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MKfrimn.ll HMH J !
By edgar rice Burroughs
Oepyrttht 1918, by A. & McClur A Co.
Jean Tarzan, Mr li haa given up Jn
Farter, return to Europe. On hi war and
la Paris he befriend the Count and coun
ter de Coude, ana ao earn the enmity of
two tlutilan eplee. Roaorf and raulvlteh.
the termer being brother ef the Countess
Tartan Join tho Foreign orflce of tha
French Government and la aent to Africa
to watch a certain Lieutenant Gernols.
Doting fcn attempt upon hi life Taraan
eYe an Arab girt, restcrea her to her
father and travel with the utter Into tha
deeert, following Qetnols The latter la f ra
qumly met by auspicious person, and
Trhn haa reason for believing that those
Who ek HI life are friend of pernoU.
In the desert Tatian la left behind. fight
and kill ah enormous Hon, and 1 then
(hot from ambush lie la captured and
taken into an Arab village.
nnlcoE, disguised a an Arab, cornea to
taunt mm. and threaten death on the
morrow IJut thai night tho girl -wham
Tartan haa saved, whom ho knows aa tha
Ouled-Nall of Bldl Alss. eeta him, free
Together they leave tha village and In
the deeert plerea .meet Hon Tartan
Ellle the Hon and, nfter they recover their
omes the two set off for tho girl' father
Turzan, after restoring the girt, go
tacit to tho town where Rokoff and Oer
nal are staying lie discovers proofa of
their perfidy, frighten Rokoff almost out
of hi wlte, reacuea certain valuable papor
and depart. Gcrnol commlta suicide, Tar
ian under the assumed name ot Caldwell,
takes hlp for Cape Town On board two
men act strangely Taraan meet Haiel
Strong bctt friend of Jane Porter
The aceno hlf(e back to the tlma when
Tarian bade Jane flood-by In America.
After Taraan had bade good-by to Jane,
CUvtorr discovered that Tartan waa the
rml Lord Oreystoke nut he did not tell
Jane and their marriage was arranged, but
postponed by Jan, -fhey all go to London
postponed by Jan, -fhey all go to London
md thence for a trip around the world
On board th atefimtf with Tarsan whn
ana menre ic
pi.see through Gibraltar at Hie same time
a the yacht nokoff disguised a o M
Thurlan Ho eteala Important document
from Tarian and throw him overboard.
Haiel Strong start a search for him.
After Tnrznn haa bade Jane good-by,
Clayton discovered the telegram from
D'Arnot, assuring Tnrznn thnt he, nnd not
Clayton wa Lord dreytoke Clayton
persuaded hlmelf that ho ought not to
tell Jane about this Then Jane put ore
the marriage until they had reached Eng
land A friend suggest a yachting tour
around Africa and thla la accepted
By chance the yacht with Jane on hoard
and the ship bearing Tarzan and Hazel
Strong pass Gibraltar at the samo time.
Hazel and Tnrzan are much together. She
tell him that Jane l In love with an
ape-man, but she does not know that
Tarzan la tho man Rokoff appear on,
board and after stealing certain paper
from Tarzan throwa him overboard. After
day Mis Strong eend ft teward to
bring Tarzan, . ,
The los of Tarzan la discovered, nokoff
sVmpathlzea with Mlea Strong, and be-ce-ne
quite attached to tho Idea of marry
ing her for her money In Cape Town Miss
Btrong meet Jane Porter Sho ehowB Jane
the picture of the man who waa thrown
overboard, and Jane faints a she recpg,
nizea Tarzan Tho party goa ore on tne
yjcht again, but Ill-luck attends them and
Anally the yacht Is wreckod
Chapter xiii (Continued).
IV STANTtiT tho men rushed upon rfeck,
followed cloaclv-by the women. Though
thp night wns cloudy, there was little
wind or sea, nor waa it so dark but that
Just oft the port bow a black maim could
be discerned floating low In tho water.
"A derelict," was the terse explanation
of the oftlcer of the watch
Presently the engineer hurried on deck
In search of the captain.
"That patch we put on tho cylinder
head's blown out, air," he reportod, "and
she's makln' water fast forward on tho
port bow"
An Ipstant later a seaman rushed up
from below
"My Gawd!" ho cried "Her whole
blecdln' bottom's ripped out. Sho can't
float 20 mlnute3."
"Shut up!" roared TeAnlngton.
"iJidlcB. go below and get some of your
things together. It may not bo so bad
a.3 that, but wo may have to take to tho
bots It will be safer to ba prepared.
Go at once, ploase And, Captain Jer
rold send somo competent man belpw,
please, to ascertain the exact extent of
the damage. In the meantime;., ,mlsht
suggest that you have the boaT-jirDvse
loned " ,.
The calm, low voice of the owner did
much to reassure the entire party, and
a moment later nil were occupied with
the duties he had suggested. By the
time the ladles had returned to the deck
the rapid provisioning of the boats had
been about completed, and a moment !
later the omcer who haa gone fcelow
had returned to report But his opinion
was scarcely needed to assure tho hud
dled group ot men and women that the
end of the Lady Alice was at hand.
