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i . - - ... -
Judges, Headed by Mrs. Blankenburg, Begin Examination of Bread, Cookies and
Cakes Prepared by Children Seeking Prizes in Competition at Horticultural Hall.
inhibit Open to Public Friday and Saturday Mrs. Carroll, Expert, Continues Lec
tures and Demonstration, in Which Interest Grows.
, If you think cooking likely to become
-, lost aft, have a look at the UvmriNa
-IBWBn oooklnv conlMt entries at Hortl
i (.cultural Hull, llroad street below Locust
You will several thousand loavei of
''J'bread, sponge cake, blseultn and cookie.
bakl by Philadelphia's future homo
t wl and presented In the content which
will go down In the annala of cdoklng I
comcsis ns one or tno biggest events of
t lt kind ever conducted here.
ltortlciiltural Hall nag crowded with
"Children from 9 o'clock jenterday morn-
' Ing Until 7 o'clock last night. When the
. (.time, for the presentation of entries cloied
It seemed next to Impamlble that such a
"'(Treat number of children could compete
,Sn ?ne t-nnteit
- The Judging of the entrlea slnrH at 10
" o clock this morning, ami It la probablo
"that It will require the greater pftrl 0f
. tho day to complete he task Mrs. Anna
t A. Carroll, tho cooking expert, lecturer
and demonstrator, will go her usual
'I'CtUre at 2 30 o'clock this afternoon Tho
public Is iniltcd to hear this lecture, and
If tho Judging Is completed to have n look
" at the' great niray of entries
The entries arc sure to bo on display
to tho entire public nil day Krlday and
Saturday. Tho closing lecturo of Mrs
vnrruua course win bo delivered on Sat
urday, when she will speak to tho chll
dren entered In tho contest and girls of
J the cooking schools.
A special treat Is being arranged for
the children for that nfternoon This will
bo announced tomorrow In connection
with the lecture to children the nnnounce-
rtlsinf lull! 1... . m .'
w iue or inp winners of
Hismmiiii i HIBMII'I
m wM,. &
W.'HI 'Z i V
rt. 'Liti:.tj
r."&3HHIr iT3
i 1 HI I KAaBsSt '
, m K . -
MjHK ' M' n. tnra
if ' 'V't?
'"' "?-iASMiim a t ' -j. u. 4
WiA t-.; -M aaailiTirsjasn.ssssssssssssssssjTr ' . . CM al
n i-m
7 'nm 'tm jnracjBH
i mmmm
v laiBb. g!-l
li.t II tr !! i up Knur.!?
Una Colonna Nemica Scon
fitta a Cortina d'Am
pezzo Quattrocento
Austriaci Fatti Prigioni
eri dalle Forze Italiane.
The efficiency of this kitchen is in its nrrnnccment find in its
adoption of up-to-dnto contrivances which put nn end to waste of
time and labor. The combination of tho lust word in gas range con
struction and modern sanitary npplinnces is especially notable.
The kitchen Is that of a maker of gas ranges sold in Philadelphia.
ment will
Mrs Carroll ul lecture this afternoon
rrf Ui n,?nl!? fomorrw afternoon to tho
during tho earlier part of the course, will
- "V",' ? ho ltclxr '""Sin at 2 M o'clock
icsterd-iy afternoon the attendance
t .3. ",m0nh,nt ,arK" ,han on any pw!
' - "I!1',, " i".l that a total
of more than 00 were In tho hall nt
r?nR l,er lecluro yesterday Mrs
,Carrol commented upon tho advisabil
ity of eervlnc flsh Sh n..ii, -
SJf.PrniVB ''i"" B0 ,,,ey wl b" both
-fhe u.,,rnnfln,nUtrlt,0U8- Sh0 "iweiit.il
-r ine use of fish as one means of helping
h meat yesterday was diet of sole, creolo
" 5resCSlng"d hriM Chlkm "' crca
, uunng tnc course of tho lecture Mrs
I.. .Carroll Bave the women a special talk
, on tho proper care of milk for all uses
. She complimented milk denlors upon tho
excellent and clean manner In which
- IS"?.I.,.",rvc1 th'ao ,!ns n"l suggested
tha It Is not dinicnlt to keep milk sweet
during any kind of weather for at least
tno day,,. So,ne one In tho audlonS
jea ncr whose milk she was using.
p!irtnmnk that a" wns u,lns Sup:
Soak spinach 20 mlnutea nfn.. .-..
Ing. wash In cold water.
