Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, April 26, 1915, Night Extra, Page 7, Image 7

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'.' l 1
Newest Appliances for the
"All-Gas Kitchens" Will
Be Demonstrated the
Next Six Days Through
out the Country.
Observance Hns Grown Up
Within Last Year or Two and
Is of More Than Passing In
terest to Housewives, Who
Learn New Methods.
Gas nanpo Week" beslna today.
Ons companies throughout the United
Btates more than 1100 of them, plan to
devote six days to displaying 1915 models
of all the npiiliances that go to complete
an "all-Rns kitchen," nnd explaining a
great deal not generally known about the
history and future possibilities of gas
used In homes.
An annual Institution In the gas In
dustry. "Gas Ilange Week" has grown
within the last year or two to be of more
thsn passing .Interest to thousands of
housewives .Demonstrations of the uses
and effectiveness' of gas appliances will
be given bv hundreds of dealers. Some
of them have Introduced musical con
certs npd the reception Idea Into their
plans for' tho week. Special decorative
displays will make gas companies' stores
conspicuous on business streets In towns
and cities from coast to coast. Few spe
cial events In the commercial world oro
more widely or more systematically ob
served than Is "Gas Range Week "
In April, 110 years ago, F. A. Windsor,
n Englishman, observing his wife remove
attics from their kitchen stove, conceived
the Idea of extracting Inflammable nlr
from coal. He patented a process, and
this patent Is one of tho treasures In the
musty archives of tho British Patent
Office. That Invention made the gas
range possible.
Celebrations of "Ga3 Range Week" In
this and other cities Include the display
of gas appliances at attractive prices.
Senate Committee Will Hear
Argument Tomorrow on Ani
mal Experimentation.
Advocates and opponents of vivisection
from everv section of the Stato will bo
present In Harrlsburg tomorrow to at
tend the public hearing before tho Senate
Committee on Public Health and Sanita
tion for a pending bill which will permit
hospitals and medical tchools to pur
chase dogs from city pounds far purposes
Of animal experimentation.
The bill was Introduced at tho Instance
of a number of leading medical and vet
erinary schools and colleges ot the State,
which heretoforo have 'had considerable
difficulty In obtaining animals for use In
experimental purposes. For the most
part they have been forced to purchase
the animals from boys who would steal
them or pick them up on the streets.
Under the terms of the bill the hos
pitals and medical schools will be per
mitted to purchase dogs which would bo
killed at the pounds for the Bum of 1
apiece. Between 5000 and 6000 dogs aro
killed annually nt the pound In this city
alone. The number of dogs used In tho
sehools does not nearly approach this
.Opponents of vivisection are prepared to
argue against the bill on tho ground that
It Is Inhuman and cruel to use dogs for
vivisection purposes at any time, and,
further, that the colleges ehould not be
allowed to purchase tho dogs for $1 apiece
when It costs the owners of the dogs 43
to rescue them from the pound.
Senator Daniel P. Gerberlch. ot Leba
non, chairman of tho Senate Committee,
jim preside at tne Hearing.
Uszok Pass Firmly Held and Invasion
of Hungary Frustrated.
VIENNA. April 26.
That not only has tho Russian as
sault on the Austro-Hungarlan positions
leading to the Carpathians completely
broken down, hut that at no Blngle point
has the enemy been able to make any
serious Impression on tho Austrian line.
Is the claim made nt hriulnii.ii tons
" Today's bulletin, covering the lighting
P to todav, declares that the Russians
Uvo been rolled back with enormous
losses. The communique saysithat Rus
fan official bulletins relating to suc
cejaes In the Carpathians are untrue,
Ma that desplto all the efforts and sac
rifices of the onpmy, Uszok Pass, tho
meat Important objective of the Russians,
1 firmly held by the Austro-Germans.
E...o Jiueaian aiiacKB, in an aiiempi to
Invade Hungary by way of Ondawa,
Lafcorcza and the Young Valley, have
ceased, and 3000 Russians have been,
taken prisoners In the vallev of the
upper Czlrcka River.
I Chief Dickerman Asks for City Bu
reau to Supervise Rates.
K Philadelphia needs a public utilities bu
Mm. - . . .. .