"Well, sir?" said the captain, ns his
Officer hesitated
"I dislike to frighten the ladles, air,"
he Bald, "but she can't .float a dozen
minutes, In my opinion. There's a hole
In her you could drive a bally cow
through, sir"
For Ave minutes the Lady AUco had
been settling rapidly by the bow. Al
ready her stern loomed high In the air,
and foothold on the deck waa of the most
precarious nature, Sho carried four
boats, and these were all filled and low
ered away In safety. As they pulled
rapidly from the stricken little vessel
Jane Porter turned to have one last look
at her Just then therp came a loud
crash and an ominous rumblinn- and
pounding" from the- heart of the ship
her machinery had broken loose, and
was Bashing Its way" toward the bow,
tearing out partitions and bulkheads as
It went the stern rose rapidly high above
thorn; for a moment she seemed to pause
there a vertical shaft protruding from
the bosom of the ocean, and then swiftly
she dova headforemost beneath the
In one of tha boats the brave Lord
TemrUneton wiped a tear from his eyj
he had not Been a fortune In money go
down forever Into the sea, but a dear,
beautiful friend whom he hod loved
At last the long night broke, and a
tropical sun smote down upon tha roll
ing water Jans Porter had dropped Into
a, fitful slumber the fierce light of the
un upon her upturned face awoke her"
She looked about her In the boat" with
her were three sailors, Clayton and
Monsieur Thuran-Then ilia looked foe
wn umer oasts, oi. as tar as the eye
JS. eJrf W8r. f nolhlnS to break
the fearful monstorty of that waste of '
NERRYui.oNE7 -, (Wa ma baby boy DAR H&AM MA 6lROS TSrN r. : :ll
OSif JS4 TW PLUNKc, IS DC I PULSAT.M ,, ro"?. (t ZUUU AT ft'
..Wf f 5E mWINE TER BEJ WiiSXa piccer. op a.s HUUSA',,S SOL.AR tfwiS v pfcbi CENSE. sflAKE HIM UP SB'
waters they were) alone in ft small boat
upon tho broad Atlantic.
BACK lb THE piustrrrvB.
AS TAItZAN struck tho water, his first
JlX Impulse was to swim clear of tho
ship nnd possible danger from her pro
pellers Ho knew whom to thank for his
present predicament, nnd .as ho lay In
the sea, Just supporting himself by n
gentlo movement of his hands, his chief
emotion was ono of chagrin that ho had
been so easily bested by llokolt.
Ho lay thus for some time, watching
tho receding and rapldly-dlmlnlshlng
lights of tho steamer, without it over
once occurring to him to call for help.
Ho nover had called for help in his life,
and so It Is not strange that ho did not
think of it now. Always had ho de
pended upon his own prowess and re
sourcefulness, nor had there ever been,
since tho days ot Kala, any to answer
nn appeal for succor. When It did oc
cur to him it wns too late
There was, thought Tarzan, a possible
ono chance in a hundred thousand that
ho might be picked up, and an even
smaller chance that he would reach land,
bo ho determined thnt to combine what
slight chances there were, ho would ewlm
slowly In the direction of tho coast the
ship might have been closer in than ho
had known.
Ills strokes wero long and easy It
would be many houts before those giant
muscles would commence to feel fatigue.
As ho Bwatn, guided toward tho east by
the stars, he noticed that ho felt the
Weight of his shoes, and so he removed
them. Ills trousers went next, and h
would have removed his coat at tho samo
time but for tho precious papers in its
pocket. To reassuro himself that ho still
had them, he slipped his hand in to feel,
but, to his constornatlon, thoy wero gone.
Now he know that something more than
revenge had prompted Rokoff to pitch
him overboard tho Russian had managed
to obtain possession of tho papors Tarzan
had wrestled from him at Bou Snada.
The ape-man eworo softly, nnd lot his
coat and shirt sink into tho Atlantic.
Beforo mnny hours ho had divested him
self ot his remaining garments, and was
swimming easily and unencumbered to
ward tho east.
Tho first faint ovldonco of dawn waa
paling tho stars ahead of him, when tho
dim outlines of a low-lying black mass
loomed up directly In (his track. A few
strong strokes brought him to Its side
It was tho bottom of a wave-washed
derelict. Tarzan clambered upon It ho
would rest there until dnyllght at least.
Ho had no lntontlon tr remain there in
active a prey to hunger and thirst. If
ho must die ho preferred dying in action
making somo semblance of an attempt
to save himself. '
Thp sea was quiet, so that tho wreck
had only a gently undulating motion
that was soothing to the swimmer who
had had no sleep for 20 hours. Tarzan
of the Apes curled up upon the slimy
timbers and was soon asleep.
The heat of tho sun nwoko-hlm early
in tha forenoon. His first conscious sen
sation wns of thirst, which grew almost
to tho proportions of suffering with full
returning consciousness; but a moment
later it wns forgotten In tho Joy of two
almost simultaneous discoveries The
first was a mass of wreckage floating
beside the derelict in the midst of which,
bottom up, rose nnd fell nn overturned
lifeboat; the other was the faint, dim
lino of a far-distant shore showing on
the horizon in the east.
Tarzan dove Into the water and swam
around tho wreck to the lifeboat. The
cool ocean refreshed him almost as much
as would a draft of water, so that It
was with renewed vigor that he brought
the smaller boat alongside the derelict.
nnd. nfter mnny herculean efforts, suc
ceeded In dragging It onto the slimy
ship's bottom. There he righted and ex
amined it the boat was quite sound, and
a moment later floated upright alongside
the wreck. Then Tarzan selected several
pieces of wreckago that might answer
him as paddles, and presently was mak
ing good headway toward the far-off
It was late In tho afternoon by the
time he carte close enough to distinguish
objects on land, or to make out the con
tour of the shore line, Before him lay
what appeared to be the entrance to a
little, land-locked harbor. The wooded
point to the north waa strangely fa
miliar Could it be possible that fate had
thrown him up at the very threshold of
his own beloved Jungle! But as the bow
of his boat entered the mouth of the
harbor tho last shred of doubt was
cleared away, for there before him upon
the farther shore, under the shadows of
his primeval forest, stood his own cabin
built before his. birth by the hand of
ms tong-aeaa tamer, jonn Ulnyton, L.ord
With long sweeps of his giant muscles
Tarzan sent the little craft speeding to
ward the beach. Its prow had scarcely
touched when the ape-man leaped to
shore his heart beat fast in Joy and ex
ultation as each long-familiar object
came beneath his roving eyes the cabin,
the beach, the little brook, the dense
Jungle, the black. Impenetrable forest.
