Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, April 26, 1915, Night Extra, Page 6, Image 6

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Concert tonight
'; at mei10p0litan
tStttnvbrictee & Clothier Chorus
Fof More Than 150 Voices in
fji- MtiQ Program.
,-fcj. -Ane anjiuai concert 01 mo Dirawununo
Hg-Jk Clothier ChorjiF, for which preparation
fimvo been utmcr-jtyay ior two mumnr,
Will bo Riven lonlRht.)n the Metropolitan
Opera House The program comprises
tho chnrmlntt and tuneful cantatas, "Tho
Swan and the Skylark" and "The Hoso
Mftlil." TJie affair promises to he an
hrtlslldUliifnph In every respect,
i Tho chorus now numbers moro than 160
Voices. The Soloists, nil of whom enjoy
.distinction In their line, will be Mrs. May
Ebfey Hols, Mrs Clnru Yoruin Joyre,
Nicholas DoiiRhty nml Louis James How
ell, The Philadelphia Orchestra will fur
Mlsh the Instrumental music Herhort J.
XUcy, the general tnmmRor of the Straw
rjdRo & Clothier store, will direct tho
entire, production.
7 In accordance with past custom, the
firm will pay all the expenses of the con
cert, and the entire gross receipts will be
turned over to the Strnwbrldge & Clothier
pension fund Holding the concert In tho
Metropolitan Opera House Is u departure,
since the affair has always been staged In
the Academy of Music In previous years.
About ISO concerts have been given by
tho Strawbrldgo & Clothier Chorus since
U was first orgnnlzed. Twelve of tho
moro notable productions were given In
tho Academy of Music nml 11 at Willow
Grovo. More than 100 concerts have been
Slvert In the store during the Haster and
Christmas seasons
Money Collected in Naturalization
Cases Will Go to Counties.
Justice Stewart, In the Supremo Court
lcla rendered a decision, declaring that
counties of the State, and not their court
clerks'' or Prothonotarles, arc entitled to
a prpportlon of all the fees collected In
naturalization proceedings. Today's de-
I clslpn reverses an opinion handed down
Court of Schuylkill County.
'- Tho decision Is the result of n test case
instituted by Join. W. Reese, Prothono
tary of the Common Pleas Court of
Schuylkill County. Tho nmount of fees
Involved In this particular case was ISM.
J representing half of the total foes col-
lectcd by Peesc. The other half he
turned over, as provided by the act of
Congress, to the Iturenu of Immigration
and Naturalization.
ypunfr Woman Saves liuming Home
The bravery of Bmma Mltchener, a
guest' nt the home of Tharles H KUIott,
of 3211 Montgomery avenue, saved the
house from piohable destruction by (Ire
today. On being awakned by smoke,
the young woman saw a Ince curtain
ablaze and tore It from the wlmlnw.
Ihlle attempting to extinguish the
flames, sho was painfully burned on tho
arms and body. Her injuries we nt.
'tended by a physician. The lire caused
a loss of SSO.
Turk Sent on Peace Mission
BUCHAP.EST. April M.-Osmnn Nlzonl.
'former Turkish Ambassador at London
Is on his way to Berlin, having been en
trusted with n secret mission In connec
tion with Turkey's desire to conclude n
separata peace. He also will visit Rome
Its Sanguinary Character Horrified
"Even Those Familiar With War
fare." WASHINGTON. April 2i.-righllng so
bloody ns to horrify oven those familiar
with warfare marked his forces' recent
struggle with General Obregon's ar
Mnftlstan at Cclayn, declared a report
from General Villa received nt his Junta
here today.
He bombarded Celnya continuously for
21 hums, Villa rnys, Obregon losing
cnormmirlv. especially among his Yaqul
Indian trbnps.
On tho other hand Villa, admitted that
his own "battalion of death," n picked
body which Hies n black flag, and prides
Itself on the emblem of tho skull and
cross-bonca on each mon's Jacket, was
nearlj annihilated In a desperate charge
against tlit Cnrranzlstas.
