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d Parties and Dances to
. 1 " .!-...- TT
ren's beasnore nouse
Night Will Be Unique
jj,ADKt,PIIJAN8 nre now bondlnB
W fott l0 rnlso tunt1s tor t'10
Ln-8 genshore .nousr, .titinpolls
tlnntlC nvcniics, unciscn, which la
fuliy In need of money. Mra. Kd-
porteous win give a. inriro dnuro
on the nfternoon of August 21,
trs C Tomunson uaro win hivo
rice nt the Brighton Cnslno tho
lmr evening in nltl of tile wormy
iitlon which cares for hundreds or
A children. Mrs. Daro will ho
rated by Mr. Wnltcr Jnrvls and Mr.
Kmbwl Jarvls. Miss Nlnlta Brletow of
B&toeton, t. I., npti tho Jarvls hoys
sjptiiitrate tho newest dnnces. Klght
iJn&ttA dollars was tho stim renllictt at
Q;caino " ,- --
on this occasion. Tho series
'(nteMalnmcnts for mo aensnoro
Kill be concluded mo nist wroK
ffo'Jptembcr when tho annual charity
ffiwtfl he nclJ on tho rilco1 1,or'
oof tittle Bins Rnvo a inir insr. wccit
The benefit of tho Children's Honshoro
he Chelsea, on the porch of Dr. A. A.
nr's home. 33 Houth Sovereign ivVe-
;r Twentyflvo dollars were realised.
B3Taa responsible for tho success of tho
" .1. - rc.t, ...... ati.o t..ii.
fOhncr. Miss Usthcr JJtelilo nnd Miss
hie Pfaclier Stern.
L Tnhn Joseph Bchcmbs, Jr., who Is
Urtiilnff the summer nt his Ventnor col
li", .ntrrtafncd n party of friends on
vC din new speedboat, tho lOmmn M.,
r. (mir of Inland wnterways. Dinner
i wrved at New Orctna. Tho guests
15 Dr. and Mrs. William II. Wll
3 of naltlmoro. Dr. Cleorgc Krnnktln
mnlck. Ml" Knthryn Miller, Miss Clar.i
KToung Ails' viviiui n'"i v. -
.Ehla mid Dr James Spencer Trotter.
ieVlntendent of tho Now York Dental
1''ltule" , . ,
SL. .Miriii nf tho scries of Tuesday
I4nooa.br.dgo partes at tho Atlantic
tr wni "" ; ah ic
:w w" W1'1 "' .: .;;
'flji'sanxay. Mrs. Elwood 8. Uartlett.
mJ and Mrs. W A. i-nunco iinu mr.
irbert Kaunco linvo returned to tholr
mfidit 144 St iimnes pumu, liu
El,y. They were nccompanledbv
llfij i Helen Porter, of Maiden, Mass.. tho
ioTee of Mr Fauncc.
grj. George M Uenneit, in urui
rsiun avenue, Auanuc iiy.
itPrtCSt tor a lonniBin ."
SMtri, of Philadelphia.
fiSpte MAY, Auk. 17.-NothlnB so nt
iW. the youth of Capo Mnjr's summer
Mint as the dance. Sometimes It lanes
fS. '..i. ,.,inihiMn Yneht Club, somo-
fes at the gilt ballroom of the nw
M sometimes In the cool, open-air
Wrs navlllon of tho Itcd Mill nnd some-
Ines ort the beach. It really makes llt-
iif difference wnen ui whcic ui nu.. ..
i.i oin nUeml n dnnco to bo Riven to-
irrow night at the now hotel. The
trie, ballroom will be converted Intu a.
wra floor Dy mcanH ui iietuinuuiiD, u"
I: n lnrirn doors leading Into tho ex-
KfrtBc will be artfully arranged to rop
fcjfrt old-fashloncd barn doors. Tho pll-
iri la tho ballroom win ue uanneu wun
icks of hay and corn husks. Tho guests
ni nrrlvn In niinlnt tostumes, and prlzea
IU be awarded for the best dancers, also
best costumes.
ftiillt of patronesses Is lis follow):
iTHp. nlchanlB, Mrs. J. Wallace Ilallo
iBMtl, William Joyce, Mrs. Bartlett,
Eft. 3. 0. Boueal, Mrs. J. C. Parker.