The myriad birds In their brilliant
plumage the gorgeous tropical blooms
upon tho festooned creepers falling In
great loops from the giant trees.
Tarzan of the Apes had cqme Into his
own again, nnd that nil the world might
know it ho threw back his young head
and gave voice to the fierce, wild chal
lenge of his tribe. For a moment silence
rejgned, upon the Jungle, and then, low
nnd weird, came an answering challenge
It was tho deep roar of Numn, the Hon;
nnd from a great distance, faintly, the
fearsome answering bellow of a bull ape.
Tarzan went to the brook first, and
slaked his thirst. Then he approached
his cabin The door was still closed and
latched as he and D'Arnot had left It.
He raised the latch and entered Nothing
ha4 been disturbed; there were the table.
the bed nnd the little crib built by his
father - tha shelves and cupboards Just
as they had stood for over 23 years Just
as ha had left Hum nearly tVo years
His1 syea satisfied, Tarzan's stomach
bgan to call aloud for attention tho
pangs of hunger suggested a search for
food. There was nothing in tho cabin,
nor hhd ho nhy weapons! but upon a
wall hung one ot his old grass ropes. It
had been many times broken and spliced,
so that he had discarded It for n better
ono long before Tar2an wished that he
had a knlfo. Well, unless he was mis
taken, ha should have that nnd a. epear
and bows and arrows before another sun
had set the ropo would take caro of
that, and In the meantime It must bo
maao to procuro food for him Ho colled
It carefully, and, throwing It about his
shoulder, went out, closing tho door bo
ning him
Close to the cabin tho Jungle com
menced, and into It Tarzan of tho Apes
plunged, wary and noiseless onoo mora
a savage beast hunting Its food. For a
time ho kept to the ground, but, finally,
discovering no spoor Indicative of near
by meat, ho took to tho tres. With tho
first dizzy swing from tree to treei oil tho
old Joy of living swept over him. Vain
regrets and dull heartache wero 'forgot
ten. Now was he living. Now, Indeed,
was tho true happiness of perfect free
dom his. Who would go back to tho
stifling, wicked cities of civilized man
when tho mlchty reaches of tho great
Jungle, offered poaco and Uberty7 Not ho.
While It was yet Sight Tarzan camo to
a drinking place by tho sldo of a Jungle,
river. Thoro wns a ford there, and for
countless ages tho beasts of tho forest
had como down to drink at this spot.
Hero of a night might always bo found
either Sabor or Numa, crouching in tho
dense fouogo of tho surrounding Jungle,
awattng an antelopo or a water buck
for their meal. Iloro came Hortn, tho
boar, to water, and hero camo Tarzan of
tho Apes to mako n kill, for ho was very
On a low branch ho squatted abovo tho
trail. For an hour ho waited. It was
growing dark, A llttlo to ono sldo of
tho ford In tho densest thicket ho heard
tho faint sound of padded feet, nnd the
brushing of a huge body' ngalnst tall
grasses and tangled creepers. No no other
than Tarzan might have heard it, but
the ape-man heard and translated It
was Numa, tho Hon, on tho samo crrnnd
as himself. Tarzan smiled
Presently ho heard nn nntmal approach
ing warily nlong the trail toward tho
drinking place. A moment more nnd it
came In view It was Horta, tho boar.
Here was delicious meat and Tarzan's
mouth watered Tho grasses whero
Numn lay wero very still now ominous
ly still. Horta passed beneath Tarzan
a few moro stops and he would be within
he radius or Numa's spring. Tarzan
could imnglno how old Numa's eyes wero
shining how he was nlrcady sucking In
his brath for the awful roar which would
freeze his prey for tho brief Instant be
tween tho moment of the spring nnd tl
sinking of terrible fangs Into splintering
But as Numa gathered himself, a
slender rope flow through tho nlr from
tho low branches of a nearby tree A
nooso nettled about Horta's nock. Thero
wns a frightened grunt, a squeal, and
then Numa saw his quarry dragged back
ward up the trail, and, as ho sprang,
Hortn, thp boar, soared upward beyond
his clutches Into tho treo above, and a
mocking face looked down and laughed
Into his own
Then Indeed did Numa roar. Angry,
threatening, hungry, ho ptced back and
forth beneath the taunting" npe-man.
Now he stopped, and, rising on his hind
legs ngalnst the stem of tho tree that
held his enemy, sharpened his hugo claws
upon the bark, tearing out great pieces
that laid bare tho whlto wood beneath.
And In tho meantime Tarzan had drag
ged tho struggling Hlorta to tho limb be
side him, Sinewy fingers completed tho
work tho choking nooso had commenced
Tho npe-man had no knife, but nature
had equlppcrj him with tho means of
tearing his food from the quivering flank
of his prcv, and gleaming teeth sank Into
tho succulent flesh while the raging Hon
looked on from bolow as another enjoyed
the dinner that ho had thought already
It was dark by tho time Tarzan had
gorged himself Ah, but It had been de
licious! Never had he quite accustomed
himself to the ruined flesh that civilized
men had served him, and In tho bottom
of his savage heart thero had constantly
been tho craving for the warm meat of
the fresh kill, and tho rich, red blood.
He wiped his bloody hands upon a
bunch of leaves, slung the remains of
his kill across his shoulder, and swung
off through the mlddjo terrace of the
forest toward his cabin, "and nt the same
Instant Jane Porter and William Cecil
Clayton nroso from a sumptuous dinner
upon tho Lady Alice, thousands of miles
to the east, In the Indian Ocean.
Beneath Tarzan walked Numa, the
lion, nnd when the ape-man deigned to
glance downward he caught occasional
glimpses of tho baleful green eyes follow
ing through the darkness Numa did not
roar now Instead, he moved stealthily,
like the shadow of a great cat; but yet
he took no step that did not reach the
sensitive ears of the ape-man.
