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    i n Tor --ststisj iWl-WS 1' - WSPSUf
Now Revenue Raiser Forfeits
to State Property Unclaimed
' for 17 Years.
Independent Order Odd Fellows
The Board of Directors of the Employment
Bureau nt lh lait mcetlnir voted the Institu
tion a greit luccese and It Is now a permanent
denertment of this ernnd
rrnternai orner rrom feu
ruary 16 to May JI II has
placed Sml men In positions
nt an eiier.se nr fl.to ler
man plseed Tlili certainly
e n commendable showing of
tlw board or represntam
fllllv fAf t-tlltM
from thfi lurlsdletlons or call'
forma nml . Jlnaathii.!ti
asktnr for methods,, rules and regulations of
this bureau with (he object of establishing
uuirauB i.iers nate oeen recenrM. . .
Tl.ero will e another meeting held tn Jul?
0. 8 p. m , at 17 Arch street, hy the dlrec
tora nnd representatives and An Invltntlnn Is
extended to tha parlous lodge, encampments
na neoeaan looses, not memuers 01 im
bureau, lo send mireeentntlves to hsnr of the
Jood work an J .nance their lodges to Join the
ureau for greater aucceaa
Tim nfTI.'.ri nrm V.. A V Hhnnev. preal.
dent: Chariot r) Hnmllton, secretary! I)udley
T. Ttce, trena irers J. N i.ltchltsld, maniiKer,
todrd of director. It. Itnss lai'ller. ehatrmaitl
..i i. : ..--'..." i.. -. T .. .
nnrici li. Hamilton, guinea 1A. manncn,
HAnmsnUHO, June JO. - Governor
Brumbaugh announced lotlny that he find
signed the escheat bill frnmed by At
torney General Drown nnd which I one
of the revenue miners pnescd by the Leg
islature. The law In effect provides that
all moneys, securities or other property
unclaimed In the hands of any bank or
other Institution engaged In the business
of receiving such deposits nfter a period
of 17 years shall become the property of
the flute. The lnw applies to deposits of
money or property received for storage
or safekeeping, the dividends, profits,
debts nnd Interest on debts of corpora
tions, companies, banks, trust companies,
Insurance companies, limited partnerships
nnd partnership associations orgnnlzed
under the laws of the State, except
mutual saving fund societies nnd build
ing nnd loan associations.
lleports nro tequlrcd of all such com
panies concerning moneys on deposit,
and 'heavy penalties nre provided for
By provisions of this law the Htate
lli , ,, . , , ,, , , memoer or me ooaru or uireciors or me cm-
will Ret all bank deposits unclaimed for I Plnyment bureau, apoke of tlio good work the
17 years nnd all Interest or dividend pay- JT" IB'l .,.
ments that have not been clnlmed for six
years, but the owner of any escheated
money may have the same refunded
Dubois will appear In this colrmn next Thurs.
Tetonka Council Installed tha oflcera of lnt
Lenipe Council laat Saturday night Great
Chief Ilalnmaker Lewis J. List commended Te
tonka on being the first to perform tha In
stallation ceremony under tha nam of Jlaln
makers. Comrade Ed. MacDonald, of Tetonka
Council, apoke on chanting the name of Italn-
nho hare worked so faith- maker to Sunshine, lut he raid the rain In tha
L.euers i "si iw wrens maae me rosea stow, ana nc
niiani cave, k, a, iieru, en-nuei 11 row, I orand
Thomas 8. Uonial, llcorae ft. Arhworth, uiw I
MaUr. Jr.. (lenrze h. Duo. Jr.. Deillamln K I
Calierlt. 6.ar (Whom. lErnrat Vnaner. Alex- I T .-.
ander Me.Muin, tillllam Moorliead, Ualtcr
Culp and 1' F. Conn ay
Mllle t-ode conferred the Initiatory degree
on (leorge W. Davis, William At. Uhlttaker,
William Sword. William flotterhelsa. Charles
C. Hamilton and II, F. W Parkinson. Among
the visitors presont wero llrother Marshall
II. Williams, of Good Samaritan Lodge, of
Taunton, Mass , who made an eloquent ad
dreso, Drother Tred Ilummler, of Tacony
Lodge; Itrolhcra J I). Mossel and U W. Uel
leu, of South Carolina Lodge, 1 (J Denner
Is Mill enthusiastic about tho Odd Fellows'
outing on July 21 at Wlldwood. P. O. Oeorgo
Lrasrlmann, chairman of the board of stew
ards, announced the anniversary uould bo
lilrl nn Jnnn In V. CI (-hll1a 1. TtrAnnftn.
member of the board of directors of the cm-
within ten yenra by proving his claim to
the State.
The Governor also signed 10 other bills
and vetoed five. The other bills signed
Supplement to net nf Sfnv m its? ..-
tilatlng the practice In trlnls on actions I "rg"dy
of debt Instituted under the terms of I InT .y
"X" """"en, which secures to laborers
within tho State benefit of tho exemp
tion laws.
Kegulatlng tho legal business of the
Commonwealth and the employment of
attorneys, nnd defining the duties of the
various departments, bureaus, boards,
ngents nnd commissions.
Bringing the legnl business of the State
entirely under tho direction of Iho Attor
ney General's; department and giving that
........... .: iu ncicci an special attor
neys. Making It unlawful for nttorncys, of
ficers, clerks, scrvnnts and employes or
persons otherwise hired to recelvo com
pensation for life Insurance on the lives
of their clients, pnrtners, employers, etc.,
nd flxlnc penalty for violation.
Fixing tho salnry of Deputy Chief of the
Department of Mines at J3OT0 per year.
Increasing the salary of tha CMr nt n,
Department of Mines from J4000 to J5O0O
a year.
Defining "conditional sales," regu
lating the manner and form In which
they may be made and providing blank
form of legl contract, together with pen
nltlon for violation.
Bringing the soldiers of any Amerlcnn
war, whether rellevod from duty or hon
orably discharged, within the. meaning
of the law governing tho burial of nol
dlers, sailors and mnrines nt thn .
pense of counties In which they die or
have legal residence at time of death.
Authorizing the boroughs of the Stnto
to organize a Stnto association for the
purpose of holding annual meetings and
providing for the representation of each
borough In said association.
rearranging Slate highway routes In
Erie, Cambria, Allegheny, Clearfield nnd
other western counties.
Governor Brumbaugh vetoed tho bill
fixing the salaries of writ servers and
process servers In the olllco of tho Sheriff
In counties containing a population of
more man j.iw.uuu innanitantn. He said:
"The bill as passed is amended to In
clude deputy sheriffs nnd clerks to deputy
.. I.D. jiio mm is noi nearly as Drone
ns the body of tho bill. Perhaps It was
neglect. Tho bill Is pro tanto unconstitu
tional and tho Increases In salaries are
so widely applied as to make a serious
charge upon tho taxpayers. For those
reasons the bill Is not approved.