It requires less tlmo to cook tho skin
side of tho chicken than tho other. You
can cook It with half the ga turned
down after It starts to brown.
Keep a plato just for broiling fish.
Tender fish breaks i.nniii.- . ..
shell from the body. Ilcmovo tho meat
nnd mix with cream sauce Take out the
liver, which jou will know bv tho green
ish soft condition, nnd fill with tho batch
or mlxturo mado for the cream siuco and
cover with bread crumbs and broil under
the broiling flame In lower oven for
nbout 20 minutes
sweetbrcadi, 1 cup cream, 3 tablespoons
flour, cayonne. 3 tablespoons butter, K
tablespoon silt, 1 pound mushrooms
Wash and soak the sweetbreads In cold
wnier 16 minutes nnd simmer gently in
boiling wnter about IS minutes until
tender Drain, cool In cold water nbout
16 minutes nnd break npart Wash tho
mushrooms, rcmovo tho Ktems and throw
them Into a colander Put butter In a
anuccpnn, plnce In oven with cover on
nnd steam IB minutes. Make cream sauce
of butter, flour and cream and add
sweotbreadi and mushrooms Servo In
patty cups
Plato the livers nnd 4 slice of bacon
on a skewer alternately. Place in pan,
onsie with a llttlo butter and bako or
bioll nbout 10 minutes.
Baker gelatine In W cup cold water 5
minutes Dlssolvo In 1 cup boiling water,
add 1-3 cup sugar, Juice of 1 lemon nnd 4
cup plnenpplo Julco Set away In a cold
place When It begins to thicken, add
ll3 cups diced pineapple nnd 2 table
spoons chopped wnlnuts Mix thoroughly
nnd pour Into Individual molds and chill
Sorvo nve to six persons
POPOVERS-Ono pint flour, 1 pint
milk, 3 eggs, 1 teaspoon salt.
Put flour, salt und unbeaten eggs In
milk. Put through a slcvo Into nnother
bowl and bako nbout SO minutes This
quantity will make 18 popovers Heat the
oven five minutes. leave both burners
going full for 15 minutes nnd finish bak
ing with half heat In gns oven
HOT RISCL'ITS-Threo cups flour, 1
tiihlesponn shortening, 1 cup milk, 1 tea
spoon snlt, 2 tnblcspoons baking powder
Hub shortening Into flour, salt nnd bak
ing powder Add milk Itoll out and tut
out with biscuit culler Unko In flat tin
panR IS minutes In oven that has been
healed five minutes.
OOLD CAKE-Ono-hatf cup butter, Hi
cups sugar, yolks of 0 egs, 3 cups Hour,
to cup milk, 2 teaspoons baking powder,
Crenm butter, surar Add well-bentcn
yolks Then flour nnd milk alternately,
then baking ponder and flavoring This
makes a big -nke If baked In one loaf
Light oven burners, turn down burner
one-half nnd bako ealco JO minutes
about half wnv down In broiling oven
with tho cut side up After tho chicken
has scared or turned white, rcduco tho
flame Cook 20 minutes on tho cut side
and about 10 minutes nn tho Rkln nldo
The judging of the entries In the cook
ing contest will be done by tho following:
Mrs. Rudolph Rlankenburg, chairman
Mrs Charles Hlrsch, 900 Pino street,
Biiffrago worker
Mrs E F Rlchnrdson. Hamilton Court
Mrs M. D. Hitchcock, 221 Buckingham
Mrs W. E Lee. 3I North 21th street,
food expert.
Miss Caroline Kntaenstcln. suffrage
headquarters. 3J South 0th street.
Mrs. George D rieldt. 233 South 33th
street, suffrage worker.
Miss Alvcrta Van Dusen, J02S Walnut
Mrs Albert II Trill, 127 West Spring
field avenue. Chestnut Hill.
Miss Elizabeth Masscy. 2153 North 21st
Mrs. A . Eddowcs, 4032 Green street,
Mrs Charles LaWall, 12 Walnut street.
Miss Marlon Harris Nell. 3C02 Spring
Garden street.
Dr. E SI. H Sloore, 1022 Clinton street
Mrs. George Plersol, 4721 Chester avenue
Sirs A T. rollnrd. 230 SoutlflSth street.
easily taken from a deep plate.
. ?.. 1 Arcn:n uress ng s mado from
two-thirda oil and one-thlrd vinegar ?
