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Former Athletics' Iron
Man Will be Seen on
Mound in Second of-Series
Erskine Mayer Due
to Pitch.
Fans who were wont to Infest Shlbe
park to see John Coombs, the mighty
Iron Man, hurl, may have a chance to
see the Kenncbunklan again In action.
Tealerday Coomba was warming up with
Nap Ruckor, but tho latter waB finally
chosen by Manager Robinson to do tho
pitching. But this afternoon It Is almost
certain that Coombs, In tho togs of the
Brooklyn Dodgers, will be seen In tho
firing pit against the Phillies.
Erskine Mayor will do the pitching for
the Phillies, unless Pat Moran decides at
the last moment to depart from his regu
lar order of choosing his twlrlors. Mnyer
was due to pitch before Chalmers, but
as the "Comibaek" was In good condition
yesterday ho was sent In and won his
gamo from Brooklyn, E to 2.
Thus far the Phillies have won 10 out
of 11 starts. Their play yesterday was
far from tho peppery stuff they havo been
putting up In tho games gone by, but at
that they managed to win, which, as far
as tho fans are concerned. Is the main
Issue. This afternoon there should be a
good crowd out to cheer tho fleet Phils
on to their 11th victory.
The game today Is scheduled to begin
at 3:30 o'clock.
Scratch Meet for Three Classes
Scheduled This Afternoon for
Club Lads Under 18 Years.
The tiack commlttco of tho German
town Boys' Club has arranged a scratch
meet for this afternoon on the Boys'
Club playground. The events will only
be open to bos who have not reached
their ISth birthday and will he conducted
for the purposo of bringing out new ma
terial. AH told there are 21 events di
vided Into three classes. Gold enameled
track team pln3 will be awarded the win
ner In each event and no boy will bo
permitted to enter more than thr:e
The work of re-surfacing the running
track has been finished, and the new
field equipment Is ready for the meet. A
great deal of Interest Is being taken par
ticularly among the members of the club
who attend school. About 55 boys aio
ready for the various events
. For boja under 5 fret In hMght the follow -
- Inff oents are listed 50-yard dash, one lap
race. 8-pound shotput, running high lump,
runnlnc broad Jump and reliy race.
Tor nojs under ." feet 2 inches In helcht lira
the following events 50-yard daeh, 220-jard
'!.?. relaJ" racff' -Pund shotput, runnlne
. ." Jump and running broad Jump.
For hoi a mcr r. feet 2 Inches In height nnd
Jho ire under 18 enrs of age 50-yard dash.
520-yard dash. 140-yard run, 12-pound shot-
j-iinit, running high Jump, running 'broad Jump
ana relay race.
Philadelphia Organization Will Honor
Its Indoor Athletic Victors Friday.
"West Branch Y. M. C. A. will hold Its
athletic banquet Friday night, at 8
o'clock, at the West Philadelphia station.
Mike Dorlzas, Penn's strong man, Is to
give a wrestling exhibition.
Local athletes are training for the Me
morial Day track meet to be held at
Point Breeze by tho Ancient Order of
Hibernians. Entry blanks are out.
Tom O'Toolo, captain of the Wilming
ton High School track team, has been
making a name for himself. His good
work at the recent relays is tho talk of
his friends.
-Clubs. W. L. Pet. Win.
Phillies ........10 1 .909 .917
Cincinnati 8 4 .667 .692
Chicago 6 6 .500 .538
St. Loul 7 7 .500 .533
Boston 6 6 .500 .538
Plttsburfjh 4 8 .333 .385
Brooklyn 4 8 .333 ,385
New York 3 8 .273 .333
W. L. Pet. Win.
Detroit 10
New York 7
Chicago 8
Washington ... 6
Boston 5
Cleveland 6
Athletics 3
OL Louis 4
4 .714 .733
4 .636 .667
.572 .600
5 .545 .583
5 .500 .545
8 .429 .467
7 .300 .364
10 .286 .333
W. L. Pet. Win, Lose.
Newark ,,.10
Chicago ,,,,..., 7
Pittsburgh 8
Brooklyn 8
Kansas city ... 5
Buffalo 6
Baltimore ,...., 8
6L Loult 4
National League
Brooklyn at Philadelphia, cloudy.
oaton at New York, threatening-,
Chicago at Cincinnati, partly cloudy.
