Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, July 02, 1915, Night Extra, Page 9, Image 9

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Philadelphia Will Go to Columbus, N. J, Tomorrow Night to
Play Bridge and Dance The Proceeds Will Be Given to
the lied Cross Society Fourth of July Parties.
A number of persons of this city nre
Interested In thrt subscription bridge and
dunce which will bo given tomorrow night
t Grunge Hall, Columbus, N. 3 at S
6'elock, under the patronage of Mrs.
Caleb S, llldgway and Mrs. John I.
Bishop, for the benefit of the American
Red Cross.
Among thosfl present will be Miss Hen
derson and Mrs. Henderson, of Johnstown,
K Ji Mr. anrl Mrs. Mahlon Hutchinson,
Mr, and Mrs' Leon Freeman, of New
Va.I fi nrvl Mta. .Tnhn T.. tfilflnr. MIna
IF Agnes Dunn and Miss Tessa Dunn, Mlsa
p Allea Hutchlnion, Mr. Newbold Hutchin
son, Mr. and Mrs, John P. Hutchinson,
Miss Helen Pommeyer, Dr. and Mrs.
Newton Chaffee, Mr. and Mrs. Fisher I.
Boyd, of Haverford, Pa. Miss Anna Tay
lor, Mr Frank R. Wallace Miss Florence
Brakeley, Miss Dorothy Landon, Mr.
Philip Brakeloy, Miss Dorothy Brakeley,
Mlsa Shelp, Mr. and Mfs. Reamer, Mr.
Courtland Reamer, Mr, Allan Walker,
Miss Sarah Rldgway, Mr. and Mrs. Jncob
Rlds".ty, Mr. and Mrs. John V. Bishop,
Mr. and Mrs. Shcpard Dillingham, of New
York! Miss Josephine Brodcrlx and the
Meier. Broderlx, Miss Fanny Roussclt,
Mr. Charles RousBell, Mr, and Mm. Mor
ris, Mr. and Mrs. Henry McK. Black, Mr.
James D, Black, Miss Markell and Miss
Taboct, of Now York, and many others
from Mt. Holly, Pcmberton, Burlington
and Bordentown, who aro Interested In
the work of tho Red Cross,
Mrs, Byron P. Moulton, of Ardmoro, ac
companied by Mrs. George A. Brooke, of
Gcrmantown, Is motoring to Chicago to
attend tho Men's Whist Congress, which
will be In session there next week. From
Chicago they will motor to Poland
Springs, Me., where Mrs. Moulton will
remain until autumn. Mrs. Brooke will
go on to Boston.
Among tho Philadelphia girls, who will
act as bridesmaids nt tho marrlago of
Miss Mnrgaret B, Andrews, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Andrews, which
will tako placo on August 14 In Newport,
will bo Miss Ethel Huhn, a cousin of
Miss Andrews and daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. George A. Huhn; Mies Dorothea
Watts, dnughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. John
Watts, and Miss Hannah Randolph,
daughter of Mr. Philip S. P. Randolph.
lallons on the birth of a son, on Friday.
June 25.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Dunlap, of Oak
hni5?;,.wm l6y t6r thelr ummer placo
at Wlldwood Crest, t6day. They win en
tertain week-end parties durlhg July and
air. and Mrs. Denis J. Sheehan, Jr.,
upon their return from Atlantic City,
where they aro spending their honey
moon, will reside at 454 Lecdom' street.
Mrs. Sheehan was formerly Miss Emily
C. Anderson, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Samuel Anderson, of Willow Grove.
Ml"8 Alice Meckler Is home from Nor
walk, Conn., and will remain during the
summer with her parents, at their home
on Greenwood avenue, Jenklnlown.
West Philadelphia
,.Ml anA Mfs- A. Southern Conway, of
f, ,Avon1'1e. 39th nnd "Locust streets,
will leave today for Lake Sunapce, N H.,
where they will Join rt house pnrty to bo
given over Independence Day by Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence Davis May for their daugh
ter, Miss Margaret Ann May. The other
guests will bo Miss Marlon Moyn. Miss
Alexander, Mies Dorothea Hackett, Mr.
