Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, September 03, 1915, Final, Page 9, Image 9

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Bridal Guests of Meigs-Houston Wedding Are Enter
tained at Portland Country Club by Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel F. Houston, Parents of the Bride
r ' . ..mtmte nflrty In being Riven today at
K A th Country Club at Portland, Me.,
Jrulm Molr. Chc.tnut Hill. The affair
win take the form of an all-day party and
Im Include luncheon, outdoor sports, din
TJr and danclnc for the bridal party of
Ml Margaret Corllea Houston and Mr.
nobort noBer MelB, whose wedding will
Uke Placo tomorrow at the Houston home
at Clapboard Island, Me.
vml Hsxry Maybln Hart, of the Cot-
Ambler, Pa.. Is tho guest of Mr.
'm Spencer K. Mulford at their
"15" on Church road, Wyncotc. Pa.
SJI Hart wjll remain In Wyncoto till
S the breaking up of the camp nt
Matubuw. when she will be Joined by
Mr Hart and will return to their homo at
Ambler. Pa.
rir and Mrs. n. Walter Starr and Miss
u.ria Louise Starr havo returned from a
Kent's motor trip through Now Hns
Und un aw guests at the Stockton Villa,
ran. May. until tho middle of the month
after which they will occupy their cot
tic e there. ,
Miss Mary Alice Clay, daughter of Mr.
nd Mrs. Alfred Q. Clay, of Meeting
House road, Jenklntown, has returned to
House rou. - ,,wnli wmV.
after a vlelt of several weeks
hr home.
r.. . Ml,. t.nli Tl. Hnssnrt nt
as tne bucbi. u. -
Bar Harbor, ie. 4
Mrs Irwin N Megargeo and her daugh
ters Miss Lorna D. Mcgargee and Miss
Miriam Megnrgee. havo closed their house
at Chelsea and ore occupying their apart
ment at the Essex, noh nnd Chestnut
Streets. They will leavo next week for
Bretton Woods to spend the autumn.
Mrs T. Emory Price, of Atlanta, Qa.,
formerly of London, England, who has
een the guest of Mr, and Mra. J. ncr
tram Hervey, of 4940 Walnut street, will
return to her home the end of the week.
Mr and Mrs.- Hervey will leave todny for
Ltnghorne, where they will visit Mr. nnd
Mrs. James W. Runyan over Labor Day.
Mrs F. L. Cogglns, of Springfield,
Mass., accompanied by her daughter.
Miss Josephine Cogglns, Mrs. F. M. Hos
ly and her daughter, Miss Huth Hoaloy,
who are making an extensive automobile
tour, are staying at the Bcllevue-Strat-ford
a few days before continuing their
Journey to the Delaware Water Gap.
Along the Main Line
ARDMORE. Mr. and Mra. Bqnjamln
H. Ludlow, of 116 Llanfalr road, will re
turn from Beach Haven, N. J., on Tues
day. "
HAVERFORD. Mrs. L. Wlllard Rod
fcrs. Miss Louise R. Rodgers, ..Ilss Isabel
Itodgers and Miss Constance Rodgers,
who have ben spending tho summer
here, returned to their home, at 240J
6pruce street, Philadelphia, yesterday.
BRTN MAWR. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
Miller, of Summit Grove avenuVS, accom
panted'by Mr. Walter S. Miller, have mo
tored to Gettysburg for a visit of several
Miss Louise GofT, of Montgomery ave
nue and Penn street, has returned from
BIddcford Falls, Me., where she has been
ipendlng several weeks.
Mr, and Mrs. Otis Sklnnor, of Gulf
road, who havo been spending several
' weeks at Denver and Lake Lulse, Al
berta, Can., have returned. to their home.
ST, DAVIDS. Mr. and Mrs. Louis
Jaquette Palmer and family have re
turned home, after spending tho summer
at Block Island.
Mr. Thomas W. Hulmo and family have
returned from Cape May, N. J.
'Mrs. F. F. Hallowell nnd Miss Hancy
and Miss Rlba Hallowell have gone to
Bay Head, N. J to spend tho remainder
of the season.
WAYNE Miss Mary Whlteford has
tone to Chelsea, N. J., to spend a fort
night Mr. John M. Dotterer and family have
returned to their home on Bloomlngdale
avenue, after spending the summer at
Atlantic City.
