Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, April 28, 1915, Night Extra, Page 11, Image 11

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    mpinmiiniiwwi' nip i wh90mp'M
mt .iiiiigimyiiiiiJi'n immmmmmfmjii M" ""u- mufwmmimmuiimm
I '
, ).. nf fi2R.000.000 War Or.
cUl"i " ' ' -"
der for l'ormer spurt in
Bock Island nt Close.
NEW YOnK( April 28. Interest In tha
' tlock market, from outsiders especially,
whlcll una """ ""- -
Ishlns 1" "1 ,ast f6W dayB' i0 a new
Itftse on life today, as It were, nnd the
advancing movement was ngaln resumed.
The cause for this was not hard to figure
out, and It waa wholly attributed to tho
,ho'ivln's made by tha United States Steel
Corporation In tho quarterly statement
for tne three months ending March 31.
Although tho net earnings were smallor
i .t..n In tho same period last year, thy
m .hnwd a substantial Gain over tho
( auarter ending December 81, while In
It jlrch of this year tho profits wcro more
I, thin four times as largo no In January.
The street x-uun. no . ..... ...w.w.
;,L that the corner In tho steel trade
i hs been turned.
f "... Mnrnh mrnfnirn. which Wera
t 132 031. showed that the dividend on
F ;i. rfrrrl stock was fully earned
In that month for tho first time since
last fall. anrt nftr a8 thcro " Btl11
iomethlng left over for tho common.
Taking the March figures as n, basts nnd
comparing them with January as tho
rate of progression, it was estimated that
the net for tho present month might bo
between JS.000,000 nnd $10,000,000. and that
lor tho three months ending with tho
10th of next June tho net figures would
bo about $25,000,00, and possibly $30,000,000.
Of course, this Is looking pretty far
ahead, hut, then, -with operations In
jUrch at the rata of C3 and 70 per cent,
and deliveries at higher prices than In
the previous two months, Indications aro
than o marked Improvement will bo
Upturns In tho list were generally con
fined to fractions, while In specialties tho
gains were even larger, two and three
points being chalked up, In tho case ot
Wcstlnehouse Eleotrlo this was particu
larly true, that stock moving up nine
points beforo 2 o'clock. Of course, rumors
of "war orders" were responsible. The
report had It that a $25,000,000 order had
been received from Hussla. Interborough
Metropolitan Issues also sought higher
levels and wcro quite active, tho common
rising more thnn two points and tho pre
ferred nearly three points. On tho Curb
a market was made for tho new Inter
borough consolidated preferred, which
opened at SO bid. No trades were mado
and the price was later quoted TS'iHS.
The market cased off from the high on
realizing sales but the demand was larg
er than tho supply and tho losses wero
quickly regained. In somo cases new
high records wero established, and tho
market closed etrong. A feature a few
minutes beforo tho end of tho session
was a vigorous demand for Chicago,
Bock Island Pacific stock, that issue
moving up 4 points in a few minutes.
The new 44 per cent, debenture bonds
of the New York Central when Issued
were tho strong and active feature In thn
bond market, nbout $7,000,000 changing
hands, $5,000,000 of this amount being In
the first two hours of trading, Tho prlco
advanced more than 2 points. Tho tlmo
for subscribing to tho new bonds .expired
yesterday, and It Is understood that
many of tho stockholders avnlled them
selves of tho privilege of taking somo cf
the bonds.
BORROWING $1,350,000
Real Estate Holding Company Mort
gages Two Car Barns.
Through Its subsidiary corporation,
known as tho Real Estate Holding Com
pany, tho Philadelphia Rapid Transit
Company has borrowed $1,350,000 from the
Pennsylvania Company for Insurances on
Lives and Granting Annuities.
Tho financing took the form of two
mortgagos on tho company's car barns at
10th ond Liuerno streets and In West
Philadelphia.! Tho money thus obtained
Is to be used to pay off old mortgages,
and by employing the Real Estates Hold
ing Company In the transaction It was
possible to put tho deal through without
asking permission of Councils.
The Rapid Transit Company owns all
of the $10,000 capital stock of the Real
Estate Company, on which $1000 Is paid In.
Brsden S,
do new 181
GoldntM Consolidated IVj
Ortfn Cananea 33
J-a lions Vt
Lehigh Valley Coal Sales 1G0
nlplsstng 0
Otfa Elevator 7 Hi
do uref 02
nilcer-Heeemnn 7ft SU
StcrllnK Gum 3 3 1-lii
Tobacco Products W 6S
United Clear Stores 103 107
do pMf 110 120
Vnlte-1 Profit Sharing-, new.... S 11-1(1 3 la -in
World l'llm -H4
Yukon Gold 2 3
1m Butler ,
Sllzpah Extension ,
Northern Star
, ,0
, .0.1
, .10
. .30
. .40
. "t
Tonopah Belmont 41,
ronopan Rxtennlon '
Tonopah Merger Jl'J
Tonopah Mining 74s
Rescue Eula 13
West End k
Atlanta 10
Blue Hull 01
Booth IT
Bulldo? 0.1
COD 05
Combination Fraction ,1:1.
BUmondfleld li U 02
Daisy , 05
Florence ,, M
OoldrWM Cona 14
Goldfteld Merger ,.
Jumbo Extension 1-J3
Xewanas , , 17
Oro . ......,,,., 10
Band Ken ,. . , 08
ElUer Pick , 10
E Altec .,
Xlmberly ,,.,,
J-evada Hill ....,.,,.,.,. .'.
Nevada Wonder ... ..
Bank clearings today compare' with corre
Ponding day last two years:
Philadelphia $Mi.094?74S 2n,lH3,S0l $2.3.',028
Boston ,.,,, 18,883.231 27,081,470 20.039,381
LPfctts A .1.1.1.
VtiVi5! . MMMf!t? '
.e vn
Boston "........I;.. ....... 8 3K34
cMcago "'.' :::.'.;::::: si 4
Commercial paper, three to atx. months, Phil
adelphia. 3V, an4 per cent.
parket at Uverpool, attributed to poor buy-
; vower ana sroau traaing. wuiw "iHjr
in cotton prices at tha opening hero ni
Boming, tEellit .farting 50 p points lower.
Alter the call July and October, the only two
nwiath la which there waa any trading to
ffiak of. rallied 3 toT DOlnla. The Bouth ana
Wall atreet bought ORerlnsa were scattered.
Tht market flrraod up alter the opening.
Tetorday' selling rnovemeot PPr&d to
JJ left tho market pretty well liquidated
ct acatterlDE long accounts, and today tbrra
was a lonslderaEla demand Ironi aborts on
Jreah. buying Inaplred by unfavorabu view ot
vie weather ami Hrtuer tone at New Orleans.
