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Pro-Italian Mob, Including
Many "Women, Stones
Austrian Troops and
Threatens to Loot Mili
tary Stores.
HOME. Acrll 23.
? . nlotlntr of a revolutionary character Is
.'proceeding at Trieste. Serious disturb
ef ances are also reported In Bohemia, but
1J0 details of the trouble there liavo ueen
received owing to tho strict censorship.
At Trlesto tho citizens assembled In
the streets shouting "Long live Italy"
and daring the police to nrrest them.
They stoned the troops, who were or
flered not to fire, since the majority of
the rioters were women. It Is feared
that If the authorities attempt to put
down the riots by violent measures It
wllf lead to a revolution.
Tho situation Is very nlarmltig, es
pecially owing to the systematic looting
and destruction of military stores. The
danger of famine Is also Increasing.
Baron Macchlo, the Austrian Ambas
sador, conferred with Baron Sonnlno,
the Foreign Minister, for an hour jes
terday afternoon. Any special signifi
cance of tho conference Is disavowed by
the Foreign Office, but the pro-Germans
declare that It proves that the negotia
tions between Italy and Austria have not
been broken off.
There Is a report In diplomatic sources
that tho failure of the negotiations Is
Inevitable and that they nre not likely
to be prolonged beyond May 10, two
days before the opening of Parliament.
A report reaching hero from Potrograd
says that Italy had sent a note to Aus
tria which virtually amounted to an ulti
matum. The note Is said to embody the
minimum torms upon which Italy will
consent to conclude an ngreement with
Austria. It Is Impossible to confirm this
report here.
A storm of criticism has been moused
by an Interview with Sjnator BJccardo
Carafa Dandrla an intimate friend of
.Prince von Buelow, the German Am
bassador, printed in the Messaggcro.
Prince von Buelow Intrusted to Senator
Carafa Dandrla a message to tho Pre
mier -warning him that Germany would
defend Austria In case of Italian Inter
vention. Premier Salandra was quoted
as having said In reply that "Impelled
by the paramount Interests of our coun
try we will proceed with our duty
against all our antagonists."
An official statement was Issued, de
nying that the Frcmler had made "any
concrete statement of any kind " The
Senator Is blamed for tactlessness and
lack' of patriotism for divulging the na
ture of his mission to the Premier, as
it showed that Princo von Buelow was
not on friendly terms with the Italian
In an Interview in the Trihuiia, Sen
ator Carafa Dandrla admitted that ho
had made efforts to avert war between
Italy and Austria. Ho praised Prince
von Bueiow'B friendship for Italy ami
emphasized his sorrow that there had
been a coolness In the relations between
Italy and Germany. He did not, how
ever, give any reasons why he had not
kept his visit to the Premier secret.
The Senator's protestations of patriot
Ism are regarded as in a manner con
tradicted by the fact that autographed
photographs of the Kaiser are displayed
ostentatiously in his residence, -
The German Embassy denloH tho re
port that Prince von Buelow, the Am
bassador, has sold his villa. It did not
deny, however, that the Prince's horses
and dogs were shipped to Berlin yes
terday. GENEVA, Aprit IS.
Officers of the Austro-Hungarlan regi
ments on the Italian frontier, now in
Switzerland on furloughs, have been or
dered to rejoin their regiments within 4S
hours. This In believed preparatory to
war between Austria and Italy.
Hundreds of German families are leav
ing Italy. Those remaining are with
drawing all their funds from the Italian
Reinforcements From Many Points
Brought Up for New Offensive.
AMSTERDAM, April :.1.
German troops have opened a new and
violent offensive on the western front.
The renewed offensive was made pos
sible by the arrival of heavy reinforce
ments from Antwerp, Mege and Alx-La-Chapelle,
For Ave days all the railroads
in Belgium have been given up to thn
transportation of these troops, reported
here to number from 450.000 to 6TO.0OO men.