Elf.! hl.s dresalnff can bo saved In tho
A,,Imi"n2 ou a,wn5s httV8 1' on hand
' butter, cream and flour moke
a fine dressing foV chicken
Mrs. Lo Baron Rlefsneldcr, of 38H
Chester avenue, who has attended nearly
every ono of Sirs Carroll's lectures, was
asked yesterday to comment She said
.m.1 am "y. hnppj' to vall myself of
mMh?,POr,,U.n.lty, t0 lnd0"e Mr, carroiri
method, both In her use of tho can
a"8', " '? "em''"rat!ons in cookery
She la most practical Hr ,fi.v,T '
both delectable andUtrittouSa" w.U
as attractive, and I nm ..,..'."? "
."Wlve'-T. no!
hM,,.i ;- H "L '"ese lessons given
through the courtesy of tha Eveniwi
.DI,"!- i,aVln,r re"ty purchased a
gas range for my kitchen; I hav found
VaTuaWe T aV tha U" " " -valuable.
I do not sea how any nn
ke.pZuecrahr. ?s ini ::
fl?,.? hi " ''? p buJ ho neatly bene-
" " - ""'""" mesa lectures. To
ho uklHn,e " Jn a.rt' and " every woman
to U .hnb,Iefrd Wl,.h a horae would seS
band and 'Jtf, ,""""" " to her hus!
oana and children nn nr n,.
matter h ni.i .' "."?. "?"' "
healthier children
"chuSHTn'i-i Swee"read Patties
ti.. ike2 ,Uver e" Brochette
Pineapple iialad. Boiled Dressing.
Popovers. Hot Biscuits!
Philadelphia Eggs Bechemel Sauee
rv,.,,. slanli Omelet. '
Canada Bggs Egg. a U Marten.
.. Wheat Mutllrw
lettuce Hearts, French Dressing.
niled with warm S.r I UW tho lobf
tack UPPudtahf.Tn'",!,P""r h- " tta
f.fM,iPUt hl "'J"1 undsr water and
harn ln.iri ' u UOBLn ,ne D"" w "h
narp knife Remove the, alawa and hard
sf-'i?' .a,.nS5?f',,,.1,,,l
,T?i."U.'?.1JJ br , i'lUdelpUl mnufc-
?" " '" " r" ,"u "
A JUS Ooalllr Cabinet Oa Ranre. of
fered bj- tb. Robert Maudrr Stoi.
t.f f.''!l.,l!' Cbbt 0 Iliinr. of
fered bjr (be Thomas, ltobrru, Stereasoa
c"Pf" fr lb. bt bread.
,. 51 Cwk'asT Cablnrt Raosr.
Ji? '"" iUIr Cabbut (las
ftWjt Ha HeatKi bread. No.
First Brigade Vinits Famous Revolu
tionary Battlefield.
Twelve hundred men of the Drst Bri
gade, United States Marino Corpi, left
camp at the Sharpless estato near West
Chester this morning and marched to the
.uiiiuus uranaywmo battlefield Tho
United States Marino Band of Washing
ton, gave n concert there In the early
afternoon, nfter which there was n base
ball game played
The marines, all from Leaguo Island
and In command of Colonel L. W T
Hiuirr, leu mo Navy Yard yesterday
morning at 7 30 o'clock, went to Marcus
Hook on a Pennsylvania Railroad ferry
boat and then marched the 17 mii .
the Sharpies, estate There camp had
been prepared by the Third Signal com
pany which reached tho site a day ear
lier '
Sieving pictures In the open nlr were
;hh.wn 'fe mf"1 '"t night Tomorrow
they will participate In tho ceremonleJ
of unveiling the soldiers' and sailors'
monument at West Cheater, nfter which
they will engage In various war maneu-
eat at on tno Sharplesu
Cholera Reported In Vienna
PATHS. June 10 -The Havas Agency lias
received a dispatch from Sladrld saying
it Is officially announced h.r ih.
epldemlo of cholera has broken out in
Alice II. Richardson Set Sum Aside
From ?50,000 Estate.
Tho Episcopal Hospital will receive J500O
from the $30,000 estate of Alice II. Rich
ardson, who died May 31 at 2Cfi South ICth
street Tho bequest Is to endow n free
bed In memory of William H. Richardson.
A nephew, Gardner II Richardson, will
receive JJO00 under th rma r .v.. ...m
admitted to probate today, and tha resl
tluo of the property goe, to Edward P.
Langley, who Is named executor.
George W. Morgan. late of 3W1 North
Broad street, specified a numh nr h.