-". ,u supervision or me rates ana Serv
ice Of telenbntl. ptppfrlr, trnMtnn nnil
V",T cfPratlons In the city, according
pM Chief Justice C. Dickerman, of the
u or uas
He contends that Philadelphia pays
nor for gas than do 133 of the J5
"es and towns of the State. There
but JO of the 60 largest cities In the
country that do not have cheaper gaa
JMn Philadelphia. There are seven
of highways In Philadelphia that
wit p.ooo a mile to light, the highest
T ..or "shtlng per mile of any city In
United States.
til, Dlckerman asserts that Phila
delphia, ahmili ..... n ...iinnl llu,l
!.i caPab'e of operating 20,000 aro
rrw,TOabout 'our times the annual
K"l Paid the Philadelphia Electrlo
wmpany ,or BtMat ,ghtlns
?ij??ued Customers for 30 Years.
lbs. to every ton for 30 years.
.J?8 fi.net and moat complete
"Uyardin Philadelphia,
Egg, $6.25 Stove, $0.50
Chestnut, $6.75
largest Round Pea, $4.75
Qur auto trucks deliver north of
St. and east of 30th St,
wen Letter's Sons
ttenton & Westmoreland
Issue Statement Rejoicing in Return
of Prosperity,
PITTSBURGH. April aA general re.
Mvnl In many Industries Is reported In an
announcement from Pittsburgh labor
unions. The stntenient says:
"Firm In their belief In the return ot
prosperous times, thousands have with-
?.n .tnelr "ivInRs from hiding, and
within the last few days hovo put mil
lion Into slocks and bonds.
"Many Industries nro hard pressed to
supply the demand from the nations nt
war; In certain quarters It is believed this
country must produce at full speed for
ii-- jrars 10 ncip replace tlir materials
being destroyed by the fighting nations.
"Steel conditions are steadily Improv
ing The steel companies are operating
75 per cent, capacity In pig Iron. 65 per
cent. In the finishing departments and 70
per cent. In steel Ingots.
"N'ormal renditions exist for tho first
time for months In tho anthracite coal
"Pig Iron production In March amounted
to 2,063.831 tons, a 13 2 per cent, increaso
over February and an Increase of KM per
cont over December, 1014, the lowest out
put for some years.
It requires new machinery, new build
ings and equipment to turn out wnr
orders, hence the stimulus Is being felt In
many lines of trade It 1b declared, for
Instance, that nowhere In the country can
a latho be obtained for Immediate de
livery." $50,000,000 WILL BE
Equipment Appropriations De
note Prosperous Era, Heads
of Lines Declare.
The great railroads of the United States
will extend J.vt.ooo.ocO according to prom
ises contained In telegrams from the
presidents of the most Important roads
to 'the Public Ledger, In response to a
canvass to ascertain the extent of return
ing business prosperity.
In addition to the announcement of the
proposed expenditure of this amount for
betterments, renewals and new equip
ment, about one-third of the railroad
heads responding to the request for a
statement reported signs ot returning
bUilncss prosperity. Only a few were
pessimistic In their view of probable con
ditions next year
Tho replies of the varlouB railroad
heads came In response to the following
telegram from the Public Ledger:
Pennsylvania Sstcm will spend j:S,
000,000 In renewals nnd betterments this
year. Will your company expend
large sums In equipments or renewals
In near future? Is business outlook
good? Editor, Public Ledger.
About 100,000 miles of railroad systems
wero represented In the replies. Presi
dents of roads covering 44,000 track miles
replied that business conditions for 1015
nre promising Presidents representing
about 15,000 mlle3 reported the outlook
not good. The remainder were non
Petrograd Reports Enemy Heavily
Reinforced Along Lines.
PETROGRAD, April M.-Tho transfer
of German troops to the Carpathians,
which Is reported dally. Is assuming
much larger proportions. Tho Novoe
Vremya crltlo notes the growing nppear
ance of German reinforcements at various
rolnts, particularly In the Cracow and
StryJ regions.
The German high command Is denuding
the Narew region of all tho units that
can possibly be spared, with which they
are plugging the dangerous holes In the
Carpathians. Their place U being taken
by heavy artillery.
German heavy artillery from the rail
way lino north of Gumennoye, Hungary
attempted a terrific bombardment of the
Russian position In the hills preparatory
to an Austrian Infantry attack which,
however, never developed. The Russian
guns checked the attempt early In tho
day to display Infantry; then the Rus
sians charged nnd took another large
haul of prisoners.