Severe damage has been caused by Ger
man shell at Ypres. and what was left
of the town after previous bombardments
Is being destroyed. Fires are reported In
several sections of the town. Many per
sons have been killed
The fury of the German attacks resulted
In some gains in the trench fighting about
Zlllebeke, but on Thursday morning the
British made a counter-attack that re
gained all their lost ground.
The new German offensive which has
developed along the Ypres front Indicates
that the positions recently gained by the
British are considered of such great im
portance to the Kaiser s strategic lines
that the Germans are willing to sacrifice
a great number of lines to regain them.
The vast numbers of reinforcements
which tho Germans are rushing to the
Ypres lines, estimated at 600,000, must
necessarily weaken other points in their
battle front, and may give the French
an opportunity to press home their St.
Mlhlel and Alsace drives,
Tho British undoubtedly have the ad
vantage In the positions about Ypres, as
they hold Hll No, 60, which commands
the country for miles around.
Foe .Reported Repulsed, However, at
Pinnacle of Pass.
VIENNA, April 53.
,,'- Russian forces are through the Uszok
jsFaas according to an admission con-
Salpe4 In today's "War Office bulletins.
i?--uti me uarpawiian ironi, u siaieu,
Afresh) attacks against Austrian positions
R?,on both, iidea, pf the Uszok Pass were
r repulsed.
In these violent attacks, which were
stopped partly by artillery and pertly by
E- counter attacks by Infantry, the enemy
l sunereq Heavy tosses Derore positions at
EL tht top of the pais, which was attacked
several times. More than -iuu deai were
ltf(,' While 1300 Russians were captured.
This U the first Indication that the
Titian liv reached the Uizok Pass.
Tl aot?rfi'lS to tht watershed, ac-
tgtiias to fell accounts, have been de-
ft-tfNd vigorously t.v the Austrian and
tfJt Qtrcssiw, and all previous reports had
i4Hcatc4 last me ixar armte iau been
l,'d tuck at least ten niilea from the top
TCc-ieiaay a Mlai report UeHnitely au-
r- .!('' ( so I'iua still is id our yu&-
Continued from I'njte One
of Chateau dp Vlcosne the Belgians In
flicted heavy losses upon the Germans.
To tho north of Ypres, the Germans
employed n great quantity of asphyxiat
ing bombs, the effects of which, felt as
far ns two kilometres more than n mile)
In the rear of the French lines, forced
them to fall back In the direction of the
Yser Caial toward the west and In the
direction of Ypres toward the south.
A vlgorus counter attnek permitted the
French to regain the ground, taking a
number of prisoners.
Foe Drawn on nt Stryj and Gnrlicc
and Then Routed.
rirrnoartAi). April 2.1.
t'szok Pass continues the centre of ac
tivity In tho Pmpnthlans, hut the War
Olllre admits strenuous hostllo efforts on
the tSnllclan side of the mountains.
Thrown hack from the pilnclpnl sum
mits of the Carpathian Mountains to the
plains of Hungary, tho forces of Austria
have been attempting to relievo the
weakness of their position along the cen
tre of the Carpathian flout, namely the
Mezo-I.abofe?.-t,upkow region, by two
paiallcl outflanking movements, one op
erating In the direction of Stryj, which Is
trying to bend back the Kusslan left, and
the other In the vlrlnltv of (lotllrc, In nn
cfTort to surround tho Husslnn right
The results of these at tempts have
been officially announced In Petrogrnd.
The Inctles of the Russian forces were to
Invito tho enemv to advance bv nonre
slstance. The Russians nt close range
suddenly charged with the bayonet, with
the result that the Austrlnns were put to
flight, tho Rusolnns taking an unusually
lnrge number of prisoners.
This puts a new and faorable Slav In
terpretation on the recent marked gains
of the resumed Teuton offensive beyond
tho Carpathlons
Catholic Newspaper Says Kaiser May
Evacuate Conquered Country.
THE HAGUE, April 23.
The Catholic newspaper De Tjd learns
from a correspondent in Rome that a
meeting was held there between the at
taches of the German and tho Belgian
legations at which one of the question)
asked bv the Germans was:
"If wo evacuate Belgium voluntarily
will the Belgians promlso to remain neu
tral during the remainder of the war?"