Ufaf?ordon Mills, of Qermantown, spent
.fprMk-end at this resort, as did Mr. .T.
pFiBlicklcdgo und Mr. J nines A.
sllcer, also -f Gcrmantown.
Vft Geortto Barry, of Germnntown.
peat the week-end with his family at
iijlrcottago on Howard Btrcot.
Weekly Cottage Bridge Club was
itcrtauied by Mrs. Luther Ogdcn at her
se, on S15 Kearney street, on Thurs-
tnd Mrs. Harry Valentino, of Ger
(h, fcpent the week-end as thu
of Mr. und Mrs. John Blakeley at
Jttage on Decatur street.
:siiii Ulanchc, of JcnKltitown, Fa., is
Slr.s several weeks at tho Stockton
J Adelaide Roberts entertained In-
uiy at DnciRe on l'riuay ancrnoon,
'r cottage, on Ocean street.
Ifft. Jnhfi f Wnltm .ntnHnlnft.l nf
Bpn brldso last week at tho Capo May
(gat Club. Tho decorations were elabo-
iiyl consisting of varicolored dahlias.
'Q0I1C thosA nrpnpnt wurn! Mm K.
':& M"- Houssel, Mrs. It. Jonks, Miss
jjji. Mts. William K. Knowles, Mrs.
Jfaiexander. Miss Knowles, the Misses
5JT. Miss Itoberts, tho Misses Shearer.
''Walter Starr. Mrs. Grayblll. Mrs.
S9B. Mrs. Darrett. Mrs. J. Tl'altr
S Mrs. Walter Phillips and Mrs. Lcna-
BWOOD, Aug. 17. Mr. Thomas
iOf Germantowii. Antnrtnlnil n nnrtv
g? friends on the btach last week. A
S. placed claso to tho ocean'B edge,
tfhed music for a ceneral dance. In
1 flbOUt 22 vntincr runnlA nnrllrlnntrd.
lla the evening luncheon was served.
"If tne guests woro: Miss Klslo
Miss Nan Whlto. Miss Marearet
Jtr, Miss Uessto Martin. Miss Mnrla
iK SIlss Alva Isemlneer. Dr. rtalnh
Qy. Mr. WaltHr Mnllnu Mr. Dniilcl
"ty, Mr. Edmund Purdv. Mr.
9ld Punly, Mr. Wnrren Tenncy,
"face uurlce. air. Loua Whlto.
VlJUam G. WrlKht and Mr. Wesley
l Usrn T O, nussoll, of Cleveland,
I bli daughter, Miss Isabel Russell,
guests of Dr and Mrs. I.alrd.
iVlola Swank and Miss G, Illstlno
uccupying apartments at the
djelherlngton and' family, of Phll-
p i now occupying ilrs. wnsos
fa t'olumbla road.
Thelma. Mrtlmri,. nt XIMIvlllA.
i the. guest of Mrs.' Brown, of 1X5
ivenua for the week-end.
m party will be given tonight at
gington Hotel, when the following
present Mlsa Smith, Mrs. M. H.
t. Mi" and Mrs. Olllvet, Mr. and
hldt, Mr and Mr. B. Murrpy,
ll. Mr ami Mrs. A. I.bwIh Mra.
llehlnt. Mill NT a rial.h Mm Mnv-
gfrs. Maugham. Miss Margaret
Mrs Mllla Aim lloivr Kirs.
Utut B Knecht. Mra. Ralph MU-
Jl . D. O. Solomon. Mrs. Gelsen-
" Spang, Mra. Jaaolia. Mrs
Mrs graham. Mrs. JJagley, Mrs.
Blythe, Dr and Mra. Ren-
nd Mra Palmar!. Mra. II. D.
Saymond Knox and Mr. Janja
re promoting a ournlvul which
Pea on the Boardwalk, ba-
nelllnffer ami fla rflaLI ovftniifll.
b8lnnlai: nt 10 n'elock and OOH.
With Jollification until midnight.
