one
hit. no errors.
Mclnnls doubled to left Crane fanned.
Lajole was hit by a pitched ball. Both
runners advanced on a passed ball. Lapp
hit to Oldham and Mclnnls was caught
at the plate. Oldham to manage, iapp
taking second. Belbold batted for Knowl
son and walked, filling the bases. Oldham
tossed out Schang. No runs, one hit, no
Nabors now pitching for the Athletics.
Crawford fanned. Burns beat out an In
field hit. Young sacrificed, Lapp to Mc
lnnls. Stanage fanned. No runs, one hit,
no errors.
Oldham threw out Strunk. Bankston's
hlsh tly fell safe in the Infield. Bankston
stole second. Damrau fanned. Mclnnls
filed to Veach. No runs, one hit, no1 er-
Oldham fanned. Bush also fanned, Vltt
bunted, but Damrau threw him out No
runs, no hits, no errors.
Crane filed to Cobb. Lajole filed to
Burns. Young threw out Lapp. Ho runs,
no "hits, no errors.
Teland Beaten by Brefmtn
TAMAQUA. Sept. . "Knockout"
Prcnnan, of Buffalo, N. Y., had the bet
ter of a 10-round bout with Jack Toland,
of Phlladelphlu. at the Tamaqua Athletic
Club last night Brenner) fought with a
severe scald on hi right wrist
Carlisle Bac Paatpensd
CARLISLE, Ia., Sept tlV-Todejr's race
scheduled here were potm until to
xtorrtw e account it tk.
I . . . Tl i I '. . . (Tv 'JAJn" V j
Talent Is Surprised When Long
Shot Pokes Nose Over
Finish Line
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Sept 21. Marlon
Qooaby landed first money, Charmeuse
second and Furlong third In the opening
raco at six furlongs here today.
First race, selling. 3-year-olds and up, 0
furlongs Marion Qooaby, 103, Garner, $31.10.
tlO-W and .R0. won; Charmeuae. 111. Metcalf,
8.40 and J6.S0, aecond: FVrlong. 114. Keogh.
I0.V0, third. Time. 1:113-5. Talm I.eaf.
Colle, Mlas Fielder. Cardigan, Orange, Brooms
Edge, Irish Gentleman. Freeman and Carrie
Orme also ran.
Second race, maiden fillies. 2-year-olda, D
furlongs Lady Vandergrlft, 103, Kederla.
JS.OO, 3.70, $2.80. won: Margaret A., 05,
Stearns, J8.80. $4.70. second; Owana, 101.
aentry. 3.00. third. Time. 1:02. Winnie
O'Day, Lady Mildred, Little Mother, Dalny
Mlekle, Oliver McOee, Miss Bland. Eurumede,
Dollna and Emily It. also ran.
Third race, for 3-year-olds and up, 6 fur
longsLiberator, 105. Martin. 15.20. 13.00,
$3. won; Oakland, 111, Murphy. $23.40. to,
second; White Crown. 103, Lapallle, S4.30,
third. Time, 1:18. Africa Beau. Lackroae,
St Leo, Gabrlo, Blackthorn, Maxnlk, Sweet
heart and Sua also ran.
Continued from Page One
97, and Mrs. Caleb F. Fox. wife of the
donor of the cup, took a 98.
