Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, May 26, 1915, Night Extra, Page 5, Image 5

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Clergyman and Social Worker
Dies at rose ne uem ior v 11-
f teen Years.
I rtev. William Mansfield Qroton, 8.
Mine '- ,. ,, 1K .-- r)nn nt 1ia
"Philadelphia Dvlnlty School of the Eple
ll Church, Wth street nnd Wdodlnnd
SSnuel fell dead of heart dlsenso yester
BI In the school dennery. lie wns 64
"" ..i. M-na xvldelv known nmonir
f?v? Enlscopul clergymen. He was nmll
L,l fl ft worker with the Civil Service
t" .nna or I'liiinnpiniiin nnn i in
ffidelphla library Association and
?. ..iifnr of the Sunday School Teach-
Kri Manual. ......
Sftnnrn In Wnmonoro, jhp.. me son oi
i""1 ...... .j li. 1673 nnd from tli Plilln.
ffila Divinity School In 1S76. Ho re-
Metpnia y ... , a rri n. from lin
F7.wpd nis ucftiLo . w. .. -.... ...
itMverslty of I'enngylvnnla In 1903. Dean
nrtion achieved success ns nn author,
IJjJJpasan Cults" and "Mystery pf Ito-
KivUor Gorton began his clerical work
K?.wo.i;.. fit. Ann's Church. Lincoln.
!,,,, in 187G. and from there went to
K'W DrUnSWICK, vuimutt, i.nuiu no .u-
RiW of St. Stephen's Church. In 1S81
It. i Rhode Island, and remained there
lifnlll IKS, when he accepted n professor-
S at the Philadelphia Divinity School.
. was promoted to the poet of dean of
if1' " iL.... In 1(inn tn tiln Ihrnlnrrlrnl
ha Bernini" j i. .W-, ... ... c
"..rch work Doctor Qroton was asso-
Vf. .... . .. n1ln1 Imnria nf Ihn Ttnl.
.r.lW of Pennsylvania and assisted that
ftiitltutlon in us uii. i no "'
ichool of this city through Doctor Gro
Ws efforts nnd Ions? service has come
b be recognized as one of tho best of Its
kind Irf the country
- -i i.A .Aimrn rnnvpnl nnn of the
Episcopal Church of 1S93. 1693 nnd 1007
' . - .am ...na nnrtnlnfnrl n Hnnlltv ntlrl
t member of the Standing Committee ot
Ilka Dloceso of Pennsylvania. In 1912 In;
!fU chosen lecturer of the Dohlen
Doctor Qroton was a member of tho
L..un TCmnnmlc. Association. tho
'American Oriental Society and the So-
' ii 0...iU. rin.tnlBalrtn rf Phltml1nlln .
I.lle Is survived by his sons, the nov.
Kathatllel u. uroion, rccior oi at.
Thomas' Church, Whldcmarsh, nnd the
Rev, John M. Qroton, curate of Grace
Church, of New York.
IfcThe funeral services will be tomorrow
morning at 11:30 o'clock In the Holy
LTrlnlty cnurcn, win ana wninui sireeis.
The bodv will be tnken to Westerly,
I SB. I., for Interment.
Uses Pick and Shovel in Cumberland
Volley Whole State at Work.
HARRISBURG, May M. Defying
Slhteatcnlng skies, at least 100,000 peoplo
fire observing Oood Roads Day In Penn
fiyhanla, It was estimated at the State
Sutifhn.fiv n.nitrlmnnt tnriav. Rntflrlnr?
leartily Into tho spirit of tho occasion.
Governor Brumbaugh, accompanied by a
jirty of State Highway Department of
Bclals and newspaper men, made a fly
ing trip over Cumberland Valley roads.
alternately Inspecting anu tolling witn
pick and shovel.
' Tlia unier uxecuiive anu uis pany leii.
lie capital early this morning In three
automobiles. Tho llrst stop was made at
Gt. John's Church, on the Trlndle Spring
toad, between Camp Hill and Mechanlcs-
Uurg, where tho Motor Club, of Harrls
i.bunr. concentrated Its efforts. The Gov-
f trnor was the first to leave the machine
n4 kIaI. i.n n atinv.l T41a VinvVinnrl trnln.