MU be a. parade in wlilflh a noted
S411 Will TUirlLlnat. iticmiham urith
Mqueradera and urttuaa of houl
ine win i awftmjad to the
mun unlijualy draaaad praona
at batlllne will lia nua at th
ot (h nlaht Aftnr tkia nantda
dandim, a sack raca. putft
"u .uiitri, and in cootcat
tui ih dUtarant coolaaU wlU
nin KMir. Mr. JOMfll
-Bnatuiihur . U n4. Mr. Joba
Be Given in Aid of Chil-
liarn Dance Tomorrow
Feature in Cape May
-Mi -----
Byrnes, Mr. Joseph Canlelly. Mr A Ala.
goffrey, Mr. snlber. Mr. Ma'jor and Mr
OCRAN CITY, AuiTn.-Mr nnd Mrs
Harvey Townsend. of Mclroso Park, nro
gueH Wif,,"1 UV.lr "'" Ml", Mnr!
Beatrice Thornlcy. Miss Iternlco Fnrcly,
M t'-e.?."a 'r0' MlM Rvcly" mak'
Kirk. Sldman and Miss Martha
rn,irr.T,,omnR,.U" 0l""on, Jr.. ot tho Fed
beo,C!'CrV0,1Jl,nltl J'l'lladclphla. who has
aai for Ulldwood nnd Cape May. His
Vaclitrciub Amclltt of tno Corinthian
t?L ,T" K: ''"fRMIn and family, of
Tioga, are nt their npnrtmcnts for tho re
mainder of tho season.
IK?'1; 'J ,r?;, Mamcs t'ratiUHn and fnm-Li-..
f,np8t '.''""'Iclphla, are hero for n
stay of several weeks,
oMr;.i F ""''nwood, of Philadelphia.
...hL t-0i"lclll"". I spending n few days
with his family at their 2d street cottngc.
Mrs. U I). lJnuer and slBter, Miss Flor
ence Hurdle, of Philadelphia, arc spend
Ing a fow days here.
Mr. William M. Irish, 3d. of Phlladcl
plila, In it visitor.
Mr. Robert M. Hchacfter nnd family, of
Tioijn, aro nmoni? tho sojourners.
Along the Main Line
MKtltON-Mrs. John II. Seal nnd
daughter, Mlsi Deborah Seal, of Hnzlo
hurst avenue, nre spending tho summer nt
Watch Hill, It. I.
ARD.MORE-Mrs. Roderick D. DnnnM.
son, of 101 I.landfnlr road, Is spending
sovcral necks nt Mount Pocano.
HAVnilFORD-Mr. Clarence A. Wnr
den, of Fnrnwny Farm, has Joined his
family nt their cottage at Sarnnac. In tho
Adirondack Mountains.
Mr. nnd MrB. Ncwlln McConnell, of
Gray's lane, left Saturday for a two
weeks' stay nt Beach Haven, N. J.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Arthur Tllnuin I.owcry
nro receiving congratulations on the birth
of a daughter, Mary Tllmnn Lowrry. Mrs.
I-owery will be remembered as Miss Isa
bel Sayros, of Ilavcrford.
BRYN' MAWR.-Mrl Henry B. Wnllnce.
of Bryn Mnwr avenue, nnd Mr. Wilson
Bnrnnrd, of Morris nvcniic. motored to
Atlantic City for the week-end.
Mrs. Stockton Townsend, of 2 Orchard
Uine, has boiic to Lake Placid Club. N. Y.
to be uono until October 1.
Mr. Howard Brown of Morris avenue,
spent the week-end at Atlantic City.
RADNOR-Mrs. W. Austin Obdyko and
daURhtcrs hnvo returned from New
Hnmpshlto to their home. King of Prus
sia. Mrs. George D. Ogden nnd Miss Kath
arine Ogden, of Onkdeno, Radnor, havo
roturned from n trip to the Panama
Pnclllc exposition and Ycllowstono Park.
ST. DAVID'S-Mrs. J. Bertram Mitchell
Is spending n fow weeks at Ventnor, Jf. J.
Mrs. Edwin Wright Is ontertntnlng Mrs.
Mnson, of Alexandria, Vn.
Mr. Bernard S. Law Is passing tho sum
mer at Narrngansett Pier, R. I.
WAYNR-Mr. nnd Mrs. AVIlllam H.
Welsh have been entertaining Mrs. G. W.