Miss Bertha Ball has returned from a
Western tour to her homo on Windermere
Chestnut Hill
Mrs. Joseph P. Tunis, of Seminole ave
nue, will remain at Bar Harbor, Me.,
until October 1.
Mrs, Francis 3. Mclllhenny, who spent
tne summer In tho Adirondack Moun
tains, will return tn her home. Mermaid
'4 " lltl In .1.- .! . . IhU nn.V.
r, mv, ,,, tut, cai ijr fJUIL u. lino juu.itiw
Mrs. William Albert Wood and her
daughter, Miss Eleanor Harvey Wood, of
i Mount Airy, have returned to their home.
after a month's ntnv nt Th Aberdeen
Hotel, Longport. Miss Wood is pow visit
ing her aunt, Mrs. Joseph B. Jacksoq, at
The Hamilton, Korrlstown, Pa.
Mrs. Abraham R. Perkins has returned
to her home, 302 West Upsal street, having
spent the entire summer at Lake Mohonk.
Among those of the Philadelphia col
ony who spent the summer at Lake Mo
ben V were Mr. and Mrs.- Ellis Williams
jAMlss Williams. Mr. and Mrs. John
woodall, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stotes
wry and Dr. and Mrs. Clarence J.
J; Davenport Plumer has Just re-
WfHtU IQ rir hnma TEA T l.t. .1-1..-
from BuekhlU Falls', where she- spent
" summer.
Mrs, Qavln M. Smyth has returned to
' .?..' al We,t Walnut lane, having
Say n m0nth o Aueut In Beach
KriM .Jiln, ?' Mclllheny. of Lincoln
it o . ,,. Johnson street, will remain
wtsmbe Fa" UnUl th mWd,e 0t
aJ!!.lMI D' M- Baro. who spent
TOO Illh Of A 111711 at In nA.RR n.... 'will
SS? I?. thelr nome JW West Chelten.
JSfit this week. .
r, Samuel F, Relfsnyder has sent out
tu2. .in' we,tnS of his- daugh
F Miss Ruth v.(i.u.. ft.i, j .-
&?.? F.rB"k Tonner. at the Meth-
-v.w,pu, unurcn of the Advocate.
AUrella M. Ounler. or no wt
street. nni ml. k.
Along the Reading
Hor . accompanied by her
ww. Miss Mary Rosa nd mi. rr.r.
Sutll' SK nocmmon, Doylestown,
N? Utr n0me I"Bt 8n'urday from
tk montv,. .' .".""' xner nttV0 been
m months of July and August,
? '.? Virn?Bt u nllg8,n fini
tfc'."'."!!1 ' tor Ventnor. N
Uty Will a ruin ,4 Ik. ....i.
Hi sttiarrt,. i r VaT "-v vo vruvo.M'im
' M Mn. M..i. ..... - .
7?. j iJi?."; have Va their gue.t
- '" ran m wiwwi.
Mr nnd Mr. George A. Wlllmnnngliave
returned from Ocean City. They will
spend this week-end nt Point Pleasant,
N. J. '
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. P. De Sanno, of 694h
avenue and 11th street, have returned to
their home nt Oak Lane.
I)r. nnd Mra. Henry N. Thlssell, of
Chelten nvcnuo and Camac tilrcet. Oak
Lane, havo returned. They,, havo been
spending the summer In tho mountains.
Mr, nnd Mrs, Edward B. McCall, of
CPth anil Park avenues. Oak Lane., hnve
returned to their homo from Atlantic
City, where they havo been spending part
of tho summer.
Mr, nnd Mrs, Ilnrrlson S. Morris nnd ,
Miss Katherlno 8. Morris, of Old York
road, near Chelten avenue, will return
shortly from their cottnge nt Jamestown,
R. I., ns will nlso Mr. nnd Mrs. Gllbort
Loverlng, of Noble, Pa., nnd Mr. nnd
Mrs. Corbett Loverlng nnd family, of
Jenklntown, Fa
West Philadelphia
Mrs. Frank Stnngler Elliot has Issued
Invitations for tho marriage of her daugh
ter, Miss Florence Jeanctto Elliot, to
Mr. Waldo O. Fchllng, on Friday, tho
24th of September, nt hnlf after 6 o'clock,
at her home, 4W7 Spruce street. A re
ception will follow from 7 until 9"o'clock.