Pittsburgh at St, Louis, clear,
American League
Philadelphia at Washington, clear,
New York at Boston, cloudy,
' ? Hul at Detroit. clear
Cleveland at Chicago, clear.
Federal League
Biltlroore at Brook!) n. threatening,
Buffalo at Newark, cloudy.
Bt. Loul at Plttibui-Kh, cloudy.
"uuas City at Chicago, clear.
International League
Buffalo at Providence, cloudy,
' Aoreato t HJchmoad, cir.
Only saints today,
National League
Philadelphia, 5; Brooklyn, 8.
Boston, U; New YorK, p.
Chicago, 6; Cincinnati. 0.
SL Louis, 3; Fittaburgh, 0.
American League
:VraEfatnjrton, S; AtnleUcs. J.
Hew York, 2; Boston, o.
.1L n-t...i ft. a T.rtnla 9
j - w. ""
i Baltimore, 7; Brooklyn. 6.
2 TOuffsln il Vt7t n rlr. H
Rf T.trt K THttKbursrh. I.
I J ' Kan aty, V. Chicago. &
. International Leagua
I Sjpon4 U, Toronto, 8.
Helow aro the balling record of the Ath
letics and fhllllM. Including Tuesday's garneti
Ws If
AH. It. H. TB.SB. rC.
ian ............... i
MtHHlJ "' '
J-arp ...!
McAoy ,
Schang ,,
Strunk ,.
Harry ...,
DaN If s . .
McConnell .,, 0
llyrne ?
llancroft 0
Becker .... Jo
Cmatii SS
Whltted . 37
Nlphnrf an
I.uderua ... ..... ' 5n
Klllofor . -it
Hurna i
I'aakert l"
1 1 1
.270 I
.000 I
Bressler or Wyckoff May Op
pose Ayres or Johnson To
day Shawkey's Good Work.
"WASHINGTON. April 23. It was gen
orally believed that the great weakness
of the Athletics this season lay In the
pitching staff, but yesterday's perform
ance showed them to bo strong In that
department nnd weak on the ' offense.
Shnwkey hurled a beautiful gnme, allow
ing but three hits, yet the Mnckmen were
unaoic to win. MacK cannot hope to have
any bettor pitching today than ho had
yesterday, but he doubtless figure that
his team will be better with the stick later
on in tho season.
Bressler or Wyckoff will be In the box
for the Athletics against Doc Aycrs or
u alter Jonnson today. Should Avers bo
called on to pitch. Mack will bo sure to
uso Bressler, but If Johnson goea In. Wyc
koff wilt bo used by the tall Phllndel
phlan. The ony possible chango Mack may
make today Is In tho third base station.
McConnell has been making good at
Baker's, old place, but at that Mack may
decide to try King Kopf again.
Ineligibility of Captain Thomas and
Two of Crew Hard Blow.
Three of the Central High School star
oarsmen have been declared Ineligible
and tho resignation of both Captain Carl
Thomas and Manager Baldl has been
asked for by Prof. Philip Maas, chairman
of tho Committee on Rowing at the Broad
and Green streets Institution.
The three oarsmen who were declared
ineligible are Homing, bow; Uhoads, No.
2, and Stafford, No. 5, all of whom have
fallen back In their scholastic standing
and will be unable to compete for one
month. Boming and Rhoads rowed In last
j ear's American lntcrscholastic cham
pionship eight, while Stafford wns con
sidered to be one of the mnlnstays of
this year's boat. Manager Baldl Is also
back In his studies.
The athletic commission nt Central
High contributes $100 a year to tho main
tenance of the crew, and this money has
already been spent for repairs to the
shell and tho trip to Annapolis lust Sat
urday, when tho Plobes defeated tho
Crimson and Gold eight.
Slnco all the funds have been expended
it is not likely that tho Central Hicrh
School crew will go to New Haven on
May S to row tho Yale freshmen.