Sllvls, of Downlngtown, nt their homo on
Runnymedo uvenuo.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Louis Jnauctto Palmer
have gono to tho Vnlll Cottages, Block
Island, R. I to stay until September.
DEVON Miss Irene Augusta Hunter,
who hns been Joined bv her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. AVIlllam T. Hunter, of Devon,
Is at present In tho Yosomlte Vnllcy. She
will leave shortly for San Francisco.
Chestnut Hill
Mr. nnd Mrs. Joseph S. Frnloy, of 20
AVcst Che&tnut avenue, havo left for
Northeast Harbor. Mo., wheic they will
remain tilt tho llrst of September.
Miss Katherlno AVllllnmson, of 2 East
Chestnut avenue. Is spending tho months
of August and September nt Beach
Haven, N. J.
Mr. Jnmos Monroe, of 330 Gowcn ne
nue. Mt. Airy, Is spending several weeks
at Christmas Cove, Me.
Mr. and Mrs. William S Pilling, ot 2
AVcst Upanl street, hajve returned from nn
cxtcnslvo motor trip through the northern
part of Now York Stnto and Now Eng
land, stopping nt Boston nnd several
other points, where they were entertain
ed by their many friends. Mr. and Mrs.
Pilling nro now at their cottago at Bay
Head, N. H., whero they will remain
through tho month of August.
Mrs. James McMahon, of 705 Locust
avenue, has left for Bay Head, N. J.,
where she will remain for tho balance
of tho summer.
Mr. nnd Mrs. John Tobln. of 2S0 AVest
Rlttenhouse street, have returned from
Niagara Falls.
Mrs. John J. Lynch, of East Trlco
street, and her two children, aro spend
ing some time In Atlantic City.
Mr. George Broadhead, of Bristol, is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Rowe,
of 220 AVest Rlttenhouso street.
Mr. and Mrs. John S. AVhltty, ot 130
Herman street, havo left for Virginia,
whero they will remain for some time.
Miss Knthryn Love and her sister,
Miss Sue Love, of McCallum street, aro
spending a fortnight at AVlldwood. N. J.
Mr. Logan Howard-Smith Is spending
some time at the A'lrglnla Hot Springs.
WJw, bjfore her mrrige on Sut-
" mm aVaiiiiiiiiiiiiH,
bSUBiSA rSBSC-' IlinaESaWUaiaiiiiaiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiK JT - f iSBH
aaHHI W9fR jMRLj EVVBamrArnkaaaaaBkaaaaaB' i. . v t MT vv - BaaiiHH
aBaBBaaHaElBiBBIB tTWaM IflUSf KHHakr r"dau. t o I' .Jr ,' . 7 WkHaV
taHaaiaaawHflasWw'llBVbaW J sMaV!aflliaaBaBaBLaaBaBaBaBaBaBaK "Ifc. jTm ii Sf X ' M !i & BaaaaaaB
aaBaHaaVaafrSHaSHsBaBaBaBaBaaBaaBaBaBaBaBaW i Krai BaaOalaaBaBaBaPft jS flaaaaaK
Who, with her parcntg, Mr. and Mrs.
Along the Reading
Mrs. AVIlllam C. Row-den. Miss Kllza
bcth Ilow-dcu nnd Mr. Ilnrry Bowden, of
21S South tlth street, West Philadelphia,
have closed their town Iiouso nnd are oc
cupying their summer home on School
road, Wyncoto, Pa., for August, and thov
expect to remain till the end of Septem
ber. Mint B. Newklrk, who hns been tho
guest of Mrs. Ilowden for several weeks,
hns left fot Englesmerc, Pa , where she
will mako n visit of sovcral weeks.
Mlsa Nan Kent, tho daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. William C. Kent, of Bent Road,
Wyncote, I'n., has left for a visit of sev
eral weeks at Mauch Chunk, Pn whero
she will be the guest of her aunt, Miss
Miss Mnrjorlo Kent hns left for tho
Pocono .Mountains, where sho will bo tho
guest of tho Rev. and Mrs. James Hnlsey
at their camp for a several weeks' visit.
Mlssh Marlon Sharplcss, of Hathcrton.