Clarence Peterson and Mr. Charles Con.
ru. un aaiuraay ovcnlng Miss May will
give a dance In honor of her guests.
Miss Mary Kcr Christian, daughter of
-."."J MrB- Addison A. Christian, of
12 Walnut street, who has been camp
mg nt Lnko Bherldan with Miss Kntherlne
nor nnci miss Minnie Endlcott. re
turned tolicr homo last nlaht. With her
sisters, Miss Elizabeth Christian nnd Miss
Margaret Christian, sho will leave tomor
row for Grecnsborough, Md., to spend the
summer. Mr. and Mrs. Christian, who
will accompany their daughters, will re
turn on Monday.
IIlailtl ,JIrs- Hlehnrd Van Glider have
closed their town house, 4931 Hazel ave-
Si.0' ? , O.vo takcn a cottago at Ocean
City, N. J., for July and August.
Mario Loulso Starr, who nro ocupylng
their cottago at Capo May, will glvo a
small houBo pnrty over tho week-end.
Mrs. Dorothy Potter, who has been In
Now York, will return to her homo In
Chestnut Hill tomorrow evening. Sho will
attend tho dinner dance at tho Philadel
phia Cricket Club that ovcnlng.
Tho Rev. Alfred Wagg and Mrs. Wagg,
of Colllngswood, N. J., nnnounco the be
trothal of tholr daughter. MIbs Ethel
Wagg, to Mr. Howard Williams Selby.
Miss Wagg graduated from Dickinson
College last month.
Mr. J. Bertrnm Ltpplncott, Jr., of
Melmar, Bcthayrcs, Pa., has gone to
Panama to be tho guest of General George
fr W. Goethals for a month.
Mr. Henry I. Levlck, of Bala, Pa., has
taken rooms at tho College Settlement.
Front and Lombard streets, for tho summer.
n.?Ir' a.!LMrs- AIbert B- KI"S. t the
Tracy, 38th and Chostnut streets, will
spend tho Fourth of July holidays as
fVL0,' J,Ir nml MrB- Howard Ham
mona nt the r home on hn i?n.irK a,..
Dr. nnd Mrs. R. Walter Starr nnd Miss They will return to this cltv on Wrdncul
Ac?ltB Horry B "'ckmnn. of 617 South
wh. i ' m. leavo lodaj' for Cannda,
whero sho will spend tho summer months.
A party of young people who will spend
the weok-end nt Atlantic City will Includo
Miss Emma E. Owens, Miss Anna L.
Owens. Miss Marie Boston. Mlas Lulu
n.Mm0ll;,a,r: JnmeB O'Neill. Mr. Joseph
?r !I",,.M Jam" Brltt an(1 Mr. James
a IrJ" Tll0y wl" bo chaperoned by Mrs.
A. Owens, and will return to tho city on
Monday evening.
i..0Ja. Mrs- Alfred D. Thomas have
JV."101 fr.-m. tholr wedding trip and nro
occupying their new home. C815 Catharine
street. Mrs. Thomas boforo her marriage
last month was Miss May A. Neville.
Mrs. J. F. Bates, tho Misses Bates, En
Mgn John Frederick Bates. Jr.. and Mr.
ran Win F. Bates havo motored to Wild
wood, N. J., for n stay of several days.
?Jr-c.an1 Mrs John MIIIar Hannn, of
4512 Hansom street, will leave on Satur
day for Ocean City, whero they will spend
tho summer at tho Oceanic.
Miss Roso Appelbaum. and Miss Sadie
Appolbaum. of 209 South B8th street, will
IhT t11nlorrow r Collegovllle. where
they will remain over tho weok-end with
their brother, Mr.Winiam Appelbaum.
"" William McNeal, of Quthriesvllle,
IT" . ... 5. . ol " u- Clinton Guth
rie, of 723 North 40th street.
Miss Anne B. Bennett. Ill North Chel
sea avenue. Atlantic City, will entertain
Miss Marjorte Needs, of Colwyn Pa., for
tho week end. Miss Bennett Is the daugh-
l J .Mr' ,and Mrs- Qeoro M. Bennett,
MOS'Catharlno street.
Miss Florence Bethel, of Key West.
Fla.. has returned to her homo there. She
i ., no Bue" ot "er Bister, Mrs.