?.U,S t0 relat'ves in disposing of his
n .i.11' ,a ,e" lne residue to Temple
Baptist Church for tho poor fund
Other wills probated today Include those
of John Sleraher. who left J33.000 In pri
vate bequests. GUhnrt T. r,i, .e.
Constance AV.Pclletler. ,10.000. 'August
Haller. ,7700; Henry C Heist. $3500, nnd
John A. Lehman, Sr, $2000
Personal property of Sarah E. Blga
low has been appraised at JtD B2I 53 James
P. Young. I,S62.E3, Anne M Slontgom
ery. 33.732.13, and Sarah E. Kerr, $2109 a
Jane Addams Goes to Spain
P.OSIE. June 10-Jano Addams, of
Chicago, who Is touring Europo In the
Interests of peace, haa left for Sladrld
otlcan officials gave Stlss Addams to
understand that they believe tho present
time Inopportune tor a peace movement
ROMA 10 Glugno
Starla. Abbrlanl, una glovanetta. dagll
ocelli ncrl e dall'aspctto cnerglco, o la
GlovnnhA d'Arco delta gucrra dcll'Italln
contro ('Austria, cd a lei ro Vlttorlo Em
manucle hn confcrlto oggl la modagla at
vnlore milltare, per avero ella guldato I
Bersagllcrl ad un assalto alia balonetto
contro II vlllagglo dl Slorl, net Trentlno,
sotto un fuoc-o Infernnlo dello nrtlgllerle
nemlche E con la mcdaalla II ro la ha
mnndnto un tclcgramma dl congrntula
zlono La glovnne Maria vlveva con suo nadre.
Kla' vacohlo, nel Trentlno, cd era perelo'
una suddita nustrlaca Ella pcro' Bcappo
dal suo vlllagglo per nrcorrcre a salutare
le truppo Italiane qundo questo si avvl
clnnvnno nlle tcrro Irrodonto cd a Mori
dalH parte dl eud.
Lo batlerlo autrlache nprlrono II fucco
sugll invasorl non nppena si nccorscro
dcll'nttaceo. Starla accompagnava I
juirengncri r aomanno' al loro coman
dnnte II permesso dl portnro nnch'essa
nu itiriie, pennesso cho lo fit nccordnto
Per hen otto ore ella nmnso nol plu
folto della tuschla sparnndo tuttn lo volte
cho lo venlva fatto e guldnndo I Her
sngllcrl nttrariso lo vlo del vlllagglo e
per I sentleil dl montngna. In un nttucco
sul flanco dotll nustrlacl. Noll' assalto
flnnlo alia, bnlonetta ella romando' dav
voro una iqunJra dl Hei-B.iRllcrl clip enc
clo gll nustrlacl dal vcllligglo I aoldatt
rkonoscentl le tcRnlarono una unlformo
complcta dl Itersagllcro
Innnata ltallnna the mnnovra per at
tnccare Trento dn nord-cst ha sconfltto
uno rolonna nustrlaca nello vlolnanio dl
Cortina d'Ampezzo o si avvlclna ora nlla
clovuta forterza nustrlaca cho difendo II
Posso dl Falznrcgo, ad est dl Cortina.
OH ttallanl hanno preso le poslzlonl aus
trlacho a Prclkonel nrendendn nl nnmlrn
ancho parecchl cannon
Oil Itnllanl sono ora padroni dl Slon
falconc Uno furlosn battnglln e' nncorn In corso
aul fronto del Hume Isonro.
II Sllnlstero della Gucrrn ha pubbllcato
ii ocsuraif comunicnto umclale
"Le nostro truppo operantl nelle vicl
nanzo dl Falznrcgo hanno combnttuto
con sitccesso a 10 mlglla da Cortina
d Amporzo, prendendo nl ncmlco un can
nnno o molte munlzlonl La poslzlono
uuoiriaca ui I'rclKopoI fu conqulstata dal
nostrl mnrtedl' scorRO, quando nol fnccm
mo tin centlnalo dl prlgionlerl Lungo II
fronto dcll'Isonzo contlnuino I combnttl.
mentl c lo nostre bntterlo bombardano lo I
i 'hiziotu cue gll nustilncl nncora tcngono
nrl dlntornl dl Slonto Nero Nol nbblamo
preso una poslrlouo dl fronto a, que,ta,
uno e siaia evncuatn dal nemico. Illtl
randoal Kn austriaci hanno Insclato sul
enmpo 100 mortl e GO ferltl Nello -vlrl-nnnzo
dl Caporctto CO soldntl bosnlacl
austriaci Imimo dlsertntn n nl sonn nm.
sentntl nl nostio nLCumpamcnto Lo pcr
dlte del ncmlcn sono stnto gravl
xveiio giornato dl luncdl' o martedl'
nol nbblnmo contlnuato con succcsso lo
nostre operazlonl per cacclnre gll nus
trlacl dallo poslzlonl favorevoll cho cssl
occupano sulla destra dcll'Isonzo e per
stablllro fortl tcsto dl ponte.