He vetoed the bill authorizing permit
ting municipalities owning water works,
electric light, heat and power plans to
lease the some with tho consent of tho
Public Service Commission, because, he
says. It "gives no hint as to the dis
cretion to bo exercised by the commis
sion. Such unlimited and absolute power
In a matter so vital to the welfare of
the people of a municipality ought not
to be given to any commission. It more
over In this particular, gives tho com
mission power that Is not given in sec-
''" s na i or article E of the Publlo
funo0n,."aW relaUVe t0 lta ?""
The bill amending the act of May 11.
untvrVnS'nVor, the BPPlntment of
county and city Inspectors of weights
fhnf "?."""?' '." ve,oed " th0 around
that it eliminates the protection now
given by law to the Inspectors, and Is
unanimously oDoosed hi- th nm..
cerned. The bill, he says, would Piac8
the Inspectors "wholly at the mercy of
partisan politics."
nJil!. .bi"' .d,re.SUn.sr the s,at0 Armory
Board to set aside In each armory rooms
0T. ti?e !a? ot veterans of the Civil
and Spanish-American wars. Is disap
proved on the ground that this would
necessitate the erection of special rooms
a thing impossible in some Instances
of accomplishment." and which would
lead to contention and confusion.
Vessels Arriving Today
?tr, pIi ,(?,r K Thameahaven. ballast.
Charles 11. Taylor's flnn, "-..
-K'JiiQuaP.,lcot "ton. paasangera and mer
tto1,'lclopineyr.Ch",, "d """' """
m?!-V l,Vn"t0.n Jacksonville, paaaengera and
P..1l?.nn1'ceompi'n,y.h,nU and T-8.8b,.rn.,Te3r,ua.-ol?Wiu5
SSZiJ?""' 6UO'
n".&tnf'&arPon '""" '"" Outt
mfrcWduPida (Br' Ub yU Baltlmora,
son Lli. Dteh), Jucaro, augar, Uun-
o2vi rci"1 (Br,) 8fu' uar' a,u,y
gawd i'co (Br0' 1,U1," or'' U ""
AmVrlcin"iia..'DU,Cb)' R""""". ""nd-
T(ed ufcnV. P"' -An,""0' """'
J2Z A.,WDWgfi5lp4na,lWSe '"".
Tonleht Mills will rnnf.r tits flrst desrea
in full form, tho Inst time until September,
unless this unusual spring weather remains
Msltors always welcome
Merchants' Lodge on Friday eienlng last
had a largo attendance. Including setcral
etrange faces. After the business session the
"boys" Indulged In a lively game or "base
ball" much to the amusoment of tho onlookers
rb well ns the participants. The social fea
tures In Merchants' tend to Increase tha In
terest In tho lodge and lead to the upbuilding
of Odd I'cllowship.
Snrlnc flarden l,odffa was nartleularlv hon
ored June 3 by an unexpected visit from
piaster J r llalo Jenkins, who, tnougn
man. paid this lodge a big compliment
Id sametlilna worth while Other dis
tant lsltors were llrother Scott, Clrand Itlvor
L.onse. inornton. am . ijimoert uecKinan.
Uutier Ixdge, South Ilutler, N. V., and ('. i:
Von Ixmar. Toledo Ijdge, Toledo, O, There
was a delegation from Ilernard Ilrown Lodge
and almost an oerflow attendance of local
members The Initiatory degree was conferred
upon six candidates and tho work of the atnrt
was high) commended by all. llrother J. L
Cushlng. tho third member of the relief, haa
eitrrlrlentl" recovered to leao the Methodist
Hospital for his old home In Lancaster, N. Y.
It Is to be hoped that Spring Unrden members
will keep up their attendance for three good
rensuns to support tho clnlr officers, encour
age the degree team nnd benefit themselves
Elm Tree Lodgo held memorial senlce last
Thursdm evening In honor of the deceased
brothers. Tho degree staff, under the direction
of P O. A. C. Thorne, will confer the Initiatory
degree on three candidates tonight The
brothers are doing good work, cundldntes are
rnmlnv rdilnrlv nnd fivrvthlnr notnta tn a
busv summer for the degree atari, as they will
do the work as long na the candldntra come In,
The lodge has Just purchased a new player-
Mono ana expects to ueme mucn pieaiure
rom It. Kim Tree Lodge meets aery Thurs-
hivlng a rose About as big as himself, he pre
sented It to the chief rainmaker of Lenl
ienap council. Good talks were made ty
Ureal Chief Halnmaker Lewis J. List and Great
Secretary Charles J Foulke and by comrades
of Tetonka and Lenl Lenape Councils ,I.enl
Lenapo's fife and drum band waa out with Its
new uniforms for the first time. Tho band Is
dnlnr remarkably well for the ahort time It
has been onranlred. Lenl Lenape Council will
Instal tho olflcera of Tetonka Council tomorrow
Foresters of America
Court Passyunk, assisted by other neighbor
ing courts, last week tendered n reception to
Chief Hanger L. V Pilot. The Grand
Rfiitlv Coiinelt wa .tt!i.
represented. The remarks of
the grand chief ranger wont
straight to the hearts of his
hearers, and pledgea were
mads by all to stand by him
and his administration Sen
ator Richard V Farley, grand
treasurer, made two very elo
quent addressea. one to tho
members and, later, one to
nnnmimh... w1tlh t---.il. A tn
securing IS applications for membership,
Ursnd Secretary Comber, known and lovod by
all, extended his felicitations on tho home
coming of the Orand Chief Itangar, Grand
Lecturor M. J, Clancy, a former deputy of
Court rnssyunk, dwelt extensively on the
proposed supreme funeral fund, and, aa he U
mii -aperi insurance man. nis juagment can bo
taken aa to the feasibility of the new fund.
Deputy Orand Chief Hanger Jamea J Durnss,
who holds Iho record for putting more mem
tiers In the order than any other man. prom
ised to add ono member to tho roll of Court
standard for each one added to tho roll of
Court Pass) unk. Thomaa Dohcrty, the gen
eral nnanclal secretary of Court Noanammy,
a former deputy of Court Passyunk, also an
stirring address. Drother John Farrell, of
Aortnern I.trmritca anriram- ri.li.,u ... ti..
wlru representative of tho young nnd pro
greashe mombera of the order, addressed him-
-j.. fni.ii, o i mo young men not members
?A.F'10 ord'r' "lvlnS many excellent reasons
why every young man should seek admission
1? the- foresters of America The lecturer.
Past Orand Chief Hanger John J. Oucrln,
expressed himself ns deeply Indebted to
IJrothnra Shultx. Tclst, Costello nnd O'Hnr.i
for tho talent furnished Lntertalnmont und
rifreshments follow ed.
Court General Oarflcld had a big meeting and
ln,a ?r,?.y,,l.wf.,co,nS to Delegates K. D. Uurka
n-.-?0j!" V'."lc'. lh0 lal,cr being elected a
5lniCourt tn,.'f9..Bt ,h9 rc"u convention,
Spoechcu congratulating Drother White on tho
honor conferred on wero made by llrother.