220-yard Low Hurdle Cham
pion Is Likewise Splendid
Jumper Now Recovering"
From Operation.
Harry K. Pryckburs, the Middle At
lantic Association 220-yard low hurdle
champion. Is not only a great athlete,
but one of tho nattiest of tho city police
force. Harry "has been able to train at
off times and .is a result has come to
tho forco as the best policeman-athlete
In Philadelphia. Not only enn he hurdle
wonderfully well, but he Is able, when
In condition, to leap more than 3 feet
lu the running- broad jump.
For a while Harry was detailed on a
motorcycle and lately he has been doing
duty at the busy 33d and Market street
coiners. Harry developed a 'nernia the
past winter and Is now recuperating from
an ooera.tlon for that ailment. He hopes
to be in tip-top condition by the middle
of the summer, when he will again take
up his specialties of hurdline and broad
At tho police carnival each year Harry
is the scratch man In the events, and In
the open competition ha Is likewise
awardxd the 'nonor position. Ho won top
honors at the last police tournament, and
following this no headed the police bas
ketball team. It was while playing the
.cage game that he strained an abdom-
'J .u. .! FPL... In....... t .I.1..1 l.lnln.An
the law on his beat might as well sub
mit to arrest tamely, for Harry could
concede the violator many yards In a
Clever Philadelphia 125-pound
Champion to Compete in Ex
position Championships.
Philadelphia will be represented in tho
Panama Exposition boxing champion'
shlpB, to be held at Han rrancisco n
month. Johnny Maloney, who will wear
the silks of the St Rita's Cathollo Club,
will be the clever aspirant for national
honors. He has made a great showing
In the tournaments hold in this city, lie
has won the 105, 115. 118, 3 and 1J5
pound classes since he started his work
In the amateur ring.
Maloney is at present the Middle Atlan
tic Association 125-pound champion. He
recently fought his way to tho finals In
the national championships at Mechanics'
Pavilion, Boston, Mass., but claims he
was not treated fairly. Bo firm is the
belief of President George P, Pawling,
of the Middle Atlantic Association, of,
the Amateur Athletlo Union, that Johnny
is among the best in America that hi
has arranged to send him to the coast.
The local youth left this city today for
his long Western trip-
Maloney ha been in constant training
sine ha fought in Boston, soma weeka
ago, anil will land on the coast in tip-top
conolUoo tor M fray
A arwH party was given at hi ho
last nbbt, wt&a his friends wished his)
f 1 " 1 1 1
cilEtfOED UP M THE l CERTAIULV MA MY ,u6 j-t qk) a
KELLVSAME- LUCK Wmi ME- aft SO pir OP &cft AT
4H -tv im the TK6ri gamg tmuV' &
'Sorry Jfte To Taks UJHnDDVa uViotu bouT J 5w.oJDy tsl ffT rxcThmjl
Voon monjev- i Atwrtya 7hat'? nrrv bucks f hamc.ug a i i TrllS wceKj
win; w;mg t bet jACk SWiJ(j6r paid SEforV V ZT
. - OM f BfvtL OAMG OP WMAT HE V. JZlf $fc
Local Hard Hitter Is Anxious
for Battle Here With Chi
cago's Clever Fisticuffian.
Before the lid Is clamped down on box
ing in this city for the season during
the summer months, 'Willie Moore, ho of
knockout fame, is anxious to prove his
mettle as a serious contender for tho
vacant welterweight tin one. The South
wark southpaw Is confident of adding Joe
Heffcrnnn's scalp to his long string ot
knockouts. He announced this morning
that he Is prepared to clash with nny
of the klng-pln 'S2"-pounders In the
Billy McGoniglc, Moore's manager, said
that he Is negotiating with local pro
moters for the purpose of bringing n star
welter, probably Pnckey McFnrland,
heio for a bout with Willie. Moore says
nothing would suit him better than to
got a crack at the clever Chicagoan
Although theie is little doubt of tho
Stock Yard flsUcufllnn's superiority over
tho Philadelphia, Willie hollcvcs he can
reach Packey's Jaw with his much
feared left in an IS-mlnuto set-to. Ho
further doclares he Is confident that he
can knock tho everlasting daylights out
of any one. whoso Jaw coroes in contact
with his famous uallop.