"II ncmlco ha offerto tenneo rilntonTn
favorito dalle condlzlonl del terreno cho
rendono difficile sfondaro le llnee, avendo
lo plogglc reccntl rovlnato pontl cd nlla-
gnio siraue aci Dasso Isonzo.
"Lo nostro truppe hanno combattulo
dappartutto rol plu' grando vnloro ed
hanno potuto conulstaro IhipoVtantt
"Nol nbblamo occupoto Slonfalcone II
fuoco dello i.ontro artlellerlo ha vlslbll
mento danncjBlnto parecchlo battcrio
"Nelle montacno dello roglono dl Jlonte
Nero nol nbblamo preso una Importanto
altura dopo che II nemico no o' atata enc-
tmio uai moco uel nostrl cannonl In
nltrl puntl lungo l'loonzo nol abblamo
preso plu' dl 400 prlgionlerl."
Dalle notlzle cho glungono dnl fronts dl
bnttaglla si deduce cho gll Itallanl hanno
guadagnato la prima grande vlttorla della
mm jsuerra .Nena prima fase della
grando battaglla cho Infurla tuttora
nella vallata dell'Isonzo gll Itallanl hanno
conqulstato II centro forrovlarlo Import
antlsalmo dl Slonfalcone, quasi sulla
eosta deU'Adrlatlco. La caduta dl Gorlzla,
vnpltalo delta provlncia, o rltenuta ora
come Imminente
Nol settoro scttcntrlonale del fronto
dell Isonzo. nella reglone dl Slonto Nero,
un reggimento dt Bcrsagl.erl cacclo' gll
austriaci da unAltum rocclosa dopn un
coipbatllmento corpo a corpo alia balonet
ta II nemico si dledo alia fuga IMeUndo
sul terreno cento mortl ed una clnquantlna
dl ferltl.
II rapporlo del general Cadorna dice
che le perdlto sublte dagll Itallanl eono
dnf iimi montrn l nrlslonlerl nus
trlacl affcrmano the II nemico ha sublto
raMIIa ffrfllrl.
Slonfalcone o' ft dodlel mlglla dalla
frontlera Itallana cd a sedlci mlglht a
nord-ovest dl Trieste La ccnqulstn. dl
questft Importanto cltla' costltulsce la
plu notevolo nvanzata fatta flnora dagll
Itallanl In terrltorlo austrlaco dnll'lnlzlo
della gucrrn
T.-nin otm delle annate Italiane
operantl nella vallata dell'lBonzo csegul'
rattacco nnaie contro te posizioni ai .ion
falcono da Ronchl, sublto dopo cho
l'arllgllcrla Itallana aveva rldotto nl
sllenzlo lo bntterlo nustrlacho cd aveva
dlslrutlo 1 lavorl In cemento fattl nel
dlntornl dflla cltta' La gunrnlglone au,
trlaca. trlnccrala dentro I fortl cslernl,
mmhatto' con grande valore per parccchle
ore o minndo si rltlro' tllstrusse la
sta2lono della ferrovla che porta a Trieste
Un telcgramma da Vienna dlco che.
mentre btiono notlzlo contlnunno a venlro
dalla flnlrla, lo notlzlo cho glungono ntla
capltalo austrlaca dal tcatro dolla gucrrn
a sud-ovest non sono punto roaeo ai
dlco a Vienna che la popolazlono dl Go
rlzla ha riccvuto dalle autorlta' mllltarl
austrlaeho I'ordlne dl ovncunro la cltta'.
Nel clrcoll vlennesl non si nascondo
afTato che gll Itallanl fanno progress!
lungo la linen del flume Isonzo, p si sa
cho gros'l cannonl nustrlacl sono tra
simrtntl a Flume, dovo si vanno raffor
zando lo oporo dl fortlflcazlone
qui a Roma cd In nitre cltta' deU'lta
Ila b! trovano moll! rlfuglatl da Trento.
