Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, September 14, 1915, Final, Page 11, Image 11

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t " FMM.KCH.Bv Ftt:AWMIiaiiI - . a.VM A?X -JW"lL;V 10BR
pliss Ruth CoxeVBetrothal to
Mr. Stokes Makes Fifth En
gagement in Bridal Party
fTTTITH" the engagement of Miss Ruth
Wcnxe to Mr W Standley Stokes,
the fifth engagement In the circle of
;? attendants at the wedding of Mr. and
1- Mrs. Angler B. Duke last April Is an
nounced One wedding has already
Uken place since and the other four will
soon, follow. It Is true that Miss Elsa
Roberts Reath and Mr John Appleton
were engaged even before the announce
ment of the betrothal of Miss Cordelia
Blddle and Mr Angler Buchanan Duke,
ind(lMlsjj Hope Truxtun Beale and Mr.
Oliver Eton Cromwell's engagement was
Ride public before the Duke-Blddle
nuptials. The other three engagements
have, however, followed in quick succes
sion apd "they say" there are rumors
that the welt-aimed darts of the little
god of love have found their mark and
that In the near future society will hear
Pof two more victims of his wiles.
Of the three engagements which fol
lowed the Duke-Blddle wedding, the first
to be announced and on the day after
ihm mrrlne ti9, that rf Afleo Afarv
9Tt..1r .. .,.. .. Yf. 4 .vl..b. Y" Y".... n
J Jlr. Anthony J Drexel Blddle, Jr., a
v.uuwi u; .11.IB, UUKC .LliCJi iUlllU.UUq
Inated In their marriage on June 16
at the Duke Farms In Somervllle, N. J
Elnce then Miss Ellen Yuille. of New
Tork, who acted as bridesmaid at the
jEiddle-Duke wedding as well as the
i'uAfl.uiuuiB iiupiiaiu, uunuuiiceu iier ii-
gagtment to Mr. William Sturgis, also
cf New York, who was an usher at the
wedding of Mr. Duke and Miss Blddle,
and last week Miss ItuthyCoxe's engage
ment is Mr. V Standley Stokes was an
The four bridesmaids were all debu-
6 tantes of the tiast season. Miss Elsa
KZ Roberts Reath is the daughter of Mr.
ana Mrs. Theodore w. Reath; Her nance
lsMr Joh Appleton, of New York, who
won Bjucb distinction at Yale In the
Intercollegiate rowing matches. Miss
Hopei Truxtun Beale is the youngest
daughter of Mr and, Mrs. Edward F
Btale, of Deecdale. Stratford, and Mr.
'Cromwell s the eldest son of Mrs. Ed
ward T. Stptesbury.
Miss Ruth-Coxe Is tho charming daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs Henry Brlnton
Co. She may be said to have been
the most feted of the debutantes, as
ball after ball was given in her honor.
to Bay nothlnsr of thA luncheons, din-
wtners, eaiall dances and theatre parties
If mw. Stokes Js the son of Mr. and Mrs.
WThomas S. P Stokes, of Lone Oak. Ger-
maoiown. He Is a brother of Mrs. Louis
C. Clark, of New York, and Mr. Edward
LOwbtr Stokes. Mr. Tnmn P Ci. RtnVfu.
Bf Jr.. ilr. Walter Stokes and Mr. John W.
NO dfeflnltfl datPft for thft fntir r.omintr
weddlngg have y?t been set, but it is
Wiarstood they will take place sho.rtly.
HrS. nnrcJ. T7 farU n.lll nlA.fatn a
llif party on tne opening day of the Bryn
If' Jr Horse Show in honor of her daugh
R mm. Mils Hansel and Miss Edith Earle,
Kt which the guests will comprise mem
Kffr. ' the debutante set and last-year
"". Mrs. earle will also entertain bos
mties on the other days of the show.
L MrS. William U..na T1. . A4rt
Ointon street, and Mr. and Mrs'. Robert
". JiHrf 1701 Rlttenhouse street, who
We been traveling through the West.
SfVVturnd home. They visited both
;0,'tIo. tho Yellowstone Park, tho
toV1? Canron anl th6 many othervpolnts
I Cl.