Nonresident May Get City Job
Three engineers, nil non-residents of
this city, head the eligible list. Issued by
tho City Civil Service Commission for
the J25O0-a-ycar position ot assistant en
gineer In the Rureau of Highways. An
appointment probably will be made from
the list to llll n vacancy in tho 4th
district office of the Highway Rureau,
caused liy the provisional appointment of
Percy F. Proctor to the $10no position of
assistant engineer, succeeding William D.
filler, who resigned to become chief en
gineer of the Pennsylvania State High
way Department. The three ellgibles that
nre non-residents nre Charles D. Thomas,
of Drooklyn, N. V.; Dudley T. Corning, of
Trov, N. V.. and James G. Brennan, of
Albany, N. Y.
Regret Over Pastor's Resignation
Members of the Frankfort! Baptist
Church nre expressing regret at the resig
nation of their pastor, the Rev Dr. G. J.
Burchett, who has served the congiega
tlon for 31 years. Doctor Burchett has
been successful In his work In Frankford,
and the church building has been practi
cally rebuilt Blnce he took charge. He
Is a veteran of the Civil War -and has
been popular among the G. A. R. men
as well as with the Baptists throughout
the city. In his letter of resignation Doc
tor Burchett said he hoped to llnd a small
church that would pay a small salary. He
wishes to devote more time to his studies.
Atlantic City. N. J.
Atlantic City, New Jersey
The Leeds Company
coorEiisTotyN'. n. y.
On Otsego Lake, Cooperstown, N. Y.
BU Hour by Bali from New York Citr.
GOLF June 15 to October lit MOTOlUNa
TENNIS Booklur Offlcee BOATINO
Tn Dakota. J Weit 724 BU New York.
Atlantic Citr
Leading- HUh-Maw Moderate-Rate Hotel.
AIRBMARI P Vlri Inla av., nr. Beta. Cap.
ALtJCAlAlvLC 3i0t SUam heat, alavator,
.un parlori. srtvata tatba, etc. ; rac.l. tabu.
llOupwMy. 3 up dally. Bklt. J, F. COP B.
Ttrmloali to epan.
t mil from K.adlnJ
jLlIMd Larialcra.
N.w Kojal Mall tanjWii
rlrt3adlll particular. PBlr to
r. w. aw no . OA3 Walnut .
Kitchen closets aro formidable nuij un
attractive things at the hesu They al
ways suggest dingy little receptacles--tho
kind that force you to go through
every enn In the closet to find the coffee.
All this is completely done away with
In tlie modern efficient kitchen.
Look nt the model kitchen In the pic
ture. Ecrythlng fairly ladlatcs cleanli
ness and lunctlinblllty. The closets nrp
painted white and shellac Is applied over
this. They aro msy to keep clean after
this, for the paint cannot possibly wear
off. All the receivables in the modern
kitchen closet are made ot Delft blue and
white chlnaware tho last word In clean
liness. There Is no chance of being mis
taken In your condiments, for the ttamo
of the contents Is on every nrtlcle. Even
the vinegar, oil, etc., aro all put In china
Next to tho white enameled kitchen-
Vow people understand how much can
he done by means of our modern Improve
ments In gas, electricity and other ap
pliances. Tho whole household, with very
few exceptions, could bo run by these two
motive powers combined. Taking gas np
plIanceB by themselves, hero Is a rough
estimate of what you can accomplish:
A water sterilizer It prevents any oc
casion for contagion, and operates In no
time. Has a tank with a capacity of two
or five gallons, according to tho occasion.
This has a tubing connecting with the
gas source, nnd sterilizes automatically.
An Incinerator to dlsposo of all the un
necessary refuso each day. There Is no
odor to this, of course, nor is there any
smoke. This Is drawn off by way of the
Puts Hirshman Under Bond to Quit
Kitchen Militarism.
It seems that a battle In the kitchen Is
a customary Saturday night affair at the
home of John Hirshman, 302! D street.
Tho crashing of cups nnd saucers
through the windows, according to his
daughter, Katie, is pleasant music to her
father's ears. With the opening of tho
bnsebnll season, It appears that tho
throwing mania of her father grew
worse. When ho was arraigned before
Magistrate Campbell at tho Front and
Westmoreland streets station today Katie
said that during Saturday night's battle
she was knocked down with a tea cup.
Her father had nothing to say.
"It'fl getting on my nerves," she de
clared, 'and I can't stand It any longer."
Hirshman was told to cease hostilities,
nnd to insure peace the Magistrate held
him In J300 ball.
A possible fractured skull was tho pun
ishment meted out to 7-year-old Anthony
Smith, 1!61 North Philip street, for break
ing a window In the home of Peter Baco
vlskl. 13 years old, 1055 North Philip
street. According to the police Bacovlskl
last night struck the child over the head
with a brick, knocking him senseless, and
then hid him In a boxcar on the tracks of
the Reading Railroad at American and
Berks streets.