Tarzan wondered if he would stalk
him to his cabin door He hoped not,
for that vpuld mean a night's sleep
curled in the crotch of a tree, and he
much preferred the bed of grasses within
his own abode But he knew Just the
tree nnd the most comfortable crotch.
It necessity demanded that he sleep out.
A hundred times In the past some great
Jungle cat had followed htm home, and
compelled him to seek shelter In this
samo tree, until another mood or the
rising sun had sent his enemy away.
But presently Numa gave up the chase
and, with a series of blood-curdling moans
and roars turned angrily back Jn search
of another and an easier dinner So Tar
zan camo to his cabin unattended, and a
few moments later was curled up in the
mildewed remnants of what had oncn
boot) a bed of grasses Thus easily did
Monseur Jean C. Tarzan slough the thin
) -; y . .....,, vi ma un Drexel Hide.. Pbliarteipw-jjgj; w
""" - Bv TrRMnT.m . . ' . . ' '. : . M
skin of hi artificial civilization, and sink
happy and contented into tha deep sleep
of the wild beast that has fed to reple
tion Tet ft woman's "yes" would have
bound him to, that other Ufa forever, and
made tho thought of this savage existence)
Tarzan slept lato Into tho following
forenoon, for he had been very tired from
tho labors and exertion ot the long night
nnd day upon the ocean, and the Jungle
Jaunt that had brought Into piny muscles
that ho hid scarce used for nearly two
years When he awoke ho ran to tha
brook first to drink Then ho took n
plunge Into tho sea, swimming about for
n quarter of ftn hour Afterward he re
turned to his cabin, and breakfasted oft
the flesh of Horta. This done, he burled
tho balance of the carcass In tha soft
earth outside tho cabin for his evening
Onco more he took his ropo and van-
isnoa into tne jungle. This time he hunted
nobler quarry man; although had you
asked him his own opinion he could have
named a dozen other denizens of the
Jungle which he considered far tho su
periors in nobility of tho men he hunted.
Today Tarzan was In quest of weapons.
He wondered if the women and children
had remained in Mbonga'A village after
the punitive expedition from the French
cruiser had massacred all the warriors in
revenge for D'Arnot's supposed death. Ho
hoped that he should find wnrrlors there,
for he knew not how long a quest ho
should havo to mako were the village
deserted. ,
Tho ape-man traveled swiftly through
tho forest, and about noon camo to tho
site of tho village, but to his disappoint
ment found that tho Jungle, had overgrown
the plantain fields and that tho thatched
huts had fallen In decay. There wns no
sign of man. Ho clambered about among
ine ruins ior nair nn nour, hoping that
ho might discover somo forgotten weapon,
but his search was without fruit, and so
ho took up his quest bnco more, following
uy mu niiraiu, wnicn uowca from a
southeasterly direction. Ho knew that
near fresh water he would bo most like
ly to find another settlement.
As ho traveled ho hunted ns he had
nuniea wun ins npo people In tho past,
aa Kala had taught him to hunt, turning
over rotted logs to find somo toothsome
vermin, running high Into tho trees to rob
a bird's nest, or pouncing upon a tiny
rodent with tho quickness of a cat. Thero
woro other thlngn thnt ho ato, too, but
tho less detailed tho account of nn ape's
diet tho bettor artd Tarzan was again
tho apo, tho samo flerco, brutal anthro
poid that Kala had taught him to be, and
that ho had been for tho first 20 years
of his llfo.
Occasionally ho smiled as ho recalled
somo friend who might oven at tho mo
ment be sitting placid and lmmaculato
within the precincts of his select Parisian
club Just as Tarzan had Bat but a few
months beforo; nnd then ho would otnn.
as though turned suddonly to stono as
the gentlo breeze carried to his trained
nostrils tho scent of somo new proy or
a foimldablo enemy.
That night ho slept far Inland from
his cabin, securely wedged into tho
crotch of a giant tree, swaying n hun-
urou icoi bdovo me ground. Ho had
eaten heartily again this tlmo from the
flesh of Bara, tho deer, who had fallen
proy to his quick nooso.
Early tho next morning he resumed his
Journey, always following the course of
the stream. For three days ho continued
his quest, until he had como to a part
of the Jungle In which ho never before
had been. Occasionally upon the higher
ground the forest was much thinner, and
in the far distance through tho trees he
could seo ranges of mighty mountains,
with wldo plains In tho foreground. Here,
In the open spaces, were new game
countless antelope and vast herds of
rebra, Tarzan was entranced he would
make a long visit to this new world.
Police Court Chronicles
Argument about the war was Indulged
In by John OmllJamlkls and Tony Wal
Inezoklkoff. rThe former favored the Rus
sians and tho latter tho Turks. "Words
soon became useless and Anally Wallne
zoklkoff said he would have revenge upon
OmlJimlkls. Then the debaters sepa
rated, and a few minutes later OmllJa
mlkls passed the house of Wallnezoklkoff
In a new suit Just to show his deflanco
It was a whlto suit and he wore a white
hat and shoes to boot.
When Wallnezoklkoff came to the win
dow of his home at 245 Cameron street,
OmllJamlkls looked, up and sneered, A
small whlto object sailed through the air.
It struck OmllJamlkls on the suit. Then
tho missile broke and a powder sprayed
over him from head to foot. It was roach
powder and yellow.
OmllJamlkls gasped for the poltco. Ever
ett, the cop, heard the gasp and came.
Magistrate Belcher listened to tho de
tails amid fountains of perspiration, The
combatants were not half way through
tho recital of the war argument when the
Judge saw that further neutrality was
useless He banged hla gavel on the desk
and nnea wallnezoklkoff $5 and costs.
OmllJamlkls and Wallneztklkoft were In
peaceful frame of mind when they reach
ed the street because each had suffered.