Mrs. Frank O'Reilly, of Lock Haven,
who will be remembered as MIbs Daisy
Elliot, Is, with her smnll son, Frank
O'Reilly, Jr., tho guest of her mother
until after tho nuptials of her sister.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Wise, of BSM
Spruco street, nnnounco tho betrothal of
their dnughtcr. Miss Josephine Wise, to
Mr. Bruce Gerhard, of East Orange, N. J.
Miss Julia Hicks, of 6256 Arch street,
has returned homo from a several weeks'
visit to Gratersford, Pa.
Miss Mary Walsh, of C253 Arch street,
Is spending the first week of September
nt Atlantic City.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Madden arc re
ceiving congratulations upon the birth of
a son.
Mr. nnd Mrs. T, W. Barnhlll and daugh
ter, of 1221 North 59th street, havo gone on
an automobile tour through central Penn
sylvania. Mrs. Jl Richard Jackson, of 6217 Jeffer
Bon street, are to spend the next two
weeks at Atlantic City.
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Brandenstetn, of 1224
West Hnzzard street, will visit Mrs.
Brandensteln's parents at Wllllamsport
Mr. A. McGirr. of 6056 Vine street, with
hta oldest son, Mr. A. McGirr, Jr.. has
gone to New London, Conn., for a stay of
two weeks.
South Philadelphia
Miss Sarah Love, Miss Mary Mooney
and Miss Margaret Harley have returned
from two weeks' stay in Westminster
Hotel, Wlldwood. '
Mr. Frank Shurtz has returned from
Pittsburgh, where ho attended the annual
convention of C. Y. M. N. A. as a dele
gato of St. Monica's Catholic Club and
representative of the C. Y. M, N. A. of
Philadelphia. '
Miss Lillian Frazler. of 2633 South 15th
street, has returned home after an ex
tensive tour of the Southern States.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. O'Brien, 2006
South 17th street, and Mrs. Elizabeth
Huilman and John and Joseph Hudman
havo Just returned from a two weeks' trip
to Atlantic City. '
Miss Dorothy Norton and Miss Anna C.
Gillln are tho guests of the Rev. Powell
Norton, at Atglen, Pa,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Haywood, of 2512
Colorado street, gave a party last week
In honor of the sixth birthday anniver
sary of their daughter, Miss Mary Hay
wood. The decorations were pink and
whlto rosebuds. In the centre of the table
a box. covered with sugar, to represent
lump sugar, was filled with favora dolls,
for the girls and toys for the boys. TO
these a pink ribbon was tied and held In
place by a lump of sugar at each place.
There were also fancy paper caps and
hats. The party was held in the base
ment, which was decorated for the oc
casion with red bunting, flags and pen
nants. The floor was waxed for danc
ing and nil sorts of games were played.
Among those present were Miss Elolse
Ulrich, Miss Betty Ulrlch, Miss Doris
Hetrlch, Miss Edith Richards, Miss Helen
Dcmpsey, Miss Nancy Tuttle, Miss Nan
Hayward, Miss PriscIIla Cotter, Miss
Dorothy Glmber, Miss Clodla Goddard,
Miss Elizabeth Cotter, Miss Catherine
Simons, Miss Laura Fyle, Miss Elizabeth
Mink, Master Richer1 Tuttle. Master
Chandler Armstrong, Master Albert
Glmber, Mastor George Hlncken, Master
Hubert Dempsey, Master William Rich
ards, Master James Dempsey, Master
Richard Fynn, Master Arthur Holmes,
Master Dudley Glmber, Miss Fannlo
Welsh, Miss Evelyn Bruner. Miss Alice
Smith, Miss Ruzella Croft, Miss Antoin
ette Pamptnella and Miss Esther Goff,
Mrs. laywood was assisted by Mrs. n.
G. Moore, Mrs. Dudley Glmber, Mrs.
George Simon and Mrs. M. J. Welsh.
Girard Farms
Mr, George W. Fields, Jr., of 2528 South
Cleveland Terrace, will be one of a party
who will motor to Wlldwood tomorrow,
and remain over Labor day at the Hotel
Sheldon, The remainder of the party, all
of whom are members of the Sigma
Epstlon Sigma of Southern High School,
aro Messrs. Edward Cheralshuhn, Graden
Forrest, William Yearsaus, Lawrence
Connell, Louis Drew, Joseph McGrath,
Wilbur Watson, II. Porter, Raymond
Hudson and Allen Harbison.