Germans Free Danish Ship
COPENHAGEN, Aprlt M.-The Danish
Foreign Oftlce lias been advised that the
Danisli steamer Nldaros, which was cap
tured by the Germans and taken to the
Island of Sylt, off the coast of Schlee
wlg, has been released and has proceed
ed to England.
1915 Design
2 Fuel 2 Fire
Home Happiness
and Good Food,
Well Cooked, arc
very closely related.
The proper morning
start in the kitchen is of
the greatest importance
to the comfort and
V I"!1' 's . i i
nn 1 c- " ' I'M
health of the family. mil Furnish
Quick Meals, Perfectly Cooked
Abundance of hot water for domestic purposes ovens and broil
ers for gas and coal conveniently arranged and of large size.
Steam and Hot Water
ThoutanJt t.tktst titular tooJrltt uutMni satisfaction.
Thcje successful Ranges or Boilers or Furnaces
should bo installed in every new house or put In
when substituting new goods for old,
Architects specify them Builders use them-'
because of their superiority. They please everyone,
Richardson & Boynton Co., Mfrs.
1342 Arch Street, Philadelphia
Installsd l JPflCflt PiaUrs
closet Is tin gas range This is a real
tribute to the range itself Its two capa
cious ovens nre nt the left, lighting by
a single set of burners. The upper re
ceptacle Is a warming closet, in this
ou can keep the bread, rolls and extra
vegetables hot while tho rest of tho sup
per Is In the making. An extra oven
for the largo Christmas or Thanksgiving
turkey Is seen on tho opposite side.
Nolo the Indicator nt the front of the
oven This affords the really selcntlllc
cook a chanco to time nnd regulate her
oven Cakes will seldom "drop' In an
oven which has an accurate Indicator.
It Is not possible. The oven Is heated up
to a certain point before the cake Is put
In. The cake is allowed to bako until
It reaches a certain stage, then the gas
Is shut off and the enko is left there to
brown. White enameled stopcocks nre
used, to match the general sanitary ap
pearance ot the model kitchen.
chimney, by means of a special connec
tion. A nursery stove to warm up the milk
lu tho wee sma' hours When this Is
necessary every three or four hours, tho
Iittlo stove will be appreciated.
Tho gas Iron, percolator, chafing dish,
tablo kettle, hot water heater, etc.. aro
hotter known to tho housewife. One odd
Hrrangement is the wall burner not so
nppalllng as It sounds simply a little
connection which Is Installed on the wall
to heat a small nmount of water In the
summer, for shaving or nursery purposes.
Other kitchen and laundry appliances
are tho Iron heating stove, tho brol'lng
plate, the gas toaster, tho gas i.inge
lighter, tho pancake griddle, the sad iron
heater, the waffle Iron and the oak gas
Expires Suddenly at Homo of Grand
mother in Ossining, New York.
Miss Josephine Nlcholl, of New York,
died suddenly today of what Is believed to
have been scarlet fever, at the home of
her grandmother, Mrs. William Ulrney,
at Ossining.
Miss Nlcholl was tho daughter ot Mr.
and Mrs. Do I.ancey Nlcholl, of New
York, her father being an eminent law
yer, of national reputation. She wns
widely known and a frequent visitor
among -the younger set of this city and
a cousin of George W. Norrls.
nevernt years ago anss Nlcholl was
taken seriously 111 with pneumonia while
attending the bal masque here, and for
weeks was 111 In a local hotel.
Risks Life in Effort to Save Horse
A horse was burned, to death yesterday
and a man Injured, who attempted to
rescue It when a fire destroyed a stable
nt 903 Harmnn street. The stable was the
property of William F. Hendrie. 6940 Ger
mantown avenue. The blaze wns discov
ered by Com ad Ruder, the proprietor or
a grocery In the vicinity, who gave the
alarm and rushed to the aid of two
horses In the burning stable Ruder got
one horse out in safety, but In trying to
get the other was severely burned on tho
head nnd hands. Ho had his Injuries
treated by a physician. The loss is about
Chestnut St.
Fresh Air
S. i liiinii ii i i ' 'TITinillll "TIB
tAr ijmiaL HHSfaS BUT
(ml:-VMi'm?S3M Ml
iliyWisSS 1 1
Trenches Held by Russians
Months Taken by Assault.
VIENNA, April 26.