US Hln Xrtlla nf 1fUVl PhMlniit
ihirii' w"' retunr to town 'hla week rm
r1 Lake, where she spent the eum-
Ei Katharine C. Lea. daughter of
t: 4 Mrs. Charles M. Lea. will not
iff. . htr debut this Beaeon as was pre-
ftt: '-- -""MVMM1.CU, UUl Will JEkUIII V
gtaeol at Peeksklll, N. Y.
JJ4 Margaretta 8. Foltr, daughter of
-"u mrs, j. Clinton Foltz, of Chest-
wu, wm pot make her denut tnia
fa. Dllt ivlll ai-m-. n .Unt Hfl.. VaKm
H Mr sister, Miss Dorothy Foltz. who
eZ T. ' a8t season's debutantes, are
;Ssjau.p0nti 1Ie
George Gordon Meade Large, who
ndlng the summer at Bar Harbor.
P,JJln until the end of the month.
Jf8 haj returned home.
Mrs, Edwin Swift Batch, of
c street, who are spending sev-
VlSks at AtlanH.. rlv .,I1I Mtiirfl
'out Septembor 25.
Bav&ril TT, T.llrlrtvfttnn 1f wVlft
lt week In Wilmington, as the
Of flB Ah. 1T1 .I.. Tlnn 4llM0
l '- .w mtj 4t uu , win umiim
'? Show, has returned to her
m Pnllyn.
d Mrs. Edward T. Stotenbury,
ve lately returned from a trip
U)e west, are at present In At-
Qltv. luk.iA hA ...111 I.a criAM At
Tfaymore for some time
.strfl Sydney Carpenter and her aon,
M S'n'l'on V Carpenter, are spending
- .....v v vv irrwvm, M-u..f
YwHIk WSSm? ViSl iINIm? jBw South Philadelphia
WSjyBM 13ll&$ir MS& 3lr &XE v5l &$it8m&& isSRitS' Miss Lorctta Friel, of 1G11 Porter street.
Along the Main Line
OVKRBROOK -Mr and Mr3 Irvln T
Relter and Mr. and Mrs Charles Daniels,
who are motoring through New England
over the ideal Tour, wore at Briarcllff
Manor. N. Y., when last heard from
They will return to Chelsea, this week,
to remain at their cottage during this
Judge and Mrs John Marshall Gest
and their family have returned to their
home, at 57th street and City avenue,
after a motor trip
WYNNEWOOD.-Mlss Laura D. Mc
Cowen Is making nn indeflnito stay with
Miss Helen Oray Murray, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs Ralph Lenford Murray, of
Old Lancastei road.
Chestnut Hill
Mr. and Mrs Joslah Blackwell Bartow
and family have returned to their home
from Mantoloking, N. J , where they have
been occupying their cottage for the
months of July and August.
Mrs. Moncure Blddle, of Mermaid lane,
who has been spending the summer at
Little Boar's Head, N. H , has returned
North Philadelphia
Miss Clllne Bruce, who has Just re
turned from Pocono Pines, where she
spent the summer, entertained a number
of friends at her home, 1437 West lat
terly street, on Saturday evening.
Tne guests were Miss Anna Potwltt.
of 3161 Kensington avenue. Miss Mary
Lehmberg. of Logan, Mrs Elwood Ogden.
Miss Estelle Bruce, Mr Arthur Gordon,
of Brldesburg, Mr William McMullln. of
Nicetown; Mr. John Crowell and Mr.
John H. Janke, Jr., of Oak Lane
We beg to announce the opening of
Here is the first opportunity Philadelphia
women have had to buy latest-style
apparel at our unheard-of prices. Our
Suits, Coats and Dresses are samples
which means that they are far su
perior to regular stock garments in ma
terial and workmanship, because they
are used for display. Only one sample of
25 suits similar to
this to select from,
worth up to 30
jif A Real Sample Exhibition l
OUR GUARANTEE "If any of our garments can be duplicated
for 25 MORE than our price by any other store within one week
after purchase, we will cheerfully refund your money."
"Reliable " Women's Wear Sample Shop
Open Stw.y. wttll IP.M. 90S MARKET STREET, 2D FLOOR
J i4 1
West Philadelphia -
Miss Lucille Elliott Morris, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Morris, of
4601 Spruce street, who spent the summer
at Camp Wyonegonlc, Me., has returned
Miss Elsie Morris Brlnton, of Hampton
Court, has returned from a visit to
friends on Long Island.