Mr. and Mrs. William S, Cushlng. of
2511 South 2Cth street, with their little
daughter, Miss Laura Cushlng, will leave
tomorrow for Atlantic City, where they
will remain for about threo weeks.
WHjHiBlllfliBlKrj sbwZIWHB'i' wELl aHHEaflawL
III AlllHiBlHWTsliBllllV. i JHfriU&frjiBHrlr IBllllVlBlllV HI
if bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbhBbbbbbbbjbw JSBBJK BBBBJI II I 111 HmfHf Jh llll
llalllllllillllVflliiHr HI lllsBiBB 'MHto'J' -Hlll
iBiiiiiiiiiiiiiV-iBU JL2. anVaiiiiiiiiiBVBHP fLaiiiiiiHr iff
I V til')B(BnTl BwrmuriTBR'HCWMrV
Who, before her marriage, was Miss Emily Teresa Henwood, of the
Graham Apartments, 770 South Broad street.
Mrs. fi-iisf.ji.viiH Spiripl TTnsfpsq nf. iT.liihnvnfp T.iinrViorvn
rrj4- r Tn,.,
Gladstone Bags Form
Glass Baskets Filled With Rosebuds
elaborate luncheon Friday at her
cottage, 703 Pacific avenue. Covers were
laid for 40. The decorations wcro pink
roses and tho favors were cut-glass
baskets filled with' rosebuds. Bridge fol
lowed tho luncheon. Gladstone bags were
awarded as prizes. Those who enjoyed
Mrs. Seldcl's hospitality wcro Mrs. Albert
Baltz, Mrs. Jennie Lowensteln, Mrs.
Harry Berger, Mrs. Charles Berger, Mrs.
Frank Schani, Mrs. J. U waechter, Mrs.
Wllhllmlna Joerger, Miss Jesslo Evans
Schanz, Mrs. Frank Schanz, Mrs. Richard
Bennett, Mrs. Samuel W. Whan, Mrs.
John W. Bradley, Mrs. James Hollhan,
Mrs. Harry Parsons, Mrs. Frederick
Hollman, Mrs. E. G. WIgglngton, Mrs.
A. Lincoln Myers, Mrs. Daniel Mc
Cllnch, Mrs. Herman Mulock, Mrs. John
McConaghy, Miss Jennio Parker, Mrs.
George Young, Mrs. Charles M. Wcild,
Mrs. Fred L. Park, Mrs. Clayton Hagy,
Mrs. G. II. Clamer, Mrs. Mack Latz,
Mrs. Nettie Ruhland, Mrs. A. C. Griesol,
Mrs. Florence Garnett, Mrs. Len Rubens,
Mrs. A. W. Ely, Mrs. George Shisler.
Miss Lillian Welzel, Miss Vera Wetzel.
North Philadelphia
A BOO party was given Tuesday evening
by Mrs. R. E. Morrison, of '307 North
Bailey street. Her guesta were Mr. and
Mrs. John Schug, Mr. Hnrry Schug, Mr.
and Mrs. R. J. Clark, Mrs. George Smith,
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Kano, Mr. and Mrs.
John Craig, Mr. Harry Bush and Miss
Jcanette Smith.
Mrs. Ida Snyder, of 723 Green street,
will entertain on Sunday evening, Sep
tember 6, In honor of the betrothal of
her daughter. Miss Mao Snyder, to Mr.
Meyer Rosenzwelg;
A pinochle evening was given at tho
residence of Mr. and Mrs. SylveBter Lute
wine, 2903 North Bailey street, on Wednes
day evening. Those participating wero
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Grennor, Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Applegate, Mr. and Mrs.
Louis Kehr, Miss Marie Faulkner, Miss
Jean Faulkner, Mrs. Faulkner, Mrs. Royd
Mr. Maurice P. Fltzpatrlck, 1902 North
Camac street. Is at tho Traymore, At
lantic City.
An automobile party that returned last
week from a three week's visit at Berllns
vllle, In the Blue Mountains, Included Mrs.
S. S. Graves, Miss Eleanor Graves, Miss
Ida Mae Loomls. of 3033 Germantown
avenue, and Mr. and Mrs. Spencer It.
Graves, of 4211 North Franklin street.