The capture of Oslry Heights, to tho
south of Koslowa (northeast of Usrok
Pass) Is officially announced by the War
Office After an attack by sappers the
Austrian troops stormed tho height. Si
multaneously the Austro-Oerman troops
succeeded In gaining ground on and to tho
south of Hoad 653, which tho Russians
had captured.
With the capture of Ostry Height nnd
ttwlnln llldge, which wai taken at tho
commencement of April, the reduction
of the Russian positions, which had been
stubbornly defended for months on both
sides of the Orawa Valley, Is now ac
complished. There have been local artillery engage
ments In tho other sectors of tho Car
pathian front. In rjallcia and Toland it
Is gonerally quiet.
Bill Would Make Pennsylvania
Registry Cost Highest in
Country, Its Enemies Say.
Efforts to enlist every automobile owner
In the Stato In a fight on a proposed law
which would double the tax on plcnsuro
nnd commercial motor vehicles will be
made by tho Philadelphia Auto Trade As
sociation and the Pennsylvania Motor
Association through tho medium of news
paper advertising, letters and personal
A bill, known as House bill No. 1471.
providing that both pneumatic and solld
tlied motor-driven vohlcles shall pay fees
for registration exactly doublo those at
present In force, was Introduced In tho
House of Representatives at Harrlsburg
on Aprlt 7, by Representative 13. Lip
scliultz. ot this city. The bill Is under
consideration by a subcommittee of the
Committee on Judiciary General, and is
being watched zealously by automobile
dealers nnd owners
"The bill would work a great Injustice
to both dealers and private owners ot
automobiles," said J. 15, Gomery, treas
urer of the Philadelphia Auto Trade Asso
ciation today, "nnd we Intend to fight
Its passage to the last trench. Auto
mobile owners paid Into the revenues of
the State last year nn nmount estimated
nt 31,700.000 Both dealers nnd private
owners have p.ild heavy tnxes hereto
fore without complaint, though they have
felt that unjust discrimination wns made
In favor of horse-drawn vehicles.
"Tho constant and Increasing burdens
which nro being loaded tin tho automo
bile Industry is sure to reict and in
affecting what Is now the fourth greatest
Industry In the country, will affect ad
versely n vast number of workers."
According to members of tho Auto
Trade Association, licenses for motor
vehicles In tho Stato of Pennsylvania
are already tin high as those of any other
State, and higher than the majority. The
proposed increase would place the Stato
in a new class for high registration fees.
The schedule of proposed registration
fees on automobiles ns provided for by
the hill is:
Less than "0 horsepower, $10
More than 3) nnd less than CS horse
power, ?:o.
More than 33 nnd less than M horse
power, j.0
Fifty horsepower or more, Sin.
It wns pointed out by a dealer that a
small car of 23 B horsepower, costing
IKiO, which now puvs a license of $10 a
year, would, under this bill, pay $20 a
year or 3 per cent, of Its cost.
Temperance Advocates Not Satisfied
With Ban on Absinthe.
PARIS, April 26. Vhe enemies of alco
hol in Franco nro not satisfied with the
ban on absinthe and the restriction of the
number of drink shops. Reports from
many parts of Franco show that absinthe
by no means Is the only cause of drunk
enness, nnd France's poltlon In certain
districts of Alsace nnd at borne seaports
Is declared dangerous.
Jules Siegfried Intends to press upon
the Chamber the necessity of waging
war against an nperltirs and abolishing
tho privilege of domestic distilleries.
BARTLETT & CO., INC. 1938 MarkelSL
li The Great DitwerS Banquet Bewrage
9W IpllMjjl
Every Fortune Gas Range That Goes'
Into Your
Work for the Skilled
Mechanics of Philadelphia
There is a Fortune Range of every type for
large or small dwellings and for all pur
poses. They are all moderately priced, high
grade ranges.
But Most Important of all
When you buy a Fortune, you areinvesting
in Philadelphia-made products, giving em
ployment to the men of this city and keeping
your money here, in Philadelphia, where it
helps to make-tfriscity, and YOU, more
Finance Committee Itoom
City Hnll Is the Scene
Lively Debate.
An oprn hearing on tlie question
whether Convention Hnll shall bo erected
on tlio plot west of Jlth street, between
Chestnut nnd Mnrkot, or In Fnlrnmtint
I'nrk, wns held In the Fln.inco Committee
room of Councils, City Hnll, this nfter
noon. llnslness men oml representatives nf
civic nnd tindes bodies were Riven nn
onporttinlty to voice their views of the
orrtlnnneo pending In Council for n trans
fer of tl,(fl0,00il lonn funds for Conveif
tlon Hall from lurlnllctlon of the Mayor
to tho rnlrmoiint I'nrk Commissioners.