Mrs. O. II. Vanderbeck. Phlla. C. C. 48 41 02
Mils E. Chandler. II. V. C. 0 51 45 ua
Mrs. B. II. Harlow, Merlon O. 0.... M 47 07
Mrs! Caleb Fox. II. V. C. C 52 46 OS
Mrs. O. II. Stetson, II. V. C. CT....... 50 M 101
Mrs! Francis Bradley, II. V. O. C... 53 51 1M
Miss V. C. drlacom, Merlon C C... 55 4 104
Mm. Milton Herold, Phllmont C. C 50 48 107
Mlas Mildred Caverly. Phlla, CO... 0 4S JOS
Mrs O. S. Munson, Merlon C C... 5.0 40 10S
Mrs A, It Hlllsteln. Bala O. C 68 53 109
Mrs J. S. Ely. Old York Road O. O. 65 65 110
Miss Myrtle McKee. Old York Boad
(I. c. 63 48111
MIbs Maud Hoffman, Whltemarah
C c 60 111121
Mrs. W. M. Weaver. II. V. C. C 67 67124
Mlas M. L. Ilarrlwn, Braeburn C. C. 8S CO 128
Mra. II. Snellenburg. Thllmont C. C 07 72 139
Miss Louise Lorlmer, Philadelphia
Cricket ClUb 52 52 104
Miss Marion Naylor. Philadelphia
Cricket Club M 51100
Mrs. W. J. Peck, St. David's Coun
try Club 63 53100
Mrs. F. II. Elder, Overbrook Coun
try Club S3 5S10U
Mrs. W. S. Utiles, Wilmington
Country Club 57 54 111
Mrs. Brlnton Thomas. Phlla. C. C... 67 65112
Mrs. II. Stotter, Phllmont C. C 62 51113
Mrs. W. S. Johnston, St. David's
Cricket Club CO 6S117
Miss K. Thompson. Wilmington C.C. 04 63 117
Mlas 11 O. Hood, Philadelphia C. C. 68 UU 118
Mrs. fl. 8. Logan. II. V. C. C. 60 50 110
Miss If. B. Mouley. Merlon C. C... 67 6.1 120
Mrs. W. W. Justice, Phlla. C. C... 61 CO 121
Miss Constance P. QUI. Overbrook
Cricket Club 00 61121
Miss M. 8. Benners, Moorestown
Cricket Club 57 66123.
Mrs. O. W. Elklns. Jr.. II. V. C. C. 61 03 12V
Mlas E. Roberts, Moorestown C. C. 61 04 V.J
Mrs. F. W. Morrla, H. V. C. C... 00 50 125
Mrs. F. W. Knight, Woodbury C. C. 63 82 127
Mlas E. Larzelere, Old York Boad
Q. C. 7 03 130
Mrs. nothwell Stevens, Phlla. C. C. OS (El 131
Mrs. S. A. Boyle. Jr.. II. V. C. C... OS 04132
Mrs. II. N. Twells, Woodbury C. C. 70135
Miss Jean Lewis. Philadelphia C C. 70 05 135
Mrs. T. O. Plnkerton. Phlla. . C... Ofl 70134
Mrs. II. H. Sawer, II. V. C. C...., 73 71141
Mlas D. It. Dexter. Overbrook C. C. 74 72146
Miss A, K. Lorlmer. Phlla. C. C... 70 80 1W
Championship Matches Postponed at
Strawberry Mansion
Oround conditions were so poor at'
Strawberry Mansion this afternoon that
the clay court matches, for the cham
pionship of the Pensylvanla section were
postponed until tomorrow.
The heavy rain of the night and early
morning made the courts very soggy.
The sun dried out the earth considerably
late this afternoon and play will be re
sumed tomorrow, unless weather condi
tions change,
First race, $600 added. CJrafton Plate, sailing,
8-year-olds and up, foaled tn Canada, mile
and 70 yards-Eimar, loot Sarotta, 104;
Hustling. 10li Matt H.. 00; 'Puritan Lass.
101; Meiaaen. ,104; 'Harry Bassttt II.. Ml
My Joe. 103 Marlon Osl.ty. loi sir Arthur.
102; Mauaolens, 10 Shrove Tide. Sli Maid
of Prorna. 106; Peppereauce, 103; papersauce,
Second race, tOOO added Lincoln Plata, sail
lnr. 2-year-olds, qvi furlongs Hosa Water,
110 1 Greetings. 101; A. Manclnl, 108 j Walga!