Mr. and Mrs. David Fuerstenberg are
on an automobile tour through the White
Mr. Mason A. Moyer, of Roxborough
avenue and Fleming street, has returned
with his yacht after a three weeks'
cruise along the coast.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis S. Bond, of 141 Car
son street, Falls of Schuylkill, whose
marriage took placo last Friday eve
ning, have gone to Asbury Park.
Miss Margaret Hunter, who has been
visiting Niagara Falls and Canada, has
returned to her home on Dupont street.
Chevalier C. C. A. Baldl, Mrs, Baldl
and their family of 319 Oreen lane,
have returned from Cape May and the
Delaware Water Gap, where they passed
the summer.
:,. in ijt n..i.
Prizes Favors Were Cut
1 l,Kft I' HVIII.S VV Ml t- lilll.
Mrs. Robert Scldcl, Mrs. Mary McCauley
UB-i Miss Iona McCauley.
A double wedding was solemnized at
St. Paul's M. E. Church at noon on
AVcdnesday, when the two daughters of
Mrs. E. D. Loveland and the late Captain
Ioveland became brides. Miss Valetta
Loveland was married to Mr. William
Erb, Jr., of Philadelphia, and Miss Me
llta Loveland becamo tho wife of Mr.
Charles E. Dreher, of this city. Tho
Rev. Henry Zelley, pastor of tho church,
performed the ceremony In the presence
of tho immediate family. Including Mrs.
C. D. Loveland, Mr. and Mrs. William
.Erb, St., Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Loveland,
Mr. and Mrs N. R Black, Mr. and Mrs.
William Smith.
The children at Tabor Inn gave a clever
entertainment for the benefit of tho char
ity fund of the St. Vincent do Paul So
ciety of the Church at the Holy Spirit.
Those who took part were Miss Rcglna
Clark, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Clark, oj! Philadelphia; Miss Florence
Callahan, Miss Regina Callahan, Miss
Frances Haggerty, Miss Lillian Burke,
Jack Ball, Herbert Belham, John Burke,
George Welkel and Mrs. Marie Crombie.
Mrs. H. D. Cotter and Miss Harriet
Cotter, who have been spending the sum
mer in Wernersville, Pa., are nt Chelsea
for a month. They will return to their
homo in Qlenslde late in the autumn.
Northeast Philadelphia
"tss Anna Walker, of 01 East Girard
avfc. '.. one of the most popular of the
younger social set in the northeast sec
tion, is spending an Indefinite time at the
Announcements have been sent out of
the engagement of Miss Margaret Holden,
of Franklin and Brown streets, to Mr.
Thomas Brogan, of 62d and Market
streets. Tne marriage will take place
In the near future. The young couple
plan to take apartments In West Phila
delphia Miss Elsie Clayton and Miss Anna Cul
len, of 3220 Hartvllle street, have returned
to the city after a delightful trip to Val
ley Forge, Pa,
Miss Anna Moore, well known In social
circles In the northeast, has returned
home after spending the greater part of
tho month of August at Mantua.
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Holt, of 2049 .East
York street, are back from their vaca
tion trip to Wlldwood.
Miss Ruth Kelton, of 2046 Tulip street,
has hod as her guest for several weeks
Miss Dorothy Turner, of Longport.
Mr, and Mrs. Robert Adams, of 2114
East Dauphin street, are back In town
after spending the month In Chester
County visiting friends.
After a delightful two weeks' vlilt to
Lansdale, MIbs Mamie Harley, of 2CJ0
Kensington avenue, and Miss Louise
EtBer, of 600 East Westmoreland street,
have returned to town.
Mr, David Newman and family have
returned to the city from their country
residence, at Rahn, Pa., and have occu
pied their beautiful new home at 462S
York road.
What's Doing Tonight
rr-lladclphla Band, City Hall riata; 8 o'clock.
Talrmount Park Band, Strawberry Mamlon:
8 o'clock. Free.
Philadelphia Chapter American Institute ot
Banker. 1701 Chestnut street! 8 o'olock.
Philosophical Society, 101 South 6th street: 8
Itetsll DruftisU, College ot Pharmacy; 7.30
Suffrage Events Today
Xoon-Msetln at th Baronla Mills, 6th
street Hnd Allegheny avenue. Upeaker, Miss
Ann McCue.
Noon-dsy meeting- on postofflce plata.
fipeakcr, Miss Bertha Sapovlts.