Oeorge Hollsworth. rVank (?annlir .i, Vtiir
i,n,lcnn,.i?.e??. -lc.k.- .A committee of
-- " ri"sivu iu uiiiiiko ior a. rncfinnnn in
llrother White's honor with Frank t'annlng,
Jr , chairman, which will Bpnro no expenae to
duced and for an Interesting narration of
war-time occurrences, which was thoroughly
Captain Coburn and hl Dill Corps, dressed
In Continental costumes, mads a picturesque
appearance as they formed a tableau around
the American flag. They also acted aa ushers.
The camp wishes to express Its sincere thanks
to those who joined In making the occasion a
success, and especially to the Presentation
Committee, composed ot Brothers Sehlll, KJn
kead and Knorr.
Camp 810 presented with llnpresslvfl cere
monies n. silk 11.1 g to the Holmesburr Presby
terian Church on Sunday ovenlnr last. The
(presentation speech was made by Paat Stats
1'rwldent Samuel C. Wells, who apoko in a
patriotic and Inspiring manner. After the
In.lnff .f ,h- "Qtae-HrMinfftAit MSttn.e1 Oi.
flag was accepted "on behalf of the church by '
inn iiev vv. iwiei tfiurmj, wiiv, i uno urn..
Jind a church In Baltimore, the homo of
Francis Scott Kevs. nnd waa thereforo Pre
pared to tell of fnrldenta In the life of the
author of "8tnr-Rpnn4led Hanner," which
were new to many of the organisation, Camp
Nli) has sent an example for other patrlotlo
organlsatlona of Holmesburg. as this was the
Jlrst time In hs history of the place that
such an evont has taken place
Tn ths thrlvlna manufacturlrr Inffn of Cut
ler, In northern New .Jerssy. there wta In
stituted on lune . William JKK
mandery, xvo. ti
Inlev Corn
nmn.mA m ll.a. .......
iianuerf, i.. i... uiuiiiuiiuci j .jcuciiii. ..i..-
mander-ln-Chlef Samuel J. MacOonagle, assist-
ed by Past commander-in-cntsc unanes n.
Davis, Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Horace
V. MacFadyen. Hecorder.ln-Chlef J, .Harry
rumherlflnl nnd Chantaln.ln.Chtaf Walter S.
Smack, performed the services of Institution
and dedication. All tho applicants except two
were between the ages of IB and 21i and It
Is predlcteJ that hy September 1 there will
be a full company of 113 men, Plans are
under way for the uniforming of at least 23
ns a starter.
Interesting addresses nn Ihm wnrklnra and
objects of the commandery were delivered by
thn commandery general officers, while ths
Initiatory work was performed by a degree
team from Keystone Commandery, No. 4R,
Philadelphia, under the direction of Drother
Ctarles II. Davis Commandsr-ln-chlef Mac
Oonagle offered tho services of ths Dxecutlvs
Committee to tho new commandery. Dutler
business men are Interested and promise to
do everything to mako the commandery a
Camps nro making nominations for delegates
to tho coming State Camp session to bo held
In Heading In August.
The camps of Heading and Darks County
nro determined to make ths annual aesalon
ths banner ovent of ths order. Heading la
noiea lor lis nospnaiiiy, ana delegates aro
looking forward with Interest to this con
vention, Oeorge W. Dtnkc, ono of tho founders of
the Patrlotlo Order Sons of America. Is dead.
He tins ths Ufa Ions- friend nf ths 1st- (Ttsr.
men 1. Huth, who operated the military
branch of the oraer and who died last weak.
For years Drother Dlako served as secretary
to nlchard Wood, head of H. D. Wood A Co.,
Iron merchants. In which concern his father
long held nn Interest. He was conspicuously
Identified with the Itoxborourh Baptist Church.
He was a veteran of tho civil war nnd was
associated with sovernl Orand Army posts
the land A few years ago for a little less .than
ill 000. Senator John A. Ackley played the
part ot auctioneer.
Fratcrnnl Pntriotlc Americans
State Vice Councilor William II. Sheneman
paid a fraternal visit to lone Council, No.
TJ, last Mondiy evening, and was much
pleased to note the elegant
condition of this council y.
ftW may well bo Pud y. '?
officers and nem6'n... th.
the good work which tney
lire ,mP"h J? S.';
entntlon of an .American flag
to tho church at Lanereh last
year has done much to attract
(rry ravorably the attention ef
tho residents of. that enter-
prlslnr suburb lo the value ot this organna-
rl.. c.-. .,. v ....-IIa- M trstftrnat visits
.1.1. ... ... ..,..... .d.. M. Inn M. TtOSS.
No. SMj Hamilton. No. 8 nescue, No.,J
and Loyal, No. T81, for tha purpose of Inter
esting (hem In the great flag Presentation to
be held br Integrity CounellNo. 833. Sunday
evening, Jam 10. to ths Ml. Ilermon (Methodist
Episcopal Chyrn, :0th and I'orter streets All
councils, guards and members will meet
promptly at T.-1S at 17th and Porter streets
for ths purpose ot formation.
The State vice councilor earneatly desires the
eo-operatlon ot the various councils, guards
and members to assemble Monday evening, June
21, at Htli street and Woodland avenue, for
tne purpose ot paying a. monster visnaiionio
Mount Morlah Council, Nb. W0. A moat In
tereatlng event and a large'Mtendanoa of mem
bers, flags, guards, accompanied by music, are
Battleships Will Probably Lie
Off City Front Religious
Ceremonies Planned.
piano and expects to derive much
from It. VAm Tree I.odce meets aver
dsv night nt Hltchle's Hall, Oermantown ave-
Steamships to Arrive
ffihiX' r."": :"i:!S
am; a- , . . .-. ..-...'.; v. see:
H!53 " SL.
ggUt tjnn .".',.. .'.'msjda
m o
MtswU n'finln
sssvai niinaisni
gsfitaaT sVsa
wSSr ........ WMjiaisl
jlartisilsr MllUr .' ."VncbMr
II1IWWIM . .. ..tadlVBSll
Awn o
.April iu
. Anrtf 41
Talbot ... Aprfi Ss
,4iay 8
-May 11
-May 1ft
. ... .isy n
...JlUM 1
.June t
Jub a
Jua s
iruuuMi.. " r
wmamuv ..JI1B
Z MilLih ZZ T
nne nnd Ilrrks street. Visitors welcome.
The list meeting or i orona r.ncnmpmeni was
largely attended and the patriarchal degree was
conferred hy tho degree staff on Brothers Ar
thur S Tnrvln and Simuel II. Chestnut. On
June 15 the golden rule degree will bo con
ferred. The enenmpment colebrated the -5th
anniversary In Ffbruory ond gave a allver
pencil to all attending. Visitors are wel
come General Harrison !.dge held Its annual
service at the Odd Fellows' Homo on Sunday.