101 Faraway. 105; Waterwar. 107; 'Ultls liigl
ger, 101; 'Lerkln. 00: Samper Stalwart, 102;
Tush Tush, !j Inveatment, 109; rOentle!
woman. OS; Lyndora, 103; J, b. Sugg. 106.
Third race, S0OO addad. 8-year-olds and un.
1 1-10 miles St Laurlan, 106: 'Dick Dead
wood, 101: nay o' LlghtTW; king Iladfort.
107; Slnglatoa, 100; 'Usaupert, 104; Sub-
"rourtb .race, ITOO added, Coventry steeple
chase, aelllng, 4-year-old and up, about J
mltea. new courav-J m p.. ISO; Morpbath. 140;
joe Oalety, MB! Bhlng Foo. IJJj rJxton, 187;
The African, JM. '
Fifth, ret, Durham Cup. 8-year-olds and up,
(oalad la Canada, 81SM addsd. it; mlles--
Hampton Dama. 10l Lady Curaon, lit; Prince
piittlstno"pe, 110. (a)MIIUr sntry '
BUtn race. $780 addad, Manlon Handicap, all
ak-ss. 0 furtonsa-Pansuata. lMi BlactW,
selUngr, jyrjjOMai
c?.V 1U4: eWavaassu
MTrniU fsvi! ffM Jj'Q4 Vjiyr rUtU,
'"""-"W !. ft. aV" HtUasVsJHR
u "IssW. stsa. -m t '
? 'r w uowm.
'AWeUle all
Expert Explains Exact Position of Body and Feet in
Making Shot Most Effective Braid's Style
of Addressing Ball
To assume tho position shown, place i
lines as In the photograph, placo the feet
In the position shown, standing perfectly
straight, with the weight equally disposed
on tho feot. Place tho club head back
of tho ball, with the faco at right angles
James Braid Addressing the Ball
to the line of play, bending from the
waist only; bend the head slightly for-
Coach Orton Will Take Up
Work This Week Pros
pects Good
Coach George W. Orton, of the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania track team(i an
nounced today that practice for the
cross-country team would begin the lat
ter part of the week.
The preliminary work will be divided
between Franklin Field and Falrmount
Park. Prospects are bright for a good
team because the yuaKers lose only Peeso
and Huston, of last year's team, which
finished fifth In the Intercollegiate cham
pionships. Peeso Is still In the University,
but he has had trouble with his back,
and unless It Improves shortly will not
take up running again until spring.
The other members of the Quaker team
still In college are Captain Humphreys.
Colton, Lleberman, Sweeney and Mc
Mlchael. There are two men from last
year's freshman team who promise to
be varsity calibre. They are McComb,
the former Central High School runner,
and Mitchell, of the Northeast High
School team.
Boys' Club Swimmers Meet
The Fenn awlmmsra of the Oermantown
Boys' Club Junior league won the champion
hlD meet last night with 61 potnts. The
Cornell youngsters scored 12 poults
and Dart-
moutu . uuiui,"","
26-yard awlm Won by Seller, Pennj second.
Firestone, Pann; tnira, uoyer, fenn; fourth,
Sylvester, Dartmouth. Time. 15 1-5.
25-yard midget awlm Won by Smith, Penn;
aecond. Ilonidon, Cornell; tniril, Pnllllpa, Cor-
i.ll 'rims. 2U 1-DJI.
Fancy diving. Juniors Won by Balnea.
Pann; second, Uoyer, Penn; third, Flrtatona,
Paun; fourth, "111. rann,
Plunge far distance Won by Broua, Penn;
lecond, Boyjr. Penn; third. Seller, Penn;
ourth, Spencer, Penn. Dlatance. 34 ft 9 In.
25-yard awlm on back Won by Ilanlon,
nail; cond, Bmlth, Penn; third, Naylon,
nell. Time. s a-vs.
60-yard awlm Won by Halter, Perm; second,
Firestone. Pann; third, Uoyer, Penn; fourth,
Sylvester, Dartmouth. Time, S3 4-G.