Cheltcn Hills, Pa., left last Saturday by
motor for Ocean City, N. J., whero she
will be tho gucfit of Mrs. Sparta Fritz
at their summer residence, 813 Brighton
place. Ocean City, N. J.
Mrs. J. L. Lawrence, of Woodlnnd avo
nue and York road, Ablngton, Pa., has
ns her guest for several weeks Mrs. K.
AV. Dare, ot Brldgeton, N. J., and Mrs.
Harriet Leaf, of 20:n Walnut street,
Mis. Gabriel Bllnn. ot Old York road.
Blklns Park, has left for Atlantic City,
N. J., where sho will spend several
weeks at the Hotel "Prnymore.
Mr. L. N. D. AVIllInms and family, of
Ogontz, IM-. havo left for tho Pocono
Pines Inn nt Pocono Summit, Pn., where
they will rcmnln until September 1.
West Philadelphia
Mrs. C. Henry Brown. Mr. ttlwln
Brown nnd Mr. and Mrs. Chester ji.
Campbell, who have been at Atlant c
City since July 1. have returned to their
home, JT Baltlmoro avenue.
Dr. nnd Mrs. D. Clinton Guthrie and
their son. Mr. Paul C. Guthrie, of .22
North 40th street, have been entertaining
extensively during tho summer at their
cottaco on Sovereign avenue, Chelsea, N.
i Tlielr guests havo Included: Mr. and
Mrs Howard McCnlley, of Elklns Park;
Mr? William MacNcnl. of authrlavllle.
Pa., nnd Miss Betty Bnrnes, of North
Broad street.
Mrs. 8. L. Hill, of 651 North 67th street,
hns tnken apartments nt Atlantic City,
where she will remain until September.
MNs Anna McClement. 431 South d
street. Is visiting friends In Salt Lake
City nnd will later proceed to the Cali
fornia Exposition.
Mr. and Mrs. It. Park and fumlly, 4116
Pino street, havo gone to Eaglesmere for
tho season.
Mr. John Flnnegan and family, 4519 Lo
cust street, arc at the Shelburnc. Atlan
tic City, for the season.
Mr. and M.-s. Charles J. Eayre, 49M
Walton avenue, went to Ocean City on
Saturday, .
Mr. and Mrs. AV. J. Htocklnger. 4315
Chancellor street, nre the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas Fenton Luce, of Ocean
Mrs. Minnie Evan, 5415 Catharine street,
In spending the summer at Atlantle Clt.
Mrs. Martha Ungemach, 313 South 56th
street, U spending the summer at Seaside
Park. .
Miss Minnie E. Uurgln. Mil Ludlow
strwt, Is spending a vaeatlon at th
shore rworts.
Miss Anna E. Bl. Mil pqw lr,t.
loaves for rjonaa vv "'w""r
iml fnmlly and will then go to her W
wmM ta Covington, Ky., and CliuKitnaU.
... ,i K(r Allan B. Carr. T13 South
sflfh atrnat. have lf t to sp-nd three wU
"al "Atlantle City.
-.. -j nr, iv O. DavlM. 51 U Havw-
ford'avuu, ar vWlUff Mw0 at WIW
wood. N. J.
Nellees fof tba Soele r page wlU ba
BePd and printed Ut the Brenlog
Ledger, but U sueh notice must b
wrlttea on one ld of tho paper,
moat be signed ta loll. U fuU d
a,s. and whan1 powlbl telephone
uuuiber must b len.
gul all sue wmiaunlerilioM to
"8ly BUltar." Belog LtdfW,
8 cbntaut atrt-
VsIsm tboM raqalioU ar iled
out that vwUteatlea may b poHiU.
tea aatiea w be puMUlwd.
Samuel MojrnrKOo Wright, is spending
iiouso in liar uuriior, mo.
South Philadelphia
Miss Agnes McDovltt, 231 South COth
street, spent the week-end nt Atlantic
Mrs. Chnrlntto Hclberbnck, 1512 Vaskcr
street, Is spcndlnp; the summer nt her
cottage In Cape May.
, Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert G. Moore, ot i
pirnrd Farms, left yesterday for New
England, where they, will remain tho bal
nnco ot tho summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Benllng, of 2102 South
Dorrnnco street, spent Inst Saturday and
Sunday nt Atlantic City.