Henry Hauber, the Fighting Dutchman
from Falrmount, has announced that he
Is in the finest of fettle for his melee
with Itltz Walters, of Atlantic City, at
thn Broadway A. C. tomorrow night.
Hauber possesses a terrific right-hand
One of the gamest and best lightweights
who ever pulled on a glove, nnd who Is
well known In Philadelphia as a corking
good battler, has announced his retire
ment from tho ring after many years of
fighting. He is Tommy Murphy, of Now
York. Harlem Tommy was a serious con
tender for the "33" pound laurels at ono
time, but he was noer given an oppor
tunity to fight for tho championship.
North Penn fight fans nre boosting
Johnny Morgan, a 110-pound youngster,
as ono who promises to develop Into a
star bantamweight. Morgan has had but
five professional fights, winning each
handily. He Is a vcrltnblo whirlwind In
Gunboat Smith and Jack Dillon, who
fought a hard 10-round bout nt Milwaukee
several weeks ngo, have been tematched
for a set-to In New York May 14, It will
be tho opening show of tho American
Sporting Club.
Wk t4t?y Bit
igSSg TA- 7rtl7 WW
r "' " ,"111 ; !"'Trau ' """
Harry A. Fryckburff is the Middle Atlantic Association's 2 20-yard
low hurdle cnarnpion. When not on duty at the West Philadelphia
railroad station crossing (3 2d and Market streets) he is doing a bit
of athletic work over the timbers, The lawbreaker need not hope to
escape anca Harjy gees him.
Middle Atlantic Association's
12 5-pound boxing champion,
who will compete in the San
Francisco titular nfTair next
month. Johnny left town today
for tho Coast trip.
Pocket Billiard Star Dead
CHICAGO. Arrll a-lnlng (Kid) I-ong,
ha a feu ears ago uas rated as on of the
JifBt rocket bllllird plaera In tho country,
died at a hospital here Monday of ptomaine
poltonlnir. He competed In a number of
championship tournaments. I.on was horn
In Hopjanlil Kj , i'i years ago riurlal
mill bo at Nashville, Tenn , his mother's
Northeast and West Philly,
Tied for Leadership,
Clash This Afternoon.
Tennis Practice Begins
at Northeast
Won. Lost. T C
Northoat lllch School 4
Wett Philadelphia H. S 4
Central Illsh School 2
Catholic HlKh School 1
Southern High School O
Today's Schedule
West Philadelphia HlRh nt Northern High.
Catholic HlKh frhonl nt Central Hleh.
Cheltenham lllch nt St l.nke- School.
Vlllanova Prep at Wcnonah Military Collcce.
P M. nnd K School nt Cicorue Fchool.
Templo Vnhrrsltv at Pa Mllltarv Academy.
Te Lanrcy School at Oermnnlown Acndemv.
School of redncoiry nt Phlla Trnde School.
Peddle Institute nt Ocnrco School.
Friends' Central nt Episcopal Academy.
Camden High School nt Northpast High,
dwarthmoro Trep at Tenn Charter.
Frankford High School nt Penn Charter.
Central High School nt West Phlla. High.
Catholic High School at Do I.ancey School.
Tho deadlock In the Interscholastlc
Lphkuo race probably will bo broken this
afternoon, when Northeast High School
and West Philadelphia High School, tied
for first place In tho organisation, clash
on tho former's Meld, 23th and Cambria
The student bodies of both schools are
manifesting much Interest in the contest.
Captains float and Webb have their base
baUlans primed for a stiff battle, and one
of tho best diamond duels of the scholas
tic season should result.
Abrams and McCarthy probably will
appear In tho box for the Speedboy na
tional pnstimcrs. Both pitchers have
been exhibiting corhinfc form on the
mound. The pitching duties for the Ited
and Black will bo split between Barker
nnd Keller. Tho former has not been de
feated as jet, nnd Coach Brachold may
uso him throuRhout tho fray.