I Way "- ' o?0 "S.$i i5.oi.ri6-jo
lI- Ki -lo-aa mas io.4i jo.a-??
fk &ster tO.00 ia 10.75 10.09 10.I1
"- Dwamber 10 Sfl 10 TS 10.02 10,78 10 ST
JMuary 10. Sd 10 Si li2 10.su iu
KU 1101 U0I U.Q9- W4T 1100
Wt ., . .10.50 .- 19x?
New York Stock Sales
Ivaet close. High. Low. Close,
AhKVn Gold Mines 8' 38'. ,i8!f .18H'
Alllj-ChalmMfg pt ... r01 C2!i fil B2H
Amalgamsted Cop 77Jf 78U 77lf 77'f
Am A Chcm ........ 8 IS r,TH A7J1
Am rtcct sugar o!i M 4'J C3JB
AmDrakoSciP oo 05 o 111
AmHrako8&K p ...14", 1481$ 140 148H
Am;an ; -.OH 411 3SJ1 41J
AmCanot oojf i,0 99 rjqij
AmCarft oundty ... 6JH 60' Mii 50
mtC,?i,0.n?" 62 M! C23: C3W
Am Hide & Leather ... o)f tij 051 QU
Am Illdo Leather pf. 35Jf 3.5J. 35H 35W
Am lco becutltoa ...... 33 341$ 33 gj
Aml.hwcd nj 2 12 12
AmLlnsedpf 31)- 31 30J 31
Am Locomotivo 53 60 C5if csjj
Am Locomotlvo pf .... U7 l7M I17K 97K
Am&mclt& Itaf ...... 7351 741( 73) 71)
Am8mclt&Rfpf ....100 iojh 10014 100M
Am siisar lleflnlne ....110H 111 110U HOli
AmSngarltef pf ....'lHif 114H 113J4 1UJ
Am Smelters pf B 82)( 83 83 83
Am Steel Foundtiej ... 3W, 30 a0 30W
AmTel&Tel will 122J 121H 132
Am Tobacco 2-10 238 23.) 2, J,l
Amoolm WH 2Jj 28 29'-i
Am Woolen pf b.) 89)J 8OJ1 89)i
Anaconda Copper 3SU 37JJ 37 37
Aichj&3F ioau iw 103M ioau
AtchT&SFpf 09,i 99J( 09J 99Ji
IHldwInLoco Cl 61)i filH C3H
Baltimore & Ohio 771 78' 1 775 78
llftltlmoro & Ohio pf ... 71H 7U 71J4 71J
natopilasMlnlni: lj m ljf ljj
Bethlehem Steel HO 143 Uj 14fl
Bethlehem Steel pf Ill Utti MM 111H
Brooklyn Bap Traaslt.. 91k 02W U1K 91JI
Call'elroleum m( 19JJ 18H 19
CalPotroloumpf 43 45) 45 45)
Canadian I'aciac 107H 109 lCd'i 108)1
CentLcather MH ygjj 39 au
Cent Leather pf lo.tji 10"Jif 103 103
Chcs&Ohlo 17H 17M 47t 47Jf
ChlnoCoppcr 1M 48'i -I7f 48H
Chicago A Alton 8ti 8M Mi 815
Chlcaco(ltVo3t 12H 12 12l 12!i
ChlcaeoOtWestpf lUU 34 3J)S 31
Chl&Northwest 130 130)1 130,'i 130U
ChlcMll&atl" UoVi );H ma 104
ChlBI&l' 214 MH 214 LO'i
Colorado Fuel & I 32H 321 i 112H :i.'Ji
Colorado Southern.... 31 30M 30!i 30h
Continental Can C2W 02 (2 02
Continental Can pf OiiU 03 Ut 00
Consolidated Oas 120 126J$ 120 12HK
Corn ProducU lief 14 14U 1,1'f 1H
Cuban-Am Suear G2 GO 00 00
Cuban-Am Suzar pf .... o.'jH 00 00 01
Cluett l'ea & Co pf Wll 100 03H 9'.H
Dccro&Copf SSK 10 00 l'0
Des M JL Ft Dodso Oh 7 7 7
Distillers' becurltUs .... ll'l YAM 12H 13!i
Krlo 2oU 215-5 28H 29
Erie 1st pf 44 -h 4115 44,'l
FcdMln&Sm 13 12)i 1213 12h
Gen Chemical 212)5 210 215 21f
Cen Chemical pf 109 109 103' 109
General Electric 152 150)i 1C3)5 150
GeneralMolors Ill 141 143,'i 114
Gen Motors pf 101W 101H Wh 101H
GoodrlchBFCo 411 -19U 49 49
Goodrich BF Co pf....l01Jf 102 10 i 10J
G reat Northern pf 121 121)4 121 12Di
GtNcfsfor oro prop.... 37 37Jf 37JJ 37H
auegenhelm Exp'n 02 Ji 03)4 tti 03
HavElItyL&P 94 01 91
Illinois Cent 111)$ 111)4 111 111
Inter lie t 21!i 2 H 22 21M
InterMotpf 71V, 74 lii 74
International Paper.... 103i 10JS 101. 10H
International Paper pf.. 40 41JS 40 40
IntStcamPump 8 0 0 0
Inspiration Copper 33 'i 34) 31 34K
Kan City ijouthorn 23) 255 23!f 25K
Kan City So pf. 59 5KH 5SH G8H
LackStcel 39H 39)1 39M 39Ji
Lehigh Valley 143 1435i 145 143J
LIcECtt & Myers 227 224 224 221
MackayCo pf US 08 03 OS
Manhattan Shirt 02 04. GO 01
Maxwell Motor 50 51 50 CO
Maxwell Motors 1st pf. 83 fSi b2K 82H
Max Motors 2d pf .... 3S)i 39K 39 39
Mexican Petroleum ... 8SH 'Jl S9 t)0Ji
Mo Kan & Texas 12Jf V2ii 11U 12
Mo Kan &Texai pf... 32 32 31 32
Missouri Tactile 13)s 14 13)i 14
Miami Copper 28 29)g 28K 28) S
National lllacultpf ....120H 120M 120H 120
National Enamel &S .. 155 j 10 15H 15)1
KatLcad 04)i C5H C4) 15
Now York Air Braka .. 84 89 80 88)1
Novada Con Copper ... 10U 10H 10) 0H
NYN1I&U 07H CSH 07J 08
New York Central 88)4" S9 S8!i HSU
NY OS: West 32H 34)4 32H Xili
North America 75H 753J IMi 75.