Essl dlcono cho la popolazlono civile dl
quclla cltta' ha rlcocuto online dl Inset-
aro Tiento per tlmoro cho gll Itallntil la
bombardlno Slolll edlflzll pubbllco dl quel
la cltta' sono statl trasfprmatt In ospcdoll
eu hanno lesato la bandlera delta Croco
Itossa per cssero rlsparmlntl dal ennnonl
Itnllanl L'nrcivcscovo e' vlrtualmeuto
prlgtonlero nel suo pnlazzo SI dice puro
che le autorlta' nusttiache stnnno pen
Bandn dl cvacuaro la cltta' o cho moltl
ausrtlacl ferltl sono stall Invlntl nd Innsbruck.
Scientists agtco that plenty of light Is
good for tho constitution. So does Jack
MeRoyd, To glvo practical Illustration of
his Ideas, ho went nbout Itlchmond try
ing to concentrate tho sun'a rays, lis
carried n email mirror and a magnifying
glass, which ho used according to his own
whims. Whether scientists would ngrea
with sreRoyd'fl system Is Irrelevant, as
the residents of Richmond emphatically
opposed It.
When Jock saw n. woman sitting at a
window ho put his glass In lino with tho
sun and directed a fresh hot ray on her
cheek or neck. Words could not convlnca
tho scientist that he was wrong, therefore
several women had lo uso rolling1 pins ana
frvlnir nnnt. From his exalted Intellectual
heights Jack attributed such disapproval
of his views to Ignorance nnd continued
his experiments until ho encountered Tat
Pat felt a burning sensation In tho back
of his neck. Ho saw MoRoyd shooting a
ray on him a few feet away and throw
tho box at htm. Tho scientist went down
with tho box on top of him Ho was up
llko a flash, nndthen McRnyd nnd Me
Qrannhan waded Into each other Hut
when Stcarnnahan saw Policeman Balkla
windows to net n 1m ...
Half a doicn women discovered iiT'"1
ers nt tho same lime Each of thm w''4
mo jionrn una mo xoungsosky k '"
were awakened from their nan V,
man MeCrredv. v "'
man McCrcedy.
He took thorn before Staclslf.iA .. !
for an explanation. As tho broft.8
in yuiinjumr, mo duuao daiii ik. """in
House of Correction for ten dajs '"
Sixty Electric Lamps to Be Relnc
Councils' Electrical Committee tM7J
approved an ordinance imuL. ."""r.
location of 60 claotrlo lamps In v.
sections of tho plfv tu,.. ni
lamps nro on tho recrpann i. oe'
foot of f!hfBlll1lf nml 1. ... . "
-.to Bircetl
A dleclmlla plcdl sul llvcllo del mnro gll
Alplnl Itallanl cd 1 Cacclntorl tlrolesl sono
Impegnatl In una furlosa battaglla per 11
possoiso del Passo dello Stelvlo, la plu'
alta strada rotabllc doll' Europa. II fra
goio dello mltragllatrlcl si odo dovo era
pocho scttlmanc fa la Mecca del vlag
glotorl per dlporto. fill nustrlacl si
dlfcndono dletro tilncoe scavato nella
roccla, mentra sll Alplnl tentano dl con
qulstnro qucste poslzlonl con vtolcntl tis
saltl nlla balonetto.
Dallo nlturc soprastantl gll Itnllanl
hanno dlstrutto una dopo l'altra le dlfcsc
degll nustrlacl, facendo scmpllccmcnto
rotolnro gross! massl sullo trtnceo
nemlche. La scena cho si svolgo null'nlto
Passo dello Stelvlo ecrtnmento sorpissa
ognl nltra OH Itnllanl hnnno nvanrnto
verso lo Stelvlo dalla plttorcsca Vnltelllni
c combnttono per 11 posscsso dcgll altl
plcchl ncvorl
Nella vnlle dell'Adlgq gll Itollnnl con
tlnunno a bombardaro dn lungn distanza
lo poslzlonl fortlflcato austrlaeho attorno
a Rovercto, dovo non o' Imnosslbllo che k!