"' li on the farm wbb evidenced by tho
jMyne handled tne implement. Tno nun
yrfds ef men working on the road stopped
as tho Governor started, then, seeing that
jjEli? meant business, ledoublcd their
ijglormer efforts and the air was tilled with
3 1 6 Wns shale and dirt.
Mw A group of Mechanlcsburg men under
tho eupervlslon of Jack Seaman was tho
text party visited by the Governor. The
machines were .slowing up when the Gov
ernor spied a man with a pick nnd shovel
In, hand and a plpo dangling from his
i'Thers are the three tools I like." said
lie, as he stepped from the car and
ftrasped the pick and shovel, leaving tho
tvorkman with only his pipe.
pDr, E, E. Campbell, president of Irving
(College, was working on tho road near
Hechanlcsburg. He Invited tho Governor
to atop at the college and see the girls.
He did. When Mr. 'Brumbaugh returned
across the campus to his machine ho had
kliJarms around two of the smallest girls,
while the rest formed In line and fol
lowed. Th noon stop was made at Carlisle,
uier wnicn tne uovernor went on 10
Eises Husband Thought Dying When
y They Wed in 1909.
Dr. Frank Neal Robinson, formerly of
.Camden, who aroused interest throughout
tke country six years ago by marrying
?Mle sunDoscdlv on his deathbed, died
Jihla home In Monrovia, Cal., yesterday,
Wcordlnir to word reenlved bv relatives
M?r- .
(savior noDinson, wno was a memner
J'iClty Council nnd Republican leader In
tt !d Ward. Camden, went to California
F3 years ago in search of health. While
ra visit East six years ago he met
M3 Minnie Martin, of Trenton, and they
BtCaina .ntllPoH nalnmlnt. n Pallfn.nl.
jj became seriously 111 and, believing he
i noi long to lve, sent foe Miss Martin.
IJJV were married June 14, 1909. Besides
rKii r Rob,1S0n anl two Bisters.
&' wiiuen oireei.
Lhoots Daughter Who Chided Him
POTTSVTT.T r T- -m. fta f.i ij.j
rar. -4., -., oiu . ujiummcu
mm daughter for being drunk, Ellas
. a farmer of Bear Valley, near
H rea a snot from a revolver which
K8gea in h.l UaA T7.1l...ln V.. h.J
! ff her. the father went to an upper
Li)7. ' lhelr homo anl barricaded him
;.," room, defying arrest. Ills son
tgtl.' and ne is nw " th Harris.
Kir ri1- awaiting the results of the
gr Injuries.
Timelv tins tVint. p11
pM how to land 'em by
sw sea. Jn next Sun-
Sports Magazine
The Thrilling Adventures of a Primeval Man
and an American Girl
Copyright, inj.4, by A. C. McClurg Company.
-.r.J,nt.cl'r,on' lrd arc) stoke, embarks
?.'. ,5l8.yoiin? wif on the WkcnUne
Fuwaldn for Drltlah Weal Africa, where he
is lo Mume a consular position. On board
Ji finis mutiny stirring, and after hl rc
l0,lri 1,avo b'en stolen from him ho. la
warned by a note to aay nothing under
Pln of aath.
Thj mutiny breaks and John and Alice
1 c,fr.'on. re Pu' 'shore.
Attacked by a great anthropoid ape, Clay
ton Is saved by hla wife, but the dying
beast attacks her and frlghtena her so that
she loses her mind. A child Is born to the
cnupl. a year later Alice dies, leaving
Clayton with tin child.
John Clajton Is eventually killed by tha
"I??.1 ."P" which Infest the place, and his
child la captured by n ahe-ane whose own
offspring has been killed. In the ape tribe
the baby child Is called Tarian, meaning
whlte-akln." Ho Is brought up In the
nay of the apes.
Stumbling on a printed book In his dead
father's shack, Tarian, aged 'O. actually
learns to read. In a fashion, Ity the time
ho Is 17 he la a full-grown man.