Northern Pacific 109H 110H lOWi 109Ji
Pacific Mall 22 23). 22K 22)4
I'acUIcTcl&Tel 33U 35 31!i 33
Pennsylvania B It ....HOJi 110)4 110). 110,
Pettlbone-Mulllken.... tOU 2J)i 21U 22ii
PLorilUrd Co 175 181 180 181
Pittsburgh Coal 23!' 233, 23)4 23)4
Pressed Steel Car 48U 52 48U 51H
Pullman Co 101 10-1 102 If 104
Hy Steel hprlne 32 32H 32)$ 32 H
Itay Con Copper 25 25H 24H .245f
Ileadlni: 151 152 150,'f 15f
Hep Iron & Stool 2SJJ 29W 29 29)4
Bcp Iron & Steel pf ... 80 85)$ S5)$ 85)$
Kock Island pf 11 KM
ItumelyM Co 3X 3)f 33f 3Jf
Seaboard Air Lino 15)4 15)1 15)$ 15)1
Seaboard Air Lino pf .. 39)f 40 40 40
Scars Boo & Co 138). 139 139 130
t-loss-Shef S & I Co .... 37 38 3S 38
StLouls&SF 5"f 4)$ 4)$ -1H
Southern Pacific C2 03M 02)4 93X
Southern By 18)f 18)$ 18H 18)$
Southern By pf SS 58 5S 58
btudebakerCo C9 7l)$ 09K 70)$
StudebakerCo pf 09H 100)$ 100)4 100)4
TennesseuCop 34H 34JX 3l)f 34f
TexasCo 139 140 139f 140
Texas &PacUl3 10 10 10 10
Third Avenuo 54X oG)f 51)$ 60)$
ToIcdoStL&W 2 2 3 2
Tobacco Prod pf 100H 100)$ 100)$ 100)4
United Dry Goods pf ..CO 05 05 05
Union Bae&I'apor ... 0 OH OH i
UnlonPaciflc 131 132)1 13DS 132-4
Union raclflcpf 80M b0)f 80)f 805f
Union I'acUlc war .... 31)$ 30)4 30H 30)4
UbUndl Alchol ...... 39 45 40 45
USUndlAlcholpf .... 87 c8 c8 88
United Bys Invest .... 20 Mi 10 19)$
United Bys Inr pf .... 38)$ 385f 37)$ 37)1
UHBubber C&K 70 09 09)$
USSteel 57!f 50f 67f$ 58)f
USStcel pf 109 1093$ 109W 109.4
US Express C83f 0S)f 08)f 0S)f
Utah Copper 70H 7Hf 70)$ 70)4
Vn-Car Chemicals .... 205f 2731 27)$ 27Jf
Wabash ti 1 1 1
Western Union Tel ... CS)j 70)f ObM 70
WesllnehousoElectrlo , Ml 05' SC3X 05
Wotern Maryland .... 25 24)$ 24H 4)i
Wheel & L K 2d pf 3)4 3 3 3
hooluoithli UC0....109H 100 10 Df 105
WoolHOrtapl 120 120)$ 120 10
Quoted Ex Dividend
The following securities wero gold at auction
today by Barnes & Ladarut:
600 shares Enterprise Co.; par 10O...... 10
"010 shares Knickerbocker Lime Co.j per
I1D0 100
. 10 sharea National State Bank, Camden,
N. J.: rar 1W ,2W)
23 bharea Finance Co. of I'enna, nrst.
il MM... ...,.. w --.- --.. 'iflQ
3 Bharcs PhilaV'Uour'sV "preferred; par
$3 ,..., ...20
sluuros Phlla, Bourse common! par 160 014
S shares Phlla. Ilaurac- coraaon: par 130 Oti
25 share Integrity Title Ina.. 'ITuat and
Safe Deposit Co., par 30. ........... 220H
100 shares Italian Co-operatlYe Banking
Asao.; par 410 o
5 alwres John U. Btetsoq Co. common:
par $100 ,...,..,... ,...,,..335
1.200OTjlevtric and 1'eopUa' Traction Co. 4
per rent, atoek trust, Interest April
and 0t , due 1013 . TJ
5 SSfrr Broad St. Bank: par 3d...... 60
A sharea Corn Exchange National Bank;
2T shares Phlla. Natl. Bank; par J100..43J
2 shares Northern Trust Co.- par I100..3O1
W sharea TiwpU'r Natl. Fire insurance
Co 1 par 323 ... ...... .... ao
7 aliarrt Frankford and Bouthwark (3th
' and Oth ats.) Passenger Rs y ... .. ...350
SO shares Little BcbuyjVlll Nav., It. K.
and Coal Co., par IW "
8 sharea Contlnental-i&iultatye Trust.. OO
3 sharea John B. Stetson Co prelweds
oar S10O ...... iWVi)
10 shares . B. Van Stiver Co.. Cam-
V,den. N. J., par 1100.... . .y1"0
2 sharea Leeds Og. second preferred;
Dar IICO j 0
ISOOO'nlted Oaa and Electric Corp. 0 per
cent. 3-year note, April and Oct.. da
NKW YORK, April 28. -Commercial bar
sUver aarajued ta ftj ceata p euaca to
day, -
I New York Bond Sales
High. Low, Close.
C000 Amer Ico deb Cs ...ss 8S ,J3
2l(no Amer Tel cvt 4M9...102 loitt l-
lOrtJ Amer Writ lp 6s . . 70,, 70 i
7000 Atmour Co 44 W'4 WV4 2
S.Vio Atchlion adj 4s .... MJt 83., 83
SSOU Atchison cv 4s 1035. . Ulfs Wl WJ
11O00 Allan Co Line 1st 4s.. 02 DlJ WJ
1()0 lMIt & Ohio 3K,s .... UIH MS M
:;(M0 Halt (. Ohio J Wt IW l'0-?s
43.MW Halt it Ohio cv Hi 87i 87 87
aniu Walt At o Swn . ...U04 .00. 00
(AHW Both Htoel 1st 3s ...luvu Bm'i luo
W'ouil Helli steel rid 5s ... 01 UO M,
W0 llrook city 1st fis ..loo'i lwj li'Oli
.:un) Cent Leather 1st fia .. nil). 0S)i BJ)
32ot4i cent I'ao 1st 4t ..... SVi SO,, 8J
KKX) Ches & Ohio cv 4'Js.. 7(1 73H ij4
MXXI do 4 Mi MJ 8SJ11
2ii0 do (,. 10 its lOJit, lOOlk
ill Chi & Enst 111 U 70, 70 iO
IDUl Chi tit West Is 71, 71J4 71J4
KiOO Chi II & Q Joint 4s... W, tW4 poJ
10KXI do sen 4a til). OlJ !)
lowi do reir 4 s wrU Wn 00s
hi Chi II & q 111 8l (Vlt S4J-. M!i
tOUll Chi II At 111 -Is 11 04
2w:ai C 31 & St P iv fls rct.lOlH 104 1MH
MM Chi .Mil & St 1 llv 4s DO, W4 00.
li(Ai Chi Mil & nt V cv I4s WVi V- IS4
2UK) Col & outh 1st 4a iri, 02 KJ
00 do rot 4i4, My. 81t; fM.