Tho charge was led by Villa himself
Ills horse ni killed under him.
Oriinnil Unnda, one of his lieutenants,
was described as having charged with his
staff In an armored train against Obre
gon's artillery, planted on buildings In
Celaya's outskirts. In tho face of a ter
rific llro Honda and his men rnn their
train within W) feet of the enemj's
rnnnon, then made n dosh on foot, suc
ceeded In mining tho buildings and blow
ing them Into tro nlr with dynamite.
Villa owned that Us losses were very
Deprives Sam Smaller of Clothes,
Breakfast and Good, Cold Water.
The changed tompcraturo of tho day
has not obliterated Its hlueness. How
would you llkn to discover that your wife
had carefully collected nil your spring
and summer suits and fiolri them to the
old clothes man? And then had Just ns
enrefully packed all your other npparel
away In a trunk? That la what happened
to Sam Smaller.
Mrs. Smaller was amazed when he ap
peared for breakfast this morning In his
pajamas. "Don't stand there and gap."
he crowled. "They'ro tho only things
J'ou'vo left mo. I can't find a pair of
trousers or a coat and vest to wave my
neck. If you think I'm going to pry open
any trunks early Monday morning, you're
"You'll have to wait a while for your
breakfast," said Mrs. Smaller "The
plumber came here this morning and
turned the water off, and. In turning It
off, he lincl to turn the gns off first "
"Jt'H the first time I've ever heard of
gas and water running through tho Fame
pipe," said Smaller. "I suppose we can't
have nny butter because Its the Sfith of
tho month. If the plumber doesn't ob
ject, I'll phone to the restaurant In tho
next block and tell them to bring up my
breakfast "
Ho tiled the phone, but thero was no
answer, for the restaurant whs closed on
account of a death In the family.
Gossip May Prevent AVeddiiiR
Mrs. Lena Strup, of 3214 Miller street, tho
R3- ear-old fiancee of Wllllnm SHcox, 111
years old, of 3465 Edgmont street, threat
ens to call off the ceremony unless gossip
about the weddlnff ceases. Mrs. Strup,
Indignant nt tho publicity given her en
gagement, said: "If thlng3 don't change
mighty sudden I'll back out. I was mar
ried twice before and I never had all this
fuss and gossip about It. I don't have to
get married. I'm nble to support myself."
Sllcox had nothing to say about his np
proachlng nuptlal.
Toward the Conduction of n Subway Railway In Broad Street, from League
Island to OIncy Avenue, with the ncceuary branch line northeast and north
west from Broad Street, and the Construction of an Elevated Railway, from
Front and Arch Streets to Rhawn Street.
A Cross (X) markbdin tho square at tho righj; of
tho wprd YES indicates! a voto FOR tho Loan.
A Cross (X) marked in tho square at tho right of
tho word NO indicates a voto AGAINST tho Loan.
Shall tho Corporate Authorities of tho City of Philadelphia 1j
authorized to Increase the Indebtedness of tho said City,
In the further sum of Six Million (0,000,000) Dollar?
Wifo of Pennsylvania R. R. Employe
Kills Herself in Park.
Tho young woman who leaped to her
death from tho Strawberry Mansion trol
ley bridge In Iritlrmount Park on Saturday
afternoon has been Identified ns Mrs,
Mabel Bowers, 1324 Lycoming street, wife
of nn employe In tho paymaster's depart
ment of tho Pennsylvania Hallroad. Mrs.
Mowers fractured her skull when sho
struck one of the piers of the bridge.
According to the husband of the woman,
who was 23 years of age, eho had been
suffering from a nervous breakdown.
When her parents, who mado their homo
with her, became alarmed over her nb
senee Saturday night, they naked frank
P. Haucry, 1328 Lycoming street, to go to
tho Morgue and look nt tho body of tho
voting woman who committed suicide by
leaping from tho bridge. Ho Identified the
Half Million Distributed
Among 1264 Polling Places
for 250,000 Electors.