"Have a clear," said OmllJamlkls
"No, you havo a cigar," said Wallnezl
klkoff. And so to show that peace once more
had reigned, they smoked "on each
other," A cop supplied tho matches.
Suicide Pact Suspected
A theory that he may have entered Into
a suicide pact with a woman, Is the latest
development In the mystery surrounding
tho drowning of Policeman Anthony
Kolb, of tho 2d and Christian streets po
lice station, last week. According to tho
police, a llght-halred woman waa seen
with Kolb shortly before the drqwnlng.
With this clue to work upon, patrolmen
uuncmiu io tna ta ana unnstian streets
station ara drafrgln the Delaware Rive? delphla Lodge No 672 I O o ,,a"
ot?,te3oqy?vharves' ,n an el':KyT
- '" -- - " iiBtaiifDa Hnn rrinn il - . ""--- :-".. i aemB
Aclresa nt Zoo Demanded Old Go
worker, "Gladys," in Vnln.
Several hundred persons were afforded
a mild sensation at the Zoo yesterday by
tho enectaclo of a well-dressed, woman
beating frantically against the case con'
talnlng tho boa constrictors and crying
"Oh, Baore-r-rl My Gladys "
Wliqn keepers finally persuaded her to
leave the building nnd took her to the
Superintendent's offloo. it developed that
sho was Daisy Do Mare, of the "Trotters
of Tomorrow" company, which recently
dlsbahded In San Francisco, nnd that the
reptile had been a feature of her act
"I was playing In Globe, Arizona," she
said, "when a Mexican stole my snake
Gladys, Since then I have not seen It It
was chance that led me to come hero
on my way to New York" Bhe de
manded the return of the reptile In mr)Bt
strenuous terms, according to Superln
tendent Carson, but ho refused to glva
It up.
Mr. Carson ald the boa constrictor had
been presented to tho Zoo by a traveling
salesman who had a fondness for such
Paper Manufacturer, Lutheran Pub
lisher, and Prominent Mnson, Died
nt Home.
Death has claimed ono of tho oldest
paper manufacturers In this city nnd
ono of tho leading ofTlclals of tho Lutl
eran Church In tho country. In the per
son of John K, Bhryock. The aged man
ufacturer and churchman died yesterday
at his homo, 1414 North Bouvler street,
at the ago of 89 years. Ho was for many
years superintendent of tho Lutheran
Publication Socloty, during which time
ho edited nnd published many volumes,
including the famous "Fatherland1 Se
ries," which ho translated from tho Ger
man for ohlldron.
Mr. Shryoclc wao a native of Chambers
burg, Pa., whoro his father was one of
tho ploneor paper manufacturers. Ho
was educated In the public schools ot
thnt city and tho Chambersburg Acad
emy. Early In llfo ho entered tho busi
ness of hla father. For moro than 30
years, in partnership with his brother,
Samuet S. Shryock, ho conducted the
Papyrus Mills, Middle Spring, Pa.
In 18)3 these mills wore destroyed by
fire, and nlnCO that tlma .Mr. Shrvnelr tinrt
been engaged lri tho paper board busi
ness In this city. Although blind during
tho last 14 years, he had kept In close
touch with his business. Mr. Shryock
was a llfo member of Washington Lodge
of Masons, In Chambersburg, and one of
tho oldest members of the order In Penn
sylvania. Surviving nro two daughters, Mrs.
James N. Dyson, of this city, nnd Mrs.
Thomas H. Wilson, of Haddonfleld, N. J.
Burial will bo In Chambersburg, Wednes
Mother of Mrs. J. Whltaker Thompson
Stricken While Visiting Daughter.
Mrs Mary E. Williamson, stricken with
apoplexy, following n visit to tho homo
of her daughter, Mrs. Thompson, the wife
of Judge J. Whltaker Thompson, of tho
United States District Court, ot Mont
Clare, Pa., died In her homo In Potts
town yesterday. This is the second be
reavement to strike Judge Thompson's
homo In two days. The Judge's sister,
Mrs. Grace Thompson Hunter, died at
his home on Saturday.
Mrs Williamson was the widow of Wil
liam L Williamson, a Pottstown banker
and a cousin of ex-Governor Pennypacker,
Sho will be burled at Pnttntnwn wh...:
Mrs Huntor wns tho wife of Charles
Field Hunter She will be burled from
the Judge's home tomorrow..
James S. Wilson
James S Wllaon, 63 years old, a manu
facturer of tapes and bindings, died Sat
urday night at his home, 3504 North 23d
otrcei, aiier aDour. two weeks' Illness fol
lowing a stroke of paralysis. He was a
native of this city and had been In the
manufacturing buBlneas since his early
manhood, when he entered business with
his grandfather. He was associated un
til his death with tho Arm of James Wil
son & Sons, 1133 North 4th street.
For many years Mr. Wilson was an
active member of tho Cohockslnk Pres
byterian Church. He Is survived by a
widow nnd one son and ono daughter.
Jav Whitney Wilson nnd Mr. n t t ,
Ian. Funeral services will be conducted
at 11 o'clock Wednesday morning by the
Rev. Dr. It. E. Johnson, pastor of the
Seventh Street Methodist Episcopal
Church. Burial will bo private in West
Laurel Hill Cemetery. Employes of the
firm of James Wilson &. Sons may view
the body at the home tomorrow evening.
Robert Drlggs
nobert Brlggs. 63 years old, president
of tho Robert Briggs Real Estate Com
pany, died yesterday at his homo at 1700
South 13th etreet, from uremia. Mr.
Brlggs was a son of William Brlggs. for
years a well-known Philadelphia con
tractor, and a nephew of Magistrate
Brlggs He was a golf enthusiast and a
member of the Bucks County Country
C(ub. Active In fraternal organizations'
he was promlnnt as a member of Phllo
Lodge. F & A. M ; Oriental Chapel.