Likes Turner, of South 63d street.
Mr. Charles Brown, 7210 Gray's avenue,
entertained a number of his frfmria of
Bnapper dinner on Sunday.
Girard Estate
Dr. Charlotte Steckel Farrlngton, of 2130
Pnssyunk avenue, who. with her husband,
has been visiting her brother. Dr. Harry
Steckel, nt King Park, L. I., for tho last
thrco weeks, has returned to her home.
She Is entertaining at the present time
her grandmother, Mrs. Anna Bartholo
mew, of Allentown, Pa., who will remain
her guest for about two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Mellvllle. of 21'3
Rltner street, with her little son.
Norbert. Jr., and their daughter, Ella
Louise, loft yesterday for Deer Park. r,
I., where they have a summer home. They
will remain until the opening of the
school term In the fall. Mr. Mellvllle
has Just completed a most successful year
as teacher In the School of Pedagogy.
Sir. and Sirs. Earl B, Putnam, Jr., with
their little daughter, Shirley Grace, have
closed their home In the Girard Estate,
2310 South 21st street, and have gone to
Spring Lake, N. J., where they havo a,
summer home. They will remain until
tho fall. -
Miss Ruth Rosen and Mr. Nathaniel Human Married 6n Sunday.
Fourth of July Celebrations are to Be Elabo
rately Carried Out.
riwto by nembrandt,
Whoso engagement to Mr. Wlllinm Cooper Hunncmnn, Jr., of Brookline. Mass., was announced by hor
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Matthews, at a small dinnor-danco given at their homo.
A quiet but pretty home wedding will
tako place this afternoon at 4 o'clock nt
tho home of Mr. and Mrs. William A.
Huff. XJ South 61st street, when their
daughter, Miss Graco Elisabeth Tate
Huff, becomes the bride of Mr, Frederick
Hamilton Rtler, ot Lansdowne. The Rev.
ueorgo Venn Daniels, pastor of tho Way
Innd Memorial Baptist Church, B2d street
nnd Baltimore avenue, will officiate. The
bride, who will bo unattended, will wear
a trnellng suit of midnight blue taffctn
and will carry pink rosebuds. There will
bo no reception. Only the ImmodlatA
families nnd a few Intimate friends of
the couple will bo present, and after tho
ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Stler Will leave
for tho South where their honeymoon
will be spent. They will live in Wilming
ton after July 15. whero Mr. Stler. who
U a civil engineer, Is engaged In his pro
fession. The marriage of Mils Ruth Rosen nnd
Mr. Nathaniel Hymnn took place on Sun
day ovcnlng, June 27, at tho home of the
bride, 2117 North Douglas street. A large
reception followed tho ceremony, stter
which the young counle loft for their
wedding trip. They will spend tho sum
mer In Wlldwood, N. J.
Announcement Is made of tho marriage
of Mies Grace M. 1. Ircy nnd Mr. Clar
ence Laudeman on Juno 13. Mr. nnd Mrs.
Lnudeman will be nt home Friday, July
11, at 29 North St. Bernard street.
Elaborate preparations aro being made
for t'ne relebrntlon of Independence Day.
on Mondny, July 6, in Hunting Park, by
the Hunting Park Section of tho Safe and
Phiio Fourth Association, Included In the
flreuorks dlsplny will be several sne
cinlly manufactured pieces, one depicting
Nisgarn Falls, 40 feet wide, and another
the American flag, 6 by 8 feet. The names
of the captains nnd their nsslstnnts in
tho various districts who aro working for
tho success of the great celebration are:
Mr. Edwin Gerlnch, Mr. J. F. Kass, Mr.
Gcorgo Eckcrt, Mr. George Wllllg. Mr.
Henry Bclber, Mr. J. Hanr, Mr. W. B.
Alexander, Mr, C. Nndel, Mr. E. P.
Worfhlngton. Mr. E. P. Lenahnn, Mr.
Martin P Fitzgerald, Mr. James Gorman,
Mr. William F. Gormley, Mr. Jnmes Mul
grow, Mr. Hugh O'N'ell, Mr. Goorgo El-
sasser, Dr. J. Allen Harrison, Mr. Thorna
Holllngsworth, Mr. Clmries Pfelffer, Mr.