No reply, says the newspaper, has yet
been given.
According to De Tsd's Havre corre
spondent Tremler de Broqucvlllo and
other Belgian Cabinet Ministers suddenly
left for tho headquarttis of tho army,
whero a council was held, presided over
by King Albert.
Special Legislative Session May Be
Necessary to Correct Enabling Act.
TRENTON, N J . April 23. The situa
tion in regard to the bill authorizing a
special election to vote upon the equal
suffrage nmemlment to the Constitution
Is onco more muddled. This time It Is in
a deplorable condition and the present In
dications aio that Governor Fielder will
have to call a special session of the Leg
islature If tho proposed amendment Is to
lie voted upon this year.
The trouble has arisen over the dls
roery that the bill Introduced bv Senator
Read oml providing for the holding of the
proposed election October 10 next has
been found to be faulty.
Confer on Forcing Dardanelles
PARIS, April 23. The best means for
hastening the passage of the Dardanelles
by the Allies' warships was one of tho
principal subjects of a conference yester
day between Minister of Marino Augng
neur and Winston Spencer Churchill,
First Lord of tho British Admiralty. The
conference was held In tho north of
France. M. Augagneur said the French
navy "never has thought that the straits
could be forced without long preparation,
and before long the object so ardently de
sired will bo attained "
Final Demands of Tokio Pre
sented, With Notice That No
Change Will Be Considered.
PEK1N. April 21.-.lapan'H final de
mands were presented to the Chinese For
eign Minister today by Doctor lllokl, the
Japanese Ambassador. Doctor lllokl
slnted that no further modification of the
proposals could be made nnd that the
continuance of the negotiations here de
pended upon the attitude of China
The Japanese Envoy said that his state
ment was not In the nature of nn ultima
tum, but In Chinese ofTlclal circles It was
taken as a notice to "yield or fight."
China's protest against the terms of the
original demands made by Japan reunited
In some' changes being made at Toklo,
but whether these nre material conces
sions Is 'not vet known.
German Finances Exaggerated by
Kaiser's Treasurer.
LONDON. April 23 -Herr Hclffcrlch,
tho German Minister of Finance's state
ment, appearing In Philadelphia exclus
ively In the Evenino I.rpoin, reviewing
tho condition of German's finance nnd
declaring that she was prepared to "wage
the wnr with silver bullots," was given
wide circulation throughout the English
newspapers. The comment of the Dally
Now s on It Is typical of the Impression
prevailing. The newspaper says:
"The American phrase 'big talk' most
aptly fits this interview. It has the de
fect that It Is all bluff. Its extravagance
defeats Itself Those home loans about
which the Finance MlnlBter boasts, had
llttlo about them to dlHtlneuish them fiom
forced loatiB as every device of doubtful
finance, oven to the pawning of Stato
property, was employed to ralee them."
Tells Jurors Who Present Token They
Aro Underpaid for Services.
Judge Barratt, of Common Pleas Court
No. 2, declared today that tho jury sys
tem Is the best method there Is of decid
ing disputed questions of fact, but said
he was of the opinion that the fees al
lowed Jurymen nre too small and not
commensurate with tho services ren
dered nnd time given In court. Judge
Barratt gave theso opinions In the course
of a tulk from the bench to thank the
members of a Jury, nbout to bo dis
charged after three weeks' service, for a
basket of flowers they presented to tho
The flowers camo ns a surprise to Judgo
Barratt, who wob visibly affected by the
token of admiration presented by the
panel. The basket of blossoms contained
loses, violets nnd all the spring blooms.
In presenting them to tho court, Herman
I. Jarfe, one of the Jurymen, made a short
speech stating that they were a token of
appreciation of the way the court looked
after the comfort of the Jurymen nnd a
compliment for the way Justice was administered.