Kadosh Commandery and Lu Lu Temple,
Ho is survived by a widow, '
Nathan Richard
Nathan Itlckard, for years proprietor
of a Butcher business In the 40th Street
Mvar?tV.d1'1 ye8'eJay at his residence
at 401 North Wilton etreet. He was S3
, ..-.. -v-c ..,. i,, t-. jrunerai
will be In the Fernwood Cemetery.
John E. Walloran
WILMINGTON, Del . Aug. "
Halloran, proprietor of the otel " aJs
num. nt 5th and Orange streets, rer "
yTtB, d ed laat night. He leaves a widow
and one child He was born InYotMyn
In this State nnd was 43 years old.
-On July a'.
IBIS, at
ffiXb.AOHBI88l(" & Lllll.
West Laurel um n ""
convenience of iftmuy .. , ,
AnM8THONO.-At Ocean CUy.Md. on jmy
W?S. ffiffl.-tj
attend tno runerai cr.n.-T, - ---.;..- Mrs
p m, at tha residence of his sister, Mrs
S...V... r bw. B02S Ellsworth at. In-
nAcT July si, MAnoAniw
AUMSTnONO. wife of Horace. K, """
nStlVes .and friend, also members ot Bethel
niaiiicj -r ws-w -
Prebterlan Church, are Iwm ","V
fun. I Mlcea at tho residence of her
daughter 2110 N Uber t., on -luesuay, v
2pm Interment private aAr-
nEltOSTnESSnn. On August 1, 1015, SAM
UEU husband of Sarah ?. Dewtrjr, In
his 7Sth year Relative and friends are In
vited to attend the funeral service on
wXXy aft. rnoon. at a o'clock precisely.
at hi lata rcsiaonco, wu --
nniOOS-On August 1, 101B. nODEnT.
husband of nena B. Brl'gg Belalhes and
friend are Invited to attend the funeral
service, on Tuesday, August S, at 2 o clock
precisely, at hi lato residence. No. 1700
South 13th et. Interment private.
nimT. At Wlldwood. N. J , on August J,
"FRANK beloved husband ot Florence Shew
rick Burt, of J13 Redman st , Itnddonfleld.
N. J. Duo notice of tho funeral will bo
CAlYnX. On August 1, 11".JAME8. son
ot Ellen and the lato panlol Cahltl (i eo
Faliey), aged 7 years and.8 months Rela
tive and frienda ara Invited to attend fu
neral, on Wednesday, at 0 10 a m 'rom hla
uncle's residence, Edward Cahlll, 0031 Frnnk-
lln st. Mass at the Church of the Vlslta-
'tlon, at 8 a. m. Intermont Holy Sepulchro
Cemeterv . .. . . . ,.,
OAMr-ION. On Seventh Month SlBt, 1015,
ANNA MARIA WILLITS, wife of Harrison
Campion and daughter of the lato John II.
and Edith W. WIUHo. Funeral on Third-day,
Eighth Month 3d, nt 11 n. m , from her late
residence, 1405 North 18th st. Interment
private. .. ..
CHAM,JtNOER. Qn August 1. 1018, MART
P.. wife of Edward Challenger. RelatUes
and frienda are Invited to attend funeral
services. In tho New castle M. 5 unurcn,
Wednesday morning August 4, at 10 o clock.
r-trAtiiT-lta ctn .Tnlv St. mlK. ANNIE.wlfo
of John O. Chamber (nee Ileller), aged 42
jear Relatives and friend are invited to
nttend funeral, on Wednesday morning, at
8 '30 o'clock, from her late residence, 1232
South 23d st. High Mas at St. Aloyslui"
Church, at 10 a. m.
widow of John C. Crock and daughter of tho
lato William and Elizabeth SowerS Rela
tives and friends, also Fnlrvlew Council, No.
80, D. of L : Lincoln Lodge, No 01, Shep
herds of Bathlehem, and members of tho Bel
mont Baptist Church, are Invited to attend
funeral services, on Wednesday, at 2 p m ,
at her late residence, 4325 Lancaster ae
Interment at Westminster Cemetery. Remains
may bo viewed Tuesday evening, after 7)10
CUNNINGHAM. On July 31, 1018, MARY,
daughter of tho late William and Mary Cun
ningham, formerly of 1030 Church St., Frank
ford. Relatives and frienda are invited to at
tend funeral, on Tuesday, nt 8 30 a. m . from
tl o residence of William W. Hutchinson, 4RS1
Tackawnnna St.. Frankfort. Roqulem High
Maes nt St. Joachim s Church at 10 a. m.
DAVIS. On July 30. 1915, LEWI8 DAvlS.
Relative ana irienas are invited to nttend
the funeral services, on Tuesday afternoon,
at 2 o'clock precisely, at his late residence,
1440 North 17th st. Interment private, at
Woodlands Cemetery.
DELANY. On July 31. 1918. ELIZA II.
widow of Llnford Delany. Relathea and
friends ot tho family are invited to attend
the funeral services, Wednesday morning, nt
10.30 o clock precisely, at her late residence,
808 Summit ave , Jenklntown. Interment at
convenience of the family.
DVlIIt. At 2232 Bonafton terrace, on July
31, 1015, RAY L. 'nifo of David T. Dyer,
aged 35 years Relative and friends are ln
J vlted to attend the funeral services, Wednes
day, at 2 p. m, at the Woodland Ave. Bap
tist Church. 64th and Woodland ave Inter
ment prhate at Mt Morlah Cemetery.
Frienda may iew remain Tuesday evening
from 0 to 10 o'clock.
EISELE, On August 1, 1915. MAGDALENE,
widow of Sebastian Elscla (nee Stock), in her
7Sth year. Relatives nnd frienda olto
Women of Holy Family, Altar and Rosary
Societies of St. Bonlfaclus' Church and mem
bers of Third Order of St Francis, m in.
vlted to attend funeral. Wednesday, at 7.30
a. m . from her late residence, 2102 N. 2d st.