100-yard Junior relay won by Penn. Time,
68 8-6.
Revoke and Sullivan Draw
SHENANDOAH, Sept. 21.-Eddl n.volra. of J
FnuaqeipuMi vm . w. buiuv,.. ui mi cur,
taught a faat 10-round draw here. Sullivan
w the aggreasor during the early rounds, but
Itevolra came back strong In the last two
eesalona and evened matters. Kid iroad atop
wd Bull Chernlakle In the sixth round, and
Young Uahoney, of Haileton. and Battling
Wills, et Maha-oy CHyr wastt s . Ut to a
v- fr v. f-W IsmssVB
s t-mXTiv Anifv
ward of the angle of Inclination of the
body (this will crevent stiffness of t?in
neck and assist In keeping tho head still
during the BWlng). relax the knees
slightly, but do not stoop pr crouch.
Tho weight Is not allowed to go forward
onto the forepart of the feet, but Is kept
evenly on them.
Tho arms are not held stiffly, but
slightly relaxed! at the elbows; no stiff
ness or restraint must be felt In any part
of tho body; all must be supple and ready
to respond to every motion made In swing
ing the club.
Do not try to get the weight onto the
right foot or tho left. Let them carry
tho weight ns It will naturally adjust
Itself. You will then find yourself In the
position Illustrated, with the right shoul
der lower than the left, due to tho rlgtit
nam being hjwer on the shaft than th6
left, just so much and no more.
There will be no effort to get the right
shoulder down, nor will there be any
crouching. Everything will bo natural
and easy, as Is every part of the golf
Blroke, as I have analyzed It
It Is the very naturalness of the way
these men approach the matter which
gives them their ability to apply power
to the stroke and do everything In Its
natural order, without conscious effort
automatically, so far as the body Is con
cerned. Tho hands will be slightly to the left
of the centre of the body, to allow the
face of the club to be held at right
angles to the line of play.
There Is sound reason, In fact two
principal reasons, for placing the feet
In this position and not square to the
line across the feet, with both toes
touching It and with the ball midway
First, It minimizes the necessary de
parture of tho club head from the line
of flight In going back and around the
body, but more especially. It Induces, In
fact starts, tho "body twist" without
which very little power can bo put Into
the stroke. All the great players Insist
on this twlBt of the body, lay great stress
on It, and say the player "must do It"
(Copyright, by John Albert Scott)
Yale, Harvard, Princeton and
Michigan Go Through Stren
uous Workouts
NEW HAVEN Tale football players
got their first taste of real Bcrltnmage
late yesterday when Coach Hlnkey lined
up two teams and ran them through their
paces. Legore, last season's veteran,
was on the second team. Captain Alex
Wilson played right half.
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Harvard's first
eleven had little trouble tn scoring on the
scrub yesterday. "NVIggln, last year's
freshman, was at centre and the team
ran smoothly. More scrimmage Is sched
uled for today.
PniNCETON, N. J.-Coach "Speedy"
Hush was confronted today with the task
of building up a Princeton line. The
second team had little trouble In going
througk It for gains In yesterday's scrim
mage. ANN AltBOR. Mich. More than a score
of football candidates reported to Coach
Yost at 10 o'clock today for the llrst
training session of the season. Some of
them were out tn togs on Ferry Field
yesterday conditioning, but today's was
the first real drill. Five stars of Michigan
squads of former years are on band to
aid Yost
Twenty-eight Cars to Start in 860
mile Auto Contest
NEW YOnK, Sopt a. Twenty-eight
cars, piloted by such drivers as Barney
Oldfleld, Ralph Do Palma, Darlo nesta.
Bob Ilurmnn, Howard Wilcox, Oil An
derson, Karl Cooper, Johnny Aitken and
Ralph Multord, will faco the starter's
gun in the 350-mlle Astor Cup race at
Sheepshead Bay October 2. Nine foreign
cara are among tho entries.