Tennis practice nt Northeast HlKh
School Is in full bloom nt the present
time. Amonc the candidates for the
racquet team who are sliowlnB up In fine
form aro Frctz, Carey, Won, Somers,
Taylor, Shelton nnd Simpson. John
Locker, former captain of the Red and
Black tennis team, is coachlns the
Klser, of La Rallo College, has been
dlsplaslnj; such wonderful form in Held
nnd track events that many of the Unl
erslty's followers believe he is the lead
ing all-round athlete of the college. His
running on the La Salle relay team has
greatly bolstered the quartet.
Although the School of Pedagogy base
ball team Is somewhat weak this year,
tho catcher, Smith, promises to develop
Into a star backstop. His work behind
the bat Is sensational, while his ability
with tho stick has boosted him as tho
hardest hitter on the team. He clouted
out a homer in a recent game with two
men on.
Today's Racing Cards
at Two Big Tracks
At Havre de Grace
First race, for :i- ear-olds. Belling, Su fur
longs Egmont. 112. Hiker, loi. 'VldeC 115;
Minstrel. 108. Marvelous, JOS, M. n, Harrell.
07; Dixie, ion. ooodwood. 10S; Meelicka. 10J;
Saturnus. 103. Pierrot, 104.
Second ruce, hantiUap, lor U-year-oldt and up,
selling, t mile and 70 jards lrfchlel, 105. Em
erald Gem, ton. Little Nearer, 103. Wooilen
bhoer, 102, Itlchard Langdon, 1US, Cliff Field.
Third rare, 4-ycr-olil anil up, Bellini, iv,
furlongs "Henna V 100: Laura, 103; York
l.ad, 110. Lost Fortune, 103, titonehenge, lu.';
Louise Traers, US, Ivihenrrln. ltr.'. soldier.
lu. 'Sir Dyke. 103, Col. Cook. 110; Breakera,
107, Yorkvtlle, lu,., "Colora, 100; Blue Moue,
100; tiarter KtilBht. 103.
Fourth race, handicap, for 3-year-olda anl
up, Mi furlongs Horron, 117, Surprising. 110;
llontresor, lOd, Andrew, 103, Brave Cunarder,
Fifth race, iear-olds and up. elllnc. 1 mil
and 70 yards Gerrard, 107, Henry HutchUon.
107; Orperth. 107, Little Nearer. 102: 6ton
henge, 103; Dr. Duenncr. 103, 'Orotund. M;
Delegate. 107; Orlln Krlpp. 103. Mike Cohen,
107. El Wan. 110, Ray o- Light. 110. ChrU.
tophlne. 103, 'Heartbeat. 100, Hermuda, 107,
Margaret Melse, 100; Louisa TTaAera, US;
Voik Lad, 103.
Slith rate, for maiden 2-rear-olda. i, fur
longa Blutf Rock. 1U3; Feminist. 10S. ilary
Blackwood, 103; Welga. 103: Nolll, 10S.
Apprentice allow anca claimed. Weather
clear; track faat.
At Lexington
First race, selling. 3-ear-olds and up, allies
and mares, ova luriongs . lauaaa. lusmiia.
Lady Capricoua, Chitra. 99; Aroason, OS; busy
Kditn. lu:: -AisrKarct umrr. -airs. uc iw:
Tlrl. Gilt Edge. 101; Blrka. Ids. Tatolua, 113.
Second race,
purse. 3-year-old maiden colta
and aeldlnaa.
tt ruriongs innaei ii. ioj;
Prince- Harry,
Immune, John Cella, John Bunny,
eGe. Old charter.
uunny. nz.
Thlrrt race. DUrae. 3-vear-olda. mils and 7f
yarda-Grevllle. 100. Undent hit. 101; Llttto
String. 101; Manager Walte. Booker Bill. 10T.
Fourth race, selling-. -) ear-olds and up. 0
furlongs - Loan Shark. 107, Miss Kruter,
Rojal Tea. Harebell. Palm Loaf. Orean. HO:
Lackroae, Charley JlcKerran. Cash oa De
livery. IIS. Mac Bustaca, Quartermaster, 114.