Tho Hev. A C Schenk. pastor of Bethlehem
Lutheran Church, preached the sermon. Tho
music wns by tho choir of Trinity Lutheran
Church, Oermantown, under the direction of
Oscar U Crowcrs, chorister.
The servlcea nt tho Hebekah Homo were
under tho auspices of tho Dplacopal City Mia
slons, and were conducted by the nov. Chnrlea
B. Williams. The muaio waa hy the congre
gation, under ths direction of Miss Hachel
Davis organist. An address was made by
President Mary A. Fngelman.
These lodges, constituting the Fifth Phila
delphia District, joined In holding the servlies
at mo uoa l'enowa virpnanage. i-ennsyn-nla.
Independence. Good Samaritan, Oriental,
dusker City, Templar, AJnlon, Moyamonalns
and United. The sermon wss preached by tho
Itev. 1) It Appenxeller. paator of tho Flrat
Keformed Church, 10th and Wallace atroets.
Addresses were made by District Deputy Grand
Master U O, Fergaas, who presided. Presi
dent Richardson and Chairman Ilobert Love.
A pleasing feature of tho aervlce was the pre
senting of a handsomely framed Isrgs photo
graph of lhe children ot the Home to tha
managers liy Miss Lillian Parks.
ansa vioia rarwen, wno was raiaea in tne
Home, whero she still resides, was the recipi
ent of many congrrtulatlons over her success
as a pupil of the ear's claas, of which aho
will lo ths valedictorian at ths commence
ment, on June 22, In the Academy ot Music.
Improved Order of Red Men
Eyota Tribe commemorated tho fifth anni
versary of Its Institution last Saturday night
with a banquet at tho Rlttrnhouse Hotel.
Jiemoera ana meir lamuios to
the number of ICO were pres
ent, and many members of
Waseca, Menoken, Neahemah
and Wtnnspurkstt Tribes and
Lakota Council, D. ot P., at
tended, and the affair was a
nugo success eclipsing Kyo
to's annual banquets In ths
Greetings of welcome were spoken by Chair
man Charles H. Darker, and an eloquent ap
peal was mado by Sachem Warner P. Grlfflng.
"Cyotd, Our Tribe," was covered by Chief of
Itecords P. 8. William II. Eller; "lledman
slilp of the Past," by Deputy Great Bachsm
Walter Flxter, and "Hedmanenlp of the Prea
ent," by P. 8. James L. Dougherty. An etched
glass candlestick was presented to each lady
as a souvenir, several solos were sung by
Master Oeorge Wolts, and engaged entertainers
kept every quo In good humor.
One of thu unique features was a printed
mock vaudeville program attached to ths regu
lar program, the acta on which. It carried out
by thoae on the bill, would have caused a
sensation. This special show was supposed
lo start at a. m., ana ona ox tne nets Diueq
ths Chief of Itecords W. II, Eller as an acro
bat and eontortlarlst. Those nresent knew
that their etnclent chief ot records would shins
as a monologue artist, but as a contortionist
they Insisted on being- shown, and he failed to
deliver ths goods.
Mlnonk Tribe on last Friday's sleep had T. S.
Lewis Cor, who haa been absent for nearly
twelve months traveling and visiting the differ
ent tribes In various States and towns ot the
country, and gave an Interesting description of
hla oxperlencea. Mlnonk Is having Its by-laws
revised In order to make soma important
changes and members are urged to come to
tha meetings to vote upon the subject, P. 8.
Ouerner, of Bapanna Tribe, was a visitor and
gave a very good talk. Ha Is ths representa.
tlve for his tribe at the Orand Council session
at Dubois this week. Mlnonk Hay Makers
elected the following officers to serve for tha
... .1. nrnnlha T ftmllli Vanll . v. .
Jesse Yarnell, assistant C. II., Clyde Scnllpp!
past C. II. t Edward 8. Itahn. collector of
atrawa; David Hammond, ksepar ot bundles:
Charles Daltcn, overseer: Harry C Upright,
representative. They will bs raised to their
respective ladders on tha fourth Friday of this
mouth This society Is In a riourlshlnr conrii.
tlon. The tribe meets at 3840 Lancaster ave-
Watahtunk Trlbs, of Llarneirh, will k1t a
farewell party tonight to their hustling Ssnlor
Sagamors. L. i McKnlght, who la leaving for
A report of tho Qreat Council session at
- ------ --. --- -. ..... ua...lu all, raviiir; iu
h.lIL,.JCwinn1ertftken fv Program or excellent
tnlent will bo tngiifted This reception will
take Place In hVptember and Invitations will
bo extended to tho newly elected Grand Court
Th nieml)mhtn rnnln Ias..i -. ts- a
Ing with the award of prltos to the following
brothers. Michael Shugrue, winner of first
prlio. received a handsome gold watch, Frnnk
Canning Jr , winner of aecond prlxe a gold
Tv"h-hth5n ,ef.r', cr'Pln nnd tie claipl
a acarlpln "n'1 wu"m zehndcr,
niiHl1, ,!uHg'r Singer, on behalf of tho court,
nfMTO?1?.1! "'? ''f1."."' To nl1 a vaconcy tn the
Oannms?rH"rUb;ch '(.."."'e'"1 ee; Frank
rnously alcct'eS Mlt-I",cl ShUKruo were unanl-
ihre'o Fn'"nount. received tho delegates to
lei?irihvM2Couirt. LVmventlon, who presented a.
?na'r.mAnv Drother Fred Justice. An Invitation
n.d?'. Sr. '!'? e"llnsT or llrother Ld lCen
ned' daughter was received ond on Wednes-
h. ...i i rlni?., ,lrBO neiegatlon or members
iin,V.VJ.J,y."1!' Court Fife and Drum Corps,
under tho leadership of llrother Mlchnel Pow
Tvn.i,,lrocf,ed"1 , to ,hB country residence of
,,r'r Kcntmly end enjojed a bountiful
,,p.pef. "!"l 5 concert and danco The imislo
?.?f, '"fnlshed by the court orchestra under dl-
Gni"!0' ,Jrolhe.r ' 'Utter, nnd vocal selec
ilons were cleverly rendered by Hrothers VV III
M"l 1'oore , and Hlchnrd Klnslow, Kd.
i inJ!edy' yenael Powers. Abe Torcman, nen
Llndlev and others.
.i1ou.r.t .J.oh.n Pku1 3on" et aside Inst Frl
SK.1''nt for organising a Junior branch of
Eh"'r u Mnilir tn'" brothers William
?f..,,rft' ehalr-nan; J. M Kollv, D. F. ljin
'""V. Ed Vrt Hubert and Harry Hutchln
r?n..i i " 'rom ,2 ,0 17 ifnTH can Jln Th0
......... ,,l4 n,iH rnroiica- unymonn nna josepn
Kaljeken Hubert. Lancaster, Ooorgo Kelly.