More than half a million ballots fcr use
In the special election Thursday, when
the people will vote on the proposed
JC.OO.Ooo transit loan, are
being dlstiibuted today
among the 12C-1 polling places
In the city. The work Is
being done under tho direc
tion of Harry Kuenzel, su
perintendent of elections In
tho County Commissioner's department.
Tho ballots are uniform In sire, with the
exception of thoso for uso In tho 23th,
27th and 3Sth Wards, where cnuncllmnnlc
vacancies are to bo tilled. In theso ensco
the ballots are six Inches longer and tho
names of the councllmnnlc nominees ap
pear above tho transit loan proposal.
Approximately 250,000 citizens are
qualified to voto at tho special election,
nccordlng to the estimates of tho Board
of Keglstratlon Commissioners. At the
general cloctlon last November 272,000
citizens wcro registered and duly quali
fied to voto. This number has been de
creased by at least 20,000 by deaths,
changes of rcsldenco and other causes.
Friends of tho Taylor trant.lt plan
wore surprised to leacn today that City
Solicitor Kyan has prepared a proposed
amendment to tho constitution which
would Increase Philadelphia's borrowing
capacity to 10 per cent., us designed by
tho pending Vnro amendment, but which
would make tho money nvallable for all
purposes, Instead of for port and transit
Improvements, as provided by the Vare
In substanco this amendment Is the
same as that advocated by Senator Mc
Nlchol some weeks ago, which was at
tacked by all supporters of the Taylor
plan ns fatal to the comprehensive pro
gram of tiaii'lt development about to bo
begun lure Following the publle bear
ing February 11 before the State Pcnatn
Committee nn Municipal Affairs It was
supposed that Senator McNIchol would
abandon his proposition to amend the
pending amendment.
Former Director Norrls, of tho Depart
ment of Wharves, Docks nnd Ferries, nnd
other financiers havo said that It would
bo had business policy for tho city to In
creaso tho borrowing capacity for any
other than revenue-producing Improve
ments. The adoption of tho suggestion
of tho City Solicitor would only not di
vert tn other purposes a considerable part
of the money Intended for uso for transit
development, but would delay for two
yearn the llnnl paenge of the constitu
tional amendment, thereby obstructing the
entire transit program except the expen
diture of the proposed $5,000,000.
Police Think It Explosive nnd Pass It
on to Fire Mnrshnl.
Tiro Marshal Ocorgo W. Elliott today
nflleluted at tho opening of suspicious
packages found by a patrolman on a
dnorstep In South Philadelphia and sup
posed to lie a bomb.
Homoval of tho outer wrappings dis
closed a cigar bov. Tho cigar box was
then allowed to rest In a bucket of water
for tho regulation length of lime, and
nttor wet blankets had been wrapped
tightly around tho mysterious bundle tho
lid was pried oft by tho flro marshal.
Tho Investigation disclosed two sowor
rats, which, tho marshal says, had been
dead for nt least two weeks, Tho de
ceased rata completely filled tho box.
Patrolman Louis Mlntz found the box
on tho doorstep nt P32 South Sth street.
It was addressed to "Mlchete Homano,
Montrose street, city." The parcel was
i-enled with red wax. Lieutenant Samuel
Mills, of tho 7th and Curpenter streets
police station, sent the package to tho
fire marshal to bo opened.
Of course you will take
advantage of the opportunity offered
by "Gas Range Week" to examine
i ) m &jit a
They aic made in "Philadel
phia, The World's Greatest
Work Shop," in sizes and styles
to suit any need.
Sold by Gas Companies, De
partment Stores and Dealers
Roberts & Mander Stove Co.
" BlU ' - W l-""-A lllA J ! ! I I ?- ja
Youths Attempted to Placo It In Hair
of Several Girls.
An Innocent toad which hopped about
Hunting Park enjoying the summer Bun
slna yesterday afternoon proved tho un
doing of three young men and caused
them to spend lost night In the 39th
street and Lancaster avenue pollco sta
tlon. Tho direct charge agnlnst tho
three youths wos that they attempted to
placo tho load In the hair of .several
young girls In tho park. '
The trio, who gave their names ns John
Utile, 20 years, 2735 North Front street;
William McOrath, 18 years, 155 Park
avenue, and Wilton Well, 19 years, 2741
North 21th street, wcro arrested hy Park
Guard Hartllno and Sergeant Itogers.