Miss C. Leo, 2334 Fltzwnter street. Is
spending her vacation at Atlantic City.
Mrs. E. Ifnrold, 2003 Christian street,
has gono to AVlldwood, N. J., for a short
Miss Emma B. Morell, of 1712 South 15th
street, has Just roturned from a two
weeks' vacation nt Parltcrford and Read
ing, Pa.
Mr. E Wall Murphy, of 2132 South 15th
street. Is spending the week ot tils uunga
low ut National Park, N. J., with his aunt
Mrs. R. Campcn. nnd friends.
North Philadelphia
Mr. Jnmes 11. Schliullcr, of 2131 North
20th street. Is spending the summer at
Ocean Gnto.
Mr. AVIlllam J. McNally, of 20th street
and Siis(uehnnna avenue, Is spending the
summer nt his Atlantic City cottage. 207
Madison avenue.
Mr. John II. Michel, of 2230 North 20th
street. Is spending Bomo time nt Atlan
tic City.
Mr. Henry F. Tolson nnd family, of
1718 SiiBciuehaima avenue, nro spending
tho remainder of tho summer at Atlantic
Miss Leonorn Lawson has returned to
her home, 1830 Ontario street, after
spending sevorul weoks at the Delaware
AVater Gap.
Bo guided by your
dentist in all that you
do for and to your
teeth. Ask him about
"S. S. White" Tooth
Paste. Don't be Bur
prised when he tells
you that for three
quarters of a century
the name "S. S.
White" has meant
"quality" to the den
tal profession. The
Tooth Paste main
tains that standard.
In Pasto or Powder, 25c
If not at your druggist at
mailed on receipt of price.
New York
San PraneUco
v-aa. 0AyjMrjS -.,..
to Ml
0Koa lMn:
Photo by Retly and Way.
tho summer nt "Lookout," their
Trains for I)ulnrna Sureens
Ilualnesa ami Commercial courses
that win tho beat positions for Its
craduates becauas o( their practical
knowledge and etnclenry. Its tenchera
are not only thorough, but able to
Impart their knowledge. Temporary
Stli nnd Clieatnut Htrcrta
Ttlephont: Lombard 1DS-1137
Alter Oct. 1st, Penn Mutual BUg.
E C K W E R ' S
Philadelphia Musical Academy
1017 Spruco 8t. 17th season orm
Sept. Bih llranchea OOSt) (lermnn
town Ave , 440 B. B2d Bt. nmlnent
ArtlJla In lacuity. rroapectua.
Central Educational Institute
Dau and Kienlrio Preparatory and uslnrsj.
J If tore decldlne fall plans for study send for
llluatrnted CntnloB A Kducnllon to ua meana
more than bonk learning;. Aelc about our Bya
(em of IMucntlon.
Central T. M. C A . 1121 Arch st . Thlla.
MKCHANIC AltTH. Nlnety-aeeonil year,
lvenlne Couraea and Claaaea. DltAWINCI,
endar nnd further Information nddreas tho
Institute, 13 Houth Beventh street.
Germantown Friends
SI 1 OPENS 0 MO. 218T
CllOOl AT 8 MS A. M.
STANLEY n. TAnNALL, Principal
The Stevens School mIm SiarBenj.
ley, I'rln., 221 W. Chelten ave., am. 4tjthear
opena Sept. 22. Klndercarten through collesre
preparatory. Dom. Science, Manual Training.
Phila. School of Design for Women
The National Cutlirdral Hrliool for lloja
A country school In National capital
ni.hnn nt Wiiflhlnrion l'rea
Addreas Head-
,........ --. '-T- -.T. - -...hu.,nn
on oi
Dl. AtUHIl. .1 n...l. B.w.,i
11. (J.
AVjnnenood, Pa.
College Preparatory School. Opens Sept. 23d.
ltevffllbaon Hell. A.ll., IM.. Head Sla.ler.
8310 Narahoe Street, Clieatnnt Hill. I'o.
Arcb st.
Tor Men and Hoys. Unlimited u. to
mambera. 1 month, 2 0O S monlha.