Tho ordlnnnco has passed Common Coun
cil, hut hits been held up In the Select
branch for a nubile henrlne. Pnns.-iirn nf
the measure Is understood to menu erec
tion of the hnll nt the site known ns
"Tho Cliffs," Md street nnd Glrard
Ilnsiness orcanlzatlons have taken op
posite stands on tho measure nnd there
was a lively debate on tho project.
Tho Allied Ilnsiness .Men's Association
has,rlttnn Ifnrry J. Trainer. Select Cnun
cllmnn nnd head of the rinanco Com
mittee and members In that branch, ask
Ihff that an opportunity be given -(.'on-Rressmnn
J. Washington Ijgue nnd ex
Attorney rjeneml Ilinnpton U Carson to
present ndvintngcs of construction of the
hall nt the '.'llll nn,l Market stieels site
John P. Connelly, chnlrman of tho
Hnnneo Committee ot both hranches of
Councils, guided the measure through
Common Council nt tho last meeting
ngalnst opposition of Morris K. Conn, of
tho Sth Ward: Dr. B U. Gleaon. of the
0th nrd, nnd Robert D. Drlpps. of the
-.il Wnrd. Connelly nssertcd that the
business- men in tho central section of tho
cltv were "not the wlioln show."
noclor Oicason said that when Con
nelly moved ills onicc to Fnlrmount Park
in tho belief thnt It would be casllv ac
cessible to clients ho would then believe
tho Park to be a good site for a conven
tion hnll.
The organizations working for the :ith
nnd Market streets site hnve drawn up
a petition which now hears more than
10O1 names of persons, business firms and
organizations, nnd setting forth the com
parative ndvnntngcs of each site, which
they presented nt lodnv's hearing
Special Interest attached to the hearing
In view of the rumor that an oniclai of
the Haltlmore and Ohio Railroad Com
pany would announce plans for the elec
trification of the line of thnt company
through the city.
Drowned .Man Identified
Tho body found floating on the Dela
ware River near" Lcaguo Island on Pat
uruny motnlng ins Identified todav as
Itlchnrd Hull, W yenrs. of 1S3I Mnnton
street. His brother and father, who made
the Identification, said that he hn.il been
missing from home Mnce Thanksgiving.
No. IS-02 New Pro. ms Italics
A Stoa That Will Please You
Jit i-nraij I n SyflPHvi
In exactly one minute from the scratch of
the match, your dven is at the right (tempera-
ture! Besides, you can bake cake, fish and
onions in the same oven and at the -same time,
side by side, without
odor of the others.
These are only
vaiiitigeb ujl uiu inuw jriucess VJoiuie uas
Range. .
It is especially designed and constructed j
to SAVE GAS and energy wasted bytunneces-"'
sary motions when cooking.
It is safe, compact, clean, efficient aaid will -do
your baking quicker, cheaper and 'better
than any other stove.
Call at our store and let us give you a j
demonstration of the sterling qualities ?of the.
New Process Stove.
Div. of American Stove Co. "V
61 North
Kitchen Means
and on sale at all Gas Company Offices
Roberts, Stevenson Co.
Milk Driver Held for Theft
Charles Rhodes, of MW North ami street,-!
was held Under JMK) ball for n. furti
hearing, by Magistrate Boyle, at the 2
nnd 1ancnster avenue notice station le
day, on the charge of embezzling $H6
from his employer. K. AV AVoolmah. tll
4709 Lancaster avenue. Rhodes had beeh!
. . ... ... . ... . . ..'
driving a miiK wagon ror wooiman unui '
a few days ngo. AVooIman charges that
he collected tHO nnd failed to turn It over
to him,
Gas Range
The mostlmodern, labor-caving gas
range on the market, i Equipped
with every convenience for cook
ing, baking, frying, boliing and
warming. Orioles areready fn an
instant Tor any kind o food prepa
ration, and do, not 'Aeat up your
kitchen. Cut down your fuel bill
and keep' cool fthis&summer with
an. Oriole.
No. 31118 ORIOLE has a special
broiler that raises, lowers and re
volves a steak, a dozen chops,
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ORIOLE Gas Range
Demonstrated at the
N U. G. I.
1 1 th& Market Sis. This Week
23 different styles of
display at
"Oriole" on
William Thomson's
64-66 N. 2D ST.
You Start to Bake
in 60 Seconds
on a
New Process
Gas Range
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Second Street,
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