Pushes Anti-German Criticism
LONDON, April 23,-Lord Borcstford,
who has been embarrassing the Govern
ment through tho nature, of his criticisms
of lack of severity toward Germans, will
launch a new campaign next week. It
was announced today that ho Intends to
demnnd of tho Prime Minister whether
England Is paying tho Krupps a royalty
under the Ironclad agreement made pre
vious to the war of a shilling each for
tho right to use tle Krupp patented shell
Kaiser Reviews Troops in Alsace
GENEVA, April 23. Emperor William
during the last few days has been visit
ing tho German battlefront In Alsace.
Near Muclhausen ho reviewed the Prus
sian guard which fought at Hartmans
wellcr Kopf. and from Colmar he visited
the trenches In tho Vosges Mountains
At Strassburg tho Emperor promoted
Colonel Reuter, of Zcbern fame, to the
rank of major general.
Czar at Lemberg to Spur Warriors
I'ETItOGRAD, April 23,-The Czar ai
rlved at Lemberg today en route to In
spect the Russian front In Gallcla and
the Carpathians. Additional Russian
troops have been brought up to the Buko
wina front.
Department Supply nnd Other Rills
Await His Action.
Mayor Blnnkenburg today notified Chief
Clerk William 11. Fclton, of Common
Council, that he has signed eight ordi
nances passed by Councils nt tho last
The Mayor has not yet approved the
oidlnanco appropriating thn surplus of
M.",9S1 from 1914 revenues nmong tho
various county offices and municipal de
partments. The appropriation ordinance
passed by Councils provides approxi
mately $70 OV) to tho Municipal Court for
nbout B2 additional employes. Including
a "trial commissioner" nt 12500 a ear;
n special agent nnd probation officer at
12000 a year each; a supervisor of pro
bation officers nt 12500; seven probation
otllccrs at $1800: 10 probation officers at
M600; 10 more nt J1200; another 12 nt $1020;
thrco stenographers at J1200 nnd other
stenographers, clerks and messengers.
Tho principal oidlnances which tho
Mayor has signed Include those designat
ing tho streets bounded by Snyder and
Columbia avenues nnd the Delawnro nnd
Schuylkill Rivers fiom $600,000 In the
J11.S00.C00 loan: the street to he paved
In other sections from tho $200,000 Item In
the loan and other repavlng. Ono of tho
separate ordinances authorizes tho pav
ing of tlaltlmoro nvrnuo from 64th stieet
to Cobb's Creek Park and provides for
collection of cost of the paving from
owners of property fronting the Im
provement. !.. IIHUiEl
Open Headquarters Within Stono's
Throw of Equal Franchise Socioty.
Downtown headquarters of tho Penn
sylvania Association Opposed to Woman
Suffrago were opened today at SCO Chest
nut street, within a stone's throw and
In full view of tho Equal Franchise So
ciety of Philadelphia ofilccs on 9lh street
above Chestnut.
Antl-suffrnglsts. under the direction of
Mrs. William W. Birdsall, Miss A. K.
Shallcioss and Mis. Alison, nre dusting
the placo nnd prepnrlng It for tho vigor
ous cnmpalgn against 'votes for women"
which will bo conducted during tho sum
mer. Tho campaign will combat tho ef
forts of tho sultrnglsts to carry tho elec
tion In November, when tho voters will
settle the question, and It Is probable that
tho headquarters will bo maintained until
the olertlon.
The windows arc decorated In n. general
color schcni" of white, black nnd pink,
tho nntl-surfrnge colors, denoting purity,
stondTnstness and the best In woman
hood. Banners, buttons, antl-suffrngo
literature and pink rohes nro on sale
and pledgo buttons for men nro prom-
Employes of Mill in Northwest
Pledge Aid to Cause.
Several hundred girls employed by tho
Quaker Lace Company, 1th street and
Lehigh nvenuc, pledged themselves to
work for the cnuse of woman's suffrage
today ut a noonday suffrngo meeting
In tho recreation room of the lncc factory.
The girls also promised to participate In
a great suffrage parade on May 1. In
which girls nnd women from all the man
ufacturing establishments In the notth
east are plnnnlng to take part.