. Tarian. dctendlng the mother-apo who
haft nurtured lllm trill Irin an. Tllhlllt.
S.nd enters Into a deadly atruggto with
K'rcnan. one nf the heads of tho ape-tribe.
Tarian's grrater mental endowment makes
nlm a power among tho apes. Also he
insets man for the first time. Fifty black
cannibals como Into the neighborhood of
the apa tribe.
CHAPTER Xl-(Contlnued).
It wns during tills period that the youmr
English lord found hidden In the back
of one of tho cupboards In the cnbln a
small metal box. The key was In tho
lock, and a few momentB Investigation
and experimentation were rewarded with
tho successful opening of the receptacle.
In It he found a faded photograph of n
smooth-faced young man, a golden locket
studded with diamonds, linked to n smnll
gold chain, a few letters and a small book.
Tnrzan examined theso nil minutely.
Tho photograph he liked most of nil, for
tho eyes were smiling nnd the fnco was
open and frank. It wns his father.
Tho locket, too, took his fancy, nnd h!
placed the chain about his neck In Imita
tion of the ornamentation ho had seen to
be so common among tho blnck men ho
had visited. The brilliant stones gleamed
etrnngcly ngnlnst his smooth, brown hide.
Tho letters ho could scarcely decipher,
for ho ,,had learned little or nothing of
script, bo ho put them back In tho box
with the photograph and turned his at
tention to the book.
This wns almost entirely filled with flno
script, but while tho little bugs were ill
famlllnr to him. their arrangement and
tho combinations In which they occurrel
were strange, nnd entirely Incomprehen
sible. Tnrzan had long since learned tho use
of tho dictionary, but much to his sorrow
nnd perplexity It proved of no avail to
him In this emergency. Not a word of alt
that was writ In the book could he find,
and so he put It back In the metal box,
but with a determination to work out the
mysteries of It later on.
Poor little npe-man! Had he but known
It that tiny, baffling mystery held be
tween Its seal covers the key to his origin;
tho answer to the strange riddle of his
stranso life.
It was thq diary of John Clayton, Lord
Greystoke kept In French, ns had always
been his custom.
Tarzan replaced the box In tho cup
board, but always thereafter he carried
tho features' of the strong, smiling face
of his father In his heart, and In his
head a fixed determination to BOlve the
mystery of tho strange words In tho llttlfl
black book.
At present ho had more Important busi
ness In hand, for his supply of nrrows
was exhausted, and he must needs
Journoy to the black men's village and
renew It.
Early tho following morning he net out,
and. traveling rapidly, ho came beforo
midday to the clearing. Once more he
took up his position In the great tree, nnd,
ns Before, he snw the women In the" fields
and tho village street, nnd the cauldron
of bubbling poison directly beneath him.
For hours he lay awaiting his oppor
tunity to drop down unseen and gather
up the arrows for which he had comu;
but nothing now occurred to call the
villagers away from their homes. Tim
day wore on, and still Tarzan of the
Apes crouched above the unsuspecting
woman nt the cauldron.
Presently the workers In the fields re
turned. The hunting warriors emerged
from the forest, and when all were within
the palisade the gates were closed and
Many cooking pots were now In evidence
about the village. Beforo each hut :i
woman presided over a Polling stew,
while little cakes of plantain, and cassava
puddings were to be seen on every hand.
Suddenly there came a hali from the
edge of tho clearing.
Tarzan looked.
It was a party of belated hunters re
turning from the north, nnd among them
they half led, half carried a struggling
As they approached the village the gates
were thrown open to admit them, nnd
then, ns tho people saw the victim of tho
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chase, a savage cry rose to the heaven,
for tho quarry was a man.
As he was dragged, stilt resisting, Into
the village street, the women and children
set upon him with sticks and stones, and
Tnrznn of the Apcs,r young nnd savage
benst of the Jungle, wondered nt the cruel
brutality of his own kind.
Sheetn,' the leopard, alone of nil tho
Jungle folk, tortured his prey. The ethics
of all tho others meted a quick nnl
merciful denth to their victims.