17V(X Con Oas cv Aa. ,,,....J18 110 IW
luw ll A Hud 4 lftM..,. W Wfi J
fWD do rid 4s VV 4) ,''
1(K,0 do IWs 10OVJ 10O'- JW
MA Don & ltlo Or rfd 6. 43 48 49
1T0( Ola fcwnir Corp Ds. . . . M
40(A) I'.rlo conv 4s rcr A... 06. tl4H Wjj
loco Ut1 conv 4s Scr w... ai'i oi!i JV
3Q00 Orcen liny Oe 10t$ lOOJj 10W
l&uO Otn Eleo dab 01 UXJ lOOfi 14)
200W Hud a iUa In Bs.... 27H 27 27t
3300 Hud Man rtd 6g.. 70 70(5 '!
llKK) Iowa Central rrf 4s.. 8J. 83 83
OOoo 111 Central rfd 4 .7i ,8?i ,7n
3i'00 Ins Cop cv Oe... ....Ifl8lj 133W UJVi
liuoo in cv ret 3d r-d 61 'in.138 18B MSU
7WOO Interh Mat 4'4 ' ? 78
1800O lntorb 11 T rf 3 OSC 08 8)i
1000 intern l'aper cvt Bg,. 70 70, 70
1BU0 Jap new Uer stp i'le 70'4 70VI 7V
1000 lu.ha Stl Bo 102.. 02, 02 02
1000 iSclede Oae 1st r,s....l01tfc 101)4 101V4
lOOQ Lncledo Uas rtd. BB....100 100 100
14000 Max Pet Co ie IliS 108 108
1001) 3Io Kan & T rfd in.. M M M
ltxjOO 31o Pac 4s 4lk 40y. 40
2000 Mo I'no CV 5a 41 44 4
1000 Mo Pao col Bs 1017... l7'i W.i 0711
10(10 Alont I'owor Si 02 02 02
HOOO Nat Tubo 3s I4 014 08V4
UK) N Y 'Air Urako cvt tls.. 08 08 OS
8000 N y C & H 449 MH ,8814 88J4
7307000 N V C A II lis w I..1U1"j 102 1034
l(XV) N Y C ft II 4s 81 81 SHI
4f0 N Y C ft It 3H 8014 8014 801,
1000 N Y City H Gl S7 87. Si,.
llJOilO N Y City 4s 1030.... DO'S 00V4 OOW
BOOO N Y City 4HB 1VC0...100J6 100 IOOVj
3000 N Y Cliy 4As Nov '57.10nI 103 1031,
2011 N Y Oas II & P 4s.. 81 81 81
V0OC) N Y dan It it l' 5o. .102 102 1J2
2000 N Y N II .6 H 0 U0i 110i 110J
1OO0O N Y Ilwy ref 4s 73'i 73i .3 i
02000 N Y ltwy adl r. Kl'a 33 33 ,
1000 N Y V C & II 4 Ws... 785 74 gU
2V00 Nor Pac prior Is.... 02'4 02 KTU
200O do gen 33 03 03 Oo'
Wui Oro Short L 1st Cs..l08'-4 108 10S4
rooo Oro .d fal 3s 1H iti. i
200i Ont I'owrrs 3l fl'1'4 03J4
4000 I'acinc Tel r.n 0S I'-S
2000 I'enna 4o 1WS WT. I'llt "'!
an do ct 4s 101 104 t 104$
30.10 1'ublU Scrv N J 33.. 88 1. 8SW, 88$
30110 HentllnB Ken 4s. ....... IMi 04- 04J,
1000 Illo Or & West clt 4s 73 4 7314 73lj
2Hl() ltoi-U Island 4s 83Mj M 83'j
14(100 Oo rfd 4s fj p8
2000 Sealmnnl A I, ndj ft... po !;" $3
mono smith Hell 8s 0j i.. 07J4
(nod routn I'ne 4a.. S Jj gt?
'.000 South Pac cv .... J'h jN 83Vs
l.'.nori doov ret f p 5s HKVl.lOlJj 101 101
80000 South Pao rfd 4s. . . . SVW KJW 8SN
Mion t-outh ltwy sen 4s n flijs
-nrM, Pmitli Hwv con OS.... WlvW w.b ''VI'
1KK10TPXSS Co cv OS 10014 IOOVj 1JO
linn i I HiMi j o m" . - ,-m j ,.,
7000 Third avo anj ds .n;. iji .iSt
UlrtXlO I' H Kteel 5s... ll2 102 10J
2.-.00 I! htcel r.r 8s 10J 101f 102
7000 Cnlon lac 1st 4s pnj 1'5 "H
OOOO fnlnn Pao cv 4s 1; 1 "J
20(10 Cll IIWVS S P 4., 49JJ 4SJ. 48Tt
100O Va Oa Brown Bros t'0 C0J Wi
4000 Va ltwy Bs. . vVtf. 0-;Jf $
2i.0O -Wabash 1st 5s Hffti OOJ. 0OJ4
71W0 Wab-P Tcr 1st ct 4a.. .4 7'4 ,J4
100O West Mi 1st 'j ,T?i H-ii
113000 West 13 A if cv 5s.. 08 t 03S O'Ti
r.OOO West llhore reff 4s So Wi ht
2000 West Union 4a 02 02 0-
Subscription List for $40,000,000 Is
sue1 Is Closed.
NEW TOI1K. April 23. Tho subscription
list for tho JIO.OOO.OOO lseue of 4V4 per cent,
gold notes of the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad, which wero purchased by Spcy
er and Company nnd Kuhn, Loeb and
Company, this mornlnfj. hnB been closed
by tho bankers, tho Issuo having been
One-half of tho new notes mature in
two years nnd the remalndor In three
NEW YOItK. April 28.-nUTTErb-MarUot
stoady; receipts. 8S71 rncknEea: "tra. jOW
5lcT filBher scorlnu. 31WKJ2C.. State dairy.
30c: lirlintlon creamery. 214W22c.
i:GCS Market weik; receipts, 34.086 pack-,.-
nlm first. 21S12miC.: rceulor pneked
nwrty white. 24c. : regular ArtH. ltWOfWc.j
rcBUlar packed mixed color. 20ft21c; gathered
nearby liroOTis. 2U4J722c,c. : storaeo. packed
llrat. 21Hc: extra flrsiB, 21nB22c
101 3 Dec.
3d week Anrll . $500,772 $123,730
From July 1. ..V... 40,004:011 4.200.C60
Mjrch btom ........... W20 03.584
&V"..!.:::: fS -i.:
March irross 1,150,532 JS2.70O
nr . 10.1,130 110, 2.
0 months Kroia 10,831,134 201,341
Net 2,000.402 '737,708
March gross X3.103.745 $S24.662
Net ....V....... 000,820 .10,mt
Nine months1 eross .730.000 3,308,000
;e( 0,181,011 401,511
March eross ?-sS9'.7i? TIf Si?