The meeting wns hold under tho direc
tion of the Women's Equal Franchise
Society. Tho speakers were Miss Flor
ence Snnvllle. secretary of the Women''
Trade Union Ixnguo of Philadelphia, nnd
Mist Anna McCue, an organizer for tho
Equal Suffrage Society. Miss Mary Mil
ler, an employo of the lace company, pre
sided. The announcement wns mado that
a headquarlcis will be opened tomorrow
afternoon at 2G02 Kensington avenue.
Boy Held After Causing Man to Lose
His Temper and Ice Cream.
It's bad enough to have to dodge a
volley of empty milk bottles, but when
a man has to sacrifice a quart of Ico
cream he Is carrying home to his wlfo
he hos a rlcht to lose his temper.
Assistant City Solicitor Scatchard's eyes
flashed today, when he submitted this
opinion to Magistrate Pennock nt tho Ger
mantown police station. Tho Magistrate
agreed with him, and held Raymond
Simpson, a 15-ycar-old lad who lives at
110 East Duval street, under $300 ball for
court, charged with being responsible for
tho disappointment suffered by Mrs.
Scatchard, when her husband returned
home crnptv-hnnded last night. The City
Solicitor said ho was on his way to hla
home at 11312 Ross street with the Ice
cream, when ho ran Into the volley of
milk bottles.
Majority of Profits Reaped
in Wall Street as Result
of European Conflict in
Pockets of Small Inves
tors of Country.
NEW VORIC, April 23.-The "war
Mocks," ns Wall Street has branded those
securities which have benefited so enor
mously from tho European conflict, are
now worth $219,7:0,7S,1 more than they
were nt tho first of tho year. It wob
learned In Wall street today. This sum
reprrsents only 10 of the hundrtdi of
stocks listed on tho Now York Stock Ex
change, and Is evenly divided between
automobile and steel equipment securi
ties. Not alt of tho $210,720,753 is "paper
profit." A governor of the New York
Stock Exchange said today that lie osll
mated thnt at least half of this money
wns In the pockets of people nil over tho
country who linrl been foitunato In their
m.irket operations.
At their lowest quotations slnco Janu
ary 1, the- storki wero valued at $2,77l.
031. Today they ne worth $l,OI2,W,?ti".
t'nlted states Steel shnres hnvp appre
ciated moro than nnv other, showing nn
Incren?o of $12(5,650.177 for both clnsses of
their securities. Bethlehem Steel is ec
ond, being woith $17,100.TOO mole now than
before the recent bull movenn-nt oc
curred. General Motors has a book value of
$11,714,124 more nnd Mnxwell Motors
$11,I27,S70. American Locomotive la ono
of tho big gainers, having a vatuo of
$13,000,000 more than It did four months
ago. Baldwin Locomotive And New
York Air Brake nro worth $6,400,000 and
$3,100,000, respectively.
Among tho automobile stocks, .""ide
baker Is worth $10,247,(112 more; Wlllys
Ovcrlnnd. $8,000,000, nnd Goodrich Tire,
Continued from Pane One
but It, likewise, was passed without
comment by tho censor. It reads:
"All l hipping between Holland and tho
United Kingdom 1st stopped for the time
being. No shlpi will leavo tho United
Kingdom for Holland after today. Ships
from Holland will not be admitted to
the United Kingdom nfter today.
"It Is hoped shortly to resume limited
cargo nnd passenger tralllc. Special or
rangements have been mado for the
transfer of mnlK" '
Yesterday tho Admiralty mado known to
foielgn consular offlceis steps thnt have
been taken lo conditionally close more
British ports to meicnntlle shipping. No
specific ports nro mentioned, hut the no
tice says "certain ports" may he closed
without warning.
"Closing will be Indicated by three verti
cal red lights nt night nnd thteo red balls
bv tiny. When theso signals nro dis
played vessels must pioceed to examina
tion anchorage or keep to sen," tho notice
Still other Indications are piesent that
"Der Tug" Is near at hand. Tho Ad
miralty hns been working nt full pressure
for days. Every naval base has been
under oxtia guard nnd the employes have
been urged to greater exertion. The fleet
it known to bo nt the highest point of
efficiency, and letters from tho fighting
ships have told of nn undercurrent of
feeling Hint action soon would tnko the
place of tho monotonous patrol duty.