Pam-Ic Tenuis Eh4 Saturday
GLEN RIDUB. N. J., Sept. IX-The final
match In the Paasato Valley Tennis
League 'will be played on the Glen Jtldge
courts next Saturday between the Forest
Hill CfMsj s4 Olsfi Kid Tenuis
jy' ,. AtSA
'' U- Sftfy'ifoam
Mealy Whips Hcaly in Best
Bout on Olympia Program.
O'Brien Shows Finely
That a clever flstlcufflan has the edge
on a pugilist who depends on his punch
again was demonstrated when handsome
nucko Crouse, of Pittsburgh, displayed
his better ability In the ring In combat
with Chnrley Grando In tho final at tho
Olympia A. A. last night At the conclu
sion of six sizzling sessions the lead
accumulated by the .Smoketown scrapper
was In evidence with the least doubt
Boxer Crouso left Jabbed and left
hooked Fighter Grande with beautiful
precision from the opening gong until
the llnlsh of the set-to. His short punches
beat Grande's roundhouse wallops inces
santly. However, Vallojo Charlcy'B ag
gressiveness could not be denied and he
scored some corking punches to the body.
Grande weighed 170 pounds, while his
Pittsburgh foe tipped tho beam nine
pounds less.
Sammy Trlnckle, 153, and It O. Lough
Un, 150, aggravated tho spectators with
one of tho most farcical frays seen here
for some time, with the former a winner
by a slight margin. No real action was
displayed until the final frame, when
Trlnckle got busy and opened a cut over
Iioughlln's left eye. Then, when the
crowd saw blood, they stopped hooting
and booing and applauded.
Tho bent battle of tho night a real bat
tle, ton was between Johnny .Mealy, 126,
and Patsy Healy, 130. Mealy was a win
ner because of his ability to connect with
more nnd harder punches. It was a give
and tako affair from tho start
Young Jack O'Brien, 145, gave a corking
exhibition of boxing when ho put up one
of the best fights of his career in this
city by walloping the everlasting day
lights out of Johnny Duffy, 147. O'Brien
worked like a well-oiled machine. Jab
bing, hooking and right-crossing like a
In the opening number Alex Costlca, 147,
had little trouble beating Joo Phclan, 151.
Southern and Western Recruits
Join Donovan's Band
NEW YORK, Sept. 21. Secretary Harry
Sparrow, of the Yankees, announced last
night the names of some of the players
the club had obtained In the draft at
Cincinnati last week.
The .promising talent Includes Blood
gett, a left-handed pitcher from Omaha;
Ross, another left-hander from Chatta
nooga; Cable, an Inflelder from Bradford,
Pa., and Shocker, a pitcher, from the
Ottawa club of the Canadian League.
Secretary Sparrow also announced that
the rumor that the Yankees had drawn
'Ping Bodle from San Francisco was a
base exaggeration, lioaie was once with
the White Sox and was sent back to the
coast. The Yankees did not sign White
man, tho outfielder from Montreal.
Whltey wbb once with tho Yanks and
was released.
First race, for 3-year-olds and up, selling,
0 furlongs Sir William Johnson, 107; Six Qlno.
Oil True as Steel, 1W ; Humiliation, 06, Canto,
101; lien quince, lot; Evelyn C. 01; Colonel
Aahmeade, 101, The Masquerader, OUs Nau
ahon, 107; Kthan Allen. 06, Isidore, 102;
Urapesbot, 110; Yodellng, 107; 'Devil Flah, 01;
Pullux, OS; Armament 101,
Second race, for 3-year-olds and up, selling,
8 furlongs-Chesterton, 110; 'Water Welles,
102; Athena, 102, Mlas Clara, 102, Bermudlan,
112; Harry Junior. 102, Carlaverock, 101 J
Beverly James. 87; Lily Orme, 107: Hiker.
107; Ethan Allen. 101. Devil Flah, 107; Mary
Warren. 107; Qarl, 112; 'Laura, 107; Early
Morn, 11B.