Sii'iL'J" -n'. .'. W,'1-, Wnnl Dadum. George
Stalley, Wilfred Heck and many others. Ihev
PXnOCt. Id lit It-last I'll,! nliiil lin IKil,
July The nembers will note that during
Knights of Pythins
Continental Lodge Is still keeping up the
good work of the Booster Committee through
tho efforts of ths hustling officers. Tha rank
or pago and esquire was
given by the degree team to
four candidates last night.'
This degree start Is second
to nono In tho city In per
forming tho dramatic work,
as hob demonstrated to many
visitors on May 2il when two
esquires were proven In the
rank of knight. On June 2J
the rank nr ltnlflit will 1,
given In dramatic form on eight esquires.
Nomination of officers waa made laat night.
Tho brothers are urged lo keep up tho good
attendanco nt Castlo Hall, 814 North Broad
Steuben Lodge, which meets at the southeast
corner of 8th street and Montgomery avenue,
has boon giving the rank ot knighthood to can
didates numbering from five to sight on the
proper meetings during tho year. Tho mem
bers arn Intetllfffnt. active vounr men Tho
Infusion ot joumk blood of this calibre In duo
time will make this one of the greatest work
ing lodges ot this great order. The offlenrs
aro of He lent and obedient to the chancellor
commander, llrother Dlcksteln. whose effort,
llko that of the hard-working secretary. Broth
er Goldbaum, means steady progress for the
lodge. Prominent brothers of various lodges
aro expected and welcome at future meetings.
Jr. Order United American mechanics
To the fntr-crleas young man who grnduatca
with the highest honors from the Northeost
High School, Dlghth and Lehigh nvenue, Juno
22, will be awarded a special
prlao by John It, Marlln Coun
cil, .No. 20, Jr. O. U. A. M.
Marlln Council haa on Its
membership roll many young
men who havs to strugglw
without the support and aid
of a father. This organiza
tion realizes that under thece
conditions the young man who
cotiuuors tho flaht and attains
should receive n special reward.
resent to tno win
andsome engraved
Battleships stationed at the Philadelphia
Navy Yard will probably participate In
tho nntlonal celebration of the) Fourth of
July. A committee. Including Congress
man William a. Vara nnd Charles A. Am
blcr, Speaker of tho Ilouso, will call on
tha commandment of tho yard and ask
that the ships be brought up the river on
Independence Day, so that the army and
navy may combine In celebrating; the bur
Tho auraestlon of the Evbmno: Linden,
that religious services be held In churches
which existed during HevoIuUonnry
period, has Met with the approval of
their present pAstors.
nn nunrfsv. .Tnlv I. tmtrlotlo services will
Ths 40lh District will hold an Important b h..a in o)ji gt George' Methodist
r'.nlk7ordV?rrnS?y,,,.n.?g0'.,,e.h0 Epl.pM ClTeh, 4th street above Vine.
This Is tha oiucst cuuico oi u. "'""
nation In tho world, and Its pastor, the
Itev. Dr. J. 3. Hughes, wilt endeavor to
havo a speakor of national prominence
for tho occasion
Patriotic services will also be held in
thn nM Tinn Rtrent Presbyterian Church.
A delegation of clergymon, headed by the
rtov. Dr. William M. Hunter, vis ted the
committee of Councils and Invited Us
M.Mv... nM,i tit!. iHstlnB-iilahed guests
to attend services there. Old Christ Church
and Bt. Joseph's Church aro other edifices
which stood In revolutionary times.
To Impress the public with the fact that
a safo nnd sane celebration of the Fourth
Is beat for all concerned, tho recon
structed Fourth of July Committee will
send out WO.000 circulars this week. They
will be distributed all over tho city. Each
will bear tho picture of a boy killed by
Word was received today by councils
that when tho Liberty Bell reaches Boise
City, Idaho, It will bo met by Governor
Alexander and the State militia
Republican Banquet Tonight May Pro
duco Candidates for Mayor.
Mayoralty booms may bo formally
launched tonight when the Itcpublloan
Organization chieftains, for tho first time
since City Chairman David H. Lano and
David Mnrtln, of the 13th Ward, urged
"harmony." will meet nt a public unc
tion. They will attend tho annum ban
quet of the Young Men's Republican Club
of the 15th Ward, to be held In the Hotel
Addresses will bo made by Senators
McNIchol and Vare. Congressman Varo,
Register of Wills Shcehan, Receiver of
Taxes Kendrlck, City Treasurer Mc
Coach, President Judge Brown, of the
Municipal Court; Coroner Knight;
irrmnlttnrA Svaniia Mnnlii.
Inst., when a prominent speaker will address
ino meeting, ntats vice councilor onenemii.
State Council Secretary Ford and ths various
deputies will be In attendance. Excellent work
Is being done In this district especially. and
in tha cltv aenerallr br tho D. D. S. C. of the
district, Brother Charlea W Walton, of Frank
ford Council, No 170,
All councils should eend delegates to the
next meeting of the employment Bureau, Am
erica Council, No. 30, 11th street and Columbia
avenue, Friday. June 18 This movement la
tound to ba a auocsaa If continued on ths
sound lines suggeated at the first meeting, and
It should, therefore, receive the encouragement
and support of every council tn Philadelphia,
Several hundred members of the order at
tended the class Initiation of ths B2d District
In John IU Murphy Council, No. 10. There
wero 20 candidates who took ths degrees. All
of the prlncloal members of the team which
officiated ot Lu Lu Temple on Washington's
iiirinaar mica me various positions in tno
staff. All the councils of the district brought
their candidates, and there were several can
didates from America Council, No. DO. These
were brought by Brother A. II. Goebel, who
ncted ns warden
Tho other officers were Elmer II. Sherwood
aa councilor, V, C. Peters as vice councilor,
Itobart Denslsback as Junior past councilor,
Albert Kern ns conductor, William r. Mann
as chaplain and V. C. Baumgard as Inside
The Diligent Guards conferred thn den- of
patriotism and their military evolutions dieted
praise One of tho Interesting features ot tho
Initiation was the "mysterious" cabinet used
by Bro. Peters In his vice councilor's charge.
This cabinet wss made by Dro Peters, and
prnted to be a great success. Among the not
ables who gavo Informal talks were State
Vice Councilor Sheneman, State Council Sec
retary Ford, C. 1 Cadwallader, secretary of
the Funeral Benefit Association of the United
mates; jonn .uciieircy ana nis arum. District
Deputy State Councilors Alrey, Bauman nnd
Walton. Hcfrcahments wero servod by th
host council, nnd every onp left with the satis
faction that the occaalnn was one to be re
membered. Tha Initiation wns pleasing nnd
Instructive, nnd it Is honed that tho visitors
will boom similar Initiations among tho vari
ous districts ot the city.
A union meeting of tho district will be held
on Monday evening, July 12, at Independent
Council, No. 8. northeast corner Germantown
avenue and Berks atreet. Brother Bauman,
who Is deputy of the district and a member of
No. 8, has a surprise In store for the mem
bers, and It Is hoped that each council In
the district will have n Jnrga representation
there, ond an Invitation Is extended In all
memoers or tno orurr to come to tnis meeting.