IS 00! a year, H'J. Uoya. one-third
rataV Prlat leaaona. S for IS Op, a la
lla awlma Man. 300! Uoya. Ifto.
The Private School a Great Influence in the
Moral and Religious Life of Your Childrap
Many a mother and father is thankful because they were far-iRhted enough to send their boys and
girU to a first-class private school.
AS ONE FATHER SAID TO USl "Wc could scarcely believe that James could have developed so in
M .hort year. His whole attitude has changed; he treats his sister and mother with mare reajweti ha sesms
so much more manly and gentlemanly, and In every way he is becoming more and m?re what we want him
to be."
THIS TELLS THE STORY, Send your boy or girl to a private school where tHsr fee away foi
the evils that confront them when they are thrown among ao many kinds of people every ctSy. Send thR
where they will be inspired to better things. -It will develop their characters.
Ask Ledger Central to Help
You Find the Right School
Educational Bureau
17, 1915.
Mr. and Mi's. Antonio Y. Stewart to Have Charge of
Children's ContestMr. and Mrs. William W. Mont
gomery, Jr., Will Tour the West Personals.
AT TUB fair to be given on Friday after
Xjl. noon nt liar llnrbor, Me., for the
IwiiPfU of the Bar Harbor Hospital the
feature for the children will bo a minia
ture house and garden contest under the
direction of Mr. nhd Mrs. Antonio Y.
Stewart, of sow Spruco street. There will
bo n musical for the grown-ups, which
will be followed by luncheon, vaudeville
nnd dancing during tho nfternoon.
Mr nnd Mrs. William AV. Montgomery,
Jr., of Radnor, have left for an extended
tour through tho West. They will visit
both Expositions and other points of In
terest, lolurnlng by way of the Canadian
Paclllc They will bo gono nbout six
Mr and Mrs Frnnk Samuel, Miss Kll
nlieth Samuel nnd Sir. Snowden Samuel,
of the southeast corner W1 nnd Locust
streets, aro occupying their summer home
nt Nnrrngnnsett Pier, where they nre en
tertaining many of tho younger set ot
Philadelphia. Miss Ann Itobson, of ltRH
Do Lnncoy ptneo. Is spending several
weeks as Miss Samuel's guest. Many
dinners nnd Informal entertainments aro
being planned In her honor.
Dr and Mrs. John It. Musser, Jr., of
mil Pine street, hnvo closed their town
bouso and aro occupying their cottage
at Dorset, Vt till Into In Soptomboi",
when they wilt leturn lo Philadelphia.
Mr nnd Mrs. Walter Llpplncott, of 2101
Walnut street, havo as their gucstB for
several weeks Dr. and Mrs. Strieker
Coles nt their summer residence, nt
Jamestown, It, I,
Jlr and Mrs. David Evans AVIlltams,
i" llnla, have left for AVntch Hill, R. 1..
hero they will visit friends for several
Mrs. Marlon Marshall Hlckmnn an
nounces tho marrlngo of her daughter,
Miss Marlon A'aughan Hlckmnn, to Dr.
John Walt Dlsmont on Monday, August
16, at St. Asaph's Church, Bala.
Northeast Philadelphia
Mr. and Mrs. AVIlllam Locke nnd Miss
Snrn Locke, of 2011 North Bailey street,
hnvo returned to tho city after spending
the month nt Alcyon Pnrk, N. J.
Mr. Ralph Swartz, Jlr. Oscar Silver
man, Mr. Henry Klclnberg nnd Mr.
la batten than other achoola b
rame Its teachera are experts
We da profeialonnl work In our
lino Accounting, Audltlnr and
Shorthand llrporllnr. lixparta aa
teachers proJuco nperta. Bend
For Hat of our Gold Medal win
ners May wa teach you?
From Montesaorl throueh Colleia Prepara
tory. Qlrla and email boys.
Indoraed by eery American unlreralty. In
dividual plan of work for each boy. Collet
Preparatory Course and a food training for
bualneaa life. Special couras In agriculture
Scientific physical caro. Pura water, rood
food. 200-acra farm. A school of character.
28th year opena Sep. 21. Write for Cat'c No.21.
Hlaklmlnctas Springs School, HalUbnrr, l'n.