Frederick Pfelffer, Mr. Geore Fuller,
Mr. Arthur B. Hudson, Mr. George M.
Holcbmb, Mr. Walter WeUel, Mr Georffe)
Frantf, Mr. Francis L. Bailey, Mr ,T A.
Molhtlre, Mr. Walter Skerrett. Mr. J. H.
Renter, Mr. J. Y. Loux, Mr. George W.
Jackson, Mr. George W. Van Ronk. Mr.
Joseph Gllnske, Dr. Samuel J J Kelly
nnd Mr. Albert J Schumacher. The very
Interesting program Includes a parade of
school children to start In the morning ot
10 o'clock at Broad and Allegheny ave
nue; singing by t'ne children In Huhtlng
Park j nddrcsses by Rev. Dr Forrest B.
Dager, Bov. Dr. J. M. S. liehberg, Pro
fessor C. O. Althouse of the Central High
School and Director George D Potter,
music by tho Munlclpnt iJand, athlettc
sports under the direction of Mr Wil
Ham G. Frledgen; and a pageant. "The
May Festival," by tho Nlcetown Bovs
Club nnd tho Camp Fire Girls The
speakers will be Introduced by the chair'
man of the speakers' committee. Mr.
Robert C. Bbnner, and tTio Rev. John F.
McQuade will make the opening prayer.
Mr. Walter A. Nash, of 4033 North Broad,
street, Is chairman of tho finance com
mlt The wedding of Miss Margaret McCorV
noil, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jamca
McConnelt, and Mr. Jerome McDonald
took place on Wednesday afternoon, June
30. Tho ceremony took place In tho
Church of the Ascension, Westmoreland
and U streets, at S o'clock, the Hev.
Father Dale officiating. The bride, who
was given In marriage by her father, was
attended by Miss Elizabeth O'CoijiClt as
maid of honor. The beet man a Mr.
Harry Davis, and the ushers Included Mr.
Edwnrd Doyle, Mr. Leo Cdnnor, Mr. Ed
ward MoBrldo and Mr. Daniel Rayboulgh.
A reception followed at tho home of tho
brldo's parents, 2017 East Pacific avenue,
after which tho young couple left for
their wedding trip to the Panama. Expo
sition, and on their return will be at home
nfter September 1 at 3132 F strtt.
Tho Auxiliary of the North Eastern
Ladles' Benevolent Society held t'nelr an-'
nual picnic on Sunday, at Clementon.
N. J.
Along the Main Line
OVERBROOK Mr. nnd Mrs. Qorir
Allen and their family, of 6387 Overbrook
nvenue, left Wednesday on a motor trip
to Lexington, Ky., to visit Mr. and Mrs.
Warren C. Burnett.
Miss Helen Forster Glase, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Glase, will leave
today for Chelsea, whero she will be the
guest of Miss Gertrude Miller at the homo
of her parents. Dr. nnd Mrs. Mllo Mlllor,
on Providence avenue. Sho will return
next Friday.
WYNNEWOOD.-Mlss Eleanor Rushton,
of Lancaster avenue, has been entertain
ing Miss Mario McCandicss. of Avalon.
N. J.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Evans, of Penn
road, left several days nco for Dorsnt.
Vt, whero they hava taken a cottage for
the summer.
ARDMORE Mrs. William Wvr T.n.
kens, of 12S Edgewood road, Is spending
the summer at Southwest Harbor. Mo..
whero she is stopping at tho Hotel Dirlgo.
Mrs. George Black Rea. of 140 Vnllnw
road. Is spending a month with hoi-
mother, Mrs. Ingham, at Salem, N. J.
DRYN MAWR Mrs. Elizabeth T.bvIo
ana ner daughter. Miss Christine Zle
oarth, of Lancaster avenue, aro leaving
today for Seaside Park. N. J., where they
will spend the week-end at the Manhasset
Northeast Philadelphia
Mr. and JlrB. G. P. Schoonhut nnd fam
ily, of 1930 East Cumberland street, have
gono to Wlldwood, N. J.,- for sovernl
Mr. nnd Mrs. Whltakcr and family, of
2011 East Huntingdon street, havo gone
to Wlldwood for tho summer.