8 SO p. m. Keeling- at Broad and Lombard
streets. Breaker, Miss Mary Ingham and Miss
Bertha Bapovlls.
8:30 p. m. Meeting at 8th street and Co
lumbia avenu. Speaker, Miss Anna McCue.
8.S0 p. m. Me.tlng at Main and Unity
rrsnkford. Speaker, Miss Estell
Notice for th Society sag will b
accepted and printed In tne KTrnlng
ledger, but all such notices must b
written on on aide of the" paper,
roust be signed to full, with full ad
dress, and srhea possible telephone
number nui b siren.
Send nH rack eoBtmunlcnttona U
"SMletr 4K," Ktuuv Ledger,
CM Cheat street.
Vales Umn retntlrasaenta ace earrUC
at tfcet TiWiatla snay be poeaMria,
ajaa aM vtfst sw 1m paUMie.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter II. Oelsslnger, of
Lansdowno avenue, spent soverat days at
Toms Itlvcr.
Mra T. C. Mllllkcn, of Stewart avenue,
returned todny from a visit to relatives
In Brownsville, Pa.
Miss Ruth Decker, of Stewart avenue.
returned todny from a week's stay at
Staten Island.
Mra Edward Reld, of Highland avenue,
will nlve a garden party today In honor
of her daughter, Mlsi Helen Rold.
Mr. nnd Mrs. William Sharpless, of
Lansdowne avenue, returned today from
a month's stay nt Ocean City.
Mr. H. Harrison Knowles, of 108 Wyo
ming avenue, Olney, will return this
week from Wlldwood, where ho has been
pending two weeks.
Mrs, George C. Crocker and daughter,
Miss Francos Crocker, of Mulberry street;
Mrs. O. Hurst and daughter. Miss Helen
F. Hurst; Miss Marie Warner, Miss Allco
Woodward nnd Miss Florcnco Kuti will
leave todny for Occnn City, whero they
will be the week-end guesta of Mr. nnd
Mrs George It. Kutz at their cottage.
Mr and Mrs. Kutz will return to their
"ionic In Frankford September 16.
A block party will be held on Frankford
.venue, Brill, Bridge, Darrnh and LeBhcr
rects on September 17 nnd 18 for tho
benefit of the Frankford Day NurBcry,
imler the nusptces of the Ladles' Aux
iliary of tho northeast section of Frank
lard Delaware County
Thi mnnlngu of Miss Mary O. Elklng
ton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Elklngton, of Moylnn, to Mr. William
Dugnld, nlso of Mo j Ian, will tako place
September 10.
tnvltntlons hnvp been lisued by Mr. nnd
Mrs. Benjamin T. Llnls, of Media, for tho
marriage of their daughter, Miss Llll'an
Llnls, to Mr. Llnuood Hannum, also of
Media, on September IS.
Dr. nnd Mrs. A. A. MncConncll, of Glen
olilcn, have returned from a trip to the
Tannma Exposition.
l.tJi T-iW:!
!t -' , .w . TvSSgjpc,,
lrrz ' 'J JXttt t
TfiSJM !
VZVLSS-i!Jl W il V--
r 'ssssESArrr
was established in 1845 it has been
making good citizens ever since.
Emphasizing thoroughness, sincerity
and simplicity. It builds character and
trains for world usefulness.
Write for Tear Book of the Educa
tional System from Kindergarten to
ISth and Race Sts.
:15th St. and Lancaster Ave.
17th St. and Girard Ave.
Greene St., Germantown.
Save carfare. Evening- School, Dormitory.
Expert Instructors, Individual Method, Swim
mine Pool, Gymnasium.
Camdrn Central V. M. C. A., S72 Federal t.
North Branch V. M. C. A., 1013 W. Lelilgh.
Went Branch Y. M. C. A., S2d and Hansom.
1808 Sprues Street. Opens Sept. 22.
Ardmore. Opens September 27.
Germantown Friends
CnOOI AT 8:46 A. M.
Palmer Business School
Shorthand, Typewriting, Bookkeeping, English,
day and night sessions. Send for catalog.
Mercantile Library Bldg., 10th above Chestnut.
Night Schools Write for Booklet
ids JALm y'
Jlst tear upens sepi. ijid
Enrolment Limited to 2500
A Residential and Day School ot
unparalleled facilities for the at
tainment of a sound musical educa
tion, from the elementary to the
highest artlstlo standard. A school
of Individual Instruction by special
systems adapted to your needs, sav
ing valuable time, fruitless effort
and useless expense.