Tarzan had learned from his books bu
scattered fragments of tho ways of human
When ho had followed Kulongn through
the forest he hnd expected to come to a
city of strange houses on wheels, puffing
clouds of black smoke from a huge tree
stuck In tho roof of one of them or to a
sea covered with mighty floating buildings
which he had learned were called, vari
ously, ships nnd boats and steamers nnd
'He had been sorely disappointed with
the poor llttlo village of the blacks, hid
den nway In his own Jungle, nnd with not
n single house ns Inrge ns his own cabin
upon the distant beach.
Ho saw that theso people were mora
wicked than his own apes, nnd as savage
nnd cruel ns Snbor, herself. Tnr2nn be
gan to hold his own kind in but low
Now they had tied their poor victim to
a great post near the centre of tho vil
lage, directly beforo Mbonga's hut, nnl
here they formed a dnnclng, yelling clrclo
of wnrrlors about htm. -alive with flash
ing knives and menaclns siears.
In a larger clrclo squatted the women,
yelling and beating upon drums. It re
minded Tarznn of the Dum-Dum, and so
he knew what to expect. He wondered If
they would spring upon their meat while
it was still alive. Tho Apes did not do
such things as that.
Tho clrclo of warriors about the crlngln?
captive drew closer nnd' closer to their
prey ns they dnnccd In Wild nnd savage
abandon to tho maddening music of the
drums. Presently a spenr renched out
nnd pricked tho victim. It wns the
signal for E0 others.
Eyes, ears, nrms and legs were pierced;
every Inch of the poor writhing body tint
did not cover a vital organ became tho
target of tho cruel lancers.
The women nnd children shrieked their
delight. The wnrrlors licked their hideous
lips In anticipation of the feast to come,
nnd vied with one another In the savagery
and loathesomeness of the cruel indigni
ties with which they tortured tho still
conscious prisoner.
Then It was that Tarzan of the Apes
saw his chance. All eyes were fixed upon
tho thrilling spectacle nt the stnkc. Tho
light of day had given place to the dark
ness of a moonless night, nnd only thu
fires In tho Immediate vicinity of the orgy
had been kept alight to cast n restless
glow upon the restless scene.
Gently the lithe boy dropped to the soft
earth at tho end of the village street.
Quickly ho gathered up the arrows all
of them this time, for he had brought a
number of long (lDers to bind them Into u
Without haste ho wrapped them se
curely, and then, ero he turned to leave,
the devil of caprlclousness entered his
heart. Ho looked about for some hint ot
n wild prank to play upon these strange,
grotesque creatures that they might be
again aware of his presence among thci l
Dropping his bundle of arrows at the
foot of the tree, Tarzan crept among the
shadows at tho side of the street until lie
came to tho enme hut he had entered on
the occasion of his first visit.
Inside all was darkness, but his groping
1 ands soon found the object for whl'.-n
he sought, and without further delay he
turned again toward the door.
He had taken but a step, however, ere
his quick car caught the sound of ap
proaching footsteps immediately without.
In another Instant the figure of a woman
darkened the entrance of the hut.
Tarzan drew back silently to the far
wall, and his hand sought the long, keen
hunting knife of his father. The woman
came quickly to the centre of the hut.
There she paused for on Instant feeling
about with her hands for tho thing sho
sought. Evidently It was not In Its ac
customed place, for she explored over
nearer and nearer the wall where Tarzan
So close was sho now that the ape-man
felt the animal warmth of her naked
body. Up went the hunting knife, and
then the woman turned to one side nnd
soon a gutternl "ah" proclaimed that her
search had at last been successful.
Immediately she turned nnd left the
hut, and as she passed through the door
way Tarzan Baw that sho carried a cook
ing pot In her hand.