Nazareth Hall Military School
Bafeat place In America for bins
Establlibed In 1T83
Rev. S. J. Blum, D.D., Principal
mp.iici:hshuho. rA.
The Mercersburg Academy
roil BOY8 Mercerebure;, r.
Bend for catalogue to AVm. Mann Irvine,
Ph.D.. I.I..P., Headmaster. Hoc US.
A aelect achool for girls. College preparatory
nnlahlnc couraea. Elective atudlea. Add. Claude
N. Wyant. Prln., Hox 2M, Bo. Pelhlehem. Pa.
171th year Sept. 22. HUB-
proved cfiursea. experienced teachers and com.
cleta equipment, Alma to develop atrong men
Catalogue, W. A. HOTCHIBON, Headmaster,
I 801.807 Chestnut St., Phlln. II
David Friedman, members of the Har
mony Club, are spending their vacation
days nt Collegeville.
Tho members of the Campbell Camp
ing Club nro nt Betlerton, Mil., whert
they will remain until tho toil of this
month. Those on the trip aro Mr. Frcder
lelt AVIIbcil. Mr. Louis Meeh. Mr. Albert
Simpson, Mr. Harry Herring. Mr. Frnnk
Wnekenliut. Mr. Frank Murtha. Jlr. AVIll
Inm Kane, Mr. Harry Schneider.
Mrs. Samuel Schwartx nnd her chil
dren, of 2Wi Kensington nvenue. aro
spending the month of August at the
Hotel Roulnnd, AVlldwood, N. J.
Mrs. UlUnbelh Krcutx, STJl Jasper
street, Is spending the summer In her
cottngo at Chelsea,
Mr, and Mrs. Ewnld llnrn. of 27 Burd
avenue, aro at AVlldwood, N. J., for a
stay of a few weeks.
Mrs. Edwin A. Ilatomnn, of 32 Burd
nvenue, has as hor guests Miss Ethel
Oormnn nnd her sister, Miss Lottlo Ger
man, of 21 Columbia avenue.
Dr and Mrs. Joseph P. Wales and their
children left for n flva weeks' trip to tho
Pncldc iyid will stop live daB at Lake
Loulso rnmplng. then go on by wny of
A'nncouver nnd Scnttla to San Francisco.
Thoy will also go to the 'Snn Diego Ex
position, and after seeing something ot
Southern California will return by way of
the Grand Canon.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Townsend AV. Miller nro
on a motor tour through New York, New
Hampshire, A'crmont and Canada.
What's Doing Tonight
MuntcliAl ttnml, Dolnon Fltlil, Queen uns
ml Creaaon (treat, 8 o'clock. Kree.
Kalrniount I'srk Band, Btrawberry Mnlon,
R oTIock. Fren.
I'hltmlclrhla Hand. City lta.ll l'ltia, 8 o'clock.
Suffrage Events Today
nqUAi. rnA.NCiiisu society.
Noon-Jay moeilna, rirlh Foster's, Cmer&ld
and Cumberland itreeo. Speaker, Miss Anna
8.S0 p. m. Open-air meeting-, tlth street and
Allcsh.ny atrmic. Speakers. Mrs. H, M.
Holmes ami Ml Jane Mjer.
R 30 p. m. Clses In u(Trae eveakln, at
lm Cheitnut Btrcot.
T Catnbllahed 1803
So America's Foremost
$ Business School
$ flTT Tlie spacious As-
Jl scnibly Room in the
New Peircc School
Building will be the
scene of inspiring
talks by builders of
Pine St. west of Broad
Ulth Preparatory llriiartinent. Nearest sl
all colleiea to tllaclnllne, pliyalcal training
and education or Weat Point. Decrees la
Civil Enclnaerlnc Chamlatry and Arts. Ad.
dreas CoL Chaa. B. UyatU Pres.. Box tOX
Cheater, Pa.
Allentnwn Prep. Bchool prepare tcya for lead
Ing colleges &unlversltlea. New bldf .! all ath
letics., Jr. Dept. Frank U Blgman. A.M , I'rln.
VI vix V
S r-v SZ I
ArJ'Jcrtisements of Other
Schools nnd Colleges
Appeared on This Pago
and Will Appear Again
Broad and ChwtmH trrt