abbla un assedlo pluttosto lungo Altrovo
sullo Alpl avvengono ognl glorno com
bnttlmentl tra lo avnngunrdlc
Gorlrla a ora sotto II fuoco del ennnonl
Itnllanl. o le autorlta' mllltarl Itallano
aspettano cho gll austrlaol ne escano fra
pochl glornl. Con Slonfalcono nelle loro
manl o con un'nltra loro colonna cho
tleno la ferrovla a sud-est dl Grndlsca,
u iiunnni nannn messo gll nustrlacl In
una sltuazlono cho dlvcnta ognl glorno
plu" per( olosa
coming ho retreated As many complaints
had been mado against SIcRoyd ho was
taken to tho Front nnd Master streets
"Physical sclenco will suit jou bolter,"
said Sfaglstrato Scott, addressing the
prisoner, "and you can experiment at the
House of Correction for 30 days
A bed of roses Is supposed to bo con
ducive to sleep Perhaps that's the re-iron
thnt Abo Youngsosky and his brothor
Philip lay down to rest In a floral bed
fronting one of tho beautiful homes In
Ovcrbrook Tho frngrance of roses nnd
other flowers soon sent them to dream
land, nnd their velvety couch had some
thing on the most expenslvo boudotr In n.
swell hotel
Thcj Biiorcd contentedly until tho fair
residents looked from tholr second story
assured in Fairmounl
IV f AY)
Horace I'rlSB. Jr
J-tner Johncon, I'ennlyn, I'a
ThnniHa V TV... inn.
'i-S,n,?M?,S.",ri'-tiAll?.d' J?" rolrmount avc
M ' rn UeSieV N,V!" t"8!"""'. nnd Anna
.. M' SVrTnn- 80' Capitol t
Un,n. Klakowlcs, 1M) atllm et , and Mnry
c minnicn J Itn a, it.. .. u luij'
fy iSffTrano'rJ'VJ, " ' an" n,anch'
BMfr II IJIWMnce. Ml lbourn. P.
"The Ole Swimmin'
Hole Accused"
C. F. Moorcs says that tho
greatest fiport of kidhood
days doesn't mnko the best
swimmers. Tho heartrending
indictment appears in
Sports Magazine
What use to be
careful of the purity
of your food and then
drink milk perhaps
from unhealthy cows?
Be sure drink Fair-1
mount Farms Milk '
and know that its1
health fuhicss from
tne very source is
made positive by 'the
tuberculin test. That
it has greater rich
ness, greater cleanli
ness. Pure, rich, de
licious, and above all,
safe. Supplce milk has
"a better flavor."
"TL. C... l
i ne ouppiee
Alderney Dairy
Seven Ga'd
Uthel V.
Charles V
TruMcn, rh B Wih st
I? am m flir Iifi-
ui-g( mi t iiimio. !
ihv willing,. 6-i ,.....;""-"' ra oro-
-. ......... ..n, u.j . ...uiuiiun ae
dlfrman Jphannten, Jr. 291 Mancher t and
Jcpnlo OlbBon, sdS N. Bth t '
Giovanni Selplont. Wilmington, Del. and Ida
Lnnarl, Detention Homo ' ' nna iaa
c'namVrf.,??." I"- and C"" "
Tlnel Da.DbkoenVM"a TlSSTr?" Kalh"
Klnrv Anriinnn Mil- ri.. ,u HI
Antonio Frugoll, ' 1134 Christian t n . o ..
batlna Dornlnl' nttentlon Ilnu.?' a,", Sab
Alvann Itlccl, U4J Gerrltt t nmi a i.
. Pslmlerl. retention IlouVe' d Ann" V
Vlncenzo Paluirl. Camden N J. and ci.n
nla Foriona, l)et,ntlon Iloujc. '"vnn-
"v?vr .;"" -" nriiiian st.. nn,i
II nl Mclantlin ir.. ""
sarin Domini nini.n w ...
i . - . .. '...:. ""vji liuurn
Anianio ni j-iirpo. WVI fl 12th M
vnnnlna Blcclottl. Detention irouae.
Simon Stajoder Firmly Convinced There Is a Plot on Foot to
Rob Him of Treasured Infant, So He Vanquishes Tor-
mentorsHad Moved Into Quarantined House.
is of superior quality and is favored by the most careful
housekeepers. Try this recipe. caret ui
Co. tot I ho bmt
uhhis ik. mm Vwrnl at MllHwMi
ur f
Third pri. fat ...h dlrUIwi
..i2.". JE2H.." d ! ' "W.r.
Kmu1hm !. """"''
-Iwaam- tmt,t Umtrw. ZsSld t!
A little baby, which arrived at the home
of Blmon Stajoder, 1132 North American
atreet, will be assured of a strong pro
tector aa long as Its father lives.