A school of Inspiration, loyalty, suc
cess; a school of widest prestige,
founded upon tha success , of Its
graduates and students In positions
of musical responsibility.
Reciprocal relations with the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania.
Empowered to confer degrees.
The Year Book Contain! Important
Information For You. Mailed Free
13J0 S. llroad St., Phils.
Catholic Education
Do you want reliable and comprehensive information regarding
the many convents, academies and colleges of the East?
3 Our Catholic School Expert has personally visited these institutions of
learning. He has studied them at close range and is conversant with their
plans and methods of instruction. The environment peculiar to each school
has been given careful attention, in fact every point has been taken up so that
the information is at once personal and complete. J It is a difficult matter
to secure this information from a catalogue and select the desired school ar
college to meet the peculiar requirements of each boy and girl. f' You are
invited to discuss your school problems with the Ledger man who knows.
J Make an appointment with him by mail or phone at LEDGER
CENTRAL at any time convenient to you, Knowing the kind of training
needed, general location preferred and expense limit, by a quick process I
elimination the ideal school desired will soon develop and assume a definite
name and location. This Bervice is absolutely free.
Brow! mm! CltMtMut Sirta
Miss Edna Burky Bride of Mr. Thomas C. WatersMr.
William C. O'Connor Married to Miss Emily T.
Henwood Last Wednesday Other Weddings
THE marriage of Miss Edna G. Burky,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Burky,
of M19 Walnut street, to Mr. Thomas
Chester Waters took place quietly on
Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock In tho
parsonage of the Richardson Memorial
Presbyterian Church, nt 60th and Walnut
streets. The Rev. O. O. McDowell per
formed the ceremony. The brldo was un
attended and only tho Immediate families
wcro present. Mr. and Mrs. Waters will
make their home at 5S21 Addison street,
West Philadelphia.
The marrlnge of Miss Emily Teresa
Henwood, of tho Graham Apartments,
770 South Broad street, nnd Mr. William
C. O'Connor, of Wilmington, took place
on Wcdnesdny. The ceremony was per
formed In St. Theresa's Church, Broad
and Catherlno streets, nt 9 o'clock, tho
Rev. Father J, T. Crowley officiating.
The brldo who was attended by Miss
Jt.ecphlne O'Connor ns maid of honor,
wore a gown of white pussy willow taf
feta and lace, finished with n court train
and she carried a shower bouquet of
brldo roses and lilies of the valley. Her
only ornament was a diamond pendant,
a gift of the bridegroom.
A breakfast followed nt tho home of
tho bride, after which the young couplo
left for a wedding trip of two weeks to
Atlantic City nnd other resorts. On their
return Mr. and Mrs. O'Connor will llvo
at 1906 Shalcross avenue, Wilmington,
There were 62 guests present nt the re
ception Including tho Rev. Father L. N.
Wolf, tho Rev. Father Daniel S. Coona
han and the Rev. Father Joseph Con
Mr. J. G. Dallcy, of 4731 Klngsesslng
nvenue, has announced the marriage of
his daughter. Miss Mabel A. Dalley, to
A 1
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- lUWm . . irasKi if
ntsss f rjy iu -r bnfirsn -nl I0 J-
'5?viiJC- w-0'''5'Z53iifJY5 1-?" f ,iv II ill.yv vV" 7-kV!5?.
mm wo(sm
sliPfrtei fegyfefrii3Pw v
y i
to help lounft men and women rise tn better Dosltlons In business
life, but who have not time to study during the day.
Telephone; Lombard 1208-1207
Day School. Night School. Enter any time.
E. M. Hull, A. M.. Pd. D , President, Lafayette Building, Philadelphia
After October 1st Venn Mutual Building
-.TSHv. :
How to Advance
The great hope of advancement lies In
bringing Into action certain Important
powers of mind and personality which
have never been used. Use of these pow
ers Is prevented In various ways. It may
be checked by timidity and lack of self
confidence, suppressed by fear, or para
lyzed by selt-consclousness. Ignorance of
the Importance of the powers, or the nat
ural weakness of the powers themselves,
may prevent their use. The Neft College
courses give men and women full pos
session of themselves.