President and Director of the Am
Leather Company.
Harry P. Darlington, president and
rector of the Armour Leather Comt
of Chicago and a native of this cl
dead at his homo In Chicago. n6
stricken with heart disease while plai
Mr. Darlington, who was born It,
city 65 years ago, was the hnVi,.
the late Joseph G. Darlington fe
president of the Union Leaguna f?5
leading merchant here. n b,,
business career with the old Phli..i.
packing Arm of Washington Buffi
Sons, and later connected with tha
humblest position, ho worked his ?
to chief exeoutlvo of the firm. Me n
llngton served In the Civil War win.
Army of the Potomac He Is 8uriT'
his widow and two daughters m,
Warren De Coster, of this city, 's
Robert J. Wlnsmoro
Robert J. Wlnsmore, 61 years eld i
merly a member of the firm of RtHsJ
Wlnsmore, shipping merchants. wmV?
since been dissolved, died yesterdaV
his apartments at 1810 Green street' i
was a brother of Thomas Wlnsmor. .
ond vice president of tho People's tS
Company. Dr. A. Davis Wlnsmore . i!
list or maiey rark, is a rolallv. V,
Wlnsmoro Is survived by his iV. "
two sons. The funeral acrv "e wni-i
held Saturday afternoon, at tn- nl'if1
of D. H. Bo wen & Son, th street
Baltimore avenuo. "" '
Richard B. Greenwood .'
NEW YORK. Juno 10.-nichr,t 9.
Groenwood, Assistant Corporation l
sel In tho Brooklyn iZ ni" -
with which he had b'sSS ??'
years. Is denrt t rC"':""nf f,
War, having eerved as a
and ie
self in Chicago. In 1S73 h. t.; i'f
Brooklyn and m,i .h.e"lui
''i naving served as a llnt...rt
tho Union army. Ho v,L BradUa M
tho Columbia Lnw eoi.-i :"!lM
.. ::. -. una gsverr
ifrn pm engaRVJ ln bu"iness fo?
Brlvn08";...1" ?.. "'urn,
- .mum ma inw practice!
Tllghmen, at Easton, Md ' on Juno. S'iS
rnONALI In chorlahed and lovlnr .-!"
SmVl? lCB,irrUE3 FANCI3Vtod7,All
no,nln.MXM Cunningham, clerk of Qunr-
tho coal
Thereforo the council will
June, July and Auaust tho court meets the
second and fourth Friday nights All mom
beis having tickets out for the neadlnj ex-
curslon aro urged to mako return to tho socre
C.lUrt 1 In .1.1 In p nn h..nl .1.. MM.., r
Brother George T M. Taylor, a delegato to
tho Supremo Court Convention ut San Frnn
cle.co. of the transactions of tho arand Court
IIo ofTorcd a cash prlio to every member who
will get 10 new members Into the court by the
time he returns from Sai Francisco. Bro.
Charlea F. Kelly wns made chairman of a
rommltteo to arrange for a banquet to be given
In honor of the election of Bro. George T. M.
Taylor, and ho will communicate with ths
other West Philadelphia courts to combine In
honor of their suctessful members who wero
elected grand court officers or sunreme reo-
resentatlvrs The contest for getting In new
members will close this month, and Bro.
Thomas Culbcrtson Is still leading, with Bro,
John Bracken running a close second. Brother
Culbertson has taken an Interest tn the court
lately and has signified his Intention ot going
tnrougn tne ccairs.
Patriotic Order Sons of America
Mors than 1200 persons filled the Bethlehem
Church, at Broad and Diamond atreats, on Sun
day evening last and participated in a Joint
patrlotlo and rellxloua aervlro
connscieu witn
presentation or
tne cnun
this on
usual prelude. In which the
congregation sang patrlotlo
nnd religious hymns, William
Weand, State socretary of ths
order, In behalf ot Camp No.
320. mads tha nrBnlHAn
the formal
atlon of a silk flag to
rch by Camp No ita of
rder. Following the
nt mh! t,lJ.c.r."r J ,h Stars snd Stripe
uni.mJlS'i'!'"'.. who fought gallantly hi
SUr.,'.1!1'?. "W. f's-ht endure. Partloula
lis recounted ths un
ies and
hat Its
.-.!. - -:
nhfls. ... i'i. iiiiim eiiuuri. I'arviouiar em-
aa.. s "s1?'" tve5 tanilH IHIV ft WaiT
S.tw,T'i "nd u w" Pointed out that the
ih.t. ,. 2Lor" ?!S ,al"n ,nt0 b" only
wnsn the honor ot the country waa at stake.
The response and acceptance of tha banner
S.'rdmadf0 .?rmon2 n.amb0' chairman ot"th.
?Snn n0'".'.. of ,h0 church Ths Hev.
in i EaJ''.n' ,.ne P"tor. preached a sermon
on "An Old Testament Patriot." The mueto
Knd'S ih 5? ,th" "a","1 States Mirtn.
iiand, stationed at League Island,
mVJSftf a"emD'1e will not soon forget tha
memorable, flag preaentatlon ceremony Veld
under the auaplcss of Camp 80s In the Wis'l
nomlng PresbyterUn Church. Almost hun.
drod members ot the camp and from camns
tn adjacent Places Joined In the service 'On.
lnVi.Vbr,,,'1 "'." wal sungwltti much
animation, and prayer was off.Jed' by tn"
..-...,..., WVw v..iu ui iiib cnurcn. an
Imprsaslvu apeeoh presented a silk Amsrlcau
The Rev. W. A. Cook In a very pleaatng iS:
dr" accepted the flag ln behalf of his c5n
grejatlon. Following ths "Dnole Bill?" Dur
yeo. Wlsslnomlng-s "old vst," was Intro.
ner on craduatlon dav n
gold watch and the expression of trust that
tho winner will put forth the samo energy to
make hla life's battle a success as he did his
battle In outh.
John It Marlln Guards will havo a grand
excursion to Fenton's Beach Park on thn
auamshlp President on Saturday afternoon,
Juno SO. This will bo the annual reunion day
vi me guaius vvnen tney ana tneir xriemis
vvlll meet. 'Die guards held their monthly
business meotlng and aoclal June 4. Privates
Albert C Hwlgiar and Albert Utll were ap
pointed corporals.
The Guards of John U. Armatrong Council,
No. 110, are putting ths final touches on their
clrllls for Inspection, which vvlll tnko placo on
Juno 11. Captain Fred Hudson Is leuvlng no
iiiuiio unturned to make Armatrong uuam tho
beat In tho city.
Benjamin Harrlaon Council, No. 01. Is or
ganising a degrcs team, and expects toy early
fall to have a proficient staff fully equipped.
Chatham Council, No. 283, has started a
membership campaign that bids fair to be
Sfir,nB,.cuJr Council, No. 000, presented a
solid gold national representative emblem on
Monday evening to National Itepresentativo
John T. Wagner.