Net 1,23.1,211 65,325)
Nino montlia' btobs 47,(120,214 0,7t,37H
Net ;.."....." 0,022,001 3,7(12,028
March crsss l,478,OH S33.143
Set .;".....'. 420.308 48,01O
Surplus .I..! 180,437 27,Ool
Nine months' gross ".MJi?, :V?-S?
v.t . 8,752.400 11,521
Surplus 1,817.111 111,030
Britain Stops Cotton Exports
LONDON. April 28. The exportation of raw
cotton from the United Kingdom was speclft
cally prohibited In a special supplement to
tne Official Gaiette Issued today
The prohibition cot era all foreign porta In
Europo and on the Mediterranean and mack
&eas, except those ot France, Russia, Spain
and Portugal. Russian ports en the Baltic,
ate Included In tho prohibited areas.
Tha demand of the Urltlsh publlo for a
speclrlo prohibition against tha exportation ot
cotton has been Inalatent, but the Govern
ment heretofore haa contended that the export
has been prevented by the, general blockade
against Germany.
Heavy Sales of Birmingham Pig Iron
BIRMlNtUfAM. Ala.. April 28. Birmingham
pig Iron makers have sold 250,000 tons ol
pig iron ao far this month, with Inquiries
for large tonnages still brisk, These sales
are tbu largest ol any similar period. In over
a year. The rail and Ingot mills of the Ten
nessea Coal and Iron Company have been put
on double time.
Philadelphia. April 27th, 1015.
The Directors have this day declared a
semi-annual dividend ot 3 per cent., payable
May 1st, ISIS, to stockholders ol record at
close ot business April 27th. 1013.
Checks will be mailed.
1107 Market Street
Philadelphia. April 27th, 1013.
The Director have this day declared a
semi-annual dividend of four (t) l'er Cent,,
tree ot tax. payable May 1st, 1815. to stock
holders. o( record at the close of business
April Soto. Chscka will be mailed.
W. P. BINWBTT. Qaahlcr.
Philadelphia. April 20, 1915.
The Directors have this day declared a
semiannual dividend ot eight (8) per cent.,
tree of tax, payable May 1, 1915, to stock,
holders ot record at the close of business
April SOth, Check wilt be mailed.
Vice Prealdent and Caahler.
Philadelphia. April 0, 1813.
The Director bay this day declared a
dividend of eight per cent. (8SO, Ire ot tax,
payable Mar 1, 1815, to stockholder of
record at the close ot bualaasa April 23, 1814.
Checks will be mailed.
'frrBitf Ciihlar,
Break in Lake Superior Income
Bonds Interboro Shares Ac
tive in Local Market.
A new low record was established In
nnpla Transit Bhares this mornlnjr when
the prlco fell to 9H. No great nmotint of
cither stock or trust certificates was
offered, but thero seemed to bo a complete
lack of support, Union Trnctlon, on tha
other hand, held stoady. Tho announce
ment that tho Rapid Transit Company,
through Its real estate subsidiary, had
borrowed $1,800,000 on mortgage was not
regarded as especially significant on the
Street. Tlw money wos used to pay off
old mortgages and there was llttlo loft
over, niectrlc and People's 4s turned
hoavy In tho afternoon, going to 76.
Rapid Transit milled at tho close.
Lake Superior Incomo bonds fell 4
points to 30 this morning. Thero seems
to be llttlo likelihood of resumption of
Interest payments for somo tlmo to come,
but If then) Is any truth In the reports
that the company has been receiving
heavy orders for war materials from the
Allies, a turn for the better In earnings
should Bhortly mako Its appearance. Tho
stock receded fl. small fraction during the
early trading.
In tho aftornoon Lake Superior de
clined to 6$i, oft $1 from the final of yes
terday and tho prlco It was quoted nt
beforo It cross 10.
Unusual activity developed In Interbor
ough shares In tho local exchange.
Opening at 22, It roeo quickly to 23 bo
fore tho end of tho first hour, following
an oven wider gain in New York. Later
It extended the ndvanco across "4.
Tho local bond market was quite ac
tive. Standard Gns Cs rose lVu to 02H.
while subitnnttnt blocks of I'ennsylvnnl.t
I'fct changed hands as well ns Heading 4a
and Philadelphia Company first Cs.
Hankers reported a slightly atlffcr tend
ency In money, but quotations wero not
noticeably changed
Brokers In this city wero much relieved
to henr from Harrlsburg that the bill Im
posing a State stamp tax on stock' and
bond sales at the rate of 2 cents on each
$100 value had been defeated. The com
panion bill putting a ono mill tax on cor
porate capital employed In manufactur
ing has been sent back to committee
nnd Is not expected to reappear.
Financial Briefs
Regular quartorly dividend on Pennsyl
Tho St, Paul la preparing specifications
for 2000 freight cars to be built at Its
shops at Milwaukee. A contract has
already been let for $250,000 worth of
sleeping cars. St. Paul has also started
work on 1,000,000 worth of Hack elevation
In Chicago.
According to Washington dispatches,
another bank call Is probablo In a week
or 10 days.
George A. Huhn was elected chairman
of tho board of the "World Film Cor
poration, and Milton C. Work was mado
a director. Q. B. Cox, of Cincinnati. Is
tho new president of tho company.
Tho Itlnols Stcol Company has received
nn order for 3000 tons of rails each from
tho Monon and Mlncapolls and St, Louis.
Tho Baldwin Locomotlvo Works has
received ordera for one steam locomotlvo
for export and five electric mlno locomo
tives. The total amount of emergency cur
rency retired today was 807,030, leaving
$1,228,802 outstanding.
A New Tork Cotton Exchange seat sold
for 14,000, an advanco of 500 over tho
previous sale.
Made $GOO,000 in Bethlehem Steel
NDW YOP.K, April 2S.-Tho atory Is going
the rounds of Wall Street that Frank V!
Straus has netted a prorlt In excess of $000,000
In Bethlehem Steel.
It la oald Mrs. Straus started purchasing
Bethlohm Steel nt 730 a eliaro In tho Ruttcr
market before the reopening of tho stock ex
change. Ho was a steady buyer from that
point up to abovo $30 a share
-Ho did not sell a Bharp until It reachM
Jl.'U. and sold nil his holdings botween that
price and tH0!4 a share, which means nn
nvernKe protlt to him of approximately $100
a sharo.
A 4014-POlnt Jump In InteRrlty Title and
Trust atock was n featuro of todny's local
auction Bales ot securities. Fidelity Trust rose
11 and Corn Uxchance Hank IB. Northern Trust
ndvnnced 10 and 'Philadelphia National Bank
8. Thero was a drop of 22 points In Stetson
preferred and 21 In Flnanca Company of
i'ennsyivania urm prerrrrou.
Bqultnblo Trust Bhares fell 2.
International Pump Co. to Dissolro
NKW YORK. April 28. Tho Vice Chancellor
of .S'ew Jersey announces that an order will
be made for the dissolution of the Interna
tional Pump Company, for which receivers
-were appointed a few months ago.