Ho followed closely after her, and as
he reconnoltered from the shadows of
the doorway he saw1 that all tho women
of the village were hastening to nnd
from the various huts with pots nnd
kettles. These they were filling with
water nnd placing over a number of fires
near the stake Mtiere the dying victim
now hung, an' Inert and bloody mass of
Choosing n moment when none seemed
near, Tarzan hastened to his bundle ot
arrows' beneath tho great tree at the end
of the vllalge street. As on the former
occasion he overthrew the cauldron be
foro leaping, sinuous nnd catlike, Into the
lower branches of the forest giant.
Silently he climbed to a great helglu
unlit he found a point where he could
look through n leafy opening upon the
scene beneath htm.
The women were now preparing tho
prisoner for their cooking pots, whllo the
men stood nbont resting nftcr the fatlguo
of their mad revel. Comparative quiet
reigned In tha village.
Tarzan raised aloft the thing he had
pilfered from the hut, nnd, with nlm made
true by years of fruit and coconnut
throwing, launched It toward tho group of
Squarely among them It tell, strlkln-c
one of the wnrrlors full Upon the head
and felling him to the ground. Then It
rolled nmong the women and stopped be
side the half butchered thing they wero
preparing to feast upon.
All gazed In consternation at It for an
Instant, and then, with one accord, brokj
nnd rnn for their huts
It wns a grinning human skull which
looked up at them from the ground. Tho
dropping of the thing out of the open
sky was a miracle Vcll aimed to work
upon their superstitious fears.
Thus Tarzan of tho Apes left them
filled with terror at this new manifesta
tion of the presence of some unseen and
unearthly evil power which lurked In tha
forest about their village.
Later, when they discovered tho over
turned cauldron, nnd that once moro
their nrrows had been pilfered. It com
menced to dawn upon them that they
had offended somo great god who ruled
this part of tho Jungle by placing their
village thcro without propitiating him.
From then on an offering of food was
dally placed below the great tree from
whence the nrrows had disappeared, In an
effort to conciliate tho mighty one.
Dut tho seed of fear was deep sown,
and had ho but known It, Tarzan of the
Apes had laid the foundation for much
future mlstery for himself and his tribe.
That night he slept In the forest not
far from the village, and early the next
morning sot out slowly on his homeward
march, hunting as he traveled. Only a
few berries nnd nn occasional grub worm
rewarded his search, and ho wns half
fnmlshed when, looking tip from n log ho
had been rooting beneath, he saw Sabor.
the lioness, standing In the centre of tho
trail not 20 paces from him.
The great yellow eyes were fixed upon
him with a wicked and baleful gleam, and
the red tongue licked the longing lips ns
Sabor- crouched, worming her stonlthy
way with belly flattened ngnlnst tho
Tarzan did not attempt to escape. He
welcomed tho opportunity for which, in
fact, he had been searching for days past,
not now armed only with n rope of grass.
Quickly he unslung his bow und fitted n
well daubed arrow, and ns Sabor sprang,
the tiny missile leaped to meet her In
mid air. At tho same Instant Tnrzan of
the Apes Jumped to one side, nnd ns tho
great cat struck the ground beyond him
nnother death-tlppcd arrow sunk deep
Into Sabor's loin.
With a mighty roar the beast turned
nnd charged once more, only to be met
with n third arrow full In one eye; but
this tlmo she wns too close upon tho npe
man for the latter to sidestep the on
rushlng body.
Tarzan of the Apes went down beneath
the great body of his enemy, but with
gleaming knife drawn and striking home
For n moment they lay there, and then
Tnrzan realized that the Inert mass lying
upon him was beyond power ever again
to Injure man or ape.
With difficulty he wriggled from be
neath the great weight, and as he stood
erect and gazed down upon the trophy
of his skill, a mighty wave of exultation
swept over him.
With swelling breast, he placed a foot
upon tho body of his powerful enemy,
and throwing back his flno young head,
roared out the awful challengu of the
victorious bull aoe.
The' forest echoed to the savage and
triumphant paean. I3lrds fell still, and
the larger animals and beasts of prey
slunk stealthily away, for few there wero
of nil the Jungle who sought for trouble
with the great anthropoids.
And in London another Lord Greystoke
was speaking to his kind In the Housj
of Lords, but none trembled at the sound
of his soft voice.