I.??10.".'1 V c' ,P- Heath, accompanied by a
delegation from Company A, of tho I'd Regl
"J.ont. Jr. O. U. A. Jl.. volunteers of Pennsyl
vania, visited lone Council, No. 705, on Mon
day evening for the purpose of Interesting the
member; In forming a company. Tho Colonel
was cnthualaatlcally received, and tho new com
pany will be known aa Company 1.
Tho councils of tha city, together with the
local comnanlAs of thn nA ,i,.. ",:!" -."T
at Relief Council room on Sunday evening at i
o'clock to attend divine aervlce and fUg
Pr",fe',nh,aUT Sihi"aPcoc,c 8tre8k Methodlat
Church. A very pleaalng program has been
prepared by the paator and tha committee rep
resenting rteltef r'nunpll Ma n """ ,,,,
,7, has destroyed the meeting place of
Wllllamsport Council, No. 483. causing a
heavy loss In paraphernalia anrf supplies. It
will meet temporarily in the Sons of Veterans1
icllor, William Illdler, vice chancellor. 'Charles
JfacOonaltl. treasurer, Eugono K. I'orter. flnan-
." .rerturr. inomna wise and Joseph 1 ox
jr?cord!nif ""otory, Harry llcrgo. chaplain,
rtJi!,.rBriirnol,L S,,,uctf' Alfred Day. wnr
Srnii ,vl.1.llnm Flckcrshlll, Inside sentinel; Jo
seph Hell, outside sentinel, Charlen Bleldhorn,
trustee. Only ono candidate Is up for each ot
itic, VVltll thn .Tf.ntl.n nt .!. n.AnA m. ...
t?.IiJ": awretary. now held hy Thomas Wise,
brother I ox was nominated by Al Lelnlnger.
an!i ftOvarm "6ht I" nntlcipn.ea tJetween Wise
Ii.'i.i M t."8 8'nies might Indlcato The
Juno 13 eld at ,h0 n"1 meetlna".
Order Independent Americans
The Actlvo Workers' Association ot Chester.
Montgomery, Bucks Delaware nnd Philadel
phia Counties will celebrate the 11th anniver
sary of tho order at Point
Breeze Park next Saturday.
Thero will be nn all-day fnm
!.'.&lllcnlc 'n the grove, with
.'COO tables which will be re
served for the excluslvo uso of
the members and friends of
tho order. Tho program Is
made up as follows:
i p. m j'-ias raising on pa-
.. V1.IUB,
tcr Sessions; Representative A. H. Twl
bill and City Committeeman John P. Col
lins. Mr. Collins will preside.
Tho presence of Coroner Knight nnd
Heceivcr of Taxes Kendrlck, whose
booms have been sounded, and of Con
gressman Vare, whoso friends assert he
will enter tho primaries, has caused a
rush for tickets, nnd developments at tho
dinner will be watched with Interest by
-"-" - ". "... menii my.
The seventh annual convention of the York
County Association waa held in Ooldsooro last
Saturday. Beautiful decorationa. oerfJci
weather and hundreds of visitors from al? parti
of the county mado the occaalon k big siccsss
I&. bu' n;' "Vlon ot .,h morning opened "J
8:30 o clock and was attended by three dsla!
gatea from each of ths 1 councils in ,h.
county. Ths work of the last year in thJ
county was reviewed and plans for the iominS
"J.d. """'! "ndaloptsd. . AddreaseJ w'erf
vi"'"' DWl" j-Tiunciior u. K. Horner. Stats
lce Councilor S. a. Scott. Junior p,i S5f.I
Councilor Ur. William II? Paimer! 8Ut? Sec?.
n Wfc ,M' .,." "t'onil 'Chapllln C,h,
Rsv, Jf. D, Lichllter, Nat onal Organixar E
t S Pn,m:Ba,e.1ia,,. match, Alpha Council. No.
1, ofTronton, N. J. (champions of tho order)
vs. Franclavlllo Council No. 837. Philadelphia
raceP tubSri 'nn"'.!1""8 race' wheelbarrow
race, tub race on tho lako. atandlnr broad
Ju"Rj running Jump, 100-yard dash? "fe.
iii- ?' m,- Band concert In main music pa-
liL'S? (fca".nf capacity. JOOte. A special pro-
gram of patriotic mualo has been arrangecl
i P. m. Uress psrads and review or h
First Ileglment O. of I. A. (paradorounds)
Colonel William D. Single commanding" ''
fougft (,pa7n,aagroud."a,Sdmad,',e. S" ,.bv9
""'.erj and Infantry-, loooo rounds ot im
jnunltlon will be used Tills spectacular dls
P'ny. Promises to excel previous "tattles" to
wnfch tho rsslmsnt has teen ! engaged. 'n
t . . ..I, m. Addresses In band rmviiiAn
Patrlotlo addresses will bo dtlhered by thi
rSi'ln u.nJ..on"r. distinguished ISeslJ nnd
NjlTlo"lud Wyft,", i1?."' a?mond Mac
tinl , VtWHi" Si MLnlclpnl Court, Phlladelohla
If??: V " '"-r? lUmse? IIouae of nepresenti
iliSd Kti..1!'" Sl.a.te. Councilor. Chester. Pi
ass.-jt.sa-KggM ju esassE- at ,ntina
SfeenSras oApuglr .Vlu'J.'.
Sl''Kay w " f""'i ot ""'a' bomb,, detonating
afdMelf?fnS!;,"1 bombs-bombs and rocket, oi
ass.nttSrPtt,0nSfl. ,.et.l?lec?, .r "reworks rap.
tM a Vsatur. ' ' "" United states will
thl'rn-rtt",,laev?i.btn mailed to all councils of
vant? tTrSLn ."P District of Pennsyl
vania. Councils desiring additional tickets
can procure a limited number by wltlng to
BSldlng!CreUnr W""am A rik- 1H3
..Th, active Workers will meet In ths hall
of Herwyn Council, No. 3 Herwyn. Pa on
SSSSfrJSSSfi.'aJSul !- jffveJ liroad
promised to b. I larg." cSe. The Mrflln.'T
Councils will turn out In force. M m Un'
The Summsrflsld Jlothodlat ISplacopal Church.
Kensington, received a flag from Walter S"
ewhan. Council. No. 203. list BundiyV lirry
S-'..fif V BMm counclfor. mid. tn.
prssentatlon address, and Blshon Thomas li
?r.e,V?,"01 " ia on beta'fi of tKTcon1:
Walters. National Itepresentatlv.s Ctarl.i r
nf,"." i' 1 .""i'i-J ""at. Representative K
II. Baldwin and loth..' Th."?Vi"i"i""
afternoon was participated In by ths Bth Resl.
ment. Jr. O. U. A. it.. Volunteer, of PennsyJ
vanla. tho council, of ths county and tha
children of Ooldaboro. At OJtT I aporoDrls.t2
exercises were held ln connection with thf i!
entatlon by Goldsbcro CounolJLnNo."f53fe0,rls
American flag to. tho School Board,
Perseverance Council, of Vlneland. N1 t
sold ths hlstarln r- iX l.ii."'iSr! If.:
auction for 183,630, The council purctae'd "In upon tha soul,
21 Itespond to Evnngelist'a Appeal
HEADING, pa-. Juno 10,-Twenty-four
penitents, is of them members of a boys'
club which attended the service ln a
body, hit tho sawdust trail at last night's
revival aervlce at the Stough tabernacle.