Early In the war Winston Spencer
Churchill, head of the Admlrilw
that England would compel ihl'rili
fleet to come out and fight tv. r,tlf,,
tlons In Heligoland may be pi??
ploh to smash the bottle thai i. ."
tho German battleship squadron fori"1
months. 'wnniif
Mr. Churchill returned today ,.
France, wheie he conferred with T
French Minister of Marine. While a ,
flelot statement has been .8ua .,!..
subject under discussion by thn S,2 "
who nre directing the naval 0Mr.Ho.Be4
the western Allies, it is reported th..l'
look up In detail the Nor h kl .i.i'h
and the Dardanelles, laying plan, ,?.'?
most stupendous naval ope aiJ.4r ,
world hns ever witnessed p"Uon jl'
In some quarters tho opinion . 4
ptessed today that n decisive tj. J"
the wnr had been renehed A ,it. .,?
rrom Rotterdam stal-s that lh. n "
Government has forbidden any ft11
lenve Germany nt present H It W 'J
thnt such a step would have bn iX
only owing to the fact ti.nt Oerm "
malting plans that mut be rue. mi.1'
the utmost secrecy UI"M lu,
That the French have Joined their n
h nllles Is apparent from a dlni7 SP"
:.'.-1 v... u.:" ".-,:."" "n.
-iii,Kwiuii ii. io Hum Gisniea in the ji
to the north of Stavanger, on lha "
way coast. Stavanger Is almost du. ,!U
Copenhagen, which snvs o, A-o.i!"?!
snuadron has heen elrliln,! i ... T'lti
fiom the Orkney Tnlmuto .i .''!
which nlmost marks the northern v3
of the British patrol that guard, ff?
exit from tho North Sea A British
ship In that vicinity stopped and In.'S!'
cd a Norwegian steamship. """
Reports continue to be received, fw
Copenhagen, loo, of tho presence of rT
man warships in the North Sea. n
stopping of nil commerce from HoUim
tho Anglo-Fiench guard In the 'Mm.
reaches of tho sea nnd tho rald of ,?
marines Into Heligoland Bay eombliu i.
Indicate to naval observers that the dot
Ing In on th German bases ha kJri
nnd that Its culmination will belhsiii
tho crucible of battle of the VliS
months' work under high pressure by taJ
British nnd German navies.
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coupon, as directed, or phone or call at either of our stores and apply in person. This application
will bring you a coin and complete particulars about the Golden Advantages.
By presenting the coin every Anniversary economy will be yours.
and tha article! on which thry apply
Cash Prices Special Guarantee
(without Jntercat on time) rianoa (10 yean)
rianoa Benches riayer-Planoa (10 yeara)
l'lsyer-rianoa Stoola Vlctrolaa (I year)
victroia. cabin.ta Life Insurance
Special Down Payments rianos
Planoa ' Player-Pianos
viStVoVa?"" Half-Payment Privilege
Low Monthly Payments riS"e?-pianoa
Pianos Vlctrolaa
v!ctyror.P.lan0, 1 'Year free Tuning
No Interest PlayJr.pianoa
' (for time payroeuW) pree Stool
Applies to everything Panoa
30-Day Refund Free Bench
Applies to everything- Player-Pianos
FreSaS R,Crd, F. In-lfuedon Book
Pianos (1 year) ion r n
Player-Planoa (It months) 12 lYlUSlC Holis
Vlctrolaa (3 months) Player-Pianos
Send this coupon for Golden Anniversary Coin.
1 i 1 7-H i 9 Chestnut Street
6th and Thompson Streets
1117-1119 Chestnut Street,
or 6th and Thompson Streets
Please send me one of your fiolden Anniversary Coin and Jujl w j
of tho GOLDEN ADVANTAGES. I am Interested particularly
(please check);
HPianos DVictrolas Music-Roll Cabk,t!
HPIayer-Pianga nVictor Record Cabinets nMuslc Ro118