3501 Lancaster Atc.
Preston 3161
Sabor proved unsavory eating even to
Tnrznn of the Apes, but hunger served is
a most cfllcaclous disguise to toughness
nnd rank tasle, and ere long, with weli
filled stomach, the apeman wns ready to
sleep na;nln. First, however, he must re
move the hide, for It was as much for
this as for any other purpose that he had
desired M encompass the destruction ot
Deftly he removed the great pelt, for
ho had practiced often on smaller nnl
mnls. When tho task was finished he
carried his trophy to the fork of a high
tree, nnd there, curling himself securely
In a crotch, he fell into deep nnd drcam
lefa slumber.
What with loss of sleep, arduous exer
cise, and a full belly, Tarznn of the Apes
slept the sun nround, nwakenlng about
noon of tho following dny. He strnlght
wny repaired to tho carcass of Sabor, but
wns nngered to find the bones picked
clean by other hungry denizens of tho
Unit nn hour's leisurely progress
through tho forest brought to sight a
young deer, nnd before ever the llttlo
crenture knew that an enemy wan near a
tiny arrow hnd lodged In Its neck.
So quickly tho virus worked that nt the
end of n dozen leaps the deer plunged
headlong Into the undergrowth, dead.
Again did Tarzcn feast well, but this time
ho did not slcen.
Instead, ho hastened on toward the
point where he had loft the tribe, and
when he had found them proudly ex
hibited the skin of Sabor, the lioness.
"Look!" he cried, "Apes of Kerchak.
See what Tarzan, the mighty killer, has
done. Who else nmong you has over
killed one of N'uma's people? Tarzan
Is mightiest nmongBt you for Tnrznn Is
no npc. Tnrznn Is " But here ho stop
ped, for In tho Inngungo of tho nnthro
polds there was no word for man, and
Tarzan could only write the word In
English; he could not pronounce It.
Tho trlbo had gnthcred nbout to look
upon the proof of his wondrous prowess,
nnd to listen to his words.
Only Kerchak hung back, nursing his
hatred nnd his rage.
Suddenly something snapped In tho
wicked llttlo brain of the anthropoid.
With n frightful roar the great benst
sprang among tho assemblage.
Biting, and striking with his huge
hands, ho killed and maimed n dozen ere
tho rest could escape to the upper
terraces of tho forest.
Frothing and shrieking In tho Insanity
of his fury, Kerchak looked about for the
object of his greatest hatred; nnd there,
upon n nearby limb, he saw him sitting.
"Come down, Tarznn, great killer," cried
Kerchak. "Come down nnd feel the fnngs
of a greater! Do mighty fighters fly to
the trees nt tho first nppronch of danger?"
And then Kerchak emitted tho volleying
challenge of hli kind.
Quietly Tarzan dropped to the ground.
Breathlessly tho tribe watched from their
lofty perches ns Kerchak, still roaring,
charged the relatively puny figure.
Nearly seven feet stood Kerchak on his
short legs. Ills enormous shoulders were
bunched and rounded with huge muscles.
Tho back of his short neck was as u
single lump of Iron sinew which bulged
beyond the base of his skull, so that hts
head seemed llko a small ball protruding
from a huge mountain of flesh.
His backdrawn, snarling lips exposed
his great lighting fangs, nnd his little,
wicked, bloodshot eyes glenmed In horrid
reflection of his madness.
Awaiting him stood Tarzan, i himself a
mighty muscled animal, but his six feet
of height and his great rolling sinews
seemed pitifully Inadequate to the ordeal
which awaited them.
His bow and nrrows Iny some distance
away where ho had dropped them while
showing Sabor's hide to his fellow apes,
so that he confronted Kerchak now with
only his hunting knife nnd his superior
Intellect to offset the ferocious strength
of his enemy.
As his antagonist came roaring toward
him, Lord Greystoke tore his long knife
from Its sheath, and with an answering
challenge na horrid nnd blood-curdling
ns that of the beast he faced, rushed
swiftly to meet tho attack. He was toj
shrewd to allow those long hairy arms to
encircle him, and Just as their bodlej
were about to crash together, Tarzan of
the Apes grasped ono or the Hugo wrists
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of his assailant, nnd, springing lightly
to ono side, drove hla knlfo to the hill Into
Kerchak's body, below the henrt.