Requiem Mass nt St. Bonlfaclus" Church at
0 a. m Interment Most Holy Redeemer
GREEN. On August 1, 1015. JOHN 8.
OREEN. aged 32 year. Due notice of the
effi,X.U.h 8,.v'n' 'rom h,s Iat0 residence"
63S North 45th st, '
HANRATTY On August 1, 1018, TERESA
E . daughter of the late Felix and Sarah
Hanratty, of County Armagh, Ireland Due
notice of the funeral will be given, from the
25S3 M.dith at. "' MKU"1 anratty.
2533 Meredith St.
HARTHANFT. At "The Wood." on July
30 1016, ANNIE daughter of the lato Gei
John F. and Sallie D Hartranft. Tho rela
tive and friends nro Invited to nttend the
SW'..',',' her la,B residence. 'The
Woods," Wf st Main tt , Norrlstown. Pa .on
Tuesday. Afigust 3, at 4 p. m. Interment
AA,l"VbS,nd ,of E"? HavemtckT Die no?
HICICEYT-On July 31, 1015 TIMOTHY h.
or his son-in-law, John K. Starr. laftvfiJ
T, daughter of Peter O and Margaret T
"""owl (ne Behableln), aTed ; 10 yeari.
?un!il" aS? ,rJend "8 lnv"d to attend
funeral, on Tuesday, at T 30 a m . from her
parent1 residence. 1548 North '7th .t n.
qulem Mas, at St Ludwll'. Church a? i
UUNTEn,erDKnt alr ros CemeterV'
5 tt Mont Cffira&j
on Tuesday. August a. at 4 d m IrTt.r'nJll,.
privau. Train leave AiX gtJtSSm
JACOIIS On August 1, 1015. MINNIE wif.
?' Lesser Jacob, aged 40 vaaV. n5'..T.'!
a nhi TnS l! Daughters of Beth Israel
...f.?'. No I, Fraternal Brotherho!
funeral service, pn
her late reVldeSci.' 8MB Euclid av." Ki.V
ment at Mt Cam.! rimJ;..iw av Iner
Tuesday aft.V,i,,Jri.,li? '.""' rvice. en One mlnuta from Camenter Station, Tt ?i
LAUUD3I. On August 1 ibis rnro.. , neating plant, hardwood, floor ,L""JH u
fAm(lv AISA tMvfslntt 41 A t- ..
Shamrock, No IB F of A lt(, u fS!
Knd Damocratlo Club tod He iu Vft
M , Bartsndsra union Nn m ,
to attend funeral Thursdav tnarnin?
Church at 10 a m Interment n,V ,
lAMI.F.It. Or) July SI 10IS FbWjsn
husband of Mary ft IjjtvIm n ffi
nelatlvea and friends also mpbV, it!
tend funeral, en Tuesday rnornf,, .!'
o'elotk, from hi IMo resldem i t", 3
tnhmiArt RtfMt OermftfltnwM ti.w? I
c. Vfnc.nf Am tatll n rhitrh .B1 1
Interment private at New tathort,., ,M
"-' ' --- ..- .- ---,- " '' t
LENNOX-On August 1 191R Al'an
C , on of the lato Augustus and fui,
no (nee Mallon) Rdiailven and rrJSI
invited to attend funtral on t.,.?
Ing, at 8 10 o'clock, from hla late rmH
2848 Stoughten st 8olemn nennn.-"?
Mas at the Church of the Msitat on! if
a m Interment at nmy seuulr hri!
tery. , "I
I.EHINr On JUiy 81,1015, MARIAN if,..J
LEWIN Relatives and friends are im(J
attend the funeral service, on Tum!1
gust 8, at a oxiock, irom loll Bom-5
Interment at Woodland Cemeter. """I
MAYER. On August 1, 10IF WliLlAlKa
ot Christine Matt nnd the late Joi r, ffia
aged 21 -'ears Relatives ant friends! iSM
virpri in nupnn iiinnnti nn iv.,...,",
1Mn tn . fmm thft ,MM.n. I. . .,QJ.
Mrs Llttell, 3311 Fronkford ave iJ,").1
A,lhtvrtra1 I7pmtrv TY-m-i meri
viewed nn Tuceday evening
McANESL'IE. On July 31,
nETH II . wife of Arthur miSi.. UzJd
in,, u...,
4f yeare rteianves ana iriend smv'!!
Wnnhlngton Temple, No 22 k $ WW
. -. i '-...., . . -. v.i,i-ni .,
UfiuKnierB oi Dt ueorge, ladles' CJrthi i
the Rectory rund ASBocintlnn of fit ffij
Church, are Invited to attend funSS?1
Tuesday, nt 9 30 a m., from her i.ff1'.
dence, dl07vCedar avenue Service! '.."
oeorges i.piscopai unurcn at 10 an a .,
Interment Fernwood Cemeteri " 80 0e'
McCI.AHNON. On .August 1, loin BJS
RICK McCLARNON, husbanci of Eft,f3
son of the lata Jamea and Sarah MecfilSi
Relatives ana rnend of the family ,V
yiectfully Invited to attend imtni
Thursday morning, at 8 dO ocloek.frni
late residence. 2J44 North AA ..' "2
High Mass nt St Edward's Church .f,
o'clock. Interment at Holy Sepulchre Ctd
McOEE-July 81, 1918. HANNAH, dB,i
ter of Rodger and Hannah McQce 'nffiPftJi
nnd friends, nlso B V M Sodality anfl : il
Society of (he Visitation Church, a? tntSH
jQieiy oi inn v isjiaiion tjnurcn, are ini.7;i
, attend funeral. Wednesday m"nlaSi
80 o clock, from-her parents' reslSS'-H
'aseher atreet. Solemn M.l .lffi?'BHl
at the Church of Our Lady of the viittSsi
at io ociock interment st Mark's CaSii
tprv. Rrletol. Pa vt8-9
McOINNIS. On July 81, 1918, MARY JSS
of the late Joseph McOmnls. Relati,.,.!i
' la J
friend are Invited to attend funeral, as rnSSa
iatere.ldence7TB2T North id aTreet'TofcS
Requiem Maes at Si. Michael' Church; K?i
a. m. precisely. Interment Holy Crosr'CeafcJ
McIUNNEY. Suddenly, on August 1 isffl
WILLIAM, husband of the late Elle'a iftl
Kinney. Relative and frienda are InvuVSl
attend the funeral, on Wednesday. Auroi
at 2 o'clock precisely, from hi late reSM
No. 024 South 21st at. Interment at iS?