Sates in Philadelphia
,, . Ys- oi""'
ilO Am Can 39
7 Am Oas imii
B Am Itwys prt.,100
5 BaM Loo pf...loi4
JM Cam Pteel f.oS
50 Cent Leather .. 401i
19 C It I P
on KIce storaro.... M
0 Ucii Asphalt 27
1.117 Intrrboro .Met.. 21K
10 Ins to N Am.. S!lU
14W1 Like Sup Corn. h
Ml l-hiKh .N'av.. . 7,1
25 Lehigh Valley . 72
w LchlKh Val Tr.. 13
200 . do prof 31
ii Little PchuMklll 01
High. Low,
20 Mo Paclrlo '
:aj Nevada
n Pa "nalt"MiV'
10 Phlla Co .
Ml Phlla Kloo ....
34 P U T
"in P It T tr etfs.,
10 Phlla Trac ....
11 l.t Tonopah Hoi....
680 Tonopah Mining
20 tan Cojiporll ...
.1 Union Traction .
LIT United (Ins Imp H4
375 West Eleo
w S
03 6-lfl
tt 10-IH
27 V,
if hw
!i U4'
90 0-lJ
84 ,
. Last prev. aale.
803 Cdmifltl scp 1010 t
310 do 1017 07U
MOO n & 1 Tr 4a... 76
1000 Hot Moo Cs.... 98
SOOO Lake. Sup Ins Oe 84
OOOQ Leh N eons -!4 P01
10CKJ Lh V n ens is Jill
,2uoo do gn ens 4 0:174
2UI00 Pa cons 4Mm OalOlii
COOO Hi Co nnn 1st ls Ofl
00W I'hlla Co 1st to 0
35 do scrip 10M. 1K1
33 do 11HR 2t
W100 Phlla Mce 4s... 70!
MOO do Cs 101 U
10000 Iteadlng gon 4s. 04U
1.000 Span Am 1 s..loi!
1000 Stand Oas Cs... 91
...7714 774
IO M di
-Ui ,J -7
?0'fc 70(4 7uK
no no. 33
SO 4i 85
00 07H 00
4014 4013-ld 40H
High. Low. Close.
I 05 08
H7J4 07i4 f,7V4
7!l 79 76
0714 7' P7T4
31 30 80
0i 01
K! 80 SO
,2K ,JM ,S
I 081i OSit
BO 90
7!J wl
101 low
tm w?
101 101
02, 02H,
CHICAGO. April 2. ITOOS. Iteeelpts. 20,
000 market strnni, So, hlvheri mlxort and
butchors, 7 2T1T7Mi, good heavy. 7,iifl87.aas
rough heavy, ?J 20; llglit, ST.4W7.U3i pigs,
$6.Sg7: bulk, 7.4fl(iJ-7.r,0.
CATTLK. Rpcnlpts, 10,000; market steady!
beeves, tfltK'K. cows nnd helfsra, $.ISl7.73i
lexuiin, vu.'i.Mill.u'.,; csiyes. eu.nwiD.lAj,
SII11H3F. Ilocflpte, 12,000; market
ki western, S3.o(nts.io: lamt
natlvo and
lambs, $7.50
Local Bid and Asked
Hid. Aslted.
00 02
10O , 102 ,
40 COM.
MV4 62S
2(1 27
00 07
13 10
15$i 10
BS 60
70 714
IiW life
Rl RtU
0Si 0S
24H 24(,
m 88
.14 30
40 41
OH oi
7Ri 7t
4 4i
7M 7
si i;
07J1 07,
SO 31
Bid. Asked.
rtjiMwtn ............... !V1 ,04
do prnt 100 102
Cam Steel ..... ....... 00 , 0014
Kloo Storage .......... 01U 02
(len Aanhalt ... 26(4 27
do nref .,....,,.,.... ("1 07
Key Tel 114 10
do t c ,,.,..., Ki 10
do prof (V en
tnko Hun Corp.. 0J 7 ,
l.eh N'av 73 7SJ4
Leh valley 72., 72i
Leh Val Tr 1K4 10.
do prof 3j; jjlii
TN-nnsyivanla ......... 03S 05H
Fhlla Dlcctrlo 21 244
1'hila Cnmimny 37 3S
do 8 per cont. pref ,.84 30
do 0 per cent, pref ..40 4t
(Phlla Rapid Transit .. -0H 0
.10 t c OU 04
Iteadlng 70S 70
Tonopnn Ilolmont 4H 44
Tonopah (Mining ...... 1 714
Union Trnctlon 33 n.1
U O 1 RS
1'nltad States Steel .. 00 OOtC,
York Hallway 71 iii
do prct oO Si
NEW YOP.lt, April 2& Trading -was QUlet
on the Corttv Encnange at the opening.
ITuturca were up S points to 1 point lower.
rrieea follow: ,..,
Today's' Yesterday's
opening, oloin.
..::r.r.:::::::::4:ars' jfc
Say ::::::::::::::::::$& $Mk
August 7.30o7.tO 7.81IR7.82
aoptfrnJier 7.4M7.-14 7.82i7.0
lOolsber 7.4nii7.41 7.4JJ7.0
t-emher 7.0() 7 40S7.00
rabor 7.rJJ!f7.B7 7.047.05
uary 7.01-57.68 7.0H37.fia
ruarr 7.0 7.8737.M
Sales, 1000 bsja,
Amparo Mining Company, regular quarterly
3 per cent., payable (May 10 to stock of record
April 80.
Champion Copper Compan, $1 per share.
Vennnylinnta ltallrnad Company, regular
o.(uru?rly 1H- per cent , paynblo May 2i to
stock of record May 1.
Norfolk and Weairrn rtallfwsy, regular quar
terly U4 per cent., payable Juno 10 to stock
of record slay 31.
1VHKAT. Receipts, 180,030 bush. There
was a fair export domand, nnd nlth stronger
outsldo advices prices advanced lc. Quota
tions: Cor lots. In export elevator No. 2 veil,
spot, $1.00ifl.(A, No 2 red AVrBtern. M.OS'a'
l.OS Hound lots, In export elevator No 2
red. epot nnd Anrll. tl.1tlHffl.OHt4 Nn. S red
Western, tLWttl.TlM; No. 1 Northern Du
lutlr, 1.711.74.
COUN. Receipts, 0338 bush. The market
was dull with llttlo chingo In prices. Quota
tions: Car lots. In export elevator. No. 2,
spot and April, 7tHif0c; steamer, 77145,7SHc;
No 3. 7tlH577c2c. Car lots for local trade, as
to location No. 2 yellow, 84'aSlHc.: steamer
yellow, KMrssijC., Uo It yellow, SOHtTSliic. ;
No. 4 yellow, ti'.iilTOHe.
OATS. Receipts. 171.008 bush. Demand
was light but prices ruled steady. Quotations.
No. 2 white, CiafilHc: ntendard white, 02
C2'4C , No. 3 white. (lliaOlHc.