Third taca, 2-year-old fillies and geldings.
aelllng, 0 lurlonga 'Ueaaiien. 10Z; Flagday,
Mary Ulackwood, 1U3; Stella Ulna. 109;
Doctor Uremer, iuz, nolle of the Kitchen,
103: Little Alta, 107, Smllax. 100, Bob lied,
field. 100; Jane Stralth. 10D; Itutb Strick
land, 102; School for Scandal, 101; Important,
107; Mlas Pbllbln. 105: Malfou, 103; Edna
Kenna, 111; Havana, 103. b
Fourth race, for i-year-olda. the Royal Blue
Handicap, mile and TO yards The Finn; 129;
Iron Duke, 106. Distant Shore, 08; Lady
jeresa, in, ubgii ufau, vi, iruss, AlU.
Fifth race. 2-year-olda, SV furlongs Cantara,
112; Virginia M.. 100: Bevllllan. 100; Vermont,
!0; Folds. 112: Alfadlr, 100; Qavour,
7ra jtocKUKie, , eurv. i.
Sixth race, for S-year-olda and up. selling,
in a.
True. 103: Tln rinln
IUZ; page wnus, vs. -uoionei Aaiuneade, 00;
k. n, an.i . , Z'
Dobinetta, luu -iiumiuaiion, vv: stars and
fitrlpea, IMi 'Athena, 100 'Carlton O.. 103;
yai. ua; Kris Krlngl
113: Guy FUher. Ill; Cotton Top, OB,
wj ovuaaa.
AODrentlc allowance claimed,
Weather cloudy and track muddy.
Six Raeas Dally Includli
x Raeas Dally Including a Maleelaa).
Special TnlMt rwas. K. )LIn 1U
M. - . Save IHh wTnit C VhU
B. SB.
AUIV r-., P(
Rain-Soaked Courts Made Vwy
Low Scores a Difllcult Task.
T"i.iVlrJr TT
xfuuuiuuu; una ' '
an oo v
ItTE, N. T., Sept. a, "This clckneaW
doth Infect tho 'very ltfo blood of our en
tcrprlse," quoted a golfer as he stood in
the porch at the Apawamls Club truing
sadly over the rain-soaked links where
the Uth annual tournament of tho sen
iors was begun.
Tho venerable Horace L. Hotchklea,
who smilingly confesses to 74 summers,
and the founder of the tournament,
started promptly at 10 o'clock, his sched
sched- a j
is at
10 OT
1 M v-
IT 8 "J
21 M I H
18 8T 1
12 ra A
uled time In company with the Itev. Dr.
J. McBrldo starrett.
a B. Woodward, Deal lis
Horace L. Hotchklaa. Apawamls.. 100
ltev. Dr. J. McUrlde Starrett,
Chevy Chaao 126
B. N. Doubleday, Apawamla....,.10a
W. C. Cushman, Upper Montclalr.,111
II. K. French. Jlrooklawn,. ..... .101
C. II. Porter, New Haven 101
Judge John Hlldreth. Mount Tom.. 122
Ilnv. Dr. B. P. Johnson. New
Brunswick ..110
fVnator Charles Cooper, Oakland.. 102
John McOoey. Wykagyl .....118
A. D. Chandler, Baltuarol 103
Hollo Ogden, Baltuarol 81
Continued from Page One
Evans, Jr., Merlon. This team looms up
as the probable winner, although their
progress to tho final will be disputed .t
by Kenneth and Miss Agnes Kennedy. .j,'l
Tlio.nll nrwl Mia. Mnllla Thnvar .Tsrtr V"
Dlsston and Miss Sarah Myers and ""v J
Brooke Edwards and Mlas Edith Hunk. ,
Tho sisters, Sarah and Margaretta
Myers; Miss Dorothy Dlsston and Miss
Helen Alexander. Miss Molllo Thayer
nnd Miss. Susanno White and Miss Cun-j-ih
nlngham'and Mrs. F. M. Felton are the . ,
ladles' doubles VMms that will bear ',
u.l.hlnir rtf"!