Fifth race., selling. 4-year-olda and MS. 6
furlongs Droll. 110, Texas Tommle. Garoeau,
Broomssdja. Will Bear Acta, Dr. Kendall,
Gibrto, Oakland. TranamWer, Ralph Lloyd,
Salon, 112.
. Sixth race selling 3-year-olds ana up, suits
na marea. mils 'Gold i-rst Girt S3. Llda
jart, 9. iouie unn j,ucui. jaotou, ie&a-
taci. Jessie LrfHMe, iuaay,
Iltawaj. 109.JU DtRPer.
Soala, Ulta Thorp. 15
aca cialcscd, T.'taUiir
jseutaa & visa atar ooa
Apprentice auosaacs
clear, track last.
28, 1915.
Yale Oarsmen, Threatened in
Heavy Gale Yesterday, Res
cued by Their Coach.
NEW HAVEN, Conn., April 2S.-A wind
storm, which freshened to a galo Imme
diately, threatened to capsize two Yale
crews and an oarsman In a single scull In
New Haven harbor shortly after G o'clock
last night. It was only tho activity of
tho head coach, Guy NIckalls, and his
presence of mind in using the coaching
launch which averted a tragedy, It Is be
lieved. The varsity crow was two and a half
miles out In the harbor, rowing at a good
speed, with the coaching launch close by,
when the squall struck. They had failed
to notice the threatening clouds. At the
first gust the waves wero lashed high and
tho varsity shell shipped considerable
wator. Nlckalls stood to windward with
tho launch, while tho varsity shell was
headexl crosswise of the waves toward the
shore, a mile away The varsity reached
Morris covo only after a hard fight with
the waves. Their shell was running in
water over their ankles when they reached
The sophomore class eight-onred crew
was five miles out in tho hnrbor. Nlckalls
made for tho boat Nearby the sopho
more crow was George V. Caesar, of Ta
coma. Wash., In a single scull. Nlckalls
reached him before ho was upset nnd took
him uboar3. The sophomore eight. In tho
lee of th3 launch, worked toward shoro
slowly, shipping considerable water. When
near the shore their boat swamped, but
they carried it to safety and balled It out.
leaving It on the shore. Clothes were sent
to them while they waited at a clubhouse.
Little Quakers Will Entertain
Team of New York Univer
sity at 3 P. M.
Tho Now York University track team
will open its season this afternoon in a
meet with Swnrthmore at Swarthmore.
Tho prospects for the visiting team are
exceptionally brlsht this year. Tha re
lay four won second placo in its event at
tho l'onn carnival last week, finishing
enly one foot behind tho winner.
The university will bo represented by
the following men:
Houghten in tho two mile ran; Phillips
and Racoosin in the one mile; Lant and
Ilacoosin In the half mile run; Cro'wtner
and McDowell In the 440 yard run; Abbey
in the 220 yard dash, Crowther in the 100
jard dash; S Many and W. Many In tho
hurdles; S. Many, H. E. Smith and Mc
Gowan in the Jumps; Yanoslk and Reese
in the pole vault; O'Donnell. Farber and
Bleckween In tho weight events.
Secretary Herman Meyer, of tho Mid
dle Atlantio Association, and A. L. Wan
amaker, of the Officials' Club of Phila
delphia, will help conduct tho meet.
Joe Mayer Wins Another Match
NEW YORK, Arrll S3 Joseph Mayer, who
recently turned professional after winning the
national amateur balk-line billiard champion,
ship, was in Ane stroke at Maurice Daly's
billiard room last night Slayer won an ex
hibition match from Hal Coleman by 300 to
07 and averaged 23 1-13 He had runs of S3
and 01 as his best efforts.
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APRIL 29, 30 AND MAY 1
Country Club at the Sea
shore Has Offered a Pine
List of Prizes for Golfers
of This Section of the
The spring golf toumamtnt of the At
lantic City Country Club will take place
April 23, 30 and May 1. It Is oxpectod
that tho classic this year will be the
greatest meeting of Its kind In this part
of the country.
Prizes representing many thousands at
dollars will bo awarded to tho winners.
Tho Atlantic City courso is known as one
ot the best in tho- East.