Send for catalogue, copy of Dr. NefTs
lecture, "Education and Success." and
circular statins when Day and Evening
Classes open, rates of tuition, etc. Office
open dally 0 to 6 30. Evening 7:30 to 10.
The School that Lives ite Record
Located In the beautiful Perklomen Valley,
within easy reach from Philadelphia and
New York. Co-educational. Prepares for all
colleges and universities. Has enviable rec
ord for scholarship. Excellent courses In
Business, Agriculture, Domostlo Science,
Muslo and Elocution. Strongly moral. Per
sonal Interest In students. Rates S37S tl
1425. Illustrated catalog free.
Iter. O. S. Urlebel, D. D., Principal, Ilox K.
E C K W E R ' S
Philadelphia Musical Academy
1617 Spruce St. 47th season opens
Sept. Oth. Branches 6029 German,
town Ave.; 44a 8. 62d St. Eminent
Artists In Faculty. Prospectus.
piiilip wAiinnjr
ITr.15l, Knorlle puno. oroan,
Organist St. Paul's Church, Chestnut Hill, and
Rodeph Shalom. Studio, 1523 Chestnut St.
Conservatory of Musle
Ite-opens Sept. 20.
1B24 Chestnut St.
Mr. Alton U Klbler, of Washington, J,
C, on Wednesday evening at 6 oloe
Tho ceremony, which took place at th
home of the bride's father, was performed
by tho Rev. Dr. J. L. Klbler, of Wash
Ington, father .of the bridegroom. Thera
wero no attendants. A small reception
for the Immediate families and a few Inn
tlmate friends .followed, after which Mr,
and Mrs. Klbler left for their wrddln
Journey, which will be spent motoring
mrougn nevr xor. xney win De at
home after October 1 at 10 Bank street.
Dover, N. 3. Mr. Klbler Is a recent
chemist employed by the United Sta.tr -Government
at the station at Dover!
Miss Dalley before her marriage was A
teacher In the Joseph Leldy School. M
this city.
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Eldrldge har
announced the marriage of their daugh
ter, Miss Florence C. Eldrldge, to Mr,
Anthony C. Mnrple, Jr., on Wednesday
morning at U o'clock, at their home, S3H
Wlngohocking terrace, Germantown. Thf
Rev. Dr. S. Howard Chubb, pastor of the
Evangelical Church, officiated. Tho bride,
who wan given In marriage by her father,
wore a gray traveling gown with white
furs. She waa attended by her ulster.
Miss Lctltia Eldrldge, and her brother,
Mr, James Eldrldge, acted as best mari.
Mr. and Mrs. Marple. who are kpcndlnz
their honeymoon In Wlldwood, will live
at 400 West Chelten avenue upon their
Miss Emily Buckley, of 3429 North 2Jk
street, has returned from Spring Mount,
Pa., wHere she was the guest of Miss
Mnrjorlo Bangher for several weeks.
Miss Catharine L, Stiles, of Tioga, A
spending the early autumn in Aobury
Mrs. Walter Cregar, of 1241 West Alle
gheny avenue, is spending a month in
Atlantic City.
Best and Largest
Night School
Is better than other schools be
cause Its teachers aro experts.
We do professional work In our
line Accounting, Auditing and
Shorthand Reporting Experts as
teachers produce experts. Send
for list ot our Gold Medal win
ners. May we teach youT
80 1. 807 Chestnut St., Plilla.
University of Pennsylvania
Offers Evening Courses
Registration evenings, except Saturday.7 to 9.
Sept. 13 to 24. Sessions begin Sept. St.
Thirty vtan at nth and Chestnut Btrttte.
Business. Shorthand and i-scretarlal Courseal
THE KIRbCIIIIAUM School of Languages
1581 Chestnut St. (Welgbtman Uldg.)
Estab. 1889, Benno Klrsehuauiu, Principal.
sifi?PEN VAN LEER, Tenor
n!T.In0A,Cfm.rM Congregational. Brooklyn.
Concert. Oratorio song Recital. Voice Cul
1830 N, 13th SH.
Wm. J. Boehm "JfiAc.
Chambars-Wylla Memorial! 1418 Ni Uthat
. Wr tsiI
voicb r
Italian M.rhAj 3
1714 Chestnut Street.
Residence, Cynvryd, J
For Men and Boys. Unlimited us ta
i-tZn.' .'""".'JU f.w months.
ArcV.. 3ft32P&k7X:.u4J!&'tt 1