11YK nominal. We quote nt $l.lfirl.l8
per bush., ns to quality. In export elevator;
and at fl.0r.Jfl.14 for small lots of nearby
grain In bags
FLOUR. Receipts, 702 bbls. and 288,800
lbs in eacks. The market was dull and Mil
lies wero largely nominal. We quote per 108
lbs. In wood: Winter, cloar, WifiWj, do.,
straight, f7i&7.23: do., pntent. 7.237.00; Kan
sas, straight, Jute racks. S7 207.43. do., nat
ent. lute hacks, 7.Nifi7.70: spring, first, clear,
t0.00H7.2O; do. straight, ii.iatli.m. do., int
ent. J7.30S7.tiO: do., favorite brands. Sf2S 00;
city mills, choice unci fancy patent, fcfcwfc Mi;
city mills, regulnr gindea Inter, clear, JO 73
5i7: do., Btralght. $ij7.2.",; do., patent, S7.233
ItYn FLOUIl ruled steady under small
supplies, but trado was ciulet We quote
ncurhv and Western In wood at $0.23tiG.50 as
to quality,
Tho market ruled steady, but trade was
qulot. Quotations City beef. In sets, smoked
nnd alr-rirled, 23fl2dc; Western beef, In
eete, emoked, SOfttMc; city beef, knuckles
nnd tenders, Bnioketl nnd nlr-drled, 27(i28c. .
Western beef, knuckles and tenders, smoked, 27
!Sc; bee' hams. taio32, jork, family, J21.ro
22- name, S. I'. cured, loose, 13WlUVc: do.,
skinned, Ioobc. 12i.!&12V4c.; do., do., emokod,
12v.ffll8Ur. : other hams, unoked, city cured, ns
to brand and average, ll'if He. : hams, smoked,
Western cured. 13Uffl4.; do., holled, bone
loss, 2290.1a.: picnic shoulders. S. P. cured,
loose. lOinoiic.; do., smokod, 10K1014C.; bel;
lies In pickle, according 10 average, loose, 1 Va
iill'o. ; breakfast lcon, as to brand and
average, city cured, lil(jV17Hc.i breakfast ba
con. Western cured. 1H1iVjc.: lard. West
ern rellnel. tierces, llGIUic; do., do., tubs,
UOll'.ic.; lard, puro city, kcttlo rendored. In
tierces, 115iHVic.: lard, puro city, kettle ren
dered, In tubs, llClHic
The market ruled steady, hut thero was little
trading. Wo quote Standard granulated,
t OSc. : flno granulated. 8.000. , powdered. (k ;
confectioners A, S.SOc; eoft grades, S.OSJf
BUTTER -was In fair demand and firm
under light offerings. Quotations- Western,
tresh, solid-packed creamery, fancy specials,
80c; extra, 31c; extra ilrats, 30c; firsts, 2M?
2i)c. ; seconds, 2(Hj"-'7c. ; ladle-packed. HKJ21c
as to quality; nearby prints, fancy, :ilc. ;
average oxtra. Me , firsts, 2iif31c. . seconds.
20W2.se : special fancy brands of prints Jobbing
at 8Sf4l
EGOS were in liberal Bupply and 18c. per
cats lower Quotations: In tree cases, near
by extras, 22c. per rtoz,; nearby firsts, $0 per
GtanJard enso- nearby curront receipts, $3.83
T)t-r case: Western extrn nrats, J8 per case,
do., firsts, J3.S3 per case. Southern, $3.10il
5.70 per caee, fancy selected candled fresh
iggs were Jobbed out at 24Q26c. per doz.
CHEESE. Offerings were light and the
market ruled firm with demand fair. Quo
tations: New York full cream, fall make,
fancy, 17V17V6c ; do., do., fair to good, 10V4U
17c: do., do., now make, lOJrlflUc. do., p.tft
skims. 8313c.
tlVE. Trade was slow and the market
was without Important change. Offerings
were moderate but ample. Quotations: Fowls,
10'ti4rl7c. ; roosters, 124jl2tc.; joung chickens,
soft meated, 17ftl8o.. do. do., staggy, ISO
14c J turkeys, 13313c; ducka. HSlSc. . geese.
Brown Brothers & Co.
Fourth asto Chestnut Streets
Orders carefully executed
You Can Be One of the 50
Exposition Irip Winners
The Public Ledger-Evening Ledger offers you
the opportunity of seeing the Panama-Pacific
and San Diego Expositions entirely without
charges Fifty persons securing the most credits
for Ledger subscriptions will win the trips; all
others are paid for subscriptions at newsdealers'
Send for full informationand instructions.
Fill Out
and Mail
Please eater
Paclflo Ezpoaltlon
. TO'
name as
tv contestant Xw the fuunis
" H'WMMlg T4
eVncl me all the aeceuary Inloimatloa and ubucrlptton tlinis.
lOCllc: guineas, as to quality, per pair, fC
,0c.; pigeons, old, per pair, ilVJfaOc.; do.,
young, per tnlr. 22ilsioc.
DKE.HSHD. Offerings wore light and val
iich rre wall mnintumeu. wltn trnue fair.
Quotations: Fresh-killed fowN, 12 to box, dr
Plcked and drv-p,icked, fancy, scloclcd, IPC.
ilo.. weighing -list):." lbs. aidccc, lSc, do.. 3431
lbs. apiece, I8c , do, 3 His aylece, UVfilTc;
do., under ,1 lbs. nplecp. 14lSc. Fowls, bbls.,
dry-picked and dry-packed. Wentern, -Jflr. lbs.
nplecn, 174flSc, do. do.. 8Vi lbs lniniqiTc;
Co.. do., .'I lbs. nnd under. 14!il(lc. Fowls, Ice
parked, choice, 17ijc Old roomers, dry-pleked,
1314c. Kqunbs. while, weighing 11 to 12 lbs.
per doz., l.s.13-!.W. white, weighing 1) to 10
lbs. per rtoi-.., JI.2SB3.IKJ: do., do.. 8 lbs.
per doz.. $2 7MJ2.S.1. do., do., 7 lbs. per doz.,
ii-2-l3. do., do., mni lbs. per Uoz., H.wij
1.1U: dark, Jl.MMfl r,U; small and No. 2, 1.