The summaries:
T.impai TVlTTTIT-tTO
K-1-.f Tinting J"f
Mrs. C. W. T. Newhall and Miss O, Osthet- ntHm!
mer defeated Mlas I Crawrord and Hiss u. ..
Hcnttorirnnd J R-O. "
Mlsaea Sarah a'nd Margaretta Myers defeated
Mlaa M. 8, Boberts and Mlsa M. Tatterafleld,
0-0. 7-5.
Miss Edith Beath and Miss Agnea Kennedy
defeated Mlas lola Seeds and Mlas Francis
Stoughton, 6-0, 0-2.
Team Has Pitcher "With 223 Strike-'"'"1
outs in 17 Games
Tho Brldesburg B. B. C, of the North
east Philadelphia League, would like to
arrange a game for September 28 with
any flrst-claBs home club offering fair In
ducements. Brldesburg had the star pitch-
ni ft tlia laDmitt In Tftrrttnte Vais Vi kat.
-a. a,aa avnuv as awiiiiu wish, J- ) a
lnrs 4 Visa ln 11 a t IrA.nitt assw1 nn A In
17 games he struck out 223 men, maklnc ")'
an average of 13 per game. Any one wish- '(( '
lng to arrange a game address Wlllam qj
umr, i&M urisioi street, nriQCSDurg, rr
Bell phone Frankford 665 after 8 o'clock.
First race, allowances, 2-year-olds, BW fur-
longa The Carmel, Countess Wllmot, veldt, tiM
Dernlnl, Shine, 107; Jasper. Huffaker, 110. i
Hccona race, ncinng, ,1-year-olds, O rurlongs I
Alkanet. 100: Mlaa Fannie, Margaret Budkley, Mj
OflmorM IT.. lOS. Tvn. ljtAv. .T,n fjtv Aitnt "
nclllng, ,1-year-olds, 0 furlongs
Josle, Grecian. IDS; Ullly Joe, 112;
Third race, allowances. 3-year-otda and ud! 3
rurionga conning -lower, jsa. Howard,
for fair, aui; unanier, in.
Fourth race, handicap. 3-year-olda and up. 1
mile and 70 yards Rlngllng. 102; Dr. Larrtck.
103; Lady Rotha, 100; Dr. Samuel, 108; Prince
Hermit, 112.
Fifth race, selling, 3-year-olds and up, 1 mile
and 70 yards Ken, September Morn, 98;
Birka, Fltigerald. Chllla. Transport; Con
soler. Stanley S.. Fellowman. 108.
Sixth race, selling, 3-year-olds and-up, 1 1-18 X 5
miles McAaoo, 103: nrat Degree, 100; Little
String, Beulah S 107.
Seventh race, aelllng. 3-year-olda and tip, X M 'i
mile ana ,u yarns Aiaiaoar, vvaterproor, jt
bH; Qroavenor. Jeaale Loulae,
ountcrpan, r lying feet, lira.
Apprentice allowance claimed.
Over the hills
and far away
Atlantic Gas shoots
you over hill and dale,
on "high" or "low," as
easy and smooth as a
swallow flies.
makes an engine per
form right in any
weather. It's there
with a sharp, clwua.
explosion for evary
spark. It gives you a
quicker start and more
miles. A uniform
"boiling point" assures
you that every gallon
, is exactly alike, which
saves you f requentcr
buretor adjustments.
Good star it,
AtlantictnusksABsl k soV
Hvarauy9iuUtr,srwher. AU-Uc lfWriM th
1nratTi rajsT luhricen
kui til asjaMi auakaep toajr
&jeriic co.
Boly HllT, "ft1
' t
"? i
1M1 i-5l
wi .
'' I
-- ,
, .?!
- - F