Stajoder Is firmly convinced that there
Is a plot among the police and physicians
generally to take the baby away from
mm ny way of showing his disapproval,
he whipped two policemen nnd two phy
sicians and he l still out of Jail
ne arrival or tne babe and the Inter-J
lrnc of tha authorities all at ona time
l enough to send any normal man on the
rampage In the opinion of Magistrate
Scott, so he vvas Inclined to be lenient
with the frantic fattur.
The house In which 8tatvtr u .....
quarantlnad a f.w days ago, but the fam"
" nmw iiu eceupiau u previously
mavad out Btajod.r haPP.a4 "along the
trt and, needing a house n a hurry
h r-fltwl tb quarantlMd pLus, unaware
Li L"" bid wUh y health au-
8taa4ar (baa workaa tkaid for a wool
mt4at of tkc "vtag" tha mo, bab ir-
and madlctne and putting furr-ite to
BtU.r tha father au -n M 7LT .T
to lell Mm he h4 vloliaj tH Uw.
B.ajoder threw him euL Th dctL- WU
i'ulkemen liauser and ria.v ivT rT
.- . ., nwu ma-
v men ha sAllad Inln ifc...
urn iviei and drove thm Into
i J hen a natfol mill. - ......
.i, . " PIIMU
vl.?IrL,V, ""'. and attar a vtatoua I
ttM. rron, and M.t7.trT. staT l I
iou u ut ltantBi atwut w,, a,rtV4j
!i1l"f ,'01usthol1 a"d 'he "Judge" Imme
diately dlschnrged him.
Tha man had barely gotten home when
Dr. Joseph Markowlu arrived, and una.
w"8 of Stalotler-, previous trouble, ""id
him about tha quarantine. Th doctor
fhTUJX y W.f th.lown out Whim he told
the police they threw up their hands.
en ui
ic aiit.i
Problem of
Fresh Eggs
See Our Booth at
Horticultural Hall
Of Terminal
Eggs only 24 hours old. Laid
today sold tomorrow. Nothing
finer tot Invalids and Family
Soak W envelope 11AKER OEI4ATINE In u
p cold water: dhuniva h. ..:..tr".'l1'. '?.. W
w.rC"irtrt"r; d"",lve tandhTa- In bo?lng
H ernAddpdu,S hU.n -TOVh.'g.Uf 'J,fS
until light, add the e Lbeiten white" It
gra and nnur in ,1.. mi.." "'"' ""'" 8ay nn.
B.rv. 8 to'o parson.: Coir." 23c. Jprlc. Vf'strw
b.rrlea bad at 12o per quart raw.
Baker's Ecnnnmionl r: t.-.
Bent on rnnim.i J'upie 11 win serve.
Baker, Oelat.ne U used ,n IZS
Franklin Baker Company, Philadelphia, Pa
Manufacturers o( Uaker'a Premium Coconut
Imperial Excelsior
Gas Range
"Made in Philodtlphia"
This is the range selected
as one of the first prizes In'
the Evening Ledger's Cook.
Ing Contest. It includes a
box cabinet with warming
closet and plate shelf. Urge
baking and brqiling ovens.
For sale by U. Q.
their branches, and
and all
all good
ssuAucirllA, PA.
' """ rmiaaelpr
JW-I :v,- -jW 'IWrMHilWBiMMI iPln linn m..a-r ..miiiiiiii ' tj s
-j BSfr 7- -'4ib -E'lffifti'iBiBaKBlIHssWsBM WiiliTTiirtti n, i .
4 iffi'Z ' TEtT -iScl K "InTinFaMfcassiBssssBMasBslssaassassssBsssWsassMMM Jr
" i k,3"&- '''S WTKIHsiHsWeWlsssss!fsaBsaBssssB
Wjj- 5 ' I J
A Cookeasy ff
for her Cookies! ;
Your daughter has a M
and II L . . till
uwnce to get you free
a fine ' i ;
no- I is; ,
am ai0. - llip
h -, V
cc Particulars about the I t c
pat Horticultural Hall Cook- L-
v mg Contest in this paper. ft"'
I j - 1 I F1j
ff If you are moving into a new - I &
-ludaB sure if will be a fir
Cookeasy home-equipped with the . I U . '
ookeasy Short Cabinet 'No. 1002. I
i he very latest thing in Gas Ranges. I $
I M... . IB 3BS,, r
a&ffl I II HsssmMiir v'' 'rTill AmBJIiPEP 111- tr,3
I I Ha,e and Kilburn Co. U 'c
I i - .t4WB rmiadelpma I
a "