Mr. and Sirs. J. W Mills, Jr., have re
turned from Atlantic Cty and are occu
pying their apartment at Hamilton Court,
39th and Chestnut streets.
Mrs. William Bonsall and Miss Eleanor
Bonsall, of 4410 Locust street, are spend
ing some time in Shepherdstown, AV Va.
Reliable" Women's Wear Sample Shop
905 Market Street, 2d Floor
September the Fifteenth, 1915, one week
each style is made, and we buy original
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ffijs ftfte fogfeaf Store
60 suite, elmllar to iL
.CvM tbli style to select Tr, -jM ffc
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5T,21. HIP J&
xfc.My qo.yo ?M JH
Along the Reading
Mr nnd Mrs Walter R Bailey, of
Lenox road, Jtnklntown, Ta , w ho have
been spcndlngUhe summer at their house
At Chelsea, N. J., returned home this
Mr and Mrs Nathaniel Springer and
family, of Lenox road, Jenklntown. Pa
have returned homo after spending the
summer .at their residence on Long
Mr. and Mrs Newton Walker, of
Greenwood avenue, Wyncote, Pa , who
have been spending tho summer months
.it the Aberdeen, Longport, N J . w ill
move Into theii new home at Orange,
N. J., early this fall, where they will
spend the winter.
Mr. 'and Mrs William Shields, of 210
School House lane, have returned home
from a visit of several weeks as the
guests of their son. Dr. Elwood Shields,
at his home at Annlsquam, Mass.
Mrs. William G. Shields, Jr , and her
small son, of 414 West School House lane,
have left for Lexington, Mass , where
they will be the guests of her mother,
Mrs. Edwin Reed, at her summer resi
dence, Cary Farms. '
Mr and Mrs Sheldon Potter. Mr. Ray
Potter and Mr Sheldon Potter. Jr. of
43 West Tulpehocken street, have been
spending the summer at their camp on
Silver Lake and will return homo the
middle of this month.
25 suits, similar
style, to select from,
worth up to $13
Miss Lorctta Friel, of 1G11 Porter street,
entertained the members of the "Mispan
Club nt a week-end party at her summer
homo In Wildwood A marshmallow
roast and watermelon party was held
on the beach on Saturday evening Tho
party, which were chaperoned by Mrs
Warren, Mrs. McGlnnis and Mrs Schu
peltz, Included Miss Mary Gillespie, Miss
Sarah Bradley, MIsj Helen Gallagher,
Missh Mary Konny, Miss Edith Stewart,
Miss Anna Boyle, Mies Catherine Malloy,
Miss Ruth Schupeltz, Miss Marsuorlte
Saunders, Miss Anna McGenry and Mr.
Anthony Trancis Dillon. Mr Jack Ford,
Mr. Arthur Woods, Jlr. Joseph Shields,
Mr. Daniel Malloy, Mr James Tracey,
Mr. Hugh Shields. Mr. Martin Malloy, Mr
Edward McGlnnis, Mr. William Warren,
Mr. John Hanrattv. Mr Frederick
Schupelt2 and Mr Joseph Barley
Southeast Philadelphia
Mr. and Mrs. William Haines, of 16th
and Jackson streets, have returned after
a vacation spent at Wildwood, N J
Miss Emma R Kohler, of 7th and Mor
ris streets, and her friend. Miss Sara
Fannlnger, of 10th and Wolf streets, will
spend this week-end at Atlantic City
Mr and Mrs. Herbert Brown, of 17U
South Ringgold street, have returned from
their bungalow In National Park.
Northeast Philadelphia
A dellsrhtful block party and carnival,
in aid of St, Vincent's Orphan Asylum.
Tacony, was given by the neighborhood
folk on Lawrence street, below Glrard
avenue, Friday and Saturday evenings.
Tremendous crowds nightly visited the
affair. The street was arranged in an
Oriental effect, with Innumerable pretty
girls attending the decorated booths. A
German band was one of the features
of the affair, sharing honors with the
St. Peter's Fife and Drum Corps Tho
affair was conducted by Mrs Smith, Mrs
Gray, Mrs Cummings, Mrs Wh!rlc.