Before ho could wrench the blade freo
again, the hull's quick lunge to seize him
In those nwful arms had torn tho weapon
from Tnrznn's grasp.
Kerchak aimed a terrific blow at tha
npc-mans head with the flat of his
hand, a blow which, had It landed, might
easily have crushed In the sldo nt
Tnrznn'o skull.
The man was too quick, and, ducking bc
neath It, himself delivered n mighty one,
with clenched (1st, In the pit of Kerchnk'A
The ape was staggered, nnd whnl with
tho mortnl wound In his side had almost
collapsed, when, with one mighty effort
ho rallied for an Instant Just long enough
to enable him to wrest his nrm free front
Tnrznn's grasp and close In a terrific
clinch with his wiry opponent.
Straining the npe-mnn close to him, !iU
great Jaws sought Tnrznn's throat, hut
the young lord's Blnewy fingers were nt
Kerchak's own beforo the cruel fangs
could close on the sleek brown skin.
Thus they struggled, the one to crush
out his opponent's life with thoso nwful
teeth, the other to close forever the
windpipe beneath his strong grnsp, the
while he held the snarling mouth from
The greater strength of tho ape wns
slowly prevailing, nnd the teeth of tho
straining beast were scarco nn Inch from
Tnrznn's thront when, with n shuddering
tremor, the great body stiffened for nn
Instant and then sank limply to the
Which would
yourself, or
work for you, in cool or
lukewarm water.
Saves your time, your
strength, your money.
It smells sweet it is pure-
Fels-Soap Powder
The new woman-helper.
f repj Unfermented
The new kind of beverage. Spicy. Sparkling.
Delicious. Composed of juice of the luscious
white Niagara grape, choice grape fruit, a trace
of ginger all perfectly blended. Healthful
and wholesome as well as appetizing.
Served at leading hotels, cafes and clubs.
Obtainable from leading grocers.
and your
-ssstysas. z ir.fsv
Pre-Inventory Sale Is
From l$ to J
INTO Ready-made Carpets
ivuum ivujja
Crex Rug, 3.95
Crex Rug, 5.25
ilits in proportion
Axmlnster rugs in rich Oriental colors
and designs, together with excellent offerings
in Tapestry and Velvet Rugs and Carpets at
Fibre Rugs
i worthTyour-while
iwnmn'B iriniHr. .
Fete in Celebration of tho
Birthday of Queen Mary of
The beautiful gnrden In the rear Of thu
residence on Locust street above 17th that
comprise the famous "Harrison Row "
were thrown open to the public today
for the llrst time since It was built by
Joseph Harrison, Jr., In ISMS.
A conceit, with tea served afterward,
wns held at 3 o'clock, celebrating the
hlrthdny of Queen Mnry of England.
Flags of tho Allies and of the t'nlted
States decornted the garden. The funds
rnUcil will be Used for relief work among
tho Allied armies.
Tho nffalr was under the auspices of
British division of the Ladles War Relief
Committee. Those directly In chnrge were
Mrs. Edward Burd Orubb, Mrs; L. Web
ster Fox, and Miss Josephine Blspham
Hnrrlson'n Qnrdens nre well known 10
many rhltndelphlans, By reputntlon only,
however, for tho single outlet on a publld
thoroughfare Is guarded !$ n nmsslve
Iron gntc opening on 17th ftrect Unless
n resident of one of the Harrison houses
or a guest of such a resident, nccess Is
denied every one.
Duke of Aostn Injured
VENICE, May K-The Duke of Aosta,
cousin of King Victor Emmnnuel and
commander of the Italian armies sent
ngnlnst Austrln, was hurt todny when
thrown from his automobile near Mestre.
1 Hi&s 11111
We will send sample bottle for 10c
grocer s name.
Bell Phone, Spruce 3643
iseysione, i-tace irar
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Lot is
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