Morlah Cemetery. ' ""
Mclaughlin, on July si. ibid, mjnf!
E,, apn of the lato Hugh nnd Ann McliuJiV
lln. Relatives and friends, also St- PiM
B V, M. Sodality, are Invited to Juuf
funeral Tuesday morning, nt 8 30 oVtaTI
from the reeldenco of his brother Jolefcki
McLaughlin, 1523 Mifflin et Solemn ntl
nulom Slum, nt fit. Tni,l' f,,,l.t. Drie?in H
Interment at Cathedral CemAferv
MILLER. On August 1, 1015. WILUAw'tt
r, aged. 30 years, Heffi
.... .. .. i . .? . j i cl, n.Fia.1
Vsh n...yt
rive ana irienas, also Liberty Council ii
85, Jr. O. U. A. M.s Pleasrtntvlfle B. 1 n Tl
Bottlera' Union. Local ma. aV. '..SlJSi
Invited to attend funeral services, on W.U
!?$?, ? J o clock-, at hi late restdSI
8014 North Lawrence at. Interment pffll
TtomalnA mnv hn vlnwa An "..- Jl V?'-!
after 7 o clock.
O'KANE. On July 29.1015. Enwinri r,,(
IEL O'KANE. beloved husband ot lUuJS?
O Kane (neo Crowne). son of tha iat n.M.,1
and Nora O'Knne A member- of the KniiBIK
Mted to attend the funeral, on Tuesday mis-!
ing, at 8 3f o'clock, from hla late reilS
428 South 45th t. Solemn Requiem lis-j ui
St. Francis de Sales' Church, at 10 oclccld
interment at ew uamedrai Cemetery j
nnnr ai?t.t rn A.. ....... -. .n .,.. ?
a..v..iK'.L'A. wii u(,uav. .., .11,1., AllVbUi:
H , , daughter of Elizabeth E and the luiji
Emll Retchardt (nee Stain, ao-i ri ....!
Relatives and friends are Invited to atttU.i
funeral service on Wednesday at 3 n. uAi
at the residence of her xrandnnnt in',l
E rumberland t Interment private eSB
Oreen Mount Cemeterv
IlICKARI.--On August 1.
ffUSt 1. lftlB- Mi-PMlwiH
. Jstn
H, husband, .of Margaret Rlcknrd (nSffl
Rumel), In his 83d tear
Fita,lt..- ..,
friends, also West Philadelphia Lodse. ,(&
872. I. O. O.F.. Temple ETcamprrfent: N?i
P and butchers of the 24th Ward Markeli
nro Invited to attend funeral tenlces WiM
nesday, at 2 p m , at his lata residence 40fl
North Wilton at. Interment Femxood Cemef
tery. Remain may ba viewed on Tuesdir,
iisi. ii ij i .; uninn t.nnra Kin i tt -
0 15UIUB I -a
ROSS On July 31, 1015, MARTHA K.. wlff'i
ot Aivin -. jioae, in ner -ja jear ne-a
tle and friends, alio Southampton Council
jno wiu, -i i a, are rowiea io au
funeral, witnout runner notice, on Tuesr
Auzust J. at 2..J0 d m . from the Somei
M. E. Church Interment at MIllam Pesf
cemetery 'iTains ior somenon leave T
ton 12 4 1 nnd Reading Terminal at 1
p. m '
SCIIAFER On July 31, 1015 CAROLIrf
wldon or. utto scnaier Relatives
friends are Invited to nttend funeral
Ices on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock?
at her late tesldence. U'13 North Hutehlwra
t. Interment at Mt. Peace Cemetery BeJ
mains may De Mewed on luesaay evemni
from S to 10 o'clock.
SHIELDS. On July 31. 1015. MAROARST,
widow ot JameB Shields Relatives id.
frlfnrift. ara InttLml tn nttend funeral. OS
Tuesday, at S 30 . m from her late reetilB
deuce. 2240 Pembcrton st 22d and ElMB
bridge at ) Solemn High Mass ot ReqvltsYlIf
ai hi i nariea unurcn
SHRIOCK. On August 1. 1918. JOHXi
KNIGHT SHRYOCK, In hla 00th year BtliJS
tles and friends are Invited to attend tlttTiam
funeral services, at hla late residence lHYSi,qj
North Bouyler t, on Tuesday evening, tljfB':
o'clock interment at Chambersburg
Wednesday noon
SPEIR8. On Audust 1. 1018. JANET Mil
LER. wife of John Scelrs. In her 771b ywi
Duo notice of the funeral will be given frta
her late residence, 201S North Falrhlll SU33
WILSON On Juty 81, 1015, JAMES S. M
ot the lato James and Rachel R Wll
aged 03 years. Relatives and friends.
employee Jamea Wilson A Bon and all a
ganizauona or wnicn he was a memoer. ir
Invited to attend the funeral services, ft
Wednesday morning, precisely at 11 odltij
at his late residence, 3501 North 234 tt In'
xerment private, west Laurel Mill ceroewij.
Remain may be viewed Tuesday evening t
minute to trolley Contain 1 room JH fl
bath laundry cement cellar vapor C,WM