Mr. Harold Garvin has returned from a
short stay In Baltimore, Md.
Mrs. Silverman and daughter, of '1008
East Cumberland street, will spend tho
months of July nnd August at Atlantic
South Philadelphia
Miss Agnes Mohan, of 1527 Rltner street,
and Miss Isabello Hill Drummond wltl
leavo today for Wlldwood, whero they
will remain about two weeks.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry Phayro, of 1738 East
Pnssyunk avenue, aro receiving congratu
lations on tho birth of a daughter.
Mr. Donaldson Leopold, of 1507 South
Broad strcot, has gono to Ocean City
for tho summer.
Mies Marv Kllburn. rimiirhtxi- nf f-
and Mrs. John R. Tintinc. -MS nr...
UDSal street, hfis no !iai rr.iAef flc T .li
Williamson, of Pottstown, Pa, Miss Kll
ourn entertained at luncheon Tuesday In
ner honor.
Mrs. Edward Comfort, of. East Penn
wreet, motored with a party of friends to
the Huntington Valley Country Club Mon
oay afternoon where she was hostess at 4
o clock tea,
. Ji' w Natale Bllzard, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles' Bllzard. of 6145 Morris
ftireet. Is ntrtnlnln Kfl. Y.n rr
t Bpeese, of Oak Lane. Miss Speese will
fj? ompany Mr. and Mrs. Bllzard and
. ui.wiro on their trip to Stofford.
ar!nrV.mi? M"- Charles Stewart Wurts
tar !' .f, 9larl8n nvenue and Wis-
BrnH. wl" W".1 JftVe " Jul' r NoVft
w..vt r.h? V they wm remaln 'or several
weens as the guests of Mrs. John Wlster.
r.M,Ef-riy.of men from Germantown have
i!! Vom. a flsn,nf tr'P to Chaffey's
u?i n Snt' Th8 party Included Mr. Sam.
Uo?d Si?!! M,T- Dllks' Mr- William S.
Deetar of 0MI Potter and Mr. Paxson
ueeter, of Bryn Mawr.
Mr, and 1ra yp.-j,
Icsva .. V """""a uraves win
remainder n,f,H Capa May- N' J" to h"
remainder of the summer.
Mr. Harrvrs n0i . .. .
IKstrest ' ' u ea C'ast oeymour
Mr CharlT. p,::""...","r "?v,f:. l?
Tomona VtViet. 6""c WM
llJt- iS?uV?c.!J A"n-e- ' s By
He w iirem. '.Y''?wooa' w- . w"re
. ., ,ur lJ)0 summer.
ft n.tif.r.8- """m W. Bu.by. of
tWwe.kV. .... VnJih nav '" '
, , b.bjt in nioago.
Along the Readimr
W. Edward TrQ-,i . . ..
rM. Qildl Lm"lL,M"
moatu. to Virginia a'nTThe slutlT"
Wnds 0f mu, Jul. n. ..,., o
i fSV5nue; G'Wdm will bo glad to
rLT. ' '" "veriRg rapidly after
J-ent oMratlon at the Ablnston
and Mrs DntiAi-t ir n.i. a
uv rt r ;-- ? HM
., i rynwool avenue, QIntd,
Mr. and Mrs. William Wilson, of Pino
road, Fox Chase, have as their guests
their daughter and grandchildren, Mrs.
Fred. Thomas, Charles Thomas nnd Wil
liam Thomas, of Norfolk, Va.
Tha Rev. and Mrs. C. W. MacGeorgo.
of Bustleton, aro receiving congratula
tions on tho birth of n daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Held, of Holmes
burg, announce tho betrothal ol their
daughter, Miss Marlon Elsie Held, to
Mr. Frank Peoples, of Frankford.