Frozen poultry Fowls, as to quality, lOiflSc;
chickens, dryplcked and dry-packed. In boxes,
inllk-fed. II1SM lbs. to doz., ISc. ; do, U74MJ
lbs to doz., ISc. ; do., -UlftT lbs. to doz., 18c;
do., 48 lbs. to doz., 20c.; do., 00 wi and over,
21c; corn-fcJ 3142 lbs. to doz,, 10c; do 4JO
47 lbs to doz., 17c; do.. 48 lbs. to doz.. 10c:
do., U0 lbs. and aver, 20c. Chickens, dryplcked
auu dry-packed. In bbls. Western, corn-fed, a
lbs. and over, ISc. : ao., do.. 4 lbs., 17K171ic. ;
do., do., 'M lbs., lSHc; do., do., 2!JO:i lbs., 14
C15c; broilers. mlll-fed, fancy, 18221 lbs.
to box, 27c; do. fancy. 2Alr2l lbs. to
doz., 24c; corn-fed, fancy, 18&24 lbs to ds
23c; do., prime, 230 lbs. to doz., 22c lur
keys, dry-picked and dry-paclted, fancy, aiO
22c. 1 fair to good. l320c., old toms, lllfluc;
ducks, fancy. In boxes, 17Q1&C.; do., ordinary
to good, 12a 10c. ; geesu, choice and fancy, lltj
10c; do.. Ko. 2. 12B11C
Offerings were only moderato and prices
ruled etoady with a fair demand for choice
stock. Quotations- Apples. Xcw York, per
bbl. York Imperial JJtifl; Greening. I2S3;
io'P?;,.,'3,-75?"-101 Bpy I2.S0W3.25; naldwln.
52.rj&33.2S; Ben Davis, 1.7Sfi2.SO: other good
eating varieties, fl.5uO2.S0; medium. M5T1.S0;
npples, Western, per box, $1.2.r,fiC; apples,
Delaware and ronnsylnnla, per hamper ttOdi
POc : lemons, per box, $LS02.2fi, oranges,
Tlorlda, per box. I1.7.1W3; grapefruit, Florida,
per box. I 2S'J; pineapples, per crato Porto
Illco 42.75'ii:i; Florida, 2.2.Vire.73; Btraw
berrles, Florida, per at.. 20235c.
The general market whs quiet and without
Important change. Quotations- Whitn potatoes,
per bush. Pennsylvania, SOfiOSc. .Maine, COW
Wc: New York, as to quality, inif43c ; white
Sotntnes. Tlorlda, per bbl. No. 1. 4 75g5 23:
iO. 2, Utt-l 2,1; Hweot potatoes, Delaware .per
hamper Largo, $1 2.1IM.73; medium. S0e.l;
sweet potatoes. Bastern Hhore. per lbl. CVo.
1. ?2.2S5J3 23; No. 2, 1. BO-i1. 7.1; sweets, Jcr
iey. per hM. No. 1, J.1 T0S" 1.7.1; No. 2, S2f
2.50; sweets, Jersey, por basket, 7.1cJl 25;
mlins. chol.-e, per lio-lh. lmE, fl 2.1511.50, do ,
medium, per 100-lb hag. fXffl7.V.: do,
Texas, per curnmer-crate. No. 1. t 051.7.1,
do.. Texas, per cummer-trate No. 2, $1.2.1.
cubbige, Danish, per ton, fIOiiC.1; do., Florida,
per basket, flffl 2.1. dp, Charleston, per
crate, $22 2.1 cauliflower, New York, per
crate. Jl 7.1A2.2.1, spinach, Norfolk, per bbl ,
,.V.ri,Jl; kale, Norfolk, per bbl,, ft0au,1-,:
letfice. Texas, per hush.-basket, Soiacic: do.,
I-lorlda, per basket, 7.1c Ml. 2.1; do.. North
Carolina, per basket, 75c.(Jfl . beans. Florida,
wax. per basket. J203 50; do , Florida, green,
per basket. $2fi3.no. peas, Florida, per liasket,
$25j3; eggplant, Florida, per box, S25J3.50;
incumbers, riorldo, per basket, fl.MWiM;
squash. Florida, per basket. S150ffl2 2.1.
peppers, Florldo, per carrier. $293.2.1: he'ts,
Florida, per 100 bunches, $334, do., Charles
ton, per 100 huncheB $3il4: tomatoes. Florida,
per carrier rancy. $2.7363.25; choice, $t.73'B
2 30, relery, Florida, per crate, $H1 Jri; do
New York, per bunch, 3R5J50c; asparagus, per
bunch. ISfSOc. ; mushrooms, per 1-tb. basket.
Liquidating Snlc3 In May by
Longa Russia's Crop Below
tho Average.
CllICJAOO. April 28. Uquldatlon hV
lonss In May wheat cAunad o. decltna ot
more than a cent In the price at the open
Injr of the grain pit today, and following
the course token by May, July also eased
off from the final of yesterday.
The declines wero short-lived, howevr,
and May rallied sharply from $LG0M to
JLBZJi at the doge, while July rose from
H.S4& to U7.
According to a cable from reliable
sources, Russia's harrest of 1911 was con
sldtrably bolow tho average, ylold and
only barely approached tho averarte. The
demand Is abnormal throughout tho Em
ptre for wheat as food, and prices aro
rising- steadily. Tho belief is gaining
ground that thero will be an Insignificant
amount available for export, should the
Ble-ok Sea became open before the next
The 600.000 bushels of old and 109.009
bushels of new wheat sold yesterday In
this city are designated as part 01 the
future shipments for export.
Minneapolis wheat stocks decreased
CSO.OOO bushels for four days, against
293,000 bushels of last year.
Latest advices from Italy report favor
able weather, and a. crop abovo tho aver
ace is expected. Large foreign arrivals
of Wheat at Nnpleo aro noted, but prices
are firmly maintained, with consumption
Leading futrrres ranged aa follows!
Wheat 1 Open. High,
uusy - 1,
MeDle-tiber... 1.24'
Corn (new delivery)-
Tyvw, Close, close.
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Septornber ..18.33
Bid. Tasked.
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10 to 10.40
10 20
tlO.CI 10.63
110.22 10.17
10 37 '10.02
10.M 10.82
17.3.1 17X2
118.10 18.07
18.52 18.02
Limestone &
Chemical Co.
This Company is earning
over five times the amount of
its fixed charges, which in
clude the 7 per cent, dividend
on itB Preferred Stock.
Every dollar of the Pre
ferred Stock is represented
by actual, intrinsic value.
Wc offer the unsold por
tion of this issue at par and
accrued dividends.
Call or send for the Annual
The White Investing Co.
Walter Whetstone, Plilln. Bljrr.
Morris Building ,
Sound Investments
C Wc have amonf our sound
investments a Railroad First
Mortgage Sinking Fund Gold
Bond. Price and description
on application.
132 South 15th Street
Our Position
Regarding Cold Storage
has not been altered by the refusal of the House
to repeal the present drastic law.
From the first this Bank has recommended
the adoption of the Uniform Cold Storage Law
drafted by the National Commissioners of
Uniform State Laws.
The decided vote by the Senate and the
vote in the House of 86 to 81 in favor of the
unconditional repeal of the present Cold Storage
Law, while not sufficient to repeal, proves that
the majority of our State Legislators are not in
favor of laws that unnecessarily hamper busi
ness. As business men to business men we again
appeal to our Senators and Representatives for
the adoption of the Uniform Law. We know the
present law hurts everyone in Pennsylvania,
including the Consumers, and benefits none
except merchants in Chicago and outside cities.
Corn Exchange
National Bank
Chestnut at Second Street;'
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