All prizes becomo the absolute property
of tho winners without further competi
tion. The Governor's prlso will bo
n warded the winner of tlio tournament.
The President's prize will be awarded
tho winner of tho second (sixteen, The
Atlantic City prlzo will be awarded the
winner or tho third sixteen. The North
field prize will be awarded the winner of
tho fourth sixteen The Absccoil prize
will bo awarded the winner of the fifth
sixteen. Prlxes will also be awarded tho
runner-up for the main prize In each six
teen. The Individual player making the
beBt qualification score, eighteen .holes,
medal play, on Thursday, will receive the
gold medal. Prizes aro offered for the
first nnd second best net score In the
handicap. Special prizes will bo offered to
the winners of the defeated eights event.
Contestants will not be privileged to
play In the defeated eights on Friday
afternoon, April SO, unless they have ac
tually competed In tho morning round,
I. e., players defaulting their morning
Excepting the best gross score prize for
tho IS holes qualifying contestants may
win but ono prize during tho tournament.
Tho tournnment Is open to members ot
the clubs belonging to the United States
Golf Association and to such other flay
ers as may be invited to participate. En
tries will close Wednesday evening. April
IS. for the main event, nnd for the handi
cap. Saturday, May 1, at 11 a. m. The
committee will, however, deem It a favor
If contestants will enter as early as pos
sible. Entries will be received by" Frederick
C. Robblns, honorable secrotary, Atlantic
City, N. J. Tournament Committee: Fred
erick S. Sherman. Dr. Theodora Sense
man, Maurice Rlsley.
Qualification will take place on Thurs
day, April 29, and will consist of 3 holes,
medal play. Tho time of starting and
pairing of ench player will be announced
on Wednesday evening. Contestant!) not
reporting to clerk of course by 11 a. m.
tlll bo disqualified.
Flvo slxtecns will qualify:
Tho first 16 will qualify for the Gov
ernor's prize, the second 18 for the Presi
dent's prize, tho third 16 for the Atlantic
City prize, the fourth 16 for the Northfield
pilzo and the fifth 16 will qualify for the
Abjecon prize.
Tho Tournament Committee reserves
tho privilege of making any changes In
this program they deem advisabla or
necessary. In case of ties In qualifying
round, the committee will d,raw lots to
decide which 16 the contestants will play
In. Tho first and second rounds bf match
Tiny will take placo on Friday, April SO,
ond tho third and final rounds on Satur
day, May I. AH matches will consist of
15 holes.
On Saturday, Mny 1, an IS-hole medal
play handicap will be played, for which
entry must be made not later than 11 a. m.
of that date. The score turned In must
bo tho first IS holes played by the con
testant on that date. Players In the
seml-tlaal and final round of tournament
are not eligible for the handicap.
A special consolation event will be ar
ranged on Friday, April 30, for the, de
feated eight of each 16, so that the 'con
testants attending the tournament will
be given an opportunity for competition
during the entire three days.
Contestants scheduled for match .play
rounds Friday and Saturday, April SO, nnd
May 1, will forfeit their matches If they
fall to report for play 30 minutes from
time posted.
Time of starting each morning will be
posted the evening before .at Haddon
Hall, at 9 p. m.; tlmo for starting In tho
afternoon will be posted at the clubhouse.
The privilege of the course, -without
charge, will be extended to all contest
ants from Wednesday, April 2S, to Sun
day, May 2, inclusive.
Pat Moran is In a happy mood today,
George Chalmers convinced him that he
has come back for good. . .
Manager Stalllngs has finally' benched
Joe Connolly, one of the Braves' hardest
hitters last season. Larry Gilbert, will
be used with right-handed pitchers on
the mound against the Braves while as
usual, Ted Gather will face the south
paws. Fuller walked, Cobb tripled, Crawford
singled. Just the usual detail of a, De
troit victory.
Eddie Collins Is out of his batting
slump and the "White Sox have started on
a winning streak. Six straight games have
been won and Rowland's pitching start,
considered the best In the land last
spring, has shown a return to form.
The veteran Eddie Plank scored his
first Federal League "victory yesterday,
Eddie is always slow to get in the proper