The officers of the Rockledgo Tennis
Club have been elected as follows:
George Ecret, president: William Wright,
secretary, and Albert Husted, treasurer.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Crossan and fam
ily, of Elberon avenue, Fox Chase, are
spending tho summer at their cottage at
Mr. and Mrs. W. J, Strange, of 6032
Grlscom street, announce the betrothal of
their daughter. Mies Jean Strange, to
Mr. Albert J. Blair.
for a
and Augiwt at Octao
North Philadelphia
Mr, and Mrs. Robert C, Thompson. 823
North 18th street, while quietly enjoying
their Wth wedding anniversary on
Monday evening, were surprised by the
visit of 30 friends bearing favors.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton C Schwerln, of
1813 Diamond street, have gone to At
lantlo City for the remainder of the
An attractive open air meeting at 35th
and Cambria streets has been arranged
for tonight by the Woman Suffrage Party
or tiie xa legislative unmet. The speak
ers will be Mrs. George II. Wobenamlth,
Miss Florence P. Bernhelmer, Mlsa Hahn
and Miss Sarah Fisher.
Miss Mary Peacock will spend part of
tho summer In Northfleld, Mass,
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph' Lee have gone to
"Wlldwood for the summer months,
Mrs. Harry Lodenburg and her family,
of mi Nqrth Broad street, are sp.end-
lag the summer at Longport.
Camden and Vicinity
Mrs. Horace Traubel and Miss Gertrude
Trnubel, of 3d and Elm streets, have
cone to Arden to visit friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pancoast and
family, of 205 Cooper street, left today
for their cottage at Ocean City, where
they will remain until September.
Among the Philadelphia families who
are now occupying their cottageB here
are Mr, and Mrs. Nelson Farrell and Mr.
Walter Snow, Mr. E. Grafley, Mr. and
Mrs. William Shea. Mr. Oliver P. Wald
ran, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J, Downey.
Mrs. Cosgrovo nnd her granddaughter.
Miss .Margaret Cosgrovo Clark, of 3S55
North Broad street, aro tho guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Vincent do Taul Larkin, at
Hazleton, Ta.
Mr. nnd Mrs. George Fisher, of 3106
North 22d street, left on Wednesday for
a tour through tho West to tho Pacific
Const. They will spend a month In Call
fornlo, Mr. and Mrs. W. Burt Thompson nnd
Mr. und Mrs. Hugh Kerr, of West Onto
rlo stroct, will bo tho guests over July 4 of
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick T. Jennings, of
North 18th strcot, nt their summer homo
In Ocean City.
Mrs. Evan T. Jones, of 3102 North 22d
sircet, returned yesterday from Balti
more, Md., whero sho was tho guest of
her sister, Mrs. Gcorgo Sullivan.
Mrs. William Zlndel, of 3114 North 15th
street, will represent tho Women's For
eign Missionary Society of the Tioga
Presbyterian Church at tho convention in
Northfleld, Mass.
Miss Anno Burwell, of Rochcllo ave
nue, WIssahlckon, gavo a luncheon today
at her home. Her guests, who nro mem
bers of hor sewing club, wero Mrs. Ben
jamin Johnson, Sirs. Albert C. Rommel,
Mrs. C. C. Keever, Mrs. William Patton
anu iurs. jonn Warrington.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan L. Jones, of 5630
Ridge avenue, and .their family are occu
pying their summer home nt Capo May
A UUll, i, .J,
The Rov. William R. Rearick. of 4CD
Lyceum avenue, has returned from a
visit to McAlovys Fort, Huntingdon
Tho Men's Bible Class of tho Emanuel
Methodist Episcopal Church will hold a
bread and enko salo tomorrow afternoon
at Rldgo avenuo nnd Green lane.
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Brennan, of
Manayunk, are entertaining Mr. nnd Mrs.
Augustus Getz and Mr. Philip Mcssner, of
- . s
l fMJJtKfl 'I
.SL&WK t?TS iWfjtrlRIi hffl '
V - tUTW"- 'TTT-, Wfl t VCI .'1 .
Delaware County
Mr. and Mrs. Gustavus W. Knowles, of
Chester, nro entertaining this 'week at
their cottago on the beach front nt Cape
May, N. J. Their guests Include Judge
Knowles and Mrs, Knowles, Mr. and Mrs.
Morton R. Alexander nnd Miss Florence
Crozer Knowles.
Miss Emma J. Hahn and Mrs. Edward
Smith, of Jacksonville, Fla., are being en.
tertalned by the Misses Smith, In Chester.