There was a-noticeably small attendance
despite the fact that weather conditions
were favorable. As Doctor Stough made
his appearance on the platform, the audi-
nffni 'ldv.?r th8 chorus' cheere a"1 ap
plauded him for more than five mlnutea.
The evungellst preached a forceful ser
mon on moral leprosy from the biblical
story of the leper who won healed by tho
Bavlour. Ho conuardih. i. .!.";
worklnga of the disease to the ravaBes of
sin unon th snni ,! or
Governor Indicates Purpose nnd Du
ties of New Body.
HAHRISBUnG. Juno 10. Governor
Brumbaugh today announced his appoint
ment of the following to constitute the
State Commission of Agriculture, which
wilt direct the affairs of tho Department
of Agriculture under a law passed by
the session of tho Legislature Just ad
journed: Frank S. Black, Garrett, Somerset
uounty; Marvin B. Bushong, Quarryvlllc,
Lancaster County; Alba J. Gllfillan,
Smethport, McKean County; Henry T.
Moon, Morrisvlllc, Bucks County; Maurice
T. Phillips, Fomeroy, Chester County; L.
B. Seton, Rome, Bradford County, and
H. V. "White, Bloomsburg, Columbia
"John Mulr Trail" in Sierras
SACRAMENTO, Cal. June 10.-aovernor
Johnson has signed the bill passed by the
California Legislature, appropriating J10
000 for the construction of a trail In the
high Sierra region connecting Yosemite
National Park with Mt. "Whitney and
vicinity, to be known as "The John Mulr
Trail' in honor of the late John Mulr.
who performed nn inestimable service In
making known to the world the wonders
u mo muumuins or. uaurornlo.
Funeral of Mrs. Mary It. Maxwell
The funeral of Mrs. Mary Itlttenhouse
Maxwell, widow of John D. Mtw.ii
prominent hotel proprietor of this city,
was held today from her home, 60S Ger
mantown nvenue. She died Monday at the
General Wayne Hotel, Germantown ave
nue and Manhelm street, a landmark of
?AaVOJU,IoJlarr War' one ot 'h states
held by her husband. Mrs. Maxwell was
one of the oldest members of the Trinity
Lutheran Church of Germantown. Inter
ment took place in Hood's Cemetery
Let your small change
buy a million-dollar organi
zatlpn's promise! Make "the
Artisans" a little quarterly
payment and: at once re
ceive the Order's Certificate
t0n?? the famlly SiOOO or
$2000 at your 'death. Sim
pie, brilliant, easily possible
and comprehensive.
OOK. - On June 7, 101B, at aien norV m i
EDYTHB BRAtVsON beloved As ,fi
Charles O. Conlr nn .in ..-iT.J .. .?."'
"d Nellie O. Keys.r, in h2th ye'ij."
ISnfn n niaay mo'ns, Juno l" atlt
?n?h0ck.' at. h.er Pfents' residence, Tu "Ji
10th st. Interment private. -ioru
DOHEHTV. On Juno 8. 101(5 nnn'
DOHEnTV. Itelatlvcs and frien?A,B if
vlted to attend tho funeral, on sSbhi.SJt
v,V 5i..?i'J0.S..c'ock. from her late rssldiSS
a? in,., 1. "A.V H'mn ItcQUIsm aiti
1W South 18th st.'
y oi. Patrick's
terment nrivnta
JJONPB-0n iU1?a 101B' CHAMJ3 t.
junta, ayod 8 years. Relatives
frit nds, also Courtland Saundef. Po",
In.,? A' .P" mPloy of U, S. Custom lit
spectors. the l'cu and Pencli club, and tS
rnernb, of Washlnston Camrl ail, P. 0J
2:-.' A" BrS lnv"ed to attenU the fantnd
services on Saturday, at 2 o'clock at ths
residence of his son, Thos. n. Jones sS
Os-den street. Interment at FemwSS'csS
from 8 to o. may Frldar ,m$
husband of tho lata Elizabeth Lester? li l3
Mst year. Relatives and friends are lasltij
to attend tho funeral services on Frldu
evcnlntT. nt 8 o'clock preclaely, at Ills uu
residence, 4011 Uarlnj st. Interment prints
at Mt. Vernon Cemetery. -"
BJcCONOSlV. On June 8. 1813. FHANCIJ
CALDER. son of Paul L. and Anna R. Ifc.
Conomy, as;ed 1 year 8 months, at his eiri
enta' residence, B07 N. 21st St. Intermentlt
Lancaster. Pa.
M,FJSlIAsrn June . . JOSEPH
UENEDICT, son of John and ths lats KUn"
both Melxhan, nged 24 leara. IlelatlTts nd
friends are Invited to attend the funeral, ta
Saturdav mnrti n. n. n.tn HAt..i. .:' ' ...
father's residence. Limekiln pike' and Mu
?v,,.t&n?aV"vn' ..BolJmn nequlem Mm it
Immaculate Conception Church, at 10 o'clock
4iivctiiiciib a., iio.v wtiijieurai uemeicrv.
O'CONNOKV On Juno 8. 101S, MICBAB,
husband of Ilridirot O'Connor, aged 61 jttrS
,.cu,c. aim ...onus nro WVlICtl tO 1ISW1QI
remains at his lats residence. S2S8 Nonh llii
street, on Thursday evening. Interment t
p Id Cemetery, Mount Carrael, ri, w
BUS,EJ?il'i?Iy' on J""' 8. .
and Olivia Scheetz, of Doylestown. Ftminl
ssrvlcee will be hold at his late reslilsnc, IS
Last Court St.. Doylestonn, on Saturday fnw.
noon. 12vh Inst., at 11 o'clock, to which tts
relatives and frfsnds are Invited without to
ther notice. Interment prhate.
WALSIIOn Juno 8. 101S. HUBERT It,
"" .", ".iu . ona Annie v. wsha,
W6?. J? yt,2rl' ,naWv ""d friends, sS
Visitation Bchool children, are respecumu
lnviten ro attend the funeral, on Saturiu
...u, ,.,.., i o.ou, jrom nis parents' resiaioo,
ll1.?",,ttLhJfh Bve- Solemn Requiem llus
at the Church of tho Visitation, at 10 o'clocl
-...e..Mciiv fc .inw v.ainearai
tstiJ li i'i.ij-JXI... .a.lU 1 V I I.
Wm. II. Itocap's
"The Lightweight
Or the why and wherefore of
who's who and what's what
in this interesting ring tan
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