Mrs Bertrands and Mr Adam Shilling
HMf if li JifliKr
Giillll J II
W JnllE
, ;r ImVIuIID
A COUNTRY market day una alpha
betical fair will be given on the
cround of St. Francis' Homo for Con
valescents In Lanadowne onSaturday,
October 2, which will last all rfKi'.
The affair will be given for the benent
of the home, which was established sev
eral years ago by a number of men and
women who have been Interested In visit
ing tho sick at the Philadelphia Hospital
for many years.
It was noted that In so many cases
when the sick were pronounced able to
leave the hospital they were not really
nt to no back to work or to their usual
surroundings, and yet the demand for
beds at the hospital was so great room
had to be made for tho very 111. The
Ilev Francis X. Wastl, who Is chaplain
at the hospital, had long cherished tho
Idea of founding a convalescent home, and
Interested a large number of persons In
the undertaking, and the home was pro
cured Pfttlcnta nre kept there for at least two
weeks, when they are able they asstst
with tome of the simpler tasks about the
houie, but this Is not compulsory. Since
'ie foundation of the home a large num-
r have been taken care of and the
I'hful workers have again decided to
lil a fair to help on the good work for
his jear.
Dr. and Mrs. John McKenna, of Balti
more avenue, will spend this week-end
at Chelsea.
Mr. Lindsay Tome, of La Crosse
avenue, will spend the week-end at a
house party to bo given by Miss Con
stance QUI at her cottage at Echo Lake.
Chestnut and 12th ts.
The "Peggy Owen" Dress
Exclusive Model (Style Registered)
Child Welfare
has only recently awakened
public interest. Child Welfare
has always played a promi
nent part in shaping the Ivins
policy. It was instrumental in
establishing the Ivins Specific
Guarantee of Purity which
covers every variety of
Cakes and Crackers
"Better Babies" experts agree that
pure, nutritious food is the most im
portant factor in child development.
Philadelphia mothers who know Ivins
baking never fail to include it in the
everyday menu.
For Tiny Tots, try Ivins withlpure,
rich milk. Ivins baking makes idesd
school lunches for the older child rea,
Ivins- cakes and craclcers are baked
under stricter purity laws than thosf;.
oftstate or nation.
Sold by Quality Grocers.
AN IKTKnESTINO wedding1 took place
jtx at the home or Mr and Mr. TVHIlam
V. Davis, 63 Loverlngtou avefv, 0Ro
borough, on Saturday night, at 6 o'eleok,
when their daughter, Miss Beta O. Banv
was given In marriage by her father t
Mr Joseph D. Aahworth The ceremony
was performed by tha Itev. U C Uet
pastor of tha "Wlssahickon Baptist
Church, and wa followed bra lnrgely at
tended reception. A lovely gown of whit
rrepe meteor and chantllly lace waa worn
by tho bride. Her lace veil extended to
the hem of the court train, and was m
ranged with lilies of tho valley Similar
flowers were combined with bride's rose
In her bouquet
Mrs Davlir, who was her daughter's
matron of honor, was gowned In helio
trope crepe meteor and carfldil n. shower,
bouquet of lilies of tha valley Miss KeV '
tie Hincklo was bridesmaid, and Miss
lUlen Mollvalne flower girl. Mr George '
Ashworth attended his brother as best
man. Tho bridegroom and bride left for
a trip to Niagara. Falls and Canada, and
will bo at home, Tuesdays and Thurs
days, nfter October 1, at 03 Peehin
street, Itoxborough.
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Fill m An gave a
farewell party In honor of thsir son, Lloyd
G. Tillman, on tho evo of his departure
for Merceriburg Academy.
The guosts were entertained by talented
scholars of music, and thtr waa -followed
by a dance.
Miss Margaret MacNell has gone to
Vcntnor to remain through September.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Amos, of AM)
North Carlisle street, will close their eat
tage In Atlantta City and will return tomorrow
Misses' "Peggy Owen"
Dress of superior
quality Men's Wear
Serge, in Navy Blue
or Black; box pleated
model with belt of
self material, hem
stitched collar of
white faille silk, slit
pockets, trimmed
with bone tfuttons
and plaid silk bow.
Sizes 14 to 20 years.
Exceptional Value