Dr. and Mrs. Trimble Pratt, of Media,
havo returned home from Atlantlo City,
where they spent a short time.
A talk, entitled. "The Cry of the Chil
dren," will be given In the Prospect Meth
odist Episcopal Church at Moore this eve.
ning. Tne speaker will be Proressor Bur
ton L. Rockwood, a member of the
National Christian Citizenship League, of
Newark, N. J.
1 The
liM jsSjijnjiiiIi1
fill rai ruyliy
Where The Englishman Grew Wings
Tho Exchange of tho typical British
. hotel is nn offlco whero you get your num.
ber. You ccaso to bo a namo; you nro a
number say 176 Just llko any Jailbird.
In American hotels tho Exchango Is tho
heart of a social life. Even parlors are
falling Into what Grover Cleveland called
"Innocuous desuetude." The Traymore, In
harmony with the Bplrlt of America, has
Incorporated drawing rooms, pnrlorottes,
music halt all Into ono vast Exchange.
Down the main corridor college boys could
run a hundred yard dash. Thero Is one
straight vista In which tho Washington
Monument could llo at length with only
a slight exposure of tho tip. Low glass
panels and banks of palms nnd flowers
mako sheltered nooks for small groups.
Llko tho country at largo, tho Traymore
Exchango expresses a spirit of Interest In
all things human.
Tho Englishman likes to shut himself up
in something marked "Private." Tho
American finds Joy In an atmosphere of
genial comradeship.
"When I landed In America," said an
Englishman in a great hotel recently, "I
felt as If I had grown wings."
The Largest Fireproof Resort Hotel in the World
Supper Dance Club in the Garden Over the Sea
JU Ails Julian Knan .T P h
1 Vuiu.s.u, ! miyinj coogratu-
Notices for the Society PI will be
accepted and printed ' la the Evening
Ledftri but all such notices nml be
written on one side of the pper, most
be signed la full, with full addreu, and
when poMlbU telephone number must be
Bend all such communication' to
"Society Editor,1 Evening Ledzer. CSS
Cbutuut street.
Unless these requlresaoBta are eanltd
out to that vortnsatloa mar to poulM,
tao settees W not bo pubUjlwd.
JS.V GM- --'SBBh
Atlnntic City's
Best Restaurant
15 South Delaware Ave.
Al. Wuldron, Troprlrtor
Talm (Jarden Open. Air Dancing
1'rlvoto Dining Itoomt
Hcu Food u Specialty
Chef N. Y. Orchestra
Dins In the Open
Occupying an entire tlock of ocean front and
connected with tha famous Boardwalk: In
tho popular ChU& section: capacity 500:
unuauallylargs, tool rooms with unobstructed
view or tha ocean from all; every appoint
ment and comfort i tea and freah water In all
baths; running water In room-; 4000 ft of
porchaa surround the hotel; tha new dining
room overlooks the sea; flneet culelne and
white service; orchestra of aololtts; dancing
twice dally; social diversions; magnlncent
new Palm Iounge. Special H7.BO up wkly.
booklet mailed; auto meeta trains: msnag.
ment by owners. JOHN C. GOSSLEIt, Mgr.
Mr. nd Mre. Clark were married on Wednesday by the Rav. Elmer
Powell. Mrs. Clark will be remembe4 aa Miss Ethel Archibald.
12.50 .Up Weekly; 52.50 Up
Daily American Plan
CoolMl Hotel fireproof Central) Leeattt
Elevator; private baths; running water In
rooms. Bathing from hotel. Excellent table.
Capacity 400.
Vermont av. & Beach. Cap. 300. Very mod.
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daily, special
The best place for rest or recreation
or recuperation is
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is especially well adapted to accom
modate those who come to secure them.
Write for Illustrated Folder and Rates to
On the Beach Always Open
table of Uri-eat hotels,
Large, com ooean view rooms, etc.
Leading High-Class Moderate-Rate Hotel,
ALBEMARI F Virginia ave.. near Beaah.
baths, etc: excellent table. June rates. flO
up wkly. ; 12 up dally. Bklt. J. P. COPB.
For Over the Fourth
BpaclaJ attractions. Fireworks display and
bts band conoert Monday evening at 8:10.
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Lake George, N. T.
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