Thoy wero released by Magistrate Boylo
this morning after a sevcro reprimand.
Samuel Gold, 10 years, G31 Mifflin street,
who was accused of making Improper
remarks to girls In Falrmount Park yes
terday, was sentenced to 10 days In prison
by Mnglstrato Doyle.
Dominion Delayed by Dock fitriw
.. t ,argo.
Tho American Line steamship ton,,,
docked at the Washington ...7!?,n,0
day after a delay of moro than lWo w '
at Liverpool caused y the doetn. .
strike In that port. Tho Dominion .
only American Line steamsMr "n?.1!"1
mhndeered by the British Admliii .0m
others, notably the Merlon IWV .
Prance nW """ M trPW. to
Tho finer carried S8 cabin and 1(4 t
ago passengers on tho trip lult "lr"
pleted. tho greatest number brmL? m
this port by any vessel In the l&,8t t0
iMuimin, .milling mo cab n r... ur 1
wero Mrs. Nora R. Smith and hVins4r,i
tan. Miss E. A. Smith and M?sr.d?ru1I
Smith, all of 8118 nideo "n2,M M- aI
After discharging a small cargo of ..
eral merchandise, the Dominion i will F.J"
a capacity cargo of foodstuffs . "
supplies, Tho return vovnn i. ."??
to begin on Saturdav. "PectH
In a season of wonderful
variety, no model excels
this in refined and exqui
site fashion.
Patent leather. Inlaid with
white, fawn or grey.
Whlto buck, Inlaid with black.
Stei5eru?al ,
V 1 420 Chestnut St
"Whero Only tho Best la Good Enough",
i m
on exhibition in Phila
delphia this week at the
(South West Salon)
"" h" tiltolliliJMiiliiili'i'lill'ililill lillliilliiiliiiiiiil
& In f Jur i "B 1
1 9fllllili T
- -:! can iHrjIbd Kim -spjm
I Gas b-Jral
Infhct 1
l -lr Ttr.TW-mlfraW'jjJ
II APRlLijfl
; 1 30rf
0raaf' f"f UjlMM I
' EThinT fB jSA tat w I
ma igiHLHfii
in Honor
This is a country-wide movement to testify to the merits of this greatest of
labor-saving, economical, household devices.
Your Gas Company Is a
Leader in This Movement
We shall celebrate this week in Philadelphia in many unusual and
interesting ways.
Attractive and instructive window displays. Complete exhibitions of
latest models. Baking and cooking Window Demonstration at our 11th and
Market Streets Store.
Every Cabinet Gas Range on Our Floors
Reduced $2.00 During Gas Range Week
This includes the Special Cabinet Range offered this year at the
Unusually Low Price of $21.75. - . '
For this week only, $X9'
There was never such a value. All ranges sold on easy terms.
Our Special Invitation
We want you as our guest during Gas Range Week
At Our Market Street Store Tea and
a Light Repast Will Be Served
every day from 11 A. M. to 4 P. M., in a Japanese Tea Room specially
arranged. Music.
This Invitation Is Addressed To You,
Whether You Have a Gas Range or Not
It is safe to say you know all about a Gas Range. If you do not, by all
means avail yourself of this opportunity to ask questions, look and learn.
See the water heater in operation the little side partner of the gas range.
Make up your Gas Range Week party now come, be our guests this
Reductions apply to sales made by salesmen who will call at your home, and at all our stores, as follows:
llth & Market Streets
Broad and Arch Streets 2209-1 1 N, Front Street Broad and Tasker Streets Germantown and Maplewood Avenues
1706 N. Broad Street 135-137 S. 52d Street 4419 Frankford Avenue 4236 Main Street, Manayunk
and Northern Liberties Gas Co,, 3rd & Brown Streets
i iM